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Its time for a reality check! What is really going on and what can we realistically expect in the future? It was surprisingly a rather innocent remark by my father that gave me the clue needed to put more pieces of the puzzle together. He said that Hillary Clinton hasn’t called a press conference in almost nine months! Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if you want to be president you need to be talking to the press!


What’s going on? I’ve already shared that at the beginning of a great cycle the lowest level energies are active first. I’ve also shared a tie in between sexual energies and prosperity and between money and scarcity. The switch to prosperity will involve the unleashing of healthy human sexuality.

Now as a student of history I know that history repeats itself. Every great civilization reaches a point of decadence where the general population becomes weak and that country is over run by a more virile and seemingly barbaric people that infuses it with needed vitality and energy. So I would like to make this very clear. Our new world is not being handed over to couch potatoes! It is not being handed over to head trippers or those that might get their feelings hurt! It is being handed over to virile men and women of action!


It is becoming a rough world. Radical Islam terrorists and racial violence are simply examples of a hurting and dysfunctional society! It is also an example of a society of all talk and no action! People are insenced and outraged, but apparently unable or unwilling to do what must be done to make things better!


Remember, the beginning of a new cycle requires activity and empowerment at the lower levels, empowerment that is integrated and in harmony with the higher heart energies and spiritual energies! This is not the time to be so heavenly bound that we are no earthly good! What is needed is raw physical effort and healthy human sexuality!


Consider the presidential race here in the United States. Hillary Clinton’s performance has been that of a couch potato running for the politically correct couch potato’s vote. She has chosen a politically correct running mate. Her bid for the presidency is not tapping into new eon energies!

Consider the Brexit vote in Europe. Take a hard look at the prevailing energies and you will see a world that is threatened by terrorism and violence. Sometimes warriors are needed! Warriors are never politically correct, but then terrorists and brutal acts ofviolence are not politically correct either!

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Because of the nature of Divine Counterpart couples and the part they play in balancing the energies of this new great cycle I am going to share some things from my personal experience.

My Divine Counterpart lives across the world from me in South Africa. No, she is not a known new ager or celebrity. Although our souls meet on virtually all levels of the astral and etheric planes I have never met her in the physical. Our two year relationship has resulted in tremendous healing of emotional wounds and traumas that we both have suffered in our lives. This non-physical relationship has forced both of us to confront our misconceptions, prejudices and hostilities about the opposite sex. It is so true that males and females are true opposites and we each process information differently. But often we arrive at similar conclusions and that is what makes our relationship so magical.

We can each take the same information, use entirely different processes and arrive at similar values and conclusions about what should or needs to be done! We have learned that being different is not something one needs to be afraid of. We have learned that neither one of us wants to harm the other and have learned to trust each other with our own hearts. We have learned that opposites are made for each other!

But what defines the Divine Counterpart relationship is the powerful soul connection and the shared energies between us. This connection is so powerful and sensitive that I can tell when she is emotionally upset and she can tell when I am emotionally upset during the day. The energetic connection between us is so real and powerful that it is tangible to both of us and being across the world from each other is not an issue because our souls inhabit both of our bodies and we are constantly with each other at some level. We are literally in constant contact with each other.

This type of Divine Counterpart relationship is the new pattern for all relationships during this new cycle and all life forms will have access to the energy patterns so they can find their own true Divine Counterparts. This bonding of Divine Counterpart couples has the effect of dismantling the collective energies of human society. Like is now energetically seeking like on many levels of existence and the muddied quagmire of collective energies no longer has influence like it once did.

There is now a layering effect as souls of similar vibration find each other and group together in love and harmony. Politically this is seen as a return to nationalism and individualism. It is also seen as a rebellion against the establishment and globalization in particular. This is the energy of rebellion and the demand for freedom that is propelling political events in Europe and here in America.

The Divine Counterpart pattern is forcing non harmonious energies out of the way! It is forcing collective energies out of the way! The old eon was based upon manipulation of the masses, manipulation of the collective. This is no longer energetically  possible as many politicians are beginning to discover.

There is a new balanced energy filling our world. It is the balanced sexual energy of male and female Divine Counterparts and leads the way to love, prosperity and abundance in all things!

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Talk about multidimensionality! My awareness is currently split at least four ways! There is the awareness of my actual physical body, my observer self or point of awareness that watches everything, the self I visualize sitting in the chair when I close my eyes, and the astral or nonphysical me that projects from the visualized me that is sitting in the chair!

The visualized me sitting in the chair is created from the same substance as the newly created world it exists in. The me that projects is also created from the same substance but projected out side of it. This projected awareness can also project within that created world which I perceive as the new Akashic record for this new cycle. It is created from the combined energies of my Divine Counterpart and myself.

In this I understand that each individual set of Divine Counterparts creates their own universe, their own Akashic record which contains the essence of all other souls as a collective reality. In this way others can influence my reality and I can influence theirs. But our personal realities or timelines remain distinct.

Currently all life forms are moving within their personal Akashic records and struggling against the influences of collective forces. This is not actually a battle, but a struggle of the individual for dominance against collective energies within their personally created worlds. It is a matter of energetics and those with the greatest amounts of personal energy will rise to the top. Collective energetics no longer apply within this new reality.

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