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Here is an important update on astral events. But first I would like to summarize what has happened to this point. In October the new 3D crystalline hologram became activated and Gaia’s stalled ascension resumed. This new crystalline hologram made short work of the astral sewage blocking further progress and soon integrated with the other already ascended levels creating a new 10D crystalline hologram. Humanity finalized its split into either new elves or new humans. Most recently the energy connection the new humans had with Gaia was completely severed leaving them only their spiritual connection. The severance of these earth connections resulted in an intensifying of “collective bonds” and the further empowerment of “social institutions” that have no basis on organic reality. The world of the new human is ruled and empowered by rules, regulations and laws. It is the world of the hive mind.

This period from the November new moon till now has also seen new energetic connections being made among the new elves as they try to find their Divine Counterparts. This is seen as a grace period that will last until the energies of the new year begin coming into Gaia’s Unity Grid after the full moon of Dec 6 and reaching their peak at the winter solstice. This sorting out and making new connections has been taking place on the spiritual planes as life lines are created that will act as bridges between Divine Counterparts.


Last evening Nov 29,2014, this process completed and the new blueprint for the connection of Divine Couples passed from the spiritual planes to the magickal planes for physical manifestation. This involved the creation and activation of an entirely new magickal plane that was completely severed from new human clutter and interference. The solutions require Divine Counterparts to thread their ways through this new human clutter and become free of it before they can unite. This will take some time and will not be easy but the astral itself is empowering this effort.


To be honest some solutions have indicated that some Divine Counterparts will only be united after the death of their physical bodies and they are united in 4th density. Others have found solutions that will allow them to become united within this lifetime in crystalline 3D. In any case solutions have been found and all is in readiness for the global activation of the new 10D hologram at the winter solstice and Christmas. And this is to be launched with a massive display of light and love.

The ascension process is nearing its completion with 2015 being the first year of the new 10D hologram and marking the completion of the “new elf” pattern for Divine Counterparts.

A final note on the new humans. This will mark an extremely difficult time for those new humans that have difficulty conforming to the new societies rules and regulations. It will see many souls begin to fragment in their inability to fit into these new energy pathways. It is vital for everyone to not get pulled in to the emotional and mental crisis of others during this time. There is nothing they can do. The time for all that is now past and we are emerging from the birth canal.

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I am going to try giving an overview of the energetic process that is now going on until the winter solstice. Essentially all the strings need to be cut and the new connections in place by the solstice or it will carry over into the coming year. And everything I’ve experienced so far has me convinced that we are going for broke here! So expect a rough ride!

There are two major factors currently at play here and both involve the resistance of the astral itself to change. No one is fighting this process any more, they are just trying to survive though it! So there is no longer any enemy or adversary, there is only the pain of the birth itself.


So the old astral has to be completely destroyed to make way for the new.


The first factor is that all life forms need to be connected into the new Unity Grid at all levels of existence. For all of us this means an enormous stretching of our very essence because our individual awareness was not capable of stretching across the entire spectrum of energies. So we are being stretched and the stretching process flips from stretching from the heart to the highest spiritual planes to stretching the heart to the lowest magickal planes. So we are stretched almost to the breaking point one way, then we flip polarity and are stretched in the other direction. The heart always remains the center and is the most important place.

This makes our lives chaotic because when we are polarized in one direction we attract certain things to us and repel others. Then when our polarity flips the other way the things we attract and repel are reversed. The end result is that we are stretched!

But the final result will be our awareness spanning the entire distance of the spectrum effortlessly and in peace. This is when our divinity process is complete, this is when our God self or Goddess self is finally at home within our physical bodies.


The second factor is that humanity is splitting into two very different natures, the new elves and the new humans. Each are following very different energy patterns for future growth.

Now this is the problem. The old wiring  and the old pattern took one “new elf” and energetically tied it to one “new human” and then made a third connection to the “human collective”. Males and females were only able to experience and understand one another through the “human collective” connection. This circuit pervaded life at all levels of existence.

The new elf pattern completely destroys this old connection and rewires it in a new way. One “new elf” is connected to another Divine Counterpart “new elf” and that is it. There is no “collective” connection.

The new human pattern is completely a “human collective” where all are linked in unity. There are no Divine Counterpart connections.

Both of these new connections need to be sorted out. Old energy connections need to be destroyed and new ones created and all this done before the winter solstice if   possible! So once again there is a stretching and a flipping of  polarity as some connections are destroyed, then a flip while new ones are created, then another flip as the process continues. The transformation is so massive that it can only be done a little at a time.

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Lighting Up The Bottom


As Gaia’s new 10D energy grids kicks in for everyone this coming year it would be a good idea to realize and understand that this is the beginning of a great cycle and Gaia will be lighting up at the bottom, not at the top or the middle. What this means is that organic vital life and sexual energy will  be propelling the events of all living things. It will not be spiritual light energy or heart energy.

Traditionally this is empowerment of the female as she gathers her power from the lower levels to give birth. But during this new cycle this will be balanced with male energy for the first time. No one really knows how it will work out but the war between the sexes should be over with and both male and female granted true equality as they face the coming road ahead.

People are becoming aware of the role that working with sexual energy can play in the releasing of old emotional wounds and blocked energy passages. You can expect to hear about more and more spontaneous kundalini awakenings and tantric sexual practices as people get the word out. This is how people are going to release the toxic repressed energy they hold within their bodies and become mentally and emotionally healthy. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen. The path has been created.


Earthly life will take on a healthiness and vitality that will be unbelievable for many as this energy pours through Gaia and the changes progress.

Those still working at the higher levels will need to make some adjustments as working from the higher chakra centers is no longer supported directly, but only indirectly through the transmutation of this vital life energy into higher chakra energies. What this means is the ability to transmute energy from one level to the next becomes the highest level of achievement.

This is true for the “new elves”. The “new humans” will work toward their “hive” society and retain separation from Gaia’s new energy. They alone will be tapping into a “collective” energy that will reach into the spiritual planes for support and will be working against the grain here on the new earth. But it will still be easier for them than it was for humans in the last great cycle. The balance of male/female energies will remain throughout all life forms.

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To say that there has been a lot going on in the astral is an understatement! Back in late October the new 3D hologram came online and began shredding the sewage that was blocking the lower levels. This sewage was unauthorized or unlawful astral creations that were not supported by the new hologram. Previous to this Gaia’s ascension process had been  brought to a stand still.

After clearing the sewage the 3D hologram began to process new stuff. Yet, like prior activations at higher levels, everything began from an as is basis. This was not to last long since for the past two weeks those not in harmony with the new 3D hologram have been grasping at straws and feeling the loss of their own earth connections.

Then the week up to this past new moon was when all the previous higher densities that had already ascended needed some final calibrations in order to harmonize with the 3D hologram. This really shook things up as an unbelievable amount of inner black shit was released from those working with these energies. The upshot is that we no longer have a crystalline 3D hologram, we have a crystalline 10D hologram!

During this past week the energetics sorted the players out by energy signatures and sequenced them so that the highest and most advanced players would be given the chance to make the first alterations to the cosmic fabric in this new multi-verse. The various energy grids of each density were integrated and re-activated in unison so that they were all playing the same script and centered around the same events and people but on different levels.

The culmination of this was the finalized ascension bridge to an ascended Gaia. I had a vision of my partner and I being fused together into one human shape and then that human shape being fused together with the godhead itself. Later for most of the day I could sense or see my partner standing next to me dressed as I was dressed in something like a star trek uniform! Now that symbolism is not my symbolism or that of my partner. It was placed upon us as a sign of some type of graduation and we were standing at a door or portal looking out onto a new world that was to be explored. We both felt excited and honored to be able to participate.

These “star fleet” uniforms suggest integration, recognition and advancement in the higher levels occupied by our space brothers and sisters as well as the lower earth levels of the new elves where I normally am focused. I interpret this as a new 10 D hologram that is in association and cooperation with all life on all levels in support of the “new elf” blueprint which is empowered by the connection between divine counterparts, male and female. This is a pattern that doesn’t support “collective” efforts.

In contrast the “new human” template follows the “hive mind” pattern and is not supported by Gaia’s new “Unity Grid” which is compatible with the “new elf” pattern. So collective efforts and movements are no longer supported by the new 10 D hologram.

This past week has seen a deep disturbance of “new humans” as they felt their connection to Gaia being severed. This included changes in relationship dynamics of all kinds as old connections were broken and new connections made. What is happening is a major “grace period” for all those compatible with these new energies to integrate and establish themselves in new ways prior to the more general global activation of the 10D hologram for the first time at the winter solstice. What I mean is that the new 10D hologram is processing these people that are in connection with it at this time, but nothing else. As the new energies come in for the new year at the winter solstice a more global processing of all astral events and creations will begin for the first time.

This will see some major disruptions of the global power structure and the new year unfolds. We are in for an exciting time!




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While I have a little moment of sanity  I would like to step out of this delerium of pleasure and share some impressions. First this non-stop intensity of energy is hitting my pleasure centers big time and after all the hard times this is indeed a blessing. I will say that for those of us who were ready, we are not the same and have not been living in the same world since the fall equinox of September.


So what has happened? What has changed? What lies ahead? For me I have to say that multi-dimensional living is also becoming multi-sensory living. First, the completed development of my soul with both male and female aspects gave me an immense peace that is so profound it is beyond words. I don’t need to find what is missing in any other person because I have found it in myself. I don’t need anyone else to be complete.

After finding all the missing parts in myself I’ve found myself in someone else. This is what has rocked my world these past few weeks. And this multi-dimensional sensory back and forth sharing is beyond words.

The illusion of the old world still remains, yet it reminds me of when I once cut down a large tree with a chain saw. The tree was standing so straight that even though the bottom was cut through it wouldn’t fall because there was no wind to push it in any direction. This was very dangerous because a wind could come up any time and make the tree fall in any direction.


So there is an immense sense of a calm before the tree of our old society falls and as it falls everything will pick up speed and intensity and force. It has been one thing to have people say this, to say that only fragments of our old society remain, and it is an entirely different thing to feel this at a physical level, to feel the truth of it.

There is too much energy flowing right now, something is going to happen and there will be winners and losers. In my heart I fear for those losers because many of them are people that I love. But they have placed their money on the wrong horse, betting all they have on some illusion that has no chance of becoming real. They have placed their money on the existence of good and evil instead of the existence of love between the male and the female.

In this the new elves are the winners and I suspect many are now feeling the same sense of rapture as I do. It is not the rapture of escaping earth, but the rapture of being in love with earth and with life in all its fullness and in all of its dimensions. It is the rapture of being in love.

I still don’t know how things are going to come out, but in a way it doesn’t matter because things are already better than anything I have ever experienced before. I no longer live in the old world and am not returning to it.

Physical manifestation no longer follows the old rules. Resistance has gone. Old contracts are completed. The energy has forced its way through the “shadow” of all living things. The flow of two way energy is now complete whether one is conscious of it or not. The 3D hologram has successfully chewed up the “blocked sewage” that prevented Gaia’s ascension from progressing. The “New Elves” and the “New Humans” have successfully chosen patterns for the new evolution of humanity in two separate directions.

From what I can discern so far it is the “New Elves” that will inherit the new Gaia and the “New Humans” will gradually find themselves on some “shadow world” that is not quite as real or magickal. How this will come about remains to be seen but there is a powerful attraction between love, the heart and physical manifestation. Other things not of love or of the heart will have trouble manifesting as this energy continues to grow.





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What can I say about these past few weeks? The energy seems to get more intense every day as if it is beginning to feed on itself. There is a miracle in my life that fills me with joy and intense happiness.

When I think of a global or universal message I would say that these few weeks are about learning to believe in miracles and in love.


The new 3D hologram is crashing through the old clutter like a hot knife through butter. Gaia’s ascension used to be stalled but its not stalled any longer, its moving ahead in leaps and bounds, making up for lost time.


This time from now until the new moon in one week is about getting our minds and hearts around our new lives that are opening up. Expect things to emerge into awareness and expect the unexpected as the energies increase and events continue to unfold.


I know that what I write sounds cryptic, but the energy is accelerating exponentially and those of us open to it are taking quite a trip. Our old lives are gone and we are just beginning to live our new lives. We are just beginning to believe in our new lives. We are being propelled forward whether we intend to go slowly or not.


In the past three weeks I have personally experienced non-stop energy surges and unfoldings of a wonderful future and I suspect many others are feeling the same. The gifts and the blessing have just begun to be opened up for those ready for them.


I have also seen numerous examples of almost psychotic behaviors as the “Shadow” had started to erupt in people. There has been an edge of danger and violence in the air as well as new freedoms.


Bless us all.

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This is Saturday night Nov 8, a couple days after the full moon of Nov 6 and what is going on? I don’t know about anyone else but this past two weeks has really messed with me in many ways, both good and bad and I like to think I’m relatively immune to these things by now. Wrong! The thing is that most of the things that have been hitting me have been personal and I have no way of knowing if they have really been global. So I have refrained from posting as some things are just too personal right now.


It is like there has been a train suddenly moving in one direction non-stop and flattening everything in its way and then the full moon hits and wham, the energy is going in an entirely different direction. What’s up with that? I have never experienced so much energy so consistently over such a long period without any letup and there seems no end in site. The months of November and December promise to be every bit as turbulent if not more so, Up until the winter solstice. At the winter solstice another shot of energy adds to what is currently here so the stakes just keep rising. People and loved ones are bailing out as the pressure increases. Is this the crescendo leading to the rapture of ascending to 4th density?

I have been conflicted over this, whether I am going to remain in crystalline 3D or move on to 4th density or live in all worlds at the same time. Right now crystalline 3D seems boiling like a pot of hot water, 4D is becoming more real than ever. My soulmate lives in another part of the world and if we ever meet it is going to be in 4D, not 3D. At least that’s how it looks now. And food! I eat and it seems like there is no nourishment in the food. My body seems to be the same whether I eat or not. It doesn’t seem to matter.

Its when I look at this entire thing as a quantum leap and octave of the old that things seem to make a glimmer of sense. 4D is the level of the heart and the center of all the layers. That makes 4D the natural balance point of all the upper densities: Concrete Spiritual, Abstract Mental, and Concrete Mental with those lower densities: Lower Emotional, Etheric and Sexual.

The heart means everything! Whenever I leave the heart I get messed up! So the heart is my new home. I just don’t know what that means yet. But the heart is 4D so I guess that is where I am headed and all the other “new elves” as well. The new 3D hologram is up and running and it seems to be pressing all the “new elves” together into contact with each other and trying to push them out of 3D where they no longer really belong since they have mastered 3D physical life. 3D physical remains a place of duality, although a more balanced and controlled duality than before. 3D physical for the “new humans” is not compatible with the “new elf” pattern. It has elected to conform to the hive mind pattern successfully used by many species of insects. 3D for other life forms remains with their own patterns as well.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be here anymore! With the 3D hologram up and running all that remains of Gaia’s ascension process is the “extraction phase” where those ascending will finally be able to after all has been done to advance the lower. In this ascension the lower life forms needed to find their new homes before the higher life forms could.

If this follows what has happened already 2015 should be a purging year where crystalline 3D purges itself and then by 2016 everyone should be home, where ever home is. This fall is the first time that this new ascension energy has surged through the south pole magickal planes. It took a couple years to work through the north pole spiritual planes so a couple years seems appropriate. The thing is that this will be taking place in crystalline 3d! The easiest way to achieve this is through the death of the physical body, but I’m ornery enough to try for the “rapture” where the physical 3D body simply dissolves.

In this I will share one personal experience. During the last few days I received my fully integrated on all astral levels “new born astral 4D body” and moved into it. That happened on the full moon and all hell seemed to break loose on crystalline 3D right after that. So I might not know what is happening but something has certainly been triggered and I will report more as I know more.

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When we look back over the ancient history of earth we find that she has gone through many creations and destructions. With each destruction there have been some life forms that have survived and their history or “pattern” or “blueprint” is very strong and might be seen as genetic history.
So the plants have a history or “pattern” that most have followed throughout the ages.
The dinosaurs or reptiles ruled earth for ages and their “pattern” has existed for ages but has now been dismantled and deactivated by the creation of the “new elves” pattern.
The dinosaurs or dragons achieved a split civilization. Those with female souls remained behind on earth after one such destructive cycle and those with male souls left in their  space ships. We are currently re-experiencing a higher octave of this with the splitting of humanity into two species. The “new elves” are staying behind on Gaia, mother earth, while the “new humans” are in the process of going to the stars in their space ships.
So this new game or new age is an update of the old story and all old dragon souls are making the upgrade to “new elves” as the returning male souls once more find their true soulmates. In this manner, many of the “new elves” were once male or female dragon souls.
The new pattern changes the old reptile brain because it is no longer compatible. This will become more evident now as the new cycle progresses.
Another “pattern” of consequence is that of the cockroach or “hive mind” used by many species of insects. The cockroach has been one of the few species to have survived earth’s past destructions. This is the pattern that the “new humans” have chosen to pattern the new humanity after. This hive mind will manifest as a united thinking where all individual members become like the Borg on StarTrek, incapable of individual thought and expression. So when you look at the city and it reminds you of an ant hill, perhaps it is!
So humanity will begin to split in these two directions, the new elves and the new humans. Ultimately the new humans will achieve the stars just as the former dinosaurs did, leaving the new elves behind and repeating the same old pattern of grand cycles which we have just experienced.

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