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For the past three months I’ve been glued to my computer screen trying to make sense of what is going on in our increasingly crazy world. I’ve gone down rabbit holes and been exposed to conflicting news articles to the point that it is impossible to tell what the truth really is any more. That is why I haven’t really posted much on it. But I have arrived at some conclusions and they seem pretty solid so I will share them for what it’s worth.

As always if you really want to know what is going on see how the Russian ruble is doing against the US dollar! Right now it is the strongest it has been in ten years! It is also growing stronger and is the key to what is really going on in our world as I will try to explain.

What is happening is that the global economic system is being deliberately collapsed so that it can be reset. That means the United States dollar is being deliberately collapsed as well. This global collapse is well under way and cannot be stopped or softened. The collapse must be total for it to be replaced with a new global financial system. The old existing system cannot continue and is falling apart.

It is the Davos globalists/ DeepState that have initiated this global currency collapse. They are hoping that their global RESET plan can be put into place which will allow them to remain in power and continue their economic enslavement of the human race.

They are being opposed by nationalist countries like Russia and the BRICS nations which are leaving the globalist SWIFT system and creating a new alternative system with many national currencies that are backed by gold and other commodities. That is why it is so important to know how the ruble is doing against the dollar on a daily basis!

The US dollar is/was the world’s only reserve currency and the United States has illegally weaponized it for many years through its sanctions on many different countries. It has gotten away with it until now. The sanctions that the United States and other NATO countries have placed upon Russia have failed to bring about the financial collapse that was intended and things have backfired badly on these countries! Make no mistake about this, the sanctions that have been placed upon Russia have been intended to completely destroy Russia financially and they have failed. This is why it is so important to them that Russia is defeated in the Russia-Ukraine war.

The global economy is collapsing and the gold/commodity backed Russian ruble must be destroyed at any cost or their own global RESET will fail. But this is not working out for them. Instead other countries are slowly abandoning the US dollar and seeking to use other currencies in their trade instead. As each country abandons the US dollar and begins to trade in other currencies those unwanted dollars return to the United States and add enormously to the inflation that we are currently experiencing.

As the global economic collapse continues and speeds up the war between these two conflicting economic systems becomes more and more existential for each of them because they cannot both exist in the same world. They cannot both exist because one is based upon debt and the other is based upon gold, commodities and other natural resources. One is based upon scarcity and the other is based upon prosperity!

As more and more nations around the world abandon the US dollar as a reserve currency and create their own gold and commodity backed currencies to trade with those abandoned and unwanted dollars will continue to return to the United States and add to the already growing inflation until the US dollar is completely worthless!

This is happening as we speak with the biggest stock market crash the world has ever seen in its early phases. Pretty much anything that is not able to be physically owned and held is going to be wiped out. That is why it is so important to stock up on food, clothing, and other physical things of value such as gold and silver, computers, cars, real estate or anything that is not paper.

Why are gold and silver so undervalued? Because our current market economy sees no difference between “paper gold” and physical gold! Any time the market price of gold gets too high “paper gold” is sold off to bring the price back down artificially. If people actually demanded their “paper gold” in coins or bullion there would not be enough to go around and the “paper gold” would vanish because it never really existed except on paper!

The global practice of fractional reserve banking has allowed the creation of imaginary gold and other commodities created out of nothing. That is why the Davos globalist/ DeepState insists upon the creation of some type of fiat monetary system where these illusions can be sustained instead of one backed with gold and other commodities.

The gold and commodities backed Russia ruble is the first global currency in modern times to anchor itself to physical reality. That is why it is doing so well and remaining so strong. That is also why other countries are beginning to follow suit and abandoning the US dollar!

In the meantime the stock market is self destructing because it is so far removed from the true value of things. Inflation will continue until the dollar becomes worthless. Invest in physical goods if possible and protect yourself, your family and your assets!

I am not an expert and this is only my opinion and take on things. Use your own discernment according to your own situations.

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I have been getting ready for an annual apartment inspection that will take place tomorrow. It’s actually about checking to see if the plumbing and stuff is ok, but it also is about if the occupant’s living space is habitable and safe. Piles of boxes and stuff cluttered around is a no no. It can’t look like you are living in a warehouse! My recent purchase of an inversion table for my back remains unpacked until after the inspection.

I managed to get things looking pretty good and am feeling pretty good about the inspection. This morning I woke up in that half way state and sensed my small apartment as ship shape but also sensed some small trouble ahead that I would need to go through. It could be anything. My car is back at the shop because it is still leaking fluid. . .

The energy has changed, a new phase is starting and it is associated with the full moon tonight. The period from the full moon of Easter until the next full moon in Taurus now happening represents the first complete stirring of the spring energies on all levels of the magickal planes. The vital life spark of the living spring energies has now been distributed throughout all the levels, the incoming spiritual energies of the Spiritual Planes have fertilized all that they can and a new phase begins. We are no longer concerned about sowing or planting. Now we are concerned about pulling out the weeds!

Energetically this is not the time to force things, but the time to stand up and confront things as they unfold and come to you. The time for prepping is over and the enemy is at the gate! The activity shifts to dealing with things. Things are what they are, our life circumstances are what they are. It is time to make our stand and get through this troubled time in any way we can.

Gaia has ascended and this is her first yearly cycle with the new energies running the show. The transition will be painful and difficult for many.

I’ve done a deep dive into what is happening globally and we have avoided the worst. We have avoided World War III. But what we cannot avoid is a global financial collapse! The old system is no longer viable and both the white hats and black hats understand that the old system must be torn down to make way for the new system. The elite globalists want a new unipolar financial system that will economically enslave humanity. But the new system that will bring fairness and prosperity to the world is the multipolar gold and commodity backed system that Russia is currently anchoring into place with the growing assistance of other countries around the world.

So forget the war in Ukraine, forget the vaccine controversy. The true conflict is about which financial system will become the global one. The old global financial system based upon the US dollar as a reserve currency is collapsing. As I’ve said before you only need to check how the ruble is doing against the dollar to know what is happening in all other areas of the world! The ruble remains strong and growing stronger which means other countries are jumping on board with the concept of a gold backed and commodity backed currency based upon actual resources and are abandoning a debt based system.

Realistically this means hyper inflation combined with food shortages as well as energy shortages on a global basis. We don’t need to worry about what is going on in Russia or China because we will be worrying about our own neighborhoods being safe. The question is not about if you have food and supplies to live, but if your neighbors have food and supplies to live and many of them won’t! Those that don’t will take to the streets to get some! This is what confronts us for the next few years until the new global financial system is in place. We don’t need to be fighting a war because we will have our hands full just surviving in our individual neighborhoods! This is what lies in front of us and is unavoidable!

Of course the elite and rich will just hide in their safety shelters and ride it out. But it will be harsh for the rest of us. It is happening now!

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In my last post I said that we have no defense against the suggestions and influences that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. This has to do with how conscious awareness works through the process of associative and linked thoughts. Freud discovered this and made use of it in “Free Association Therapy”. One thought or feeling leads to another that is somehow linked to it.

Scientology further developed this with its discovery of engrams or toxic negative imprints within the cell itself. While Freud told his clients to simply free associate and took notes, Scientology told its clients to remember back to an instance of pain and keep describing it until the memory was completely void of any trapped emotional energies. Then the client was to go back even further on the timeline to an earlier time when they felt the same type of pain or a similar type of pain. This was powerful because it was discovered that these trapped emotional memories and trauma had a physical existence within the cells and were in layers which built on earlier moments of pain. Only by going to the earliest moment and experience of pain and clearing it of all repressed and toxic energies could the energetic pathways be cleared!

But it was NeoTech that really broke through the barriers with an even more significant discovery. It discovered the difference between a personal paradigm and a personal matrix! Up until that point the development of a personal paradigm or belief system was considered to be the highest point of achievement.

So let’s begin with a personal paradigm or belief system. In our society we create our personal paradigm through exposure to social narrative or what is collectively popular and accepted as true. Each thought is connected and associated to other thoughts and this forms a fairly comprehensive network of concepts and ideals that can guide us in living a productive and successful life.

To be fair, the average person is so limited in awareness that their entire world view is very small and simplistic. They simply do what they are told and believe what they are told to believe. They accept what is politically correct and passionately reject anything that conflicts or is different than what is politically correct. They can recite their catechism by heart! That becomes their personal paradigm or belief system. This is what Mass Media bombards us with every day! As we encounter it we absorb it and it is strengthened through repetition. Soon it becomes so much a part of us that we are no longer conscious of it.

But NeoTech discovered something even more powerful and amazing. It discovered that when we are exposed to some new emotion, concept or idea and understand it, that understanding enters into our very core and finds a permanent place whether we agree with it or not! It is our understanding of it that is important and not whether we agree with it or not. The ability to understand is defacto the integration of that information or experience. Whatever we let into our heads and into our lives needs to be integrated and become a part of who we are. That is why it is so important to be aware of what we fill our heads and our hearts and our emotions with. What we let in becomes who we are!

NeoTech further discovered that if we understood something and didn’t agree with it, it became encysted within our psyche as negative, repressed and toxic energy. It became a blockage and barrier that caused disharmony of the entire soul and body.

But if the concepts, experiences and information mutually supported each other they became a tightly woven Matrix or Super Complex Paradigm that would literally rip to shreds any other lesser belief system or paradigm that previously existed! The Matrix simply made so much sense on so many levels that it had no competitors! It had the power to destroy all competition simply by exposing others to its concepts and to its Matrix. This made it very powerful and very dangerous.

For example, I spent much of my life developing what I called the OAK material that was based upon chaos theory and the Reciprocal Systems Theory of Dewey Larson. Then I encountered NeoTech and it turned everything that I believed upside down! It was the exact opposite of OAK! It was not spiritual or mystical but objective and materialistic.

With difficulty I managed to merge the two systems or paradigms into an even more massive Matrix called Organic Gnosticism. Simple exposure to the concepts of Organic Gnosticism will do the same thing as act as a Matrix that will destroy anything not compatible with it.

The point of this post is that the MSM is attempting to do something similar by controlling the narrative that the masses are exposed to. But Organic Gnosticism will violently collapse the narrative and paradigm the MSM is pushing by exposing that it is full of holes and inconsistencies! Simply put, Organic Gnosticism makes more sense!

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On the one hand we are in a very critical time and on the other hand these things have already worked themselves out in the astral planes and are now beginning to unfold physically. The bottom line is that it is not what happens to us but how we deal with what happens to us. What happens to us is pretty much now set in stone, but how we deal with our circumstances and react to them can either lift us or bury us.

As stress builds things become pressurized and any weak spots will be brought into awareness. In my case my car just blew a head gasket and will be in the shop for two weeks. But there is no such thing as coincidence. This has also opened a new friendship up for me as I ask for getting a ride here and there. Not having transportation has forced me to ask for help once in a while and I needed that. Being vulnerable this way is bringing another person into my life.

This is happening globally as well and we are being triggered as the stress builds until something breaks. And things are breaking!

We are seeing the deliberate collapse of our way of life and there is a war going on about how we will rebuild our world. I’ve seen too much evidence to doubt that this is a deliberate destruction. There is too much insanity. I will give a few examples:

The Biden administration has been sending our oil reserves to Europe! Knowing there is a coming global food shortage more corn is being made into ethanol instead of grain for livestock and other food products. Railroads have been ordered not to ship fertilizer to farmers for the spring planting! That involves the fertilizer made here in the United States not to mention the fertilizer that used to be imported from Russia. The bird flu epidemic has caused millions of fowl to be destroyed across the United States. Supply chains are broken around the world. The sanctions on Russia are causing the European Union to self destruct while the Russian ruble becomes stronger and stronger. Today the ruble reached 66.8898 against the dollar!

Millions of migrants are set to cross our southern border. Our economy is fracturing and a global depression is almost certain, a depression that will rival or out do the Great Depression. The United States is 300 Trillion in debt and now sending billions to Ukraine and other countries. The dollar is becoming worthless with less buying power every month.

There will be a great reset! The question is whether it will be the one the globalists want that will ensure the dominion of the elite over the masses or the gold backed currencies the rest of the world wants. The move to gold backed currencies has already begun as countries around the world begin to drop the dollar as a reserve currency.

The thing is that you can only collapse the world’s economy and infrastructure once. The white hats and black hats only have one chance to create the world they want. Once the dominoes start to fall there is no turning back or stopping the clock and they have started to fall. There is only the hitting bottom and building back. We will be hitting bottom for the next three years at least and how far down we go depends upon what humanity will collectively tolerate.

There are forces on both sides that want World War III. It is the only way to hide their crimes against humanity. But it won’t work! These forces are desperately attempting to “trigger” the masses into supporting their agendas. But survival pressures are becoming stronger than ideological pressures. The need for food and shelter is becoming more important than globalism. The need for global stability is more important than the welfare of any one country.

I remember the slogan in the Vietnam war, “Hell no, I won’t go! I won’t fight for Texaco!”

The only winner in our current world is the military industrial complex!

When a person has the ability to survive, defend himself and knows basic first aid, that person also has a good self esteem, as well as mental and emotional health. They are confident in their own ability to confront and deal with whatever life chooses to throw at them. They don’t feel the stress that others feel!

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Many years ago, before the first book in the “Hunger Games” series came out, I wrote a sci-fi survivalist novel called “Anarchist Knight: Apprentice”. It was the first book in a trilogy that I never finished and I think that maybe I should finish the series! Those interested in this fascinating story can find it here: Anarchist Knight: Apprentice.

It describes a futuristic world of independent and self-sufficient city-states that are isolated from one another after the destruction of modern society. The book describes the training that individuals had to go through to become full citizens of Heliopolis, a mysterious city state isolated in the Cascade mountains.

More to the point, this book describes the type of world that we seem to be headed toward; a world of self-sustaining city states that exist to protect and take care of their own citizens. This is the complete breakdown of globalization!

What we are seeing today is the complete breakdown and collapse of the global economic system where individual nations and even cities are forced to ensure the safety and survival of their own. Things are falling apart and the destruction is being deliberately done. The rats are leaving the sinking ship and the final showdown is here. It is my belief and conviction that globally the next three years are going to be a living hell! The rich elites that run things are currently shaking down everyone they can to take some last profits before scurrying off to their isolated, secure and hidden retreats.

There are too many things that don’t add up! We have a perfect storm for global collapse and it just keeps getting worse. One side pushes for more mandatory vaccines for the general population and the other side gives proven evidence of serious side effects and health risks from those same vaccines. . . Time is running out because the side effects, such as blood clots and auto-immune problems are now beginning to surface. By the time of the midterm elections the truth will be coming out. These people have no intention of winning the midterm elections because they are already planning to bail!

How much of the military and humanitarian aid being sent to Ukraine never reaches its intended target, but is instead sold on the global black market making some people rich? This follows the same script, no one believes Ukraine will win the war with Russia. The military industrial complex is making a killing of it though! But that game is over as well. With the supply chain disruptions around the world the military industrial complex will not be able to get the raw materials it needs to make more weapons! With the exception of Russia, which is largely self-contained and has the needed resources to continue weapons production, the rest of the world is stuck with what is currently on hand. When you are fighting a war right now you can’t use weapons that will take 6 months or a year to manufacture! It will be too late! The United States is three years away from developing the ultra fast missiles that Russia is now using. By then it will be too late!

The sanctions on Russia are idiocy! Let’s say a country needs liquid natural gas or oil and it has to be shipped by tanker. For the sake of illustration let’s say there are only six hundred available tankers in the world. Some of them are waiting in ports to be unloaded. Some have to travel twice as far to new destinations. That means every month only half of what used to be shipped can be physically shipped! And it will cost over twice as much! We will only start to see the true consequences next month in May and it is not going to be pretty! By the midterms things will have reached a boiling point and the elites will have already left the ship!

Global food shortages will be here for at least the next two years for certain and people can only live a few weeks without food! No work and no food mean the young people will be out roaming the streets and causing trouble. You don’t think so? Just take a look at global history.

The elites have been running the show and now they are leaving while others are left holding the bag to a series of problems that have no solutions! None of the elites are trying to find solutions now, they are just taking the low hanging fruit before they hide.

Most sources that I trust say that the general population will become aware of the gravity of things by the end of May and I agree with that assessment. Too bad it will be too late by then to do anything about it. This is a perfect storm and it will be about root chakra survival issues. The next three years will be critical on how humanity moves forward.

I find it interesting that the company I purchase survival food from, 4 Patriots, not only has limited supplies in stock, but is also giving bonus gifts like it is getting rid of inventory. Again, if you don’t have what you need by the end of May it will become increasingly difficult to get. Because getting silver has turned into a hassle, I’ve just bought another 3 months food supply! My inner guidance has directed me in this way . . . I’m also getting more last minute repairs on my car.

In summary I don’t think we will have a nuclear World War III, but I do believe we are in for a great crisis that will last several years to get out of. It is being triggered now and will be evident to everyone by next fall as winter approaches with food shortages and not enough oil and natural gas to heat our homes. And guess what? I never said anything about inflation!

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This will be a difficult post for me to write because I am not an expert in these things. So please be patient with me and correct me if I get something wrong. Recently Russia just pegged the ruble to the price of gold making it the first gold backed currency in our lifetime!


This has gone largely unnoticed or ignored because it doesn’t really change anything right now. But what it does is create an unyielding bond between commodities like gold, oil and silver and virtually all other commodities and the ruble as a currency. So it creates the first global currency tied to commodities and tangible assets. It also creates a global environment for other countries to do the same thing with their own currencies as they also link their own currencies to gold.

The current global financial market is based upon the US dollar and Euro as reserve currencies which means all other countries are forced to trade in US dollars or Euros because their own currencies are considered too unstable. The thing is that the US dollar and Eu are not based upon anything except the reputation of the countries involved. They are simply printed money without tangible backing and easily manipulated and controlled by the central bankers. Fractional reserve banking compounds the problem by creating fiat money out of thin air. It gets too complicated but essentially it is a Ponzi scheme that creates unfair advantages for rich bankers and financiers.

Likewise the stock market is made of transactions in paper or electronically done through speculation and not based upon physical commodities themselves. For example a friend of mine says he has invested in gold online and it is held for him in some holding company but he doesn’t have the physical gold in his home. He has “Paper Gold!”

My limited understanding of things is that in some way the pegging of national currencies to physical gold will “destroy” the “Paper Gold” market because these markets will not be able to fulfill their obligations. This in part because of the fractional reserve banking system. Pegging a national currency to physical gold or any commodity will forcibly eliminate the illusionary “paper” commodities which are created out of thin air. Essentially what it does is “ground” the entire market and that’s a good thing!

It takes two very separate systems (the commodities and stock market) and forcibly binds them together so that they can’t be as manipulated while also allowing individual nations to buy and sell in their own currencies. Essentially this makes it impossible for one country to “sanction” another country as we are currently seeing with Russia and the unilateral sanctions that have been placed upon it. This mean free trade in the truest sense of the term!

Ultimately the country that has natural resources and physical commodities holds the control! We are currently seeing this with Russia telling the western world that it must pay in rubles for its natural gas and oil. Or it can pay in gold or even Bitcoin! Europe has no choice. It needs the natural gas and oil so it must pay in rubles. That is the bottom line and it shows the entire world how the entire western banking system is based upon “nothing”! The entire western financial system is based upon debt while the gold ruble system is based upon having actual physical gold and other natural resources! One is based upon scarcity and the other is based upon prosperity!

Now what happens is that the price of gold and other commodities around the world need to sync with the price of the ruble ( and any other gold backed national currencies that will soon appear) and that will act to further stabilize it. Essentially it gets rid of all the speculative “paper” commodities and forces the market place to deal with “real” tangible products and resources. In short it forces the market to become “fair” for everyone and not just for the rich.

Basically the gold ruble destroys the idea of a “reserve currency” and also destroys the idea of “sanctions” against individual countries because there will always be more than one way to buy and sell things!

The United States and European countries have abused the global financial system by politicizing it. That is about to stop! A multi-polar global financial system is being created right before our eyes. But of course, it has been planned for a very long time!

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Every 2,000 years a new chakra and new energy is released into the world. But like the octaves and keys on a piano keyboard once the entire octave of seven major energy centers is sequentially activated a quantum leap is made and a new octave begins. This is the meaning of the end of an age. The energies go back to the beginning and the process starts all over again.

The last 2,000 years involved the activation and release of the 3rd eye or Spiritual Abstract Energies. What is now happening is the activation of the Unity or 8th energy center and also at the same time the first activation of the root chakra or etheric energies of the shaman. It is like when the notes high C, middle C and lower C are struck and a resonance affects all of them at the same time. The highest and the lowest centers are now being activated and will be the dominant energies for the next 2,000 years. There is a tremendous chasm between head trippers and organic common sense people. This has become a very dangerous time in our society.

For all practical purposes the masses are not able to make use of the highest energy center of the Crown Chakra. For most people it is the energies of the root chakra and pure survival that are being activated and will be the dominant energies for the next 2,000 years!

Cognitive Dissonance happens when those accustomed to living in their heads and filled with fantastic idealism have a head to head confrontation with physical reality and that is what is now happening. Over and over again my posts are about connection to mother earth, survival, vital life force energy and Organic Gnosticism. This is the age of the shaman. It has only now arrived and will be here for the next 2,000 years!

This is why I have focused on sharing information about coming global food shortages and supply chain disruptions. These things need to be confronted and dealt with to ensure the safety and well being of ourselves and our loved ones.

Turning a blind eye and thinking good thoughts are examples of working with the energies of the higher energy centers and not those of the root chakra center. It is important to integrate the higher centers with the lower centers for personal empowerment, but the higher centers by themselves have now become powerless and useless! We cannot think ourselves out of this mess that we have collectively created. We need to roll up our sleeves and physically confront what needs to be dealt with.

A shaman works with very simple energies and doesn’t over think things. They simply do what needs to be done and do it in the best way they know how. For the shaman it is an organic way and not an intellectual way! A shaman doesn’t live in their head! They know the importance of a strong connection to mother earth and to all living things.

The shaman lives an experienced based reality that is grounded solidly in the results that it brings. Root chakra energies are organic energies of survival, prosperity and safety. These energies are what is needed right now as we head into difficult and challenging times. Common sense and a respect for all living things is what is now needed more than ever. This is the age of the shaman!

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This is going to be a long post and a difficult post to write. All I can do is share my personal experience and my belief that others have experienced something similar. It is in this similarity of experience that we can begin to understand what ascension is, both for us as individuals and collectively for Gaia and all life forms upon her.

It is generally accepted that humanity is ascending in waves and that the first wave has completely ascended and is opening the way for the second wave which is now preparing for its ascension. It was the task of the first wave to secure the complete spectrum of energies and anchor them to their new ascension frequencies so that Gaia herself could ascend and in turn become her own Source of Spiritual Light and Vital Life Force Energy. This has happened and because of Gaia’s new energetic stability at the etheric level the first wave of those ascending has been allowed to move on. . .

What follows is my own experience that acts to confirm this for me. Like many others this lifetime was not a lifetime of reward and pleasure but of hard work and spiritual focus.

At the age of 18 I was drawn to the Rosicrucian Order AMORC in 1976 through their mystical studies and became highly polarized as a soul striving to merge with the Spiritual Light of Source and the still small voice of the Christ Spirit that exists within each human heart and speaks through the still small voice of conscience. The next twenty some years were spent in daily prayer and meditation until I actually crossed the Great Abyss and merged with SOURCE in 1991. This was the crowning achievement of my life and resulted in a polarity shift of my soul in which I was now oriented with the all consuming desire and need to ground myself deep within Gaia’s core. I felt the need to anchor the Spiritual Light into Gaia’s core and so did many others like me.

Like so many other light workers in the new age community my task had become that of bringing the Spiritual Light Energy of SOURCE down through the astral planes and anchoring it in Gaia’s core. This was an astral battle to open new energy channels and involved a deep cleansing and healing process that involved a complete healing and integration of both the Higher Self and the Shadow. This striving to anchor the Spiritual Light of SOURCE in Gaia’s core has occupied my soul journey since 1991 and has allowed me to permanently activate one astral body after another from the top down. I’ve written extensively about this in other posts. The entire focus of my being was to ground myself and anchor myself to the Womb of Creation and Vital Life Force Energies at Gaia’s core. This has been not only myself but many others as well. The collective end result and goal was to energetically connect the Womb of Creation Life Force Energies of Gaia’s core to the Spiritual Light energies of SOURCE and that has been achieved! Gaia’s entire spectrum of energies is now phase-locked and resonant at the proper ascension energies. It is only portions of humanity that still resist these energetic changes and seek to remain at the old frequencies. Gaia has become energetically self-sustaining through her own connection to SOURCE and has completely ascended into her new frequencies.

Last spring about this time of year I crossed a different type of abyss that united me with the Womb of Creation energies at Gaia’s core and permanently activated my completely integrated soul body. This took all of my previously activated astral bodies and merged them all together into one complete soul body. The experience was so deep and profound that I can only compare it to my merging with SOURCE back in 1991. It was just as powerful if not even more powerful and also resulted in another polarity shift of my entire being which I was not aware of at first.

This was happening to many others as well and was reported very well by Lauren on her website www.thinkwithyourheart.love

So last spring Gaia’s inner core became self-sustaining and the first wave of ascending beings was allowed to move on. This past year has been that process of moving on for me and it has been about freeing myself from the drama that surrounds me within society.

A couple months ago I had a vision or dream of driving my old blue Chevy van which I had in 1991 when I left the Air Force and moved back to Minnesota. In the lucid dream/vision the road became uneven and finally collapsed. The van was being pulled into a giant sink hole of sand and after trying to pull back onto the road I realized that it was no use. The van was going to go over the edge and down where it would crash at the bottom of the sink hole. I realized that I had two choices, one was to stay with the van and survive the crash at the bottom, but I would be seriously wounded. The other was to jump to safety just when the van went over the edge, and that is what I decided to do. In jumping out of the van I only dropped a few feet before landing safely on solid ground. My father (who died two years ago) was there and asked my why I didn’t stay in the van and ride it all the way down to the bottom. I replied that it was better this way.

There is a reason why I shared this. It’s because of the lucid dream/vision that I had two days ago which only makes sense in the light of this previous vision. In this lucid dream/vision I was looking down into clear water like that in a swimming pool and way at the bottom was soil that had been freshly plowed and smoothed out. The water remained perfectly clear and there were “hunters” that were going down to the bottom and pulling up black weeds and bringing them up to the surface where they were taken away. I knew that I could go down into the water and do the same thing but I decided not to.

My decision not to go down into the water was the second time in my entire life that in a lucid dream or vision I refused to go down further even though I knew that I could. Ever since 1991 I had always tried to go as deeply down into Gaia’s core as I could. This not needing to go deeper was something totally new for me and indicated a totally new polarity shift. It represented my ascension!

The clearness of the water represented that the war in the astral and etheric planes was over and the freshly tilled black soil at the bottom represented that the final outcome of the war between the forces of light and dark was now finished at the etheric level and beginning to physically manifest.

Shifting to current global events and the Russia-Urkraine war I have been very interested in following what was happening. Two days ago I became so concerned that I did a tree of life Tarot reading about it. I haven’t done a Tarot reading for years because I don’t really need to anymore. I simply tap into what is going on and get the information I want. But in this case I thought that perhaps my own emotions and desires were distorting my ability to discern truth and decided to see what the cards had to say. As usual, they proved very accurate and told me what I should have remembered from the beginning.

Of the ten cards in the spread four of them were trump cards meaning that most of the reading and the Russian-Ukraine war was “fated” or “destined” by forces beyond human control. These trump cards were Temperance (possible physical future); The Lovers (possible action); The Tower (the heart of the matter); and The Chariot (the sum of all forces). Perhaps even more interesting was the Ace of Pentacles (possible communications) and minor cards at the top position and at the final conclusion position. These two cards were both cups. The Three of Cups (the question itself) and the Eight of Cups (the final outcome).

So the Tower card was the heart of the matter. The lightning bolt that shatters the tower is the incoming energy of God that destroys the vessel that has been made to contain it! When no other way is possible the Wrath of God destroys what is preventing it from manifesting! The lightning only hits when there is no other way and the voltage has become too high! The lightning will make its own way!

So this conflict was inevitable and beyond the ability of humans to prevent. The Temperance, Lovers and Chariot cards all share the importance of constraint and humanitarian concerns as things inevitably move forward to their final conclusions. The Ace of Pentacles indicates that root chakra raw earth and survival needs are what needs to be addressed and communicated about.

The Eight of Cups as the final outcome indicates there will be no clear winner but some type of compromise. I think we are beginning to see this right now as both Russia and Ukraine pull back on some of their expectations and NATO and the United States are forced to realize that the sanctions they are placing on Russia are destroying them instead!

Between this Tarot reading and my dream I feel that there will be no further escalation but more of a compromise position where Russia will secure the Independence of the Donbass region and Crimea and ensure that Ukraine will never become part of NATO.

In all of this the lesson to be taken is that the United States and NATO are destroying themselves through their own actions. Russia will not be baited into World War III. The clearness of the water indicates that this war will be over within three months. . . but its consequences will continue for years to come.

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We have reached the Spring Equinox and our collective fates have been chosen. Now things need to work themselves out on the physical.

Out of curiosity I went back and looked at my earlier posts about my dreams and visions.

Jan 4 I posted about my vision of a broken cell phone and I thought it might mean major communications failures. In retrospect it seems the vision was about fake news and disinformation. The news was useless.

Jan 16 I had a vision of certain areas of the country turning into hills of agate. I thought it might mean a massive power grid failure, but it could have been about the devastation of the Russia-Ukraine war!

Feb 4 I had a vision of trying to get people mad enough to fight back for their freedom. I also had a feeling that my students were graduating and I was proud of them.

Feb 5 I had a vision of being trapped in an area with no way out. I wandered around the neighborhood but there was nothing that could be done. I talked with someone that was searching other junk electronics to replace an electrical component that had burned out. I woke up horrified that I was in a place from which there was no escape. Badly shaken I went back to sleep and the dream continued. I found a piece of heavy equipment like a powerline fuse and took it apart. The fuse was burned out. I had found the solution to the problem but couldn’t find anyone to share the solution with and couldn’t find a replacement fuse for it.

In retrospect finding the solution means that the DAVOS globalist/ DeepState cannot allow World War III to begin until they have financially destroyed Russia. Their plan is to trigger World War III but they must first ensure that Russia will not survive it. They plan to destroy the United States and western Europe.

But they will not be successful in financially destroying Russia and therefore they cannot trigger World War III even though they would like to. That is the final meaning of that vision as I interpret it.

Feb 26 I wrote about a horrible vision in which something had begun from which there was no return. That of course was the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

March 6 I wrote about my vision of a nuclear or thermobaric bomb going off. It was very vivid. I was stunned, but hoped that it was a bomb in the etheric or astral and would explode in the financial sector instead of as a physical bomb. We have yet to see the outcome of this vision and if it was an economic bomb or a physical bomb.

I’ve also written over and over that the final determination of outcome would take place by the spring equinox. We have now passed the spring equinox and I can say that the United States and its allies failed to destroy Russia when it allowed Russia to make its bond payments with the reserve funds that had been frozen. That was the one deciding moment and they blew it. From this point on Russia is just going to become stronger and stronger financially.

I’m giving this overview to show that my dreams and visions have been right on! I still believe that World War III will be averted!

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First I would like to say that Ovates were seers, prophets and shamans as well as healers. Go and do likewise! It is not time to pretend, it is time to become! Use your skills to walk between worlds and spread your message!

I’ve said that I live in both worlds and much of what I know comes from lucid dreams and visions. Yesterday morning I was in that not quite asleep, not quite awake state when I saw in my minds eye a dull flash and knew it was a thermobaric bomb going off. I knew there was going to be a massive flash and explosion next and there was, complete with the mushroom cloud that thermobaric bombs make. It was so vivid and I was so shook I spent most of yesterday trying to decide what it meant. It was not nuclulear war, because a thermobaric bomb is not nuclear and one was already used in Ukraine.

Obviously something was going to happen and it was going to be big. It was also going to be Russia that set off the bomb because they are the ones that have it. It was only later last night before I went to bed that I discovered what it meant. Russia had set off a thermobaric bomb in the stock market in retaliation for all the sanctions that were being placed upon it. It was fighting for its life.

Yesterday Putin announced that Russia was essentially going to end all imports and exports with all countries that had placed sanctions on it and this stoppage of imports and exports would last until December 31st of this year! He was giving his country a few days to determine which countries would be affected and which imports and exports would be affected. We will all know very soon but it is already a sure thing that the United States is the one pushing this and creating the crisis. We are going to be hit economically and very hard.

The thermobaric bomb in my vision was the destruction of the western financial structure. We are toast! Bye bye Petrodollar!

The insanity of the DAVOS globalist/DeepState is going through with this! To me my vision foretells the destruction of the global financial system with the creation of a new one in which China and Russia are allied with the eastern and southern nations. The western nations are self destructing because of their own lack of a connection to mother earth and the need for physical survival. I still believe World War III as a nuclear war can and will be avoided.

But I’m going out today and buying some rice and other things that can be traded for food. My visions don’t lie! An ancient and destructive force has been set loose and there is no stopping it. It is related to the ancient Druids and shamans and is coming up from the depths of the earth itself.

Nations of the world are being forced to choose sides right now before the Spring Equinox. After the Spring Equinox is the consequences.

The ancient druids knew that this time of year was always critical and volatile. It is the time of year when magick is avoided because it is akin to lighting a match in a warehouse filled with gunpowder! There are always two conflicting sides vying for the new energies of spring that will soon be bursting forth, but only one side will get them. The other side will become the needed fertilizer for the growth of the successful ones. So it is in nature and so it has always been and so it will always be! The ancient Druids knew these things because they understood nature.

The DAVOS globalist/DeepState is about to become the fertilizer that will feed and propel the growth and development of the eastern and southern nations! Food and shelter are the most important things for life and they are now at risk. Money is not the issue. Right or wrong is not the issue. Survival is the issue and those strong with the root chakra survivalism energies will find their path through this! It is time for those who claim to be Druids to become Druids! And for Ovates to become Ovates!

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