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It has taken forever, or at least it has seemed like forever! I’ve just made this hard cover edition of Vampire: a wild story of scraps and colors available for the first time. It is a massive book with over 500 pages. It is also my favorite book of the trilogy because I think it is the most autobiographical of them all.




I’ve also made it available in quality paperback at:


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Searching for the Soul


Like man himself! In the beginning man was with God and part of the indivisible All, and he tore himself loose in spite of it. From this awareness of self over the course of billions of years there developed an awareness of the contradiction, “I”—and the world! And yet a part of the All clung to this “I”, was still imprisoned in this physical body, grew with it, died with it and was inseparable from its earthly remains.

And a great desire for liberation caused this soul to seek a false path and grope in the shameful darkness. It always ran back by the way which it had come to its original awareness of the “I” instead of to the “Not—I”, and did not know that the goal was at the other end.

The soul was conscious of the contradiction between the “I” and the “Not—I”, but the soul accepted the physical body as part of the “I”, even as the “I” itself did, and did not realize that the physical body was only a part of the “Not—I”. Thus man’s physical body became the unfortunate bridge that always led the soul back to the physical world of which it was a part. And all those souls driven by desire passed over it and descended deeper and deeper until they sank into God.

Yet how comical it was when the pious cried out that one must conquer the body! Their words were so wise, yet their understanding was so wrong. They did not conquer the body—but rather strengthened its power by all they did. They conquered the soul of man and became as beasts; they conquered the beasts inside and became as God.

But the time must come for the striding forth of the liberated human being. When the knowledge becomes so deep and so firmly rooted that each one knows his body is nothing other than some tree that stands in the forest, than some bird that flies in the air: than any foreign object that lies far in the distance! When each passionately feels that his body has nothing in common with his soul—and is as alien to him as a stone in the street , when the assurance reaches each consciousness that the external world may be all-embracing, yet, it fails to hold one thing, namely, the soul—then that great day will dawn—

Then the soul of man will tend the body well, like a temple, like a good house in which one dwells. Only, it will be a stranger, something external from us, and this knowledge alone will be the great conquest of the body. Then the bridge that leads downward will be broken; then the lunacy of our forefathers will perish; then the eternal desires will laugh happily as they kiss freedom and truth amidst their tears over the dark errors of the ages.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


The above was written by German author Hanns Heinz Ewers over a century ago! Or rather it is my translation of his words and thoughts into the English language. As I partake in more online discussion groups, in particular Mensa discussion groups I find that believing in the individual soul is not politically correct. I also find that attitude a little bit two-faced. Consider the question, “Is a loved one the same person after having a debilitating stroke? Is their awareness, their consciousness, still the same but hindered by physical damage caused by the stroke? Or have they in some way become less human? I have seen stroke victims struggle to find the words they desire to express and the frustration that they feel being physically unable to do so. To me this is direct evidence that individual awareness remains even though it might not be able to physically express itself


The question really becomes whether conscious awareness is purely energetic in nature or mechanical. Is individual awareness capable of being separated from the physical body or is it simply an expression of the physical body that dies when the physical body dies? While science almost unanimously denies the existence of the soul, it entertains such thoughts as the possibility of integrating human consciousness with machines or computers. Movies such as “Avatar” envision the ability of human awareness to transfer itself from one physical body to another! For some reason science admits the possibilities of these things while denying the possibility of the existence of the soul. I find that very troubling!


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I dreamed about receiving a package in the mail this morning and know that the book I ordered, “Azrael” by Paul Busson, will be here tonight when I get home from work. This has happened with the last several books I have ordered. It is nothing special, but has become common place to dream of an event that will happen to me during the day.

I go to work a few minutes early and do a little meditation about the day, my health and such things, visualizing how I want them to go. This is multi-dimensional awareness in action and it is fully functioning for me if I choose to use it. That is the key point; if I choose to use it! If I don’t visualize good health or prosperity, it won’t happen on its own! It’s time we all took responsibility for our own lives.

My dreams have changed since the fall equinox in other ways. Before the equinox there were some bitter astral battles that were serious as some critical issues were finalized. Since the equinox I’ve had more dreams of the  “after the football game” type where I might go up to someone that is not happy with the outcome and pat him on the back. The football game is over and one team won and one team lost. There is no more need for struggle, but for good will on both sides.

We are being bombarded with election propaganda just before next month’s elections, but the elections have already been decided. It will become evident that the democrats have “out bred” the republicans. This is especially true as the conservative Catholics families have been getting smaller these past twenty years while the welfare moms have continued to have just as many babies as before.

Some things are no longer supported by the new energies, specifically radical morality, radical spirituality, be it light worker space stuff; the moral majority or radical Islam. They are all the same. They do not support life here on earth; but eternal life in some never to be reached paradise. This radical spirituality represented by the moral majority and traditional Catholicism are foundational elements of the Republican party.

The same is true for large scale finance. Those in charge should take a good look at history, especially the French revolution; because things are going to change and the wealth is going to be taken away from the extremely wealthy. I’m not saying it’s fair, I’m just saying that it is going to happen. Expect some new laws putting caps on the interest rates that can be charged on credit card debt and the like. No more 20% interest! Laws like these can only be passed with a solid Democratic majority.

There is not going to be a return to conservative fascism! The manipulation of the masses no longer works in the same way.

This blog is moving away from earth ascension topics because that is increasingly old history. Now is the time for moving on with real life, multi-dimensional life. For me this means getting back to translating and book publishing. When I dreamed of getting that package in the mail, my heart leaped in joy. I was happy. My real mission is to share this joy with all of you!

You may have noticed a few new blogs by Paul Busson. They are both excellent stories. However, it appears that “The Fire Spirits” was heavily censored. I’ve ordered a copy of the original and will be checking it out for myself. In the meantime “Vampire” and “De Profundis” are my top priorities.


Remember, you read it here first!





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In this physical world all things have a beginning and an end. That is so new things can take their turn. Mother Earth, Gaia, has just begun a new cycle of existence and I am pleased to have been a part of it. I have poured out my heart and any information that I considered of value freely to one and all, mostly without thanks or comment. This is as it should be and I have no complaints. However, it seems that Anarchist World is dead! Between two computer crashes, a new computer, and expired domain registration of which I no longer have access to, the main site is dead and not coming back!

All things happen for a reason and I am taking this time to consider my options. The blogs are still active, but unwieldy without the main page to access them. Thus unless you have subscribed to a blog it might be difficult to find it. What have I learned? What is the next step? Frankly, I am considering letting the blogs go as well. One only needs to remember how many blogs and how much information has been posted to realize how much work has gone into this project. Originally I thought that this project would bring exposure to my writings and even more importantly help spread information about Gaia’s ascension process.

Gaia’s ascension process has now crystallized and my own contributions or any one else’s are no longer effective in changing anything. We have collectively bought the ticket and now need to ride it out, good or bad! So now its time to think of myself for a change and think about getting a fair return in exchange for my efforts. That means equal value for equal value, something I’ve never seriously contemplated. I have always felt it more important to just get the information out there! Well, I did get the information out there and its all still there! I’m not taking anything down right away. I’m just restricting new information to those that value it enough to help contribute for my own personal time and effort.

We live in a world that does not recognize spiritual or non-physical empowerment and activity. We also live in a world where logic and reason are considered as supreme and even above self-evident truth. We also live in a world where people now expect everything to be free, where they don’t have to put out any effort for themselves. Add to this the fact that so called Christian values and beliefs dominate and pervert  normal healthy practices. We also live in a world of free will! If that is what people want, then go for it!

But I follow another way. About thirty years ago I crossed the great abyss and shortly after that had an extremely vivid vision/dream where someone showed me the book of life and told me to grab onto it. I grabbed it and then the creature/being began to laugh and said that I would die if I ever let go of it. I shouted “No!”  and slammed the book shut. Instantly I felt my soul sever from the earth and begin to burn in hell fire (or at least be consumed in fire.). I felt fear as my soul was consumed and my awareness was forced across the great abyss where it was safe. But all my lower astral bodies were destroyed! Then began the process of slowly building them back up again from the top down!

I share this because I have come to realize that this is the process that happens upon the death of the physical body when the soul detatches from it and moves up into the light, disolving itself as it goes until only the core self remains. So, I have died and come back in an almost literal way. I have followed the paths of spiritual tradition and completed them and even returned back to earth with completely resurected astral bodies. This makes me a Master and able to teach if anyone is interested. My blogs must speak for me, as I have no desire to add further to this. I have freely given my teachings to all that have been able to find them. I have fulfilled my duty in this and in Gaia’s ascension. This is the end and a new beginning. Now is the time to regroup, to find and join with my own kind, my own soul group. I no longer have interest in the ‘human collective”, those who don’t have interest in me either. I have interest in sharing as equals with my own soul group, where ever they are and who ever they are.

For those interested in further contact and information please email me at  joebandel@gmail.com or joebandel@hotmail.com and I will get in personal contact as we collectively decide how to procede! I have further information that I will only share within my own soul group. Use OAK or Order of Anarchistic Knights as the subject. Anarchist World has gone dark!


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I’m pleased to announce that “Lemuria Book 1” is now available in English for the first time ever!

This is the first collection of short stories by Karl Hans Strobl to have ever been translated into the English language. Karl Hans Strobl was noted for his short fiction, particularly his dark fantasy fiction and “Lemuria” collects some of his finest stories.

You can sense his passion and zest for living in these pages.

These stories come at a time when “Steam Punk” is popular. His stories fit into this genre quite well and it is astonishing how modern and readable these fantastic stories are. As an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, I’ve become convinced that there is a power and force within these stories that is very hard to find in today’s world.

Stories include: The Mermaid; At a Cross Roads; The Witch Finder; The Head; The Repulsion of the Will; My Adventure with Jonas Barg; The Manuscript of Juan Serrano; Familiar Moves; The Tomb at Pere La Chaise; The Wicked Nun; The Bogumil Stone; Master Jericho


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This is just an update. I’ve been working pretty hard at the new blogs to get some translating done. I’ve updated the community page and now for the main page! Right now I’m just messing around a bit, but that’s fine too! Chuckle. If a person can’t have fun then something is wrong. I don’t have any money so this is free entertainment for me. I can do things that I love without spending money on them.

Well Anarchist World has been online for a little over four months now. What do you all think? Remember, its ok to write a comment after each post! This is not intended to be a one way street! I know that I am surprised at the twists and turns it has taken. When I began the site I never dreamed it would become the monster it has become. I simply thought it would be a showcase for some of my pending translations.

Instead I’ve found myself pouring my heart and soul into this for entirely different reasons. There is an ideological war going on in our world and depending upon which way it goes our lives will be permanently changed.

Basically there are three camps in this ideological conflict.

One camp is those that would like to rule this world through fear, terror and military warfare. They would like to enslave the other 99% and that doesn’t set well with me at all. Life is about freedom, freedom for all life forms, including humanity.

The second camp is almost worse than the first. They want to kill all life on this planet so they can go to heaven. They don’t want to be here and they believe the only way they can leave is by wiping out the entire thing so it can start over! The byword of these people is, “We are all one! We are all part of the light and someday we will all return to source!” Well that’s a nice thought, but I don’t think turning into light through a nuclear explosion is really the right thing to do.

The third camp is the one that I belong to. In general life is the most sacred thing that has ever existed anywhere. Gaia, mother earth, has developed an ecosystem that supports all kinds of life in a symbiotic and balanced way. This is an entirely different kind of unity. Our world is collectively created and collectively maintained. We need the plants to furnish us with oxygen and they need us to furnish them with carbon dioxide. That is only a small example of the balance Gaia provides. This balance is maintained through the circulation of a vital life force energy occultists have termed “the black current” because it is black, not because it is evil. It belongs to the non-physical plane closest to the physical earth itself.

Anarchist World has become a meeting place for those that are attracted to this energy source and to working with it. At this time the need is so great that it has been more important to draw more energy and projects in to the site than it has been to finish them. Now it is time to move forward at an easy pace and keep the whole thing moving along. We are going to win this ideological war and bring some sanity and some magick back into this world, or rather, into the newly created world! Welcome to the new age!

So, check out the blogs! Are you attracted to the energy? Do you find good or do you find evil? If you find good, then this is your home! If you find evil, then look in the mirror.

-bright blessings


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You will notice a few new blogs at Anarchist World, including occult versions of the Kamasutram, Angaranga and the Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaui. What is going on?

Mother Earth, Gaia, and humanity has entered a new great cycle and the dominant energy for the next two thousand years is that energy known as “the black current” or “magickal energy” or “Sexual energy”. There is going to be an occult revival of unheard of proportions as this energy kicks in. This is also the energy of the divine feminine and women’s rights.

The “black current” is the lowest possible etheric energy that exists almost at the level of physical manifestation. While it is pure and clean of itself, it lies beneath the energies of fear and anger. It lies beneath the energy of war! Humanity is now able for the first time in thousands of years to break through the cycles of war and hatred into a more gentle and magickal loving energy! We will see love and we will see magick!

The sacred books of the Orient; “The Kamasutram”, “The Angaranga”, and “The Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaui” embrace this energy and it is fitting that they are once more explored for the wisdom they contain. These particular books are not the English translations by Richard Burton that most are familiar with. They are the German translations published by noted sex researcher Magnus Hirshfeld in consultation with Dr. Hanns Heinz Ewers. I will be translating these books and adding occult tie ins as appropriate.

“Fundvogel” is a novel by Hanns Heinz Ewers about a woman getting a sex change operation and it was published in 1926!

“Magick, Mystery and Madness” is my third volume of OAK material, in this case advanced concepts in magick, occultism and working with this “black current”.

In short, “Anarchist World” is now a depository of the world’s finest material dealing with this magickal “dark” current. I apologize for the slowness of translation work, but this will take time. There is no hurry! Consider subscribing to Anarchist World to help me out a bit. From this point on I will be taking a round robin approach (except for poems) and adding posts to each blog in sequence. By this time next year there should be considerable material available! There already is!

“The Ego and his Own” by Max Stirner had a tremendous influence on the “black current” of Pre-war Germany. Frederick Nietzsche was considered a pupil of Stirner! Yet there are very important differences!

While “Vampire” is considered autobiographical, “House of the Vampire” by Viereck possibly gives an alternate viewpoint of the vampirism of Hanns Heinz Ewers.

I have established my path and am proud to present this material, much of it for the very first time in the English language! Enjoy this “dark current” in its many manifestations!

bright blessings,


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