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A very quick update on my latest addition. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the coming publication of the entire Der Orchideen Garten series! I hope to have the first limited edition issue out by the end of next month in time for Midsummer’s Eve! Details will follow as available.


Der Orchideen Garten was published for three years and is considered the world’s first fantasy magazine. It was founded four years before Weird Tales. This rare magazine has been long unavailable and I intend to take full advantage of this small window of opportunity.


I plan a limited edition facsimile in the English language limited to 300 signed and numbered copies. This is obviously going to be quite a bit of work, and I will need to get going on it. This will take away from the regular Anarchist World web pages so please be patient with me. This is also my ticket to quitting my weekend job so that I can devote more time to Anarchist World!

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Made it through the summer solstice/full moon! Talk about a powerful time! Has your garden been planted? Metaphorically speaking? From here on through fall it is upkeep, early harvest and late harvest. What kind of harvest do you expect? What seeds have you planted?


For me of course, it is Anarchist World! This has gradually taken shape before my eyes and I love what I see and love what I do. It is a living thing and I wonder what kind of harvest it will bring? I’ve added one final blog and need to restrain myself from adding any others until I have completed those already being worked on. The Deadly Days by Werner Walz is the final addition. I think it wonderfully rounds out the variety that can be found here. A sample reading will instantly show that it packs just as much energy as any of the others and perhaps will bring even more as it progresses.


And make no mistake about this, compare these blogs with any other blog out there and what is different? What grabs you or turns you off? It is the energy contained in these works! And this energy is not to be found elsewhere in the English speaking world of today! That is why this literature is so important. It is powerful, creative, emotional, visceral and most of all human! It will make you uncomfortable and stir things up, but it is not the sugar coated candy that passes for literature these days.


This is also why Simplicissimus and Jugend are both so important. They are organic, heartfelt, and creative works written by humans that enjoy being human; something that we have forgotten in our quest for electronic gadgetry. The stories and issues are timeless in their humanity and they remind us that one hundred years ago they struggled with the same things that we struggle with today!


I will be offering issues of Simplicissimus and Jugend as signed and numbered limited editions of 300. The format will be 8 1/2 x 11 with color covers and black and white interiors. They will be grouped together. Simplicissimus was a newspaper style periodical and Jugend was a normal magazine format. These collector editions will both be in magazine format and carry the original artwork as much as possible. Obviously that means the format of Simplicissimus will need to be modified extensively from a three column page to a  two column page. Jugend will essentially be using the original page (cleaned up to pure black and white) with a new translation and perhaps some modifications because I don’t wish to have any print smaller than 10 pt type. What this means is that what you will be getting if you choose to purchase these valuable collector items is:

Issue 1&2 of Jugend (the first two issues were originally combined into one issue)

Issues 1&2 of Simplicissimus  (two individual issues)


So you will be getting four issues at one time. Two issues of Jugend and two issues of Simplicissimus. This will continue with issues 3&4 being offered in combined sets as well and so on for the entire year. You will not be able to purchase these collector edition magazines as separate entities.

I will not be offering non-collector editions. You cannot purchase these online but must place your order directly through me. More information will follow as these collector editions become available. Each set will contain matching numbers and it will be possible to reserve certain numbers if scheduled in advance.


Later these will be combined and offered in book form but without the color covers or the interesting classified ads. In short, the book version of Simplicissimus and Jugend (the first year)will not be as  complete or as visually stunning. Obviously they will not be available for a long time as well.


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Well, things are going well and I’m very satisfied with the new Anarchist World Ezine. I’ve added a few new blogs:

Richard Dehmel-Redemption

Rainer Maria Rilke-The Early Poems


Poems go quite fast and you are seeing me post more of them when I only have a little time. When you consider the wide variety of subjects and authors, Anarchist World is certainly a very amazing place! And its only going to get better.

Three serialized books are near completion and will be starting at the beginning soon. They are:

Hanns Heinz Ewers Brevier

Hanns Heinz Ewers Illustrated Stories

The Synagogue of Satan


So don’t be surprised when you start seeing posts that you might have already read-others have not! This is the concept of Anarchist World. Two years from now these same serialized books will be repeating so that new readers can sample them. In the meantime perhaps a few will want to buy them!


As to earth changes and the earth ascension scenario, a lot has been happening! The summer solstice is three weeks away and these three weeks will be quite interesting indeed.

The final events of this summer/fall have entered the printing que which we call the akashic records. This happened during the last full moon when “balanced” events were allowed through the filter. By “balanced” I mean that they conform to the new laws of physical manifestion on our newly ascended planet. Many of you have probably felt that things have been stuck or highly stressed. Well, the things that made it through are going to do excellent and the ones that didn’t will have to try again next year. You will be seeing quite a bit that falls by the wayside. You will also be seeing some interesting new things begin to take off in surprising ways. That includes this site!

Speaking personally, I’m still working through back issues with my chiropractor, but this also has taken an interesting twist. There are three places in my back where it is bent to the side. Two of these were bent 6 degrees off vertical! One was responding quite well (the one in my neck) and the one between my shoulder blades was responding much more slowly. Well, I’ve run out of money for treatments, but luckily chanced upon something that seems to work wonders for me. (I am not a doctor, don’t take this as professional advice)

I simply placed the broom on the floor and lay down on it so that it went up and down along the left side of my spine where I was getting the adjustments. Then by raising my pelvis I was able to “roll” the point of impact where my weight came down on the broom handle so that my entire upper back got a good massage! I must confess that it put my back in much more permanently than individual sessions did. That is because my entire upper spine was forced to conform to the straight line of the broom handle and the pin point weight put the pressure exactly where it was needed! Things also seemed to align much more deeply! My back muscles were certainly sore for a few days after that, but seem quite well now. I am also doing this twice a day until there is no more stiffness or soreness in my back at that location.

My chiropractor also helped me with some new posture and that was truly a miracle. When you walk straighter, you feel better. When you slouch, you feel tired and discouraged!

After the summer solstice I will be coming out with another personal blog called:

OAK: Morals and Dogma

This will be a companion volume to Magister Templi and Modern Survivalism, my two OAK titles. OAK: Morals and Dogma will glean important concepts from previous mystery schools of the western mystery tradition as well as some new concepts that I’ve gleaned from other more modern sources. Think of Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma and you will get the idea, sort of. I am a long time student of the western mystery tradition and most of the German authors I translate were part of that tradition as well! An initiate can recognize the concepts that are written about throughout the fictional stories. This is why I enjoy translating them!

My specialty is Rosicrucianism, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Antient and Primitive Rite of John Yarker, the OTO, the Golden Dawn and the theosophical society.

In this sense Anarchist World is a mystery school for the new age! It contains both the new energies and the continuation of the old mystery school energies. Even the German fiction that I translate serves a very important purpose. You will not find stories like these anywhere else in the world. I’m getting ready to take up my role as teacher/story teller. Actually, I’m already doing it and Anarchist World is my vehicle for making our new world a better place!


Bright blessings!





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