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It has been a long time coming but here it is! This past solstice has really kicked me into gear in the sense of becoming more active in both my research and my sharing. Two of the major difficulties that people encounter with their astral projection attempts are not properly energizing their body first and then becoming confused about the mind-split occurring during projection and not having the ability to remember what happened.

So I decided to whip together this quick video to get us all on the same page. We use the basic portal meditation to properly energize our bodies and then project our awareness to a point outside the building we are currently in. We briefly experience some sensory data outside the building and then go back inside to where our physical body awaits us.

Shifting awareness back and forth between the projection body and the physical body allows us to become accustomed to the sensations and also allows us to retain both memories of the experience, those of the projected double and those of our physical body. While the projection itself is not very long it covers some very important basics that help us to understand what is really going on and how to master the technique.

I designed this for my own use and exploration but am excited to share it with others. Enjoy!

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If you want to work with etheric energy you need to get it moving and that means opening up the energy pathways in the pelvis and lower back. Remember etheric energy is the lowest energy that there is! While I am not in any way offering medical advice I am sharing what I do to help rejuvenate my own body. Since I have some lower back issues and neck shoulder issues I do some reverse stretches for my spine by first placing a small block the size of a couple large books beneath my pelvis and let the weight of my legs pull down and arch my pelvis a bit as if doing “The Bow” in yoga. Then I do a reverse stretch using a Denner roll for my lower neck to help straighten the curve of my poor posture. The Denner roll is like rolling up a towel and placing it where your shoulders meet your neck and letting the weight of the head gradually straighten your spine. With both of these stretches it is important to roll to the side when done so that the stretch is broken with the rolling of the body and not using the muscles. It is also important to only do them a few minutes until you are more strengthened and used to them.

As I do these stretches I’m visualizing healing energy going up and down my spine and into my pelvis area. Then I move on to the stretches in the above video which are excellent for me and really stretch the pelvis and lower back in a good way. I really like the sitting in a chair.

One important tip is that most lower back issues are the result of the hamstrings being too tight over the years. Never in my life have I been able to touch my toes without bending my knees. When doing some of these stretches never force the stretch! Just hold the stretch a little while feeling the energy flow through the area and then bend a little further! As the muscles and tendons relax you will be surprised at how much further you can go! You can also take a breath and hold it a little and then as you release the breath move forward a bit with the stretch… then repeat until you are satisfied that you have done a good stretch!

After I get toughened in I may try moving to some more aerobic exercises but I’m 63 years old and a bit out of shape. I don’t want to push it!

I do my meditation or pathworking after these stretches because my entire lower body is more energized and powerful during the meditation. It helps the meditation or pathworking to be that much more powerful as you work with the etheric energies.

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I’ve got a few minutes before going to my final week of work? (May work a couple weeks into the new year) And thought I would give an interesting update on my own pathworking experiences. I went ahead and completed the 3rd pathworking and after 2 times through it I still encounter unexpected resistance! Somehow I can’t get some of the colors right and my attention seems to slide away and not stay on the path. In comparison the 1st pathworking remains incredibly powerful and becomes increasingly vivid as the catalytic effect continues layer by layer in a cleansing process.

In particular there is a green dragon in the 3rd pathworking that represents evil and negation and I struggle to reach the completion of the pathworking with the rose colored energy because there is too much green (dragon) energy. That tells me that the fight for these levels is not yet over and is still raging!

So in terms of Gaia’s ascension we can say that the lower etheric or cosmic womb energy of Goddess/SOURCE has been won, but the mop up remains and probably will remain through the March equinox. I find that interesting because there are 9 pathworking meditations that culminate in the Temple of the Heart! So between now and then the battle is to clear out these mid-range astral planes and bring them to light as well.

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Pathworking #2

I couldn’t resist moving forward on these pathworkings and have some notes for this second one.

The fire that we encounter in the beginning of this meditation is our own kundalini or sexual energy, the fire down below, which can destroy us unless we find some way to raise it upward. For anyone who has experienced spontaneous Kundalini release it is no surprise how it can forcefully burn through any blocks and imperfections within our bodies and souls. In doing this it releases all trapped emotions and toxins. So we can choose to symbolically work with our sexual energy or physically work with it. This seems to be the solitary path that gradually finds its way to the missing and balancing energy of water, the opposite sex energy.

Here we encounter the vital life force in its destructive and creative aspect as all life forms are created, spend their time in fire and then pass away only to be reborn in a more purified existence. As we rise through this purifying fire we at last are purified to the point of our entire essence being reduced to that of fire. This is the same as that of the phoenix who is continually reborn out of the ashes of its own destruction.

One of the hidden messages in this meditation is that we can move forward as solitaries with confidence because ultimately our efforts will find a way to be balanced as we draw the opposite and needed energy toward us. But that is the end of the journey. This path corresponds to that of resurrection or lust in the Tarot cards. We use the Kundalini fire to cleanse our bodies, minds and souls. But to do this it needs to be raised upward to the higher levels.

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Suddenly my path ahead is becoming much more clear than it has ever been! Mostly I’ve been groping around in the darkness like everyone else. But with the solstice things seem to be clicking into place. So here is a summary:

Gaia has ascended and she has become SOURCE to any souls that desire to experience full spectrum life. Full spectrum life has never been achieved before and she holds the exclusive on it along with those of us who have been companions on her journey.

That being said, the etheric levels are the outermost electron ring of the lowest possible elements. That final element #118 is a noble gas and is the womb of all life and vital life force energy. It contains all things and that is the level where we now connect to Gaia and she connects to us in this exchange of vital life force energy. That level is the Womb of Creation and the SOURCE of Goddess energy. Suddenly it is this etheric connection that becomes our most important spiritual goal. Our etheric bodies have been permanently awakened but we need to learn how to creatively use them to function upon all the higher levels.

Previously we needed to bring spiritual light energy down to these levels though our own life force and through our own bodies and share it with her. Now she shares it with us, and in a big way! No more energy vampires! This is big!

The Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation is still the most important tool that we have to create our new world. This meditation helps us to integrate and also helps us to tap into the higher spiritual energies through the crown chakra for ourselves. This meditation helps us to become full spectrum! Initiation is possible for those unable to link to these higher levels, but most of us have already found our own way there.

The Heart center is where all life awareness collectively meets. It remains perhaps the most important point of union and agreement between species and individuals. That is why the heart is so important. Gaia’s ascension this past solstice was because so many were able to consciously join in love and mutual good will at the heart level.

But the active energy, the most potent and magical energy is now the etheric at the root chakra level, the shaman level. Things must become very simple and very organic as we develop our magical organic connection to Gaia. Our conscious awareness needs to find its way up and down through all the levels between the heart and the womb energy at Gaia’s core. The pathworking meditations which I am now offering are intended to do just that and I am using them myself. The first pathworking is the longest and the most important because it focuses upon the link between the etheric and physical worlds. It is this link that becomes most important to us. We need to become confident in navigating these lower regions so that we can learn how to use the power of the lower levels to create within the higher levels.

I am also doing some hard core research on astral projection and astral creation so stay tuned in! There is going to be a definite shift in my blog posts from giving information to hands on material for the empowerment process. I am no longer posting on any other website to get new readers. From now on what I share is for those of you who have discovered me on your own and found some value in what I share. Now things get real!

Expect some videos, more podcasts and general posts as this information coalesces. The podcasts will perhaps be most important with meditations and pathworkings and even group experiments as I get settled in to my new life. This website has now become a website for personal empowerment. It always has been, but this is on a higher level. I think its also important that people can have access to some of my past posts.

I am also considering some Zoom meetings as we enter 2021! If we are in lockdown we might as well have some fun with it!

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Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve been spending this Christmas alone and that’s why I’ve put out so many posts. But this morning I realized something about Gaia’s ascension that I felt I really needed to share. After the massive shift on the solstice Gaia has become SOURCE! Her own connection to the spiritual light has been activated and she no longer depends upon us as she did before. She now stands on her own and radiates full spectrum energy as the Logos which she has become.

What Gaia now represents is the Higher Octave of SOURCE energy! For a long time now I’ve known that she would have her own connection to SOURCE but I never realized that she would become SOURCE! In the old eon SOURCE was represented as spiritual light and Unity. Meaning all things would one day return to the light and return to SOURCE.

But Gaia’s ascension has totally given us a new and higher understanding of Unity and of SOURCE. The new understanding of Unity is the Unity of all life in a balanced circle of life where all living things exist in harmony with each contributing something that is needed. It is Life itself that has become sacred and that is the power of the Goddess! The lowest etheric planes have become the living womb that bestows vital life force and healing to all living things. Gaia now offers full spectrum vital life force to all living beings!

The spiritual light of the old SOURCE energy does not offer vital life force energy! The spiritual light of the old SOURCE did not allow the ascension of entire planets and the life forms upon them, only of individual species while the once living planets were destroyed! Gaia has done something that has never been done before. She has taken Unity of life and living things to an entirely higher octave and a quantum leap! This is something that our space brothers and sisters have yet to learn… they continue to remain almost exclusively interested in only humanities ascension…

Things energetically switched at the solstice and Gaia is now the true SOURCE of all life upon her and each new age always begins with the activation of the lowest etheric and root chakra levels of vital life force.

We have seen the switch from crown chakra activations to heart centered activations and now we are seeing the switch to vital life force activation through our newly activated etheric bodies. Now we need to learn how to tap into these new SOURCE energies!

In the meantime there are those who will continue to consider the spiritual light as SOURCE and be polarized in the wrong direction! Those are the ones that will be heading into the head tripping realms and not have the ability of experiencing full spectrum ascension.

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I couldn’t wait to put these notes out on the first pathworking. I never did serious pathworking before and it was quite a treat! It was also very powerful the first time through and I’m actually considering doing it several more times to wring out every last bit of catalyst in it.

So it starts out in a wooded forest area with rock outcroppings. Suggested sensory details include smelling the scent of pine trees and hearing the sounds of birds. In doing this we learn to bring our visualizations more strongly into focus and to give life to them. That is the entire idea of the pathworking, to visualize it in such detail and depth that it comes to life for you.

Seeing the glow of the aura of our guide in the dark cave adds the element of visualizing auras which also strengthens our psychic abilities by giving them a good workout.

It is important to take our time with each detail and reach into memory for some similar experience to draw from such as the fear of confronting the dweller on the threshold. We have all felt that fear of something following us in the darkness, that terror of the reptilian or the ghostly. As we tap into memories they enhance and give life to our pathworking. I have encountered reptilian entities in my visions/dreams and this is the level of the astral/etheric planes that those encounters happen. Mark it; recognize it and perhaps explore it sometime on your own.

The etheric planes are below the physical planes so it is suiting that this pathworking takes us down into the bowels of the earth itself. This is the level of the underworld in various traditions. Our encounter with elemental beings should be connected with that of ghosts and other ghostly visitations. These are the energies in which they appear. The more we adapt to these levels the more we can function within them.

Much of this pathworking is veiled and symbolic. Be alert to recognize areas that you might wish to visit sometime later on. The rectangular space where the ancient treasures and weapons of the world’s past are stored is more than a treasure chamber, it is the location of the akashic records! It is symbolically mentioned as having scrolls and books and ancient tablets from forgotten times. Know that this is where you can go to read the akashic records! Further exploration reveals that this is the true origin of our etheric body projecting from the crystalline nature of Gaia herself. The Akashic records are crystalline even though they appear in symbolic forms.

The gateway entrance to night is also a transition point in awareness where our awareness slips from that of the underworld to that of connecting with the stars and the milky way. All of these levels are layers that build upon each other. In pathworking we are bringing conscious awareness to these levels and gaining the ability to function in these levels. That is what magical creation is all about. This drinking of the light of all the cosmic suns in the Milky Way galaxy is our true connection to SOURCE at this level and we truly can’t get enough of it! As we drink the milk of the stars we fuel our very essence, our very soul!

The well is where we confront our own reptilian shadow self, how we evolved from single cellular life through all the species and finally we are on the return journey. But these are only the first steps of the return journey and we need to integrate those primitive instincts. Our primitive reptilian nature resides within us and exists to protect and empower us. To integrate this Shadow we need to confront the Dweller on the Threshold and realize it is our own guardian spirit.

The garden of the moon is where we get our first taste of moon honey. Might we also say mana from heaven? At first I didn’t realize the subtle symbolism of the gentle bees and the drops of honey. These bees were the first and only life forms to touch us in these pathworkings and the taste of honey is literally the taste of the kiss of our Divine Counterpart/ Soulmate. Our goal should always contain this taste of honey and if it is missing we have left the path and lost our way! And as this is above ground this is in reality a representation of our physical reality. We have not yet arrived at the astral planes. But we are nearing that location where the astral becomes physical according to the laws of the astral planes.

That is when our guide leaves us and the stag becomes our new guide who leads us to the temple of the moon. The temple of the moon is where the infinitely changing astral planes solidify into concrete reality! Anyone who has done astral healing work or travel should recognize how the awareness of the shaman sifts through the changing astral layers as it tracks down its elusive goal and conclusively deals with it. It is the temple of the moon where our astral creations begin the process of physical manifestation.

This temple is the conclusion destination of this first working and when I did it the first time I sensed my astral/etheric body as being initiated as I was fitted with a helmet like that of our first guide! My etheric and astral bodies changed through this powerful initiation and I want to share it with others. After several times listening to this pathworking the images/locations are becoming more vivid and there is still a definite catalytic effect on my etheric/astral body.

I hope these notes are helpful!

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Pathworking #1 Discovering the physical/etheric body and world


This is just the beginning! I will figure out what I am doing later. This first pathworking meditation is 1 hour 20 minutes long. Tomorrow I will post some notes about it and why I think it is valuable. I wanted to put it out for Christmas!

The goal of this series is to discover, strengthen and use the various physical/etheric/astral planes in a logical and consistant manner. This includes gaining the ability for astral projection and astral creation as we enter our new world.

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I would like to clarify some things about Gaia’s ascension and what has just happened. There have been several factions each working to assist or prevent Gaia’s ascension and the positive timeline which has just stabilized and anchored permanently.

First and foremost I want to mention those like myself who supported Gaia’s full spectrum ascension in which all life forms have been carried to a new energetic level where a new Garden of Eden can be created as Gaia purifies and casts off the damage she has endured over the eons. These people have worked with open crown chakras bringing down the spiritual light of Source and anchoring it deep within Gaia’s core. This has involved the personal journey of confronting and integrating one’s own shadow aspect to allow the two way alternating current that blends both male and female into one vital life force.

Collectively we all share a deep energetic to Gaia and I call this group the new elves because we are evolving into something that is not completely human any more. What we have become is more magical and more linked to nature and Gaia than ever before possible.

Our war has been to free the lower etheric and astral layers of the toxic negativity and corruption that has twisted the life force on this planet so that all of life can live as originally intended. Those that would have enslaved the human race, those powers that were, desperately tried keeping the lower levels for themselves so that they could remain in power. These dark ones have been energetically removed to a quarantined 5th density (mental energy) location within the astral forming a second ascension location that is also a part of Gaia who has now become a multiverse rather than a planet. (more on this in later posts)

There were also galactic lightworkers and star seeds who assisted in bringing Gaia’s vibrations to ascension level by incarnating here in physical bodies. With Gaia’s ascension complete these space brothers and sisters have the option of entering this new cycle of existence as New Humans or returning to their homes in 5th density (mental energy) and higher locations. If they choose to experience full spectrum life here on Gaia in physical bodies they will need to develop and integrate their lower level aspects which are missing. They don’t yet have the complete Gaia DNA. It will take the entire new cycle for them to develop these abilities and integrate them.

The Bible tells of when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden and every stone of the earth was turned against them. That is what humanity has struggled against on this long journey to ascension. That is the journey that awaits our space brothers and star seeds if they choose to remain on Gaia and become the New Humans. It will not be easy for them, but it will be as wonderous in all ways as physical life has been for us as we have evolved through lifetime after lifetime, perhaps even more so as they will be standing upon our shoulders.

Our space brothers and sisters, fellow lightworkers, will also be affected by Gaia’s ascension because they will have taken on an energetic connection to these lower etheric energies as well and will find themselves needing to deal with some type of physicality, even if it is only elemental.

There has been a lot of confusion about Gaia’s ascension and I hope this will clarify some of it. Those quarantined in the 5th density (mental energy) location will be given the immense task of creating a new earth for themselves from scratch, just like the original fallen angels (ourselves) have done. In due time their creation will once more merge with ours, but that is a long way off!

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The massive global solstice meditation reached a critical mass permanently anchoring the positive timeline for Gaia and humanities future. In my minds eye I still sense the powers of darkness sealed off from the lower astral and etheric levels. They remain safely sealed off in 5th density in a place of mental energies (5th density = mental energies) and can no longer affect Gaia’s full spectrum ascension. This is further confirmation that the new energy dynamics are fully in place and functional like I’ve mentioned previously. What does that really mean? It means the machinations of those that would enslave the world’s population will remain in the mental levels and not physically manifest. You will begin to see a lot of cognitive dissidence.

But to speak plainly, those of us who have worked at integrating our shadow aspects and transmuting the dark and toxic energies in our world will now have some relief and even experience the energies of the Christmas Miracle as things begin to turn around. The new energies work with alternating current, not the direct current of the old energetic system/egregore. The new energies are the incoming root chakra energies of the life force itself.

Those still stuck in duality and polarity will experience the dark side of their own actions as what actually exists shatters their artificial reality. The self destructive activities will continue to play out as self destructive without causing harm to those immune to them. So don’t be drawn in to drama as it is self destructive with only one resolution; to be expelled from this existence!

In summary, those of us in the first ascension wave have now permanently activated our etheric bodies and can begin the process of learning how to use them. This includes how to use the etheric body for the rejuvenation and healing of the physical body through DNA upgrades.

I’ve personally started a program to do this for myself and will share more of it in the coming weeks. I’ve found some very potent but simple exercises for my hips and pelvis that can be done while sitting in a chair. I hope to add other very specific and powerful techniques as I get toughened in. Remember this, if you don’t use it you will lose it! That is something I’ve forgotten over the years and this physical rejuvenation is an important part of the ascension process going forward.

In the process of developing and strengthening the etheric body I’ve also began some pathworking meditations. This first one has been extremely powerful and effective in coordinating my etheric body for work on the etheric and astral planes. It is time for creative empowerment! I will try to post a link for the first meditation this coming week but I need to set it up as a podcast. It is 1 hour, 20 minutes long and I have no other way to make it available for others. The file is too large to upload as a Vimeo video for example. So I need to get an account to host podcasts and then post it here. I have listened to it three times now and plan to listen to it ten times myself to get the maximum effect! I feel it is that powerful!

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