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In this physical world all things have a beginning and an end. That is so new things can take their turn. Mother Earth, Gaia, has just begun a new cycle of existence and I am pleased to have been a part of it. I have poured out my heart and any information that I considered of value freely to one and all, mostly without thanks or comment. This is as it should be and I have no complaints. However, it seems that Anarchist World is dead! Between two computer crashes, a new computer, and expired domain registration of which I no longer have access to, the main site is dead and not coming back!

All things happen for a reason and I am taking this time to consider my options. The blogs are still active, but unwieldy without the main page to access them. Thus unless you have subscribed to a blog it might be difficult to find it. What have I learned? What is the next step? Frankly, I am considering letting the blogs go as well. One only needs to remember how many blogs and how much information has been posted to realize how much work has gone into this project. Originally I thought that this project would bring exposure to my writings and even more importantly help spread information about Gaia’s ascension process.

Gaia’s ascension process has now crystallized and my own contributions or any one else’s are no longer effective in changing anything. We have collectively bought the ticket and now need to ride it out, good or bad! So now its time to think of myself for a change and think about getting a fair return in exchange for my efforts. That means equal value for equal value, something I’ve never seriously contemplated. I have always felt it more important to just get the information out there! Well, I did get the information out there and its all still there! I’m not taking anything down right away. I’m just restricting new information to those that value it enough to help contribute for my own personal time and effort.

We live in a world that does not recognize spiritual or non-physical empowerment and activity. We also live in a world where logic and reason are considered as supreme and even above self-evident truth. We also live in a world where people now expect everything to be free, where they don’t have to put out any effort for themselves. Add to this the fact that so called Christian values and beliefs dominate and pervert  normal healthy practices. We also live in a world of free will! If that is what people want, then go for it!

But I follow another way. About thirty years ago I crossed the great abyss and shortly after that had an extremely vivid vision/dream where someone showed me the book of life and told me to grab onto it. I grabbed it and then the creature/being began to laugh and said that I would die if I ever let go of it. I shouted “No!”  and slammed the book shut. Instantly I felt my soul sever from the earth and begin to burn in hell fire (or at least be consumed in fire.). I felt fear as my soul was consumed and my awareness was forced across the great abyss where it was safe. But all my lower astral bodies were destroyed! Then began the process of slowly building them back up again from the top down!

I share this because I have come to realize that this is the process that happens upon the death of the physical body when the soul detatches from it and moves up into the light, disolving itself as it goes until only the core self remains. So, I have died and come back in an almost literal way. I have followed the paths of spiritual tradition and completed them and even returned back to earth with completely resurected astral bodies. This makes me a Master and able to teach if anyone is interested. My blogs must speak for me, as I have no desire to add further to this. I have freely given my teachings to all that have been able to find them. I have fulfilled my duty in this and in Gaia’s ascension. This is the end and a new beginning. Now is the time to regroup, to find and join with my own kind, my own soul group. I no longer have interest in the ‘human collective”, those who don’t have interest in me either. I have interest in sharing as equals with my own soul group, where ever they are and who ever they are.

For those interested in further contact and information please email me at  joebandel@gmail.com or joebandel@hotmail.com and I will get in personal contact as we collectively decide how to procede! I have further information that I will only share within my own soul group. Use OAK or Order of Anarchistic Knights as the subject. Anarchist World has gone dark!


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