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Fields, Clouds, Trees, Conifers, Coniferous

An important part of this series of posts is simply to share things I have personally experienced as a witness to their actual existence. Some I may not understand at all . . . but I have had experiences that challenge many “politically correct” beliefs of occultism, including my belief that the development of the soul and its powers is purely a mechanical process based solely upon personal effort and not upon tradition, skill or technique.

There is an underlying reality at work here, especially at the inclusive etheric planes that exists and remains active whether a person chooses to believe in it or not!

I continued to study the works of Aleister Crowley and wrote to the OTO for more information. I found the address in one of my books. Bill Heidrick was kind enough to respond and gave me some very helpful advice as well as putting me in contact with someone that could initiate me into the Minerval degree. He essentially said that now that I had established my own magickal system I needed to study the Kabbalah and link the two systems together so they did not conflict. Thus began my study of the Holy Kabbalah. This was a magickal process known as “resolving antimonies”. Organic Gnosticism is compatible with the Holy Kabbalah but that compatibility is not two way. I can put Organic Gnosticism in Kabbalistic terms, but not the other way around.

At my Minerval initiation I was blindfolded. Afterwards I was asked if I had any questions about it. I asked why someone had stood behind me reaching around my waist and pressing in against my solar plexus? I had felt it very strongly and it was unpleasant. My initiator got quite upset and asked for more details because there had not been anyone standing behind me and pressing into my solar plexus. That should not have happened! If he had known there was an unseen entity there he would have protected me from it. I merely mention this as a strange thing that happened. . . I don’t have any answers.

There is debate about the aura and if it is magnetic. I put together a rather large direct current pulsating electromagnet that I could plug into a wall socket and give myself “treatments”. There were two large electromagnets created of 12 gauge copper wire wrapped around two large iron bolts which were both a bit larger than a large grapefruit. One was for north pole and one was for south pole. When I switched it on the magnets would hum and vibrate with the 60 cycle hum of household current. I could only have them on for a minute or two because there was so much current going through them that they would quickly get very warm.

I would lay on the floor placing the south pole magnet at my feet and the north pole magnet at my head and give myself treatments. These treatments were quite energizing and would clear completely stuffed sinuses so violently that the mucus would crackle as it cleared itself. Once, after a treatment I was lying on my bed which was oriented with the head to the east. My astral body suddenly broke loose from my physical body and moved exactly like a compass needle with my head pointing toward the north. It wobbled and went back and forth a little exactly like a compass needle does before it stabilized and remained motionless.

Several years later after I had crossed the Great Abyss and was working with both the energy ball meditation and with tantric energies treatments with this same magnet caused the energy flow at the chakra centers to become constant to the point where even today I can sense the current constantly flowing through my energy centers. It has never stopped flowing. But in the beginning those magnetic treatments certainly stimulated that current flow and made it stronger.

The aura and astral bodies are certainly electromagnetic in nature. . .

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Thunderbolt, Lightning, Weather, Storm, Stormy Weather

Those able to function on the etheric levels are a mixed bag of rough and tumble individuals who can take care of themselves. They don’t belong to any specific tradition but have found their own power and do not hesitate to use it. What follows are a few cautionary tales that might make a person think twice about true magickal ability.

After I had crossed the Great Abyss and merged with SOURCE I felt a polarity shift that was drawing me back downward toward the earth. I panicked thinking that SOURCE had rejected me . . . later I came to understand that I was bringing the SOURCE energy back down through the astral planes level by level to anchor those energies deep into Gaia.

This going downward was a healing process because I was reconnecting with my emotional self, but it was also a disruptive time. I was going through a divorce, a bankruptcy, leaving the Air Force and my kids were living with their mom in Kansas. I was a mess. . .

I began to study the works of Aleister Crowley because he was the only one writing about the experience of crossing the Great Abyss and I wanted to know what was going on with me. . . I began writing what later became the Organic Gnosticism material. At the time I called it the OAK material.

I had a vivid lucid dream in which Aleister Crowley came to me and led me over to where a large tome lay closed upon a pedestal. He indicated that I should open it and I did. Then he began to cackle evilly and said that if I ever let go of the book I would die. I screamed “No!” and slammed the book shut. Instantly my astral cord burst into flames and my soul went higher and higher in a desperate attempt to stay alive. I crossed the Great Abyss and found a small place of shelter within SOURCE but my astral cord that connected me to my physical body had been completely destroyed. I was living completely in my head!

In retrospect this was the “spiritual death” that some occultists refer to. I can share that in some cases the destruction of the silver cord will not result in the death of the physical body because it did not happen to me.

I was working with the Energy Ball Meditation and experimenting with tantric energies. I was excited because I was working through so much shit and healing. I was also caught up in what I came to call Soulmate Cycles in which I was experiencing sexual contact with other females in the astral planes. These experiences were extremely vivid and one cycle after another gave birth to another astral body for me to use. One by one these females exchanging their earth energies for my SOURCE energies and the combined result was the permanent activation of a particular energy body for each of us.

Shortly after crossing the Great Abyss I tried contacting a local Gardnerian Wicca group in Phoenix. A couple nights later I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night with someone pinning me down onto the bed. I could feel their weight holding me down. It was frightening to say the least and I instantly tapped into my SOURCE energy and blasted him away from me. I remember seeing him on all fours on his own bed puking. . . I suppose he was just checking me out because I had tried to contact the group?

Sometime later I had moved back to Minnesota and tried contacting the OTO because I had been studying the works of Aleister Crowley. This was before the internet and I did finally establish contact with SOTO which was like a Hell’s Angels OTO branch. My only contact with them was through letters. I didn’t know anything about them but asked to join. My contact told me to send two passport photos of myself, a front view and a side view. I took the pictures in one of those automated photo booths and got a front view, a right side view and a left side view. I sent all three pictures. A few nights later I woke up in the middle of the night with a searing pain at my throat chakra. At the time I had permanently activated my top three astral bodies and was working on the fourth. In horror I realized the three astral bodies on the entire left side of my neck had been severed and only the right side was still intact!

I panicked and told them I had changed my mind and didn’t want anything to do with them. They wrote back and said that it was too late . . . I had already been initiated. I told them I quit anyway and they warned me that I would regret it. Then I experienced a massive magickal attack that I sent back at them, again by tapping into SOURCE energy. It took two or three months for my severed astral bodies to heal.

This was a botched initiation in that my head ( should have been captured by the egregore of the SOTO) and my connection to my Higher Self would then have only been possible through the teachings of SOTO. Because I had already crossed the Great Abyss and because I had sent in three photos and not just the two I had been told to send the initiation didn’t work. I was lucky?

This post is getting too long and I will continue it tomorrow.

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Thunderstorm, Lightning, Storm, Night, Weather, Sky

Among other things the etheric plane is the level of paranormal activity including encounters with the dead. On my soul journey I have experienced many really strange experiences and they are not theoretical to me. They are all too real. I’ve shared some of the back story behind most of these experiences in other places, but I will simply list them here. The point being that these are personal experiences in which I have played a part. They are not figments of my imagination!

As a certain point in my early Rosicrucian studies while doing a self-initiation at my home a Rosicrucian Master appeared in my living room and sat cross legged floating in the air for almost an hour before leaving. I walked completely around him and observed him from all directions. It was a powerful affirmation of my progress and studies at the time.

At the deathbed of my father-in-law his spirit tried to take possession of my own body. It was an extremely frightening experience as I was not expecting it at all. I contained his spirit and helped it pass into the light.

At the deathbed of my mother-in-law her spirit did take possession of the physical body of my wife and the only way I could drive it out was to pour my own energy into my wife until it was forced to leave. It was not compatible with my own energy and my wife was compatible with my energy. It did not want to leave. It affected my wife’s speech and her walk and my wife described the battle that was going on inside of her. She was very frightened.

At a house party with a friend we were sitting together enjoying the party when the fireplace suddenly flared up as if someone had poured gasoline on it and my friend suddenly went into convulsions. When I asked her what was wrong she said she felt like she was under water and drowning. She also felt like someone was trying to take over her body. I talked her through the experience and she was able to help that spirit into the light. Later we found out that 5 years previous to that a young boy had fallen through the ice nearby and drown. His body was not found until the next spring.

Often in ghostly encounters you will experience the manner of the death of the ghost. This happened to me when I was working with a young boy that was having issues at home and at school. When I astral projected to explore his situation I discovered that an entity had attached itself to him. When I forcibly removed the entity and tried absorbing it I re-experienced its own death. It was the ghost of the best friend of the boy I was working with. He had hung himself and his friend was the one who had found him. The ghost had attached itself to the boy and was still there several years later until I forcibly removed it. The point being I had to re-experience its death and it had been an accidental death where the boy had been playing the “auto-erotic game” which was popular with young kids at the time where they masturbate while being strangled or strangling themselves.

In trying to exorcise two Native American ghosts from the property of a friend I found myself at the etheric level in a ghostly landscape with barren trees and shrubs. I hid behind a shrub as one walked past me and the other rode a white horse past me. Neither one saw me. They were both looking straight ahead as if seeking something. The landscape was real and the atmosphere was very ghostly.

In my teenage years I fell in love with a girl who was an energy vampire. I had dreams about her and in one of those dreams as she walked by me she reached out and touched me at the base of my spine and I felt a tingle. When she broke up with me I lost twenty pounds in two weeks and could not get her out of my mind for over seven years. The turmoil contributed to a nervous breakdown at nineteen. Some twenty years later as I was working with the lower etheric energies and activating that energy body I discovered that vampiric attachment and broke it. She had been sucking my lower level energy for all those years and I didn’t even know it. The same day I broke the connection she was in a car accident. Not a coincidence. . .

I’ve made plenty of stupid mistakes over the years and for a while I would astrally project and check out other people that I was interested in for one reason or another. Although I meant no harm, my probe was a bit invasive and some people reacted very violently when they sensed my energy enter their aura. Others had no awareness of my probe at all.

I could go on and on with more examples but the point is that I have experienced these things and I function normally at the etheric level at will. These things exist and many other things that I haven’t mentioned. Now that the etheric energies have become the dominant energies we will be seeing things like this becoming the norm. . . Those living in their heads will be at a severe disadvantage!

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Thunderstorm, Sea, Clouds, Storm, Island, Heaven

For all practical purposes we are now living in a world in which the etheric energies are the dominant energies. What does that mean?

The etheric level is beneath the physical world and more foundational than the physical world. True magick happens in the etheric levels and we will begin to see A LOT OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

The world around us is collectively created, but those that are able to manipulate the etheric levels will be able to constantly pull the rug out from under those who can’t. . . That means you are steadily plodding along toward your goal, doing all the right things and suddenly without warning someone else gets there first! That is unless you are functioning on the etheric as well.

You will see the etheric shaman giving something that extra bump that will tip the scales in their favor. . . Get used to it. The game has changed and magick is back with a vengeance! Etheric magick that is. . .

And etheric magick requires energy, lots and lots of energy! Lots and lots of low level energy! Where is it going to come from? While the Organic Gnostic knows how to tap into the Spiritual Light and transform it downward into etheric energy, most magickal practitioners will be using other energy sources and some of them will be very nasty!

We will be seeing a surge in occultism, energy vampires, drugs and mind control like never before. For every well intended occultist there will be two or three predators. . . feeding off the vital life force of their victims. There will be an increase in occult related violence.

The sheeple or ignorant masses will collectively follow the rules while those able to function on the etheric planes, both good and bad, will not follow the rules. They are the ones that will be creating their own individual lives within that collective reality.

So the message for this post is: prepare to not follow the rules! Rules will be put into place, that a fear based populace will blindly follow. . . are you going to follow those rules? These rules will become more and more restrictive and draconian. . .

Whether you are good or bad or somewhere in between the message is the same. . . following the rules is not the way to win this game! The dice are loaded and the game is not a fair one! The game is the enslavement of humanity. . . are you going to submit?

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Lightning, Storm, Arizona, Monsoon, Lightning Storm

Over the past month I’ve had a series of visions/lucid dreams about some event that involves a lot of people. This is an event that in my vision or dream I am trying to prevent or mitigate in any way possible. In this series of dreams some type of event has been gradually forming and taking shape. Now whatever is coming seems to be set in stone and geographical or localized in nature. It won’t do much to describe my latest vision other than certain areas of the country were turned into hills of agate which pretty much means set in stone. . .

What I can say is that something is going to happen. I have no doubt at all about that. What is difficult is to determine just what and when it will happen. What follows is my best guess based upon these visions and lucid dreams and my past experiences with these type of things.

My best interpretation is that a massive power grid failure will strike certain areas and not others. It will effect communications and work related industries. This will probably be in the United States and will be severely affecting thousands of people over a period of perhaps three months.

I don’t sense death and destruction surrounding this as much as hardship. I don’t sense that this is man made so I suspect it will be triggered by a massive solar flare or natural event. I suspect it will involve large cities more than rural areas which will not be so strongly affected. It will not be easily dealt with and will probably happen before or around the spring equinox in March. It is imminent.

It would probably be a good idea to have some food on hand and not let your car’s gas tank get below half a tank. We are talking about a collectively created and chosen event that has taken its final form within the astral planes. The damage has been minimized as much as possible.

I wish I could tell you more. I do not channel information but I do function normally on the etheric planes and these dreams/visions are taking place on the etheric planes. They seem to happen within my dream environment but not directly affecting or impacting my own life other than my dream about my cell phone being broken. . . They are happening to other people.

Those in other areas of the world should pay attention to the energies and etheric activity in their own part of the world. Each population has collectively chosen its own particular challenges.

Gaia has ascended bringing all life forms with her and this is how each segment of the human race has collectively decided to come into alignment with these new energies. This is how we humans have chosen to deal with and adapt to these new energies and circumstances.

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Forest, Wilderness, Night, Midnight, Trees, Woods

I do get tired of trying to say the same things in many different ways so I am going to finish up this topic without getting into the higher ascension bodies. . . It’s time to cut to the chase.

I’ve tried to show how three groups of souls populated 4D, the original human soul which evolved upon Gaia, the Reptilian Soul which evolved from the dinosaur age, and the Anunnaki soul which was connected to the higher levels but unable to integrate its shadow aspect. The Reptilian and the Anunnaki were extraterrestrial in origin and modified DNA to create what is now the human race. The DNA modifications allowed extraterrestrial souls to incarnate in physical human bodies and this happened at 4D.

It became possible for all kinds of souls to incarnate into physical human bodies and they were in high demand. There were not enough of them to go around. Why were physical human bodies so in demand?

Souls that existed only in non-physical astral bodies of noble gases were stuck. Soul growth and development in only a non-physical body was extremely slow and only took place over millions of years. A soul incarnate in a physical body could experience the soul growth and development of thousands of years in a single lifetime!

The Reptilian souls wanted to explore and gain control of the higher levels and the Anunnaki wanted to gain control of the lower etheric levels. While in physical bodies any soul could choose it’s line of development and personal growth. Any soul could choose to go toward the Spiritual Light or toward the Womb of Creation. Any soul could choose a mystical path or a magickal path. But only very few could choose both!

The end result was a confusion of original human souls, reptilian souls and Anunnaki souls which could be focused on good, evil or anywhere in between. The only thing that could be said for certain was that all paths led toward the individuation of the individual soul, no matter its origin. Any type of soul in any physical body could experience thousands of years of soul growth and development in a single lifetime or they could waste that lifetime. . .

The physical human body was used to create and empower the various astral and etheric bodies, but when those astral and etheric bodies were permanently activated the physical body was to be set aside as no longer needed. Various masters of all traditions were able to achieve this level of development and collectively formed The Great White Brotherhood of humanity. And this Great White Brotherhood of humanity existed, you guessed it, in 4D, the Upper Emotional Level of the Heart Chakra and of the conscience. In this Great White Brotherhood you can find souls of the original humans, souls of reptilians and souls of the Anunnaki and other extraterrestrial races. But they all incarnated in physical human bodies and used those bodies to become masters and guardians of the human race.

The Order of Melchizedek was only one of those orders, but perhaps the most ancient and most powerful. Every age and every chakra center had its own masters and mystery schools.

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Lion, Roar, Africa, Animal, Wildcat, Wild, Cat, Fur

Everything meets at the heart! As we continue our exploration of the 4th electron ring, 4th density, and the Upper Emotional energies and astral body we find this is the great meeting place between the spiritual and the earthly, between the mortal and the immortal.

4D is the level of the predator and the hunted, the passions and the warrior and of love. It is the level of art and music and of the female encouraging the males to fight over her. It is the level of courage, pride and nobility. It is both savage and glorious at the same time!

This is the seed of the soul, the reincarnating ego that continues from lifetime to lifetime. But it can also be the first level where ego or a sense of self can exist without the normal physical body and only in a noble gas body or astral body. But 4D inclusive remains under the dominion and guidance of Gaia. The 4D inclusive ghost or soul might continue to exist for awhile without a physical body but it must feed to remain alive. It doesn’t have any connection to the spiritual light and must get the required vital life force energy (which is a blending of the spiritual light with the womb of creation energies) from other things and other life forms.

So 4D inclusive is the level of the consciously aware predator and vampire as well as that of the sacred warrior. As primitive hunter gatherer tribes roamed the Pontic Steppe north of the Black Sea the harsh living conditions gave rise to the nomadic Proto-Indo-European which were very warlike and lived in tight knit tribes or family groups. Even the women were warriors and they believed in reincarnation and believed in the existence of an Underworld, Otherworld or Summerland. Their spirits were aware of the etheric planes and able to function there. They revered reptilian entities like the serpent or dragon as well as the wolf and auroch. There leaders were chosen by right of combat and they had a shaman to guide their spiritual lives. These non-physical reptilian entities required blood tribute in exchange for their support and blessings. Here we see the beginning of the non-physical reptilians as demons that required blood sacrifices.

But there were also Spiritual Light oriented 4D non-physical entities that came to earth and began to mingle with these primitive humans. They had ascended and no longer had physical bodies. Their non-physical bodies were sustained by the Spiritual Light which was transmuted and distributed downward through a hierarchy to a level which could sustain their 4D non-physical bodies.They had no connection to the lower levels, but they were a collective or hive mind of beings that existed within a hierarchy and were led by one supreme leader. Their sacred teaching was the Kabbalah and they were the Anunnaki.

They wanted the control of the lower integrated levels that the humans and the reptilians had. The sons of god coveted the daughters of men.

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Deer, Forest, Crown, Fallow Deer, Wild, Nature

In talking about the Upper Emotional energies of the 4th electron ring or 4th density things begin to get interesting. These are the energies of the heart chakra and in the middle between the two cosmic Sources of Spiritual Light and the Cosmic Womb of Creation.

Even more significant is that these heart chakra energies are the first level at which ascension into a non-physical body is recognized. The reptilians are considered to be 4th density entities with non-physical bodies as opposed to the higher density bodies of the Galactic Federation. Gaia is thought by many to be ascending to 4th or 5th density and taking all life forms along with her. What does it all mean?

The 18 Upper Emotional Energies of the 4th electron ring and the heart chakra represent the first stages of a sense of self or of an ego awareness. This is the first stage of individuation and is recognized as a non-physical body by both types of extraterrestrial groups.

For the Orion reptilian based group 4D inclusive means the permanent development and activation of a soul or non-physical body that consists of the integrated etheric, immortal physical, lower emotional and upper emotional bodies and energies. In many traditions this creates a demonic body that is highly magickal which sustains itself by feeding off the lower level energies of its victims like fear, anger and despair. We will see that this is not necessarily true.

For the Galactic Federation 4D is not inclusive but the individual soul exists as part of an energetic collective of Upper Emotional energies. These entities sustain their 4D bodies through a hierarchy in which the highest members of the hierarchy step down the higher energies to a level that is usable to sustain the Upper Emotional astral body.

So here we begin to see for the first time the true nature of what is happening. One side is developing individual souls from the foundational Womb of Creation energies upward to 4D and the other side is collective in nature and it’s hierarchy is feeding energy downward to select individuals. One side has a solid connection to Gaia and her Vital Life Force energy but no connection to the Spiritual Light or higher levels and the other side has a hierarchy that transmutes higher level Spiritual Energies downward so they can be used by 4D entities or souls that have no earth or Gaia connection at all!

Then there is a third group of souls, members of the Order, which have experienced or will be experiencing full spectrum ascension which connects each individual soul with both SOURCE as Spiritual Light and Gaia as the Womb of Creation. It is this small exclusive group that is now being empowered for the next 2000 years.

I find it significant and interesting that as I began to work with these heart chakra energies and permanently activated my Upper Emotional astral body I went through a couple years of almost constant magickal attack! I was attacked by entities from both camps because I was working with both Spiritual Light and Womb of Creation energies.

This level of the heart based energies was definitely the battlefield for planet earth and it still is! This post is becoming too long and I will need to continue this conversation of 4D vampires and shamanism in my next post.

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Lake, Nature, Outdoors, Travel, Exploration, Wilderness

The 5th electron ring corresponds to Lower Emotional Energy and what has been called 3rd density or our normal earth bodies. This is our inclusive animal body and our animal nature including the primitive and instinctual passions and drives. The black flame of these 3D inclusive astral bodies is kept alive by consuming organic matter and digesting it. It is for the first time at this level that life consumes other life to get its vital life force energy.

Within our physical bodies this seems very normal because we need food to stay alive. But for a pure 3D inclusive non-physical entity this is a bestial vampire or ghost that hunts and feeds off the vital life force of other living beings by either killing it or being there when it dies or by weakening it. While able to retain its animal/human form it remains bestial and dangerous. This is undoubtedly the first level of manifestation of vampires, werewolves and other specters that are semi human in appearance.

They are driven to consume vital life force energy to keep their own astral bodies alive and do not have higher awareness or functioning.

The truth is that within nature 3D inclusive entities rarely exist because the animal world is guided and ruled by Gaia and the spirit and vital life force of animals is released and recycled immediately at the death of the animal’s physical body. The spirit or ghost of an animal doesn’t normally hang around but instead seeks to be reincarnated as soon as possible.

What this means is that in the etheric plane encounters with animal spirits are most likely encounters with the group soul of the species and not with individual animals themselves. These group souls or guiding intelligences are under the dominion of Gaia or Mother Earth and they work to keep the circle of life in perfect balance.

So at the etheric level we find animal spirit guides and totems that have a higher wisdom that can teach us things we need to know. This is the wisdom of that individual species and it is a collective wisdom that is shared by all members of that species and to some extent shared by all living things. Normally we will not find the spirits of individual animals at the etheric level.

Any individual animal spirits that we may find at the etheric level will probably be bestial, vampiric and predatory in nature and in some way related to individual human souls that have become animalistic.

By exploring these inclusive astral bodies we gradually begin to get an image of the true nature of the inclusive etheric levels. We have integrated the 3 outer electron rings and the etheric, immortal physical and Lower Emotional Planes and these entities all exist within the etheric planes under the guidance and direction of Gaia or Mother Earth. None of the inclusive entities at these levels have any concept of “self” or “self awareness”.

At the death of their physical bodies the black flame of their spirit immediately leaves and finds a new physical body to be reincarnated into. Any self awareness that it had is so identified with its physical body that it is not able to hold together at the death of its physical body and dissolves into fragments which will reunite in new patterns. The patterns will repeat but the awareness is gone. This is how life evolves. . .

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Waterfalls, Stream, Trees, Moss, Falls, Landscape

It is only when we begin to look at the other electron rings and the other astral bodies as being integrated with the foundational etheric energies that things begin to make sense. The etheric level and the photon level strike the same note on different octaves. So light, electricity, magnetic attraction, magnetic repulsion, the vital life force, sexual energy and the drive to consume and reproduce at a cellular level all exist on the etheric planes and at the highest level of Unity. We see this as the response of life itself to the solar energy of the sun. This is the great rainbow bridge that spans the entire spectrum of existence.

In the astral or etheric level this first form of life is cellular and includes nanoparticles and cellular organisms such as algae, bacteria and viruses. In the astral planes we sense these as astral larvae whose primary drive is to feed and reproduce. Gaia provides the guiding oversoul or guiding intelligence at the UNITY LEVEL for these chemical and biological life forms. There is a constant two way flow of energy and communication between the physical cellular organism and its higher directing intelligence which in most case is Gaia herself.

Completion and maturity bring reproduction and cell division and this is true at the level of Divine Counterparts as well as at the cellular level as we shall see later in this series. We have briefly described 1st density life forms and now we turn to 2nd density inclusive. I say inclusive because all life originates and has its foundational basis at the etheric level. The 6th electron ring is that of the physical and these 2nd density inclusive life forms are plants and trees, members of the vegetable kingdom.

The black flame that burns within these life forms consumes minerals and nutrients from the soil and the air. As it digests these things it grows and its life and death cycles create organic matter. Many plants are asexual having both male and female parts in the same plant. But they all circulate the vital life force energy from the earth itself and require some form of light, preferably sunlight. These plants and trees are also guided by Gaia as a higher directing intelligence to maintain the delicate balance of nature and the circle of life.

The shaman can tap into all of these energies which we have listed so far. The shaman can tap into and absorb the vital life force energies from the earth itself, from the sun and storms as well as from trees and plants. These are the most primal and powerful forces the shaman has access to as well as the most pure. This is also why many spiritual shaman are vegetarian.

Within the astral plants and trees can be sensed as elemental beings that can be contacted and communicated with. They have their own wisdom and power as they circulate the vital life force energy to other living beings.

These 2nd density inclusive life forms exist within the etheric planes and form the foundational basis of the Summerland. Together they create the landscape of the Underworld and fill it with plants, grasses, flowers and trees.

My awareness has been in such a world where I crouched behind a barren shrub as the ghost or spirit of a Native American on horse passed by in his eternal search for home. It was a ghostly landscape, but it was real and included some plant life. As more light enters into these lower regions it will begin to blossom and become the Garden of Eden that it once was and what it was meant to be!

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