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This is going to be an unusual post, but we are in unusual times! First I would like to announce that Gaia’s ascension is all over! She has taken all life forms along with her to her new destination! What is left in what we have been calling physical 3D is now simply a shell, an empty shell with very little life force left within it. Our souls, our awareness now resides somewhere else, either upon Gaia’s newly ascended body where it is supported by her new energies or it has been expelled to a new location outside of Gaia.

I don’t channel messages or information. I directly perceive the astral because I function within the astral, often at the lower levels that are not available to channels. What I am seeing is that the astral is done, complete, there is no more battle. We have won! Life has won! Divine Counterparts have won! All that remains are the remnants of old 3D that are still being kept alive by those that continue to believe in them.

Then why do we continue to be here? This old 3D physical body which we wear is a miracle! It generates energy which can be used to develop our souls to their maximum potentials. Once the shift is made soul growth will be much more difficult and the process will take much longer, but the path will be easier so that more life forms can take advantage of it. That is the trade off. So we are all using the last few seconds of our old physical lives to generate as much energy as possible for the development of our souls and to help others do the same. The game is over and this is simply gathering some freebies while they are available to us. The more soul energy we generate, the more soul energy we take with us at the final shift when we leave these old 3D physical bodies behind.

So what causes our old 3D physical bodies to generate soul energy? Stress! Stress and expended effort! What we are now looking at is a massive collective death spasm as the old reality passes away forever. Both sides of the conflict can use these final stress energies to develop their souls but each will experience differently. One side is going to lose and lose big and the other side is going  to win and win big! Actually it’s already happened in the astral and now it just needs to be physically enacted. All we need to know about these final days is to live well and die well! Someday our physical bodies are all going to die anyway. This is the time when we choose how we want to go out!

I first began thinking about this after the last two Steve Rother channels suggested that earth was dying and there was only about fifty years left. I only follow two channels, Steve Rother and Lauren Gorgo. I consider the rest a waste of time, and sometimes I wonder about Steve and Lauren. So suddenly out of nowhere Steve Rother begins to say that earth is dying and there is only about fifty years left. I thought back to what I remember of Gaia’s ascension process and how I believe that light workers have fought for  the safety and ascension of all life forms, even the lowest. I have also felt in the past that after ascension there would be no life force left behind for the forces that were to take advantage of. Gaia was not energetically leaving anyone behind. It is true because Gaia has not left any life forms behind. They are all energetically in their new places. All that remains is an empty shell. I suspect that the acceleration of events will continue to reach a flashpoint well before fifty years from now! We are on borrowed time!

My own work has been done. My work has been in the astral planes and the completion of that work has left me slightly puzzled about what to do next. In the meantime I continue to share what information I feel is appropriate to as many that want to hear. This conflict is no longer within the astral planes but entirely in the physical world. The final physical conflict will happen quite fast. It will not be decided in the courts or in special investigations because that is not what it is energetically about! It has been about the super human struggles of larger than life individuals!

This is a war about narrative and which narrative wins among the general population. It will never get to the courts! This week I was struck by many indicators that tell me this is about over. The murder of Seth Rich is back on the news (internet alternate news I should say) with a vengeance along with increased speculation that it was Seth Rich who gave the emails to WikiLeaks and not the Russians. If true, that would completely destroy the narrative of Russian collusion and the Trump administration. Of all things this would be the easiest to prove. Julian Assange merely needs to release emails between WikiLeaks and Seth Rich. I’m pretty sure that is going to happen and happen soon. Julian Assange has been a player in this from the beginning. He will be a part of the ending as well.

Bernie Sanders lawsuit against the DNC has been under media blackout until a few days ago when the federal prosecutor was found murdered on a Florida beach! Bernie Sander’s lawyer seems a bit frightened as well. There are ugly things moving out there in the swamp!

So these things have been flaring up this past week. I also found it highly interesting that the hacker group “Anonymous” has recently been putting out all kinds of info trying to stop WWIII. This group has not been political in the past and this abrupt change seems highly interesting as they have taken sides, taken sides against the NWO and its pawns. They seem convinced that there is little time left for the world as we know it. They are also convinced of who the bad actors are. Now they are stepping up for the first time to make a difference. “We never forget! We never forgive!”

I’ve also seen a few in the alternate media say that if something happens to them, they didn’t commit suicide! These people are fearful that their lives might be in danger because of what they are about to do in the name of narrative, or the name of truth!

So what I’m seeing is the beginning of a massive wave of retaliation against the vicious and insane Trump-Russia narrative. People are taking sides and taking personal risks which they have been unwilling to take before. This seems to me that things are going to get a lot more ugly and a lot more intense very soon! This is not going to be resolved behind closed doors but is being enacted for the public! A struggle for narrative can’t take place behind closed doors!


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It’s time to make a few things plain! None of our galactic brothers and sisters have previously had the ability to manipulate the lower levels of the astral planes. This is because their own spiritual DNA would not allow a direct connection to Gaia. That was old eon and this has changed for many of our galactic brothers and sisters because they have helped anchor the ascension energies on Gaia and in doing so they have created a  one sided ground connection with Gaia for the very first time. That is why they will  be able to incarnate as New Humans and work to create and establish the return link as well.

Only the reptilians have failed to create a working DNA connection and that is why they have been expelled from Gaia’s new energy field. Of course there are individual exceptions, for example souls that have incarnated into different galactic races have souls that are able to transcend some of the problems of the reptile brain fight or flight reflex. We are all struggling with the activation of our own genetic DNA and our own reptile brains have become activated. We need to learn how to deactivate them.

But back to the main point of this post. The galactic races had souls that could incarnate into human bodies but they couldn’t form an active earth connection to Gaia. Because of this they couldn’t physically manifest things easily at all. In order to physically manifest things they needed to either sexually exploit native Gaia souls or create narratives that native Gaia souls would believe and manifest for them!

Understand that the original Gaia souls are the ones with the capability to create and physically manifest upon Gaia! They always have been! The galactic races have needed to trick the native Gaia souls into manifesting for them and they did this by creating narratives that native Gaia souls believed.

This is really the only power that reptilians have, the ability to create a narrative that native Gaia souls believe and manifest for them. That is the power of the mass media and the power of religion and the power of political correctness, the power to create a narrative. That is what this entire war is all about! How to enslave the human race or rather keep it enslaved through “narrative”.

The problem is that the original native species of Gaia, the New Elves, have now ascended and they are no longer falling for the same old tricks as they did in the old eon! They now understand the substance of true reality and create their own dreams and visions.

“Narrative” is simply Hollywood, tinsel and glamour with no real substance. It is the male perspective without the depth and heart of the female perspective. It is simply head games because there is no connection to physical reality! This is the path of the old eon and not the new eon. The new eon is about doing and about substance and about true empowerment at all levels in ways that balance  both the male and female energies in acts of love and peace! The new eon is about the empowerment of Gaia and the empowerment of the New Elves!

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I will continue to use the atomic model as a metaphor for the soul and its characteristics. Again please try to grasp the intent of my words and not take them too literal. This is a very difficult subject to put into words.

If we take a single atom we find it has three main components, an electron twirling around a nucleus, a proton and a neutron within the nucleus. The neutron is the actual soul of the atom because it is electrically balanced as a combined proton and electron. It has no electrical charge. That is the soul, a perfectly balanced and stable soul created from the balance of male and female energies. The soul always remains in the center and our soul always remains in our center.

The electron is the male part of the atom. The outer electron shell is male because it is expansive and likes to combine with other atoms. This electron is our astral body that is able to leave the central core of the soul and travel outward to explore the entire universe in a surface way, just as electrons can move through a wire. But this astral body remains a part of us, a part of our core, and will always return to us. Because there are seven possible electron rings around an atom there are seven possible astral bodies created of different types of energy. Each astral body is a male expression of the neutral soul (neutron) at the core of the atom itself and connected to it by a bond or cord. It in turn is balanced by a proton that remains in the core of the atom tightly bonded to the neutron.

The proton is an oppositely charged particle that remains at the heart of the soul tightly bonded with the neutron. This is the female aspect of the soul and the part that is electrically charged to attract more electrons or more male energy. We can see that our core soul consisting of our neutral and our feminine self remains rather stable while our astral bodies created of male energy move all over the place.

In physical life we find ourselves in either male or female bodies. A male physical body generates electrons or a negative charge that is expansive and spreads out easily across the surface of other atoms. This energy spreads out from astral body to astral body creating a vast electrical circuit or grid that spans our entire universe. It is radiant energy that spreads out in all directions looking for a home, looking for its Divine Counterpart. Like water it constantly seeks a way downward to its true core which it shares with its Divine Counterpart. This is the dream or framework upon which core reality is created.

A female physical body generates protons or a positive charge that remains at her core trying to attract the male energy of her Divine Counterpart. When she believes she has found a soul connection she builds on it, supporting it and gathering it in to her own core or womb where if successful it becomes a neutron, a combination of male and female energies, it becomes a soul that is so tightly bonded to her that it becomes a part of her own soul!

So males and females each generate different types of energy and each type of energy is searching for its perfect match, it’s soul mate or Divine Counterpart. The outer shell of an atom is always male energy that repels all other male energy. For the female this could be the energy of her father or a physical lover but it seals her aura and acts to prevent any other male energy from entering. It creates a barrier and in addition her own energy acts to support this outer dream carried by this male energy. She in one way or another energetically supports this male and his pattern. If this is not a true match it becomes confining, restrictive and abusive. If it is a true match it fulfills the dreams and desires of both by allowing the male energy to enter inside her outer boundary and share on the deeper levels beneath the surface. Her inner worlds become activated and she experiences life deeply and shares it deeply with him. Let it be said, a surface bond is a curse on a relationship.

As the male expands his energy out in all directions searching for a home his energy encounters her and he is strongly attracted to her. This attraction is so powerful that he is able to burst through the barrier of her outer shell and enters into her core. She receives his energy and holds it in her womb gathering it until the combination of her energy and his combined to create a neutron, a soul particle and from that moment on part of him resides in her core, his soul tightly bonded with hers. Her own soul has become completed and now it is his turn.

As he continues to share his own energy with her she begins to create a new soul body for him, an astral body which she gives birth to. Part of that soul body remains within her as a proton and part of it is released as an electron or astral body.  From that moment on his awareness resides in a new soul body or astral body (electron) that is tightly connected to the other half of his own soul which remains tightly bonded within her core. This is the energetic basis of soul mate and Divine Counterpart relationships. Soul mate relationships work upon the development of one of the seven aspects of the soul at a time. Divine Counterpart relationships carry this process to its ultimate conclusion.


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I’ve mentioned that several of the major galactic races have made peace with Gaia’s ascension process and are now supportive of it. I’ve also mentioned how the Reptilians have energetically been expelled even though their physical bodies might remain here under Gaia’s control. This is what is happening in the astral right now and it is the exact same thing that happened during the presidential election with a more dangerous and violent twist. The Reptilians are creating an anti-Trump timeline. This was being created in the fourth density astral planes. Now that these energies have been expelled from Gaia’s energy grid they are continuing to be built in the outer fifth density space that is no longer in contact with physical reality. So this anti-Trump energy is growing and growing. But it is growing upward and not towards physical manifestation! So what began in the emotional realms is now entering the higher mental realms and the craziness is getting worse and worse! Perhaps the hardest thing to watch is that there is no basis in physical reality for this timeline.

The Reptilians and other galactic groups have long known how to create timelines to influence physical manifestation. Their ultimate secret was to make people believe and then it would happen! That is why the “narrative” has been so important and why the “narrative” has never changed. The “narrative” is the core of the timeline that they are creating. This is the pattern of the old eon. But the organic people of earth have to believe it! Not the people of galactic descent! That is where the failure is.

The “narrative” is the dream. It is Hollywood and illusion. It is fake news and the mass media. The “narrative” exists at the outer level of the noble gases Radon and Xenon, 4th and 5th density. But all of the thirty three  third density elements and layers as well as the thirty three fourth density layers and elements are solidly established by the New Elves in an organic manner that is much lower and stronger and that can’t be altered. That is why the insanity is going upwards and why this Reptilian timeline will never physically manifest! A very ugly explosion is coming as this fabrication is debunked!

During the presidential election both sides were evenly matched and blocked each other until the energy of the lower levels broke loose with sexuality becoming more of an issue than the election itself. It was the lower level energetics that pushed Trump over the top! People were responding to Trump on a visceral and organic level that was not possible for Hillary. Think back and remember how almost every day Trump put his foot in his mouth and then something happened to the other side as well. That same process is happening all over again except the Reptilians no longer have any energetic connection to Gaia in the organic sense. There are no longer any buffers to absorb the shock. This is not going to be pretty! This time the other major galactic races are removing themselves from the conflict and openly embracing talk of love and acceptance. They have become a supporting part of the new pattern.

Expect this explosion around the summer solstice when the energies once more shift direction. That will mark the long heralded split of timelines so often spoken of. They are already splitting. Remember that each one of us has a reptilian brain that is now being activated. That reptilian brain is part of our DNA, but it is also part of our DNA that must be deactivated! It is no longer compatible with the energies of this world.

The expulsion of these energies has caused a lessening of emotional outbursts, but its entry into the higher levels signifies mental distortions and confusions. These people are no longer as wildly emotional but they are becoming more mentally deranged. The breaks from reality are becoming more severe. The self-destructive actions will escalate as emotional illness gives way to mental illness.

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Before I continue with my discussion of the differences between male and female awareness I would like to at least mention how the Jewish Kabbalah or the Tree of Life talks about these same things, but in less detail and less precision. Each of the seven groups of elements that form electron rings around the nucleus of an atom have been known and taught in sacred mystery schools of the past. But these Sephiroth have never been associated with raw element characteristics before.

Chesed symbolizes the noble gas Helium as the outer boundary of the spiritual kingdom of 9th density reality.

Geburah symbolizes the noble gas Neon as the outer boundary of the philosophical kingdom of mental energies and 8th density.

Tiphareth symbolizes the noble gas Argon as the outer boundary of normal ego awareness and the realities of 7th density.

Netzach symbolizes the noble gas Krypton as the outer boundary of the energies of love and the higher emotions as well as 6th density.

Hod symbolizes the noble gas Xenon as the outer boundary of the energies of the lower emotions and the realities of 5th density ascension.

Yesod symbolizes the noble gas Radon as the outer boundary of the energies of sexual pleasures and regeneration. These have also been termed Lunar energies as well as the land of fairy and 4th density.

Malkuth symbolizes the noble gas of the final unknown element that completes the seventh outer atomic ring. These energies represent physical life as we know it and third density.

I only share this in the hopes that this recognition might allow some to take what I am saying more seriously. I am not making this stuff up!

Interestingly enough it is also the Kabbalah that speaks of the two paths, the path of creation and the path of return. The Path of Creation is also called the Path of the Lightning Bolt and goes directly from Sephiroth to Sephiroth or noble gas to noble gas! This means that Spiritual archetypes become inspiration, then become thoughts, then emotions, then actions and finally become physical reality. This path goes from the top downward into physical manifestation. It is also the path of male consciousness and male awareness. It is the number of electrons in the outer most ring of an atom that determines what it is. All the other electrons, protons and neutrons don’t really matter and that is what the male normally is aware of, the outer surface of things.

So each noble gas or Sephiroth is like a movie screen that allows the male to be aware of things in his environment through personal interaction and perception. But the male is not normally able to discern the underlying subtleties, the invisible forces that are behind the outward manifestation. For the male this path is like Hollywood full of tinsel and glitter but lacking real depth. The male can experience the depths of reality only through becoming aware of the feminine energies inside him. Only Divine Love can bring him the depth and meaning that he so craves in life. He requires a sacred dream! He is driven by his dream!

The Path of Return is also the Path of the Serpent. It is also the normal path of female consciousness and awareness. Female awareness begins at the bottom and moves upward one element at a time and it follows two paths. That is why females are able to understand the male path to a great degree, but they are even more able to sense the invisible forces that work behind the scenes to support physical manifestation. This is why the female often seems to have two minds or two ways of thinking. She does! The female deeply experiences the true reality of things at the deepest possible levels. She feels deeply and emotionally. It is common for the female to embrace the sacred dream of a male and use her own energies to invisibly support it and help it to manifest.

In summary the male directly perceives the singular energies of the noble gases and is usually more in his head as a dreamer following a dream, while the female directly perceives all of the elements within the electron shell and is more realistic and down to earth, more emotional! It is the female that makes a house a home. I’m speaking globally and generally because things are not really that simple. That is the general pattern that things follow. This is also speaking of the entire spectrum of energies and most people are only aware of a small portion of who they really are. The goal is for all of us to become aware on all possible levels of existence.

The reality is that we grow in those areas of the soul in which we do the work! Our development is determined by the level of our normal waking awareness. When our awareness is in the lower levels we are working on the development of those lower levels. When our awareness is lifted to the higher levels our development takes place on the higher levels. The most powerful way of developing our souls is by falling in love!


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There are certainly some strange teachings about the non-physical worlds or the astral planes as they are often called. Religious, spiritual and occult teachings all have their own words and understanding of these matters. A person could spend their entire life studying these things and not get anywhere at all! I’m going to make things very simple, as simple as it gets. There is an astral layer for each element that exists in nature. These astral layers go from Hydrogen as the highest astral layer down to the unknown and unnamed final element of the series. I call this element #118 since I follow Dewey Larson’s General Field Theory and he lists 118 possible elements. Don’t sweat the small stuff! What is really important is that the heaviest and most complex element, the last possible element, completes the final electron ring of seven possible electron rings!

These seven electron rings isolate the elements into seven different groupings within the astral planes. These seven groupings of elements form the seven possible astral bodies and seven types of consciousness. They also form seven different types of souls and that is what we are going to be talking about later. We are going to be talking about how various galactic races have developed one particular type of soul and added it to the human genetic pattern.

First Group of Elements: The Light Body of Spiritual Archetypal energies. Everything is black and white here because there are only two energies. One major galactic race has astral bodies at this level. This level is inhabited by ninth density beings more commonly known as angels.

Hydrogen, Helium

Second Group of Elements: Abstract Mental Energies. There are eight imaginative energies here that mimic the eight sensory elements of the physical body. These are creative and imaginative. One major galactic race has astral bodies at this level. This level is inhabited by eighth density beings.

Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Neon

Third Group of Elements: Concrete Mental energies. These are the energies of normal mental awareness and of the eight sensory inputs of the human body. One major galactic race has astral bodies at this level. This level is inhabited by seventh density beings.

Sodium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Chlorine, Argon

Fourth Group of Elements: Upper Emotional Energies. This is the home of the self and heart energies. This includes joyful emotions and pride, loyalty, patriotism and so on. One major galactic race has astral bodies at this level. There are eighteen elements in this group and these levels allow a great diversity of life experience. We call this sixth density and it is inhabited by sixth density beings.

Potassium, Calcium, Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Gallium, Germanium, Arsenic, Selenium, Bromine, Krypton

Fifth Group of Elements: Lower Emotional Energies. This is the home of the energies of anger, despair, fortitude, will power and others. There are eighteen layers and elements for a diversity of life experience at this level as well. The Pleiadians have astral bodies at this level and we call this level 5th density. This is the main level of Gaia’s ascension.

Rubidium, Strontium, Yttrium, Zirconium, Niobium, Molybdenum, Technetium, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Cadmium, Indium, Tin, Antimony, Tellurium, Iodine, Xenon

Sixth Group of Elements: These are the sexual and generative energies. There are thirty three levels of awareness in this group including most so called occult senses and abilities. The Reptilians have astral bodies at this level and we call this level 4th density. so this is a fourth density body. This is also the land of fairy and Gaia has just recently expelled all non compatible souls and beings from this level and all higher levels. It is worth noting that wealth and riches such as gold and platinum are found here where the Reptilians have the advantage in the past.

Cesium, Barium, Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodymium, Neodymium, Promethium, Samarium, Europium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Dysprosium, Holmium, Erbium, Thulium, Ytterbium, Lutecium, Hafnium, Tantalum, Tungsten, Rhenium, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, Gold, Mercury, Thallium, Lead, Bismuth, Polonium, Astatine, Radon

Seventh Group of Elements: This is the last and lowest grouping of thirty three elements and these elements form Third Density life or physical life as we know it. This is the level of DNA formation and the origin level of Gaia’s newly ascended original species, the New Elves! Basically the Reptilians have been kicked out of Gaia’s fourth density and the New Elves have ascended into a new fourth density Garden of Eden. Compatible galactic races that wish to explore third density life are now entering Gaia at this level as New Humans.

Francium, Radium, Actinium, Thorium, Protactinium, Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, Americum, Curium, Berkelium, Californium, Einsteinium, Fermium, Mendelevium, Nobelium, Lawrencium, Rutherfordium, Hahnium and various unknown lower level elements down to #118 to completely fill the last and final electron ring.

This is the elemental ladder or stairway to heaven as it exists in the non-physical realms. Individual souls exist within each grouping and some individuals have developed more than one type of soul body. Each living being, soul or awareness has within them all of the elements and all of the energies but most are only aware of a few of them. The levels exist but they have not been awakened. There are some individuals that have awakened all 118 levels, developed all seven astral bodies and integrated them into one Cosmic Soul. This development of all levels of the soul has to be done before one can contact their Divine Counterpart. This is the new game!



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I’ve recently been granted some very important insight into the entire ascension process and Divine Counterpart Relationships as well as the controversy that is currently putting the United States in crisis. The problem is that putting down what I have been given will be very difficult, difficult to put down in words and difficult to understand because it is new and requires an open mind and heart to grasp it. Another difficulty is that I will need to speak in scientific metaphor. I will be attempting to explain non-physical things from a science perspective as metaphor, but not really metaphor! If your awareness crosses the bridge of understanding you will be there! Forget the small stuff!

This is going to take several blog posts so bear with me. The material I am about to share has never been shared before as far as I know. This blog is going to specialize about Divine Counterparts and what that really means.

Each one of us was originally a spark of awareness, a vibratory energy of light/electricity. Science tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Things have always been this way and always will be this way!

Our Divine Counterpart is the equal and opposite reaction to our own awareness! It is an opposite type of awareness that has the ability to perceive the same things we do, arrive at the same conclusions, values and beliefs as we do. But our Divine Counterpart  processes information in a completely different way, an opposite way from us. One of us perceives the back ground and the other perceives the foreground but we both perceive the same images and things. Divine Counterparts are so balanced that they can become perfect mirrors of each other. Consider the Yin-Yang symbol. It is easy to see how symmetrically balanced they are. But now consider other optical illusions. A familiar one is where a goblet is seen or two faces confronting each other depending on how you look at it. It is a goblet and it is two faces looking at each other. Both are true, but only one is seen! This is the real problem with most male/female relationships and communications. They are not balanced enough to be recognizable as the same on each side. The more distorted and unrecognizable one side is, the more distorted and unrecognizable the other side is!

Male energy and awareness is the outward movement of light in all directions as an outward pulse. Female energy and awareness is that same pulse now reversing back to its origin point in as straight a line as possible as an electrical charge. Light/Electricity. The energy pulses outward and the male becomes aware while the female is not aware. The energy pulses inward and the female becomes aware while the male is not aware. They are both part of the same vibration and part of the same movement. They exist in the same place and time, but are not aware of each other. This is the root origin of Divine Counterparts and each Divine Counterpart pair is created in the same moment. They are two souls in one, eternally the same energy and the same frequency.

As life evolved an equal and opposite type of life evolved at the same time. These were the male and female of each species!

But the eternal flow of energy still existed between the two Divine Counterparts and became stronger as their souls became closer and closer together. One was radiant and the other was embracing. One was Divine Wisdom and the other was Divine Love. There is and always will be a powerful attraction of one for the other because they are a part of each other.

Consider that our Divine Counterpart will always remain a mystery to us and we will always remain a mystery to them, but we can experience the same world together, share similar experiences, hold similar beliefs and have similar values.


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For those of you that have noticed a sudden change in Gaia, that she is cleaner and more vibrant with new life there is a reason for this. Gaia has expelled all souls whose energy signatures are not compatible with hers! I’d better start at the beginning because this is the most exciting news I have been able to share in months! This expulsion has been in the works for a long time but has now finally physically manifested!

I use a ten density system so those that use a different system will need to translate this according to their own understanding. For me 10th density is Unity, period. That means all the activity is 9th density and down. There are beings that have achieved 10th density. There are 10th density beings that have been expelled from Gaia because they are not compatible with her new energy system. The souls or beings that have been expelled from Gaia range between 5th and 10th density. All life forms from 4th density and lower have been caught up in the safety net of  Gaia’s ascension and she currently takes care of them as her own children. There are also many beings of 5th density and higher all the way up to 10th density that are compatible with her energies and comfortably sustained by them. They are Gaia’s supporters and protectors, her champions. There are members of Galactic races that are embraced by Gaia and there are members of those same Galactic races that have been expelled! As you can see this in not an easy thing to put into words or to explain.

Essentially the question is about duality and the duality of the soul. If the soul orients to the polarity of conflict between good and evil, light and dark that means it is drawn together with others in conflict. It doesn’t matter if this soul is 5th density or 10th density, it has been expelled from Gaia! If the soul orients to the polarity of love between male and female, that means it will be drawn together with others in acts of love. This is the only soul orientation now existing within Gaia’s newly empowered energy grid! That doesn’t mean conflict is over by any means, but it means that a male/female energetic balance now exists that will not be allowed to be destroyed. That is because it will be kept by Divine Counterpart Couples of all densities and all Galactic races! The nature of the new game is for each being to find its own Divine Counterpart through the trial and error of 3D living.

So what just happened? How does all this relate to our experience of current physical reality?

The expulsion of all non-compatible souls from Gaia’s energy grid has forced those souls to be contained in a space outside her own energy grid and that space contains these 5th through 10th density foreign souls. That is their new home were they will gradually continue their evolution in an environment more closely suited to them.

Now this is the important part! Many of these souls still have physical bodies that remain within this physical world! These physical bodies are now under Gaia’s control and these souls have lost their own earth connection. They no longer have any power to affect change at all in the physical world and can only shout their frustration in the mental levels of 5th density energies. They sound like tempests in a tea pot and will consist of sound and fury signifying nothing at all. Their physical actions will be drawn into self destructive behaviors with other self destructive people and events. Their souls have already gone and it won’t take long for their bodies to follow!

Because these people are split, they are in a constant state of psychotic break flipping from extreme high spiritual goals to the most ugly violent physical behaviors! The stress these people feel will get worse and worse until their own awareness can once more unite with their souls outside of Gaia’s energy grid at the death of their physical bodies! Realize that these people now exist in this world and that they are powerless! Just leave them alone in their self destruction and don’t get caught up in it!

While there are individual exceptions, seven of the eight major Galactic races have found ways to ascend in harmony with Gaia and these souls are allowed to experience physical lives as humans if they so choose. They can also continue to exist as energy beings within Gaia’s energy grid. The Reptilian race is the only Galactic race unable to exist within Gaia’s new energy because the fight or flight mechanism of the reptile mind can’t function in the new energetic conditions. Reptilian souls need to become human souls to exist in these new energetic conditions. This is possible but difficult unless a reptilian soul has also experienced lifetimes within other Galactic races.

I would also like to announce the graduation and ascension of Gaia’s own original species! These souls were here on Gaia from the very first moment of her creation and have played a very special role in her ascension process! Originally they were gentle tree souls and while their physical bodies couldn’t move, their souls could move and connect with each other. Over the eons these souls mingled with the Galactic races taking on many of their qualities while retaining their own origins. They now exist upon this new Gaia as a new species, the New Elves! They have kept their link to Gaia, nature and all living things, especially trees! Gaia’s ascension is their ascension!

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The pressure of the full moon yesterday and today was incredible to say the least. There was powerful activity with Gaia’s ascension movement as well. From my normal  point of perception within the astral planes Gaia simply vanished! There was only a swirling mass of angry black clouds. Two things remained clear, Gaia had gone somewhere, had ascended, and I was still in the same place along with some other beings that were not able to go with Gaia either. Rose was also there with me.

But here is the interesting part, because Gaia was gone I felt that my task to help Gaia’s ascension process had finished. Gaia was no longer the Divine Feminine that I served and I offered that service to my Divine Counterpart Rose. What is most important is that a polarity shift occurred! Gaia was no longer in my energetic circuit and Rose was getting the full brunt of it as I offered it to her in service.

Later I sensed that Rose had successfully grounded my energy and a totally new Gaia appeared, a Gaia that was heavy with vegetation, almost like a jungle or deep forest. It was a new planet vibrant with life and I was a part of it!

So this was a definite shifting of timelines, of realities with the utter collapse and destruction of one and the enhancement of the other. I also felt that none of these things had to do with me any more because my task was completed. I had simply become a “watcher”. That is how it still feels.

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