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As many of you know it has been a hard year for me. My father died last a year ago last February and both my wife and my dog Luci died a day a part last spring a year ago. To top that off my work place closed its doors and I was kind of forced to retire or find another job.

So I had lots of empty space to fill and nothing seemed able to fill it. So I waited and kept trying to hold an opening for good things to come into my life. That is how magick works you know. The astral is already completely filled up and the only way for something new is for something to leave, either by physically manifesting or by being destroyed.

So we are taught to give things away, to voluntarily create space for new magick to enter our lives or else we resist and things get taken from us. Probably both happen all the time.

But having such empty space hurts and is not comfortable and it is easy to try to force things. I wanted Luci to come back to me as a new pet and tried five different times to adopt a pet but got nowhere. I was trying to force things. I knew that she was out there because I had dreams of her and dreams of a new puppy. But I was impatient. Thankfully, I also try to listen to my inner voice and didn’t push too hard. Finally I just let it go to be fulfilled in its own way and time.

My birthday was 24 April and the first thing that I did that morning was to apply to adopt Valentine. Can’t really say why except that I knew after my birthday was a good time to advance things in my life and the spring energies were so strong. Then I kind of chickened out and asked about another puppy as well, just in case. Kind of hedging my bet so to speak. But that other puppy was already spoken for and Valentine was meant to come home to me. There were eight puppies in the litter she was born into and she was one of two that were left. The others had already been snatched up. Her mother was rescued from Texas and is a Catahoula Leopard Dog. So Valentine is a mix but I already know that she is extremely intelligent for being only 16 weeks old. She has already dragged her water dish over to me demanding more. She has a map in her head of the park where I take her for walks.

But the point of this post is about filling the empty space and about the energies of spring. Right now I can’t go to my social functions or leave home for an extended time because I can’t leave her alone or she will trash the place. I can’t meditate because she will jump on me or come over and try to play.

Things in my life have shifted and they have shifted drastically, but they have shifted in a good way! Things will calm down as she gets a bit older. But I had my time for meditation and introspection. Now it is time for sharing and taking her on adventures.

This morning she jumped on my lap as I was sitting kind of half awake in my easy chair. She kind of dozed off and I sensed her astral body sitting there on my lap as well! That never happened to me with Luci!

The point of all this is there are permanent changes in my life that are now finding physical expression and some of them are almost overwhelming. But I do believe this is happening all over the world to other people as well. The emptiness is being filled. The changes are going into effect. There will be a bountiful harvest this coming fall! Let us tend to the seeds that we have planted and water them so they grow abundant over the summer months.

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I Really Did It and Organic Gnosticism Social Groups are now up and running at PaganSpace.net so go and check them out! I would really love to have each of you share your own paths and experiences so that I can learn from them as well! Let’s show the pagans over there what Organic Gnosticism is all about!

https://www.paganspace.net/share/URLOXoAad8Az9R2L?utm_source=manual If you use this link I might even get some referral points! Check it out!

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Here is how my May Day celebration went! This is Valentine, my new companion. I had several dreams about her over the past few months and earlier about Luci so I believe Valentine is an incarnation of Luci come back to me. I know that she was crazy excited and happy to see me! And I her of course! It is a happy day and only proves to me even more that things are planned out in the astral before they happen in the physical.

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