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This is to confirm that Gaia’s mass ascension happened this afternoon while I was at work. I suddenly noticed heavy movement within the astral and an enormous quantity of beings began moving across  into the new Gaia. It was a massive surge and now about five hours later the congestion is clearing as these beings expand out into their new home.

Technically we are still here but our souls have shifted polarity from a south pole orientation to a north pole orientation. For all practical purposes this means that our “observer self” or soul has integrated our physical body and reversed its magnetic orientation.

Said another way our awareness now permanently exists within the astral and has lost the 3D physical connection it had since our birth in physical bodies. You will notice change within your dreams from this point on. Our non-physical selves have moved into the same time/space as all our other space brothers and sisters. This means we now can function creatively at 4th density and above according to our own limitations.

The reverse wave has yet to come as explained in my last post. But this first and most important part has occurred!

The spirit realms stand in awe of the world we have brought with us. I will post more about all this later when I have more time.

Remember that many are entering this new game and just as eager to come into physical 3D as we are to be leaving it! This has yet to happen but will before the full moon in a few days.

bright blessings

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Gaia is Rising!

September 21, 2015. Gaia is rising into the heavens like the glorious queen that she is! This just began happening today, Sept 21 and will continue until the equinox. After the equinox the energies will reverse and all resistance will melt away causing an even more rapid acceleration of events.

As Gaia rises it is the lowest and tiniest life forms that will ascend first. First the lower levels and the highest levels will be the last as it has been written, “The last shall be first and the first shall be last.” This is now happening and will be completed by the equinox on the 23.

In past ascensions the lowest have been left behind taking on the unwanted dross and toxins of those that ascended. In Gaia’s ascension this taking on of another beings negative energy can no longer happen. For the first time the lower life forms get their fair share of love and light from the creator directly and not trickled down through the ranks of beings.

Each being will carry his or her own negative energy as well as positive energy and rise as high as they can into the light. Then their own darkness will lower them until they find a balance where they can assimilate both the light and the dark, the male and the female that exists within their own souls.

The simple life forms have never left God’s protection and are in the position of honor as Gaia carries them into the heavens. High level twin flames guard the balance and will be the last to ascend completely.

The time period from the equinox until the 28th will be a time of adjustment and release as ascended beings encounter their own darkness and find their true place in God’s kingdom. Those that have done the work will find joy and happiness while those that have not done any inner work will find themselves lowered. This will happen most rapidly this next week so expect shocking news from all around the globe as consciousness and awareness of hidden things comes into the open.

Bless us all!

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To create a collective world by very definition it is something that must be collectively agreed upon and this past year has been a war for the collective, trying to determine where the line will be drawn that determines the properties of our newly created hologram world, the new Gaia.

It has been a stalemate in many ways where there was gridlock with neither side being able to gain the advantage. But time has run out and this new moon, today, September 13, that defining line had to be drawn. As in so many things one can only go as far as the weakest member can go. The chain breaks at the weakest link and not at the strongest link.

The group of souls that I belong to has been struggling for the ascension of Gaia and all living things upon her. Every living thing was to ascend! My recent sinus infection and need for antibiotics at this critical time shows me that our goal was too ambitious. The last two nights had dreams of moving backwards, or not being able to achieve the final goal as desired. Too many people in the collective were supporting the old ways and not opening their hearts to the new.

Humanity plays a special role in Gaia’s ascension simply because they are capable of abstract thought, logic and reasoning and some able to tap into the levels of spiritual energy. This is what makes humans unique and important. Most other life forms can’t achieve the levels that humans can. But all life forms have a say in Gaia’s ascension! The new energies are not trickle down like the old energies, now each life form has its own connection to source and has an equal voice in things.

The powers that be or TPTB have struggled to have some type of physical world remaining after ascension, a world that they can dominate and rule. Our goal was that there would be no world left for them, that all would ascend!

It is now clear that TPTB have succeeded in their effort of preventing a complete ascension of all life forms. But it will not be to their advantage. All life forms down to the level of bacteria will ascend and cross over into 5th density as part of Gaia’s own body and life system. She will guide and protect them. The rocks, seas and bacteria will stay behind for TPTB to exist upon. They will need to create a new world to live on and create it from scratch, from single cell life forms just like it was done once before. This is what has been termed Planet B by some lightworkers. At the moment of their physical death these PTB will find themselves on this world that they have created.

Most of the rest of humanity will find themselves spread across a broad range of timelines suitable to their own level of awareness and soul development and created by their own beliefs. To them these will be experienced as physical 3D worlds as well as potential multi dimensional realities for those advanced enough to make use of them.

There will also be those that will be able to ascend beyond physical 3d and free themselves of 3D restrictions and difficulties. Some will ascend through the death of their physical bodies while a few will ascend in physical bodies and those physical bodies will transmute and move out of physical 3D completely.

All of this has been said before and nothing here is new, except that the dividing line for this has finally been established. The world has finally split! It has split into three parts and the largest part is the middle one. Even the middle one is divided into two inclinations, one scientific and the other more organic.

So if we think of the great battle of the heavens as the fight between good and evil the game has ended in a tie as it must always end. But this tie leaves much room for those in the middle to find their own way in their own time. Those in the middle remain free and this is the great victory that has been achieved! The victory is for those in the middle and not those extremists that push things too far.


bright blessings



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As the ascension energy has increased my body has had to adjust. Many of us have been very active transmuting dark and toxic energies into harmless and helpful energies. Some of us have not only done this with personal energy but also with Gaia’s energy and the energies of the human race as well. As we transmute our own negative energies we draw the negative energies of others into us to be transmuted. This happens because there was a blockage and now in us is an opening for this energy to flow. That is why we often feel attacked in our most vulnerable areas. Our own ability to transmute energy attracts toxic energy to us.

For me, in 2010 I had my first pulmonary embolisms or blood clots in my lungs. It seemed as if my body was attacking me. In reality it was this negative energy just trying to find a way through. Being on blood thinners led to dental issues where again the weaknesses of my body were tested resulting in tooth loss. This past year saw another round of pulmonary embolisms and now a major sinus infection just before the September equinox.

The point of all this is that the physical body can only take so much and when too much is taken on it must be released or the body will die. My sinus infection is a result of trying to take on and transmute too much negative energy at the cellular level. Taking antibiotics kills both good and bad bacteria within the physical body. This activity happens on the cellular level and shows that for me at least my physical body has reached the breaking point of where it needs to release what it can’t transmute. Ascension is DNA ascension and happens at the DNA level. We all exist in a continuum where there are things too small for us to be aware of and things too large for us to be aware of. In my case this slippage occurs at this biological level. My healing meditations fail to grasp the distinction between healthy and unhealthy at the level of my sinus infection and need medical assistance. The meaning is profound because I will go through this equinox while taking antibiotics and be separated from my normal and healthy bacteria. There is a split and my awareness is going one way and leaving the rest behind.

What I am trying to say is that my ascended body and awareness will not include my normal and healthy bacteria and only on the other side of the golden particles or veil will they be reassembled if desired, but only if desired. Only the parts of us that we are aware of can make it through the gates of heaven. Everything else will be left behind. In this the ascension experience will be different for everyone.

We can only recreate what we can hold in our awareness! Our concept of self will be what determines where we end up in all of this. I am fortunate in having developed my ability to function at the lower levels and my new earth will reflect the lower levels as will be true for all indigenous life forms that have evolved upon Gaia through this past great cycle. This collectively will be a Garden of Eden, but for me at least will only extend as deeply as I have gone. It will stop at the point where my sinus infection begins!

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9/9/8 was definitely a power day! But first I would like to talk about the golden sparkles or golden dust that I have had dreams or visions about at least ten times now. This golden dust  exists, I have no doubt in my mind at all. Call them Adamite particles, God particles or whatever; they seem to form a curtain or barrier that Gaia and all living things is currently crossing over. I have seen Gaia being pulled through this net of golden particles. I have felt them swarming around me and in most dreams or visions where they appear they seem to be something to go through. The sense that I have is that these golden particles are the culmination point of Gaia’s ascension process. When she goes through this curtain she enters the “Gates of Heaven”. So yes, these golden particles have also been called the gates of heaven. These golden particles will transform everything and nothing will be the way it was.

The morning of the 9th I was in a golden cloud of these particles and feeling protected and sheltered by spiritual light. Then the dream shifted and I was with a small group of people looking up at the night sky. The moon was orange/red, blood red in the sky and a flying machine was silhouetted against it. I say flying machine because it was definitely not a flying saucer as I know them. It was long and angular and as it moved across the face of the moon I could tell that it was huge. I grabbed the person next to me, shook them and said, “Look at that!” Then it came right over us and stopped. A transparent sphere then came down toward us and the dream ended. There was no fear and I was amazed and happy. This was obviously about the coming blood moon.

Then this morning, the 10th I was in another group of men and it was quite threatening. I faced down a person that was threatening me and made him back up. He dropped something that another man reached for but I stepped on it with my shoe and then picked it up myself. It was round like a tool and I couldn’t tell if it was a tool or a weapon. I warned another person away and called him “cousin”.

This was a very strange dream in that I was actually aggressive and taking charge of a potentially dangerous situation. In the long run it was empowering but shows that there is still conflict going on within the astral as Gaia’s ascension nears the finish line. Literally all of my dreams and vision are now at the lowest possible levels. The entire astral is changing almost violently every day and exhaustion is common from just keeping up with things.

I share this to show that things are indeed on the move and taking final forms before the finish.

Bright blessings,


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September Blood Moon

As we head for the end of this wild ride it is time to take stock of what is happening and what to expect. I personally know several people, good friends, who have experienced conclusion/ascension/massive light encounters that indicate the end of something and new beginnings. I have had my own dreams or visions that tell me this is the conclusion and the part we have all been waiting for all of our lives.

In particular I have noticed creative dreams or visions that indicate new life and new purpose. I’ve dreamed of reenlisting in the military. Now this is a strange dream to have for an ending!  The very purpose of reenlisting is to continue on! I am no longer active duty and I take this dream as a spiritual warrior, not in the literal sense. I’ve also come to a place in my personal life where astral activity can no longer alter or affect what must physically manifest or happen. In particular this means a slippage where I can no longer sustain myself within the old system and need to drop out, become an outlaw so to speak.

Since this is timely and of concern to many I will share it. I have struggled to get my head around a debt crisis that is unsurmountable. I was working two jobs to make ends meet. One job ended and I encountered serious medical issues aggravating the entire issue. I thought that bankruptcy was the option, but it is not. Bankruptcy still remains within the system. Apparently there is a need for me to completely leave the system, allowing my car to go back and only taking care of things essential for keeping my family alive and healthy.

For things to change in our world even more people like me need to leave the old system and allow it to crash. There is a new sustainable system in the works that is post scarcity and offers plenty for all but it can’t happen until there is no other way. For those interested please read up on the Zeitgeist Movement, http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/ . We do have a future, but we need to implement it.

There is growing need in this world and if we don’t open our hearts to others, it is our own souls that will suffer. The economy is something that is not real, a creation of the head that people consider real. It is only real when people collectively believe in it. But now the question appears, how important is the economy when people are starving? If there is no food, what does a credit score matter? If there is no shelter where can people sleep?

As the month of September unfolds we will see a polarization taking place as some choose to keep the old system alive and others reach out with their hearts to people in need or find themselves in need of assistance.

Energetically this is the finish line for Gaia’s ascension and we have made it, all of us! Or it will be by the end of the month. There are those holding the doors open for others as I write this.

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