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When people can’t discern the difference between reality and make believe there will ultimately be a confrontation with Mother Nature. The new age of Gaia’s ascension is the age of the root chakra and organic reality. The world is about to realize just how badly they have been lied to!

As the dominoes continue to fall the deep state and globalists continue to fall for the trap. Kicking Russia out of the SWIFT financial system is like telling your local grocery store that it cannot use your own money! The grocery store will create its own system of barter and commerce. Putting drastic sanctions on Russia in retaliation for its invasion of Ukraine will only force Russia to take permanent possession of it! Then Russia will have the food and natural resources the world needs . . . Game over!

Actually it is already over as we will see in the coming weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox! Russia is quite capable of being self-sustaining! It is the birthplace of ancient shamanism!

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What drives me crazy is that with the Russian invasion of Ukraine the first dominoes have fallen in a long sequence of events from which there is no possible return. The gridlock has been broken and everyone is required to take one side or the other. The worst possible consequence would be an escalation to World War III which I sincerely hope and pray will never happen. That is the worst case scenario. Is there a best case scenario? And what drives me crazy is that no one seems to care! Society has become so removed from physical reality that it can’t recognize it’s own endangerment! That is a bad place to be.

The best case scenario right now is the long term effects of drastic sanctions and counter sanctions on both sides. Mutually assured destruction of daily life, from economic collapse. Inflationary prices and food shortages. There is no way around it. Russia and the Ukraine are the bread baskets of the world! Those harvests are now compromised!

Right now I am in about as secure position as possible given the uncertainties. Based upon my visions I will be alright, but my heart breaks for those who will be caught in the storm! And there is a coming storm! Africa will be the most affected by food shortages, but Europe will suffer as well from shortages of oil and natural gas. This is not theory! It is already bad over there and its about to get worse!

I’m reminded of my dream about my cell phone being broken. I will be lucky if it is only phone and internet disruption! That can be dealt with but I’m already shocked at food and gas prices that have been steadily rising this past year. I know those prices are about to double but if that is as bad as it gets I’ll find a way to survive. I am retired and on a fixed income, but also getting some assistance. As long as that keeps stable my life will remain stable. It’s the young people that will be struggling!

And because events cluster in the astral planes that which has been hidden about the Vaccines is now becoming public as well. Blood clots and infertility as well as the destruction of the immune system! What have we collectively done to ourselves? Or what have we allowed to be done to us? By the Spring Equinox we will know because it will all be out in the open! Be prepared to take a few lumps! The time for action is long past! If we haven’t prepared, there is no longer time to prepare! Fasten your seat belts! Trust your root chakra connection to Mother Earth!

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With war erupting in the Ukraine and a total lack of confidence in any news sources it is much easier to turn to ancient sources of wisdom to interpret current events and probable future events. An important part of ancient Druidry was divination and observation of the cycles of nature. When you understand the cycles of nature you understand why things are happening, the timing of events and what must follow.

Before talking about the energetics involved I will mention that within the astral planes events gravitate together just like matter gravitates together in the physical world. Our entire world has been locked in a stalemate situation or gridlock situation in which no forward movement has been possible. That is what has now changed with the war in the Ukraine. The boil has been lanced and forces have been put into motion that cannot be stopped! This is because other events that have been trying to manifest will piggy-back onto these events, taking advantage of the opening in the astral fabric. We will all witness the truth of these words in the next few weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox.

For better or worse, our world will never be the same and this is what we have all been waiting for!

The cycles of nature will tell us what is to happen just as they have told us last year and the year before and each years before that, if we could only see. The winter solstice saw a great in pouring of our yearly measure of Spiritual Light. That wave of incoming energy struck me much more powerfully than it ever had before. This was going to be a very powerful year.

And people on all sides of every conflict took in their share of that energy seeking to absorb what they could and use it for their plans. So people were lucky and caught this incoming energy wave much earlier than others. It actually hit me several weeks before the winter solstice. Others were a bit too late and ended up chasing the wave instead of riding it. They were on the wrong side of the wave and would be on the wrong side of the wave for the entire year! It’s like getting up on the wrong side of the bed but much worse!

Then Imbolc came and the first stirring of new life came from seeds buried deep within our core and deep within Mother Earth. But not every seed awoke! Only half of them became filled with the vital life energies of the coming spring. This is difficult to put into words but imagine that each person has been given their quota of Spiritual Light energy for the coming year and they can spend it any way they want. So they put that energy into special projects and activities.

Here is the part of the natural cycle that is difficult to understand. It is not the amount of Spiritual Energy of Vital Life Force energy that you have but which direction it flows. It will either increase and become new life or it will decrease and become the fertilizer that will nourish and feed the living. During this time of year there is always an eternal battle that takes place and the winners will prosper abundantly and the losers will become the fertilizer that that sustains the living.

The winners and losers will be revealed at the Spring Equinox! That is how it has always been and how it will always be!

In looking at this war in the Ukraine I am struck by several factors. Perhaps the most powerful is the ancientness of the region. The Balkans are some of the oldest lands inhabited by humanity and the bloodiest! That the global tensions should focus on this ancient area of the world is no coincidence. These areas are full of ancient magicks and ancient battles. This is the final battle for the fate of Gaia herself!

I also know that there are those, the ones who desire to enslave humanity, greatly desire World War III. I also know that it will never happen! What Putin has done so effectively is that with his lightning strike he has ended the war before it had a chance to begin and that was his plan. Already the United States and Europe have failed to come to the aid of Ukraine because they realized they lost their chance. They are on the wrong side of the wave and Putin caught the wave just right. It was over before it began.

But it is now time to look at everything else that is taking this opportunity to manifest as well and we will see the same things happen in other areas of conflict around the globe. Certain elements will move boldly forward and others will always be one second too late and miss their chance. For the first time we will get a real glimpse at who the white hats and black hats really are! It will be obvious! All you need to do is recognize who is magickally successful and who keeps having their plans defeated!

And we can know these things with confidence not because of reliable news sources, but because of knowledge of the cycles of nature itself!

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The Minoan civilization began around 2,000 BCE and ended in volcanic destruction around 1,100 BCE leading the nearby Greek Mycenaean civilization into a dark age. The Minoan civilization was highly advanced and Goddess oriented. It was the only known advanced civilization that was Goddess oriented.

We have already seen that the Goddess oriented Samothrace mysteries were likely in place at the destruction of the Minoan civilization and a survivor of the Goddess religion that in turn influenced Helenic Greek with their Gods and Goddesses. The sacred Samothrace mysteries were taught for almost 1,000 years until they were abandoned around 400 CE.

But there is an interesting link between the Samothrace mysteries and the great library at Alexandria. During the reign of the Ptolemies, a Roman dynasty that ruled Egypt from 304 to 40 BCE, the great library at Alexandria was built and marble was imported to enhance and expand the Temple on Samothrace!

We can definitely see the emergence of two types of initiations, one Goddess oriented and earth based and the other highly mystical and philosophical and based upon spiritual Light or the sun. Is it coincidence that the Druid religion seems to have emerged around 400 BCE? The Druid religion was once considered to have been originally matriarchal and Goddess oriented. Were the Druids the survivors of the destruction of Crete and the Minoan civilization during the pre-Helenic dark ages of Greece? Were they associated with the Samothrace mysteries of the old Gods?

What is certain is that the ancient Druids appeared to have both a strong and vital connection to nature and all living things as well as a highly developed philosophical and spiritual nature. They believed in reincarnation and the otherworld or Summerland. They had the best of both worlds and the Druid religion lasted for almost 1,000 years until it was destroyed after the massacre of the long knives at Stonehenge in 472 CE during the annual Beltaine Festival.

I would hazard a guess that this was the true origin of the Druid religion as survivors of the destruction of the Minoan civilization and was also influenced by the surviving Mycenaean Greek civilization as it fell into a dark age.

The great library at Alexandria was almost a mirror opposite with it’s Neo-Platonic and Hermetic orientation that focused more upon the spiritual than the organic but contained both as well.

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As we continue our journey we find that to a certain extent we have had the wool pulled over our eyes! We need to pull back, regroup, and take a look at what was really happening around the world in the years between 2,000 BCE and 200 BCE. Some very important things have been conveniently left out!

Actually we can go back much further to 3,500 to 3,000 BCE when Cretan ships of the Minoan civilization were predominant in the Mediterranean basin. The Minoan civilization and the Mycenaean civilization of pre-Greece were both heavily Goddess oriented and taught the life, death, rebirth cycle of continual life and the joys of living intently in the physical world. They taught the mysteries of the underworld or the Summerland, the etheric world that lies beneath the physical.

The Minoan civilization was extremely advanced and sprung out of nowhere. It seems safe to say this was the civilization sponsored by the Anunnaki Enki and his followers. These were the ancient Greeks that were victorious over Atlantis when Atlantis tried to take over the Mediterranean basin as told to Solon by his Egyptian teachers.

Where did this advanced knowledge come from? Were the Gods and Goddesses Anunnaki in non-physical bodies? And what about the Reptilians in non-physical bodies? They demanded blood sacrifices so they could manifest and work their magick. They were the Dragon or Serpent Gods and Goddesses that even the Egyptians worshiped.

Let’s leave all that for a moment and move forward to 600 to 500 BCE for an even better view. In the Spiritual teachings of Confucius, Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao-tse, the Jewish prophets, the Greek poets, artists, philosophers and scientists, the sixth century BCE reaches a zenith of human wisdom and achievement that even our modern materialistic civilization has not achieved!

The sacred mysteries of Samothrace in the Aegean dates back to 2,000 BCE mythologically but the ruins have been dated as early as 600 BCE according to “The Great Gods of Samothrace” by Carl Ruck. These mysteries involved a sacred wine mixed with hallucinogenic mushrooms and sexual orgies to rupture the astral and pierce through the veil. The Goddess was both the creator of the storm of life and at the same time safe passage through it. The need was to live valiantly and heroically and die with honor so that one could be reborn into a better life. The source of all life was the Womb of Creation and the sacred fire of the all consuming vital life force.

Moving forward to 285- 246 BCE we see the founding of the great library at Alexandria which became the center of all learning for the world. Strange it wasn’t mentioned before isn’t it? What about the Order? What happened to it? Why the great rush to move on to the Christian era?

The great library at Alexandria was a giant melting pot of cultures and teachings. Great mystics soon discovered that there was a sacred sanctuary beyond logic and reason where one could commune with the Gods and Goddesses and great masters and teachers. It could only be reached by crossing the Great Abyss. Those who were able to cross the Great Abyss entered into the fellowship of the Great White Brotherhood, the guardians of the human race. It was the ultimate secret society and there was no initiation that could admit. There were no entrances to this sacred sanctuary and fellowship, but if you found your way there, no one could deny your right to be there! Because it took place on the highest spiritual planes all members were able to recognize each other. It did not matter what tradition or religion or school one belonged to.

The Great White Brotherhood consisted of souls in both physical bodies and non-physical bodies, but they all had non-physical bodies because they all gathered above the Great Abyss. At first only the Anunnaki could do this but later human masters and adepts began to join as well. To the ancient mind these mortals had become immortal and joined the Gods and Goddesses. The Supreme Council of the Order was no longer Rosaecrucian. It moved to the great library of Alexandria and at the destruction of the great library the Supreme Council was said to have moved to Tibet.

It was recognized that any member of the Great White Brotherhood, any Master who had permanently crossed the Great Abyss had the right to establish their own mystery school and their own teachings. The source of their power was not the Womb of Creation, but the Spiritual Light.

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The Order- History Part 10

We continue with the information presented in the “American Rosae Crucis” published by Imperator H. Spencer Lewis in 1916. We will begin with information about the Greeks.

But the Greeks were now coming to Thebes to study, and it is at this time that the world wide spread of the Order began.

Pythagoras is so often mentioned as one of the earliest messiahs of the Order, but in truth there were many who preceded him. Among the first to become worldly famous in the Order was Solon, who became the first chaplain in a Roseacrucian Temple who was not an Egyptian. He entered the Order in 618 BCE, and remained a true messiah until his transition in 550 BCE, leaving for our use some of the most beautiful and inspiring prayers ever spoken by a yearning soul. Contemporary with him was Anaximander, who came from Miletus to study at Thebes. From Miletus also came Anaximenes. Then came Heraclitus, who was the last of the foreign messiahs at Thebes preceding the coming of Pythagoras.

Pythagoras was born in Samos on November 26, 582 BCE. He entered the Order at Thebes on the second of April, 531 BCE, and having passed through all the initiations and examinations he entered the Illuminati, October 16, 529 BCE, and left at once for Crotona (Krotono) Italy, with jewels and documents to found a Grand Lodge there. There were a few so called secret cults in existence at that time in Italy, and when Pythagoras began to promulgate his plans and admitted that women might not only become members, but could hold offices, he attracted the attention of the most advanced thinkers of the day. Theano, the wife of Pythagoras, was one of the principle officers for three years. The Grand Lodge eventually had 300 Brothers and Sisters and issued many charters for local lodges of the Order throughout Italy.

At this point its time to jump away from this and find what some other resources have to say. While H. Spencer Lewis suddenly jumps to the Christian era, Jean-Louis de Biasi, present Grand Master of the Ordo Aurum Solis and Grand Patriarch of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross fills in the missing years with some interesting information in his book “Rediscover the Magick of the Gods and Goddesses”.

This information involves the teachings of the Theurgic and Hermetic traditions. There were powerful primeval deities. I suppose we might think of them as the Anunnaki. They were composed of four pairs of personified deities. Each pair represented the male and female.

Nun and Naumet were the personification of the primeval seas and the world in the space before creation.

Kuk and Kauket were the personification of the infinite darkness that reigned in the primeval space before the birth of the sun.

Hu and Hauhet personified the infinite.

Amun and Amaunet personified that which is hidden.

These eight were the divine Ogdoad. We might think of them as the Masters of the eight rays, Abstract Spiritual; Concrete Spiritual; Abstract Mental, Concrete Mental; Upper Emotional, Lower Emotional; Physical and Etheric. They did not have physical bodies but they did have non-physical bodies.

The eight formed an egg out of Chaos and when the egg broke the sun god Ra was born and appeared in a blaze of light. Next the eight manifested a lake with a lotus floating in it. This flower opened up in a dazzling light and gave birth to a feminine being. This Goddess rose up into the heavens and united with Ra. From their union Thoth was born. He was the first divine offspring and founder of the Hermetic Tradition. For this reason the Ogdoad are sometimes called the “souls of Thoth”.

Three of the divine couples retired from the visible world, remaining guardians of equilibrium. Amon and Amaunet left Hermopolis for Thebes of which we have heard so much. Hermopolis was considered the center of the world and the ancient Egyptians called it Khemenou, of the “city of the Eight” but the Greeks called it Hermopolis. Thoth has also been called the Lord of Khemenou. The Temple of Hermopolis became the place where all magical rites were performed, retaining the presence of the eight divinities of the Ogdoad under the presidency of Thoth, to whom the city was dedicated. An assembly of priests and Theurgists was created there under the protection of Thoth.

Perhaps these priests kept suitable “human vessels” for these Divinities to “ride” like the Loa ride their modern Voodoo worshipers? The unseen Anunnaki could take possession and come down to visit from time to time?

Petosiris, was a Grand Priest of Thoth in Hermopolis. He was also called the “Priest of the Ogdoad”. He lived in a period following the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great (332 BCE.) Petosiris built a wall around the Temple and named the place “the birthplace of all Gods”. Thoth is the God of writing and scribes. He taught reading and writing to humanity.

But first a final word about Solon. The Egyptians told Solon about the ancient war for the Mediterranean basin that had destroyed the Anunnaki civilization. Atlantis had tried to take over the Mediterranean basin and the ancient Greeks were the ones who had defeated Atlantis!


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Summit Castle, Castle Ruins, Ruin, Castle, Pottenstein

We continue with the information presented in the “American Rosae Crucis” published by Imperator H. Spencer Lewis in 1916. We will begin with information about Solomon.

The records show that he had come from the WEST, had traveled over many lands and across waters. He was of a nation which was large and important, situated in some very distant place. All this is indicated from the report he made to the representative of the Order whom he interviewed at Thebes “whither he had gone immediately upon his arrival in Egypt accompanied by his slaves and his ‘najah’. (a word unknown to the translators)

He desired instruction in the higher Egyptian sciences and philosophy and was directed to El Amarna with a letter of introduction from the INTENDANT at Thebes. He reached El Amarna on the 4th day of June, 999 BCE and after an examination was admitted into the Order on June 12, 999 BCE, under the name of Saloman, THE YOUTHFUL SEEKER.

Salomon did not complete his studies for it is reported that he left El Amarna “before the fourth examination.” (Was this prior to passing into what is now known as the FOURTH DEGREE?) He left upon his Brothers and Sisters a definite feeling of love, wisdom and virtue and all were grieved at his sudden but announced departure.

The next word of him is as a resident at the ROYAL HOME in Bubastis in the Delta where Shishak I (or Sheshonk) had established himself. This was in the year 952 BCE and Saloman is referred to as an instructor to the Pharaoh’s son. This is probably a mistake in translating for in another place he is referred to as advisor in political matters, and this seems more probable in the light of future developments. Whether he had been at this residence all the intervening years from 999 to 952 BCE in not definitely established, but there is a record of his presence at Thebes in the year 980 BCE when he visited some GAMES in company with the INTENDANT of Thebes and a group of scholars with whom he seemed on the most intimate terms.

Saloman seems to have been greatly influenced in Thebes and Bubastis by the religion of Ammon and conceived a form of philosophical religion which was a mixture of the Rosaecrucian monotheism and the Egyptian idolatry. To him the SUN became more than the mere symbol of a God; it was the living, vital spirit of God, and while not the God, it was the God’s etherial body. This would indicate that Saloman conceived God as being (a) personal, rather than IMPERSONAL as Rosaecrucianism taught, and (b) DUAL, body and spirit, father and holy ghost.

Shishak I secured Thebes in 951 BCE and appointed his son priest in the religion of Ammon, and gave his daughter, Aye, to Saloman to wed. This is the first mention of any of Saloman’s wives and she may have been his first wife. At the close of 951 BCE or early in 950 Saloman departed for Palestine where he became a mighty power, and with a prearranged plan, permitted Shishak I to rule over his people. The history of Saloman or Solomon in Palestine is too well known to warrant any further comment except on one point.

Five years after Saloman began his rule in Palestine, or about 945 BCE, he completed a Temple there in which to house a “society” or brotherhood such as he had found in El Amarna. An examination of the plans and cross section views of the so-called Saloman’s Temple shows it to be not only typically Egyptian in architecture and decoration but copied after the R. C. Temple as El Amarna, even to the location of the altar, with the exception that the side structures which made the original building a CROSS were eliminated in Saloman’s plans.

Saloman had the assistance of two who had traveled in Egypt as architects and artists- Huram-abi of Tyre and one Hiram Abif.

It was found that Saloman restricted his order to males and adopted a great many of the details of the Rosaecrucian initiations and services. At first it was believed that he would apply to the Grand Lodge in Thebes for a charter and make his work a branch of the Order, but it became apparent before the first assembly was held that ahe was not adhering to the Rosaecrucian philosophy, for he used the sun as the exclusive symbol of his order.

Of the growth of the Saloman Brotherhood, as it was officially called in all ancient Rosaecrucian documents, one may read in all literature bearing upon Free Masonry how it has evolved into a semi-mystical, speculative, secret, fraternal order of power and great honor, gradually altering the principles laid down by Saloman, it is true, but doing so for the greater benefit of man and the glory of the true God.

Thus did Rosaecrucianism in its pure form fail to reach Palestine at this epoch.

At this point in the narrative it is probably worth mentioning that following the death of Akhnaton the official religion of Egypt returned to the religion of Ammon and the Temple of the Order was not the official religion that was followed or practiced in Egypt by the people or its rulers.

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Ruin, Old, Building, Stone, Sky, History, Abandoned

We continue the information contained in the “American Rosae Crucis” published in 1916 by Imperator H. Spencer Lewis.

The Growth of the Order

At the close of the first epoch of the Order’s history, ending with the transition of Amenhotep IV (Akhnaton) in 1350 BCE, there was but one Lodge, that which met in the Temple at El Amarna, and the Brothers and Sisters numbered four hundred and ten which included the Officers of the Lodge and the members of the Supreme High Council.

Plans had been made for years for the establishment of other Lodges in various countries but in those where a Lodge could have been established by one of the Egyptians who would have traveled there, war was raging and conditions were against any such institutions.

Greeks were coming to Egypt to study its philosophies and become acquainted with its learning. Many of them sought entrance into the Order but it appears from various Council Decisions that they were not admitted because of unpreparedness.

Fortunately in the Order at the time of the transition of Amenhotep IV was a sage named Hermes. So great was his learning and yet so mystical his many writings, purposely veiled so that they might be of value only to the future initiates, that the uninitiated minds of future years arose and acclaimed Hermes a MYTH and there are those today who try to establish his identity with that of the Egyptian god Thoth. However, it is the author’s pleasure to state now that which has never appeared in print before and which has perplexed investigators for centuries- the birthdate of Hermes- the thrice great man. He was born in Thebes, October 9th, 1399 BCE. He lived to the age of one hundred and fifty-two, dying in the Rosaecrucian Monastry at El Amarna, on March 22nd, 1247 BCE, and his mummy lies among others in a cachette in vicinity of El Amarna.

He was “thrice great” because he lived to attend the installation of Amenhotep IV as an R. C. Master, became Master himself upon the latter’s transition, and in 1249 BCE installed one Atonamen as Master of the Order.

It was at this time that Hermes completed his writings, especially the seven books and tablets which were found and brought to light in 400 CE, and which were upon diverse chemical and physical subjects.

It was finally decided that “no undue haste should be sanctioned in permitting the Brothers who have gone abroad to establish Lodges, but rather that those who travel here in search of the Light should be tried and those found qualified will be given the commission to return to their people and establish a Lodge in the name of the Order.”

It was in this wise the phrase “travel East for learning or Light” first came into use, for those who soon began to travel to Egypt came from the west.

About the year 1000 BCE there came to Egypt a character whose name is recorded as Saloman but who was identified in later years with Solomon.

We will speak more about Solomon in my next post!

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Hi everyone!

I hope that you have found the free Organic Gnosticism course useful and informative. I have not been on the site for a while and need to determine whether to offer another class or not. I have produced and am still producing a lot of material, some of which is nice to know but not necessary. The reason for this class was to sift out the most important elements that would allow for a safe and orderly progression of material and ability.

This class provides a safe foundation for the more dangerous work of deliberately working with tantric sexual energies. By completing this free course you will have balanced the energy circuits within your body at the higher levels and established a safety net for dealing with sudden eruptions of lower trapped and repressed energies.

In my opinion what is offered in this course in needed before anyone can safely work with tantric sexual energies. Once this material is mastered you are on your own.

While I have given many hints in my writings I have stopped short of actually sharing my own personal experiences of working with tantric sexual orgasm energy and soulmate cycles. This includes a Divine Counterpart Cycle. The information is simply too dangerous to share for those not ready for it.

Essentially what I discovered was the core truth behind incubus and succubus experiences! Both incubus and succubus are the shadow aspects of real people that go out seeking sexual fulfillment from those with compatible energies. As the shadow aspect is integrated into the normal healthy ego one often gets to meet their astral sexual partners either in real life or through some form of correspondence. These are actually soulmate cycles and require a purity that expel any conflicting energies away. Most Divine Counterparts find each other but are not able to consummate their relationships on a physical level. They have other karmic commitments that prevent them from actually living together. But they can communicate with each other and have relationships on the astral planes and the etheric plane.

Energy vampirism is a violation of these very principles. The generated energy of one soul goes out and automatically seeks the appropriate soulmate partner while the vampire selects their victim in a violent way that is the act of a predator.

I have been led through seven soulmate cycles and one Divine Counterpart cycle in which I have experienced many aspects of falling in love with another person. Each of these cycles allowed both of us to permanently activate specific astral bodies and most involved positive and loving correspondence between us. Only one was physically consummated. All others were astrally consummated.

In a world where one cannot work with tantric sexual energies because they don’t have a partner this type of working is extremely powerful. Our energies are automatically drawn to a proper partner even if they are on the other side of the world!

At this stage in my life I have permanently activated my lowest etheric body and integrated all of my non-physical bodies into one complete soul body. This was my Divine Counterpart cycle. We live inside each other even though we are far apart. I’ve taken things as far as they can be taken. The rest is simply the multiplication of the philosopher’s stone. A sharing of what I know . . .

I have to decide if there is enough interest to create another course that shares what I know of these things. I would only share them with graduates of this course. There would need to be at least four people interested and I would need to charge $75 for the course because it costs me almost $500 a year for this site [ The Organic Gnosticism Course Site, not Pagan Space] and I have offered Organic Gnosticism for free. The course would basically be audio and text with much opportunity for questions and clarification. This would get into the experiential basics of what tantra really is from the perspective of someone who has traveled that path.

So I need to know if there is enough interest (at least four people) or I will simply drop this site [ The Organic Gnosticism site, not Pagan Space] because I cannot afford to pay $500 per year out of my own pocket. I need to make this decision sometime this spring so please respond if interested. Get in touch with me through the class or email me at:


Reference OAK Tantra Class so I can spot it easily.



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Athens, Caryatid, Greece, Temple, Acropolis, Ruins

We continue to read about Amenhotep IV from the pages of “The American Rosae Crucis” published in 1916.

But to him came the inspiration of throwing the worship of idols and substituting the religion and worship of one God, a supreme deity, whose Spirit was in heaven and whose physical manifestation was the sun- THE SYMBOL OF LIFE. This was in accordance with the Rosaecrucian doctrines and it changed the worship of the Sun as A god to the worship of THE god SYMBOLIZED by the sun. This was the beginning of Monotheism in Egypt and the origin of the worship of a spiritual deity which “EXISTED EVERYWHERE, IN EVERYTHING, but was NOTHING OF THE EARTH”.

He then changed his own name so that it would not be inconsistent with his reform. Amenhotep meant “Ammon is satisfied”; this he altered to Akhnaton or Ikhenaton meaning “pious to Aton” or “Glory to Aton”.

He built a new capital at El Amarna in the plain of Herm-opolis on a virgin site at the edge of the desert and abandoned Thebes because it was the MAGNIFICENT CITY OF AMMON. At El Amarna he also built a large Temple for the Order in “the form of a cross” and a large number of houses for his Council of the Order. Here was the beginning of the monastic life for within the boundaries of El Amarna lived two hundred and ninety six Brothers of the Order, each having taken an oath never to pass “beyond the shadow of the Temple”.

Akhnaton (Amenhotep IV) not only built his Temple in the form of a cross, but he added the cross and the rose as symbols of the Order and further adopted the Crux Ausata, in a special coloring, as the symbol to be worn by all teachers (Masters) in the Lodges.

As a ruler of Egypt our Master failed utterly to check the desire for war and by his attacks on the popular religion he left the way open for invasion through lack of cooperation on the part of his subjects. As the crisis approached our Master foresaw the result and sad at his neglect of political matters in his enthusiasm for the spiritual, he weakened his health- which seems to have been below normal- and he was finally forced to take to his bed in the month of July, 1350 BCE. Instead of using his mighty knowledge to regain his health it appears from his last dictated writings that his constant wish was to be spiritualized, that he might be RAISED UP TO THAT PLANE from which God’s symbol shone down upon him. He fasted- practically starving himself- refused the services of the physicians in the Order and prayed constantly. Then, on July 24, late in the afternoon, while he lay with his right hand upstretched to God pleading to be taken into the NOUS he was seen by his Brothers and Sisters of the Order watching there, to be actually raised from his bed for a moment and then to drop back in “sweet repose with a smile of illumination upon his countenance.”

Thusly passed to the beyond our Great Master who did so much and left so much for our Order.

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