Fantasy, Forest, Creepy, Woman, Bird, Dark, Gloomy

Samhain is less than three weeks away and falls exactly on the full moon of October 31st Halloween! This important festival is one of the two times during the year when the barrier between worlds is the thinnest. It’s opposite is Beltaine which is normally in May. During Beltaine the energy flows from the etheric and invisible worlds into the physical world as spring energy!

During Samhain the energy flows from the physical back into the etheric and invisible worlds. Traditionally this is a time for honoring the dead in various cultures around the world and sometimes strange things happen…

This is especially true this year as Gaia has fully awakened the etheric as the new and dominant energy for the next two thousand years. Etheric or root chakra energy, take your pick. It is magickal! We can expect the veil to keep thinning for the next couple weeks. We can expect more contact with those that have crossed over before us.

Last spring my dog Luci passed over to the summer land and yesterday morning she visited me. I share this as an example of astral activity that is now happening. It was early morning and I was not quite awake and not really asleep, somewhere in-between and suddenly I saw Luci standing there next to a tree looking at me. I noticed her body was a little thinner than before, but younger looking and she was always fairly thin when she was younger. In a way this vision was like a lucid dream. But the real event was her eyes. I looked straight into her eyes and she looked straight into mine. I didn’t have any feeling of shock or fear, but I did get the feeling that I was looking deep into her soul and she was looking into mine. I realized that this was not the Luci that I thought I knew, this was the real Luci and not what I projected upon her. It was a powerful soul shocking experience.

The sense that I had was that I wanted to stay there in her world even though it was dark in the vision. After our eyes locked I woke up a bit shook.

In my entire life I only remember looking straight into the eyes of another being one other time in the etheric or astral planes and it was frightening because his head was down and as he came up he lifted his head and his eyes opened slowly and there was only light in them. That experience was actually a battle of wills and I stood my ground. This was not a battle of wills. It was a recognition of someone that I loved even though it was like seeing the real soul that she was for the first time.

But in this vision Luci’s eyes were dark, like in real life, but filled with energy and power. She was not welcoming or threatening, there was simply a mutual recognition between us. The intensity of this experience stays with me and proves to me that Luci is alive and well and that we still have a soul connection.

Most astral or etheric encounters do not involve eye contact, but are instead in the nature of energy attacks if negative or sexual contacts if positive as in dreams of soulmates. They are not eye to eye and that is the remarkable thing about this experience! This eye to eye contact in the astral is one soul looking deeply into another…

Der Orchideengarten was the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine and published in the German language in 1919. This is the first time these stories have been translated into the English language. The original artwork is included. This issue of Der Orchideengarten contains: Franz Schoenberner- The Dying Lantern; Leonhard Stein- The Electric Piano; Rudolf Fuchs- Sleigh Ride; Paul Verlaine- Major Muller’s Hand; E. Scupin- Castle Valnoir. Translations by Joe Bandel. Technical editor John Hirschhorn-Smith. In my opinion this issue is the strongest and best to date!

The New Summerland

We have made it! No more mixed energies and mixed messages. Those going to the new Summerland with full spectrum ascension will only experience empowerment as they continue this next stage of the journey. Gaia is now fully up and running with the new Summerland and we can tap into those energies to help us in the challenging times ahead.

Earth based Source energies are what is now possible! The Summerland are the etheric energies below physical reality and our etheric bodies are now fully functional and activated. Our souls and awareness have made that journey and only what remains in this fragmenting physical world is left to find it’s way home as well.

You can tell who we are by the hope, enthusiasm and vital life force energy that we project! What concerns us now is living good lives of good-will toward others; our continuing relationships with loved ones and friends and our collective embrace of Gaia and all living things upon her. There is the rejoicing of life and not the fear of death and aloneness.

We are not alone! We have each other and all of life is sacred to us. Do you feel the excitement? Do you feel the joy?

A New Social Contract

Things are starting to heat up in more ways than one. Things are also happening faster. It is an exciting time to be alive! Perhaps it is the most exciting time period of my entire life and we are about to fix the broken system with a brand new social contract that brings fairness back to everyone!

But before a new social contract can be created there needs to be a grass roots rebellion against the way the things are now. The Spirit of 1776 is rising with the power and fiery energy of a phoenix! America is being reborn and there will undoubtedly be a few bloody noses along the way.

This is about mother nature, the survival of community and the free will of the people of the United States. The global eco system is stretched to the breaking point and so is American culture. Something needs to give and that means one side needs to lose! A new social contract can only be put in place by everyone being on the same page. That means the crisis needs to be so big that there is no way out except to come together, roll up our sleeves and get done what needs to be done no matter how painful it is. So, do you know of any grass roots populist movements that might be bringing this new social contract to us? Political correctness is about to be kicked out the window and it’s about time!

Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 5 contains the stories and poems: Otto te Kloot- Orchids; Wilhem Nhil- The Cannibal Club; Charles Baudelaire- The Spectre; Wilhem Meinhold- The Amber Witch-How My Poor Child Was Sentenced To Be Put To The Question (translation by Lady Duff-Gordon).These have been translated by Joe E. Bandel and include the original 1919 artwork. Technical Editor is John Hirschhorn-Smith.

My earlier post got me so worked up that I can’t focus on other things so I thought I might as well write another blog post on the current situation as I see it. But first I would like to share a book that I have been reading called: “The Fourth Turning” by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe. It was first published in 1997 and is a study about generational cycles within American history and how we are currently at a crisis period in which a new social contract will be established because the old social contract has failed us collectively!

Here are a few take a ways:

The new social contract will probably be in place by 2025 according to past cycles.

The polarization and gridlock of our society will be eliminated through the ruthless defeat of one side of the political debate. The losing side will be defeated so completely that it won’t arise again for the next thirty years. Things have to be that way for society to make the next quantum leap…

The winning side will be a grass roots rebellion that will be completely unexpected. New solutions will come from the grass roots and not from the elite.

If we didn’t have the corona virus crisis it would have been some other crisis that brought us to lock down. Previous crisis cycles in American history were all wars…The Revolutionary War, The Civil War; and World War II. We can consider ourselves lucky that this time we chose a corona virus instead of an actual war! There always needs to be a crisis.

The writing on the wall is pretty clear. This election is the final battle! It becomes obvious that the election will be contested, but how is the real question. I think that certain states, possibly like New York and California might not be able to certify their election results because of provable voter fraud with the mail in voting. If a state can’t certify their election results they can’t participate in the electoral college election process. States that can certify their election results will be tasked via the constitution to select the next president without the participation of those states that are unable to certify vote results. The electoral college will do its task even if several states are missing because constitutionally it it required to.

This is what will be contested IMHO.

The afore mentioned book also talks about a turning point as each generation shifts from playing one role into that of playing another role. This switch is so deep and profound that it can be recognized as happening at a certain day or even week. We are seeing this happen right now as entire segments of the population switch to take on new roles in this social drama.

Ultimately women will side with stability and law enforcement over social violence. They need to feel safe within their homes. We see this shift happening right now.

College students are beginning to protest the draconian restrictions of the Covid 19 lock down. The Social Justice Warrior generation has aged and moved into a new social role. This shift is happening as we speak just prior to this election. There is a new generation of college students that is now acting out.

Reaction videos are flooding the internet with young people who are rediscovering the intensity, passion and hope of the hippie generation. Make love, not war! This shift is building emotional bonds between today’s youth and those of us from the 60’s and 70’s. Racial hatred, violence and   prejudice have no place in this coming golden society.

Lastly, the newly created social contract will be fair for all levels of society, not just the privileged elite. But there will not be any free hand outs either. And all this will be put in place by 2025! What a time to be alive!

I’m hoping to post more this weekend but have been very busy with life these days. Lots of changes on the horizon including a forced retirement as my employer shuts its doors at the end of this year. More on that later. Right now I want to focus on something that relates to my last post about the upcoming election.

Obviously I am no expert on elections and can only offer an opinion or sense of things from an intuitive basis but I felt this was important enough to get it out there so people could share it and get the word out.

In my last post I explored the possibility that Nancy Pelosi might become acting president if no clear winner was chosen after the election.

After thinking things through this is how I believe things will roll out…

Each state will hold their elections in their own way and I believe that polls will be open in all states so that people can vote in person even if the state allows mail in voting. I don’t think they can prevent voting in person.

After the vote the results need to be certified in each state before the electors can be chosen for the electoral college. Votes cast in person will be easy to certify but mail in votes will be impossible to certify as they will be challenged. Each state has a deadline to certify its election results to ensure that electors can go to the electoral college.

Each state will have votes that it can certify and votes (mail in) that it will not be able to certify. As the deadline approaches each state will be forced to certify the votes that have been made in person and forward them on to the electoral college. This means all mail in votes will probably not count as they are being contested. So the electorates will be chosen by those voters who physically go to the polls and vote in person as it should be!

Any state not able to certify election results will be left out of the electoral college voting process, they will have no vote! So potentially states like New York and California might not even be part of the electoral college vote unless they are able to certify their elections in time! It seems our founding fathers in their wisdom even thought of situations like those that now confront us! Just a few thoughts as we get closer to this major turning  point in history!

I’ve been wondering about this upcoming election like most of us have. I’ve also been chaffing at the Covid-19 issues like most of us. What is going on? The conclusion that I have come to is that the Dems are not interested in winning this election! To date I have seen nothing that would evidence they truly want to win the upcoming election. There is no platform, no plan, no electable people!

However, if there is no president elect on 20 Jan. Nancy Pelosi can become interim president until:

A : The confused mess from the November election is finally cleared up with no lawsuits or litigation and a clear winner is determined or

B: The November election has been proven to by invalid by election tampering of one kind or another and there needs to be another election!


Of course, the populace would be outraged and there would be incredible civil unrest, so much so that Nancy Pelosi would need to declare martial law to keep order in the entire United States. Good thing that China has a large police force that is trained to deal with mobs. Good thing China has already offered to send police to help out in Portland and other trouble spots. We will need their help!


Of course it would be a problem to have a redo of the election because of the Covid-19 crisis and she might need to remain interim president for a year or two. There might also be the need for martial law until the troublemakers can all get rounded up, especially the one’s with guns!

Well, now that I have that off my chest I will get back to reading “Brave New World”.


Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 4 contains the stories and poems: The Coffee Pot by Theophile Gautier; Dios Vienne by Leo Perutz; Cox-City by Apollinarius Wileem; Adventure of a Wolf by Alexander Petofi. These have been translated by Joe E. Bandel and include the original artwork. Technical Editor is John Hirschhorn-Smith.

Just in time for the first of August! I really loved translating these stories! I can’t choose between “The Coffee Pot” and “Dios Vienne” as my favorites for this issue. Just to be upfront, “Dios Vienne” appears to be a fragment from the book “The Marquis de Bolibar”. It was so interesting that I bought a cheap copy of the novel on line and am looking forward to reading the entire story. “The Coffee Pot” really touched my heart and reminded me of why I love this type of literature so much.

There is no way to prevent to emergence of the new and free individual. They are being created out of the very stresses that are trying to enslave others. The old ways involve the manipulation of group energy and the old ways are no longer working! On the one hand identity politics tries to gather group energy and on the other hand those hoping to enslave the human race try to prevent congregations gathering in churchs for empowerment! The entire Covid-19 stategy is to isolate individuals and prevent them from tapping into group power unless it is politically correct! But the reality is almost comical! Depriving individuals of group empowerment is forcing those individuals to stand on their own two feet as individuals! Individual rights! Individual freedoms! Individual free speech! The qualities our country was based upon by the founding fathers! The restrictions we now confront are the birth pangs of a long awaited rebirth of individualism!