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The Quantum Leap Ascension Process


After responding to a comment to my last post I was struck by several insights that clarify the ascension process and will share them here. But first a section of my response to that comment:


“History repeats itself over and over even on the largest cycles and IMHO we are seeing a repeat of the creation cycle and the fall of the highest angels at a higher octave. While this is a fall out of pride and of not wanting/rejecting the “Garden of Eden” that is being collectively created; it is also part of the divine plan. All those negative elements that have been purged from the new Gaia need somewhere to go and these “Warriors of Light” have chosen to continue doing battle with them rather than integrate them. In engaging and fighting them a sphere is created and a place for them to exist. Channels have called this place Planet B. To engage the enemy is to give it power and strength.

Magnetic polarity is dual. The north pole magnetic polarity is expansive and remains pure while the south pole magnetic polarity is restrictive/manifesting and integrating of all things. Unity requires both to form a rotating sphere or solar system or universe. North Pole/Spiritual and South Pole/Magickal. To speak of an MPR of molecular particles is to say that the spiritual planes and the magickal planes are going to reverse; that the highest will become lowest and the lowest will become highest.

If there can be a planetary pole reversal, a solar pole reversal; then there can also be a galactic pole reversal and even a pole reversal of the entire universe and cosmos! I think this is what is in the process of happening.”


Suddenly I had a vision of cycles within cycles, infinite and unending. First pulses of light expanding outward to reach a final limit; then racing back to source as electrical surges. The next quantum leap: rotational magnetic vortexes; first expanding outward as magnetic waves, reaching a final limit; then racing back to source in an inward manifesting energy vortex.

At the point of balance a quantum leap to a new level of existence is created. When the final magnetic waves go back to source a quantum leap creates a rotatning sphere, creates an atom.


For the first time we see the cycle in clarity. Outward expansion; inward collapse; then a quantum leap to a new existence that includes the unity of both forces. After the creation of atomic is elements a final point is reached where molecules start to form. After molecules reach the final limit the return collapse causes planets and solar system to form. As planets and solar systems reach the final limit DNA strands and life comes into existence. As living cells come into existence the division into male and female occurs.


Each of these quantum leaps represents a MPR (magnetic pole reversal of outward to inward polarity; from expansive to manifesting.) Mother earth/Gaia has reached a point of maximum compression/return to source and is at the cusp of a quantum leap that integrates both outward expansion and inward manifestation just as north pole magnetic vortexes combine with south pole magnetic vortexes to create a rotating sphere of energy; create an atom.


Yet in each case described the unification of the third stage only leads to expansion of the newly unified creation and at some point in the far future requires the inward movement once more.


On the new Gaia there is now a unity of male and female energies that is in the process of manifesting. For the first time we see the male and the female that exists in each one of us regardless of the sex of our physical body. This is a unification, but the separation of male and female still exists on the biological level. So the quantum leap for humanity is to become a place of equality for both sexes. But that still leaves the differences between humanity and other life forms. We will see humanity unite; but become more isolated from other life forms.


Actually humanity is in the process of dividing into new humans and new elves. The new humans seeking the purity of the human race and spiritual beings with the elves seeking the integration with all living things upon earth; north pole aspects and south pole aspects; cycles within cycles.


There is really no question about Gaia and her inhabitants experiencing a quantum leap. The question is how huge is this MPR? Is it planetary, solar, galactic or embracing the cosmos and entire universe? Then we might ask when?



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Thanksgiving Day Recalibration

A lot has been going on in the astral/etheric planes these past few days and I would like to share what I have seen/sensed happening. While this might be a rather convoluted tale I hope the energy will communicate what my words might fail to communicate.

A couple days ago my wife and I were doing a prosperity meditation in which rather than focusing on financial things I focused upon being free to live the type of life I wanted with the ability to do anything. I felt the resistance of external forces/reality and struggled against it. Suddenly I felt the clinging restrictive energy let go and I stood totally free at all levels and able to move/do anything I desired. The impression I had was that this was/would be around the spring equinox and that I had work that I needed to do before then.

Last night/this morning I had a dream/vision showing that the various factions/groups of lightworkers/space friends were turning in their final ascension plans as I was doing as well. It was like a class room graduation where the home work was turned in to the teachers/judges. The real meaning of this dream was clear. We were all finally at the same frequency and could see/interact with each other and our blue prints for the future were visible to all for the first time. We were all on the same timeline. Every blue print that had made it this far now had to be absorbed or integrated into all of the others like the House of Representatives and the Senate need to work out the final details of a bill before it can be passed. The mockup/blueprint/model of the Unity Grid which I carried appeared enormous like a screen door or window frame turned on its side with individual chakras positioned at various places within it and dwarfed the other mockups/blueprints/models which only showed a few arrangements/clusters of chakras in various stages of development. I was almost embarrassed at its size. For the first time the Unity Grid was shown in its entirety to all those existing at that level. This was the first time the blueprint of the Unity Grid was shown to one and all. Because of its high frequency of vibration it had up till then been “invisible” and not perceived. Expect some confirmation of this by other channels in the coming days.

From now till the new moon on December 2 these final revisions will be achieved. Then the wave will once more begin in a downward direction and create the new connections/events required by the finalized Unity Grid blueprint. These manifestations/adjustments will be finalized by the December full moon just in time for the massive yearly energy surge of the winter solstice just before Christmas. I suspect this massive surge at the winter solstice will bring about the long talked about MPR (magnetic pole reversal of all atomic molecules) but not in the way most people think.

Imagine if you will that an immense wave of extremely high frequency light/energy has been driving earth’s/Gaia’s ascension. The frequency of this wave has been so high that our space brothers and sisters have not been aware of it, have not been able to perceive it. It has been like a radio signal their receivers could not tune into.

Yet this intense wave of energy has been hitting earth/Gaia for years now and raising its internal vibrations from the bottom levels up! The entire ascension has been powered from the lower levels and not from the higher levels. This has been done by people like me that have channeled this extremely high frequency directly to Gaia’s core. Most channels can not bridge the entire span.At this point all levels have come in sync as my dream showed with all the players on the same frequency. From bottom up all the levels are now at the proper frequency and the portal is completely open. Expect things to happen, but not what most expect. As per my last post Gaia has seeded all the levels/dimensions with her crystalline 3D hologram and exists as a 3D hologram on all level/dimensions.

Those like Stankov’s group on the other end of the event horizon have been and are now crowded tightly against the upper ceiling of the highest level and being compressed. When the ignition point is reached the higher levels will experience the MPR, not Gaia. Gaia is already where she is going to be. Her ascension has been from the bottom up.

We here on Gaia will experience a change in resistance, but not a change in reality other than what we have been and are currently creating. Gaia is protecting us and carrying us with her and has been through all of these changes.

After the MPR Gaia will be the new and highest point of spirituality, the new Celestria, Garden of Eden, Mount Olympus, home of the Gods. The highest will become the lowest and the lowest will become the highest. Those of us currently embodied in physicality here on Gaia will gain the ability to travel those new dimensions/multi-dimensions that will then be open to us. Instead of our space brothers and sisters assisting us through the transition, it will be us needing to help them adjust to the difficulties of crystalline 3D. Crystalling 3D has spread to all the dimensions!

Mother earth’s/Gaia’s ascension is of a band width that is so wide it will engulf the more narrow bandwidths of the other densities/dimensions, flooding them with new life.

This persistent belief that our space brothers/sisters can influence/turn up/turn down the frequencies of the ascension energy and that it somehow goes through them under their control and is released in deliberate ways will be proven false in a drastic way at the energy surge of the winter solstice. It is their energy that has until now been out of harmony, not Gaia’s. Gaia has been in harmony with this new energy ever since 21 December 2012. It is humanity and the spiritual “hierarchy” that has been out of sync! Now it is just humanity!

Bright blessings,


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Many Gaias, Many Realities


In scanning the new energies for Gaia just now an interesting thing is taking place. Within the horizontal energy field many small round Gaias are emerging in various locations at the same time. There is no longer one large Gaia, but many, many smaller Gaias in various locations/time periods/densities and none of them have futures! The future of each one is currently being created one moment at a time by those awarenesses inhabiting each one.


So we see the breaking up of realities into smaller, more harmonious groups that have an easier time of it. The implication of this is that the Gaia we find ourselves upon has a population that is becoming more harmonious to our own individual selves. Those influences and entities not harmonious with us are finding a Gaia that is more suitable to them as well.


I’ve just had a sudden flash of insight while typing this. Each of these new smaller Gaias will over time create past and future energy fields or their own akashic records. Our one Gaia has broken apart into thousands of miniature Gaias/ has given birth to not one Gaia, but thousands of Gaias! We have been expecting the birth of one new world, not thousands of new worlds! And all of these worlds will be 5D creating the illusion of 3D!


All of these Gaias are in survival mode as they struggle to stabilize and normalize. They are self creating moment by moment.


It is interesting that the Stankov group perceives thousands of timelines/Gaias being destroyed right now. Their awarenesses are on the other side of the event horizon where all Gaias are in the process of returning into particles of “light”. On this side of the event horizon all Gaias are being born as new physical planets with specialized populations and life forms.


I sense that the cosmic dust from the comet Ison is responsible for this. Each speck of super charged dust is becoming an individual Gaia! At least that is what my vision seems to be telling me. It will be interesting to see if these later unite into one Gaia, but I don’t think they will. I think this is creating a new reality/universe.


This is too mind boggling right now. I will share more later.



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The Unicorn


Last night and this morning were heavy with dreams and astral activity. Notable were two dreams of being on a bus loaded with people and going somewhere (ascension bus for the new elves?) In the first dream I was driving the bus and had come to the end of the road and was trying to back the bus up to turn it around. It was hinged in the middle and the road was not wide enough. Then I noticed the nearby field that was large enough to  drive into and turn the bus around.


Next dream I was a passenger in the bus and driving past a wooded area. I was looking out the window and saw a unicorn standing motionless just within the forest. It was a marble brown, almost like a statue of a rearing horse. It was behind some bushes so I could not make out all of it, but the horn was triangular shaped like those one might see on the back of a dinosaur. So it reminded me of a unicorn/human/dinosaur mix. It was a magickal forest filled with magickal creatures. Magick has now entered our world. Are we making use of it?


These two dreams were very vivid and near earth level. The obvious meaning was of a group of people heading toward some destination and it had to do with mother earth/Gaia. I am no longer alone at these levels! Hooray! More people/elves! The unicorn in the forest is obviously a magickal creature and signifies the return of magick to our world, our new world. Just as the Stankov group is anchoring to the light, this group is anchoring to the lowest magickal levels of mother earth/Gaia. Two groups, two ascensions. Two kinds of humanity.


On a side note, we are creating our future every minute of every day now and if we are not creating, then we are missing the boat. My wife and I meditated on prosperity and healing. There was an almost immediate response. The next day overtime became available at work and while in the hospital my wife was offered to participate in a program involving a new product for diabetes that reduced  hunger while regulating the sugar levels. She is diabetic. I encourage everyone to experiment with this.


Two days now we have meditated/visualized where we want to be in our lives. This was followed by pretty dramatic energy loss and the appearance of unlooked for circumstances. We are definitely going to continue this practice and see how consistent new responses are.


My sense and understanding is that if we don’t create the futures we desire, then nothing will happen. Events need to be created in the astral before they can become physical events. No future exists in the astral so nothing can change if we don’t first astrally/etherically create it.


To me this is one of the major changes in physical manifestation in this new age and in this new world. If we don’t create it in the astral first, it will never come to us. There is absolutely no more just waiting around to see what is going to happen. You will be waiting forever. By the same token the universe will support all goals and intentions without the resistance previously known. It will take our energy, but will not resist us like it always did before. Pure physical striving toward a goal will not work either. The materialists have it wrong and will have trouble manifesting as well. For the first time things need to be created magickally!




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The New Unity- Gaia Full Moon Message

Please consider sharing this message anywhere you might think it will be received. Gaia and all living things upon and within her have made the transition to 5th density and a new form of unity prevails. A new game has begun in earnest! A new world is being created second by second from the collective hopes, wishes and dreams of all living things within her sphere of influence.

The old unity and the old message was that all things are created from the light and will someday return to the light. The old message was that everything is light and we are all one. This remains true but a quantum leap in unity has now been achieved with Gaia’s ascension.

Within Gaia’s sphere of influence something new has occurred, something that has never occurred before. A new form of unity has been established and it extends throughout all the dimensions transforming them as well. This new form of unity is “the wheel of life” or the ecosystem that ensures the collective balance that will allow all forms of life to flourish within her space. This “wheel of life” or ecosystem is a type of unity that has never been able to achieve the higher levels or dimensions until now.

Every living thing that exists on Gaia at the present moment has sworn to uphold the sanctity of collective life and it’s delicate balance or is in the process of leaving. We each contain a small part of the giant jigsaw puzzle of this collective system and every small part is just as important and any other. Together we form a united creative force that literally creates the illusion of a 3d world second by second!

There is no future except the one that we are creating moment by moment and that future is collectively balanced to ensure that all forms of life may flourish. There are no exceptions. This is the new law and the new game.

In the past only individual souls have been able to ascend. With Gaia’s ascension the “Wheel of life”, an entire ecosystem has been able to ascend! This is an entire new form of united collective creation!


This is an entire new form of collective love!

Bless us all!


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November 14, 2013  The Return Wave

After the new moon of November 3 major negative energies have been expelled from the new earth/Gaia and the return wave began working downward through the spiritual planes recreating new possible future scenarios as it went. These were possible future events that would integrate with existing events and situations in physical reality and on the magickal planes/akashic levels. (there must be matching events in both the spiritual and magickal planes for physical manifestation)

For me the sense was of the past coming  back to reconnect, but in a different way. My separation from my spouse, which had already energetically occurred, was re-established, but with a new energy and new way of sharing. Conversely this coincided with the death of my mother and the emotional energy dynamics that were released as the wave moved into the magickal planes on November 11.

This morning the wave began to interpenetrate the magickal levels from the top down.  A vivid recurring dream, which repeated itself three times, proclaimed the establishment of a crystalline reality and the entry of my monad/god self into my normal etheric dream body. Suddenly I sensed the presence of “being” in that body and “being” in a restricted world/environment that seemed crystalline, unfamiliar and limiting. This process was repeated three times. There was also the sense of not having a future, but a mass of “energy” from which a future needed to be created.

From now to the full moon of the 17th the last levels will collapse and impel dramatic events personally and globally. My mother’s funeral is on Saturday. My world is radically changed.

The sense of all this is that our collective world is attempting to hold together as peacefully as possible as the mass consciousness of humanity begins to awaken. As the mass consciousness of humanity awakens intense amounts of repressed emotional energy are discharged and released. This includes confusion and fear. Now the focus seems to be to hold things together while this happens one last time. There is still one complete lunar cycle till the winter solstice when the new energy comes in for the entire year. This last cycle will siphon off the mass energy that is now being given off. Things can be expected to happen faster and more radically as the energy intensifies to a crescendo. What I thought would be finished with this full moon seems to have extended itself to the next full moon in December. I state this in consideration of the re-connection to past connections that are now activated in new ways for some new purposes.

The Stankov group appears to have crossed the great abyss into a position of quiet and rest, secure from the worldly chaos around them. (psychic/psychotic break) They have removed their spirits from the physical world and only await the severance of their physical bodies. They remain insulated and immune from the worldly events now playing out. (This also means unable to participate or influence them for good or evil) They are out of the game.

The new human elves find themselves more solidly enmeshed in physicality than ever before, but multi-dimensionally. They have a heightened awareness of the physical “now” but also the ability to see where it is leading, the ability to choose a timeline of their own creation. This makes the present moment much more tolerable since it is seen as only transient and leading to a better space. It is easier to accept what is happening now in our lives when we can see the changes that are right around the corner, positive changes I might add.

The process of creating a new collective world can only take place a bit at a time, especially when so many humans still suffer from old programming and belief structures. It seems that we are indeed creating a new world as we go, but there is a lot of dead wood that comes with it. The labor of a few is maintaining the balance until enough have awakened to take their place in this task. This is why there have been and will continue to be so many extensions of Gaia’s ascension process.

However, the influx of light at the winter solstice should completely overwhelm these last minute convulsions and sweep everything into a new energetic level. Remember, some at the leading edge of the ascension process are stepping into new roles while others are just getting started. This is not an all or nothing process, but a gradual event that peacefully includes all living things.



In trying to tune into Gaia for a healing meditation I was unable to locate 3D Gaia. She has been replaced by a 5D horizontal energy field! Only a little negative black energy remained and disappeared immediately. She has made the shift to 5D! How long that takes for us to notice remains to be seen!


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Gridlock/ No Gridlock


A few days after the new moon of November 3 and what a ride its been! One massive bliss/love whiteout and what appears to be a major polarity shift. What’s going on?


To date everything I’ve experienced so far points to a massive trigger event on the November full moon in less than two weeks. But what kind of event? Like most of us I’ve kind of been padding my options, saying to myself, if it goes this way I’ll do this and if it goes that way I’ll do that. Now I’m going to try putting a little sanity into all of this.


If there is one thing that can be said about mother earth’s or Gaia’s ascension process it can be said to be very subtle and almost unnoticeable. Over the last few years I’ve reported as the new earth appeared in each new density/dimension beginning with 8th density, then dropping down to 7th, 6th, 5th, and finally 4th. Now we are all waiting for it to hit us where we live, here in 3rd density. It’s happened out there, when is it going to happen here and what is going to happen?


This past month has given me the needed clues to make a very educated guess and I’m pretty convinced that I’m on the right track. As the new Gaia entered each new density from top down she has followed a pattern that goes like this:


“I accept everything that happens today as perfect and balanced. From this moment in time the rules are changing and it will happen differently!”


So this happened in 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th and 4th density. A particular point in time marked where the rules shifted but there was no outward disturbance on any kind. But from that moment on things were different. I see no reason to think that this process will not continue during this final phase as the final ascension wave hits our personal moment of awareness. This final shift can and is going to be as simple and yet as profound as getting on the bus, moving to a new city and starting fresh! The new starts will be difficult but there will not be the opposition and polarity that blocked us in the past and most of us have already began this changeover process.


I will share from my personal life. My spouse and I have been locked in a stagnant gridlock relationship for a couple of years now, both wanting out but not being able to find a way that does not hurt the other. The energies would not support a breaking free of this stressful and unbearable situation that was killing both of our spirits. Now, suddenly the universe has found a way and is leading us through it. My elderly father is not really in a position to be living alone on the family farm as he has fallen a few times and become disoriented. I have made the decision to move in and help him through these final years the best I can. This is not really what my dream come true is, but it is a valid way of escaping the gridlock. Being there I can help my spouse get a safe place as well and begin to take care of bills and finally do writing projects that have been waiting for me.


What I am saying is that I am moving from out of a gridlock situation into one that is not perfect by any means, but one that will allow me to not feel the conflict or the opposition of my spouse or our current living situation. It will have entirely new energy. I will have more free time to turn my hobby of writing/translating into a viable profession. I am moving into a position that will gradually empower me and I might add that I am also helping my father who is struggling with seeing my mother gradually turn into a vegetable in the nursing home. I will be making this move, guess when? On the weekend of November 17! On that weekend my life is changing in a major way and it will shake the foundations of my world. It will also leave me temporarily without internet and such other things I’ve become used to. Perhaps one could say that I am down sizing my life to the point where I can take control of it once more.


Perhaps that is what many will experience as this trigger hits on November 17th, a downsizing that places personal control back into each person’s life and in a strange way also brings renewed hope.


The multi-dimensional aspect is there as well. I have become extremely sensitive and proficient at working the various astral/etheric planes and am comfortable in knowing how to magically attract those persons, events and things to me that I need/desire in the long term. Living multi-dimensionally also means having the ability to see long term, to realize that often one must go from this first situation to the next before getting where we want to be. The first journey begins with a step and on November 17th we all begin the first steps of our journey in a new world that will look like the old one, but it will be as if we have taken a bus to a different city and started a new life, a life without duality! A life from gridlock to no gridlock!


Bright blessings,




I will soon be back to tending my Anarchist World website as I should be. Please be patient with me on this. I will do some tonight!

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New Moon November 3, 2013


Well, it’s the new moon and what a few days! From what I have dreamed, seen, sensed and gathered my guess was pretty much right on. There have been major shifting of power lines within the earth’s energy grid accompanied by last minute corrections and healings. This has left some things without power, some things newly activated, some things untouched and some things destroyed.

In metaphorical electrical terms we can say that the old electrical direct current wiring system that had everything wired in series like Christmas tree bulbs (when one goes out, they all go out) has now been replaced with an alternating current system that has everything wired in parallel. (When one bulb goes out the others stay lit and each retains full connection to source) Furthermore, this new alternating current system allows for harmonics or psychic overlap or metaphysical phenomenon. So the changes are very specific and very directed.

For me personally this brings relationship loss and awareness of the need to free myself from certain life conditions. A friend of mine that functions at different levels described an amazing vision of black and white steel like rods moving up or down his spine depending on the color. I take this as his final awakening to the new black and white power sources for the first time.

The world around me has taken on a jelly like appearance that is both solid, but not completely so. This coupled with my personal changes lead me to believe that the full moon will see me more fully embedded within this semi-solid reality. This includes a noted lack of emotional crisis or frantic pulling by others to enmesh me within their energy. Saying this in plain English, it looks like the world that we are now in is going to remain the world that we will stay in. It will be slightly plastic and malleable for those with multi-dimensional abilities and not have the frantic emotional craziness of old 3d.

What has just happened is the cleansing of the lowest etheric layer before physical manifestation. This is where the major shifting of power lines has taken place. From now until the full moon two weeks from now the wave of purified energy will move down all the astral layers, spiritual and magickal, for the first time and it will impel physical events that will move us forward. No old energy remains within the new system, it has been released. But we still have our beliefs and our narrow thinking. The next two weeks might be quite uncomfortable but needed!


Bright blessings,


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