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As I’ve mentioned before there is a new non-physical 3D on new Gaia and it was just created as her energies stabilized across her entire grid. She is now in the process of “giving birth” to the non-physical bodies of those that have ascended with her and will be living on her. Her new body is a veritable Garden of Eden with beautiful plant and animal life.

From now until 11/11 she will be weaving the soul’s of each individual into her newly created body according to that soul’s ability. The full moon severed our souls from the old physical world and we will rise as high as possible this next week according to our own inner natures.

This coming new moon on the 11th brings “awareness” of our new soul body. In the meantime we are being transplanted to our new home.

This coming opportunity for change is so powerful and radical that I have no further idea as to what to expect other than it will be most powerful and wonderous!

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Physical Regeneration

In my last couple posts the ascension energy was clearly focused upon the transfer of awareness or the soul from old 3D to our new destination, New Gaia. This activity also seemed to be focused upon 5D. Let me be clear in that New Gaia also has a 3D,4D and all the higher dimensions as well. But the activity was focused on New Gaia, 5D and anchoring that specific frequency as a base frequency for further development of both the New Elves and the New Humans.

Last night I dreamed of taking care of my “horse”. This horse was very tame and well mannered and I even had some type of food for it to eat. This horse was very solid and physical as it was warm and I was able to pat it fondly.

Interpreting this dream is as follows. This horse is my new immortal 3D body. Right now it is still a horse but as my own awareness integrates it more completely it will become human, my new immortal 3D human body.

It is nourished by non-physical foods and is not dependent upon Gaia to survive. It is purely a creation of my own body, and extension of my own soul back into 3D. This is the process now going on by those New Elves that are in the process of taking back our newly created 3D world. Again this is an organic process and works through the DNA.

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Radical Satanism

As we head for the full moon in October, Samhain, the time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest I find myself closing one phase of my life and beginning another. Most souls have determined the polarity of their choice and that part of the game is over. But for a small few of us the battle continues at an even greater intensity! Those I call the New Elves have been with Gaia since the beginning and their ascension includes both North pole magnetic orientation and South pole magnetic orientation. They have attained full spectrum ascension in this regard to the best of their ability. These are the fallen angels, my people.

These souls have integrated both their shadow and their higher self to a great degree and seek their rightful place in our new world. My new blog Radical Satanism is specifically for them. These are the teachings that will help them to get through this last portion, this last battle!

I will continue to provide updates as needed but my focus is now shifting to something beyond the ascension movement.

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Piercing The Veil

Of course the question on everyone’s mind is when will things begin to manifest physically? The truth is that they are manifesting and have been for quite some time! It’s just that things have happened so seamlessly that they have not really been noticed.

But by and large all of the major work has been done in the astral/non-physical planes. That has just changed! With the solidification of Gaia’s master timeline the activity has just jumped to what we consider the true physical level! This is why the next few months will be quite an adjustment.

So many people have thought that we were going to leave this physical world! Well, some of us are and some of us are going to take it back! This is the final battle! It will be magic against technology. Organic reality against artificial reality. This will be the battle of all battles and it has already been won on all the non-physical planes! Now we take back our world!

Some of us have no intention of having our mortal bodies die; but rather have them transmute to pure energy. This is not the task of beginners so they have been called off the battlefield. The only warriors left are the greatest and most powerful; the ones that have been on Gaia since the beginning. These warriors were on Gaia before the age of dinosaurs. I have called these souls the new elves as they fight for Gaia and serve her in all ways. They are her guardians and keepers.

Think about it! We freely admit that Gaia has moved into 5D space way back in 2012 but humanity has not until just now. Look around you! What you see and experience is the illusion of 3D, but it is a new 3D created out of a new 5D. Collectively we have shifted timelines and done lots of things using our new multi-dimensional abilities. But we are still waiting for some big shift! Why?

Love is now coming into our physical world in ways that it never has before. Gaia’s energy grid is pulsing with organic vital life force energy, sexual orgasm energy, physical energy! All living things are contributing either consciously or unconsciously. This is the Kali Yuga, the age of the deepest possible life force energy and it will be lasting for the next two thousand years. Magic now overflows in our world if we can only tap into it and make our dreams come real.

This age is about the Goddess, the Goddess in human form and Goddess power. It is also about the balance of male and female and the creation and empowerment of the soul at all levels of existence. This is also the age of tantra and the hidden secrets of God and Goddess are about to be revealed to all of humanity. This includes the secrets of the soul.

Humanity is about to see true magic in action for the first time on an immense scale at the physical level. Things will happen that defy logic and reason; things that will shatter the misguided beliefs of narrow and judgmental minds. The kid gloves are off and the battle of the Titans begins in earnest!

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Oct 10, 2015, a new phase has begun in the ascension process. Since the events of yesterday when the master timeline, Gaia’s collective timeline was finalized, the doors of heaven closed. What this means is that all living things made their choice to move into the spirit worlds or to return to a new physical 3D. These are both currently superimposed over each other but now beginning to drift apart. This drifting apart is because the DNA is organic and awareness is driven by the organic vital life force while the physical body is kept alive through chemical reactions.

The massive interplay of energies upon our physical bodies has been unravelling our DNA and cleansing it. Now that the new base frequency has been achieved those choosing further mortal 3D embodiment (magnetic south pole orientation) will find their own DNA beginning to tighten back together for further life in the chemical driven mortal physical body. The main reason for choosing this option is the opportunity for greater and faster soul growth than existing in the spirit realms where advancement and growth is not as easy or quick.

Those ascended souls choosing to remain in the spiritual realms will continue the unravelling process of their DNA and gradually dissolve the chemical bond keeping their mortal physical bodies alive. In doing this their awareness will transfer to a pure energetic signature at each level according to individual ability. In essence this is a “horizontal” way of dying or crossing over, one that happens in increments. One where “out of body” experiences” become the norm.

It involves the creation of the “observer self” or soul which is the watcher that watches us in our dreams. As the DNA unravels parts of our awareness are transferred over to this “observer self”. The longer we can remain in mortal physical bodies from this point on the greater the unraveling of the DNA and the more parts of our awareness can be transferred to our immortal “observer self”. At some point the final transfer of consciousness will complete and our awareness will have shifted in a horizontal fashion into our newly created non physical body. The more parts of awareness that we are able to transfer, the more our new non physical world will seem like physical 3D.

To many it will appear as if we are still in mortal physical 3D until we notice how much more easily we can manifest things in our lives. We will now also begin to notice the healing process as non-compatible elements of our physical bodies begin to drop away or die away. This will be followed by a regenerative process that is based upon our “observer self”.

bright blessings

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9 October 2015, In a spontaneous movement the gates of heaven closed while at the same time creating the massive collective timeline or pattern that is the blueprint for this entire great cycle. In practical terms those souls that were granted north pole magnetic orientation (ascension)yet still desired south pole magnetic orientation were allowed to leave. Their awareness once more reversed polarity to  the desired south pole orientation while their higher self retained its north pole orientation and remained in the spirit realms. Said another way some souls chose to “fall” back into physical 3D to continue experiencing life as mortal humans during this new cycle leaving their spiritual higher selves behind.

All other ascended souls have elected to have their souls and awareness remain in the spiritual realms as non 3D physical beings and higher. In this manner humanity has completely split with roughly half choosing to remain as new humans in physical 3D while the other half has chosen to live as immortal non-physical 3D and up according to personal levels of attainment in a multi-dimensional existence.


All life forms in the spiritual planes rushed to support and finalize Gaia’s massive timeline that will be the spiritual blueprint for the coming great cycle. This is a collective timeline that exists and goes through all densities and astral planes. This is the result of the finalization of the “base frequency” on 28 September. This is the “master timeline” that all other personal timelines will orient around. In effect this “master timeline” is so flexible that it might more truthfully be called a “mini-universe” containing multi-dimensional timelines within it.


Things will continue to sort themselves out through the October full moon when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. From now until the winter solstice astral activity will be very strong and definitive.

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As of Sept 28 we have collectively pulled ourselves onto a high plateau or base frequency. It is much higher than many thought we could achieve and we should all be proud of our achievement! This is a complex subject but  simply said the frequency that we have just attained is a permanent one and is a harmonic of the lowest astral level near the earth plane. This means that it resonates with the lowest astral level and the ability to exist comfortably at this frequency allows one to work with and alter the lowest astral level. This is where magic happens!

The upper levels are still tangled and need to be sorted out and this will take some time. But for now until the winter solstice this base frequency is going to rock our world in many ways. Some will start building that firm foundation that has eluded us for so long. Others will be shaken by vulnerable things in their lives and be forced to down size in frequency and ambition.

If possible do not interact or engage negative events as they will attempt to draw you in to them and drain your vitality and lower your vibration. This is especially true about money and financial matters. Release what you can and sprint for the finish line. Remember that possession is 9/10ths of the law!

Make no mistake about what is happening! Every new age begins with a new energy at the lowest level and begins its slow march to the higher levels over thousands of years. We are looking at this lowest level being the empowerment energy for the next two thousand years and this energy is survival energy! This energy is organic energy! Consider the survival of yourself, your loved ones and all living things. Consider that all things need safety, food and shelter. Forget about money, forget about the economy! Center on what really matters, what organically matters! Think about the circle of life and how plants give off oxygen as a waste product while we require it. Think about how we give off carbon dioxide as a waste product while plants require it! All living things are in this together and the balance of life needs to be kept! Think about the Syrian refugees that are looking for safety, food and shelter! We are all in this together.

Our newly created and ascended non physical bodies are now gradually letting go of 3D physicality. This may take some time as it involves letting go at the cellular level, the DNA level. I will be blunt. This is not done until we separate from our 3D physical bodies and the longer we can remain in those bodies at this new base frequency, the greater our ability to work magic in our new world. The world is always filled with magic at the beginning of a great cycle and always depleted of it at the end of a great cycle. It is time to use our creative energy, our magical energy!

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Ascension Update

Sept 3, 2015. What a wild ride this has been! I will share some of the things I have seen/experienced. On the day of the equinox during the work day there was a massive movement of humanity within the astral planes. This seemed to be a polarity reversal on the non physical self, the observer self or soul. The polarity shift was from magnetic south orientation to magnetic north orientation. In practical terms the non-physical awareness transferred to the spiritual planes where it remains immortal. The physical body remains mortal but the soul has been awakened at all levels! At the death of our physical bodies this new awareness and non physical body will remain. This is what has been attained!

On the morning of the blood moon there was a massive creation of new timelines and a closure of old timelines. The circuit or circle has been completed and all energy is now flowing in a new way, one it has never flowed through before. This has been followed every day by massive transformation within the astral and heavy astral activity each night since then.

Last night/this morning I had a dream of someone pulling a painter’s cloth or dust cloth over the room I was in. Several people were in the room and I resisted. It was like a great hall. The person pulling the cloth over everyone and everything tried to calm me and said, “Everything is all right!” There was nothing I was able to do.

The dream shifted to what seemed a van or vehicle with people inside like a FEMA vehicle. People were coming and going and I was simply sitting inside watching the people come and go. There were other vehicles and I was in one of them. A young male went around making sure that everyone was taken care of. He had dark smudges all the way around his eyes and it struck me later that they were shaped like to eye openings in a skull. It was like his skull was showing through his flesh but his face was normal looking and friendly. Then an alarm went off and people were told to stay in the vehicle. There was to be no going back and forth and the other vehicle left. Ours was simply waiting. It was not the first to go.

This was obviously a transition dream of some kind with the people in it including me, waiting to transition to another location/reality. Everything was calm and orderly and I was calm and relaxed as I waited for the move when our vehicle would go. End of dream.

The massive shifting of the astral planes does indicate large shifts in reality and I suspect most will happen by the next full moon, the Samhain full moon when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. That’s all for now.

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