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It seems that wordpress erroneously suspended the Synagogue of Satan site and while it is back, the RSS feed is not yet back. Hopefully that will be back sometime tomorrow as well. In celebration I’ve added yet another blog, “OD: The Magickal Human” by Karl Hans Strobl.


Od: The Magickal Human is a non fiction book. The Odic force (also called Od [õd], Odyle, Önd, Odes, Odylic, Odyllic, or Odems) is the name given in the mid-19th century to a hypothetical vital energy or life force by Baron Carl von Reichenbach. Von Reichenbach coined the name from that of the Norse god Odin in 1845. (Wikipedia)


This is most certainly in keeping with the aims and goal of Anarchist World to become the primary focus online for this dark biological life force current.

The good news is that with all this work I should get pretty good at translating! LOL


I remember the weekly monograph studies of the Rosicrucians and how much I looked forward to each weeks new material. I hope that you all will begin to feel the same way!


bright blessings,





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I no sooner commit to putting these new blogs online and “The Synagogue of Satan” is taken down as a violation of wordpress policy! Perhaps the two energies cannot exist in the same  place?

I can live without “Synagogue of Satan” as it is an historical account of the early church and of no particular value once I’ve read it. I don’t see a path in it, only a justified anti-church veiwpoint. What I am interested in is a path. Yet it still comes as a shock and I need to process a bit.

What I am interested in is an organic path to the development of the soul that has no rigidly structured system, one that follows the laws and dictates of nature and mother earth through the anchoring and development of this “black” current of sexual energy. There is nothing Satanic about it.



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You will notice a few new blogs at Anarchist World, including occult versions of the Kamasutram, Angaranga and the Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaui. What is going on?

Mother Earth, Gaia, and humanity has entered a new great cycle and the dominant energy for the next two thousand years is that energy known as “the black current” or “magickal energy” or “Sexual energy”. There is going to be an occult revival of unheard of proportions as this energy kicks in. This is also the energy of the divine feminine and women’s rights.

The “black current” is the lowest possible etheric energy that exists almost at the level of physical manifestation. While it is pure and clean of itself, it lies beneath the energies of fear and anger. It lies beneath the energy of war! Humanity is now able for the first time in thousands of years to break through the cycles of war and hatred into a more gentle and magickal loving energy! We will see love and we will see magick!

The sacred books of the Orient; “The Kamasutram”, “The Angaranga”, and “The Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaui” embrace this energy and it is fitting that they are once more explored for the wisdom they contain. These particular books are not the English translations by Richard Burton that most are familiar with. They are the German translations published by noted sex researcher Magnus Hirshfeld in consultation with Dr. Hanns Heinz Ewers. I will be translating these books and adding occult tie ins as appropriate.

“Fundvogel” is a novel by Hanns Heinz Ewers about a woman getting a sex change operation and it was published in 1926!

“Magick, Mystery and Madness” is my third volume of OAK material, in this case advanced concepts in magick, occultism and working with this “black current”.

In short, “Anarchist World” is now a depository of the world’s finest material dealing with this magickal “dark” current. I apologize for the slowness of translation work, but this will take time. There is no hurry! Consider subscribing to Anarchist World to help me out a bit. From this point on I will be taking a round robin approach (except for poems) and adding posts to each blog in sequence. By this time next year there should be considerable material available! There already is!

“The Ego and his Own” by Max Stirner had a tremendous influence on the “black current” of Pre-war Germany. Frederick Nietzsche was considered a pupil of Stirner! Yet there are very important differences!

While “Vampire” is considered autobiographical, “House of the Vampire” by Viereck possibly gives an alternate viewpoint of the vampirism of Hanns Heinz Ewers.

I have established my path and am proud to present this material, much of it for the very first time in the English language! Enjoy this “dark current” in its many manifestations!

bright blessings,


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The Satanism of Pre-war Germany


This is an attempt to explain the rumors of the so called dark current and evil occultism of pre-war Germany that persists despite little evidence of occultism. It is rather a “black” energy or “dark current” that is sensed, feared and allied in the mind of the public with Satanism and evil.

This account holds both the ridiculous and the horrible and is a tale of humanity. I ask the reader to keep an open mind as I delve into previously unexplained details of occultism and metaphysical realities.

This “black current” or “black magickal energy” is sex energy, plain and simple. If a person strongly works with sex energy as in tantric sex exercises of any type whatsoever, their aura will become black. Sexual energy is black and it is pure. There is no evil or perversity about it. The most spiritual and religious person in the world can work strongly with sex energy and their aura will take on this “black” color.

The problem is that this sexual “black” energy lies beneath fear energy and to consciously work with it one must confront and work through their fears. When sensitive people encounter these people with this black energy in their aura it activates the energy of fear within them, they are afraid and think of these people and think of them as “black” magicians.

This “black” energy is the lowest etheric energy possible before physical manifestation and to be able to consciously manipulate it is to be able to do magick and to alter physical events before they manifest.

The goal of the magician is to permanently activate a non-physical body created of this “black” energy. When this is done one is able to function at this level and do “magick”.

The process of permanently activating this etheric body is at the same time both ridiculously easy and extremely dangerous. It is created through the generation of sexual energy by prolonging orgasm and allowing the pre-orgasm energy to accumulate and flood the entire body. One difficulty lies in the quantity of energy that must be generated to cause change on the etheric levels.

To put this bluntly, once during the day is not enough. The non-physical planes are highly elastic and will absorb large amounts of this energy without changing. The non-physical planes will resist change. One needs to generate this sexual energy at least twice a day and over a period of many years. No special ritual, time or method is required. This can be done through homosexual, heterosexual or autoerotic methods.

This can be very easily proven for those skeptics. Doing this will result in massive discharges of this energy during dreams at night while sleeping. The physical body stores it during the day and discharges it into the non-physical planes at night during sleep. These discharges are often so violent that people immediately stop and do something not as intense. The danger is of mental and emotional collapse as ones inner demons are brought to life and confronted. But if you don’t do it, you won’t develop this non-physical body of “black” energy.

Females have a natural ability to develop this “black” etheric body. The nature of the female orgasm is quite different from the male orgasm and leads to the relatively easy activation of this “black” etheric body, the requirement being only two orgasms per day over a long period of time. The only serious problem was avoiding pregnancy and predatory attacks as their power of sexual attraction becomes larger. This is why so many women have always been considered “evil”, “satanic” and “witches. This is why the early church fathers had such a difficult time with them and “feared” them.

For the male to develop this “black” etheric body much more was required since it was not a “natural” thing for the male to achieve as it is with the female. That is because of energy loss due to sperm loss. Tantric sex and the ability to prevent sperm loss were the key to the rapid development of this non-physical astral body and was developed for males, not for females.

So avoiding pregnancy and sperm loss were and remain the main factors in the development of this “black” etheric body. This resulted in the deviant sexual practices that many occultists are accused of perpetrating and the fear of them even though there is no “fear” or debauchery in sexual activity itself.

In point of fact, normal and healthy sexuality over a life time would cause the development and activation of this “black” non-physical body in anyone in the world, primitive savage or urban professional. Our world and modern society are so twisted in unnatural sexuality that “normal” sexuality is not understood.

The “Satanic” movement of pre-war Germany was the first glimpse at what might have become normal sexuality and the common development of this “black” etheric body and the development of its magickal abilities within the general public.

Psychologists Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Wilheim Reich correctly understood that sexual energy lies at the base of neurotic and emotional problems and that allowing a more natural expression of human sexuality would produce a more healthy human society. (and magickal)

Satanism had its roots in the pagan religions that openly practiced sexuality (tantric sexuality for the men) and produced occult phenomenon of various types. This entire subject could be simplified with the phrase “make love, not war!” But things are not so simple. There were many more energies than the “black” sexual energy.


In the first part of this essay I’ve attempted to show the existence of a “black” energy that exists at non-physical levels and is the basis of “magickal” and occult practices. This energy lies beneath fear energy and is beautiful in its own right and very powerful. It is also clean and pure. Sexuality is a natural function and expression that is not fully recognized in modern society.

Before I can continue with the presentation of Satanism in pre-war Germany these other energies and their uses must be clarified and explained in order to show the full horror of what has been done in our past.


Normal human awareness usually finds itself remaining more or less permanently at a specific level with temporary excursions into the other levels. It will help to become familiar with these levels.

Immediately above the “black” energy of sexuality is the “red” energy of fear. This is the energy of the warrior, death, destruction and heroic deeds. Many have called this the Nordic ray and the energy of magick. At this level one must confront personal fear and master it. As this is also a very low level energy next to the physical levels it is most often considered magickal as well, but the magick is the magick of fear and destruction, blood and death. There is no doubt that modern society is based upon this energy and not upon that of sexuality. Collectively we are more prone to make war, not love! Blood magick, sacrifice, death and survival of the fittest find meaning at this level. Often innocent and gentle people that practice healthy sexuality and have “black” auras cause this “red” energy to flare up in those they encounter and “fears” are projected onto them. They are accused of doing fearful things, things that only exist in the minds of the accusers. Those whose normal waking awareness are constantly at these levels are warriors and materialists that are completely blind to others levels and fear the occult because of what it stirs up within themselves. For these people sexuality is violent and a type of warfare.


Immediately above the Mars/war energy is the “orange” energy of decadence. This is where the awareness of the majority of humanity finds itself. The search for creature comforts, a good meal, a soft bed, a healthy body. This is the energy of digestion and of healers and medicine. It is also the energy of sloth, purification, disease, and decadence. In the astral, non-physical realms undeveloped souls at this level resemble animals, herd like and bovine or some other animal with primitive instincts and drives. People at this normal level of awareness with act fear toward those of either the “black” or “red” energy bodies activated and often not be able to tell them apart. They can only sense the fear and the animal magnetism of sexual desire. For these people sex is simply animalistic mating like that of dogs on the street. They give themselves over to blind passion, and also to blind rage or anger. There is no conscious awareness or very limited conscious awareness at these levels. This is the level of the lower emotions, shame, disgust, apathy, revulsion and perhaps horror. At this level one must confront decadence and sloth and master them to move beyond the present moment. This includes addictions to passive entertainments such as drugs, TV, video games and sports.

Above this level are the Upper Emotions that create the “solar” astral body. This is the level of the “heart” energies and social activity as well as enjoyment of life.

This is the level of pride, patriotism, love and sense of self or the crude ego. The belief is that everyone else experiences life the same way you do. It never occurs to them that others may have different views and beliefs; much less that life is different for them. This is the realm of the law and public authority. Those who are empowered at this level understand humanity at a very common level and are able to act as leaders and voices for the collective. They become “rulers” or “Kings” and “Queens”. Might I also add politicians!

Above this level are the philosophers, those that have discovered the magick of thought and ideas. There are people whose awareness is so firmly entrenched at this level that they live entirely in their heads and are no earthly good, except perhaps as college professors. These people believe in logic and reason and think that science can prove everything. These people are normally not open to the “black” energy of sexuality except in a most distorted form and are “nerds” or worse. They have no concept of normal human sexuality.

And beyond these are those drawn toward “spiritual” experiences. The spiritual planes exist beyond the mental philosophical planes, beyond logic and reason. Illuminations are experienced that bring glimpses of archetypal reality or self-evident truth.

This completes a very sketchy introduction to the various levels of awareness. A complete human functions at will on all of these levels. They have activated all of these non-physical bodies and make use of their sensory abilities.

Now the permanent development and activation of the “black” sexual energy body requires only the generation of massive amounts of sexual energy on a daily basis over a long period of time. When this is activated one is able to do “magick”  in a completely natural way without ritual, spells or anything at all. It is done through dreams and astral work or shaman type work.

Working with “blood” magick or warrior magick or “fear” magick involves the intense stressing of the physical body almost to the point of death, through violence and drug induced intoxication where the “soul” or “awareness” is driven out of the body. Sadly this is what modern Satanism has become or thought to be.


In the common understanding of Satanism these two are often blended and confused. In order to become magickal or to do magick it is thought that blood and sacrifice are needed. This is the tragedy of modern history. A natural function of love is replaced with the horror of violence and death.

Gnostic Christianity kept secret the mysteries of sex magick, of the “black” non-physical body and its powers. Women were especially adept at this and feared as “witches”. The generation of this energy produced fearful “demons”, incubi and succubae that took one’s life force through vampirism and demonic means. This “black” energy stirred up fear in those that did not understand.

The Catholic Church in particular hated and feared women because of this energy and power which so many of them had and sought to subject them through violence.

Alchemists experimented with tantric sex and discovered ways of developing this “black” etheric body and gained the ability to do “magick”. They wrote about these subjective experiences in cryptic ways. In this the ancient alchemists were Satanists.

The knowledge of the alchemists was symbolically unified in the teachings of the Rosicrucians with the golden cross and the rose at its center signifying the balance of male and female, the alchemical wedding of the higher self and the lower human ego. In Germany the Imperator of the Rosicrucian movement was Martin Luther, originator of the protestant revolution. Of course this was considered Satanic. According the H. Spencer Lewis in high level AMORC monographs, freemasonry was a social experiment originated among high level Rosicrucians.

Rosicrucian activity coalesced around Papus in France and satanic activity coalesced around Przybyszeski in Berlin/Munich. Przybyszeski compiled the information in “synagogue of Satan” and out of that information emerged something entirely new, German Satanism. This movement believed in healthy sexuality and intoxication through drug and alcohol use. It was also inspired by the ego centric ideas of Max Stirner and modern psychology as well as women’s rights.

Ewer’s took this movement and enlarged it through his lectures on “The Religion of Satan”. Concepts such as open sexuality, women’s rights, democratic-anti-monarchy ideals, anti-Church views, pro-science and self-empowerment of individuals pervaded the literature through such outlets as the weekly magazine “Simplicissimus” and noted authors including Richard Dehmel.

The movement was simple and free of much distortion. After the First World War the loss of idealism turned this movement into the decadent movement with even more sexuality and debauchery. It was this “black” sexual energy, now a dirty brown, which clung to Nazi Germany and continues to convince people of the occultism of Nazi Germany.

The pure “black” of sexual energy has been constantly confused and mixed with the fear energy of the warrior and the decadent energy of debauchery.

In modern days magickal power is thought to be achieved through a myriad confusion of ritualized practices. Simple healthy human sexuality is not one of them. It is a thing to be feared and shunned, both within and without. It is Satanic.




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Earth’s Ascension Update Aug 2013



In reading some current posts on earth’s ascension and specifically that dealing with the upcoming 9/20/13 fall equinox date I find myself annoyed with persistent doom sayers and revelations of death and calamity. First I would like to explain that I see into these planes or densities and then need to interpret what I see the best I can. While this is not specifically channeling per se, it is receiving a higher wisdom and communication.

Being solidly within a physical body it is not surprising that I perceive things differently than channeled entities that are not anchored within physical bodies. These entities continue to  miss those things happening at the lower, near physical levels and persist in the belief that we are ascending toward them and not that they are descending toward us!

Several years ago it was determined that there was no need for the sudden death of life upon earth to make the transition to the new one. It would be enough to let each individual live out its normal chosen life span and only allow souls to be born that were compatible with the new energies. So we have ascension by attrition, with the opposition slowly dying off of old age and new souls gradually maturing into new positions of power and influence.

To make things even more confusing, the new souls being born these past twenty or thirty years have fallen into two camps. The first camp are those souls that have been with Gaia throughout this long great cycle that is now completed and have returned one last time to help her and all life forms upon her through this difficult organic ascension process. These souls and life forms upon the normal deaths of their physical bodies will continue their existence through the next great cycle in the non-physical realms and become the “new angels” and “group souls” watching over the new experiment! In the meantime they will remain in their current physical bodies for longer than normal lives. For those fantasy buffs, think of these souls as “Elves” with extended lives and magickal abilities that will slowly disappear from the earth of mortals which we currently live upon.

The Garden of Eden story is being retold and these are the gods and goddesses that will create this new paradise for the new humanity and then they will leave.

The second group are those newcomers and star children that have lined up for a long time and waited in line to play this new game. Their souls are currently descending and anchoring into physicality, but are not able to anchor completely to both spirit and earth. These people will remain normal mortals through the coming great cycle.

To say this another way, the first group has learned to integrate both their shadow aspects and their higher selves into a normal healthy ego and have become something other than human. The second group does not have this ability and is seeking to develop it through an exploration of duality, life experience in both male and female bodies. This will happen through the new great cycle.

What is happening is that the “ascension process” is old news and the “new game” has rightfully begun. Over and over we see these tired old  revelations and expectations go “thud” as they hit the wall of reality.

This will happen as well when 9/22/13 comes around and so many will be expecting something magnificent to occur. What will occur is certainly magnificent, reality will occur and another false prophet hits the dust. The old ways are done! Physical manifestation follows new laws and a new garden of Eden is in the process of being created, right here, right now. No one is going anywhere, except those not compatible with the new energies and they are leaving through attrition as they age or get sick and die, or as they kill themselves off in warfare.

The second group of people, those new souls and star children that have come to play the new game, are still enmeshed in non-crystalline 3D thinking. They believe that they are the creative ones and that they have the ability to transform the earth. They believe that they can save earth from what the first group has done.

Thankfully this is not the case. This second group of people are able to create and are powerful on the higher levels. They will be able to create a most beautiful world; but that will be the work of this new eon. They have not yet learned how to create in crystalline 3D. To put in bluntly they are living in an illusionary world of their own creation that has nothing to do with current reality.

The first group of souls that has suffered and slowly gained mastery of crystalline 3D has graduated and is throwing a magnificent party for the newcomers. It is creating the new Garden of Eden for the newcomers to play in. This is what is happening.

These are certainly difficult times and the period from now until the winter solstice will be the most challenging we have experienced so far, but our challenges will be personal and individual, not global. Small hands make light work, and many small hands are doing their part to clean up their own back yards. If your back yard is clean you will be fine. If you have not been working on your own stuff, then it will blow up in your face. The changes are organic and on the cellular levels, not spectacular and sudden. Globally things are going to hold together and make as smooth a transition as possible to a new golden human society, but it is possible for individuals to fall through the cracks into their own created mess.

How many times must disclosure come up? 5th density beings cannot appear physically in crystalline 3D. They never have and never will. They exist of their own choice in 5th density and above. We can activate our own 5th density bodies and meet them, communicate with them; but they can’t come to us physically and we are not leaving our physical bodies permanently except through the portal of death. The new game consists of all densities and beings of all densities can take part in it, each has a valid part to play. But crystalline 3D is not going away! Those playing the new game are not going to be cheated of crystalline 3D experience. This includes the choice of not believing in such communications and multi-dimensional beings.

In summary, things are moving along quite rapidly considering all that must be done. The final destructions/releases will happen between now and the winter solstice. Energetically this coming full moon of August in a few weeks will be the culmination of the energies, and the time frame from then to the actual equinox will be void of course. This will be the final crystallization of events for the coming year within the akashic planes. The period of time from the equinox to the winter solstice will be the first harvest in truth and the final falling away of the old husks.


Bright blessings



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