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In this series exploring the energy dynamics of love relationships we distinguish between four types of energies and relationships:

The “Puppy Love” attraction in which we are caught up in who we think the other person is, not who they really are. This is very idealistic and impractical.

The second is the platonic relationship in which we are fascinated by the dreams of the other person and how they perceive the world so differently from ourselves.

In this video we begin the sharing of our deepest emotions and the beginning of the cycle is our desire to share our happiest emotions with someone else, that perfect someone. We create a space in our hearts for them and either wait for them to appear or actively try to seek them out.

The fourth, yet to be explored energy is the sensual/physical cycle where we try to manifest this relationship physically in the sensual world. That is yet to come…

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A new series about sacred sexuality and how love relationships create and empower the soul. This first introductory video explores how sacred sexuality is natural for the female and how tantra and alchemy were teachings created for the male to work with these energies.

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There is so much information to share about this subject and not that much of it belongs strictly to the etheric realms so bear with me as I try to sort it out. I’ve mentioned how the physical human body seems specially designed for possession by a non-physical astral body or soul. This in itself opens up an entire can of worms.

I remember twice in my life when I didn’t know what was coming out of me, what I was saying…in college speech class I was supposed to give a speech about a good friend and mentor that meant very much to me as I was growing up. I remember going to the front of the class and beginning to speak…then I woke up and the entire class was sitting there with their mouths open! Later they told me how wonderful my speech had been, but I didn’t remember a single word of what I had said.

Another time in Germany I was at a party where we were drinking German beer and having a good time. But I don’t remember it…I only know that one of the girls said that I had become very obnoxious…

I’ve had several experiences dealing with the newly dead at crossing over and out of fear trying to take possession of anyone in the room with them at the time. My wife’s mother tried taking over her body and succeeded for almost a half hour before I was able to drive her out…and her father tried to take over my own body at his passing! I don’t know if it ran in the family or what! Given these experiences and others I only know that this is much more prevalent than anyone suspects…I wonder how many children or nursing home and hospital workers are possessed by the earthbound spirits of those who pass over?

Do you know of anyone who has suffered a drastic personality change at the death of a relative or close friend?

It is common practice for masters of the dark arts to take over the body of a favorite student when they become too old to survive in their own body. This often happens forcefully and against the will of the student. Carlos Castenenda wrote about the nagual shaman and how his or her “shade” was passed on to his or her apprentice…

Various eastern spiritual traditions consider it an honor if the master takes over the body of a chela at their crossing over. In this way they don’t need to waste those early years of childhood development…

But the entire subject is so much more involved than this…We are all born with incomplete souls and have many wounds as well. We have very little ego strength or self esteem inĀ  a healthy sense and it needs to be developed and strengthened.

Magickal training teaches the use of assumption of god forms in which the magician visualizes him or herself as becoming one with a god or goddess and experiencing that divine power and knowledge…isn’t this a way of shifting our personal awareness into a place where it is safe and not vulnerable? When one dons the robe and the ring they become someone else entirely…someone more than they are in ordinary life…or so they believe…is this a form of possession and whom is possessing whom?

My firm belief is that many so called gods and goddesses were once simply human beings that permanently activated their own etheric bodies in their own physical lifetimes and became immortal…to come back to life all they need is the vital life force of worshipers…

Rosicrucians teach another form of assumption where a person can send an important message to another person and or influence them in some way. This is also taught in magickal traditions such as witchcraft.

One simply visualizes their own awareness entering the physical body of the other person or standing in front of them and giving a message. They wait until certain that the message has been received and only then leave. The message may not be consciously received but it remains as an unconscious prompting…

One might think of this as a negative practice, but what if one wants to make sure that a loved one is safe? What if they want their partner to pick up some milk at the grocery store on the way home from work?

Modern psychology even practices deliberately creating healthy secondary personalities for individuals with fragmented egos and no sense of self left or self esteem. They try to build a healthy one up from scratch and this is similar to what many magickal traditions do with their own assumption of god forms.

In my own case my Rosicrucian studies created a secondary personality that was safe for me to dwell in until I had reached the point where I could once more integrate my original self which had been destroyed in a nervous breakdown when I was twenty years old…

Also as an empath it has been very difficult to sort out which emotions belong to me and which belong to others…the same with thoughts, is that me or someone else? Why is it that when I get up to use the rest room several others get up at the same time?

Another thing to take into consideration is that we are constantly trying to integrate skills and resources from past lives so that we can make use of them in this lifetime…

In your own wiccan or pagan practice are you worshiping a god or goddess? Or are you trying to become one yourself? The sought for answer is that we are seeking our own divinity within our own hearts and souls in accordance with our own conscience!


(The Etheric Witch)

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