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I have been recently compelled to revisit some alchemical literature and compare it to this modern process of ascension that we are currently experiencing. What I have found has been a stunning revelation to me. All of this is old stuff and exists in almost all religious and alchemical literature of the past as I wrote in my last post.

What needs to be added is that this process was written as experienced by the male and not by the female even though both sexes take part in the alchemical work. Thus the experiences and stages of female development have not been sufficiently known or written down.

Yet the “Marriage of Christ and Sophia” or the “White Path” is connection to one’s Divine Counterpart. That much is certain. Traditionally the “White Path” is the mystic path that is taken before the magical path or the “Red Path” of tantric sexuality. In fact, the marriage of Christ and Sophia might be termed the “lesser work” as an immortal body is created out of mental and spiritual energies, but the “Greater Work” or “Red Path” of re-awakening the emotional natures needs to be done for full spectrum consciousness at all levels. For this to be done safely the “White Path” needs to be completed first! It is the “White Path” that creates the safety of the immortal soul which can withstand the pressures and dangers of the “Red Path”.

All I’m saying is that there is no doubt about it at all. All these things have been known and achieved by thousands over the centuries and shared as secret mystery school teachings. The only thing different now is that it is all happening on a larger scale involving more people than ever! The immortal soul is the “observer self” that watches over us in our dreams.

During this past month many that ascended into the new Gaia experienced the “Christ and Sophia” marriage and went back to attempt the more difficult full spectrum tantric “Red Path” or “Gaia and Lucifer” marriage. For them this was the next stage of development.

As newly created realities clash, the problem lies with the significant number of people that are purely materialistic and have no recognition of non physical states or realities. These people are trying to create a world of pure physicality that has no room at all for psychic and spiritual truths. They are trying to create a world based purely upon science and mathematics. This is the current state of things.


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Consider Gaia and how she twirls round and round as she travels through space. There is a northern hemisphere and a southern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere is magnetic north and the southern hemisphere is magnetic south. They are true opposites, one clockwise and the other counter clockwise; one pushing outward and the other concentrating like an inner vortex pulling things in.

Yet these two opposites which have nothing at all in common are united and in their union they reinforce each other and form the stable structure that supports Gaia and all life upon her!

This is the function of duality; two unite in a third form and create something stable; something both can support with all their power! This is also the dream of male and female and how love can unite them in a third marriage or union that joins their souls together in a joy that transcends life itself.

The Prince of the Sun degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry teaches this ultimate union of opposites. It is symbolized by the snake swallowing its tail and by the circle. The idea is to recognize the ultimate union of opposites and play both ends against the middle, to gain the desired objective. So we have Democrats and Republicans; both convinced in the rightness of their own cause and the wrongness of the other. We have men and women misunderstanding and hating each other in a war of the sexes.

There is a deliberate effort to keep duality as conflict; duality as good and evil; alive and to eliminate duality as stable union and as strong and stable love between a man and a woman!

Are you getting angry yet? It gets much worse!

Now we can talk about the immortality of the soul and its empowerment; how conscious awareness can stay alive after physical death through the development of a strong sense of self that is not dependent upon the physical body. Psychologically we are talking about the creation of “an observer self”, that part of us that watches our dream self as we dream. Not every one has this; but many could. Strong egos and strong self esteem can be developed in many ways and I’ve written about some of them.

But this too is old news! The creation of the soul and the survival of  awareness and consciousness after the death of the physical body have been known for ages. Each religion developed ways of doing this and they are strikingly similar.

But even here we have been played for fools! We have not been taught the need for uniting opposites in love to form a new and greater third; but taught the inevitable conflict and ultimate victory of one opposite over the other! This is the greatest crime that has ever been perpetrated against humanity and has resulted in the loss of many souls and many lives!

The various mystery schools of the East and the West have taught both a “white path” and a “red path”. The “white path” is essentially the mystical path of the marriage of Sophia and Christ which culminates in the birth of the observer self or immortal soul, an awareness that can exist beyond the death of the physical body. It creates an astral body out of mental and spiritual energies and involves the denial of the physical body and its pleasures. But it is a true path in that it does involve the union of opposites.

The “red path” is essentially a path involving tantric sexuality and the union of opposites to create a “magical body” which can survive after the death of the physical body.

Variations of both the “white path” and the “red path” can be found in Western Alchemy, the Hermetic tradition, Neoplatonism, mythology, Arab, gnostic and medieval sources as well as the Eastern Religions including Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism.

In all of the above the true paths can be discerned by this balancing of contraries and necessary union of opposites. The false path can be discerned in the inevitable conflict of opposites and the dominion of one over the other. One is the path of love and the other is the path of hate!

We have been played for fools! What are we going to do about it?

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Many would agree that the world we live in is a holograph and not as physical as one might think. People with multi-dimensional abilities can modify and alter various sections with practice. This is common thought these days.

But what is not commonly understood is that each part of a holograph contains the entire holograph, albeit a somewhat fuzzy version of it. Said another way there is a Master Blueprint (hologram) and each one of us carries a copy of it within us.

Now this new age has been given a new Master Hologram or blue print by those Divine counterparts that have worked to create a pattern of a balanced male/female reality where both sexes stand together as true equals with the ability to experience the same world for the first time. This is a new world based upon the duality of male/female.

The interesting thing is that each individual can modify their own hologram but in doing so they encounter resistance from the master hologram. If they are successful the master hologram includes the changes they have made. In this activity we see the creation of tradition, how it is first created through heroic action and how others are influenced by it and also how others can modify it.

Gaia’s ascension is a master hologram where lightworkers have successfully struggled to create a new blueprint. They have struggled against the old hologram or pattern of the old eon energies. The success of each individual lightworker has added to the master hologram of Gaia’s ascension.

Now this new hologram is carried by every single individual and may be accessed by every single individual to the extent of their own ability. That means that a new tradition has been created. This concept of creating tradition is not commonly understood.

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A new earth or Gaia is gradually emerging in my dreams/visions. A couple days ago I dreamed of wandering off the main road and then cutting cross country to get back on the road again. I crossed a field and encountered a barbed wire fence which I crawled through. I have never been able to pass through a fence in a dream before.

Then I continued to where there was apparently some road construction where the foundations for a bridge were being built. I stepped up onto a slab of concrete that had some pipe sticking up through it. I didn’t trust the footing and stepped carefully. Shure enough the slab shifted under my feet and I needed to catch my balance by flexing my ankle. I have never experienced such movability in my dream environment before. My dreams have always been more like a movie or a landscape that might have texture, but not movability.

Lastly I stood at the foot of the new bridge and looked at my feet in the sand. I moved my foot in the sand and patterns appeared as the sand shifted according to the movement of my foot. I remember thinking in amazement how real this dream seemed. So I not only knew that I was in a dream but was amazed at how real it was. I could perceive individual grains of sand. The only things that seemed missing were sounds, smells and a sense of weight.

The next night I dreamed of flying with a friend in an ultra light aircraft. There were actually two flying dreams. I flew over the landscape and even through the rooms of a house crowded with people. As I was flying over a beautiful valley I saw many others flying as well and remember thinking that I needed to get one of these ultra light aircrafts because so many people had them. Mine was borrowed.

The next night I had a dream of unlocking the gas cap on a car that required two keys and reminded me of a safe. I was trying to put more gas in the car. I pulled out a filter and there was pieces of dirt inside it that I try to shake out. Again this dream showed the individual grains of sand uncharacteristic of any dreams previous to this time. The astral landscape is definitely evolving rapidly and becoming more and more like the physical 3D landscape. As I’m seeing more and more people this is happening on a large scale.

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In my last post I mentioned how the rose colored energies were now pervading and permeating our physical world. This is a general update from that post. Immediately after that post I felt that something very significant had been done and was wondering what was coming next. After a day or two in a dream/vision I felt my connection to the spiritual light enter into me, pass through me and go out into the world and I was left in my own darkness. This was very unsettling for me because my spiritual connection to the light is the most important thing to me. Yet now it was gone. This had happened in another dream or vision about Gaia’s ascension some time last year and it felt uncanny, like a replay of something.

In that vision I had seen the new age spread out in its entirety from finish to end after it had taken my light as well. I was discontented and struggled with all of my power to connect back to the spiritual light that existed at the end of the age or cycle. I was able to do that and now I existed outside of the new age connected to the light that was beyond it. In this action I had severed my connection with the new age and the new collective.

I have been listening to the works of Jacob Boehme at work and about the fall of Lucifer. According to Jakob Boehme Lucifer disobeyed by not taking his light to the heart center, but instead pushing it higher and outside of what God intended. Through spiritual pride he went to the higher light of his mother instead of the light of his divine counterpart who was waiting as his bride at the heart center. In the listening to these words I realized that I was doing the same thing by not remaining at my heart center and instead going higher into the light and bypassing the entire new age or cycle, by going to the mother.

This time I resolved to remain in my heart center even though it had turned black and was as if covered by a leathery seal. I felt quite alone in the darkness and the black around my heart and its blockage troubled me greatly but the next day the light of my divine counterpart had broken through and was shining there like a spotlight in the darkness as it does today. Again something profound has changed. Something from the ancient past has been made right.

This morning I had a dream of a young man or youth that had become lost or disappeared. He could have been my son or the son of someone I knew. I had been the last to see him walking into the woods of my father’s farm where I had grown up. It was a small patch of woods and I knew that there was no way to get lost so I didn’t worry. But he never came back! After a couple days I began telling people that they needed to call the sheriff so we could search for him. We searched but didn’t find him. Then while riding on a bus I looked out the window and saw him lying face down in the creek. I told them to stop the bus but when we went over to the water he was not there. I even stood in the water in the same exact spot but he was not there. We searched downstream but never did find him. I was greatly troubled by this dream/vision and searched for its meaning.

I finally understood that this youth had been one that had ascended with us into the new waters or the new ocean but had chosen to go back, had chosen to fall back into the old energies. He was no longer with us. So this is what is happening now as some who have ascended now choose to go back into 3D life. I don’t pretend to know what all this means but share it as something that might bring comfort to those waiting for things to happen. Things are happening in their own way and their own time.

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Like a compass my inner guidance zeroes in on the highest spiritual light I can reach. Yesterday morning I sensed this spiritual light coming down through me into Gaia and expanding explosively outward into all things. That was the early morning. When I woke up later and got up I sensed a rose colored energy radiating from everything as if from the very atoms and molecules. My Spiritual light was gone! It had transformed into rose colored heart energy and expanded through our universe.

Now I need to shift my inner compass from the spiritual light, to this rose colored energy of the heart which pervades this world. I get the sense that it is time to focus on the present moment and get to work because we have arrived at our destination. This is our starting point for a new life.

11/11 is coming up in a few days and things will intensify, but I think the ocean of my previous vision has solidified into the physical world we now find ourselves in. The basic hologram is completed but the fine details still need to be filled in. This confirms my belief that Gaia’s ascension and our own ascension will happen in an almost seamless way with no ripping apart of the fabric of physical reality so to speak. Instead, the fabric of the astral planes has been ripped apart and is being put back together.

I am reminded of the image of puppets lying in a pile on the floor. The strings that controlled their movement have been cut and new strings are being put in  place. Soon these puppets will once more dance and sing as the new puppet master pulls their new strings! Well, sort of! Chuckle.

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Spirit Planes Liquify!

This morning I had a very vivid dream that the spiritual planes had turned into a large ocean with some huge gentle rolling waves. I was in a boat that was moving trying to find its way among the people that were floating on the water. They weren’t in any danger, they just didn’t have any boat or land to stand upon.

Whether in the magical astral planes or the spiritual astral planes I function at the lowest level. This dream was a true representation of the liquidation of the entire spiritual planes. The spiritual astral planes represent the blue print for the long term future and that blue print is what was now gone! What this means is that the past is gone! literally! Between now and the new moon of the 11th the spiritual planes will recreate themselves, but they will be recreated only by those that were either in boats or floating in the water. These are the ones who ascended and now are creating our new world. This is the first wave of those who have made the transition and more will follow in due time.

But the important point is that only these people will recreate the spiritual planes. We are now in a world that is no longer held together by a spiritual blueprint or plan. Things will move from where they are now to where our new future awaits and it will be fast! I personally feel that these changes will take place before the coming winter solstice.

There are too many things that have need of balancing themselves. This act of turning to liquid is the result of old eon energies self destructing. In their destruction all falls apart that is based on the old ways. The new future will center around the collective creation of those who have first made this leap into a new world. Others will then find anchor  points that will allow them to cross over as well. This is it folks!

It’s happening!

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Radical Satanism Book

Radical Satanism

Radical Satanism Paperback

Modern Satanism reveals the new, yet ancient path of the development of the soul and its powers through the tantric sharing of male and female sexual energies. It shows how this practice can bring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and draw Divine Counterparts to each other. This is the path of the duality of the sexes and of love, not hate. The development of the soul requires both male and female energy for its creation and we get the needed opposite sex energy from others by the sharing of love. When we experience love something inside of us grows and we become more complete. This is the development of our soul or observer self. For the first time this ancient practice is shared for the modern world in this new age. For the first time males and females can stand side by side and experience the same world!

This book also contains the essays:

The Satanism of Hanns Heinz Ewers

The Satanism of Pre War Germany

and the full text of “Synagogue of Satan” by Stanislaw Pyzybyszewski (Translated by Joe E. Bandel)

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