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Hi everyone! This is going to be short and sweet but from my heart. I was really excited when I realized that even when I did my portal meditations alone there were other entities in the circle with me and their crown chakras were brilliant white! My energies were blending with theirs and their energies were blending with mine as it should be.

These portal meditations are the most energetically powerful things that I’ve ever done and I’ve successfully done them with over a hundred different people with similar results. They are safe, effective and powerful and they don’t need me or anyone else to be there. This is not a Guru thing. You don’t need to listen to my meditation because you can create your own and that will work just as well. It is the tapping into SOURCE and the Cosmic Womb energies that make these so powerful. That plus the phase-locking and integration of each chakra energy makes them work so smoothly. These portal meditations are pure gifts that we are meant to make use of to get us through the coming times.

Because it is a group meditation and other entities are joining in that makes these meditations even more powerful as “service to others” and “service to Gaia”. And because they are service to others they don’t require so much energy, even though there is infinite SOURCE energy to tap into.

Literally any type of energy work including healing, astral projection, and magic are limited by the energy requirement. The portal meditations are not limited by this as there is always more than enough energy. These meditations activate the chakras in a balanced way and integrate them by phase-locking the energies together. This helps to develop and empower each individual astral body and increases the communication between the levels.

I have been led to do at least one of these meditations every day for the purposes of my own continued healing, soul development and mastery of the energies involved. As well as protection from the crazy things happening in our physical world today. This strengthens our souls for the time when we leave these physical bodies for the Summerland. It is nice to know that those entities we are sharing the circle with are our brothers and sisters and will be there waiting for us! Since these meditations activate the higher levels as well we automatically are working on creating the best timelines for us given our individual circumstances. These portal working meditations are truly magic in every way!

I encourage everyone to think about these things because I sense that we will be needing all the protection and support that we can get as Gaia purges this last round of toxins and negativity within the human race. Together we are strong! These portal meditations UNITE US!

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This is just a quick update on how things are going right now in terms of explorations with the etheric energies. This feels like a great homecoming for me because I feel that I have finally arrived at my real home after all these years! Like it or not I live and breathe these root chakra etheric vital life force energies and always have. So I am opening up my treasure chest and donning armor and garments that I never realized belonged to me. They feel so right!

I’ve done my astral projection meditation three times now and am wildly excited about how powerful it is! I can’t say enough about it. I lucked out because that simple meditation seems to draw upon and exercise everything that is important to experience while astral projecting! It is something that I intend to do on a daily basis until I am comfortable enough to take the next steps with further explorations. It gives results!

Speaking of astral projecting through a portal, the meditation is a group meditation and seems to be developing beautifully and I can sense others in the circle with me as I do it. This is another powerful drawing together of like minds and like souls. Something very powerful and important happens each time this group working is performed! Even if we think we are doing it alone…

Speaking of results, my pathworking series now includes the first 5 pathworking meditations. For the most part they continue to resonate strongly within me and continue to be fun and enjoyable. They also contain incredibly powerful lessons and hidden wisdom if you are looking for it. I’ve given notes on the first two pathworkings and will continue to offer notes as I more thoroughly explore the others. I continue to find the 1st pathworking so powerful that I have been doing it daily and intend to continue doing it daily for quite some time. The catalytic effect remains quite remarkable and seems to act as a magical tonic which is quite helpful. The repetition also helps my visualization of proper colors and greater ability to focus. It is the repeated working of this path that builds the sacred Moon Temple which acts as a focus for all my non-physical activities. As the pathworking itself suggests, the stone within this temple is the foundation stone of all magic that we do in the future. It remains to completion and focus point of all astral energies! I might also add that these pathworkings are those given by Melita Denning and Osbourne Phillips, heads of a venerable magickal order Aurum Solis. In other words they are legit! My soul seems to recognize them at a deep level.

The lower back and pelvic stretches are also incredible and I am filled with excitement and anticipation to find out how much they contribute to my etheric empowerment. I already know that their effect is considerable, I just haven’t yet gotten a grasp upon it.

In summary, there is lots of hands on stuff! Don’t take my word for it, go ahead and try for yourself! We learn through experience and not by taking someone else’s word for things. One of the things I hope to focus on in the future is that of developing the etheric hands and body to the point where we can work directly with it and function directly with it. I’ve got the resource material to study and now just need to set up some experiments for myself and others who might be interested.

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We made it to 2021! What a relief and how exciting to look forward to this next phase as it begins to unfold. Apparently my employer wants me to still work into the 3rd week of January so my retirement is still out there, but will be happening. In the meantime I am still in the process of activating some major shifts in my life and my awareness.

The most prominent and significant is the massive shift to a focus on etheric energy and the etheric levels and personal empowerment on those levels and their integration with our physical bodies. I’ve seen Gaia’s ascension move from crown chakra energies to heart chakra energies and now finally to root chakra energies. This is the true beginning of the new cycle and our new earth!

Now we need to deal with that no man’s land between the heart chakra energies and the root chakra energies and that is all about emotion folks! If nothing else expect 2021 to be emotional, very emotional! This is why I am working with astral projection and pathworking to help integrate my own psyche within all these levels in an understandable way. This means to specifically focus on the etheric/physical link and the process of physical rejuvenation and regeneration of the physical body through our own DNA modifications that will advance the healing process and lead to longer and more productive lives.

The information that is beginning to come through is very surprising and turns commonly recognized knowledge on it’s head. I will be sharing more of this as time goes on but for starters it seems that the seat or core of the soul resides in crystalline(noble gas) form at what we have come to call the Akashic Records. This is safely ensconced in Gaia’s core. That crystalline (noble gas) core generates our etheric body created from the outer electron ring of atomic elements. SOURCE of our life and awareness is linked to that final element 118 which is a noble gas and is also called the Womb of Creation because all other elements are contained within it.

There is a powerful attraction between the Womb of Creation and the photon state of Spiritual Light which is SOURCE in its masculine manifestation. At the etheric level this is seen as the attraction of the Milky Way galaxy and the stars as we embrace their life giving light.

Our etheric body has an entire realm in which it operates which includes the Akashic records, the realm of elemental life forms, reptilian life/vampiric life, ghosts and hauntings, Garden of the Moon, the realm of fairie and magic, and the Temple of the Moon to name just a few. I’m still sorting all of this out.

The etheric body in turn generates the physical body which generates the lower emotional body which generates the upper emotional body which generates the concrete mental body which generates the abstract mental body which generates the concrete spiritual body which generates the abstract spiritual body which has access to the monad or SOURCE in its masculine aspect as spiritual light.

The entire chain is like those Russian dolls that fit inside each other and each particular body has its own individual awareness and its own world or reality in which it exists. We may or may not be consciously aware of them. To us they may exist as our Higher Selves or our Shadow.

From our perspective physical life is the weak link in the chain because at the death of the physical body the chain is broken and a portion of our soul may return to the etheric realms as a ghost or lost soul? While the others begin to rise toward SOURCE as photon or spiritual light and stabalize somewhere upon the ladder, only to gradually rise and ultimately fade away as it returns to SOURCE or decides to be reborn into a physical body and seeks SOURCE as the Womb of Creation to establish the link of life once more.

Theoretically by strengthening and working with our etheric bodies we can heal and maintain our physical bodies through that connection with the Womb of Creation. Then there would be no need for illness or death. Remember the physical body is simply a projection of the etheric body. By opening blocked energetic circuits we can restore the energy dynamics we enjoyed as children. This is magic in its true form and the original blueprint of life as first intended!

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Pathworking #2

I couldn’t resist moving forward on these pathworkings and have some notes for this second one.

The fire that we encounter in the beginning of this meditation is our own kundalini or sexual energy, the fire down below, which can destroy us unless we find some way to raise it upward. For anyone who has experienced spontaneous Kundalini release it is no surprise how it can forcefully burn through any blocks and imperfections within our bodies and souls. In doing this it releases all trapped emotions and toxins. So we can choose to symbolically work with our sexual energy or physically work with it. This seems to be the solitary path that gradually finds its way to the missing and balancing energy of water, the opposite sex energy.

Here we encounter the vital life force in its destructive and creative aspect as all life forms are created, spend their time in fire and then pass away only to be reborn in a more purified existence. As we rise through this purifying fire we at last are purified to the point of our entire essence being reduced to that of fire. This is the same as that of the phoenix who is continually reborn out of the ashes of its own destruction.

One of the hidden messages in this meditation is that we can move forward as solitaries with confidence because ultimately our efforts will find a way to be balanced as we draw the opposite and needed energy toward us. But that is the end of the journey. This path corresponds to that of resurrection or lust in the Tarot cards. We use the Kundalini fire to cleanse our bodies, minds and souls. But to do this it needs to be raised upward to the higher levels.

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I couldn’t wait to put these notes out on the first pathworking. I never did serious pathworking before and it was quite a treat! It was also very powerful the first time through and I’m actually considering doing it several more times to wring out every last bit of catalyst in it.

So it starts out in a wooded forest area with rock outcroppings. Suggested sensory details include smelling the scent of pine trees and hearing the sounds of birds. In doing this we learn to bring our visualizations more strongly into focus and to give life to them. That is the entire idea of the pathworking, to visualize it in such detail and depth that it comes to life for you.

Seeing the glow of the aura of our guide in the dark cave adds the element of visualizing auras which also strengthens our psychic abilities by giving them a good workout.

It is important to take our time with each detail and reach into memory for some similar experience to draw from such as the fear of confronting the dweller on the threshold. We have all felt that fear of something following us in the darkness, that terror of the reptilian or the ghostly. As we tap into memories they enhance and give life to our pathworking. I have encountered reptilian entities in my visions/dreams and this is the level of the astral/etheric planes that those encounters happen. Mark it; recognize it and perhaps explore it sometime on your own.

The etheric planes are below the physical planes so it is suiting that this pathworking takes us down into the bowels of the earth itself. This is the level of the underworld in various traditions. Our encounter with elemental beings should be connected with that of ghosts and other ghostly visitations. These are the energies in which they appear. The more we adapt to these levels the more we can function within them.

Much of this pathworking is veiled and symbolic. Be alert to recognize areas that you might wish to visit sometime later on. The rectangular space where the ancient treasures and weapons of the world’s past are stored is more than a treasure chamber, it is the location of the akashic records! It is symbolically mentioned as having scrolls and books and ancient tablets from forgotten times. Know that this is where you can go to read the akashic records! Further exploration reveals that this is the true origin of our etheric body projecting from the crystalline nature of Gaia herself. The Akashic records are crystalline even though they appear in symbolic forms.

The gateway entrance to night is also a transition point in awareness where our awareness slips from that of the underworld to that of connecting with the stars and the milky way. All of these levels are layers that build upon each other. In pathworking we are bringing conscious awareness to these levels and gaining the ability to function in these levels. That is what magical creation is all about. This drinking of the light of all the cosmic suns in the Milky Way galaxy is our true connection to SOURCE at this level and we truly can’t get enough of it! As we drink the milk of the stars we fuel our very essence, our very soul!

The well is where we confront our own reptilian shadow self, how we evolved from single cellular life through all the species and finally we are on the return journey. But these are only the first steps of the return journey and we need to integrate those primitive instincts. Our primitive reptilian nature resides within us and exists to protect and empower us. To integrate this Shadow we need to confront the Dweller on the Threshold and realize it is our own guardian spirit.

The garden of the moon is where we get our first taste of moon honey. Might we also say mana from heaven? At first I didn’t realize the subtle symbolism of the gentle bees and the drops of honey. These bees were the first and only life forms to touch us in these pathworkings and the taste of honey is literally the taste of the kiss of our Divine Counterpart/ Soulmate. Our goal should always contain this taste of honey and if it is missing we have left the path and lost our way! And as this is above ground this is in reality a representation of our physical reality. We have not yet arrived at the astral planes. But we are nearing that location where the astral becomes physical according to the laws of the astral planes.

That is when our guide leaves us and the stag becomes our new guide who leads us to the temple of the moon. The temple of the moon is where the infinitely changing astral planes solidify into concrete reality! Anyone who has done astral healing work or travel should recognize how the awareness of the shaman sifts through the changing astral layers as it tracks down its elusive goal and conclusively deals with it. It is the temple of the moon where our astral creations begin the process of physical manifestation.

This temple is the conclusion destination of this first working and when I did it the first time I sensed my astral/etheric body as being initiated as I was fitted with a helmet like that of our first guide! My etheric and astral bodies changed through this powerful initiation and I want to share it with others. After several times listening to this pathworking the images/locations are becoming more vivid and there is still a definite catalytic effect on my etheric/astral body.

I hope these notes are helpful!

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I would like to clarify some things about Gaia’s ascension and what has just happened. There have been several factions each working to assist or prevent Gaia’s ascension and the positive timeline which has just stabilized and anchored permanently.

First and foremost I want to mention those like myself who supported Gaia’s full spectrum ascension in which all life forms have been carried to a new energetic level where a new Garden of Eden can be created as Gaia purifies and casts off the damage she has endured over the eons. These people have worked with open crown chakras bringing down the spiritual light of Source and anchoring it deep within Gaia’s core. This has involved the personal journey of confronting and integrating one’s own shadow aspect to allow the two way alternating current that blends both male and female into one vital life force.

Collectively we all share a deep energetic to Gaia and I call this group the new elves because we are evolving into something that is not completely human any more. What we have become is more magical and more linked to nature and Gaia than ever before possible.

Our war has been to free the lower etheric and astral layers of the toxic negativity and corruption that has twisted the life force on this planet so that all of life can live as originally intended. Those that would have enslaved the human race, those powers that were, desperately tried keeping the lower levels for themselves so that they could remain in power. These dark ones have been energetically removed to a quarantined 5th density (mental energy) location within the astral forming a second ascension location that is also a part of Gaia who has now become a multiverse rather than a planet. (more on this in later posts)

There were also galactic lightworkers and star seeds who assisted in bringing Gaia’s vibrations to ascension level by incarnating here in physical bodies. With Gaia’s ascension complete these space brothers and sisters have the option of entering this new cycle of existence as New Humans or returning to their homes in 5th density (mental energy) and higher locations. If they choose to experience full spectrum life here on Gaia in physical bodies they will need to develop and integrate their lower level aspects which are missing. They don’t yet have the complete Gaia DNA. It will take the entire new cycle for them to develop these abilities and integrate them.

The Bible tells of when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden and every stone of the earth was turned against them. That is what humanity has struggled against on this long journey to ascension. That is the journey that awaits our space brothers and star seeds if they choose to remain on Gaia and become the New Humans. It will not be easy for them, but it will be as wonderous in all ways as physical life has been for us as we have evolved through lifetime after lifetime, perhaps even more so as they will be standing upon our shoulders.

Our space brothers and sisters, fellow lightworkers, will also be affected by Gaia’s ascension because they will have taken on an energetic connection to these lower etheric energies as well and will find themselves needing to deal with some type of physicality, even if it is only elemental.

There has been a lot of confusion about Gaia’s ascension and I hope this will clarify some of it. Those quarantined in the 5th density (mental energy) location will be given the immense task of creating a new earth for themselves from scratch, just like the original fallen angels (ourselves) have done. In due time their creation will once more merge with ours, but that is a long way off!

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As we celebrate the new moon in Scorpio and Ascension of Our Lady Day we should take some time to realize just what we have learned, what new awareness we have been given. By now it should be obvious that people believe massive voter fraud took place and only legal action and a complete audit of the election will uncover the truth. Main Street Media has literally lost all credibility and masses of people are flooding over to Parler, Gab, and Rumble for their news and for mutual support. We are the news!

There is also a growing realization that we must fight back and stand up for what we believe or we will lose it. America was founded on the ideals of individual and religious freedom and both of those things are at the core of the confrontation currently taking place within our society.

To put things bluntly, they can’t allow us to believe in the sanctity of our spiritual beliefs, can’t allow us to follow the still small voice of the Christ spark that resides in each human heart. They can’t allow us to believe that each individual must follow their own individual and unique spiritual path because if we all did that; we would not obey the external authorities that they have created to mold and dominate our world.

It all boils down to internal authority vs external authority. Nature and life itself demands discipline and restraint. So we can choose between self-discipline and self-restraint or we can suffer under externally imposed discipline and externally imposed restraint. The United States was founded upon the belief in self-discipline and self-restraint and tolerance of others.

What we are now seeing is a movement to take all of those things away!

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It was two or three days after the winter solstice that the ancients saw visible proof of the light once more returning to the earth and that is when they celebrated Christmas or the return of the Christ Spirit within the heart of all living things.

In our modern world it is important to remember that this day is one in which multitudes of people celebrate and the shear numbers of celebrants bring joy, light and love into our world so we celebrate as well even though our celebration has begun several days before this. This is a sacred and holy day.

I am going to continue with some of the benefits of the Healing and Prosperity Circle Meditation. We not only use this meditation to connect to Source energies but also to others and we link in both vertical and horizontal ways. In linking at each chakra level we assist in the development of each astral body/noble gas body. We are all a part of each other and a part of all that exists. This meditation attracts us toward others of like mind and soul and attracts them to us and links us together with permanent bonds of love and joy. It is not what we do or believe that makes us soulmates, but our being on the same frequency or wave length. In the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation we give each other our complete support and receive the complete support of them in return. This is Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

There is no ritual or specific guidance in Organic Gnosticism because it is based upon Chaos theory and not upon ritual or actions. We send out energy to all others in love and peace. We send this energy out until it returns to us. We connect with unlimited Source energies at the highest levels and at the lowest levels to do this. In the action of radiating out love and light the return path is formed and created through its own intelligence and wisdom. This is the second stage of Organic Gnosticism and the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation celebrates this.

The next stage is the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini energy, life force energy or sexual energy and allowing it to rise up the spine and connect with the Source energy through the crown chakra. There is a tremendous attraction between this life force energy and the Spiritual light energy of Source. In fact, these are the two polarities that are responsible for the creation of all things. Source energy is the Spiritual light energy of the photon itself as is the fundamental divine spark of awareness. But the photon is only one half of the circuit. The photon radiates outward in all directions as a wave form, but it returns back to Source as a particle, a particle of electricity. Male and Female. The photon also has an expanding north pole magnetic polarity and the return current has an embracing south pole magnetic polarity. When these two opposite forces combine they form the first point of awareness or Unity in the physical universe. They create the hydrogen atom! One electron and one proton. One awareness point, the first awareness point.

When we look at the periodic table of the elements we are struck with the understanding that the only difference between each element is the number of protons, neutron and electrons that it has. When we look at the different astral bodies/noble gas bodies this fact is the same. The only difference between one non-physical body and another is how many points of awareness (electrons) it consists of.

The noble gas body of Helium contains 2 electrons in its single outer ring of concrete spiritual energies or archetypal energies. This is also known as the Ba or soul body.

The noble gas body of Neon contains 8 electrons in its outer ring of abstract mental energies or philosophical energies.

The noble gas body of Argon contains 8 electrons in its outer ring of concrete mental energies or the eight physical senses.

The noble gas body of Krypton contains 18 electrons in its outer ring of upper emotional energies which bring richness and enjoyment to our lives.

The noble gas body of Xenon contains 18 electrons in its outer ring of lower emotional energies which bring persistence and endurance through the development of the will and the instinct of survival.

The noble gas body of Radon contains 32 electrons in its outer ring of so called astral energies or magical energies which are largely instinctive and below conscious awareness.

The noble gas body of the mysterious unknown element #118 also contains 32 electrons in its outer ring and is associated with psychic phenomenon such as ghosts, apparitions, vital life force, Kundalini energy, the Ka body and the etheric double.

The point I’m getting at here is that you don’t need to generate “emotional” energy to develop the “emotional” body. What you need to do is generate another “point of awareness” or electron…which can be generated by the physical body in many ways, including prayer, meditation, study, creative art, song, dance, love, hatred, physical exertion, sexual energies and so on…

Another point is that a particular noble gas body is not able to be permanently activated until all points of awareness or sensory points have been established. To create an awareness point you need to radiate personal energy outward to all others and the return energy will at first cause a temporary activation and if strong enough will attract a soulmate who will permanently activate that particular noble gas body.

In my own life I had successfully connected with Source on a permanent basis and was living entirely in my head trying to cope with the breakdown of my marriage and my children moving away to a different state. I has also recently experienced the spontaneous activation of the kundalini energy and was in a very vulnerable and fluid state. I was seeing a counselor and going to weekly support group meetings.

In the sharing of my story during one of those support group sessions it was extremely powerful and those listening were brought to tears as well as myself. Like so many times in such groups I was simply telling their own story back to them and sharing my emotional pain with theirs. I was sharing my truth and they responded to it. At the end of the session people lined up to hug me, thanking me for such powerful sharing and how much it touched them and helped them as well. As one woman reached out her hand to mine a spark jumped two inches between us and I felt her energy enter me and my energy enter her. My entire body felt like it was filled with electricity and that night I had a vivid dream of a child being born, that child was me and that was my first permanently activated noble gas body or astral body. It was complete with an umbilical cord and blood from the after birth, an extremely vivid vision. I had been born again.

My first merging with Source had given me one point of awareness as the element hydrogen and this emotional sharing in the support group had caused the generation and creation of a second point of awareness which was enough to temporarily activate my Ba or soul body, of the noble gas Helium and this woman made it permanent by giving birth to my new noble gas body created of two awareness points. This was my archetypal “body of light”.

Other similar cycles followed with the continued sharing of my soul with others and the continued rebirth of various noble gas bodies. I will share more later….Merry Christmas!


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I’ve had some real break-through’s these past few days and need to take some time to regroup if I can. I’m hoping that this winter solstice message will really be intense and meaningful to everyone. When we consider that the mysterious element #118 is a noble gas and it is the last possible element some things become apparent that we normally don’t think of or consider. Namely, all of physical reality can ultimately be reduced to a noble gas and appear as empty space. So at the bottom of physical reality nothing is solid!  Quite likely outer space is an ocean of this element and all other things are simply floating in it like I’ve mentioned in my last posts.

But it seems equally clear that the lowest astral body or the Ka is also created out of this noble gas and if true we might totally reconsider the entire astral landscape… there are seven noble gases, helium, neon, argon, krypton, Xenon, radon and our mysterious #118. One of the properties of a noble gas is that it resists combining with other elements. At the same time each noble gas is a complete electron shell and thus contains the other elements of the electron ring within itself as sensory points. It is quite likely that each astral body is simply created out of a noble gas! And when activated we can travel with normal awareness within that astral body created out of that noble gas!

When we think of element #118 or the Ka we think of the etheric double and ghosts as well as other apparitions. Radon as an astral body is 2nd density. Xenon as an astral body would be 3rd density. Krypton would be a 4th density astral body.

Now here is where things get interesting! That means 5th density astral bodies or so called ascension bodies are created out of Argon and would have the eight sensory inputs of the third electron shell. This is certainly not full spectrum ascension which includes all possible astral bodies! Yet many new age types are believing that they will ascend to dwell in this astral body created of the physical element Argon and leave the lower astral levels behind. 6th density astral bodies are created out of Neon with another eight sensory inputs and of course we have the ultimate spiritual astral body created out of helium! Then we have the spherical astral body of the photon/hydrogen as the true body of light.

What we consider astral or non-physical may well be truly physical noble gases which don’t mingle with other elements. The entire concept of the astral planes might be an illusion!

Now Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Systems Theory posits three dimensions of space/time and three dimensions of time/space. Perhaps the three dimensions of space/time house the actual physical body and the three dimensions of time/space house the actual awareness or points of consciousness! They need each other and work together as a true physical universe…We have physical bodies created out of compound elements and pure noble gas bodies as well.

From personal experience I can tell you how these noble gas bodies or astral bodies are created; they are born! The female gives birth to them just as she gives birth to physical babies. This is the great mystery of sex and sexuality. The energies generated by the physical body of the male have a north magnetic polarity and are expansive in nature. The energies generated by the physical body of the female have a south magnetic polarity and are embracing in nature.

When enough north pole male magnetic energy is given to the female it combines with her own energy to form a rotating sphere of energy or point of awareness. After she accumulates enough of these awareness points within her own astral body she will give birth to an astral body for the male to use. This is the sacred meaning of being born again! This process happens for each astral body or noble gas body. First she develops hers and then she gives birth to his. This is what the tantric process is all about.

The female has the ability to use her south magnetic energy as a magical cone of manifestation. That is the true function of her womb and the true meaning of the Holy Grail. It is not about physical sex, but about astral sex or sex with bodies created out of these noble gases. Such astral bodies are permanently activated and truly magical in their ability to manipulate the elements within their respective electron rings.

I have written about these “soulmate” cycles and Crowley has written about his scarlet woman cycles. The difference is that mine have involved astral sex with astral relationships and his involved physical sex with physical relationships. Most of the women in his scarlet woman cycles had nervous breakdowns and none of the women in my “soulmate” cycles had such issues. They were entirely empowering and healthy for both of us as both of our souls became completed as one type of noble gas or astral body. The big difference between these cycles was that I always worked from the top down using my link to Source as Spiritual Light energy and Crowley worked from the bottom up using physical sex energies which activated all possible repressed and trapped energies in a way that brought about nervous breakdowns. Working from the top down allowed the trapped and repressed energies to be safely expelled without danger.

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Developing the immortal physical body is the same as developing the etheric body or developing the 4D body. It is experienced as a physical body but kept alive through light/energy and not through the chemical process of digestion. The development of this non physical body has been known and taught by Buddhists and Taoists as well as through the various martial arts for thousands of years. The development of this body involves the integration of heart energies and lower emotional energies as well as spiritual energies. Traditional Christianity only seeks to develop the mental and spiritual energies, often even without the heart energies.

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