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Chapter 7 Sexual Orgasm Energy and the Healing Process

Health and vitality are the result of open energy channels within the physical body. Blocked or trapped energies result in illness and disharmony. The healing process involves opening energy channels within the physical body and gaining conscious awareness and control of those energies.

Scientology teaches that past emotional and physical trauma are trapped within the cells of the body as engrams. The human body has a limited amount of free energy available to it and the release of this trapped and repressed energy can significantly increase the amount of free energy the individual has at their disposal. By going back in memory to the original moment of pain that created the engram in the first place and consciously reliving it; it is possible to regain that lost energy. Only by consciously reliving the experience is it possible to release the trapped energy and claim it once more. The original moment of pain resulted in a momentary period of unconsciousness in which the engram was created. During this moment of unconsciousness a “snapshot” of the entire environment was created. As a consequence anything within that “snapshot” can trigger and release the energy trapped within the engram! A certain smell, a certain sound, a similar environment, a particular emotion, any of these things can trigger the explosive force trapped within the engram.

The same thing is true about sexual orgasm energy! For the average person the orgasm is marked by a moment of unconsciousness, the creation of a blockage or engram, and a “snapshot” of the environment at the time of its creation. But sexual orgasm energy is deeper and more powerful than the energy of pain. The objective of Tantric practice is to work with sexual orgasm energy with full conscious awareness at all times! In doing this no engrams or blockages are created and the energy is allowed to flow freely and naturally throughout the body. Because of this close similarities may be drawn between Scientology and Tantra and the releasing of engrams through the process of bringing the energy into awareness.

Tantric practice involves the generation of sexual orgasm energy with full awareness for the purpose of developing the androgynous soul and its powers. When this energy is generated with full awareness it can be directed consciously up the spine, into a partner or into the astral planes. But first of all energy pathways need to be cleared of blockages and engrams. This is the first step in effective Tantric practice.

Both engrams and the astral planes are highly elastic and resist penetration. The generation of sexual orgasm energy twice a day is required to break through an engram or make a meaningful change within the astral planes. Once a day is simply not enough. The energy will be merely absorbed and distributed harmlessly in a way that will not produce meaningful change. This is the secret significance of Shiva and Kali being able to destroy and create the universe! To generate sexual orgasm energy twice a day is to destroy the old universe and create a new universe!

This is something that can be proven through practical experience! The generation of sexual orgasm energy twice in one day will result in vivid and explosive dreams as the energy is released during sleep. The generation of sexual orgasm energy only once in a day may or may not result in a vivid or explosive dream. But the generation of sexual orgasm energy twice a day will always result in a vivid or explosive dream as the energy breaks through engrams and pierces the astral layers!

This is the basic foundation of all sex magic practice! It has nothing to do with ritual, technique, mantras, or spirits. It is a mechanical process based entirely on the generation and release of sexual orgasm energy at least twice a day and the resultant destruction of an engram or the piercing of an astral plane! This buildup of pressurized energy will find the weak spot and cause it to rupture! In the beginning the weak spot will almost always be an engram within the physical body itself. That is why most magical work produces inner transformation and not outward transformation. As the engrams are released and the energy pathways within the body are opened the magical activity shifts to outside of the body and within the astral planes themselves.

Working with sexual orgasm energy is often violent and explosive! Most people will try it a few times, become frightened at the power released, and choose to focus on more harmless things such as ritual, technique, mantras or spirits. A few may choose to work with sexual orgasm energy on a monthly or weekly basis and progress cautiously in the development of their androgynous soul and its powers. Only the bravest of the brave will deliberately choose daily work on this explosive path! Only the bravest of the brave will choose to be a Shiva or Kali!

Working with sexual orgasm energy is different for males and females. Females have an advantage over males because the generation of sexual orgasm energy twice a day is fairly simple and natural for them. The female orgasm naturally pushes sexual orgasm energy through the energy channels within the body and into the astral planes.

The male has a far more difficult time generating sexual orgasm energy twice a day. For the male to generate sexual orgasm energy twice a day for any length of time they must master the difficult technique of semen retention during orgasm. This ancient Tantric practice is required for any male who is serious about following the left-hand path of Radical Satanism.

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Chapter 6 The Left-Hand Path


Radical Satanism takes the so-called Left-Hand Path in an entirely new direction! Orthodoxy considers the left-hand path to be involved with opposite doing and taboo breaking. While these may be considered extremely powerful and important practices, they need to be looked at in an entirely new light.


Radical Satanism is involved with the creation and development of the androgynous soul created from a balance of male and female energy. After the creation and development of the androgynous soul contact and union with one’s Divine counterpart is pursued. Like the yin-yang symbol the two halves of the soul should be symmetrical and relatable to each other. One side should be that of a human male and the other side should be that of a human female if one desires to remain a part of humanity!


To participate in bizarre and subhuman or inhuman practices might well free you from societal restrictions, but it might also make you an inhuman monster and that would cause your Divine counterpart to become an opposite inhuman monster! It would also make it that much harder to merge with your Divine counterpart.


The creation and development of the androgynous soul naturally forces you to develop and integrate the opposite sex qualities of your ego. Working with sexual orgasm energy naturally forces you to confront your deepest and innermost fears as well as those of your Divine counterpart because it works with subconscious forces. The acceptance and integration of these innermost fears are far more powerful than any Orthodox head tripping taboo breaking and opposite doing. That is because they precisely trigger those things and activities needed to be confronted and integrated on a deep and intensely personal level. Instead of confronting collective fears and demons, you are forced to confront your own personal fears and demons as well as those of your Divine counterpart!


In fact, focusing on taboo breaking and bizarre behaviors concerns our relationship with society, not with the development of our soul!


Radical Satanism breaks even more completely with orthodoxy concerning the left-hand path! The generation of sexual orgasm energy twice daily over long periods of time will provoke incubus or succubus experiences, attract the necessary opposite sex energy and develop the androgynous soul at different levels of the astral planes! As the androgynous soul is created and strengthened its powers and abilities are also strengthened automatically!


What I am saying is that practice and technique are not what develops the soul and its powers. The generation of sexual orgasm energy and its automatic combining with opposite sex energy is what develops the soul and its powers!


This continued generation of sexual orgasm energy twice daily is literally the only requirement for the development of the androgynous soul and for eventual contact with one’s divine counterpart! As the androgynous soul is developed completely at each level its powers are activated automatically and naturally as a consequence.


All other teachings, techniques, and beliefs concerning the so-called Left-Hand Path are superficial and of no consequence! The entire process is driven by the continued generation of sexual orgasm energy over long periods of time and by nothing else! This is a mechanical and automatic process that works organically without the need for conscious control or direction. It makes use of the innate intelligence of the human body and its own natural functions as well as cosmic law!


All of this can be easily demonstrated and proven through personal experience. Radical Satanism collects the needed information on how to develop the androgynous soul safely and effectively and how to ultimately connect with one’s divine counterpart!


This is the Kali Yuga for the next two thousand years and sexual orgasm energy, vital life force energy or Garden of Eden energy has become available for all life forms, not just humans. All species can use this unprecidented opportunity to develop souls and magical powers. If humanity does not use this energy it will be eclipsed by species that are more vital and adaptive. The higher levels no longer offer empowerment or protection against this wave of creation energy!

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Chapter 5 Shiva and Kali

When we consider Tantrism, Buddhism and Hinduism it is immediately apparent that most of the knowledge contained within these paths, especially those that follow the left-hand path, is based upon personal experience and as such able to be duplicated by others. The student is not expected to blindly believe what they are told, but to experience it personally and directly within his or her body.

This is especially true in regards to the Tantric generation and use of sexual orgasm energy in the development of the soul and the various subtle bodies. For the past four thousand years the energies of empowerment have been those of the throat chakra and the third eye, abstract mental energy and so-called Christ consciousness, respectively. That is four thousand years of denial of all other organic intelligence and awareness!

In today’s world people debate whether there is a soul or extrasensory abilities. Materialism has become so prevalent that the spiritual or nonphysical side of life is not recognized and ignored by large segments of the population. All of that is about to change, and change radically as the crown chakra energies of unity and the sexual orgasm energies, the Garden of Eden energies, dominate our new world! This is the Kali Yuga! This is the age of Tantrism! This is the age of the left-hand path! This is the age of the diamond or thunderbolt body!

This is the age when each person has the opportunity to experience for themselves the reality of the soul and the reality of nonphysical worlds and beings. There is nothing theoretical about this, only experiential! There is an organic process that is sweeping across our world and opening our psyches to new realities.

In the book The Yoga of Power: Tantra, Shakti and the Secret Way by Julius Evola he says:

The Tantras go on to reaffirm the ancient Vedic – brahmanic and Buddhist belief in the siddha’ s superiority to all other “divinities.” The siddha has power over “three worlds.” No God, including Brahma, Vishnu, and Hari – Hara, can resist him. The possibility of doing as one pleases and to prevent things from happening is theoretically upheld. The siddha is “Lord of Death” (mrityunjeya) in the specific sense of being able to kill the body through an act of the will – the so-called samhara – mudra, the “act of dissolution” – of not experiencing death, and of transferring one’s consciousness to any chosen level of existence. A siddha, according to Milarepa, “goes at will through existences as an untamed lion freely roams a mountainous region.” A power often considered by Tantrism is the so-called phowa. On the one hand, this power consists in projecting oneself outside one’s body, into “bodies” corresponding to other “abodes” or cosmic planes. On the other hand, it consists in assuming someone else’s body, thus becoming the real driving force behind that person’s thoughts, resolutions, and passions, which he still believes to be his. In particular, a siddha cannot lie, since his word is a word of power, which commands to reality; thus everything he says would come true. In him the fundamental Tantric motif of the unity of bhoga and mukti is actualized. He enjoys the dignity of chakravarti, of a “World Ruler, ”and also a freedom that cannot be expressed anywhere else. The Tantras therefore claim that there is no yoga as powerful as kundalini yoga.

This is powerful stuff! Especially when one is asked to personally experience it for themselves and not just take it as an element of faith. Perhaps the most powerful images of the Tantric path are those of the divine couple Shiva and Kali/Shakti.

Shiva is portrayed in a dance representing the rhythm of both the creation and destruction of the worlds. Notice the use of the plural. These worlds represent the multidimensional astral planes or the spiritual worlds that create and support the manifestation of the physical world we experience. He is also depicted as shooting forth unending quantities of sperm energy.

This image contains the entire secret of Tantrism in terms of the male generating sexual orgasm energy. Consider this excerpt by Julius Evola:


In a highly symbolic Tantric icon Shakti is portrayed at the Earth’s level (the muladhara chakra) as a snake wrapped around Shiva’s phallus and resting its head on the phallus’s orifice. We must refer to the metaphysical theory according to which animal or physical generation is an empty surrogate of spiritual generation. The continuation of the species, through the use of sex perceived mainly as a generative power, represents a sort of ephemeral and earthly “eternity,” or a facsimile of continuity, in the series of separated, mortal individuals that follow one another in time. This spatio-temporal continuity is a mere surrogate for the continuity that would be insured by an ascending or vertical birth, or by a metaphysical integration that is well beyond the finite state of an individual who is conditioned by a specific physical body. Shiva’s reproductive organ (phallus), is called svayambhu-linga, or “supportless” linga, since it has its principal within itself. The term alludes to the power proper to a different begetting, not physical, but transcendent and anagogic; a begetting into a perfect, unblemished, incorruptible, and eternal life. Kundalini’s head is blocking the opening of Shiva’s phallus, thus preventing the ejaculation of semen, which is the principle of such an endogenesis. This clearly signifies that polarization, in the sense of sexual desire and procreative energy, prevents the force of the Shaivist svayam bhu-linga from becoming explicit and from assuming its proper form.


What is described here is the deliberate use of sexual orgasm energy driven in an upward direction for the creation of the immortal physical body or the soul. This is done through the process of sperm retention during orgasm. Personal experience will readily show that the generation of sexual orgasm energy twice a day is required for the destruction/creation of the astral universe and development of the soul. This is to be considered a continuous or ongoing process taking place over several years.

Kali/Shakti is portrayed in this way:

A further interpretation of Kali’s role is found in popular iconography. There Kali appears black and naked, wearing only a necklace of severed heads. Under this aspect the goddess is Shiva’s Shakti, namely, his power of active transcendence. The color black represents transcendence over any manifested and visible thing. According to a well-received etymology of the word, her name is Kali since she devours time, “becoming,” and progress, which constitute the lot of samsaric existence. Her nakedness symbolizes her being free of forms. The fifty heads she wears around her neck (which in popular mythology belong to slain demons) are made to correspond to the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, which in turn symbolize the various cosmic powers presiding over the manifestation (matrika, which Greek speculation identified as logoi spermatikoi). The heads allude to those powers because they are removed from the elementary nature, proper to the descending phase. Therefore, if the role of maya-shakti’s power in the Tantras is one of negation, then Kali’s role, and the aspect so far considered, may be said to be “a negation of the negation.” Here we begin to witness the self-destructive and self transcending orientation of the power that in Tantrism plays a considerable role, especially in the context of left-hand practices and rituals.


“To destroy” and “to transcend” should be seen mainly in terms of (1) going beyond manifested and conditioned forms, and (2) getting rid of the habit of identifying oneself with external forms, whether human or cosmic. The “destruction” considered here concerns the elements of “desire” and of “enslaving fascination with the self.” It is considered a matter of secondary importance if, at an individual or social level, this attitude may eventually require severing relationships and personal attachments. When we talk about the process of destruction at work in the multiform world of nature, we should not confuse it with Kali’s attributes, since they serve the transcendental purpose of leading “upward” and beyond (this, incidentally, is the Latin etymology of the word transcendence). That is why in a Tantric hymn Kali is presented under that particular Shaktic form in which she picks up what preceded her. In this context, the term employed to describe her action isvikvasamghera. In it, Shiva’s power, or Shakti, is clearly manifested.

What is being described here is Kali’s role in receiving Shiva’s sexual orgasm energy, mixing it with her own, and weaving a brand-new reality out of the substance of the old reality. In doing this she uses his energy as the pattern for a new creation. This entire process takes place within the astral realms prior to manifesting as physical reality. In the act of creating a new reality out of the substance of the old reality both destruction and creation appear simultaneously.

This time the process involves working with female sexual orgasm energy, receiving male sexual orgasm energy, combining with it, and through the destruction of existing astral realities creating something new. Again, sexual orgasm energy needs to be generated at least twice a day to destroy the existing fabric of the astral worlds. This is symbolized by the continuous and unending intercourse between Shiva and Kali.

All of this happens upon the nonphysical planes of the astral. It is the continuous and unending intercourse between the subtle bodies of the male and female that destroy and create new realities and new universes! It is not a requirement for the female and the male to be physically joined in a sexual embrace, but they must be joined in a nonphysical embrace and in the exchange of nonphysical sexual orgasm energy.

This is perhaps the most profound and powerful secret of Tantrism! Stated plainly, the male and female partner must both generate sexual orgasm energy at least twice a day, continuously, over an extended period of time. But this energy can be generated autoerotically and transferred into the astral or spiritual planes where it will automatically find and combine with the opposite sex energy of the correct partner! The two opposite sex partners are not required to have physical contact, only nonphysical contact! It is the soul contact that is important, not the physical or sexual contact!

This aspect of radical Satanism develops the soul and its powers through the use of the subtle body or nonphysical body which in the past has been incorrectly termed an incubus or succubus. These subtle bodies are in actuality aspects of an individual soul and projections of the physical body.

For the first time radical Satanism reveals this stunning truth! You do not require a physical partner and a physical relationship to practice Tantrism and the development of your soul. Until you find the correct physical partner you can work autoerotically and your sexual orgasm energy will seek out and be drawn to an appropriate soul partner! It does not matter whether you are male or female.

This is possible because the energy of the new eon is sexual orgasm energy, vital life energy, or garden of Eden energy, whichever you prefer to call it. It is now available to all life forms and all species! This is the Kali Yuga in which all the secrets of Tantrism will be revealed!

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