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If you watched the video I suggested in my last post you will remember it references a book written by Chan Thomas called “The Adam and Eve Story”. The CIA banned this book because it gave information that was considered classified. This information told of the normal cycles of destruction that occurred every 12,000 years. This book is available online so I downloaded a copy and read it. This book combined with the above mentioned video are pretty convincing evidence that top government officials and the elite not only believe in this, but are heavily invested in it on a global basis.

There was an addition to the book at the back which was added later describing experiments with mice in low density magnetic environments. It was said that these mice turned “criminal” becoming both violent and even cannibalistic. They also appeared less intelligent.

I was immediately reminded of a book on my book shelf, “Magnetism and its Effects on Living Systems” by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls. This book described experiments with chicken eggs that were placed near a magnet until the chicks hatched. The control group was not magnetized but one group was treated with the north pole magnetic radiation and the other treated with the south pole magnetic radiation.

The results showed definite genetic alteration had occurred. The chicks treated with north pole magnetic radiation were thin, scrawny, highly nervous and more intelligent than the control group. The chicks treated with south pole magnetic radiation were larger, more muscular, aggressive, cannibalistic and less intelligent that the control group. Interestingly both treated groups were healthier and lived longer than the chicks of the control group!

As we consider our highly polarized society it may be possible to recognize these traits within ourselves. As earth’s magnetic fields grow weaker do our own auras or magnetic fields attempt to grow stronger to compensate? Definitely food for thought. My book also said that the Russians had scientifically studied these things far more than the western nations and were far ahead of us.

Russia has fully stocked and functional nuclear bomb shelters for its population, but I begin to wonder if those are really intended as nuclear bomb shelters or instead shelters for the coming polar shift? In any case, we in the United States don’t have these shelters although there are rumored underground facilities for the military. . . I’m simply bringing up the possibility that we might have such shelters, but they are not for the masses. Europe has plenty of underground shelters that it has used during both World Wars.

In my next post we will continue the study of the strictly physical aspects of these naturally occurring cycles of destruction and where we are right now. . .

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In my last post I said that we have no defense against the suggestions and influences that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. This has to do with how conscious awareness works through the process of associative and linked thoughts. Freud discovered this and made use of it in “Free Association Therapy”. One thought or feeling leads to another that is somehow linked to it.

Scientology further developed this with its discovery of engrams or toxic negative imprints within the cell itself. While Freud told his clients to simply free associate and took notes, Scientology told its clients to remember back to an instance of pain and keep describing it until the memory was completely void of any trapped emotional energies. Then the client was to go back even further on the timeline to an earlier time when they felt the same type of pain or a similar type of pain. This was powerful because it was discovered that these trapped emotional memories and trauma had a physical existence within the cells and were in layers which built on earlier moments of pain. Only by going to the earliest moment and experience of pain and clearing it of all repressed and toxic energies could the energetic pathways be cleared!

But it was NeoTech that really broke through the barriers with an even more significant discovery. It discovered the difference between a personal paradigm and a personal matrix! Up until that point the development of a personal paradigm or belief system was considered to be the highest point of achievement.

So let’s begin with a personal paradigm or belief system. In our society we create our personal paradigm through exposure to social narrative or what is collectively popular and accepted as true. Each thought is connected and associated to other thoughts and this forms a fairly comprehensive network of concepts and ideals that can guide us in living a productive and successful life.

To be fair, the average person is so limited in awareness that their entire world view is very small and simplistic. They simply do what they are told and believe what they are told to believe. They accept what is politically correct and passionately reject anything that conflicts or is different than what is politically correct. They can recite their catechism by heart! That becomes their personal paradigm or belief system. This is what Mass Media bombards us with every day! As we encounter it we absorb it and it is strengthened through repetition. Soon it becomes so much a part of us that we are no longer conscious of it.

But NeoTech discovered something even more powerful and amazing. It discovered that when we are exposed to some new emotion, concept or idea and understand it, that understanding enters into our very core and finds a permanent place whether we agree with it or not! It is our understanding of it that is important and not whether we agree with it or not. The ability to understand is defacto the integration of that information or experience. Whatever we let into our heads and into our lives needs to be integrated and become a part of who we are. That is why it is so important to be aware of what we fill our heads and our hearts and our emotions with. What we let in becomes who we are!

NeoTech further discovered that if we understood something and didn’t agree with it, it became encysted within our psyche as negative, repressed and toxic energy. It became a blockage and barrier that caused disharmony of the entire soul and body.

But if the concepts, experiences and information mutually supported each other they became a tightly woven Matrix or Super Complex Paradigm that would literally rip to shreds any other lesser belief system or paradigm that previously existed! The Matrix simply made so much sense on so many levels that it had no competitors! It had the power to destroy all competition simply by exposing others to its concepts and to its Matrix. This made it very powerful and very dangerous.

For example, I spent much of my life developing what I called the OAK material that was based upon chaos theory and the Reciprocal Systems Theory of Dewey Larson. Then I encountered NeoTech and it turned everything that I believed upside down! It was the exact opposite of OAK! It was not spiritual or mystical but objective and materialistic.

With difficulty I managed to merge the two systems or paradigms into an even more massive Matrix called Organic Gnosticism. Simple exposure to the concepts of Organic Gnosticism will do the same thing as act as a Matrix that will destroy anything not compatible with it.

The point of this post is that the MSM is attempting to do something similar by controlling the narrative that the masses are exposed to. But Organic Gnosticism will violently collapse the narrative and paradigm the MSM is pushing by exposing that it is full of holes and inconsistencies! Simply put, Organic Gnosticism makes more sense!

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This is going to be a long post and a difficult post to write. All I can do is share my personal experience and my belief that others have experienced something similar. It is in this similarity of experience that we can begin to understand what ascension is, both for us as individuals and collectively for Gaia and all life forms upon her.

It is generally accepted that humanity is ascending in waves and that the first wave has completely ascended and is opening the way for the second wave which is now preparing for its ascension. It was the task of the first wave to secure the complete spectrum of energies and anchor them to their new ascension frequencies so that Gaia herself could ascend and in turn become her own Source of Spiritual Light and Vital Life Force Energy. This has happened and because of Gaia’s new energetic stability at the etheric level the first wave of those ascending has been allowed to move on. . .

What follows is my own experience that acts to confirm this for me. Like many others this lifetime was not a lifetime of reward and pleasure but of hard work and spiritual focus.

At the age of 18 I was drawn to the Rosicrucian Order AMORC in 1976 through their mystical studies and became highly polarized as a soul striving to merge with the Spiritual Light of Source and the still small voice of the Christ Spirit that exists within each human heart and speaks through the still small voice of conscience. The next twenty some years were spent in daily prayer and meditation until I actually crossed the Great Abyss and merged with SOURCE in 1991. This was the crowning achievement of my life and resulted in a polarity shift of my soul in which I was now oriented with the all consuming desire and need to ground myself deep within Gaia’s core. I felt the need to anchor the Spiritual Light into Gaia’s core and so did many others like me.

Like so many other light workers in the new age community my task had become that of bringing the Spiritual Light Energy of SOURCE down through the astral planes and anchoring it in Gaia’s core. This was an astral battle to open new energy channels and involved a deep cleansing and healing process that involved a complete healing and integration of both the Higher Self and the Shadow. This striving to anchor the Spiritual Light of SOURCE in Gaia’s core has occupied my soul journey since 1991 and has allowed me to permanently activate one astral body after another from the top down. I’ve written extensively about this in other posts. The entire focus of my being was to ground myself and anchor myself to the Womb of Creation and Vital Life Force Energies at Gaia’s core. This has been not only myself but many others as well. The collective end result and goal was to energetically connect the Womb of Creation Life Force Energies of Gaia’s core to the Spiritual Light energies of SOURCE and that has been achieved! Gaia’s entire spectrum of energies is now phase-locked and resonant at the proper ascension energies. It is only portions of humanity that still resist these energetic changes and seek to remain at the old frequencies. Gaia has become energetically self-sustaining through her own connection to SOURCE and has completely ascended into her new frequencies.

Last spring about this time of year I crossed a different type of abyss that united me with the Womb of Creation energies at Gaia’s core and permanently activated my completely integrated soul body. This took all of my previously activated astral bodies and merged them all together into one complete soul body. The experience was so deep and profound that I can only compare it to my merging with SOURCE back in 1991. It was just as powerful if not even more powerful and also resulted in another polarity shift of my entire being which I was not aware of at first.

This was happening to many others as well and was reported very well by Lauren on her website www.thinkwithyourheart.love

So last spring Gaia’s inner core became self-sustaining and the first wave of ascending beings was allowed to move on. This past year has been that process of moving on for me and it has been about freeing myself from the drama that surrounds me within society.

A couple months ago I had a vision or dream of driving my old blue Chevy van which I had in 1991 when I left the Air Force and moved back to Minnesota. In the lucid dream/vision the road became uneven and finally collapsed. The van was being pulled into a giant sink hole of sand and after trying to pull back onto the road I realized that it was no use. The van was going to go over the edge and down where it would crash at the bottom of the sink hole. I realized that I had two choices, one was to stay with the van and survive the crash at the bottom, but I would be seriously wounded. The other was to jump to safety just when the van went over the edge, and that is what I decided to do. In jumping out of the van I only dropped a few feet before landing safely on solid ground. My father (who died two years ago) was there and asked my why I didn’t stay in the van and ride it all the way down to the bottom. I replied that it was better this way.

There is a reason why I shared this. It’s because of the lucid dream/vision that I had two days ago which only makes sense in the light of this previous vision. In this lucid dream/vision I was looking down into clear water like that in a swimming pool and way at the bottom was soil that had been freshly plowed and smoothed out. The water remained perfectly clear and there were “hunters” that were going down to the bottom and pulling up black weeds and bringing them up to the surface where they were taken away. I knew that I could go down into the water and do the same thing but I decided not to.

My decision not to go down into the water was the second time in my entire life that in a lucid dream or vision I refused to go down further even though I knew that I could. Ever since 1991 I had always tried to go as deeply down into Gaia’s core as I could. This not needing to go deeper was something totally new for me and indicated a totally new polarity shift. It represented my ascension!

The clearness of the water represented that the war in the astral and etheric planes was over and the freshly tilled black soil at the bottom represented that the final outcome of the war between the forces of light and dark was now finished at the etheric level and beginning to physically manifest.

Shifting to current global events and the Russia-Urkraine war I have been very interested in following what was happening. Two days ago I became so concerned that I did a tree of life Tarot reading about it. I haven’t done a Tarot reading for years because I don’t really need to anymore. I simply tap into what is going on and get the information I want. But in this case I thought that perhaps my own emotions and desires were distorting my ability to discern truth and decided to see what the cards had to say. As usual, they proved very accurate and told me what I should have remembered from the beginning.

Of the ten cards in the spread four of them were trump cards meaning that most of the reading and the Russian-Ukraine war was “fated” or “destined” by forces beyond human control. These trump cards were Temperance (possible physical future); The Lovers (possible action); The Tower (the heart of the matter); and The Chariot (the sum of all forces). Perhaps even more interesting was the Ace of Pentacles (possible communications) and minor cards at the top position and at the final conclusion position. These two cards were both cups. The Three of Cups (the question itself) and the Eight of Cups (the final outcome).

So the Tower card was the heart of the matter. The lightning bolt that shatters the tower is the incoming energy of God that destroys the vessel that has been made to contain it! When no other way is possible the Wrath of God destroys what is preventing it from manifesting! The lightning only hits when there is no other way and the voltage has become too high! The lightning will make its own way!

So this conflict was inevitable and beyond the ability of humans to prevent. The Temperance, Lovers and Chariot cards all share the importance of constraint and humanitarian concerns as things inevitably move forward to their final conclusions. The Ace of Pentacles indicates that root chakra raw earth and survival needs are what needs to be addressed and communicated about.

The Eight of Cups as the final outcome indicates there will be no clear winner but some type of compromise. I think we are beginning to see this right now as both Russia and Ukraine pull back on some of their expectations and NATO and the United States are forced to realize that the sanctions they are placing on Russia are destroying them instead!

Between this Tarot reading and my dream I feel that there will be no further escalation but more of a compromise position where Russia will secure the Independence of the Donbass region and Crimea and ensure that Ukraine will never become part of NATO.

In all of this the lesson to be taken is that the United States and NATO are destroying themselves through their own actions. Russia will not be baited into World War III. The clearness of the water indicates that this war will be over within three months. . . but its consequences will continue for years to come.

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First I would like to say that Ovates were seers, prophets and shamans as well as healers. Go and do likewise! It is not time to pretend, it is time to become! Use your skills to walk between worlds and spread your message!

I’ve said that I live in both worlds and much of what I know comes from lucid dreams and visions. Yesterday morning I was in that not quite asleep, not quite awake state when I saw in my minds eye a dull flash and knew it was a thermobaric bomb going off. I knew there was going to be a massive flash and explosion next and there was, complete with the mushroom cloud that thermobaric bombs make. It was so vivid and I was so shook I spent most of yesterday trying to decide what it meant. It was not nuclulear war, because a thermobaric bomb is not nuclear and one was already used in Ukraine.

Obviously something was going to happen and it was going to be big. It was also going to be Russia that set off the bomb because they are the ones that have it. It was only later last night before I went to bed that I discovered what it meant. Russia had set off a thermobaric bomb in the stock market in retaliation for all the sanctions that were being placed upon it. It was fighting for its life.

Yesterday Putin announced that Russia was essentially going to end all imports and exports with all countries that had placed sanctions on it and this stoppage of imports and exports would last until December 31st of this year! He was giving his country a few days to determine which countries would be affected and which imports and exports would be affected. We will all know very soon but it is already a sure thing that the United States is the one pushing this and creating the crisis. We are going to be hit economically and very hard.

The thermobaric bomb in my vision was the destruction of the western financial structure. We are toast! Bye bye Petrodollar!

The insanity of the DAVOS globalist/DeepState is going through with this! To me my vision foretells the destruction of the global financial system with the creation of a new one in which China and Russia are allied with the eastern and southern nations. The western nations are self destructing because of their own lack of a connection to mother earth and the need for physical survival. I still believe World War III as a nuclear war can and will be avoided.

But I’m going out today and buying some rice and other things that can be traded for food. My visions don’t lie! An ancient and destructive force has been set loose and there is no stopping it. It is related to the ancient Druids and shamans and is coming up from the depths of the earth itself.

Nations of the world are being forced to choose sides right now before the Spring Equinox. After the Spring Equinox is the consequences.

The ancient druids knew that this time of year was always critical and volatile. It is the time of year when magick is avoided because it is akin to lighting a match in a warehouse filled with gunpowder! There are always two conflicting sides vying for the new energies of spring that will soon be bursting forth, but only one side will get them. The other side will become the needed fertilizer for the growth of the successful ones. So it is in nature and so it has always been and so it will always be! The ancient Druids knew these things because they understood nature.

The DAVOS globalist/DeepState is about to become the fertilizer that will feed and propel the growth and development of the eastern and southern nations! Food and shelter are the most important things for life and they are now at risk. Money is not the issue. Right or wrong is not the issue. Survival is the issue and those strong with the root chakra survivalism energies will find their path through this! It is time for those who claim to be Druids to become Druids! And for Ovates to become Ovates!

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I’ve been combing the internet trying to get a reading on what is going on in the Ukraine. Perhaps the most interesting is Jim Stone saying that Zalensky has fled the Ukraine into Poland. If true it means that the Ukraine is about to fall and Zalensky’s war crimes against his own citizens are about to become public. In this case the evidence must be so damning that the MSM are not even going to try blaming it on Putin! Word is out, talk about something else! The next few days will tell the tale!

We see NATO and Interpol backing down from previous stances and to me it seems that the Ukraine has been written off as a lost cause for the DAVOS globalists. The deep state apparatus there has already been destroyed and there is nothing left for them. Better to take their losses and try to save their money! Even Germany has come out and said that trying to get the Ukraine into NATO would be a serious mistake. It seems that Russia has won! Other countries are beginning to distance themselves from the Russia-Ukraine war. I’m beginning to be hopeful that the worst is over in the Ukraine and that it is becoming a mop up operation now.

China and India are now becoming major concerns as the Petrodollar and Euro begin their tumble into extinction. With the Russian Ruble becoming backed with gold it becomes the most stable currency in the world according to radio talk show host Hal Turner. I’m certain China is not far behind in joining the gold backed movement of national currencies. When they join their two alternatives to the SWIFT financial system the world will abandon the Petrodollar and the Euro. I think that is what is the main concern right now for the DAVOS globalists. This entire mess is backfiring on them very badly. Why should any country invest in a currency that is not backed by anything and belongs to a country that holds over thirty trillion in debt? They seem to be desperately urging China and India not to side with Russia.

Meanwhile lots of other smaller countries are realizing that there are going to be food shortages and they are debating whether to side with the Petrodollar and the Euro or with Russia and China. They can buy things cheap from Russia, but to do that they will anger the Untied or is it United? States. Meanwhile the high prices of energy are a windfall for Russia that is financing their entire operation in the Ukraine!

Lastly in the Untied States the Feb spokesman mentions their just might be another reserve currency possible . . . but he didn’t say Bitcoin YET. Just putting the thought out there, but a gold backed currency is out of the question! DAVOS would never allow that!

In summary I am hopeful about the situation in the Ukraine now easing and the focus turning toward fears of a financial collapse because of sanctions and shortages. I’m trying to buy some needed things now while I can.

The good news? There is no more Covid! They are trying to bury that as deeply as possible as horrific side effects and consequences of the jab are revealed! It’s pretty bad when the insurance companies won’t pay for jab induced complications!

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The Order- History Part 10

We continue with the information presented in the “American Rosae Crucis” published by Imperator H. Spencer Lewis in 1916. We will begin with information about the Greeks.

But the Greeks were now coming to Thebes to study, and it is at this time that the world wide spread of the Order began.

Pythagoras is so often mentioned as one of the earliest messiahs of the Order, but in truth there were many who preceded him. Among the first to become worldly famous in the Order was Solon, who became the first chaplain in a Roseacrucian Temple who was not an Egyptian. He entered the Order in 618 BCE, and remained a true messiah until his transition in 550 BCE, leaving for our use some of the most beautiful and inspiring prayers ever spoken by a yearning soul. Contemporary with him was Anaximander, who came from Miletus to study at Thebes. From Miletus also came Anaximenes. Then came Heraclitus, who was the last of the foreign messiahs at Thebes preceding the coming of Pythagoras.

Pythagoras was born in Samos on November 26, 582 BCE. He entered the Order at Thebes on the second of April, 531 BCE, and having passed through all the initiations and examinations he entered the Illuminati, October 16, 529 BCE, and left at once for Crotona (Krotono) Italy, with jewels and documents to found a Grand Lodge there. There were a few so called secret cults in existence at that time in Italy, and when Pythagoras began to promulgate his plans and admitted that women might not only become members, but could hold offices, he attracted the attention of the most advanced thinkers of the day. Theano, the wife of Pythagoras, was one of the principle officers for three years. The Grand Lodge eventually had 300 Brothers and Sisters and issued many charters for local lodges of the Order throughout Italy.

At this point its time to jump away from this and find what some other resources have to say. While H. Spencer Lewis suddenly jumps to the Christian era, Jean-Louis de Biasi, present Grand Master of the Ordo Aurum Solis and Grand Patriarch of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross fills in the missing years with some interesting information in his book “Rediscover the Magick of the Gods and Goddesses”.

This information involves the teachings of the Theurgic and Hermetic traditions. There were powerful primeval deities. I suppose we might think of them as the Anunnaki. They were composed of four pairs of personified deities. Each pair represented the male and female.

Nun and Naumet were the personification of the primeval seas and the world in the space before creation.

Kuk and Kauket were the personification of the infinite darkness that reigned in the primeval space before the birth of the sun.

Hu and Hauhet personified the infinite.

Amun and Amaunet personified that which is hidden.

These eight were the divine Ogdoad. We might think of them as the Masters of the eight rays, Abstract Spiritual; Concrete Spiritual; Abstract Mental, Concrete Mental; Upper Emotional, Lower Emotional; Physical and Etheric. They did not have physical bodies but they did have non-physical bodies.

The eight formed an egg out of Chaos and when the egg broke the sun god Ra was born and appeared in a blaze of light. Next the eight manifested a lake with a lotus floating in it. This flower opened up in a dazzling light and gave birth to a feminine being. This Goddess rose up into the heavens and united with Ra. From their union Thoth was born. He was the first divine offspring and founder of the Hermetic Tradition. For this reason the Ogdoad are sometimes called the “souls of Thoth”.

Three of the divine couples retired from the visible world, remaining guardians of equilibrium. Amon and Amaunet left Hermopolis for Thebes of which we have heard so much. Hermopolis was considered the center of the world and the ancient Egyptians called it Khemenou, of the “city of the Eight” but the Greeks called it Hermopolis. Thoth has also been called the Lord of Khemenou. The Temple of Hermopolis became the place where all magical rites were performed, retaining the presence of the eight divinities of the Ogdoad under the presidency of Thoth, to whom the city was dedicated. An assembly of priests and Theurgists was created there under the protection of Thoth.

Perhaps these priests kept suitable “human vessels” for these Divinities to “ride” like the Loa ride their modern Voodoo worshipers? The unseen Anunnaki could take possession and come down to visit from time to time?

Petosiris, was a Grand Priest of Thoth in Hermopolis. He was also called the “Priest of the Ogdoad”. He lived in a period following the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great (332 BCE.) Petosiris built a wall around the Temple and named the place “the birthplace of all Gods”. Thoth is the God of writing and scribes. He taught reading and writing to humanity.

But first a final word about Solon. The Egyptians told Solon about the ancient war for the Mediterranean basin that had destroyed the Anunnaki civilization. Atlantis had tried to take over the Mediterranean basin and the ancient Greeks were the ones who had defeated Atlantis!


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Hi everyone!

I hope that you have found the free Organic Gnosticism course useful and informative. I have not been on the site for a while and need to determine whether to offer another class or not. I have produced and am still producing a lot of material, some of which is nice to know but not necessary. The reason for this class was to sift out the most important elements that would allow for a safe and orderly progression of material and ability.

This class provides a safe foundation for the more dangerous work of deliberately working with tantric sexual energies. By completing this free course you will have balanced the energy circuits within your body at the higher levels and established a safety net for dealing with sudden eruptions of lower trapped and repressed energies.

In my opinion what is offered in this course in needed before anyone can safely work with tantric sexual energies. Once this material is mastered you are on your own.

While I have given many hints in my writings I have stopped short of actually sharing my own personal experiences of working with tantric sexual orgasm energy and soulmate cycles. This includes a Divine Counterpart Cycle. The information is simply too dangerous to share for those not ready for it.

Essentially what I discovered was the core truth behind incubus and succubus experiences! Both incubus and succubus are the shadow aspects of real people that go out seeking sexual fulfillment from those with compatible energies. As the shadow aspect is integrated into the normal healthy ego one often gets to meet their astral sexual partners either in real life or through some form of correspondence. These are actually soulmate cycles and require a purity that expel any conflicting energies away. Most Divine Counterparts find each other but are not able to consummate their relationships on a physical level. They have other karmic commitments that prevent them from actually living together. But they can communicate with each other and have relationships on the astral planes and the etheric plane.

Energy vampirism is a violation of these very principles. The generated energy of one soul goes out and automatically seeks the appropriate soulmate partner while the vampire selects their victim in a violent way that is the act of a predator.

I have been led through seven soulmate cycles and one Divine Counterpart cycle in which I have experienced many aspects of falling in love with another person. Each of these cycles allowed both of us to permanently activate specific astral bodies and most involved positive and loving correspondence between us. Only one was physically consummated. All others were astrally consummated.

In a world where one cannot work with tantric sexual energies because they don’t have a partner this type of working is extremely powerful. Our energies are automatically drawn to a proper partner even if they are on the other side of the world!

At this stage in my life I have permanently activated my lowest etheric body and integrated all of my non-physical bodies into one complete soul body. This was my Divine Counterpart cycle. We live inside each other even though we are far apart. I’ve taken things as far as they can be taken. The rest is simply the multiplication of the philosopher’s stone. A sharing of what I know . . .

I have to decide if there is enough interest to create another course that shares what I know of these things. I would only share them with graduates of this course. There would need to be at least four people interested and I would need to charge $75 for the course because it costs me almost $500 a year for this site [ The Organic Gnosticism Course Site, not Pagan Space] and I have offered Organic Gnosticism for free. The course would basically be audio and text with much opportunity for questions and clarification. This would get into the experiential basics of what tantra really is from the perspective of someone who has traveled that path.

So I need to know if there is enough interest (at least four people) or I will simply drop this site [ The Organic Gnosticism site, not Pagan Space] because I cannot afford to pay $500 per year out of my own pocket. I need to make this decision sometime this spring so please respond if interested. Get in touch with me through the class or email me at:


Reference OAK Tantra Class so I can spot it easily.



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Ancient, Columns, Ruins, Romanesque, Temple, Sunset

Julian Jaynes in his book “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” demonstrates just when humanity stopped hearing the voices of the gods in their heads. He identifies the period between the Greek classics by Homer, “The Iliad” and the “Odyssey”. Considered to having been written sometime between the 8th and 9th centuries BCE. According to Jaynes the “Iliad” belongs to the time when what we call consciousness does not exist in humanity. The human hears the voice of the god or goddess speaking to them and simply does what they are told. The “Odyssey” in contrast demonstrates a certain kind of mentality that is capable of self reflection.

While Jaynes suggests this change in human consciousness is the result of the invention of reading and writing, it might also be the result of the mutual self destruction of the Anunnaki civilizations. In any case they seem to have lost their ability to communicate with their gods like Enlil and Enki.

In another way we see the “hive mind of humanity” at work here. As the ancient Egyptians lost the ability to hear the voices of the gods and goddesses in their heads, they turned instead to their rulers, the Pharaohs and made gods and goddesses of them! Those in the Order seemed to be the only ones able to communicate with the unseen and immortal Anunnaki Gods and Goddesses. We will see later on just how important this ability was to the ancient Egyptians and members of the Order.

We might also take a look at our modern society in which one portion of it seems to be gaining the ability to channel spiritually advanced entities and hear voices in their heads and the other portion that steadfastly refuses to even admit the possibility of a soul. Those who deny the existence of a soul demand obedience to external authorities! Is this the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another?

In any case the civilization that now developed in Egypt was based upon Spiritual Light and very mystical in nature. We see the members of the Order using all methods possible to find ways to reunite with their unseen companions, the immortal Anunnaki known as gods and goddesses.

In contrast, on the other side of the Mediterranean in Crete, we see a Goddess oriented civilization that openly celebrated both life and death. It was aligned with nature and the powers of life and rebirth. The writing that existed was for business and inventory needs and not for the keeping of sacred knowledge. Sacred knowledge was passed down in experiential ways, in shamanistic ways. This was not the life giving power of the sun, but the life bringing vital life force energy of the earth itself, Mother Gaia. It also celebrated these things in story and song. The Greeks produced dramatic plays to tell the sacred stories. In Crete we are able to see how the influence of Enki was much different than the influence of Enlil in Egypt.

Also deeply embedded within the ancient Minoan and Mycenaean mythologies were the stories of the underworld or other world, or Summerland, things that were missing in the Egyptian mysteries.

One wonders what our world would be like today if the Minoan civilization had not been destroyed through violent volcanic eruptions. Instead of a patriarchal world it might have been a matriarchal world or at least one more balanced between the sexes.

I needed to bring these things up because we will soon see that the ancient Greeks began coming to Egypt in “search of light”.

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Fantasy, Landscape, Monument, Forest, Mystical

I have absolutely no idea where this rabbit hole is going to go so buckle your seat belts! I’ve received some recent insights and began researching new material. Let me be straight about this, I have a lot of resources available to me that most people don’t have, but I’m also uncovering more all the time. No one is telling me these things. I need to come up with them myself.

But one thing remains constant. The most important thing is the development and permanent activation of all possible astral bodies including the etheric body. Once this happens things become magickal. And this is purely a mechanical process that unfolds naturally over a period of time as the result of hard work and personal effort.

First let’s kind of take an overview of what we’ve learned so far. The Anunnaki were an extraterrestial group of non-physical souls that came here a long time ago and gradually learned how to possess ancient humans and finally learned how to incarnate into the native physical human bodies.

The Anunnaki split into two groups, one, led by Enki, that wanted to not only explore life as physical humans but also do soul level explorations of the lower astral and etheric planes. The Anunnaki were primarily a mystical and highly evolved species that had their Ultimate Power Source as the Spiritual Light. They did not have access to the lower levels and therefore needed native humanity to manifest things for them. Native humanity had the required connection to the lower levels and believed in reincarnation and an underworld or other world or Summerland which was their terms for the etheric inclusive levels of soul development.

The other faction led by Enlil wanted to keep a strict separation between the native humans and their own species. This was true even when they modified human DNA and began to incarnate into physical human bodies themselves. They had no interest in developing an earth connection or exploring the lower levels. At one point this group wanted to totally eradicate human life from this planet and created a massive cosmic incident that killed off all humanity except for a small group in eastern Africa and another group in the Balkans and Aegean basin area.

Over a long period of time both groups expanded and mingled to create advanced technology alien Anunnaki based civilizations upon this planet. This took many thousands of years and these alien based civilizations spread all over the earth. Most of them enslaved the primitive native human populations and used them as a work force. Of course the bulk of primitive humanity lived in the wild on its own as hunter gatherers.

An increasing friction between the two Anunnaki factions over the fate of the native humans ultimately resulted in a final confrontation of mutual destruction around 3,000 BCE when the Anunnaki civilizations wiped each other out leaving only those remnants of Anunnaki who had incarnated in human physical bodies. The fabled civilization of Atlantis in western Africa was wiped out as was the fabled civilization that at one time existed in the Balkans. This was also the time when massive events occurred in human populations around the world and the tropical paradise of northern Africa became the Sahara desert of today.

This is also the time of the invention of reading and writing as the Anunnaki survivors scrambled to save sacred knowledge before it was lost forever. This was the time of the raising of the stone monoliths and circles like Stonehenge. I’ve written about these things before but I forgot a major piece of the puzzle.

In addition to the native primitive humans and the enhanced Anunnaki humans who existed in physical bodies there also existed Anunnaki and Reptilian souls or entities that existed without physical human bodies and these entities remained in contact with those souls in physical bodies! One of the most important things to all peoples became the ability to either communicate with the higher spiritual beings that existed in the Spiritual Light or the ability to communicate with the reptilian beings that existed at the lower levels and were able to physically manifest things through magick.

In our simplistic way we have called them collectively angels and demons! But as those extraterrestrial souls of both Anunnaki and Reptilian origin incarnate in physical bodies began to develop their own astral bodies things began to change. Those reptilians with a strong connection to mother earth, to Gaia gained the ability to inhabit the higher planes. The Anunnaki with a strong connection to the Spiritual Light gained the ability to inhabit the lower astral levels.

3,000 BCE when the Anunnaki civilization destroyed itself the existing human race needed to reset itself and those with advanced knowledge tried to find ways to ensure its continued existence. This was the beginning of the Order or the first mystery school. This is what we are now going to explore.

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Girl, Swing, Rock, Skyline, Skyscraper, Outlook

This is just kind of a personal update to show how my dream visions affect my daily life. But first a few words on the permanent activation of the various astral bodies. I think most people have a few of their astral bodies permanently activated but very few have all of them activated. I think it was last spring when my permanent connection to Gaia really became established and I’m sixty-five! I’ve spent most of my life activating these non-physical bodies.

What I know today about the development of these astral bodies makes me think that a person could do it in twenty years if they were in an intense program such as a martial arts school that focused on the cultivation of both the physical and the spiritual. But we don’t live in such a society.

Looking back on life it would have been nice to grow up with saunas, yoga or the martial arts, proper diet and personal hygiene. But I didn’t and have paid the price for it. A simple example would be the ability to touch my toes by stretching my hamstrings. I was never able to touch my toes without bending my knees and it would have been quite easy if I had stretched those hamstrings! The only reason I mention this is that the Druids probably had just such a program in place for their students. The healing of the soul and the integration of the Higher Self and Shadow take time. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

But we can easily have two or three astral bodies permanently activated and that is a good start! It is more than enough to give us some advantages over others. This includes the ability to work with dreams.

Several weeks ago I wrote about a dream in which the spot on my back which I believed to be skin cancer crumbled away. This growth or scab like area on my back was about the size of a half dollar and would not go away. I probably had it for perhaps seven years! As the dream foretold it is almost gone with only a small pencil lead sized bit remaining. The rest is fresh pink healthy skin. This is an example of a dream vision of the future that has come true. I had consciously been sending energy to that area and treating it with a salve.

But I would like to share a different type of dream vision that is almost even more interesting. This type of dream has happened several times but is uncommon. I dreamed of using a big spinning machine that revved up like a motorcycle engine and spun around. I had no idea of what it meant. Later during the day I got more involved in DNA geneology as I sought for the origins of the Druids and because of the dream and what I was reading decided to upgrade my DNA test from a 67 Y STR test to a Big Y test.

When I awoke that morning I had no intention or thought of upgrading my DNA test. But the dream was a powerful vision and believing in that vision I made my decision. The distinction being that this dream/vision did not predict the future but guided me to that future if that makes any sense. It is only because of that dream that I decided to do the upgrade.

This is the type of dream/vision in which I seek in my daily life for tangible clues that would explain it and guide me in the proper direction. This also is an example of how I allow my dreaming self to come forward as a guide to assist me through the day. I actively try to be guided by my inner guidance and my heart instead of being objective and rational about things and trying to force things with my own will.

Right now there seems to be two distinct areas of importance in my life, genetic research and Druid studies. They both seem to be tied together in an organic way. I don’t seem to have the energy or inclination for much else other than these posts!

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