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What I have tried to establish in my previous posts can be summed up like this:

Using our physical bodies to generate the energies to develop and permanently activate our astral/etheric bodies is what is most important right now. Our mortal physical bodies will die some day and it might be sooner than we think! Work to activate each chakra center and circulate the energies between them so they can communicate with each other! Make the most of our limited time here on earth and live intensely!

There is no need to be concerned over who is right and wrong in the power struggle than currently consumes society. There are initiates of the Holy Kabbalah to work with the Spiritual Light energies and there are those that work with the dark Shadow energies. The egregore of the Holy Kabbalah is broken and obsolete. It will no longer function as before and all of those using it will not get the results they expect. This year 2022 is the first year the energy dynamics of the New Age have been fully functional and this year’s harvest of our personal efforts will not be what many expect. We have shifted from a direct current egregore based upon the Holy Kabbalah to an egregore based upon modern science and alternating current.

As I mentioned in my first post in this series it is not possible to separate the physical from the astral/etheric because they are part of a horn torus created by electrical and magnetic field energies. When we drop our mortal physical bodies our awareness may reside within any non-physical astral/etheric bodies that we have prepared from each of the seven noble gases. These may be permanently activated and integrated with each other but will always require some type of energy source to remain viable. These have always been termed ascended bodies and what ascension is all about. Once our awareness has permanently transferred to our ascension bodies we can choose whether we want to incarnate into another mortal physical body or not.

There is a great cycle that affects our entire galaxy, our solar system, our planet and all life upon our planet. This cycle happens every 12,000 years and is a destructive cycle that wipes out most life upon our planet. Humanity has survived through at least three of these cycles before even if it has been reduced to the stone age or the bronze age. This cycle involves the ever increasing destruction of earth’s magnetic field, ever greater vulnerabilty to the sun’s radiation and culminates in a partial polar shift where the current north and south poles shift to known positions on the equator where their ice begins to melt. We are currently in the middle of such a shift and most evidence suggests earth will have shifted into its new location sometime within twenty or thirty years. However, this final resting place will be preceded by very difficult times as nature becomes unhinged and society falls apart.

The ancients, those who have survived through these cycles have tried to warn us about them so that we might be prepared. The Elite, those in power around the world have known about this coming destruction cycle for many years. Knowing it is triggered by a solar flash or micro-nova different countries began massive programs for shielding us from harmful effects of our sun over thirty years ago. They began to put aluminum nano particles into the atmosphere through chem trails. This is still going on today and has created a permanent level of such aluminum nano particles in our atmosphere. But nothing can stop the weakening of earth’s magneto sphere and the inevitable solar flash or micro nova. Our days are numbered and even though some will survive most will not. This is why I have stressed the importance of the development of each astral/etheric body and its permanent activation.

These things need to be known if we want to understand the global events that are now occurring around the world as our civilization begins to fall apart. There are many different strategies as each nation struggles to find ways to shelter as many people as possible and come out of the shift in an empowered position. This is why there is no serious attempt to fix the global economy or deal with global starvation or the energy crisis. We only have a few years left and things will continue to get worse. Nothing is going to get better. My next post will begin to finally talk about some of these things.

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The north pole continues to move toward Siberia at 50 miles per year and speeding up! With that thought I now turn to the metaphysical and spiritual aspect of the Great Event and ascension.

The development of the soul and its powers happens in the spiritual worlds, the astral planes or the time/space universe. The teachings of all the great religions and mystery schools inform us that the blessing of living physical lives in physical bodies is that it allows the most rapid development of the soul and its powers possible. Over and over again comes the sacred message to use the physical body to develop the soul and its powers. Break free of the wheel of karma and the restrictions of physical life. There is life and physical awareness beyond that of the physical body and physical life. We are more than physical bodies, but only if we become more than our physical bodies.

Those that identify with their physical bodies too much are lost at the death of their physical body because their sense of self, their core essence cannot hold itself together without a physical body. That is why it is so important to have a strong sense of self, a strong ego. When our core sense of self is strong enough to maintain awareness after the death of our physical body we cross over into a new world, a world without death and pain.

We call the development and permanent activation of any one of the higher astral bodies the “soul”. It can be created out of the Upper Emotional Energies of the Heart Chakra and that permanently activated body is the most common. It creates a core sense of self that is called the “reincarnating ego”.

The energies of the throat chakra can create a permanently activated astral body or soul body that is created out of concrete mental energies and this is called the Higher Self. It chooses our next incarnations for us and guides us through our lives if we listen to it. It exists after the death of our physical body if we have developed it.

The energies of the 3rd eye center can create the permanently activated astral body of abstract mental energies and this is the level of the adept. Here some of the awareness and personality gained in our physical lives is retained in the afterlife and continues to exist.

Those able to connect with SOURCE through the crown chakra become the masters and teachers for others.

I’ve mentioned all this before, but now I’m focusing on the act of ascension or graduation! The Law of One material shares that these 12,000 years cycles of destruction that repeat over and over again are the “harvest” of souls happens. This is where you graduate from physical life and begin to live as an immortal in a spiritual world according to your level of attainment. That is why we are here right now in these physical bodies at this time. We are graduating! We are donning our spiritual garments and leaving the cares and trails of physical life behind, unless we choose to incarnate once more and experience still more lifetimes. . . to live a physical life is to know that you must be born and then die. The reward comes after you drop the physical body.

Mantak Chia says it this way:

The Sixth Formula: Congress of Heaven and Earth Immortality

The sixth formula is difficult to describe in words. It involves the incarnation of a male and female entity within the body of the adept (this might correspond to the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara). These two entities have sexual intercourse within the body. It involves the mixing of the Yin and Yang powers on and about the crown of the head and being totally open to receive energy from above and regrowth of the pineal gland to its fullest use. When the pineal gland is at its fullest, it will serve as a compass to tell us in which direction our aspirations can be found. Taoist Esotericism is a method of mastering the spirit, as described in Taoist Yoga. Without the body, the Tao cannot be attained, but with the body, truth can never be realized. The practitioner of Taoism should preserve his physical body with the same care as he would a precious diamond because it can be used as a medium to achieve immortality. If, however, you do not abandon it when you reach your destination you will not realize the truth.

When you reach the point of the permanent development and activation of the immortal physical body you must drop the old physical body! It is no longer of use to you! I have activated my immortal physical body and am more than ready to drop this mortal coil when the time comes. . . I am ready for the harvest. Are you?

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It has taken me quite a while to write on this subject simply because it has not occurred to me and therein lies the problem! It is not occurring to anyone! Technologies such as Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP, mental programming, hypnosis, MK Ultra, NeoTech and many others have reached such an advanced state in our world and in our societies that we are routinely exposed to suggestions and influences from which we have absolutely no defense against. Let me repeat that so that I am clearly understood. We literally have no defense against the manipulations and mind programming that now exists within our societies!

I studied various methods of suggestion and hypnosis and finally realized that hypnosis, suggestion and manipulation are normal, natural and organic. They may be described simply as the ability to capture someone’s attention and direct it where you want it to go! Women have perfected this art over the centuries through the use of make up and fashions that make them desirable and attractive. The provocative use of a miniskirt for example deliberately catches and draws attention!

But any good story teller, musician or work of art does a similar thing. It captures our attention and directs it someplace it normally wouldn’t go.

I’ve said that we have no defense or resistance to these things. To exist in our world is to be bombarded by these influences. And our society has turned these skills into highly potent sciences and influences to manipulate the masses in desired ways. It does this by polarizing the masses around specific narratives which it advances and also polarizing the masses against other specific narratives.

Through metaphysics and occultism we know that things must be perfectly balanced to physically manifest. It is the balanced things that physically manifest and not the polarized things! Or I should say it another way. When something highly polarized does physically manifest an opposite and equal reaction also manifests as a consequence whether we are able to recognize it or not! Thus the more polarized the masses are, the more an equal and opposite force is created within society as well!

When we are caught up in a belief or perspective we become blind to its natural opposite. In metaphysics and occultism this creates the need to become more balanced through the process of resolving antimonies! That means deliberately exposing oneself to the opposite viewpoint and energy so that one might find a neutral space in the middle, like the “eye of the storm”. Gradually, with practice we gain the ability to remain centered and unmoved by these external impulses. True freedom only comes from the ability to function within this “eye of the storm” where our entire being finds it center.

There are two sides to every coin and two sides to every life experience. What is needed is the ability to perceive both sides as valid. . . to perceive both sides as having some truth, but only the combined union of both holds the true resolution to the paradox. Think of the yin-yang symbol of male and female as a perfect example of this inner balance.

This is not a war of opposites in which one side must be destroyed, but a loving dance of opposites in which the merging of energies brings the highest pleasure and goodness!

The manipulation and brainwashing of our society is a deliberate effort to polarize the masses against each other in mutual self-destruction! There are attractive things and important things about both the liberal and conservative approaches. But there are also repellent things about each as well. I once wondered why I always found myself in agreement with about half the things of one party and opposed to the other. I was always forced to choose between what I felt to be the worst of two evils and not the best.

My point is that people have made their choices. They have chosen their sides and the time to try influencing them is over. Now is the time of physical manifestation of events that have up till now only been theoretical. Cognitive Dissonance is the result of a conflict between physical reality and imagined reality as the results of our individual actions don’t bring the results we expected. We are in a time of global cognitive dissonance! Now more than ever before we need to ground ourselves and pay attention to the self evident things that are important in our daily lives.

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On the one hand we are in a very critical time and on the other hand these things have already worked themselves out in the astral planes and are now beginning to unfold physically. The bottom line is that it is not what happens to us but how we deal with what happens to us. What happens to us is pretty much now set in stone, but how we deal with our circumstances and react to them can either lift us or bury us.

As stress builds things become pressurized and any weak spots will be brought into awareness. In my case my car just blew a head gasket and will be in the shop for two weeks. But there is no such thing as coincidence. This has also opened a new friendship up for me as I ask for getting a ride here and there. Not having transportation has forced me to ask for help once in a while and I needed that. Being vulnerable this way is bringing another person into my life.

This is happening globally as well and we are being triggered as the stress builds until something breaks. And things are breaking!

We are seeing the deliberate collapse of our way of life and there is a war going on about how we will rebuild our world. I’ve seen too much evidence to doubt that this is a deliberate destruction. There is too much insanity. I will give a few examples:

The Biden administration has been sending our oil reserves to Europe! Knowing there is a coming global food shortage more corn is being made into ethanol instead of grain for livestock and other food products. Railroads have been ordered not to ship fertilizer to farmers for the spring planting! That involves the fertilizer made here in the United States not to mention the fertilizer that used to be imported from Russia. The bird flu epidemic has caused millions of fowl to be destroyed across the United States. Supply chains are broken around the world. The sanctions on Russia are causing the European Union to self destruct while the Russian ruble becomes stronger and stronger. Today the ruble reached 66.8898 against the dollar!

Millions of migrants are set to cross our southern border. Our economy is fracturing and a global depression is almost certain, a depression that will rival or out do the Great Depression. The United States is 300 Trillion in debt and now sending billions to Ukraine and other countries. The dollar is becoming worthless with less buying power every month.

There will be a great reset! The question is whether it will be the one the globalists want that will ensure the dominion of the elite over the masses or the gold backed currencies the rest of the world wants. The move to gold backed currencies has already begun as countries around the world begin to drop the dollar as a reserve currency.

The thing is that you can only collapse the world’s economy and infrastructure once. The white hats and black hats only have one chance to create the world they want. Once the dominoes start to fall there is no turning back or stopping the clock and they have started to fall. There is only the hitting bottom and building back. We will be hitting bottom for the next three years at least and how far down we go depends upon what humanity will collectively tolerate.

There are forces on both sides that want World War III. It is the only way to hide their crimes against humanity. But it won’t work! These forces are desperately attempting to “trigger” the masses into supporting their agendas. But survival pressures are becoming stronger than ideological pressures. The need for food and shelter is becoming more important than globalism. The need for global stability is more important than the welfare of any one country.

I remember the slogan in the Vietnam war, “Hell no, I won’t go! I won’t fight for Texaco!”

The only winner in our current world is the military industrial complex!

When a person has the ability to survive, defend himself and knows basic first aid, that person also has a good self esteem, as well as mental and emotional health. They are confident in their own ability to confront and deal with whatever life chooses to throw at them. They don’t feel the stress that others feel!

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I’ve done it! I’m officially a senior citizen at age 65! As I continue to settle into my new life it is time for a reality check on what is really going on in our world. Gaia’s ascension has spilled over into physical manifestation and very significant things are now physically taking place around the world. An ascended world is now here and settling in!

In a world where it is impossible to tell who is saying the truth and who is lying I’ve done my own deep dive and come to my own conclusions which I am going to share over the next series of posts. There is too much information to share in one post. I hope everyone can set aside their own preconceptions for a moment and give what I have to share an honest valuation.

It is no secret that our society and entire world are highly polarized and we are in the middle of a war for our minds. But what is the source of this conflict and what are the opposing sides to this conflict that threatens to become World War III? There are so many conflicts and so many opinions that it becomes almost impossible to rank them in order of importance but I am going to try. . .

First is recognition of three sides that are in conflict and fighting for their very existence. These three sides can be thought of as the globalists, the nationalists and the individualists. Of these three groups the globalists and individualists are extreme opposites and the nationalists take a needed middle ground. I, myself, fall into the camp of Individualistic Anarchists as defined by Max Stirner almost two hundred years ago. I believe in internal authority and following the inner voice of my own conscience as the true path in my life. Any external authority is subordinate to that inner still small voice that guides me in all things. I believe that a strong sense of self and strong self esteem are needed for mental and emotional health. I also believe that we can develop a strong and healthy sense of self and self esteem by learning basic survival skills, basic self defense skills and basic emergency first aid skills. I believe that this world requires discipline and that self-discipline is better than externally enforced discipline through coercive force. Unfortunately this particular viewpoint is ultimately considered anathema by both the globalist and nationalist positions who both believe that externally enforced discipline through external authorities are needed.

The globalists are aligned with high tech and artificial intelligence or AI. Essentially they believe that the world has become so complex that only super computers can keep in running smoothly and to do that everyone must be treated the same so the computer programs can run effectively. This means that everyone must be on the same page and think the same way. This is the hive mind of collectivism and the active use of narrative and mind programming to get everyone on the same page. But people are organic individuals with the ability of creative thought and life itself resists being put into such a restrictive box! Ultimately the globalist veiwpoint is anti-life. It seeks to create a world like that described in Star Trek The Next Generation as the “Borg”. The globalist position is always held by a central authority that dictates all of life’s intricacies and seeks the lowest common denominator.

The nationalist and populist positions hold a middle ground between these two extremes and are the only real solutions that have any hope of manifestation. But this is not commonly accepted and the battle is thought to be between the nationalists or capitalists and the globalists. But this is an error. Over time we will see the pendulum swing between anarchy and globalism or totalitarianism. What is not understood is that globalism or totalitarianism is the perfect form of government that has existed virtually unchanged for thousands of years as the military government. The military government is totalitarian in nature and our world is dominated by the Military Industrial Complex that really seeks to run everything.

The problem is that some people require the structure of a government and thrive under such a structure while others find it too restrictive. On the other hand some people do not have the self-discipline to live under the true freedom of anarchy and require some organizational structure in order to thrive. Again the pendulum must swing between these two extremes and we find an uneasy balance in the center.

In terms of Gaia’s ascension the necessary outcome becomes some form of nationalism. This is what is emerging right now as the death of globalism becomes evident. The global food shortages and supply line disruptions hail the final destruction of globalism as individual countries confront the need to ensure adequate food and supplies for their own nations and populations.

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Hi everyone!

I hope that you have found the free Organic Gnosticism course useful and informative. I have not been on the site for a while and need to determine whether to offer another class or not. I have produced and am still producing a lot of material, some of which is nice to know but not necessary. The reason for this class was to sift out the most important elements that would allow for a safe and orderly progression of material and ability.

This class provides a safe foundation for the more dangerous work of deliberately working with tantric sexual energies. By completing this free course you will have balanced the energy circuits within your body at the higher levels and established a safety net for dealing with sudden eruptions of lower trapped and repressed energies.

In my opinion what is offered in this course in needed before anyone can safely work with tantric sexual energies. Once this material is mastered you are on your own.

While I have given many hints in my writings I have stopped short of actually sharing my own personal experiences of working with tantric sexual orgasm energy and soulmate cycles. This includes a Divine Counterpart Cycle. The information is simply too dangerous to share for those not ready for it.

Essentially what I discovered was the core truth behind incubus and succubus experiences! Both incubus and succubus are the shadow aspects of real people that go out seeking sexual fulfillment from those with compatible energies. As the shadow aspect is integrated into the normal healthy ego one often gets to meet their astral sexual partners either in real life or through some form of correspondence. These are actually soulmate cycles and require a purity that expel any conflicting energies away. Most Divine Counterparts find each other but are not able to consummate their relationships on a physical level. They have other karmic commitments that prevent them from actually living together. But they can communicate with each other and have relationships on the astral planes and the etheric plane.

Energy vampirism is a violation of these very principles. The generated energy of one soul goes out and automatically seeks the appropriate soulmate partner while the vampire selects their victim in a violent way that is the act of a predator.

I have been led through seven soulmate cycles and one Divine Counterpart cycle in which I have experienced many aspects of falling in love with another person. Each of these cycles allowed both of us to permanently activate specific astral bodies and most involved positive and loving correspondence between us. Only one was physically consummated. All others were astrally consummated.

In a world where one cannot work with tantric sexual energies because they don’t have a partner this type of working is extremely powerful. Our energies are automatically drawn to a proper partner even if they are on the other side of the world!

At this stage in my life I have permanently activated my lowest etheric body and integrated all of my non-physical bodies into one complete soul body. This was my Divine Counterpart cycle. We live inside each other even though we are far apart. I’ve taken things as far as they can be taken. The rest is simply the multiplication of the philosopher’s stone. A sharing of what I know . . .

I have to decide if there is enough interest to create another course that shares what I know of these things. I would only share them with graduates of this course. There would need to be at least four people interested and I would need to charge $75 for the course because it costs me almost $500 a year for this site [ The Organic Gnosticism Course Site, not Pagan Space] and I have offered Organic Gnosticism for free. The course would basically be audio and text with much opportunity for questions and clarification. This would get into the experiential basics of what tantra really is from the perspective of someone who has traveled that path.

So I need to know if there is enough interest (at least four people) or I will simply drop this site [ The Organic Gnosticism site, not Pagan Space] because I cannot afford to pay $500 per year out of my own pocket. I need to make this decision sometime this spring so please respond if interested. Get in touch with me through the class or email me at:


Reference OAK Tantra Class so I can spot it easily.



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Julian Jaynes in his book “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” demonstrates just when humanity stopped hearing the voices of the gods in their heads. He identifies the period between the Greek classics by Homer, “The Iliad” and the “Odyssey”. Considered to having been written sometime between the 8th and 9th centuries BCE. According to Jaynes the “Iliad” belongs to the time when what we call consciousness does not exist in humanity. The human hears the voice of the god or goddess speaking to them and simply does what they are told. The “Odyssey” in contrast demonstrates a certain kind of mentality that is capable of self reflection.

While Jaynes suggests this change in human consciousness is the result of the invention of reading and writing, it might also be the result of the mutual self destruction of the Anunnaki civilizations. In any case they seem to have lost their ability to communicate with their gods like Enlil and Enki.

In another way we see the “hive mind of humanity” at work here. As the ancient Egyptians lost the ability to hear the voices of the gods and goddesses in their heads, they turned instead to their rulers, the Pharaohs and made gods and goddesses of them! Those in the Order seemed to be the only ones able to communicate with the unseen and immortal Anunnaki Gods and Goddesses. We will see later on just how important this ability was to the ancient Egyptians and members of the Order.

We might also take a look at our modern society in which one portion of it seems to be gaining the ability to channel spiritually advanced entities and hear voices in their heads and the other portion that steadfastly refuses to even admit the possibility of a soul. Those who deny the existence of a soul demand obedience to external authorities! Is this the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another?

In any case the civilization that now developed in Egypt was based upon Spiritual Light and very mystical in nature. We see the members of the Order using all methods possible to find ways to reunite with their unseen companions, the immortal Anunnaki known as gods and goddesses.

In contrast, on the other side of the Mediterranean in Crete, we see a Goddess oriented civilization that openly celebrated both life and death. It was aligned with nature and the powers of life and rebirth. The writing that existed was for business and inventory needs and not for the keeping of sacred knowledge. Sacred knowledge was passed down in experiential ways, in shamanistic ways. This was not the life giving power of the sun, but the life bringing vital life force energy of the earth itself, Mother Gaia. It also celebrated these things in story and song. The Greeks produced dramatic plays to tell the sacred stories. In Crete we are able to see how the influence of Enki was much different than the influence of Enlil in Egypt.

Also deeply embedded within the ancient Minoan and Mycenaean mythologies were the stories of the underworld or other world, or Summerland, things that were missing in the Egyptian mysteries.

One wonders what our world would be like today if the Minoan civilization had not been destroyed through violent volcanic eruptions. Instead of a patriarchal world it might have been a matriarchal world or at least one more balanced between the sexes.

I needed to bring these things up because we will soon see that the ancient Greeks began coming to Egypt in “search of light”.

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As I continue to bear witness to some of the more unusual things that I have personally experienced in my life my hope is that these posts are in some way helpful to those that don’t really know what to believe in today’s world of politically correct thinking and head tripping. If they happened to me they might happen to others . . .

The focus of this post is going to be astral cords and soulmate cycles. I am normally not aware of astral cords but there have been extremely vivid lucid dreams or visions or projections involving astral cords and I will share a few. After my Crowley type vision in which my astral cord was destroyed and I took refuge in SOURCE I struggled to regain my connection to earth and Gaia. I read the book “Taoist Secrets of Love Cultivating Male Sexual Energy” by Mantak Chia and began working with sexual orgasm energy. This practice extremely polarized my energy field and physical body. I experienced a spontaneous kundalini release while doing a side bend yoga movement that was so powerful that it felt like I had been struck by lightning as it rushed up my spine and exploded out the crown chakra. I momentarily lost consciousness and my knees sagged as I slumped toward the floor but I caught myself in time and remained on my feet.

I was going to a support group twice a week where I would share my story with others and listen as they shared their stories. I was going through a very rough time as my world was crumbling around me. As I shared my story the emotions poured out of me and it was very powerful. After the meeting several people came up to thank me, shake my hand or give me a hug. I had told their own story and they were very moved as well.

As one woman reached out to shake my hand a spark literally jumped two inches from mine to hers. That energy exchange started something moving inside me. Later that night I could sense that somehow she was inside of me and I was inside of her. We had powerful astral sex and then I had the incredible vision of a new born child and umbilical cord which even had the blood from the birth still on it. It was my new astral body! She had given birth to my new astral body! There was a strong umbilical cord that connected me to her which faded over time. Later I had an equally strong vision of a new world or timeline that was also created which included both of us. This was like the after birth or placenta.

There is more to the story, but this was the first of eight cycles which I have called soulmate cycles that I have experienced over the past thirty-five years. Each cycle gave birth to a different astral body and a different timeline. Each involved a different chakra although each contained all the levels in some way. Each activated a different strand of DNA. Each created an astral bond that was unbreakable. Each was progressively deeper on the astral etheric planes and each took longer than the others. The final cycle took several years. Each was driven by working with sexual orgasm energy but didn’t involve physical sex. It involved astral sex, but also consisted of conscious interaction with each other.

Somehow she needed the energy which my connection to SOURCE provided and when she mixed that energy with her own connection to the Womb of Creation energies a third energy was created that first allowed her to develop and permanently activate her own astral body and then give birth to one for me. Then she created a new timeline in which both of us were able to exist.

This was the true and occult hidden meaning of being “Born Again!” This is the true secret of any and all true religions and mystery schools! This is the true secret behind Alchemy! This is the true secret of the development of the immortal soul and its powers . . . This is the true secret of the spark that exists when two people are in love, what happens when the spark jumps and when the spark is gone . . . This is something that is completely normal and natural and happens to people every day, but not as intensely or as rapidly as it has happened to me. I have only experienced the accelerated version . . .

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Everything meets at the heart! As we continue our exploration of the 4th electron ring, 4th density, and the Upper Emotional energies and astral body we find this is the great meeting place between the spiritual and the earthly, between the mortal and the immortal.

4D is the level of the predator and the hunted, the passions and the warrior and of love. It is the level of art and music and of the female encouraging the males to fight over her. It is the level of courage, pride and nobility. It is both savage and glorious at the same time!

This is the seed of the soul, the reincarnating ego that continues from lifetime to lifetime. But it can also be the first level where ego or a sense of self can exist without the normal physical body and only in a noble gas body or astral body. But 4D inclusive remains under the dominion and guidance of Gaia. The 4D inclusive ghost or soul might continue to exist for awhile without a physical body but it must feed to remain alive. It doesn’t have any connection to the spiritual light and must get the required vital life force energy (which is a blending of the spiritual light with the womb of creation energies) from other things and other life forms.

So 4D inclusive is the level of the consciously aware predator and vampire as well as that of the sacred warrior. As primitive hunter gatherer tribes roamed the Pontic Steppe north of the Black Sea the harsh living conditions gave rise to the nomadic Proto-Indo-European which were very warlike and lived in tight knit tribes or family groups. Even the women were warriors and they believed in reincarnation and believed in the existence of an Underworld, Otherworld or Summerland. Their spirits were aware of the etheric planes and able to function there. They revered reptilian entities like the serpent or dragon as well as the wolf and auroch. There leaders were chosen by right of combat and they had a shaman to guide their spiritual lives. These non-physical reptilian entities required blood tribute in exchange for their support and blessings. Here we see the beginning of the non-physical reptilians as demons that required blood sacrifices.

But there were also Spiritual Light oriented 4D non-physical entities that came to earth and began to mingle with these primitive humans. They had ascended and no longer had physical bodies. Their non-physical bodies were sustained by the Spiritual Light which was transmuted and distributed downward through a hierarchy to a level which could sustain their 4D non-physical bodies.They had no connection to the lower levels, but they were a collective or hive mind of beings that existed within a hierarchy and were led by one supreme leader. Their sacred teaching was the Kabbalah and they were the Anunnaki.

They wanted the control of the lower integrated levels that the humans and the reptilians had. The sons of god coveted the daughters of men.

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