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I haven’t done an ordinary post for quite awhile now so I thought I would share an update on Gaia’s ascension. First a reminder that the September equinox marks the deadline for influencing events of the coming year. The remainder of this year is devoted to Gaia herself responding to our own inputs. About the only thing we can do now is gain awareness of what we have set up for ourselves for the coming year.

This is way to complicated to describe so I will only say that is how the cycle of the year works itself out and always has worked itself out. By the December Solstice we all will need the replenishing energies of the new year. The next few months will seriously deplete us! This is hit the wall time!

What is happening is that the astrally created futures of a relatively small group of ascending souls has collided with the mass programming of the collective hive mind and that small group is gradually rising up through the confusion while others are settling beneath the confusion trapped in an increasingly digitized and electronically controlled world.

Essentially what has happened is that the hive mind collective of incarnated space brothers and sisters have made their move to recreate Gaia in their own image. This is being done through technology and artificial intelligence. The small group of ascended masters is saying “I don’t think so!” and rising above the entire mess by going through it and becoming immune to it. Everyone else is being caught up in it. There remain those that are fighting this, but in the new energies fighting something means embracing it in a conflicting way. Not something we really want to do. So the graduates are on their way up and out.

Rising above the mess doesn’t mean the graduates are done, it just means they are removing themselves from that particular game. The collective hive mind is not capable of stopping them or hindering them, but it doesn’t really help them either. It doesn’t recognize that this small group of people even exists!

So I’ve been urged to study C++ computer programing as in game development and I’m having fun learning some new things that are really amazing. So I will finish the rest of this post making reference to some of these things that I am now learning about.

The human mind is an organic computer and operates with its own computer language which can be updated to a new more sophisticated version or language. New generations of computer code are continually being developed and each new computer language can do things previous computer languages can’t. C++ is capable of creating a virtual 3D reality for example like that found in new cutting edge computer games.

The hive mind collective is using an archaic computer language both in its computers and in its human computer language. Over and over we hear special words and phrases like race, sexual orientation, religion, gender and so on. The use of special words is designed to deliberately lead to specific conclusions just like following a computer program. The problem is that the hive mind collective can’t change to a new computer language because its entire program is written in the old language! They are trapped in their old thinking!

Newly ascended graduates are creating a new and dynamic computer language for the human mind that can do things the old archaic language can’t. I am using terms like Organic Gnostics, Rational Atheists and Social Enforcers to completely derail the old programming by focusing in much more specifically on very precisely defined groups of people. I’m just using these as examples. Others are finding new and better ways as well.

This new dynamic computer language for the human mind is balanced in masculine and feminine ways. In fact, I’ve observed that males seem to generate this astral computer code and females seem to take it in and compile it! Computer code needs to first be written and then it needs to be compiled to create a functioning program or game! Males and females both do very specific functions that require the help and support of each other! So you will see ascended masters working together as male/female teams in support of this new dynamic programming. These will either be Soulmates or Divine Counterparts.

Those using the old archaic programming will still be able to function on a more limited scale and not be able to interact or influence those using the new dynamic language. But those using the new dynamic language will be able to interact and influence the old programming and modify it at will to suit their own purposes. They will create nodes of new behaviors within the old programming! The changes and advancements will be profound enough for people to sit up and take notice!

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As I wander around Mensa land I notice three kinds of people. I call them Hydrogen types, Helium types and Lithium types. Each type of person is quite distinct in their type of intelligence and each could easily create IQ tests that would prove their own type of intelligence superior! I choose the terms Hydrogen types, Helium types and Lithium types for a good reason. These elements represent the types of intelligences remarkably well in my opinion. They also represent types of energies that could be associated with intelligence.

The most common type in Mensa land is the Lithium type. It is interesting that lithium is used to help prevent hallucinations in people with mental illness. These people are rabid about being physical materialists and most are atheists Believing only in the powers of science and the powers of logic and reason. In fact, these people are the priests and priestesses of logic and reason. They spend their hours in debate pondering imponderables such as how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. They believe that they can prove their personal position to others! So they spend their hours submitting proofs of their own argument.

The weakness of the Lithium type is that anyone can prove anything through logic and reason! Using logic and reason it is possible to prove that today is the best day of your life and also logically prove today is the worst day of your life! The Lithium type will inevitably use circular reasoning and wind up arguing against themselves. Logic and reason always end in paradox! Those massive convoluted theories and abstractions lead no where in the final analysis.

The next type is the Helium type. These people have minds like magnets, seemingly capable of directly perceiving the simplicity of reality in an effortless manner. This Helium energy is not a mental energy like Lithium but a spiritual energy. It is concrete spiritual energy or archetypal energy. This direct perception of self evident things has a name and it is called Christ consciousness. By the standards of the ancient world these people have attained Christ consciousness and are Christ’s in physical bodies! You can’t argue with them because what they say makes perfect sense! They are always right, at least in their own mind!

The weakness of the Helium type is that they are heavily polarized toward the light or toward the dark and are absolutely convinced that their way of perceiving the world is the one and only correct way! The clarity of their vision is matched only by their own blind spots which they remain unable to recognize.

The last is the loftiest of them all just like Hydrogen is the lightest of all elements. The Hydrogen type directly experiences Unity and paradox resolution. They are not only aware of things through direct perception but also aware of their own blind spots and seek ways to work around them for a more balanced perspective. These are the Einstein’s of the world, capable of understanding how light and matter are interchangeable. They are like Dewey Larson and his Reciprocal Field Theory, showing how each element, indeed all things are created out of vibratory motion to create  photons, sub-atomic particle and how these in turn create rotating magnetic fields and atomic particles to finally lead to life itself. These types of visions are called Cosmic Consciousness or God Consciousness and these individual are keenly aware we are part of all things and that all things are part of us. In ancient times this type of consciousness was also termed Buddha consciousness and those able to attain it were Buddha’s.

The Hydrogen type is marked by intense visions and the ability to overcome duality in all its forms. All of life is seen as a balance of light and dark, all is experienced as bitter-sweet. These people have integrated both their dark side and their light side and they have discovered what it truly means to be human and divine at the same time. You will not find this type arguing philosophical subjects because they deeply understand the futility of it. They won’t be found polarized around a cause because they deeply understand that anything that physically manifests is already balanced with a dark side and a light side. Instead these people will share life and embrace it in all ways, the ups and downs, joys and sorrows. They are the ones that appear simple, but are extremely wise.

Remember that one out of fifty people in the United States qualifies for Mensa and fits one of these groups!

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Searching for the Soul


Like man himself! In the beginning man was with God and part of the indivisible All, and he tore himself loose in spite of it. From this awareness of self over the course of billions of years there developed an awareness of the contradiction, “I”—and the world! And yet a part of the All clung to this “I”, was still imprisoned in this physical body, grew with it, died with it and was inseparable from its earthly remains.

And a great desire for liberation caused this soul to seek a false path and grope in the shameful darkness. It always ran back by the way which it had come to its original awareness of the “I” instead of to the “Not—I”, and did not know that the goal was at the other end.

The soul was conscious of the contradiction between the “I” and the “Not—I”, but the soul accepted the physical body as part of the “I”, even as the “I” itself did, and did not realize that the physical body was only a part of the “Not—I”. Thus man’s physical body became the unfortunate bridge that always led the soul back to the physical world of which it was a part. And all those souls driven by desire passed over it and descended deeper and deeper until they sank into God.

Yet how comical it was when the pious cried out that one must conquer the body! Their words were so wise, yet their understanding was so wrong. They did not conquer the body—but rather strengthened its power by all they did. They conquered the soul of man and became as beasts; they conquered the beasts inside and became as God.

But the time must come for the striding forth of the liberated human being. When the knowledge becomes so deep and so firmly rooted that each one knows his body is nothing other than some tree that stands in the forest, than some bird that flies in the air: than any foreign object that lies far in the distance! When each passionately feels that his body has nothing in common with his soul—and is as alien to him as a stone in the street , when the assurance reaches each consciousness that the external world may be all-embracing, yet, it fails to hold one thing, namely, the soul—then that great day will dawn—

Then the soul of man will tend the body well, like a temple, like a good house in which one dwells. Only, it will be a stranger, something external from us, and this knowledge alone will be the great conquest of the body. Then the bridge that leads downward will be broken; then the lunacy of our forefathers will perish; then the eternal desires will laugh happily as they kiss freedom and truth amidst their tears over the dark errors of the ages.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


The above was written by German author Hanns Heinz Ewers over a century ago! Or rather it is my translation of his words and thoughts into the English language. As I partake in more online discussion groups, in particular Mensa discussion groups I find that believing in the individual soul is not politically correct. I also find that attitude a little bit two-faced. Consider the question, “Is a loved one the same person after having a debilitating stroke? Is their awareness, their consciousness, still the same but hindered by physical damage caused by the stroke? Or have they in some way become less human? I have seen stroke victims struggle to find the words they desire to express and the frustration that they feel being physically unable to do so. To me this is direct evidence that individual awareness remains even though it might not be able to physically express itself


The question really becomes whether conscious awareness is purely energetic in nature or mechanical. Is individual awareness capable of being separated from the physical body or is it simply an expression of the physical body that dies when the physical body dies? While science almost unanimously denies the existence of the soul, it entertains such thoughts as the possibility of integrating human consciousness with machines or computers. Movies such as “Avatar” envision the ability of human awareness to transfer itself from one physical body to another! For some reason science admits the possibilities of these things while denying the possibility of the existence of the soul. I find that very troubling!


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This will be a strange post for strange times! There are nine of us. That’s pretty much all that I know. There were others that did their part and have gone on ahead. Dewey Larson, Roger Zelazney and perhaps Robert Heinlein. I’m sad that I didn’t recognize all of them, but there are still nine of us here on Gaia in mortal physical bodies. The veil of forgetfulness still lingers.

I encountered the nine of us in a dream where we were all in a vehicle and the road abruptly ended in nothingness. That was back prior to 2012 when there was no future that had been created. My Divine Counterpart has just seen the nine of us flying in formation like jets painted with the seven colors of the rainbow.

So we are all still here and doing what we came here to do like so many others are. The difference is that we are so old; so old we don’t really know how old our souls are. Our physical bodies are mortal but our souls have a connection with the Creation of Gaia way back in the beginning. I know that one of my first physical lifetimes was as a tree. This was long before the age of reptiles. But I was a dinosaur as well.

Later when the Pleiadians came I was one of those they experimented upon genetically. After that I didn’t belong to my own species any longer, or to any other species. I belonged to Gaia. I’ve been told that my soul began in a race that no longer exists, that I was once an elf. Perhaps that’s why I use the term the New Elves for that portion of ascending humanity that embraces Gaia in body, soul and blood.

While I hold no anger toward the Reptilians, I have struggled against them many times these past few years. At the same time I’ve fought the Galactic Federation to a stand still. It seems there is a “Star Wars” that is going on around us and I don’t care to be part of it. Neither does Gaia. We are not pawns in someone else’s game.

I would like to think I have found a home, found a people, found a place here on Gaia.

There are nine of us. We each have crossed the rainbow bridge from the lowest to the highest and back down to the lowest again while in mortal physical bodies. We are Gaia’s champions, guardians and we serve, each in our own way. We work with both the light and the dark because that is who we are, light and dark, both at the same time. We have transcended duality. We have completed the circle and returned home. Home is here!

My Divine Counterpart and I specialize in the development of the fully empowered soul and its powers through tantrism or the generation and mingling of male and female energies on all levels. I don’t know what the others specialize in.

But each of us guards and serves in his or her own way.

All I know is that the nine of us finished the first phase of Gaia’s ascension. We fly as a group in a formation and work as a group even though we might not know each other yet, but we will. It is time for us to be drawn together for the next phase.

In like manner other soul groups are finding their way to each other. There is a new life and a new world that waits for all of us, everyone!

Happy New Year!

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Things have been clicking together very rapidly these days and my visions show more and more clearly what is happening with Gaia’s ascension process. Perhaps I should use the term “downloads”. Chuckle. If you don’t use the politically correct words people won’t listen.

In past posts I’ve mentioned that first wavers have energetically separated from everyone else and manifested their crystalline bodies as they moved into the new world, a crystalline 3D that co-exists in the same time space as this one. This post is to clarify some of this process.

I am coming to realize the true completion of the cycle these first wavers have just achieved. These first wavers have literally created the energetic foundation of a new crystalline 3D Gaia that now exists in the higher dimensions as well to create a full spectrum reality that includes all dimensions! This has never been done before and sets the standard for all future ascensions in the universe!

This cycle has just ended. The First Wavers are now shifting their focus to world creation, not anchoring of energies. The energetic separation of these first wavers from everyone else leaves everyone else in a passive and energetically dead false physical 3D. This false physical 3D is dissolving and will continue to dissolve until it is completely gone.

All those living life forms not of the first wave will need to complete their ascension process through the death of their physical bodies. At the death of their physical bodies their “awareness” or “soul” will cross over to its appropriate place within the new crystalline Gaia if that is what is desired. The importance of stating this clearly is absolute. There is a need to use the remaining time left within these physical bodies to strengthen the soul or “observer self” as much as possible while soul growth is still readily available through the energetic transformation of negative energy. This is achieved by the use of the physical body itself.

New children now being born are being born into this new crystalline Gaia and are not energetically part of the old world. There is only that small remnant of humanity and other life forms that still need to finish out their natural lifetime before completing their ascension. They will ascend through the natural process of living out this physical life and then experiencing the death of the physical body.

It is vital that people understand this and make the most of the time they have left to purify and strengthen their souls as much as possible. There is not going to be UFO landings or spectacular events because those events will happen within the new crystalline Gaia and not this energetically dead portion we experience as real. They will happen in other dimensions but not old physical 3D. The old is going away and it will be tough and people will need to leave their physical bodies to get to the new destination. Yet much can be done to prepare for this.

As the energetic cycle with the first wavers ended in closure and the creation of a new crystalline 3D Gaia, a new cycle for the second wavers opened with the release of the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens”. The energy of this event is exploding through the world and bringing a message of non-physical reality and metaphysical powers. This message is taking the world by storm and people will be searching for teachers and masters that will show them how to develop “the force” in their own bodies and use it!

Understand this rightly! There is a new phase beginning and an ending of the old phase. It is too late to be a first waver if you are not already one! That train has already gone and arrived at its new destination. The next train has arrived with this “Star Wars” energy and is seeking new recruits. Develop the soul and its powers now while in this physical body so it will be strong for its transference to the New Gaia at the end of this  physical lifetime. Fight this new battle that is in front of you and become a hero of the “force”! Humanity needs you at this moment more than ever! It is your life, choose wisely!

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We made it through the winter solstice and what a ride it has been! Finally there has been enough happening that some important insights can finally be stated about what is happening and how things are happening. Last night the astral recreated itself according to the new pattern and I don’t really expect much global stuff between now and the Christmas full moon. These last few days are more personal in nature.

So what has happened? An energetic separation of first wave ascenders from the rest of the world. This first wave fully crossed over into their crystalline bodies and couldn’t do much more to help the others if they wanted to! I’m going to try sharing some difficult concepts. The only way I know how to do this is hammer away at it a little at a time so here goes.

Gaia and all life upon her crossed over into 5th density way back in 2012. We are individually and collectively creating a false 3D which we think we are living in. This false 3D is based upon old 3D. The first wave ascenders have now separated from this illusion and are living in a newly created crystalline 3D that extends outward from 5th density. The main point here is that the first wave ascenders are living in a living and vibrant crystalline 3D that is both individually and collectively created and others are living in an energetically dead and false 3D. Even though both realities are co-existent, creative work can only be done in the new and vibrant crystalline 3D. The false 3D is inert and passive and will gradually dissolve as the new takes over. This has been said in many ways by others.

But now at this moment and from this moment onward the first wave ascenders are creating a new reality and as they create the old gives way. The next three months will see profound changes in our world as the old does give way to the new.

Now for a side note about the three waves of ascenders. This notion of three waves is unfortunate because it is totally based upon the old eon ascension model and Gaia’s ascension is a full spectrum ascension, not a three wave ascension. Using Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Theory of 118 elements every single element will need to find its new vibratory rate. This is what needs to happen. Now the various elements are located within seven rings around the center of the atom. Each ring of electrons can be said to be a “wave” of ascension in the terms of the old eon.

Thus the innermost three rings around the nucleus of an atom have represented the three waves of ascension in past ages, Unity energy, Archetypal energy, and philosophical energy. These are the three doorways open to human awareness at the moment of the death of the physical body according to the Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead.

Ascension and immortality has been seen simply as the continuation of awareness in a non-physical body after the death of the physical body. This immortal body can be created of these three energies and form the “observer self” which “watches” our dream selves as we dream.

So everyone is talking about these three waves of ascension and only the first one has passed or moved into the new world. But this is old eon thinking and a full spectrum ascension is occurring. There are seven waves that will occur before all 118 elements settle into their final vibratory levels.

The second wave has just been activated this week coinciding with the release of the new Star Wars movie. It will take some time before it is ready to make the transfer into the new world. This newly activated wave has lots of work to do before it is done. The main feature of this wave is the concept or idea of soul, spirit and organic life force energy or “the force”. This concept is alien to modern science which has no understanding of the non-physical reality behind physical reality. The goal and function of this movie is to bring global awareness of this “force” to our modern world.

I’m going to leave this topic and focus on an even more difficult concept, time and the present moment. Time no longer functions as it did before. Multi-dimensionality has arrived and with it comes the eternal present moment. We’ve already seen how our space brothers and sisters totally miss out in their understanding of time as we have always experienced it. We keep wanting to know when things will happen and it is always “immanent” or “happening now”. But we keep waiting!

I will be blunt and say that things no longer “unfold” in a natural way! Things need to be “driven” to unfold through the generation of physical energy or they will remain just where they are at! It seems that hardly anyone understands this new energy dynamic of multi-dimensional living. If what you want to experience is not in your present moment you need to generate physical energy until your present moment is what you desire.

Things within the astral do unfold, but they now unfold only through the generation of physical energy, yours or someone else’s. You are now trapped within your physical circumstances unless you generate enough energy to move into  new circumstances or your physical body dies and you leave through death.

This is a foundational universal law that is now in effect and it must be understood!





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