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With 10 days until the American presidential election, there is a wonderful opportunity to illustrate and hopefully explain the energy dynamics of this new age and how things now physically manifest. I’ve already shared how readers working with sexual orgasm energy just prior to the September equinox were able to successfully rupture the lowest astral plane thereby triggering a massive energetic recalibration and cleansing of the lower astral planes. It’s time to explain a little more about this process and the energetic dynamics at work.


For something to physically manifest it must be energetically balanced. During the old eon energies were only balanced at the highest crown chakra level, that of spiritual light and unity. This was the level of paradox resolution and known to the spiritual elite and illuminati. The lower levels became increasingly unbalanced the closer they came to physical manifestation. So the energetic dynamics of the past have always been to create gridlock and stalemate at the lower levels by pitting one side against the other and confusing them. Things had to be carefully manipulated so that the gridlock or stalemate always remained. If the gridlock was broken the energy dynamics would cascade down into the lower levels finding alternate resolutions. This was not considered acceptable except in times of emergency, such as creating wars for political gain.


Gaia’s current ascension has balanced all levels of the astral planes and created an entirely new game with different ground rules for physical manifestation. The illuminati and the spiritual elite wanted to balance the higher levels down to the level of the heart, or fifth density. That was the goal of the Ascension movement, to lower that point of energetic balance from the crown chakra down to the level of the heart. But this is Gaia’s ascension, not humanities ascension and the point of balance needed to be anchored at the very lowest level, that of life itself. This is the war that has just been won!


Gaia’s new unity grid circulates energetic dynamics between Divine Counterparts instead of groups of people as in the old collective pattern. We see this new energetic dynamic working  itself out in an amazing way during this presidential election. In this new eon the energetic contribution of each individual does not merge with the energetic contributions of other individuals, but remains pure and indivisible even though it is active in the creation of a “collective holographic reality”.


In the old eon energetic forces or stresses would build to an intolerable peak at which time they would be released through the manipulation of “popular opinion” and the deliberate manipulation of the masses. During this presidential election we have seen the repeated attempts to sway the American public over and over again. These tactics did cause knee-jerk responses within most of us, but our individual energies did not mingle as in the past and therefore they did not build into a wave of public sentiment that was unstoppable. What happened instead was a perpetual stalemate or gridlock of the energies between the two candidates with neither one able to gain an advantage over the other.


The rupturing of the lower astral plane immediately prior to the September equinox put the lower astral planes into play for the first time as each individual energy sought to find its own personal resolution. High levels of individual energies were  generated, but they were unable to merge into a collective wave. So what happened was an activation of the lower levels and what I’ve termed the “activation of the shadow self”. For all intents and purposes this was similar to the plugging and backing up of a  sewer, quite nasty and unpleasant. But this is the important part, each one of us individually came face-to-face with our own self-defeating behaviors! Donald Trump came face-to-face with his self-defeating behaviors and so did Hillary Clinton!


Each of us came in contact with our own self-defeating behaviors and hopefully learned how to change them and master them to our own advantage. Near the end of this election cycle we see that Donald Trump has largely learned how to control his own self-defeating behaviors and we can also see how Hillary Clinton is now confronted for the first time by her own past self-defeating behaviors. This is happening to everyone!


A final note about the energy dynamics of this presidential election. The manifestation of physical results is dependent upon the energetic production of each individual, and no longer the product of “collective energy”. Each vote cast is the result of individual consideration and choice as it should be. It is not the vote of people simply jumping on the bandwagon of a successful candidate. The generation of energy through physical exertion is almost as powerful as the generation of sexual orgasm energy. The individual that puts out the most physical exertion and effort will have the greatest success! Group dynamics exponentially work to manifest things as well. This means that the massive physical exertion of Donald Trump in doing as many as three rallies per day, combined with the numbers at each rally energetically  and magically propel his surge to victory!


Hillary Clinton’s confrontation with her own self-defeating behaviors, combined with low physical exertion and relatively small groups of supporters are simply not enough to energetically overcome Trump’s energetic landslide. This is the occult reality behind the 2016 election. We are also seeing a form of “instant karma” for the first time. This will become the new norm.

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Current events can be used to illustrate  how the energy dynamics of this new eon differ radically from that of the old eon. The scope of things that are going on in this world is so large that it is hard to get one’s head around  them! It is important to understand these differences in energy dynamics if you want to follow the path that I am trying to teach.


When I was a child I read a story called “The Emperor Had  No Clothes”. From memory the gist of the story is that there was once a king who  was very vain and wanted to show how rich and important he was to all of the people in his kingdom. He always wore the richest clothing, ate the finest foods, and enjoyed all the luxuries that a king could ask for. But he was not satisfied. He wanted to appear even greater and more magnificent!


A trickster convinced the king that he  had a gift for the king, garments so wonderful and beautiful that only the most honest and pure of heart could see them.  The king was very flattered, and even though he could not see the  garments he pretended as if he could because he wanted to show how honest and pure of heart he really was. At the urging of the trickster the king stripped off all his clothes and pretended to put on the invisible garments.


The trickster  exclaimed in wonder and astonishment at how royal the king looked in his fine new clothing. His entire court was afraid to admit that they couldn’t see the clothing and so they exclaimed in wonder and astonishment as well. Overjoyed by his success the king decided to parade through his kingdom in his splendid new clothes. The people in his kingdom lined up along the streets to see. They had heard that the King’s new clothing was so wonderful and beautiful that only the most honest and pure of heart could see them. When they couldn’t see the clothing they felt guilty and thought that they were not honest enough and pure of heart enough to be able to see them so they pretended that they could.


But a little boy was among the people  lined along the streets and he shouted in ridicule, ” Look at that! The King doesn’t have any clothes on!”


The spell was broken and all the people began to laugh. The king was embarrassed and returned to his castle in shame.


I don’t remember the story exactly, but I think I have the main parts right. This story reminds me of what is happening in the presidential election today. The people are being told to believe something that just doesn’t exist. I’m going to try to explain what I mean.


Old eon energetic dynamics were dominated by the power of the human collective. High-grade Freemasonry studied ways to direct and use the force of the masses as they pleased. They even had symbols to describe this, the hammer symbolized the strength and power of the masses and the chisel symbolized the intellect and will of the master craftsman. High-grade Freemasonry taught the power of belief in the power of ideas and how to use those ideas to make the masses conform to their own bidding and desires.


The masses or human collective was a blind beast with no real intelligence or will of its own. The objective was to tame the beast and make it submissive to its master. Over the course of many centuries ways to control the masses were evolved and perfected.


But that was the old eon! In this new eon the energy dynamics of the human collective do not work in the same way as they did in the old eon! In fact, it might even be said that this new eon consists of individuals energetically paired and wired to their Divine Counterparts. The new human collective has not yet been established or created. There is no longer a blind beast that can be manipulated and lied to. We are no longer seeing  masses of people jumping onto the bandwagon of popular opinion! People are making their own individual choices and following their own individual path!


In this presidential election the Democratic Party, representative of the hive mind of humanity, is attempting to sway the  masses the same way it has done for centuries! This is not a political speech. I’m trying to illustrate a technique that used to work, but no longer works! It is the same technique of the trickster in the story “The Emperor Who Had No Clothes”! But just like in the story, a little boy has shouted and ridiculed the Empress saying that she has no clothes! The people of the kingdom are no longer believing the stories and the lies. For the first time they are believing what their eyes are showing them and they are not happy about it!


What the people are seeing and experiencing does not match up with what Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and the mass media are telling them.The masses cannot be swayed and influenced to jump onto the bandwagon like they have in the past. This will become quite obvious in two weeks!


These things are so clear and obvious to me that I present them now two weeks before the presidential election. The election has already taken place within the astral planes and the Donald Trump  has won. The human collective has chosen a path of change and this presidential election will be similar to the Brexit  vote in the United Kingdom.

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The beginning of the last great cycle which has just completed also began with the activation of the lower astral levels. The last great cycle was also created by  Divine Counterparts as all such cycles are created. But each great cycle has an evolutionary component that creatively alters the dynamics of how males and females interact and relate to each other. In the last great cycle Divine Counterparts were joined through the human collective or the group soul of humanity. The human collective was the glue that held males and females together. But males and females continued evolving in opposite directions as each tried to complete the circle and return back to Source or their own Divine Counterpart. Even though they were evolving in opposite directions the collective group soul of humanity united the human race into a single organism.


The beginning of every great cycle always activates the lowest astral level first which is the level of sexual orgasm energy. It is always the creation of a new Garden of Eden and the introduction of new magic into a depleted and dying world. Every 2000 years another bandwidth of energies would be activated and another energy center or Chakra would blossom within the human body. This would continue until the end of the great cycle when the entire spectrum of energies had been activated and it was time for a quantum leap into the next octave of human experience. At the beginning of a great cycle sexual orgasm energy is dominant. At the end of a great cycle spiritual light and Christ consciousness is dominant.


During the last great cycle neither the male nor female could span the entire spectrum of energies  in full awareness and so the female connected with the lower energies and the male connected with the higher energies. The result was the dominance of   matriarchal goddess based  fertility religions at the beginning of the last great cycle and the dominance of patriarchal monotheistic religions at the end of the great cycle.


All of that has now changed with the beginning of this new great cycle! Divine Counterparts have now created a new energetic pattern for male and female relationships. This is a pattern which is equally balanced between male and female energies from the beginning of the great cycle to the end of the great cycle! No longer will one gender dominate the other! But this new great cycle continues to create a new Garden of Eden through the activation of mutually balanced sexual orgasm energy. This energy will dominate earth experience for the next 2000 years until a higher group of energies is activated. At the conclusion of this current great cycle spiritual light and Christ consciousness will once more be the dominant energies, but they will be equally balanced between male and female energies as well. Both Gaia and humanity and all life forms have taken a quantum leap in the balancing of male and female energies.


So this new great cycle heralds the return of the divine feminine and the divine masculine in an entirely new and balanced way. But divine masculine and the divine feminine are no longer in opposition to each other but complementary to each other! This is made possible by the balancing of male and female energies within each physical body and the creation of the individual soul and its powers. The evolution of the individual soul and the individual ego from out of the collective group soul or hive mind of the human race is a massive quantum leap forward! That is what this new great cycle is about.


There is a new human collective that will be created, one that is much more powerful and creative than it was during the old great cycle. It will transform  the world in the most miraculous ways! I will talk about how this collective will be created and how it will make our entire world resonant! But that will come a little bit later on after we clear up some of these early misconceptions.

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Events within the astral planes gravitate or congregate around trigger events. It has become obvious that the presidential election here in the United States is such a trigger event. All kinds of things are just waiting to find out which way the presidential election is going to go. In earlier posts I’ve talked about how this has already worked itself out energetically within the astral planes. I’ve talked about how those of you who have helped flood the lower levels with sexual orgasm energy immediately before the September equinox caused the lower astral planes to rupture and  caused the deadlocked energies to be broken! This was all made possible by a small group of people creatively adding their energy to Gaia’s new energy grid. Before I continue, I would like to clarify that any individual by themselves can also cause the lower astral planes to rupture at any time. We do not really know or understand just how powerful we really are and just how much we have the ability to influence what happens and does not happen.


To continue, the energies of the presidential election were deadlocked in the fifth density, the level of mental energies. People were conflicted at the mental level, at the philosophical level, at the level of what they believed in. It was an ideological war in which neither side could gain a meaningful advantage. Not only that, but it seemed as if any gain or loss by one side was mirrored by a corresponding event experienced by the other side! This gridlock was real! The energy dynamics of the old eon required this deadlock, the stalemate! The entire illuminati plan was intellectual in nature, and based upon ideological principles and mental energies. The smart people were going to outwit the less educated and slower people as they have for centuries! This was a thing of the mind, of logic and reason, and had nothing at all to do with love, or energy of the heart, or any of the lower energies. It was cold and without emotion.


Rupturing the lower astral planes just before the September equinox broke this deadlock and allowed the lower astral planes to become balanced for the first time. This was not just about sexual orgasm energy, although sexuality certainly played a role in events of this presidential election! The rupturing of the lower astral planes caused anger, despair, confusion, and stirred things inside of us that we collectively felt had no place in a presidential election! The events of the last few weeks have unleashed our emotions and brought feelings and issues to the surface that have been long buried. Just when we thought our polarization could not become stronger we were polarized and shocked even more, down to our very cores. This was not a pleasant process. But this was a healing process! You cannot heal from deep wounds until you bring them into awareness, and that is what has been happening to each and every one of us. We have been electrified, horrified, stimulated and even disgusted. What we have been doing is releasing trapped emotional energy that we didn’t even realize we carried inside of us.


Finally, with just slightly more than two weeks until the national election, we are finding solid earth beneath our feet. We also discover that we are falling into one of two camps. One camp celebrates the evolutionary triumph of rugged individualism and the other camp celebrates the collective hive mind at its highest. Neither side is completely right and neither side is completely wrong. But only one side will win the election! The other side will become dormant.


This is the beginning of a new age. This is the time of Gaia’s ascension! She is ascending and lifting all life forms with her into her new vibratory place. Gaia is making a quantum leap! The importance of the individual soul pales in comparison to the importance of Gaia’s ascension! No life forms will be left behind! The lower astral levels are ascending as well as the higher levels! The new age is just beginning. And at the beginning of every new age the active power and empowerment lies at the lowest astral levels. I’ve said this over and over again! This is an ascension for all life, not just the human race!

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Double Down Duality


This post is a continuation of my last post about the true nature of duality and male and female energies. Male and female energies have existed long before male and female lifeforms, this is very important to understand. Male and female awareness are opposites or reciprocal’s of each other, equal but completely opposite. The male awareness has evolved from an expansive growth oriented position that has been termed  solar in nature. Female awareness has evolved and existed long before the division into the physical male and female sexes as well. It has been termed lunar in nature.


Female energy is that inward creative and embracing energy that brings things back to source, or completes the circle. Male awareness and female awareness can never directly understand each other because they don’t exist in the same manner. They evolve in completely different ways. What we can do is develop both types of awareness within ourselves and learn how to balance and integrate them in a healthy manner. If either side of our awareness is unbalanced or distorted our opposite side will be just as distorted!


The entire difficulty in finding our Divine Counterpart demands that we must first find and integrate the opposite sex awareness inside of our own self. The entire issue centers around the concept of Self and Not-Self. We each have an awareness and understanding of who we think we really are. But there is a part of us that we are blind to, a part of us that we are not aware of, and the first thing we need to do is become aware of that part of us which we deny or do not recognize. In psychological terms this means dismantling and absorbing both the Shadow Self and the Higher Self. The Shadow Self represents those things inside of us that we repress or fear. It represents those things we are ashamed of or recognize within us that we wish was not that was not there. Our Higher Self represents those things that we wish were inside of us but are unable to find within us. We struggle to achieve them and to integrate them and never seem able to reach them. In both cases we are dealing with the issue of Self and Not-Self. With the Shadow we don’t like ourselves and with the Higher Self we feel separated from what we want to truly be. The true and healthy ego needs to integrate both of these to the point where they have become absorbed into our sense of Self, and to our healthy human ego.


I’m going to use a metaphor that might help to explain what I’m talking about. The human body, like all of creation, is based upon vibrational alternating energy. Personal awareness, however, is based upon a pulsating direct-current or unchanging orientation of either expansive male awareness or embracing female awareness. Our personal awareness is normally not dual in nature. But two types of awareness  exist within us. The female can express her male aspects and the male can express his female aspects, but only by switching to a reversal in polarity of the normal awareness. We normally act out of the awareness that reflects the physical gender of our physical bodies. Even though we are capable of expressing both, we don’t express them both at the same time in a normal situation.


The spiritual path however, shows how to integrate both the male and female aspects of our own self to create our soul. Our soul is neutral and acts as an Observer Self or secondary separate awareness which we can more closely begin to identify with.


What I’m really trying to say is that males and females think that they know each other, and think that they can understand each other, but in reality this is far more difficult to do than one might suspect. Males and females experience life and the environment in opposite ways and they always will. Our Divine Counterpart experiences life in  a totally opposite way from how we experience life. But even though we experience life and our environment in opposite ways we still experience the same environment! It is possible for us to draw similar conclusions, to have similar values, to share similar beliefs, and to share similar thoughts, emotions and feelings. The more that we can integrate the opposite sex awareness within ourselves, the more we can appreciate and connect with others of the opposite sex.


The soul itself is created from a balance of male and female energy. The only way for a male and female to truly connect in a meaningful way is through a soul connection. This is what love is about. This is why people fall in love with each other. This is how people become more balanced and more healthy. All of this happens on a nonphysical level and has nothing to do with physical sex or the birth of children. What I’m talking about happens on the nonphysical planes, the astral planes. I’m talking about the development of the individual soul and its powers. The path of physical sexuality, pregnancy, birth and children is very well known. I am not talking about that path. I’m trying to share things that have been hidden and are not that well known.

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I would like to share a little bit about going into the light! But first let me talk about how I perceive Prime Creator. I think that Prime Creator or Supreme Being or whatever term we might use exists as the first cause of all that exists. I also think that this Prime Creator is totally beyond human comprehension and human understanding. To ponder imponderables is perhaps the greatest waste of time that there is! By the very definition of being beyond human comprehension it is not possible to comprehend Prime Creator.


But we can comprehend to a certain degree the creation in which we exist. That creation is made out of energy and vibratory motion. The core building blocks are the photon/electricity and rotational magnetic field energy. Please let me clarify this. The highest spiritual light that we can comprehend is vibratory in nature! There is an outward pulse followed by a return inward pulse. At the highest level of existence we find the duality of frequency itself!


All of life originated as a divine spark of light. But there are two forms of awareness that were simultaneously created, male awareness and female awareness. The outward motion of light and the photon as well as outward spiraling North Pole magnetic fields is the origin of male awareness. The inward motion of electricity as well as the inward spiraling of South Pole magnetic fields is the origin of female awareness. These two types of awareness  are polar opposites and have no awareness of the other polarity. As life evolved this outward male awareness and inward female awareness evolved as well. Neither side had an awareness of the other.


True unity can be seen most clearly in the yin-yang symbol! In this symbol two opposite types of energy can be seen in a rotating motion of perfect symmetry and union. When I mention Divine Counterparts this is what I’m talking about, two souls that are complete opposites of each other, yet contain the seeds of each other within their own selves. To energetically connect with our Divine Counterpart is the highest spiritual experience possible.


Before you can make  permanent contact with your Divine Counterpart you must first balance the male and female aspects of your own soul. The way to do this is through loving relationships with the opposite sex, most notably chakra soulmates whom we share a specific type of energy with. Only in this way does your soul become complete, and only after your soul becomes complete are you able to approach your Divine Counterpart!


Each Divine Counterpart couple literally creates the world and universe in which they live as well as all life forms within it. These multiple worlds and universes blend together with those of all other Divine Counterparts to create a collective reality. In this it can be seen that we are truly the creators of our own lives! When we support the lives and creations of others they become empowered in our world and in theirs as well. When we conflict with the creations of others that conflict exists within our world and  theirs as well.


When I speak of Gaia’s ascension I speak of the timeline which is created by Rose and myself, my Divine Counterpart. When you speak of Gaia’s ascension you are speaking of the timeline which is created by you and your Divine Counterpart. But these timelines coexist and the more strongly they harmonize and resonate with each other, the stronger and more resonant our personal timelines become!


There is currently a battle of dominance among various timelines. Highly evolved Divine Counterpart pairs have created a timeline that is perfectly balanced between male and female energies and this timeline is the dominant timeline! It is the dominant timeline because Divine Counterpart energy when perfectly balanced is the most powerful energy that there is!  These Divine Counterpart couples act as gods and goddesses creating a new garden of Eden upon a new Gaia.


Old eon energy and the old pattern was also created out of divine counterpart energies. That is why they are so persistent and resistant to change! The old pattern exists within our very DNA and can only be replaced by a new and higher connection with our own Divine Counterpart, a connection that is higher and more pervasive than ever before. It is a quantum leap, an evolutionary leap that first must destroy the old pattern before it can replace the old pattern with the new pattern!


We must first confront our own self-destructive beliefs and behaviors before they can be replaced with creative beliefs and behaviors! In following the Tantric path this is particularly true about healthy human sexuality and working with sexual orgasm energy. The old and perverse ways of thinking and dealing with human sexuality are currently being brought into awareness where they can be confronted and admitted. This is a painful, but necessary process which we are seeing quite clearly in the current presidential election.







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The second presidential debate is history and no one can deny that a war is going on for which road the United States will travel down in the future days. What many don’t realize is that you, all of you have already decided it! I would like to share from my perspective how these things work. There are some really interesting energy dynamics that can finally be seen at play. Hopefully we can all begin to understand just how powerful we really are and how we do have the ability to influence and create the reality that we desire.


A few days before the September equinox I asked all of you to try working twice daily with sexual orgasm energy in an effort to rupture the lowest astral layer and help release the toxic and negative energies that were trapped there. Your response was immediate and intense. The stalemate or deadlock of energies that was hanging at fifth density abruptly broke when the lower astral ruptured from the generation of your collective sexual orgasm energy. Because of your efforts the stalemate was broken and the energy flowed in a way that favored those who had integrated their shadow aspects and balanced their soul’s male and female  energies.


The rupturing of the lower astral caused a recalibration of all the energetic factors by including all life forms upon Gaia  including all life forms within the lower levels as well as the higher levels. This recalibration took your inputs into its calculation as well and a new future timeline was created at that moment. That’s how it works! That was immediately prior to the September equinox, the deadline for altering things for the coming year. We have just seen the shift to  that timeline triggered at the physical level by the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


Let’s take a look at this. The astral is completely filled and solidly packed. There are no empty spaces. Everything is under intense pressure and was at a deadlock. Neither  side could win or gain a permanent advantage. It was actually quite weird to watch how an up or down movement on one side would be matched almost identically by an up or down movement on the other side which acted to energetically balance the two opposing forces and keep them immobilized. This all changed when your energy caused the lower astral to rupture!


This illustrates how magic truly works in this new eon! That sexual orgasm energy entered Gaia’s  grid work and triggered the sex tape crisis for Donald Trump 48 hours before the presidential election. It also triggered his response at the presidential debate as well as Hillary’s response. The energy was out there in this tightly closed and supercharged environment   needing someplace to go. It triggered these energies within both Donald Trump and within Hillary Clinton and within the audience. Donald  Trump struggled with this activation of his dark side energy and    overcame it by essentially telling the American public that there is a difference between the words a person says and the actions that they do. This was especially powerful because he is a man of action and not words. Hillary  Clinton was not able to integrate her shadow aspect and chose “the high road”. That’s when Donald Trump won the debate and the election!


You can see how powerful  the disruption of the lower astral plane really was and how the future has been changed and how it can continue to be changed by those working consciously and creatively with sexual orgasm energy.


What happened was a tipping of the scales with the energy  now flowing in a specified direction within the astral that cannot be changed. Your input of energies was the tipping point, and now the balance of power is not the way it was before. Energetically Donald Trump has the upper hand and Hillary Clinton is trying to catch her balance just as WikiLeaks publishes more documents damaging to her campaign. The release of those documents will keep her off stride as well as the continued release of documents and  most likely the third upcoming presidential debate.


What I wanted to share in this post was how your collective working of sex magic generated the low level energy for all of this to take place in the way that it did. I would like to congratulate you all on a job well done!

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