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It’s been a few weeks and time to give some updates on what has been happening to Gaia’s ascension movement and within the astral in general.

I’ve been hesitant in reporting since most of what I have experienced has been of a highly personal nature as my divine counterpart, who lives around the world, and I have been challenged in combining our own energies to form, experience and activate the new male/female blueprint for the new elves. We have had to work through most of the prevailing misunderstandings that occur when members of the opposite sex try to communicate with each other. It has not been easy, but it is easy now.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this union is the “resonant love” aspect. By this I mean that the energies spontaneously merged and integrated us at all chakra levels so that any sensation, thought or emotion felt in one center was instantly transmitted through resonance into all of the others just the same way one tuning fork will cause another of the same pitch and frequency to vibrate. This sensation was pure heaven when the energy was good as it resounded through all part of our bodies and pure hell of the worst kind when the music went sour.


Gradually it seemed as if these chakras or centers melted one into the other and were replaced by a newly birthed “sun” that burned in our souls giving off love and light. We could literally feel the other person inside our heart at all times and if one was feeling a strong emotion the other would feel it as well through this resonant link.


For me personally as a champion of Gaia’s ascension I felt that I had done as much as I could and my energy was being transferred to my partner like a passing of the torch.

I need to say something about this. I am a very powerful energy worker at the lowest levels, but what I can do with my energy is limited and always has been. I can protect and cause things to grow, I can block, prevent and destroy all things not compatible with the new blueprint or pattern; but I can not and never could create with my energy. Only the female can create and she must have a blending of both male and female energies in order to create!


So I could stop the bad guys, prevent bad things from happening and destroy the things preventing Gaia’s ascension, but I couldn’t help Gaia create her new body. Only my divine counter part can do that. (As well as those of all new elves!)

So what has been happening has been a pouring of my energy into my divine counterpart and her learning how to adapt to it and make use of it by mixing it with her own. There was a sense of urgency to all of this and several times we felt as if we just barely cleared some deadline.

This was the case until up to this weekend when my divine counterpart began actively creating for the first time. She was confronting the ancient “dark mother” energies and expelling them from the “new pattern” or blueprint as not harmonious with the new energies that were perfectly in male/female balance. These abusive “dark mother” energies were to be replaced with “divine mother” energies.

So it seems that while my battles have been fought and won, my divine counterpart has still encountered some more harmful and toxic energies that need to be confronted and cast away. These are energies that were never brought into awareness before this.


I suspect that more and more these reports will chronicle these types of activities as I am no longer directly involved in the creative¬† process of Gaia’s ascension.

To summarize Gaia has begun the creative physical manifestation process and the first step has been to eliminate the “dark mother” energies as being not compatible with the new “resonant love” energies.

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I have to take a little time to think of a good comparison. The last few months have been like trying to walk on razor blades. This was especially true before the solstice on Dec 21. You needed to keep your feet flat and couldn’t slide or slip at all. Each step was a nerve wracking ordeal. But we walked it together, all of us.

What was being decided was the final outcome of the new pattern. Would it favor the new humans or the new elves? Would it favor human technology or organic processes available to all life forms? Would it require special knowledge or animal instinct? Well, this is Gaia’s ascension, not humanities; although humans are welcome to join her. The answer came through loud and clear although it was embattled till the last moment. The new pattern is organic, based on animal instinct and the expression of the vital life force as well as the balance of male and female within each individual living thing. It is about male and female relationships in healthy and creative, loving expressions of all that life has to offer. Everything else is head tripping.


After the solstice the Spiritual Planes needed to adjust to the new operating system. The Spiritual Planes govern the long term future, so the long term future needed to be decided. Again this was dicey because needed events and empowerments could have been delayed indefinitely by “wrong thinking” but well intentioned people as they continued thinking and acting as if the old world still existed. Only a massive surge of collective effort on the solstice itself pushed Gaia and all living things upon her fully and completely onto the new course or unified timeline that stretched far into the future to the end of this new great cycle. The future timeline had to be created first, the details could be added later. That was completed and the first massive corrections began to take place in the upper spiritual planes.


Last Sunday the first monthly round of events fell down into the magickal planes for processing and manifestation and again the world held its breath. Where would the starting point be? Would things be delayed once more by thinking and actions that were not part of the new pattern, not compatible with the new pattern? What effect would the resistance have on this new forward movement?

Well, the answer was no effect at all. The new crystalline 10D hologram generator cut through all non compliant and non integrated energies as if they weren’t there! As things reached the halfway marker all non conforming astral creations were destroyed by astral fire. This type of thinking and acting is no longer supported or tolerated.

In effect this means that the collective, technology based, unity based spiritualism of unconditional love, and the hive mind of the new humans can no longer influence the astral or affect physical manifestations. The new humans have been set adrift within the astral without an earth connection, but they retain their spiritual connection and will strive to create a reality based upon non organic reality. Can this be done? Of course! Consider the power that “the Law” has in our personal lives and in the astral planes. “The Law” is based on non organic reality and is quite powerful. But the earth connection has just been newly severed and such systems will take some time to evolve.

In the meantime the organic pattern of the new elves is the only recognized pattern for future physical manifestations. Future events, activities and timelines are created through the generation of life force energy. Those that put out the life force energy are able to create futures for themselves. Those that are not putting out the life force energy are not going to get anywhere but will continue spinning their wheels in the same place.

All forms of life are given the opportunity to collectively create and participate in this great newly created universal timeline. It is the generation of life force energy that creates, not some head tripping concept or idea. For the first time all living things are given an equal opportunity to contribute in full conscious awareness to this collective effort. A blade of grass gives all it has to give to live and thrive in this world. How many humans are willing to do this? How many humans are willing to put forth the life force energy to compete on a completely equal and neutral playing field that has no limit to the opportunities if offers.

At this time of year as we look around our physical environment we see ourselves surrounded by those things that we have created. But now for the first time we are no longer entrapped by our environment, we have the ability to move toward and into those future physical environments we are creating in the astral through our personal efforts in the generation of this life force energy.

Those willing to do the work will now get the results. Those that won’t do the work won’t get the results. And this is true of all living creatures, not just humans.

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