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Mid Summer’s Eve


I haven’t posted much lately because I haven’t had much to report. Like everyone else I am just trying to figure out what is going on with Gaia’s ascension and humanity in general as it enters this new age.

Well, enough time has passed now for me to have a pretty good idea so I will share it. First, I would like to state that my information comes from visions and seeing things on the different levels. I then need to interpret what I have seen and that is often the tricky part!

Collectively we are all seemingly holding our breaths waiting for “something” to happen. The real key to understanding this is “what is not happening!”. The higher aspects of our souls have moved in, moved into the new crystalline 3D and are determined to play the new game of crystalline 3D. So forget 4D and 5D as a destination point, at least until you part ways with this current physical body. God and Goddess (us!) want to play for awhile in the Garden of Eden; play at being human. So, they are not letting it get trashed! They are also not about to give special powers to individuals that want to leave the new game! If they play without special powers or privilege, then so will everyone else, damn it! Individuals can through a tremendous act of will, do something self destructive, but for the most part collective self destructive actions are out of the picture for good. It’s taking a long time for the powers that be/were to figure that one out! The new universal laws that govern physical manifestation encourage collective growth in a positive direction, but forbid collective growth in a negative direction! This is simply because high ranking souls have pulled rank. They allow individual free will in both directions, in fact they empower it both ways. Those that want to get caught up in negativity will find it harder than ever to escape the vicious circle of their own creation. But really, it is becoming harder and harder for the survivors of this ascension (us!) to do anything self destructive. You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave! Chuckle.

This of course is balanced by the fact that it is harder than ever to move forward as well. The crystalline nature of our new reality has/is crystallizing around us and leaving us trapped (?) in personal realities of our own creation. Those that are still self-destructive should have the final vestiges of that taken out of us by the fall equinox! Pay heed to this! Those who live by the sword will die by the sword! This is to make room for those of us that want to live in peace!

This is also an organic ascension while our society is artificial. This creates its own problems that are becoming more apparent each day.

Those concerned about our space brothers and sisters? Well, they will remain where they are right now in 4D, 5D and wherever . . . We can visit them (if we have developed those parts of our souls) but they can’t visit us here in crystalline 3D. This should be pretty obvious by now. Those in physicality are going to remain in physicality in this newly under construction Garden of Eden until they choose to pass on.

Perhaps the biggest factor in the new world is personal empowerment vs. old eon collective empowerment. Those of us that have “ascended” have graduated from the “collective” soul paradigm.  To do things for or against the “collective” are simply no longer possible. Energetically speaking, when we do something that is truly in our own best interests, it now benefits the collective. When we harm ourselves, we harm the collective. That is almost paradoxical! To act in our own interests now moves humanity forward, while being self destructive isolates one from all others.

Through this coming harvest it will be seen just how “immune” we have become to the “negative” effects of our new physical reality. It will truly take an act of “will” to behave in a self-destructive manner.


Bright blessings,





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We, and that means myself as well, are so trapped within our own outworn beliefs that it is difficult to move into the new energies and the new paradigm. The new energies that are creating a new humanity, a golden age as has never been seen on earth before.

The reality is that people are struggling in this transitional time. We have certainly not arrived to those golden shores and our old world is fast becoming obsolete. Let me take my last post as an example. After I discovered the rare issues of Der Orchideengarten my mind raced to the logical/illogical conclusion of printing out limited editions so I could finally make a little money at this hobby of mine. Perhaps even quit my part time job! Chuckle.

Isn’t that old eon thinking at its grandest and most pervasive? The trouble with humanity in the past has been to keep the good stuff for the elite, the ones with money and power, while  also keeping them inaccessible to the poor and needy? The haves and the have nots? So despite my own posturings of new eon thinking, I am just as prone to fall into the old ways as anyone else. Can you think of other examples of; “this product is only available to paying customers”.

Thankfully my own soul sets me straight when I stray off the mark. While it is true that there is an elite in this world and always will be an elite. The elite of the new eon are those that create through personal effort, not those that manipulate and suck off others. Some people will remain slaves because they choose to remain slaves, they refuse to help themselves. They insist on being passive wretches that live pathetic lives with no reason to get up in the morning. They have that right as well.

But the new ways are coming and moving forward in the most unlikely places. The new energy is about personal self empowerment and creativity. The old ways are about passive entertainment and soul sucking debt. Think about it. Oh, I forgot. No one knows how to think anymore.

We can see the new creative energies perhaps most clearly on youtube and the old soul sucking ones on facebook. Youtube is a cultural phenomenon that is at the leading edge of where we are going as a planet. Creative energies are freely shared, expressed and enjoyed. Facebook is an expression of passive entertainment and mass dumbing down through hypnosis.

Public radio and television are funded by those that believe in the vision of a commercial free medium, that is not to be swayed by corporate pressures. Even churches take up offerings each Sunday to meet day to day operating expenses. Then of course there is the musician on the corner who sits and plays all day for the coins that passersby care to throw in their direction.

Anarchist Word is such a place. When confronted with the choice of sharing my material freely or not sharing, I have chosen to share it even if I can’t make a living at it. Our society is in such a sad state of being that the general population is so caught up in taking that it has no concept at all of creative sharing.

Now think of nature. Why do the birds sing? They sing because they have to! And I sing because I have to! Perhaps my song is a bit odd, maybe even a bit dark and uncomfortable, but it is my song and I’m going to sing it. Limited editions of these magazine may come out in time, but you can read the material first online here for free at Anarchist World! It just might take awhile. In the meantime I need to catch up on some of my neglected blogs. I hope people have enjoyed the previews so far! I am doing more translating than ever and seemingly not getting anywhere! Sigh.

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Talk about interesting times! I’m beginning to feel a bit stretched to say the least. At least I will be having a four day weekend to catch up with some of the blogs on Anarchist World!

I try to follow my inner guidance with these things and am amazed at how well things can and do work out if I have the courage to keep on going on my idiosyncratic path. Chuckle. Last post I mentioned my excitement about finding the complete set of Der Orchideen Garten, the world’s first fantasy magazine.

Well, it seems that was just the beginning! There were 51 issues of Der Orchideen Garten, and it just so happens to be equal to the weekly publications for the first year of Jugend and Simplicissimus! I have previously toyed around with the idea of translating the first year of these two major art and literary magazines. In fact, they are on Anarchist World and preliminary work is already being done.

So, take a deep breath. Hopefully by the end of August I will have the first in a series of limited edition signed and numbered issues of:

Der Orchideen Garten Volume I, No. 1

Simplicissimus Volume I, No. 1

Simplicissimus Volume I, No. 2

Jugend Volume I, No’s. 1&2  (the first issue is a combined issue, that’s why two issues of Simplicissimus are offered)

These magazines can not be bought individually. They are part of a limited edition set limited to 300 copies. Each magazine will be signed and all three will have matching numbers! A new set of all three magazines will hopefully come out every two months until the entire series is complete. (51 issues!) We are talking a four to eight year project here! I’m pumped for it!

Each magazine will have original full color front and back covers with black and white interiors to keep the cost down. Each will be translated into English for the first time. Artwork will follow the original as closely as possible. This means contrasting the faded paper to pure black and white/greyscale for photos; airbrushing all the old German text out and inserting clean English text with format changes as needed. Simplicissimus will need the most format changes since it was printed in newspaper format.

Each set will cost $30 plus postage and handling. That comes out to about $10 per signed and numbered, limited edition magazine! This is a collector’s dream and I’m certain that once word gets out, each set will go quite fast!

I’ve posted the links for Jugend and Simplicissimus below so you can see what all the excitement is about! There are no plans to print more issues, only to offer them as ebooks. In fact, they will be available as ebooks as well. Currently over half my book sales are ebook sales and that is the future. This limited edition is simply for us old timers that like holding the real thing in our hands. This is an important literary event and of great consequence. I feel proud to be able to do this.

I will post more information as the set becomes ready for shipping. You may preview the stories on the blogs as before. Consider them rough drafts. As the collector editions go on sale the blog posts will be deleted to make room for the next issue. In this way the quality and content can be sampled far ahead of time as needed before each magazine is completed.

I’ve currently finished Simplicissimus Volume I, No.1 and half way through No. 2. Lots of work still to go on Jugend and Der Orchideen Garten although it is progressing. Feel free to keep an eye on my progress with these projects!


Der Orchideengarten



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