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As many of you know it has been a hard year for me. My father died last a year ago last February and both my wife and my dog Luci died a day a part last spring a year ago. To top that off my work place closed its doors and I was kind of forced to retire or find another job.

So I had lots of empty space to fill and nothing seemed able to fill it. So I waited and kept trying to hold an opening for good things to come into my life. That is how magick works you know. The astral is already completely filled up and the only way for something new is for something to leave, either by physically manifesting or by being destroyed.

So we are taught to give things away, to voluntarily create space for new magick to enter our lives or else we resist and things get taken from us. Probably both happen all the time.

But having such empty space hurts and is not comfortable and it is easy to try to force things. I wanted Luci to come back to me as a new pet and tried five different times to adopt a pet but got nowhere. I was trying to force things. I knew that she was out there because I had dreams of her and dreams of a new puppy. But I was impatient. Thankfully, I also try to listen to my inner voice and didn’t push too hard. Finally I just let it go to be fulfilled in its own way and time.

My birthday was 24 April and the first thing that I did that morning was to apply to adopt Valentine. Can’t really say why except that I knew after my birthday was a good time to advance things in my life and the spring energies were so strong. Then I kind of chickened out and asked about another puppy as well, just in case. Kind of hedging my bet so to speak. But that other puppy was already spoken for and Valentine was meant to come home to me. There were eight puppies in the litter she was born into and she was one of two that were left. The others had already been snatched up. Her mother was rescued from Texas and is a Catahoula Leopard Dog. So Valentine is a mix but I already know that she is extremely intelligent for being only 16 weeks old. She has already dragged her water dish over to me demanding more. She has a map in her head of the park where I take her for walks.

But the point of this post is about filling the empty space and about the energies of spring. Right now I can’t go to my social functions or leave home for an extended time because I can’t leave her alone or she will trash the place. I can’t meditate because she will jump on me or come over and try to play.

Things in my life have shifted and they have shifted drastically, but they have shifted in a good way! Things will calm down as she gets a bit older. But I had my time for meditation and introspection. Now it is time for sharing and taking her on adventures.

This morning she jumped on my lap as I was sitting kind of half awake in my easy chair. She kind of dozed off and I sensed her astral body sitting there on my lap as well! That never happened to me with Luci!

The point of all this is there are permanent changes in my life that are now finding physical expression and some of them are almost overwhelming. But I do believe this is happening all over the world to other people as well. The emptiness is being filled. The changes are going into effect. There will be a bountiful harvest this coming fall! Let us tend to the seeds that we have planted and water them so they grow abundant over the summer months.

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I Really Did It and Organic Gnosticism Social Groups are now up and running at PaganSpace.net so go and check them out! I would really love to have each of you share your own paths and experiences so that I can learn from them as well! Let’s show the pagans over there what Organic Gnosticism is all about!

https://www.paganspace.net/share/URLOXoAad8Az9R2L?utm_source=manual If you use this link I might even get some referral points! Check it out!


Here is how my May Day celebration went! This is Valentine, my new companion. I had several dreams about her over the past few months and earlier about Luci so I believe Valentine is an incarnation of Luci come back to me. I know that she was crazy excited and happy to see me! And I her of course! It is a happy day and only proves to me even more that things are planned out in the astral before they happen in the physical.

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Ok, visualize this swimmer going through the meadow land pictured above and not the road. It is night time and his body is pale and there are thirty or forty others all swimming as well. That is the etheric level dream that I posted about last time and had no clue what it meant. But things have a way of clicking when I give them a chance and this is really cool!

I’ve been writing about Gaia’s ascension and how everyone was having their etheric bodies activated. Well this dream was proof of that taking place right now! Those swimmers were all of you learning how to navigate and use your newly ascended and activated etheric bodies! And even more important we are a family and belong together.

This morning as I did my latest meditation it included a sacred grove and I visualized and called all of those people with the newly activated etheric bodies because they are us! So in my meditation I was sitting in the sacred grove with all these pale people that I could see! I never used to be able to see them, the members of the Order. Things are happening people!

On another note I mentioned that I would be trying to find a way for some community interaction where we can do more sharing and this may be happening as well. I just asked about creating two groups in a social platform called PaganSpace and have high hopes. It just seems to feel right.

The first group will be called I Really Did It and will be an open forum for sharing and discussing things that we have really done and hopefully encouraging members to include photos that they have really taken as well (not to just post photos but I mean to go along with the shared experience as an extra). It sounds a bit simple and stupid but I think the concept is really powerful and exciting and empowering. It is what has been missing in all these social groups.

The second group will be called Organic Gnosticism and will explore concepts and techniques that we can try and report back on and discuss to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve already got the material and only need to present it in a way that will encourage discussion and participation.

What really moved me to do this is that I see how people need these tools to help them feel more real and empowered. None of us need to feel as if we are ghosts!

I will keep everyone informed and let you know when these groups are active. I’m hoping that you will come on over and share with me so I don’t have to talk to myself all the time!

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The recent full moon was Beltaine and I had a very strange dream. This dream was taking place on the lower etheric and it didn’t seem like a dream at all. It seemed like maybe a lucid dream. I was in a old pickup and someone else was driving but I was crushed between the door and her. The pickup was traveling at a good clip but it was night and there were pale white bodies coming out of the ground. They almost looked like they were swimming in the soil. None of them were completely out of the ground and none of them were completely in the ground. There were both men and women and some had long hair and sleek muscles. They looked healthy and beautiful.

The pickup almost ran over a couple of them and I tugged at the steering wheel in alarm. I was worried about them and didn’t want any harm to come to them. I wondered and wondered what that dream was about. I told some friends about it and how strange it was and as I was telling them the story it hit me. They were dead! Those were dead people rising out of the ground, silent but very agile and active. And then I thought about people who could see dead people. I have never been able to. What is going on? I don’t have a clue at this time, but if you have any thoughts leave a comment. I would be interested.

On another note I got into a very interesting discussion in a pagan community and then suddenly all the debate forums were shut down. The other groups or forums were facebook clones where people posted a pic or two and a couple sentences. I looked and looked for something to join into and there was literally nothing of substance. There was nothing of personality! The comments and posts seemed more ghostly and fragile than the pale dead people in my dream! It was as if people were afraid to say “This is what I believe!”

Why are people so reluctant to take a stand in today’s world? Why are people so afraid to be? I’m confused and really don’t understand. Again, if you have any thoughts on this please let me know. I’m just posting this to let people know there are some strange things going on.

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Beltaine full moon happens tonight. Some results are in concerning my latest Earth Star meditation. As I was doing the meditation this morning it struck me how mundane it was or seemed. It reminded me very much of the basic body of light meditation given by the Rosicrucian Order AMORC, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids, Order Aurum Solis and many others where you begin with awareness at the feet and gradually work your way up the entire body to gradually form the body of light.

Each one of you reading this has undoubtedly done a similar meditation as there are thousands of them around. So what gives? What is going on?

The answer is quite surprising. As the meditation continued I sensed a connection with all the living organic things of Gaia, like the lichen and grasses and all organic life. For the first time I didn’t sense a connection to the rocks and minerals of earth. I was part of the organic life of Gaia which was distinct and separate from the non-organic rock and minerals.

There was a strong energetic link to this organic life and I was just an outgrowth or manifestation of it. This organic life was a power source that I could tap into. I also contributed to it. It is almost like my soul had become part of this organic collective soul of all living things! I sensed that is what Gaia has become in her new ascended incarnation.

But there was also a sense of having come full circle. We had come back to the beginning point. My body of light meditation was no different than any of the others. They coincided and were the same. But things were now on a higher octave. This was a new beginning, that begins at the same starting point as the old.

Then I thought about my reconnection to the Rosicrucian Order AMORC; The Traditional Martinist Order; The Masonic Lodge; and my new connection to the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids; and the Order Aurum Solis. These too had come full circle and I had reconnected with them, reconnecting with past lives and the ancient mystery schools of past lives. The old traditions and mysteries are once more vitalized and active as this eternal circle or spiral completes itself. The ancient egregores are coming to life!

And what about the energy centers? The higher energy centers?

My sense is that as of this Beltaine full moon the spiritual or upper astral planes have been stripped of all harvestable souls or astral bodies and events are now in the process of being placed in a queue awaiting physical manifestation. These events will unfold as the summer progresses into the autumn harvest. This full moon to the next full moon is the time before what is know as the Christ Festival when all manifesting events move downward into the magickal planes in preparation for their physical manifestation and harvest.

In other words there no longer are astral worlds for us and there is only the etheric world combined with the physical. We have been locked out of the higher planes. There is still an unseen world but it is the etheric world of the Summerland. Magick exists within this Summerland and all the old gods and goddesses have returned. Everything is fresh and new.

It will be 2000 years before the lowest level of the astral planes is reopened to us. There is now only one timeline and that timeline is a multi-dimensional universe! What this means is that Gaia has found a pathway for all life on her to flourish and coexist in balance and harmony. This is the master timeline and all individual timelines will gather around that in various combinations. We still create our own reality, but we cannot threaten the balance and circle of life upon Gaia. We are individually subordinate to it.

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After posting in my Medium blog I began wondering about contacting other wiccans, pagans and druids. So I began some internet searches for both blogs and social platforms. What I found was quite disconcerting and troubling. They are an endangered species! It seems that wiccans, pagans and druids have gone the way of the cowboy!

The last ten years or so have seen me focused on the New Age community and Gaia’s ascension including channeled messages from our space brothers and sisters. So I lost touch with what is going on at the other end of the spectrum. Now that my focus has shifted to the etheric and earth energies I am dismayed at how small and underground our movement has become.

More to the point there is a lack of teachers that know anything! Most of what is out there is whimsical and not grounded in real practice or experience. It is wishful thinking and make believe!

Consider the type of person who thinks that playing an elf or warrior in the Elder Scrolls Online is celebrating his or her magickal nature and being adventurous! When is the last time that you have touched a living being that is not human? Maybe it was a plant or a pet. How many people don’t even have those. . .

How can we live in a world without other living things? How can we live in a world without magick? Without joy?

In some of my recent posts I’ve spoken of how modern science is supportive of the multi-dimensional soul and its evolution. But I avoided a direct attack against the materialist viewpoint which denies any spirituality and insists our universe consists of only three dimensions and that time is linear.

This same materialist viewpoint takes pride in attacking creationists who insist that the world was created in seven days. I’m currently reading “The Greatest Show On Earth” by Richard Dawkins in which he almost gloats as he points out the absurdity of the creationist thinking and not once considers how equally absurd such restrictive atheistic and materialistic pablum is. Life and our universe is multi-dimensional and the materialistic point of view is equally as short sighted.

I’m also reading “Soul Machine” by George Makari which talks about this historical battle over the mind and the soul. It seems that those who believe that logic and reason are supreme have conveniently forgotten how powerful altered states, hypnosis and the power of suggestion really are! We are bombarded daily with ads that seek to subliminally encourage us to think and act in certain ways, even if they have no connection with reality. Yet even as we are brainwashed we are told what to believe and not to believe!

I spoke with a person who had completed NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programing) instructor training. He told how during the graduation ceremony the entire class had walked through a glowing bed of coals. Only one person, toward the back, had panicked and burned his feet so badly that he had to be taken to the emergency room. He himself had felt as if he were walking through a bed of soft moss. None of the others had been injured either. I asked him if he thought he could do it again or if he thought it was the power of the group that kept them all safe. He thought it was the power of the group.

When I was taking Tai Kwon Do lessons my teacher had a picture on the wall of him breaking eight cement blocks at one time. He was eighth dan black belt. The photo was not a fake. There are many things in our world that we do not yet understand!

It occurs to me that I am in a position to take on this absurdly restrictive materialism and show it for what it really is. I am also uniquely situated to prove the weakness and vulnerability of logic and reason and how it only leads to paradox. But such a task in not easily taken and requires much research, study and insight. I’m up for it, but its not something that can be done over night!

While I’m not exactly satisfied with this meditation I needed to move on to the next phase. So I’m still stumbling along. This is a meditation on connecting with the earth star chakra and the energies of Gaia and how to integrate them into our physical body for healing and empowerment. Later, after I have more clarity I will post a more focused meditation on my OAK- Inner Circle blog. This blog is where I do my experiments.

All I know is that something has shifted and it is a dramatic shift! The old ways of doing and being are no longer appropriate and the new way still need to be discovered.

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Beltaine of course is the full moon on the evening of 26 April and is when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest as the spring energies emerge full force into the physical world. My own birthday today may have moved things forward for me personally a bit earlier, but the end result is the same. I no longer know if other people are sensing the things that I am now sensing or if I have simply moved on ahead!

This morning things were a bit chaotic and I didn’t get around to my normal morning meditation until just after noon. But when I did that meditation, which was about shifting the awareness point, there was literally no point in doing it because my point of awareness simply moved smoothly and effortlessly to where it should be and there was no resistance at all. So the meditation didn’t achieve anything! There had been a permanent shift and I was now functioning from the complete soul body! The time doing the meditation turned out to be a waste of time.

So I need a new meditation! One where I integrate my completed soul body with my physical body… So what happened? And more importantly did it just happen to me or did it happen to everyone? I know that things have been moving faster and faster and I’ve shared that in these posts. But this is over the top!

My gut is inclined to believe that previously open windows of opportunity are now closed for everyone. Awareness is now solidly fixed at whatever stage of development belongs to each individual. The higher chakra centers have been closed off and only the bottom root chakra center remains open and of course as much of the complete soul body as has been integrated. But I have no proof and probably won’t get any.

I’ve known for some time that a point would happen when the environment of each individual would become “locked in” and not easily changed. That was why there was such a stress on moving forward as rapidly as possible. It seems we have now reached that point, or at least I have. No more wiggle room in the astral. Now is only the physical manifestation and the harvest of what has been sowed. Things are now set in stone!

Finally we ran out of time!

If this is really the case then most of my posts are now obsolete because energetic windows of opportunity have been closed and closed permanently. Techniques that used to work no longer have the same effect. The point of importance shifts away from attempting to alter the outcome, to that of understanding the outcome and how to cope with it.

So I don’t know if any of my earlier meditations now serve any valid purpose. Perhaps only root chakra and complete soul meditations are the only ones that will remain valid. I do know that those will continue to remain valid since they are the energies that will be active for the next 2000 years! This includes the Druid series of meditations.

It seems that I was right to shift my focus exclusively to the root chakra and etheric energies. I just didn’t expect things to move so fast!

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Paganism and Organic Gnosticism at 64

Today’s my 64th birthday and I’ve spontaneously chosen Medium as a platform to write about my own life story and how it has unfolded over the years. This was largely unplanned, but feels right. So I am now publishing weekly on three separate blogs, Anarchistbanjo’s World; OAK – Inner Circle; and the blog on Medium.

Many old timers already know quite a bit of my story as I have shared it here in the past. But I’m trying to reach new readers by focusing on pagan, wiccan and druid oriented themes. I am removing myself from the Gaia ascension and light worker themes. The reason for this is that we are now in the new energies and it is time to leave the old and the transitional energies behind. This is essentially autobiographical material oriented toward living in today’s new world.

Anarchistbanjo’s World is where I simply share what is on my mind and what I think might be interesting or important to share and it is also a collection of old posts that many people like to search through. It has a history and some loyal followers. You can call it my main hangout. It contains a lot of transitional material and energy updates. It remains highly unstructured.

OAK- Inner Circle is about Organic Gnosticism and New Druidism. This is more specially focused on advanced concepts and techniques dealing with etheric and Gaia based energies including vital life force energies. It is meant as a deep dive into the experiential side of Organic Gnosticism and New Druidism. The no BS version! It’s where I try to have the more polished material that is more specific in nature. It is also intended to complement my own studies in Druidism and share what I learn as I learn it. If it is not useful or needed I don’t want it!

Generally I will not be cross posting. But I will be trying to post very valuable content more often. If interested consider subscribing.