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One of the most powerful full moons of the year has passed. That is the first full moon of the first complete lunar cycle of the new energies. This year it happened early. I haven’t posted much about Gaia’s ascension because I didn’t know if what I was experiencing was general or personal in nature!

Recent dreams have shown that there has been a definite split in the astral that in my dreams appears as a river or an ocean. I can still cross by boat but I don’t know for how long. I was impressed with the number of people now living on the other side, the new energy side of things. What seems to be happening is a general sorting out of energies that is taking place and it is moving from the top downward. So of course the lower levels will be the last to be hit.

In general terms the wine has been poured out to those ready for it, and what remains has turned to vinegar! One of my dreams was very clear about this. I poured a glass of wine from an new bottle and it was absolutely heaven! I wanted to share it with others and opened two other bottles which I placed in other rooms. I came back and my own glass had tipped over and broken and the others bottles had spilled on the carpet in the other rooms.

The good energy has turned sour! But was very sweet for those that drank it when first offered!

The time between now and the Easter Full moon after the equinox is for these sour energies! So expect some bitterness in life. What’s happening is a giving way of the opposition. This giving way will be complete by the Easter Full Moon and then the energies will focus on the physical manifestation of the new growth! The new growth will be nourished by the decay caused by the sour wine. This always happens in the spring. There are two ways for the energy to flow and one must be chosen. The other will collapse to make room for the first. The astral is finite and constantly filled to overflowing. Something needs to give to make space for the new life springing forth. That is what happens this time of year. Things are giving way! The growth seems stagnant, so be patient!

It seems like last year was a trial run for this year, so expect to recognize issues as they come up. This time the opportunity is to deal with them completely so they don’t return.

I’ve also been moved to return to translation work, something that this ascension process interrupted almost three years ago! So I seem to be sinking down new roots in this new soil. I hope to have a project completed by my birthday in April. So what I’m experiencing is both collapse of the old in my life and the urge to work physically on something that will carry me into the future. I might say that same old story of endings and new beginnings but this project has been on the table for over five years! It is more appropriate to say endings and a taking up of life threads that are meant to continue.

On a final note I have noticed an increase in illnesses that affect the nervous system or the immune system. These seem to be flaring up all over the place.




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