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I can’t even begin to assess the new reality that I am now living in because it is in such a state of flux right now. It’s like riding a wave and not looking back. So much energy is being expended in moving forward that there is no time for taking measurements! So there is this forward momentum and occasional “ghost” flashes of apprehension as my old way of thinking makes an occasional protest.


The message I have been given is to “ride the wave!”. Stopping to take care of old business now will simply pull you into a non-productive spiral that will not move forward or end. This is not the time to entrap yourself in any way! This is the time to reach out for your dream and your passion. Let everything else sort itself out.


This sorting out period will take a few months at least, but the resistance will be gone. The universe is no longer fighting these changes, the astral is no longer fighting these changes. They are both supporting these changes.


Perhaps the greatest challenge will be to understand that the old way of moving forward is no longer appropriate. Those like myself, accustomed to fighting every step of the way, no longer have any reason to fight. In fact, fighting will not work. Those simply going with the flow will find that they now need to fight for what they want; they need to put out effort to move forward. Roles have reversed and no role is right or wrong. Both roles need to be experienced.


Those that have newly “created timelines” now need to live them out by allowing them to unfold. Others that have simply been living out existing timelines now need to create a future because they no longer have a future in the astral. It needs to be created one day at a time.


In the meantime fires of “non-harmonious” thoughts and actions are burning themselves out throughout the entire world. Those that live by the sword will die by the sword and those that live by love will find love. “Like” will be attracted to “like”. There is no more “opposites attract” and this will confuse many.

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In The Physical

We have heard about it and heard about it and heard about it; how those things that have been happening in the astral worlds will finally happen in the physical. Well for me at least this weekend has triggered massive change and it is a good change.

The morning before the full moon I had a vivid dream/vision of crossing over into a new world. There was a gentle bump, my feet lost contact with the earth and then I grew a rather strange set of wings and began to fly across the portal into another place. There were other people that had already crossed and I recognized some loved ones. I also met some people I didn’t expect. We were all gathering over there and trying to scope the new place out. It was still just space, but the space was different as if it was created out of substance and we were kind of floating/swimming in it. I spent what seemed like a very long time exploring and then the dream faded as I awoke.

I knew that this was a very powerful time and that I must act. To make a long story short, I committed to a series of actions that take me out of an old outworn relationship and place me living in an entirely different place. This change of life had been a long time coming and I had dreaded it because of the pain and negativity I thought it would plunge me into. I have been amazed that not only the universe supports this change in my life, but even the participants themselves. Where I thought there would be conflict and trouble, there was agreement. Truly this was the proper time for such change to happen.

So I’m taking Wednesday off work and moving into a new life, an exciting life, one of hope and adventure and leaving one that had been slowly killing me and my spirit.  Even more exciting, a friend told me that my eyes were twinkling and that she had never seen me laugh. I felt like my burden had been removed.

I share these personal things as evidence that things really are becoming physical and real to us. A new energy is running through my body and this new energy is shared by many people, all those people whom my own life touches and affects in some way. My life has lit up and that will light up my corner of the world and perhaps trigger more as well.

Not only is there new hope, new opportunities and promised help from the universe, there is also love.

Thanks to all who have sent light my way and I return it tenfold. Many blessings,


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