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Monday March 28 the 1st ascension wave combined with the 2nd ascension wave to open a new portal of heart energy and a massive outpouring of this heart energy flooded down into Gaia’s lower astral plane in preparation for her final upliftment near the June solstice.

I never felt so much energy. I never felt so much pure energy and love energy. I tried to channel it and ground it in Gaia’s core. There was a massive astral upset and the lower astral attempted to deal with this influx of energy. Gaia’s new energy grid remained stable and absorbed the energy. Today March 30 the astral seems relatively stable as the wave of energy prepares to move upward into the spiritual planes tonight as we head toward the new moon in a little  over a week.

What this means is a major shaking up of the lower astral as this influx of energy triggers things, both good and bad. Negative energies can not exist in the high vibrations and they will erupt into consciousness or erupt unconsciously as psychotic behaviors. The good news is that once the trapped and repressed energy is released things will settle. The bad news for those that can’t integrate their own shadow is that they will now find this world a harsher place to live in and will need to work harder at making things work because they will be struggling against their own self destructive impulses. I call these people the New Humans because they are embodied here to play the new duality game. By the end of this new cycle they will have learned what those graduating have already learned.

Those that have been on Gaia since the beginning have learned to integrate their shadow aspects and will find the ability to slide through the cracks and have things work for them for the first time ever! I call these people the New Elves because they are Gaia born and their souls are strongly connected to her.

In real life and at the work place I see lots of tension as contested issues manifest with clear winners and losers and the losers aren’t too happy. But they just need to suck it up and move on because in the long run our world is going to be a very wonderful place!

The release of tension as things manifest will assist in raising Gaia’s vibrations even further! So expect a lot of bad stuff to self destruct between now and the next full moon at the end of April.





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By now we can look at our lives and see what things will grow and what things refuse the new energies. It is not for us to choose, we have long since chosen. This is a time of acceptance as the old falls away to create space for something new, something precious. Our task is now to weed the garden so that what we have planted and is now springing forth from the earth can grow in love and light.

As spiritual gardeners we have sown the seeds for our new garden and some seeds have been given life and some have not been given life. As the new growth breaks through the surface and begins to leaf out we can see for the first time our future path. Our future path is to keep the weeds away from the delicate new life as it shoots forth its leaves in preparation for its later blossoming.

This is the simple cycle of nature in the spring. It happens every year, but this year is special because this is the first year that nothing from the old eon can continue to grow in the new energies. New growth requires a balance of energies and things of the old eon carry the seed of self-destruction inside. The old things are in the process of self-destructing. The new is beginning to leaf out.

The rebirth of life in the spring is a blessing and gives promise of the harvest in the fall. For those in the southern hemisphere this is the beginning of autumn and of the harvest. The fruits of your labors are manifesting as we speak. But old eon fruit is no longer available for the first time. Again, it is not to question which things are which. All is now self-evident and appears before us if we are willing to see. The unfolding is upon us.

In my personal life I’ve noticed a grudging letting go as things slowly resolve with attitude! None of this seems to be going very peacefully or gracefully. Our world is divided and for the first time we are truly seeing the results of that division in terms of what can grow in these new energies and what carries the seed of self-destruction. We are collectively being confronted by our own fears and that is never a pleasant prospect! Some things are dying and some things are blossoming according to nature.

It is good to step back and give thanks for our blessings and for the life that has been given us, especially on this Easter Sunday!




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Last night was the actual March equinox and last night I had a powerful dream of wandering through buildings filled with people that were settling in to new living spaces. Its pretty obvious that these were the second wave newly ascended people moving into their new world.

But I was wandering around trying to find a place for my dog Luci whom I was carrying. She even had a bonnet and gown on like other infants in my dream. But as I wandered through rooms and up and down levels I couldn’t find any place that was for her.

This dream marks a series of over thirty dreams that I’ve had about my dog Luci and my dream self protecting her from harm in some way or another. Why so many dreams? What does she represent?

It seems pretty clear that Luci has a soul that is powerful enough and loving enough to ascend with the 2nd wavers. In fact, she is a 2nd waver! That brings up the issue of how many other species are ascending with the human race at this time?

Gaia has waited for the human race and put other species at risk. Now is the time to save the others! It might seem strange that an animal like Luci has a soul that can ascend and many humans can’t. How many animals are there like her? How many species are capable of ascending with our help?

Gaia has lifted us up and now it is our turn to lift up all life on Gaia!


bright blessings.


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Congratulations! We have made it to the March equinox and the 2nd wave of ascension is gathering momentum with each soul that joins!

Since my last post there has been so much happening, desperate astral battles and lastly the destruction of alternate timelines not in harmony with the new energies. Now things have changed. Now the energies are stronger and the harmonics are clarifying as clusters and groups of individual souls stabilize energies at certain levels of vibration. As I write this the vibrational frequencies of the 2nd wavers are harmonizing with the vibrational frequencies of the 1st wavers and this is creating a tsunami of love and light that will literally propel Gaia and every thing upon her into her new position.

This past month has seen the ending of timelines and dreams as unrealistic beliefs have struggled to comprehend a changing demographic and a changing world view. From this moment on what remains is given the power and force to grow and blossom as never before. This happens as the energies reverse direction at the equinox.

As those of the 2nd wave graduate and ascend don’t think that the work is over! What has happened is that an immense block of humanity and other species has energetically locked together in a giant wave that will propel Gaia across several critical timelines to the finish line! This is the end show; the finale of the ascension production and it will be amazing!

We have shifted timelines before and created timelines where there was no global mass destruction or world war! Now we are shifting timelines to where there is no global mass extinction of species and life forms on Gaia! We are shifting timelines where the ecosystem can become strong and life can flourish in a pristine new world. We are heading for the Garden of Eden! Gaia has waited for us as long as she can and now she must ascend or all will be lost. The circle of life has reached a critical point and this must be resolved and resolved now.

Shifting timelines is chaotic and it threatens one’s sanity at times. But we have all been down that road before. We have even done harder things! Now we have the collective energy and will of both the 1st wavers and 2nd wavers to do this effortlessly! It is time for the Gods and Goddesses that we are to create as we were always destined to create!

Notice the great resiliency of others as old ways and old beliefs are broken. People will take the hits and come back even more strongly, but this time in harmony with the energies. I can only point out how many times it has taken a smack on my head to get my attention and tell me I’m going the wrong way! As we confront our deepest fears and find they are only illusions and projections our courage and strength will continue to grow. Once we see that what we have feared has come to pass and it really isn’t so bad after all!

Notice how people begin to solidify around a single course of action where once there was chaos. That joining together is the proof of what we are just beginning to witness! The summer solstice will be the first unveiling of this collective agreement. Watch for it!


bright blessings



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