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At this point it is time for him to slack off and forget about romance for a while. He should just enjoy her company and share social activities with her. They’re going to have a child together. Sensual pursuits are fun. As he turns down the power she relaxes and they both turn to a life of total hedonism and enjoyment. She enjoys his company and needs his energy but only a little at a time.

After a while she craves larger and larger doses of his raw energy. She learns how to deal with it more effectively. It begins to give her power and energy and she starts to return some of it back to him in a new form. Up until this point the energy has only been flowing from him to her.

The Tantric cycle involves the male channeling his energy to her so that she can mix it with her own and create something new that both of them need. This is something that only she can do. In Tantra the child she carries is an astral child that will one day become a new astral body for him after she creates her own. There is the physical cycle of physical pregnancy and the astral cycle of astral pregnancy. One is the path of the serpent and the other is the path of the dove.

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Ascension is the highest stage of human development known to mankind. It happens when all of the energies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are integrated in complete harmony into one individual soul. In addition this soul must return back to physical reality and become integrated with the energies of the earth and the energies of society. This is the level of an ascended Master.

At this stage conscious awareness and intuitive awareness are one and the same thing. This awareness is multi dimensional and encompasses all areas of life at will. It is the highest level that a human can enter and return in the physical body to talk about.

These people have found their true path and follow their true destiny. Being and doing converge as much as human life will allow. These people are as free as possible as long as they do what they were born to do. There is no discord or tension, only complete peace and joy as they recognize their own divinity and union with the Christ spirit within their hearts.

Eastern religions talk of the creation of the immortal physical body. When this body is created the ordinary physical body is discarded or transformed and no longer needed. This speaks of the complete creation and development of the immortal soul.

The gods and goddesses of all religions were once normal humans who achieved this degree of attainment and became divine or immortal. This has always been the true goal of the secret teachings within any religion and been achieved by many more people then commonly believed.

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He realizes that she is holding back and having difficulties with the energy that he is trying to share. He turns his vast creative energies exclusively toward the development of energies which she can work with. Through trial and error he grows to understand the nature of the energies that he is sending to her. He perfects and refines each type of energy until he can send each type of energy to her at will. At some point the physical energies of sex trap them both and she becomes pregnant. This is the ultimate grounding of his sexual energies.

She is totally overwhelmed by the varieties and the force of the energies which he is sending. This is a totally new experience for her and she becomes afraid of losing herself in this wild vortex of raw sensual, emotional, and spiritual energies. Even though she tries to be careful she finds herself being dragged deeper and deeper into the vortex of his wild energies and she can’t escape. She is losing control. He is beginning to dominate her. That’s when she becomes pregnant.

In tantra the female becomes astrally pregnant and gives birth to an astral child which then becomes his permanently activated astral body. This happens after he has given her enough of his energies to create a new astral body for herself. The creation and development of the soul require this sharing of mutual energies and is the secret meaning of “being born again!”. The types of energies shared determine the type of astral body created. The true secret of tantra is not in having physical sex, but in having non-physical sex or the sharing of non physical sexual energies.

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We will always seek out the companionship of others and the friendship of others because we are human and that’s what humans do! But here’s where identity politics gets it all wrong! We don’t seek out others like us, we seek out other individuals like us! Can anything be more obvious? Whenever you’re in a group of people you may feel united at some bond that joins you with other members of the group but you still feel alone. That bond is real and that bond exists. I’m not denying that. But what I am saying is that bond pales into insignificance when it is compared to the true sharing that can occur between individuals. We’re talking quality, not quantity and numbers doesn’t mean anything at all! When you are sharing with another individual you are not alone!

A group of individuals gathered together and sharing because of common interests and bonds that they have is far more powerful and satisfying to the soul than any type of identity politics. Individuals recognize individuals and accept each other as individuals, not as some social force of identity politics.

You can tell me that identity politics allows you to feel as if you belong. You can say that the laws of our government grant rights to the individual, to each one of us. You can say that socialism promises that the work we do will be satisfying and fulfilling to our souls. You can say that liberalism will allow each person to possess the things that they desire in life and to do the things that they desire in life.

But I’ll tell you this. All these things are external authorities that promise to give me something that I already own! I don’t need any of them! I don’t want to be special or have special treatment from you or anybody else. I do not claim any rights above yours and I don’t want to measure myself against you and the things that you do. I could care less. I simply want to be all that I can be and do all that is possible for me to do. I want to have those things that I can get for myself through my own efforts and hold onto them through my own efforts.

What you are doesn’t matter to me. You can be what or whoever you want. I’m not standing in your way and I’m not trying to convince you to believe like I do. I do not believe in an external authority but I do believe in you as an individual! I would like to be your friend!

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I’m sure we would all like to acquire the special magnetic charm and appeal commonly known as charisma. The good news is that this is strictly a mechanical process. To understand the process we first have to understand the connection between the physical body and the nonphysical body, soul or astral body. The physical body is made up of atoms and molecules and is capacitive in nature just like a battery.

By capacitive I mean it has the ability to generate energy, store energy, and discharge energy in a similar manner to the capacitors used in electronic circuitry. I will be using examples from basic electrical theory to explain some important but subjective areas.

Please bear with me and keep an open mind. You might even consider studying some basic electrical theory. The nonphysical body or soul is inductive in nature and is formed of magnetic fields and flux lines. Occultists call this the astral body or aura. It has the ability to repel or attract. Its main function is to be a simple conductor of energy.

The electrical type of energy we are most familiar with is nerve energy. Our astral bodies operate in a manner similar to electrical coils found in electronic circuitry. It is the development of the astral body that gives a person charisma. There are progressive ways of developing all of the astral bodies and in the process we develop our special magnetic charm and appeal to others in specific ways. Our astral body is also the body we have in our dreams. As we develop the power of these astral bodies our dreams will reflect our personal growth. That is why it is very important to monitor our dreams if we are serious about personal development. We need to learn the language of our dreams so we can understand what they are telling us.

When we are progressing in a proper way our dreams will become more powerful and more resourceful. Instead of having dreams where we are helpless and powerless, we will have dreams of successfully dealing with adverse situations. Our goal is to gradually gain conscious control of our dream life, to have lucid dreams.

The dreamworld is also known as the astral world. There are seven main types of energy that form astral bodies and astral worlds. They are abstract spiritual, concrete spiritual, abstract mental, concrete mental, upper emotional, lower emotional and etheric energies.

The human body produces many more than seven different energies but they all fall into seven categories also known as chakra energies which are centered at the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, heart, solar plexus, spleen, ovaries or testes and perenium or tailbone.

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He finds joy and peace in daydreaming about her. He lets his imagination run wild as he explores fantasy after fantasy. His daydreams about her become more real than she is. It is what she spiritually represents that he is in love with. He doesn’t really know who she is yet. He tries to draw his goddess down into her physical body with his imagination. When they have sex he is making love to the goddess and not to her.

She feels apprehension and sadness at her sudden exposure to the intensity of his emotions. He is now generating tangible psychic force and she needs to accept it and somehow transform it. This force at first seems hostile and threatening. It stirs her emotions wildly. This is her first eye-opening exposure to the tantric forces that can be generated this way.

It is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. How can he have so much energy? It is too much for her to handle so she tries to channel his energy upward to the goddess. Sex is not what she thought it would be and she instinctively feels that something is not right about the way he feels about her. He doesn’t really know her.

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The liberal humanist believes in humanity and believes that we are all part of humanity. This is true, we are all humans, part of the human race and nothing we can do or say can remove us from the human race. We can be good humans, bad humans or even shining lights that show humanity a new path. But there are a few paradoxes and some false logic that needs to be explored.

People like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla were great inventors, shining stars among the rest of humanity. Their labors and their inventions propelled humanity into a new and advanced society. I don’t think there is any debate about that. If there was any question to be raised it might be about how these inventors lived in society and adapted to it. These people were brilliant and lived in a world that the rest of society didn’t even know existed! They thought of things and invented things that no one else even believed was possible.

Yet even though they lived in a different world than the rest of humanity, they were still human and still belonged to human society. They were true individuals and yet a part of society as well. The true individual is always a part of society. Society is always created out of individuals. But it is never in society’s best interest to recognize individuals or the rights of individuals. That is because society is only interested in the bonds that we collectively share. It is not interested at all in the things that make us different from each other.

But the things that unite us, that we share in common with others is not really who we define ourselves as being! We define ourselves and think of ourselves as unique individuals living unique lives and experiencing things from unique perspectives. The only way that we can grow together and experience each other in a meaningful way is by exploring our differences! It is the exploration of our differences and discovering ways in which we are similar that society grows. It’s only by recognizing who we are as individuals that we can discover who others are as individuals!

No matter how hard society tries to get rid of the individual and the rights of individuals it runs into this paradox, that it is created out of individuals! To negate the individual and the rights of individuals would be to deny the existence of itself and what it truly consists of. The best society can do is completely ignore the individual and the question of individual rights. It does that by focusing only upon those things we all have in common as humans.

So it leaves the individual to itself and the rights of individuals are tolerated because it can’t do anything about them unless it comes into an uncompromising collision with them.

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