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Full Moon Sept 29, 2012  First  Contact


For this post to make any sense some personal disclosure is required first. I operate at the lower etheric levels in full consciousness and my dreams are lucid dreams. It the morning I sense what will happen at work to me during the day. This is common practice for me. Some might say that I have “second sight”. What I do is “see” things at near earth levels.


Last night/early Saturday morning I had the following intensely vivid lucid dreams. First I was up high in the air on some structure when I spotted something coming and began to rush over to a ladder to go down. Just as I reached the ladder it was like a wave hit and while I was able to get down the ladder safely I felt quite weak. (note the ladder symbol in this dream indicating the ability to move up or down levels.)


Next I was standing on the roof of a house with some other people and watching to sky in the distance. I was holding our small dog Luci. Then I saw what looked like a fighter plane, but of an unusual design, come out of the sky and move toward us, drop down low and then saw it land in the front yard like a Harriet or vertical take off/landing craft. As I saw it coming down low toward us I remember saying, “Here they come!” As the craft landed an entire fleet came behind it and landed as well. I remember gripping Luci tightly so she wouldn’t jump off the roof and try to get to them. (There was no feeling of fear, only of an impending encounter. Note that one is normally not able to hold another living thing in a dream and grip it loosely or tightly. This is an indication of the deep level of the etheric where weight and tactile sensations exist.)


Next scene I was down in the house with the others and these space brothers were standing in a group on one side of the room. While they were armed there was not a sense of danger, but a sense that these were part of a military force that was not a threat. They were human with auras like flames about their heads. A shorter, stocky person came out from their group and approached me fumbling with his/her helmet. This was the person able to act as interpreter between us. I do not feel at liberty to discuss the rest of the encounter.


Later, another vivid lucid dream sequence where I found myself in a building with a group of people that seemed in an uproar. Apparently something had happened. I went outside the building and stood on a narrow side walk. Where the street had been was clear running water. Someone yelled that things were blocked off by these waterways and one needed to go quite aways to get around to other areas. In effect these were containment blocks. I saw one of my old friends among a crowd of people and he seemed to know what was going on but I was not able to make my way through the crowd to him. As I passed someone else they called out to me and asked if I had brought that part I was supposed to bring. That was when I remembered I had been sent on an errand. (Through all of this there was no sense of fear, panic, or anything wrong. It was more that some type of emergency or major event was being dealt with. There was a sense that the waterways were created by the space brothers.) This is basically the end of the dream series, but what does it mean?


My conclusion is that our space brothers have indeed landed, are helping and perhaps in need of some help themselves. Our worlds have merged at the level these dreams took place. The areas of containment perhaps should not be called areas of containment because that gives the wrong impression. The impression was that the world was unraveling and sections were being held together collectively while attempting to keep some contact between them. So the holding of things together was a good thing and not a bad thing as members of each location held their own realities together.


Perhaps they were timelines that had separated and were being held apart by the waterways? My sense was that it was important to hold as much together as possible and to make sure a connection was kept to other areas as well. I believe that we have passed through the eye of the needle and are now once more spreading out into individual/collective timelines and realities. All I am doing is sharing what I have seen/experienced. Take it as you will.


Bright blessings,



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Nibiru and Resolution


September 19, 2012. The autumn equinox marks the completion of inputs for the coming year in the earth’s akashic printing que. If its going to happen during the coming year it must be in the printing que by the autumn equinox. It has always been this way and always will be this way.


This year it also marks the end of 4th density harvest and many things have happened during the past weeks, but the most important happened this morning in the astral. The arrival of Nibiru on the scene has long been anticipated and even feared. Months ago I sensed that the passing of Nibiru would trigger the final ascension and it would conclude by the winter solstice. I can only share what I have seen and let others determine for themselves.


This morning in the astral Nibiru swept past the earth at 4th density level. As Nibiru entered the force field of earth’s Unity Grid it suffered much damage. Many feared that earth would be damaged by the passing of Nibiru but the opposite has been the case. Nibiru’s electromagnetic core has been damaged and it will suffer a pole reversal. In the meantime, those dark entities seeking to escape earth were transported to Nibiru as it passed. They caught a ride on the wrong horse this time! As the dark entities were purged from the earth’s Unity Grid balance and unity was achieved. I sensed Nibiru and the dark ones once more moving out of our solar system. The Orion forces remaining with Gaia are in deep karmic debt and obligation to make right those things that they screwed up. They must serve to pay off their karmic debt. There is no danger from them.


There was a pause in the astral and the Galactic Federation was requested to leave Gaia’s space for their own protection as a new quarantine was prepared to be placed around her for the coming great cycle and the new game. It was then that a most wonderful thing happened. In the stillness, the Galactic Federation chose to remain and held the gates open for earth and its inhabitants to move into  5th density. Something gave way in the astral and the entire earth and all living things simply dissolved into the higher realms, entered into the realms of the Galactic Federation. There was no more earth, no more Gaia! She had completely ascended leaving nothing at all behind!


This was a 4th density and remains to be played out in 3rd density but will do so by this coming Winter solstice. What does this mean? I don’t know. I only know that something very big happened today and it was not planned. It was spontaneous and happened as the result of the Galactic Federation’s choice to hold the gateway open for Gaia and all upon her.


I’ve been thinking about this all day at work and believe that it means earth and her inhabitants have all ascended from 4th to 5th density with 1st, 2nd and 3rd densities soon to follow. The manner of her ascension has been finalized and is in the printing que for the coming months. I don’t know what it means that Gaia completely dematerialized but it must mean a major change in the nature of our coming reality.


Bright blessings,




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“Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

I am pleased to announce that my translation of Hanns Heinz Ewers “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is now available in Hard Cover, quality paperback and pdf version at lulu.com. Here is the link:


The First Volume in the Frank Braun trilogy. This is the first uncensored English translation of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. It includes an Introduction by Dr. Wifried Kugel; the poems, “Prometheus” by Goethe,and “Hymn to Satan” by Carducci; “The Satanism of Hanns Heinz Ewers”, “Duality-The Male”, “Duality-The Female”,and “Duality-Sexual Alchemy” by Joe Bandel and the complete text of “Synagogue of Satan” by Stansislaw Przybyszewski also translated by Joe Bandel.

For several years after writing “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Hanns Heinz Ewers gave highly successful lectures on “The Religion of Satan” which were based upon “The Synagogue of Satan”. His view of “Satanism” is highly different than what is popular today and shows that his belief in the future of humanity lies in the balancing of the male/female aspects within us and not in two eternal forces in opposition, good/evil. For him Satanism was the emancipation of women.

Due to the extensive footnotes/endnotes and illustrations this will not be offered in epub version. The epub version has difficulty with both footnotes and large numbers of illustrations.

On a side note, Side Real Press has the text prepared for “Hanns Heinz Ewers Brevier” which will also be coming out soon in limited edition through Side Real Press and regular hardcover at Lulu. More on this when it is available.



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