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It was two or three days after the winter solstice that the ancients saw visible proof of the light once more returning to the earth and that is when they celebrated Christmas or the return of the Christ Spirit within the heart of all living things.

In our modern world it is important to remember that this day is one in which multitudes of people celebrate and the shear numbers of celebrants bring joy, light and love into our world so we celebrate as well even though our celebration has begun several days before this. This is a sacred and holy day.

I am going to continue with some of the benefits of the Healing and Prosperity Circle Meditation. We not only use this meditation to connect to Source energies but also to others and we link in both vertical and horizontal ways. In linking at each chakra level we assist in the development of each astral body/noble gas body. We are all a part of each other and a part of all that exists. This meditation attracts us toward others of like mind and soul and attracts them to us and links us together with permanent bonds of love and joy. It is not what we do or believe that makes us soulmates, but our being on the same frequency or wave length. In the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation we give each other our complete support and receive the complete support of them in return. This is Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

There is no ritual or specific guidance in Organic Gnosticism because it is based upon Chaos theory and not upon ritual or actions. We send out energy to all others in love and peace. We send this energy out until it returns to us. We connect with unlimited Source energies at the highest levels and at the lowest levels to do this. In the action of radiating out love and light the return path is formed and created through its own intelligence and wisdom. This is the second stage of Organic Gnosticism and the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation celebrates this.

The next stage is the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini energy, life force energy or sexual energy and allowing it to rise up the spine and connect with the Source energy through the crown chakra. There is a tremendous attraction between this life force energy and the Spiritual light energy of Source. In fact, these are the two polarities that are responsible for the creation of all things. Source energy is the Spiritual light energy of the photon itself as is the fundamental divine spark of awareness. But the photon is only one half of the circuit. The photon radiates outward in all directions as a wave form, but it returns back to Source as a particle, a particle of electricity. Male and Female. The photon also has an expanding north pole magnetic polarity and the return current has an embracing south pole magnetic polarity. When these two opposite forces combine they form the first point of awareness or Unity in the physical universe. They create the hydrogen atom! One electron and one proton. One awareness point, the first awareness point.

When we look at the periodic table of the elements we are struck with the understanding that the only difference between each element is the number of protons, neutron and electrons that it has. When we look at the different astral bodies/noble gas bodies this fact is the same. The only difference between one non-physical body and another is how many points of awareness (electrons) it consists of.

The noble gas body of Helium contains 2 electrons in its single outer ring of concrete spiritual energies or archetypal energies. This is also known as the Ba or soul body.

The noble gas body of Neon contains 8 electrons in its outer ring of abstract mental energies or philosophical energies.

The noble gas body of Argon contains 8 electrons in its outer ring of concrete mental energies or the eight physical senses.

The noble gas body of Krypton contains 18 electrons in its outer ring of upper emotional energies which bring richness and enjoyment to our lives.

The noble gas body of Xenon contains 18 electrons in its outer ring of lower emotional energies which bring persistence and endurance through the development of the will and the instinct of survival.

The noble gas body of Radon contains 32 electrons in its outer ring of so called astral energies or magical energies which are largely instinctive and below conscious awareness.

The noble gas body of the mysterious unknown element #118 also contains 32 electrons in its outer ring and is associated with psychic phenomenon such as ghosts, apparitions, vital life force, Kundalini energy, the Ka body and the etheric double.

The point I’m getting at here is that you don’t need to generate “emotional” energy to develop the “emotional” body. What you need to do is generate another “point of awareness” or electron…which can be generated by the physical body in many ways, including prayer, meditation, study, creative art, song, dance, love, hatred, physical exertion, sexual energies and so on…

Another point is that a particular noble gas body is not able to be permanently activated until all points of awareness or sensory points have been established. To create an awareness point you need to radiate personal energy outward to all others and the return energy will at first cause a temporary activation and if strong enough will attract a soulmate who will permanently activate that particular noble gas body.

In my own life I had successfully connected with Source on a permanent basis and was living entirely in my head trying to cope with the breakdown of my marriage and my children moving away to a different state. I has also recently experienced the spontaneous activation of the kundalini energy and was in a very vulnerable and fluid state. I was seeing a counselor and going to weekly support group meetings.

In the sharing of my story during one of those support group sessions it was extremely powerful and those listening were brought to tears as well as myself. Like so many times in such groups I was simply telling their own story back to them and sharing my emotional pain with theirs. I was sharing my truth and they responded to it. At the end of the session people lined up to hug me, thanking me for such powerful sharing and how much it touched them and helped them as well. As one woman reached out her hand to mine a spark jumped two inches between us and I felt her energy enter me and my energy enter her. My entire body felt like it was filled with electricity and that night I had a vivid dream of a child being born, that child was me and that was my first permanently activated noble gas body or astral body. It was complete with an umbilical cord and blood from the after birth, an extremely vivid vision. I had been born again.

My first merging with Source had given me one point of awareness as the element hydrogen and this emotional sharing in the support group had caused the generation and creation of a second point of awareness which was enough to temporarily activate my Ba or soul body, of the noble gas Helium and this woman made it permanent by giving birth to my new noble gas body created of two awareness points. This was my archetypal “body of light”.

Other similar cycles followed with the continued sharing of my soul with others and the continued rebirth of various noble gas bodies. I will share more later….Merry Christmas!


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I’ve had some real break-through’s these past few days and need to take some time to regroup if I can. I’m hoping that this winter solstice message will really be intense and meaningful to everyone. When we consider that the mysterious element #118 is a noble gas and it is the last possible element some things become apparent that we normally don’t think of or consider. Namely, all of physical reality can ultimately be reduced to a noble gas and appear as empty space. So at the bottom of physical reality nothing is solid!  Quite likely outer space is an ocean of this element and all other things are simply floating in it like I’ve mentioned in my last posts.

But it seems equally clear that the lowest astral body or the Ka is also created out of this noble gas and if true we might totally reconsider the entire astral landscape… there are seven noble gases, helium, neon, argon, krypton, Xenon, radon and our mysterious #118. One of the properties of a noble gas is that it resists combining with other elements. At the same time each noble gas is a complete electron shell and thus contains the other elements of the electron ring within itself as sensory points. It is quite likely that each astral body is simply created out of a noble gas! And when activated we can travel with normal awareness within that astral body created out of that noble gas!

When we think of element #118 or the Ka we think of the etheric double and ghosts as well as other apparitions. Radon as an astral body is 2nd density. Xenon as an astral body would be 3rd density. Krypton would be a 4th density astral body.

Now here is where things get interesting! That means 5th density astral bodies or so called ascension bodies are created out of Argon and would have the eight sensory inputs of the third electron shell. This is certainly not full spectrum ascension which includes all possible astral bodies! Yet many new age types are believing that they will ascend to dwell in this astral body created of the physical element Argon and leave the lower astral levels behind. 6th density astral bodies are created out of Neon with another eight sensory inputs and of course we have the ultimate spiritual astral body created out of helium! Then we have the spherical astral body of the photon/hydrogen as the true body of light.

What we consider astral or non-physical may well be truly physical noble gases which don’t mingle with other elements. The entire concept of the astral planes might be an illusion!

Now Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Systems Theory posits three dimensions of space/time and three dimensions of time/space. Perhaps the three dimensions of space/time house the actual physical body and the three dimensions of time/space house the actual awareness or points of consciousness! They need each other and work together as a true physical universe…We have physical bodies created out of compound elements and pure noble gas bodies as well.

From personal experience I can tell you how these noble gas bodies or astral bodies are created; they are born! The female gives birth to them just as she gives birth to physical babies. This is the great mystery of sex and sexuality. The energies generated by the physical body of the male have a north magnetic polarity and are expansive in nature. The energies generated by the physical body of the female have a south magnetic polarity and are embracing in nature.

When enough north pole male magnetic energy is given to the female it combines with her own energy to form a rotating sphere of energy or point of awareness. After she accumulates enough of these awareness points within her own astral body she will give birth to an astral body for the male to use. This is the sacred meaning of being born again! This process happens for each astral body or noble gas body. First she develops hers and then she gives birth to his. This is what the tantric process is all about.

The female has the ability to use her south magnetic energy as a magical cone of manifestation. That is the true function of her womb and the true meaning of the Holy Grail. It is not about physical sex, but about astral sex or sex with bodies created out of these noble gases. Such astral bodies are permanently activated and truly magical in their ability to manipulate the elements within their respective electron rings.

I have written about these “soulmate” cycles and Crowley has written about his scarlet woman cycles. The difference is that mine have involved astral sex with astral relationships and his involved physical sex with physical relationships. Most of the women in his scarlet woman cycles had nervous breakdowns and none of the women in my “soulmate” cycles had such issues. They were entirely empowering and healthy for both of us as both of our souls became completed as one type of noble gas or astral body. The big difference between these cycles was that I always worked from the top down using my link to Source as Spiritual Light energy and Crowley worked from the bottom up using physical sex energies which activated all possible repressed and trapped energies in a way that brought about nervous breakdowns. Working from the top down allowed the trapped and repressed energies to be safely expelled without danger.

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Developing the immortal physical body is the same as developing the etheric body or developing the 4D body. It is experienced as a physical body but kept alive through light/energy and not through the chemical process of digestion. The development of this non physical body has been known and taught by Buddhists and Taoists as well as through the various martial arts for thousands of years. The development of this body involves the integration of heart energies and lower emotional energies as well as spiritual energies. Traditional Christianity only seeks to develop the mental and spiritual energies, often even without the heart energies.

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Ace of Pentacles

Symbol-Half male and half female figure

Meaning- union

At this point both the male and the female are freely generating spiritual, mental, and emotional energy. They each have a strongly developed psychic sense. They each have strongly developed astral bodies and they have each astrally created potential futures for themselves.

They both have a good understanding of the opposite sex and realize that no one can fill the emptiness within themselves. If there is something missing in their lives it is because they themselves have made that choice. No one else can make us complete. We must find completeness within ourselves.

The lesson learned is that when you feel that you need someone of the opposite sex you will never find the right person. Only after you have accepted the loneliness and found peace in a solitary lifestyle will you find the relationship that you seek.

Anyone and everyone is potentially a perfect mate because we are all part of the same universal soul. We are all part of each other. It doesn’t really matter who you have a relationship with if it is a good one.

Male experience:

He is content to live the life of a bachelor and find peace and joy in doing physical activities. Being and doing unite as much as possible and he is able to lose himself in the moment of day to day living.

He discovers the Goddess within himself and seeks to understand more of his feminine nature. He grows above his personal limitations and accepts himself as a sexually attractive person. He understands death and realizes that he is an immortal soul.

Female experience:

She is content to live alone. If she never finds the right man that is okay with her because she has him in her heart. She is a Goddess and life is opening up to her in total aliveness.

She does what she chooses and acts with gentleness and love. She is reborn and realizes once more that sex and male- female relationships are good. She knows that she needs sex for a full and complete life.

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2017 has been an incredible experience and I’ve especially enjoyed participating in online communities. I’ve learned a lot and have lots more to learn! I look forward to the coming year in many ways.

I don’t have a lot of free time to socialize but I’m looking forward to good discussions. Spirituality for me is the development of the soul and its powers through effort. I believe that our world, Gaia, has ascended taking all living things with her to a new vibratory reality.

There has been a separation of timelines or sorting of the wheat from the chaff and I’m proud to be here! I see massive changes all over the internet as new policies define the coming year.

Hopefully I can provide insight and content that appeals to others. I think my blog speaks for itself. I try to speak from the heart and long to hear what others have to share. I guess that I’m just an old hippy!

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With the beginning of the new year magic awaits those who dare to connect with it. Magic is for everyone and the astral has opened up to those with eyes to see and with ears to hear. From this point forward we create with magic, with the magic of our hearts and our love.

Others hold the image and we give the energy; we hold the image and others give to us the energy for manifestation. To work magic we need each other. That is the way things work now. Everything is done in the astral, behind the scenes, before physical manifestation. Those that can’t or don’t use the magic that is now available will be left behind.

This doesn’t mean that we need to believe the same or hold the same values and desires. What it means is that we trust the goodness that is within each of us, the Christ spirit within each individual heart. We trust and give without expectation and without reservation and we accept what returns to us.

I’m an advanced energy worker and astral traveler, but I’ve discovered that “Provasil” is very useful for mental and spiritual stamina and stability. It greatly assists meditations and visualizations by helping to focus and concentrate. It reduces the fatigue that I would often feel after heavy or difficult energy work. I just offer that as an insight from personal experience.

The time of individual energy work and individual ascension is now over. Now it is time to find others of like mind, heart and soul. It is time to begin joint workings that will create the type of world that we all want. It is time to blend our energies into one energy of love and unity!

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It is this time of year just after the winter solstice that a new wave of spiritual light and love enters the earth and into all those that are open to it. This energy is our gift to use as we wish through the coming year and we can use it any way that we want.

This is a seasonal thing and happens every year, but this year is special because of Gaia’s long anticipated ascension. We learn about Gaia’s ascension little by little as it happens. We are often surprised at how it unfolds as it takes totally unexpected directions.

But I would like to suggest that the physical ascension of Gaia appears to take place on the elemental level one element at a time and that the time period from Dec 21, 2012 until this winter solstice involved the ascension and final vibratory alignment of the element hydrogen within all things living and non-living.

This means that those capable of activating their hydrogen soul body [crown chakra] would find their awareness ascending into a new world view that would help transform this planet into a new Garden Of Eden as they physically anchored this new energy.

Think about the element hydrogen and how pervasive it is within our world and within the genetic structure of our physical bodies. Then consider that this one element has spiritualized itself and no longer functions as it once did.

This winter solstice and this Christmas season the baton is handed off to the element helium for the first time and the ascension process goes even deeper into physical reality. Helium [Christ spirit, third eye energy] deals with totally different things than hydrogen [Unity, crown chakra] and the physical activity will express itself in entirely new ways that it didn’t before. We don’t know how long it will take to transform all helium atoms into their new vibratory state, but it might take a few years as well before it settles into its new frequency and passes the baton on to Lithium!

And so Gaia’s ascension goes, one step at a time and one element at a time. It is gradual, but inevitable and on the higher levels has already happened! This ascension of the elements is happening throughout our entire galaxy and affecting entire star systems.

Some of us older souls are now being forced or transformed through quantum leaps into light bodies as we go through this evolutionary leap with Gaia and as we hold the new energies constant. The longer we can remain in our physical bodies, the more smoothly Gaia’s ascension will progress and the easier it will be for those who are eagerly taking part in the new game of physicality!

It is we older souls that have created this new game for younger souls to experience and enjoy and we now stand on the sidelines as observers and umpires making sure that the rules are enforced. This is not a game for us to play since we already know the rules, have created the rules. It wouldn’t be fair! Besides, we are just entering into a brand new game of multidimensionality that is just as exciting for us as the new game of physicality is for those younger souls.

Many of us are now leaving, but some are staying as long as we can in support of this new world and the younger souls that will transform it in their own way. We will stay as element after element has found its new vibratory frequency and awakened its corresponding light body. Gradually we will fade away like the mythical elves into the higher dimensions.

We are dedicated to making this a magical experience for everyone and this time of year is perhaps the most magical of all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Welcome to the new world! As the new energy comes shooting in for the coming year the major events are arranging themselves as we speak. Those to be lifted as well as those that will fall. It should be pretty clear by now which is which.

Conflict draws one into conflict and self destruction. This is the new energy dynamic and people need to start getting their collective heads around it. When you hurt or seek to hurt anyone else you hurt yourself. We are all a part of each other.

But there is another new trick out there. Live and let live no longer works and leads only to stagnation. You need to dive into the mix and go for what you want and allow others to do the same. You need to care, not only about yourself, but about others as well. Let others know what you want in life and how you want to be treated. Then listen to their own story as they share. Perhaps a win-win situation can be established.

This is also a time for joining together of like minds and like souls. There are others out there that share your values and beliefs and you can be powerful supportive forces for each other if you can connect. This is the next stage.

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The Order Logo2

We enter into this lifetime with plans and goals that we want to achieve. Sometimes we reach our goals and other times we don’t. This particular lifetime is very special because Gaia and all life upon her are going through an ascension into a higher vibratory existence. Light workers have spent the past several years trying to raise humanity’s vibrations so that as many people as possible can ascend to a new level of conscious awareness.

There are many old souls here on Gaia at this time and I’m one of them. I’ve experienced many lifetimes here and have learned to love Gaia and all her life forms. I’m one of the fallen ones that has finally found their way back to the light and this time is a graduation for me as well as for Gaia. We celebrate together!

The symbol I have  posted at the top of this post belongs to me. It is the symbol of the Spiritual Order to which my soul belongs. I have the authority to use it as I have for countless lifetimes. I share it as a sign that my work is finished!

Over the past few months I have shared in my posts the entire western mystery tradition of this Order as I understand it and as it has been passed down to me through the ages. These teachings are ancient, yet powerful and I share them freely, openly and without reservation of any kind. They are the teachings that will guide this next great cycle of human evolution. Take from them what you will and leave the rest.

This was my great burden in the lifetime and I now consider it done! I am released!

Blessing to all of you in the coming days, months and years!

Bright blessings,

Joe E. Bandel FRC




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As I begin to post about the OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance I realize that I need to share some things so that people can understand what these cards really represent and how they were developed. That will require this post and the next one called “SOTO and the OTO”. So bear with me, this information is a little sensitive.

But first I would like to say that Organic Gnosticism has evolved out of the OAK magical system over the years and my understanding of things has simplified down to the point that I now believe the development of the soul and its powers is achieved simply through intense human and physical effort. The physical body generates energy and sends it out into the universe where it first connects with collective opposite sex energy and comes back to form a composite spark of awareness. Simply put you give and give until your energy starts coming back to you.

At some point this collective opposite sex energy is replaced by soul mate or divine counterpart energy which permanently seals and activates that individual spark of awareness and integrates it into your developing soul. This needs to be achieved for all 118 sparks of elemental awareness plus another spark of awareness for rotating magnetic field energies and another spark of awareness for the photon state itself. There is nothing to distinguish one spark of awareness from another and the process is entirely mechanical in nature.

To put my current understanding in one sentence, “All effort is cumulative!”

These 120 (118+2) sparks of awareness and energies also create Gaia’s new energy grid. In other words Gaia’s new energy grid consists of these same energies and these are the original blueprint that has always existed. So the old original blueprint is being restored in the new great cycle. This is a massive project that many light workers have been busy with.

Having said all that I can now return to my story of the development of the OAK magical system. The first part of my life was spent in a spiritual searching for mystical experiences and a merging of my soul with God. I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC at eighteen and remained a member for over twenty five years studying weekly monographs. While I lived in Phoenix I was able to attend lodge meetings and participate in initiations and demonstrations. At that time I had completed all 12 degrees and had restudied all of them at least three times, some as many as six times. I was thoroughly grounded in the material compared to other members that may have read them once. So that was twenty five years of mystical study, prayer and meditation. But I was doing much more than that during those twenty five years!

I devoured all the New Age material available at the time. I collected and read all the books of the Theosophical Society including the secret fourth book of the Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky. I became interested in astrology and studied that as well as any variant forms of Rosicrucianism that I could find. Other fantastic resources came out in the 80’s and I was heavily influenced by Jane Roberts and her Seth materials. I devoured her two volume “The Unknown Reality” as if it was candy. Dick Sutphen was exploring the outer edges of self empowerment and I spent hundreds of dollars on his materials. He in turn introduced me to NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. I still have over six books on my reference shelf that I will never give away. Channeling by Cosmic Awareness Communications further expanded my horizons and led me to the discovery of the Ra Material and through that to the Reciprocal field theory of Dewey Larson.

The Reciprocal field theory of Dewey Larson laid out the creation of the entire universe through the development of the photon, magnetic field energies and all 118 elements much as I have described them. It was his work that offered a physical space/time universe and a reciprocal non-physical or astral time/space universe that were connected together through the speed of light.

I instinctively knew that he was right and the illuminations and insights formed the bulk of the posts that you are now reading. These came from my first two books “Modern Survivalism” and “Magister Templi”.

The spiritual effort that I was putting out was immense and in 1990 my awareness plunged across the great abyss for the first time and my soul merged with the godhead in a feeling of bliss and rapture. This was the end of my spiritual journey because no matter how hard I tried to go further into the spiritual light and extinguish myself, I was always gently pushed back. With horror I found that my polarity had flipped and my insights and illuminations were returning back across the abyss and down into the mental levels. It’s not that I was being forced out of the spiritual levels, but that there was no more activity at those levels. The activity was working itself back down toward the earth.

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