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This will be a strange post for strange times! There are nine of us. That’s pretty much all that I know. There were others that did their part and have gone on ahead. Dewey Larson, Roger Zelazney and perhaps Robert Heinlein. I’m sad that I didn’t recognize all of them, but there are still nine of us here on Gaia in mortal physical bodies. The veil of forgetfulness still lingers.

I encountered the nine of us in a dream where we were all in a vehicle and the road abruptly ended in nothingness. That was back prior to 2012 when there was no future that had been created. My Divine Counterpart has just seen the nine of us flying in formation like jets painted with the seven colors of the rainbow.

So we are all still here and doing what we came here to do like so many others are. The difference is that we are so old; so old we don’t really know how old our souls are. Our physical bodies are mortal but our souls have a connection with the Creation of Gaia way back in the beginning. I know that one of my first physical lifetimes was as a tree. This was long before the age of reptiles. But I was a dinosaur as well.

Later when the Pleiadians came I was one of those they experimented upon genetically. After that I didn’t belong to my own species any longer, or to any other species. I belonged to Gaia. I’ve been told that my soul began in a race that no longer exists, that I was once an elf. Perhaps that’s why I use the term the New Elves for that portion of ascending humanity that embraces Gaia in body, soul and blood.

While I hold no anger toward the Reptilians, I have struggled against them many times these past few years. At the same time I’ve fought the Galactic Federation to a stand still. It seems there is a “Star Wars” that is going on around us and I don’t care to be part of it. Neither does Gaia. We are not pawns in someone else’s game.

I would like to think I have found a home, found a people, found a place here on Gaia.

There are nine of us. We each have crossed the rainbow bridge from the lowest to the highest and back down to the lowest again while in mortal physical bodies. We are Gaia’s champions, guardians and we serve, each in our own way. We work with both the light and the dark because that is who we are, light and dark, both at the same time. We have transcended duality. We have completed the circle and returned home. Home is here!

My Divine Counterpart and I specialize in the development of the fully empowered soul and its powers through tantrism or the generation and mingling of male and female energies on all levels. I don’t know what the others specialize in.

But each of us guards and serves in his or her own way.

All I know is that the nine of us finished the first phase of Gaia’s ascension. We fly as a group in a formation and work as a group even though we might not know each other yet, but we will. It is time for us to be drawn together for the next phase.

In like manner other soul groups are finding their way to each other. There is a new life and a new world that waits for all of us, everyone!

Happy New Year!

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Things have been clicking together very rapidly these days and my visions show more and more clearly what is happening with Gaia’s ascension process. Perhaps I should use the term “downloads”. Chuckle. If you don’t use the politically correct words people won’t listen.

In past posts I’ve mentioned that first wavers have energetically separated from everyone else and manifested their crystalline bodies as they moved into the new world, a crystalline 3D that co-exists in the same time space as this one. This post is to clarify some of this process.

I am coming to realize the true completion of the cycle these first wavers have just achieved. These first wavers have literally created the energetic foundation of a new crystalline 3D Gaia that now exists in the higher dimensions as well to create a full spectrum reality that includes all dimensions! This has never been done before and sets the standard for all future ascensions in the universe!

This cycle has just ended. The First Wavers are now shifting their focus to world creation, not anchoring of energies. The energetic separation of these first wavers from everyone else leaves everyone else in a passive and energetically dead false physical 3D. This false physical 3D is dissolving and will continue to dissolve until it is completely gone.

All those living life forms not of the first wave will need to complete their ascension process through the death of their physical bodies. At the death of their physical bodies their “awareness” or “soul” will cross over to its appropriate place within the new crystalline Gaia if that is what is desired. The importance of stating this clearly is absolute. There is a need to use the remaining time left within these physical bodies to strengthen the soul or “observer self” as much as possible while soul growth is still readily available through the energetic transformation of negative energy. This is achieved by the use of the physical body itself.

New children now being born are being born into this new crystalline Gaia and are not energetically part of the old world. There is only that small remnant of humanity and other life forms that still need to finish out their natural lifetime before completing their ascension. They will ascend through the natural process of living out this physical life and then experiencing the death of the physical body.

It is vital that people understand this and make the most of the time they have left to purify and strengthen their souls as much as possible. There is not going to be UFO landings or spectacular events because those events will happen within the new crystalline Gaia and not this energetically dead portion we experience as real. They will happen in other dimensions but not old physical 3D. The old is going away and it will be tough and people will need to leave their physical bodies to get to the new destination. Yet much can be done to prepare for this.

As the energetic cycle with the first wavers ended in closure and the creation of a new crystalline 3D Gaia, a new cycle for the second wavers opened with the release of the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens”. The energy of this event is exploding through the world and bringing a message of non-physical reality and metaphysical powers. This message is taking the world by storm and people will be searching for teachers and masters that will show them how to develop “the force” in their own bodies and use it!

Understand this rightly! There is a new phase beginning and an ending of the old phase. It is too late to be a first waver if you are not already one! That train has already gone and arrived at its new destination. The next train has arrived with this “Star Wars” energy and is seeking new recruits. Develop the soul and its powers now while in this physical body so it will be strong for its transference to the New Gaia at the end of this  physical lifetime. Fight this new battle that is in front of you and become a hero of the “force”! Humanity needs you at this moment more than ever! It is your life, choose wisely!

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We made it through the winter solstice and what a ride it has been! Finally there has been enough happening that some important insights can finally be stated about what is happening and how things are happening. Last night the astral recreated itself according to the new pattern and I don’t really expect much global stuff between now and the Christmas full moon. These last few days are more personal in nature.

So what has happened? An energetic separation of first wave ascenders from the rest of the world. This first wave fully crossed over into their crystalline bodies and couldn’t do much more to help the others if they wanted to! I’m going to try sharing some difficult concepts. The only way I know how to do this is hammer away at it a little at a time so here goes.

Gaia and all life upon her crossed over into 5th density way back in 2012. We are individually and collectively creating a false 3D which we think we are living in. This false 3D is based upon old 3D. The first wave ascenders have now separated from this illusion and are living in a newly created crystalline 3D that extends outward from 5th density. The main point here is that the first wave ascenders are living in a living and vibrant crystalline 3D that is both individually and collectively created and others are living in an energetically dead and false 3D. Even though both realities are co-existent, creative work can only be done in the new and vibrant crystalline 3D. The false 3D is inert and passive and will gradually dissolve as the new takes over. This has been said in many ways by others.

But now at this moment and from this moment onward the first wave ascenders are creating a new reality and as they create the old gives way. The next three months will see profound changes in our world as the old does give way to the new.

Now for a side note about the three waves of ascenders. This notion of three waves is unfortunate because it is totally based upon the old eon ascension model and Gaia’s ascension is a full spectrum ascension, not a three wave ascension. Using Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Theory of 118 elements every single element will need to find its new vibratory rate. This is what needs to happen. Now the various elements are located within seven rings around the center of the atom. Each ring of electrons can be said to be a “wave” of ascension in the terms of the old eon.

Thus the innermost three rings around the nucleus of an atom have represented the three waves of ascension in past ages, Unity energy, Archetypal energy, and philosophical energy. These are the three doorways open to human awareness at the moment of the death of the physical body according to the Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead.

Ascension and immortality has been seen simply as the continuation of awareness in a non-physical body after the death of the physical body. This immortal body can be created of these three energies and form the “observer self” which “watches” our dream selves as we dream.

So everyone is talking about these three waves of ascension and only the first one has passed or moved into the new world. But this is old eon thinking and a full spectrum ascension is occurring. There are seven waves that will occur before all 118 elements settle into their final vibratory levels.

The second wave has just been activated this week coinciding with the release of the new Star Wars movie. It will take some time before it is ready to make the transfer into the new world. This newly activated wave has lots of work to do before it is done. The main feature of this wave is the concept or idea of soul, spirit and organic life force energy or “the force”. This concept is alien to modern science which has no understanding of the non-physical reality behind physical reality. The goal and function of this movie is to bring global awareness of this “force” to our modern world.

I’m going to leave this topic and focus on an even more difficult concept, time and the present moment. Time no longer functions as it did before. Multi-dimensionality has arrived and with it comes the eternal present moment. We’ve already seen how our space brothers and sisters totally miss out in their understanding of time as we have always experienced it. We keep wanting to know when things will happen and it is always “immanent” or “happening now”. But we keep waiting!

I will be blunt and say that things no longer “unfold” in a natural way! Things need to be “driven” to unfold through the generation of physical energy or they will remain just where they are at! It seems that hardly anyone understands this new energy dynamic of multi-dimensional living. If what you want to experience is not in your present moment you need to generate physical energy until your present moment is what you desire.

Things within the astral do unfold, but they now unfold only through the generation of physical energy, yours or someone else’s. You are now trapped within your physical circumstances unless you generate enough energy to move into  new circumstances or your physical body dies and you leave through death.

This is a foundational universal law that is now in effect and it must be understood!





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It has taken a few days to understand the nature of the changes that have been taking place for me. There was a sense of closure and energetic separation from the old world. But it was really hard to put my finger on what was really happening.

At the same time my multi-dimensional aspect was even more enhanced and also a sense of being with someone and of someone being with me, my divine counterpart.

This sense of connection was growing more profound and mutually shared. What was happening was not multi-dimensionality because it was spilling over into the 3D world in a growingly tangible way for both of us. It was being in two places and one density at the same time, not being in one density and also in a different density at the same time. This is a profound difference that some might not realize.

At the same time I’ve experienced a distancing from the activities of this physical 3D world that is becoming more pronounced with time. It has been like straddling two different worlds in two different physical locations at the same time. That’s why I have called this the emergence of bi-location, not its fullness, but its beginning emergence.

The next two weeks till the winter solstice will serve to amplify these abilities and provide further energetic separation from old realities. It is not like things are breaking down, but rather fading away! We will see how long this gentle progression can last.

To those people who refuse to give up the old values and ways of living, the world is in a very dangerous place. The rest of us have already left it behind and for the most part are protected.

This sense of bi-location is working with the astral energies in separate ways and separate locations simultaneously and is a most powerful way of proceeding to the lives that we all wish to live. Both realities need to be joined and working within both realities at the same time is the most powerful way to bring these two realities into a union of perfection.

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In my last post I struggled to find words for something that was trying to express itself, something that has recently happened within the astral planes. Now it seems there is more to be said about these first wave ascenders and what they have achieved and how things will now move forward.

The first wavers get their power by tapping cosmic energy through the crown chakra, which they have opened and developed to its full potential. They have worked tirelessly to anchor this energy within Gaia’s new energy grid. This energy is also called Unity energy or the energy of unity because we are all one and all a part of each other. There is no distinction as all are part of Source.

This energy of Unity is not consciously available to the second wavers who are opening the third eye chakra and developing it to its full potential. These second wavers make use of “Cosmic Consciousness” or direct perception of archetypal reality. This energy while still divine is a step down from Unity energy and second wavers are unable to magically reduce things to the level of unity as the first wavers did. These second wavers must work with and alter archetypal reality through the third eye center. This is a totally different type of work but just as important.

As a first waver I first tapped into the crown chakra energies back in 1991 and have been working to anchor them into the earth ever since. This has been a difficult task as I have brought them down level by level within my physical body just like so many others have done. In this process I have transmuted both my own toxic energies and also those of Gaia and humanity in general. We all have learned to transmute poisons into medicines.

But there is a limit and an end. I have worked 60-80 hour weeks most of my life at factory type work for unskilled workers. I have been just a cog in the machine like so many others that work hard for a minimal wage. This  past year has seen both serious health issues develop and the loss of my weekend job. At 58 years old I am no longer able or desire working weekends to make ends meet. So I have made the conscious decision to simply let those things go which I can’t pay. Energetically this placed me from a conformer to an outlaw. Many people have or are now facing this same situation. The demands of simple living are too much for the average person to sustain and they are falling heavily into financial debt just like our nation is.

The global financial system is near the point of collapse and I can no longer support my end of things in playing this game so I have quit. Others are like me or even worse off than I am. At least I still have my weekly job with its modest pay.

So I have energetically opted out of the collective reality. Instead my focus is entirely upon my ascension reality. As a first waver I can use my ability to transform energies in a positive way. I can transmute crown chakra energies into lower level energies and create an entire reality without needing the collective lower energies that the rest of the world is struggling with. I have severed my ties with the collective world and only my energetic ties with other first wavers remains and the world we have collectively created!

The only source of energy I use is crown chakra energy which has been transformed to lower energies and is now used in the creation of a new physical reality. So all the lower level energies are available to me, but in a purified state or condition. I no longer transmute the negative energies of the collective world and they are beginning to pile up for the second wavers to deal with.

The second wavers will not be able to transmute them the way the first wavers have done and will need to interact with them physically. Something will physically need to be done to make things right. In the meantime wrong thinking humanity adds to the already huge burden that confronts those of the second wave. This is why they are known as warriors!

In conclusion all first wavers have achieved the limit of what is possible for them to do. They have prevented WW3 and prevented global financial melt down and kept things as normal as possible for as long as they could. They can’t do any more and are now energetically separated from everyone else as they collectively create a new world by transmuting crown chakra energies as I have done. They are now magically taking care of themselves and the creative work they do is for the safety of themselves and those they love.

This energetic separation is a separation from Gaia’s Unity Grid. They can remain within Gaia’s Unity Grid and indeed are welcome within it, but they have achieved the status of “non-players”. Even though they create, they don’t create karma!

These protected first wavers can exist within this world unharmed even if there is a global financial collapse or WW3! Or they can leave if they wish! The torch has now been passed to those of the second wave and those who work with the third eye.

I pay tribute to all my brothers and sisters! Well done and well met!

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This is a difficult post to write but a very important one. The difficulty is in putting what I see into words. So please bear with me in this.

We have been told that Jesus in the act of dying placed a bit of himself in each one of us allowing all to be saved if they embraced that bit of him in their heart. How is this  possible?

Jesus through his actions created a hologram and each one of us carries part of that hologram inside us. We can choose to empower it or ignore it, but every small piece of a hologram contains a fuzzy image of the entire hologram.

In like manner we create holograms of our entire world, holograms that reflect our inner voyage and it is available to others. We create master holograms through energetic circuits with our divine counterparts and sub holograms through energetic circuits with chakra soulmates, those of specific frequencies that harmonize with our own at certain chakra levels.

Our entire reality is a maze of entwined and entangled connections, like a natural sponge with passage ways that go off in all directions. The strongest holograms are those we create with divine counterparts and these master holograms contain our personal timelines, that of our divine counterparts and of Gaia and all life upon her. Each one of us has personal versions of reality that differ from everyone else’s versions.

Some times versions of reality conflict and that is where we are at right now on a global basis. But a major victory has just been won by the first wave of those ascending with Gaia’s new birth.

I call this first wave the Hydrogen types, but let’s call them Crown Chakra types instead for clarity. Everyone that has opened and developed their crown chakra is part of this first wave.

It is this first wave that channel the greatest amount of love and light from the highest and have been anchoring it through their bodies. The greater the amount of energy the more powerful the master holograms that are created. Secondary holograms must submit to these higher energy holograms or be destroyed. Old eon holograms must submit or be destroyed.

Well this first wave has been trying to unite personal holograms to create a master collective hologram and that has finally succeeded! It is a collective master hologram of Hydrogen or Crown Chakra energies and has just severed energetic connections with all the lower energies! It is now energetically independent from everything else that is going on in our world. It is self sustaining for the first time.

The battle for Gaia now shifts to the Helium level or the third eye energies. The first wavers are out of the game and required only to further their personal realities through new creation. The first wavers are able to regenerate lower level energies such as emotional energies with their own bodies and recreate lower dimensions of personal reality by themselves without energetic contact with collective Gaia energies. They have become independent of Gaia and her energy grid.

This has been a massive victory for the first wave, but there is an energetic backlash that the second wave must deal with. We can perhaps best understand this as tradition. The first wave has created a new pattern or tradition out of Crown Chakra energies or out of Hydrogen energies, the energies of Unity. This new pattern exists in the hearts of all living things waiting to be activated through each personal hologram. But the first wavers are no longer fighting at the lower levels! That battle is now passed on to the second wave and the first wave holds fast the new pattern of this collective master hologram. They are energetically severed from all the rest of humanity.

For the first waver this is a time of massive empowerment because all the energy that was spent in fighting and anchoring the lower levels can now be directed in a much smaller energetic sphere and used in a personal manner. So they might find themselves in the same physical situation, but suddenly they are much more energetically able to clear away the rubble of the past from their own personal lives. All resistance will crumble away.

The second wave, Helium wave or Third Eye Chakra wave is traditionally that of the Warrior King while the first wave belonged to the Divine Gods and Goddesses. That which the first wave was able to achieve through magic and subtlety must now be achieved through the might and courage of the Warrior.

In blunt terms social clashes are going to become much harsher as society begins to crumble. Sometimes things need to crash before they can be rebuilt. But each one of us has the new pattern available in our hearts and it will lead us through all trials and temptations. Love is and always will be the answer.



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