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So much has happened on the astral in the last few days and it is all because of those now flooding the astral with sexual orgasm energy, Garden of Eden energy, the energy of love, prosperity and abundance! Just a few days ago I asked for help during this incredible window of opportunity and you are all coming through and making a huge difference!

The lower astral is now in a permanent state of rupture like a toxic and infected boil that has been lanced and allowed to release its toxins so that healing can begin! Thank all of you so much for this incredible blessing! The lower astral has now become soft and permeable to the higher energies that are now pouring in to Gaia. There is new healing this is so rapid it is almost visible. And the sources of those toxins and torment, the powers that were are shrinking rapidly into nonexistence. Look around yourself and see those that are calm and tranquil. They are in harmony with these new energies. They feel excitement at what the future is offering them! Then look at those that are afraid and in despair. They are clinging to something that is going away!

The new pattern has been anchored. The new pattern is based upon Divine Counterparts. Now the collective agreement needs to finalize it. The Garden of Eden energy, sexual orgasm energy, is now ready to claim its place as the active and dominant force for self empowerment and soul development. It will reign supreme for the next two thousand years bringing love, prosperity and abundance to all living things on Gaia!


We are truly blessed!

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Sexual orgasm energy is the Garden of Eden energy, the vital life force energy for all living things and the dominant energy of self empowerment and soul growth for the next two thousand years! We need to start talking about it openly and honestly. A world of love, prosperity and abundance lies in the balance! Only those willing and able to work with sexual orgasm energy in full conscious awareness can reap the full benefits that come from rupturing the lowest astral levels.


Beginners will find it difficult to work with sexual orgasm energy twice a day for any extended length of time, particularly males. Remember that this is the dominant energy for the next two thousand years and be more relaxed about it. Instead of daily practice, you can strive for one of the three days before each quarter of the moon. The three days before each quarter of the moon are when the astral layers naturally rupture and when higher energies can mingle and mix to support the lower levels and vice versa. The three days before this coming new moon are perfect for using sexual orgasm to connect and communicate with your higher self! Or to gain visions and dreams of what is happening globally with Gaias ascension. I have already sensed the energies that you are all contributing to Gaias energy grid. It has already made a profound difference and tipped the scales in a positive way.

When more than two people join forces in a common goal group energetics come into play. Three people joining together energetically have the power of 1x2x3=6 people. Six people joining together energetically have the power of 1x2x3x4x5x6=720! History has always been determined by small groups of people acting together in harmony.

This leads to the subject of resonant harmonics. When people vibrate together at the same level of vibration harmonics begin to manifest. This happens for groups as well as for chakra soulmates and Divine Counterparts. Group harmonics are the greatest force there is for global health, love and prosperity. But first individuals need to clear out their own energy channels. Then they can begin working with chakra soulmates, Divine Counterparts and group harmonics! One thing at a time.

For this time right now there is a window of opportunity to flood Gaias energy grid with sexual orgasm energies and propel her along a higher and more rapid path of ascension. That is enough for now! We are doing well and I thank all of those who are adding their own energies to those of Rose and myself! We are making a big difference every single day!

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I have mentioned this small window of opportunity that exists for humanity to make a quantum leap in the evolutionary process. From now until the September equinox Gaia’s new energy grid needs to be flooded with sexual orgasm energy to purge all remaining elements of the old eon.

So in these remaining days I have chosen to share the things I have learned about the soul and its development with others. I have chosen to be a Tantric Master for others. I have chosen to share the path of Divine Counterparts and sacred sexuality with all that will listen.

But there is resistance! It seems that self disclosure is required for me to take this step. This is something that I have violently refused to do for years. Once more I have learned that someone needs to take the lead, someone that knows the way, knows the path. I know the way, I know the path. I have traveled it. Rose and I have traveled it.

I was born to anchor the ascension energies upon Gaia. As a child of ten I had recurring dreams of my mission and its difficulty. At the age of fourteen I had a spiritual crisis in which I surrendered my soul to God and swore to never do anything that I was ashamed of. I swore to keep my conscience clear and I have to this day!

At the age of eighteen I found the Rosicrucians, my soul group, and joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC. I was a member of this organization for twenty two years, studied its monographs and took its initiations until I had completed the last degree, the twelfth degree. I was admitted as a member of the hierarchy. I was granted permission to  use:FRC :. :. (Frater Rosae Crucis) at the end of my signature.

A spiritual master appeared to me and helped in my development and initiations. I found out later is was Roscrucian Master Hanns Heinz Ewers, a German author whose works I translated. My spiritual and mystical studies plunged me across the “great abyss” of occult and spiritual fame, the abyss which the human ego can not cross. I became one with the Cosmic, with all that is.

My studies and soul development took me through occult pathways, through studies of Alistair Crowley and OTO initiations. I was initiated into the 3rd Degree of the Caliphate OTO. I studied Freemasonry and was initiated into the highest degrees of York Rite Freemasonry and studied the Scottish Rite as well.

I found the only white man New Orleans Voodoo Highpriest/Highpriestess in Minnesota and he became a spiritual father to me, teaching me many things that I needed to know.

I also studied the Tantric writings of Master Mantak Chia and many other studies that I was drawn to over a long and difficult life.

I fought astral battles, one in which my opponent died. Ultimately I fought the Rosicrucian Order AMORC because their energy had become that of the old eon. The Rosicrucian Order AMORC no longer serves the spiritual light. I fought the OTO, the OTO no longer serves the spiritual light. Freemasonry no longer serves the spiritual light. All these organizations and others like them are now of the old eon and have lost their connection to Source. I have personally severed their connection to Source by standing between Source and them. I channel Source energy and anything that conflicts with the energy that I channel is not from Source. It is that simple. I am the last Rosicrucian.

We are all creator Gods and Goddesses. We all create our own universes and we all interact with each other. We all have our own personal connection to Source if we choose it. But like calls to like. Source recognizes Source. You may be drawn to my words or teachings about Divine Counterparts and Tantra or you may be repelled.

But in any case I need to come out of the closet and openly state that I am a Rosicrucian Master and a Tantric Master. My teachings are the teaching of this new age, this age of sexual orgasm energy. Those that seek my protection will find it. Those that chose to resist or battle will find that as well. Each soul knows its own!

Bless us all!

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We each create our own universes and within that universe we find spaces for all the rest of us. We are each at the center of our own created universe and respond to each other in many different ways. Because of this interconnectedness we have the illusion that there is a collective universe which we exist in and in a way that is true. We create the collective illusion of our own reality.

When I encounter each of you in my own created universe you encounter me as well in your created universe. This is a point where your universe and my universe intersect and where we have things in common. These common points are where we are able to share with each other and learn about each other. These are points of soul contact and our souls connect with all other souls in various ways at various times. It can’t be any other way because ultimately we are all part of the same essence.

There are also places where we can not connect, where our experiences are so different that there is nothing in common at all. And then there are Divine Counterparts! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and at the moment of our creation as a soul an equal and opposite reaction created the soul of our Divine Counterpart. Anything we do in our lives creates an equal and opposite reaction in our Divine Counterpart and anything they do affects us as well. This is a very difficult concept to grasp because our Divine Counterpart is everything that we are not! And we are everything that they are not! We are perfect mirror images of each other, always connected but not always aware of that connection.

When we learn to love ourselves; our Divine Counterparts learn to love themselves. When we learn to find all things inside ourselves; our Divine Counterparts learn to find all things inside themselves. When we become one with all that is; our Divine Counterparts also become one with all that is and that is when Divine Counterparts become aware of each other!

We learn about ourselves through our relationships with others by falling in and out of love. We discover how we are alike in some ways and different in some ways. We make soul connections to each other through chakra soulmates and learn about different energies and aspects of life. Once we find in ourselves what we once could only find in others it becomes time to move on to the next thing. Divine Counterparts are graduation! To consciously become aware of our Divine Counterpart is the highest thing our souls can do because we are able to find our Divine Counterpart inside of us as well as outside of us! Two souls that are mirror images of each other are able to become one complete soul by merging together like the yin/yang symbol. The merging of souls on all levels at the same time is the most beautiful thing a soul can experience.

To experience this bliss. To become one with your Divine Counterpart. This is the goal of this new age and is shown to us by Divine Counterparts that have found their own ways to each other. Each Divine Counterpart that finds its way to its true partner makes it more  possible and easier for others. There is a path being made for all to follow if they wish and this path is open to all life forms, not just humans!

Rose and I have found our way to each other on all levels except physical 3D and we exist together on all levels except physical 3D. We maintain this connection with each other and it grows stronger every day. And every day others are able to find their own Divine Counterparts because we are holding the gate open for them. Could Rose and I have a physical 3D relationship with each other? Only when the old 3D paradigm is wiped away from the face of the earth! Old eon thoughts and beliefs battle this event with all possible resistance! The pattern of the old eon is broken and only holds together at the lowest astral level, that of sexual orgasm energy. All other astral levels now support Divine Counterparts in all ways. All other levels are balanced in their male and female energies.

But physical 3D resists! Sexual orgasm energy is manifested as money and as scarcity. Human sexuality and passion are repressed and distorted in ways that make it unrecognizable. But Rose and I exist in physical 3D as well! There are other Divine Counterparts besides us. It is just that we have chosen to work with this lowest level of energy, sexual orgasm energy; and we have chosen to fight this last battle to the finish!

The powers that were thought that those ascending would leave something behind, something that they could rule and live upon. But all of Gaia is ascending and she is taking all levels with her! No life form is being left behind! Sexual orgasm energy is not being left behind! Everything, and that means everything is being lifted and soon.

Those that struggle and fight against Gaia’s ascension are being lifted as well, whether they want to advance or not. The lower levels are being purged and filled to overflowing with sexual orgasm energy, prosperity and abundance. Those that partake in this miracle will be blessed. Those that refuse will lose their way.

At the beginning of every great cycle the active energy is at the lowest level, the active energy is always sexual orgasm energy. This will be the dominant creative force for the next two thousand years. Those that learn to work with it and be empowered by it will lead the human race. Those that understand how to rupture the lowest astral level and halt or destroy conflicting timelines will gain the victory over those of the “higher levels” that refuse physical embodiment and live in their heads. Gaia’s ascension is an organic ascension on a genetic level. It empowers organically at the lowest level. The lowest level, the level of the shadow, of all repressed emotions and feelings, needs to be released, healed and integrated for each person to become whole and healthy!

Two thousand years from now a different energy will become active. Sexual orgasm energy will give way to a higher energy and a higher chakra will become active. But that is the future. Today is the Kali Yuga! It is the time when no other empowerments work!



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There is so much to be shared about chakra soulmates and Divine Counterparts. But this current window of opportunity grows smaller each day and I must stress the importance  that each individual can make for humanity during these days before the September equinox! It needs to be stressed just how important causing a rupture in the lower astral really is!

There is a presidential election coming up here in the United States. But because I live in Minnesota my vote will not count. Minnesota has always voted Democrat in presidential elections and because of the electoral college winner take all position no  Republican votes for president ever matter! Many other states are the same way. Because the state always votes the same way the supporting votes for the other party never matter.

But nature has a different electoral process! Each person can vote as often as they like by rupturing the lowest astral layer and forcing the lowest astral layer to absorb and integrate their own generated sexual orgasm energy before it manifests physically. In this process your individual energy and your individual choice  are recognized.

But there is a catch! This only happens if you successfully rupture the lowest astral level and that requires the generation of sexual orgasm energy twice in one day! Otherwise your energy will flow to someone else and empower them instead! This is the basis of energy vampirism! This is how you and the masses are drained of their vital life force energy! You are only allowed to generate the energy they can use for themselves, but you are not to use it for yourself. This is how the powers that were have controlled and dominated the masses through the ages, by not sharing the tantric secrets of sexual orgasm energy! They do not want other people’s votes to count, only their own. But nature offers a fair and natural way for everyone’s vote to count every day of the year! If only people knew the power and the influence that they could have in global events and in their own lives!

These next few days before the September equinox will determine Gaias ascension path for the coming year. Gaias energy grid needs to be filled to overflowing with sexual orgasm energy to purge the current energies of scarcity and oppression and ensure a future of love, abundance and prosperity for all living things!

The time is now! Get the energy out there! Sort out the details later!

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Congratulations to everyone that is helping to flood the lower astral with their own energy! Last night there was a massive rupture and adjustment of the lowest astral level and a major victory against the powers that were! Energetically I experienced this as three separate events which I will describe.

In my first dreams/travels the astral landscape had changed significantly and I was somewhat disoriented even though I kept traveling in what I thought was the right direction. It seemed like it would have been easy to get lost and it took twice as long to get to my destination.

I arrived at what was a tumbled down massive library in a broken down luxury type hotel or large building. Coming into the ruined room at the other end was a large black bear. I felt fear, but roared at it and it roared back at me. Then we left each other alone. Someone else stepped into the room from another direction and he had a loaded revolver just like mine. My revolver was loaded and aimed at him but I put the safety on and lowered it. He did the same thing. He, I and the black bear were all allies that had arrived at this same destination at the same time! Others might have tried to make it, but the three of us did make it and were working together against the enemy!

A note about astral encounters. It is often common to feel a flash of fear when encountering someone else in the astral. This is because the sense of encountering not self is so strong!


The dream shifted and I was being confronted by some hostile people and what I thought was a person with a terrifying face. There was a strong sense of danger, but I poked at the eyes of the image despite my fear and realized it was just a mask. Then I destroyed some type of weapon or construct that it carried. It was a serious astral conflict and i confronted the enemy and won! This was a major victory because the powers that were have been very careful about avoiding open conflicts lately. Rupturing the lowest astral  layer forced the conflict by chasing them out into the open where I could confront them!

Other may have had similar experiences. We all deal with the energies in our own ways. But all those who gave their energies and helped this victory to happen probably had to confront some fear. That is how these things work. We all experience fear and feel fear but the true warrior of light acts against it anyway!

Thanks to all who helped trigger this major confrontation! It is time to purge the lower astral levels.

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Why rupture the lowest astral level? In my last post I stressed how important it is to work with sexual orgasm energy as much as possible during the next thirty days before the September equinox. There is a window of opportunity to influence the events of the coming year during this time. What does this mean? What am I talking about?

Well first let me stress, just do it! Figure out why later! The astral is a strange place and things must occur in the lowest astral plane before they can manifest in the physical! For several years now nothing of substance would happen in my life during the day without me dreaming about it or having a vision about it ahead of time ! Nothing!

Another interesting thing about the astral is that things will either happen in the astral or in the physical, but not both at the same time! When you rupture the astral by generating sexual orgasm energy twice a day, you cause it to stop manifesting and to reconstruct itself before once more moving forward to physically manifest! Rupturing the astral planes is the most powerful thing you or any creator can do! It allows you to change the physical outcome of events before they happen. It also allows you to destroy or alter timelines that are not in harmony with your soul’s journey!

I’ve just shared how any individual can alter or destroy any timeline they find themselves in by repeatedly rupturing the lowest astral level by working with sexual orgasm energy.

Divine Counterparts have been doing this for us up to this point but now it is time for everyone else to choose! This is how we have avoided WWIII! This is how we have avoided a global economic melt down! This is why this year’s election has been so strange! This is why things are so stressful right now! Humanity is about to make it’s choice for the coming year and there is still a window of opportunity for each individual to attract as much love, prosperity and healing as possible by repeatedly rupturing the lowest astral layer and influencing it as much as possible! If you don’t even try to influence a favorable outcome you are already a slave to circumstance.

These things have always been known to a few. That is why tantric practices and sex magic have always been such highly protected secrets and why healthy human sexuality has been so demonized and repressed.

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I’m beginning to think that this series of blog posts is crazy, but there are certain things that must be shared and I guess it falls to me to share them and explain them. I’ve mentioned the importance of working with sexual orgasm energy twice a day as often as possible for the next thirty days. Why? Sexual orgasm energy is the lowest and most powerful nonphysical energy there is. It is easily available to everyone and doesn’t require a physical partner because it will find an appropriate chakra soulmate partner or a Divine Counterpart automatically when it is released if your intent is pure and out of love. It is urgent to flood Gaias lower levels with an abundance of sexual orgasm energy that all life forms can tap into for health, prosperity and abundance! Money is a form of sexual orgasm energy manifested as scarcity. Bluntly said there is a war that will determine whether our future world will be based upon a scarcity or abundance of this very energy in all its manifestations. Generating sexual orgasm energy twice a day will overcome the natural elasticity of the astral planes and cause them to rupture! You and each individual out there in a physical body has the ability and the power to cause the lowest astral plane to rupture and reform itself in a new way that includes your generated energy and the intention in which you generated it! Each single individual has the power to rupture the astral planes at the lowest level and say no, that is not what I want! This is what I want!  I want prosperity and abundance for all living things! I want to share my love and my life with my Divine Counterpart! I want a world based upon love and equality between the sexes!


Every singleperson has the power and the ability to rupture the lowest astral planes and change the intended and projected future! Our new world is going to be empowered and created at the lowest level of sexual orgasm energy, of love and abundance or for those that choose scarcity and economic slavery!


The lower levels need to be purged and they need to be purged now! We can figure everything else out later!

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Tantric texts say to try the teachings for one day and if you don’t get results look elsewhere. This is my message as well. Work with tantric sexual orgasm energy twice a day. You can’t get it wrong. If you don’t get immediate and powerful results in the forms of energy releases, vivid dreams and illuminations go else where. But don’t be afraid! The next thirty days is a window of opportunity that can literally transform our world over night! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.


At the beginning of every great cycle it is the return of sexual orgasm energy through Divine Counterparts that brings magic back into the world. It is the magic and vitality of life force energy itself that stirs events and people as it brings love and prosperity.


The old eon ways of logic and reason will continue to crumble because this is the time for love and the wisdom of the heart!

The new eon is driven by a surplus of life force energy springing forth from the sexual orgasm energy of all living things! This is the energy of life, love, abundance and happiness and is available to all!

Make Love Not War!

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If there is anything that really needs to be said about Gaias ascension during this coming month it would be that as much sexual orgasm energy as possible needs to be anchored and grounded into the new energy grid by the September equinox! The energy that is anchored into Gaias energy grid during this window of opportunity will literally determine Gaias ascension progress for the coming year. Humanity now stands at a crossroads and one direction will uplift humanity in a quantum leap. The other path will be much longer and take the stairs instead of the elevator!

Sexual orgasm energy forms prosperity and abundance when there is a surplus of it. That same energy forms scarcity and depravity when it is repressed and abused. So during this coming month the human collective is going to choose which path we will collectively follow. The path of Divine Counterparts, prosperity and abundance or the path of scarcity, greed and lust.  Gaias new energy grid needs to become filled to overflowing with sexual orgasm energy so that all living things can experience love and giving to each other.

For the next thirty days generate as much loving sexual orgasm energy as possible and send it to your loved ones, to Gaia, to God and Goddess, to your Divine counterpart! If you have a partner fine, if you don’t send your love out into the cosmic where your divine counterpart can find it! This energy is needed and it is needed now! Twice a day as often as possible!

This will be perfectly safe for any light workers that have cleared their heart chakra and filled them with love and light. The higher levels have now been purged and it is time to purge the lower levels for the ascension of all living things! The next thirty days are critical! Add your love, energy and support to ours and to that of all Divine Counterparts in physical bodies upon this new earth!

You will know immediately if this message is for you!


Bless you all!

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