Free Living

This involves a lifestyle where a person consciously chooses to live in the present moment as deeply and richly as possible while experiencing as much of life as they can. They know that they cannot be someone else or follow anyone else. They can only be themselves and experience life in their own unique manner and their own unique way.

They are true individuals, gods and goddesses living in a free world. From their own unique perspectives within the present moment they discover the infinite possibilities lying around them waiting to be chosen. You are one of these individuals! It doesn’t matter who or what you are, this message is the same for everyone!

At our innermost cores we are all simply divine sparks of energy and light that manifests in different times and places throughout the universe. The unity of light and energy binds us together with everything that exists.

This is a message of organic Gnosticism. Call upon your primal instinct and will to live in order to understand this message. It is the message of a survivor and a warrior. Embrace the present moment as a sacred moment of infinite possibilities with all of your heart, mind and soul. Listen to this message and these words.

It is the infinite possibilities that are important, not the present moment. Worship the infinite possibilities and they will open to you. Those that seek the infinite possibilities within the present moment will rule over those that do not. Most people are falsely trapped within the present moment. They are fools!

Come out and play as a child in the delights of the present moment as it unfolds before you in all its wonder and glory! Love, joy, rapture and ecstasy are infectious. Your own happiness as you do this will be felt and shared by all things, by all others.

Love the spirit of life that flows through your veins and that flows through every moment of your life. Live and rejoice! You and your true mate will stand as God and Goddess, rulers of the spirit and of the animal nature embracing each other as you embrace life in all its manifestations and levels. You are an example and in sharing your joy with others the human race will rejoice. For you are both true opposites joined in love.

Limitations Of Actions

We learned very rapidly in life that some things are acceptable and others are not. We think things are unfair and we wonder why bad things are always happening to us. Why can’t we do the things we want to do? We learned there are consequences to our actions, that we are responsible for the things that we do and say. At least this was true when I was a child but I sometimes wonder if it’s true in our modern society?

My parents taught me to do the right things at the right times and they also taught me what was socially acceptable behavior and what wasn’t. I learned to live by example and to live according to an inner natural sense of justice and fairness. I thought everyone else was just like me.

Sadly generations of children are being raised without learning that their own actions have natural consequences. Parents over protect their children and let them get away with things that they shouldn’t get away with. How can children be expected to know how to behave when they become adults if they’ve never experienced the true consequences of their own actions?

The other side of being a child is finding ways to get your own way by manipulating others. No one likes discipline and it was always easy for me to find a way to not get caught. I got really good at it until I realized that I couldn’t escape from my own conscience. There is such a difference between my generation and the kids now growing up. Sometimes I wonder if they even have a conscience!

Children We Once Were

We each have an inner child. When was the last time you let it out to play? Within our memories of the past lie the solutions to living a happy life. At the age of 60 I’m only now beginning to let that inner child out once more. I had forgotten how to have fun! The burdens of a heavy life had turned me into a serious and introverted loner. But now I’m learning all over again how important having a little fun really is!

I’m learning that when I don’t take myself so seriously I don’t need to take others as seriously either! I’m beginning to see the humor in the insanity that surrounds me on a daily basis. But let’s return to that child for a moment.

You see, the future never really gets here! It always remains just a little bit out of reach no matter how hard we struggle to grab onto it. We live in the present moment and the present moment is eternal. The future is always the future, the present moment is always the present moment, but we can change the past and in changing the past we change the present moment as well!

You’re going to tell me that we can’t change the past. Well here are a few things to think about. The secrets of living a rich and adventurous life lie within the memories of our childhood ready to be awakened at any time. It’s up to us if we want to laugh and play or be serious adults with the burdens of the entire world upon our shoulders. By reclaiming those memories of happiness and adventure we can really learn the pleasures and enjoyments that we once knew. This is one example of how we can change the past.

I’m going to give another example that doesn’t really fit, but in a strange way I think it will prove my point. I have four children, one daughter is the oldest, then a pair of twin girls and my son is the youngest. One day not long after the twins were born my eldest daughter was so excited that she picked one of them up and was bringing her to me. She was so proud and happy that she could hold the baby. But to my horror I saw that she was holding the baby by the head! I grabbed the baby away from her and swatted her one time on the rump, the only time I have ever struck one of my children. To this day I am haunted by the look in her face and the hurt in her eyes as her happiness vanished into tears. She didn’t understand that she had done something dangerous that could have hurt the baby. She probably doesn’t remember that event. But if she did her memory of the past would be much different than my memory of the same incident.

The same incident might mean something different to each person involved and they will remember it in a different way and each way of remembering has some truth and some distortion. That’s why witnesses at an accident can see the same accident but tell it in so many different ways. We can change the past by changing our understanding of what happened. We can learn that our parents may not have wanted children right away. Birth control might not have worked! There are thousands of ways that we can change our past through a deeper understanding of our life experiences. My girlfriend may not have rejected me because she didn’t like me, but because she wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. Can you see how that would help me to feel differently about myself and about her?

Changing our past can be one of the most powerful and effective ways available to us to open doors in the present moment!

Power of the individual.jpg

People lose all sense of power and confidence when confronted by the sacredness of external authority. They feel small and powerless in comparison to it. No external authority is sacred by itself, but because we declare it sacred and bend our knees before it. We think of these things as unapproachable, not to be touched, beyond our power to influence or change. In other words we make them sacred!

Little kids and animals have no idea of what is sacred or not sacred. They have to be taught what is good and bad because they don’t understand the distinction or the difference. So they are taught to fear punishment and taught to respect the sacred and their elders. They are made to realize and believe that adults have the power and the right to determine what is right and what is wrong. They learn as children that they must yield to the external authority of adults. As adults we simply transfer that dominion over to some other external authority which we in turn serve. Yet even children mature enough to the point that one day they demand to be treated as adults.

This idea of fear is twisted into a form of servile honor and respect such as God-fearing and parental respect. When we find ourselves captured by a fear that we can’t escape we become captive to it, devoted to it, belong to it and finally don’t even try to become free of it anymore. Often we even learn to love it! We learn to love our masters like our pet dog loves us! This even sounds like some marriages!

Religion is based upon our fear of dying but all through time there have been martyrs willing to die for things that they believe in strongly. They are the true individuals and they are the ones that have transformed humanity! History is made by individuals, not by the docile masses.

We are always told that power is held by the group, by the people. This has been taught to us so convincingly that we no longer even doubt it. The average person doesn’t dare even consider going against what is politically correct! But there is something we are not being told and it’s time to state it very plainly and openly.

The individual has just as much power as the group does! It doesn’t have any more power, but it doesn’t have any less power. Major changes within our civilization and within our society have always been because of the actions of small groups of people and individuals, not consensus of the masses as we have been taught. So are you going to let a small group of individuals determine what you can and can’t do in life? Or are you going to stand up for what you believe and feel in your heart? Are you going to follow the inner guidance of your heart and conscience or the external authority of popular belief?

The Present Moment

There is a point in time called the present moment. Our awareness lives continuously within the present moment as it explores the infinite possibilities that surround us.

Each one of us is a living point of awareness in the present moment and we each have individual possibilities available to us at any given moment. Those things that are available to us are unique and not available to anyone else. The things that are unique to us make up our personal beliefs, experiences and memories as well as our distinct physical and genetic makeup. We do not share these things with anyone else.

All of us are living in the same universe and in a way each one of us is like a star in the night sky with our own location and orbit.

Each one of us can see part of the universe from a totally unique perspective that can never be seen or understood by anyone else no matter how similar is or her own view is. They are simply not us. We are not them.

The present moment is our time. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow and yesterday will always be yesterday. The ghosts of the past and the ghosts of the future can never be reached, touched or experienced. If we don’t have the ability to live in the present moment and find joy in it we will never find joy. Any answer that we will ever find will only be found in the present moment. Any action that will lead to success can only be taken in the present moment. If we don’t act in the present moment we have already lost.

Limitations Of Language

As children we gradually move from an animal awareness into an awareness of self as a human being. There are recognized stages of child development that many of us are familiar with. Each of these stages of development have to be completed before we move on to the next. At first we deal with personal limitations and our developing ego grows and adjusts to confront and gradually accept these limitations.

Some of these limitations are sexual because we are born as male or female and experience aspects of life in very gender specific ways. To deny this is idiocy. At the same time it’s important that we balance the male and female that exists within each one of us. So what I’m going to do is describe limitations that might normally be characterized as male or as female and then offer a synthesis that is more balanced.

So many times in our lives we struggle with words, not being able to express the depth of our emotions and the real intent behind our actions. It’s easy to feel that no one understands us, that no one listens to what we are trying to say. Gradually we learn to accept that we have a unique perspective and that there are many things that will forever remain secret because we simply can’t share them.

All too often we expect others to understand us and have insight into our personal feelings and situations. We want to think that our loved ones know who we are but the reality is that there are parts of ourselves that no one else can never know or experience. Not even those we love.

Now the things that I’ve shared above are things that I can relate to as a male. This is how it was for me. I’d like to share a different perspective that I call the female perspective. I guess it’s because some things are easier for girls and some things are easier for boys. But words seem to come easily for girls. People are struck by their innocence and perceptiveness and they listen to what she says as a child. Often her words sting with truth. She has the wisdom of a goddess in a child’s body and believes that all things are possible. Good things can happen to everyone and she is kind and sharing. She is optimistic and has the ability to do whatever she wants. Sharing emotions comes easy for her.

Please understand that we have all of these things inside of us, some more strongly than others. This is part of a series of posts in which I contrast opposing and opposite perceptions and life experiences and try labeling them as male or female. The important point is that I’m trying to describe opposites in a healthy way that each one of us can relate to through our own life experiences and memories. Sometimes words get in the way and sometimes the intent behind the words is strong enough to carry the meaning across!

We are all seeking prosperity, pleasure and happiness in our own ways. We seek these things biologically through our physical bodies, through our physical actions, through our emotions, through our thoughts and communications with others, through our hearts and love relationships, through the joy of learning new things and experiencing the richness of what life has to offer at all levels of experience.

We have souls, we have an ego with self-esteem and we have creative conscious awareness. All aspects of who we are have their own individual needs to be fulfilled to lead in order to lead a rich, healthy and abundant life. The worst thing that we can do is feel obligated to fulfill someone else’s expectations and live up to somebody else’s standards. It’s hard enough for us to do these things for ourselves.

It’s time for people to understand that being honest and true to yourself and your own inner needs allows you to share more abundantly with others. When you deny who you are and what you need you deny others those things as well and that is what really sucks about our world today!

Healthy human nature is kind, loving and supportive. Our problem is that too many people are hurt and injured. Hurt and injured people harm others even when they don’t want to because they lack the understanding and life experience of living any other way. We all have our own survival techniques that get us through life and most of us have inherited those techniques from our families. I might also add most of those survival techniques are extremely dysfunctional! We know some healthy behaviors and it’s time to learn more of them. It’s also time to say no to dysfunction in all its forms. There is no such thing as a good pain or a good hurt!

We live in two worlds, the physical world with its limitations and opportunities and we also live in a nonphysical world of emotions, thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and energies. To deny the spiritual worlds is just as bad as living in a fantasy world. This needs to be said. We need to live in both and be powerful in both.

What do we need to be empowered in this life? We need perception, self-esteem and life experience. By perception I’m talking about direct perception, the ability to perceive the reality of the present moment and the infinite opportunities within the present moment. By self-esteem I mean the importance of having a strong sense of self, a strong ego, a strong soul or Observer self. By life experience I mean how we gain competency in life by actually doing things and experiencing things. These life experiences can be physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual, or even spiritual. The point is we grow by experiencing things on all levels! To deny levels of existence is to deny part of what life has to offer.