The Big Hiss

The New Energy Dynamics and the new egregore or master pattern are based upon the Reciprocal Systems Theory of Dewey Larson and modern Chaos Theory as I’ve mentioned before. But here is an exciting addendum that looks like it fits perfectly into that pattern. Consider all that exists to have this horn torus shape, all things from the shape of the universe to the milky way galaxy, to Gaia, to our human bodies and to every single atom!

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OAK Inner Circle is the name of my new/old repurposed blog dealing specifically with Druid oriented posts. I encourage people to link to that blog and subscribe if they are interested in following this new series.

To be truthful, I didn’t know what to do, rename my old blog or start totally new. Instead, I’m posting this for now. My intent is true to what I now plan for it, a type of modernized Druidry. But this is going to be different than any of the other blogs out there about Druids and pagans. This is going to be about the development of the soul and its powers within the original spirit of Druidry while incorporating the most advanced and modern techniques and concepts currently available. This is about the creation of a modern magickal Order and what I call Organic Gnosticism and the wisdom of life itself. This is about the creation of a magickal Order suitable for the new age of Gaia that has only now just begun and a group of people I have at times called the New Elves. I’ve simply called this group OAK or The Order and my life’s purpose has long centered around the creation of this group and its teachings. But I’ve never know how to proceed and this time I feel that it is time to proceed with these teachings and share what I have learned through a long life of study and personal experience.

We are now living in a time of social division where individual souls are being polarized with some being drawn to Gaia and all living things, drawn toward the sacredness of all life; or they are being drawn to live in their heads, chasing fantasy and delusion at the risk of losing all contact with objective reality. And it is at this time that the ancient teachings are once more being revealed in new ways. The ancient teachers have returned to lead the way for those who are drawn to them. It is time for society to choose between spirituality and love of life or fear and the cult of death. I can only speak for myself and I chose life!

In this first post I will share a bit about myself and my spiritual path as it has unfolded over the years. I share this for two reasons. The first is to demonstrate that I do try to speak from personal experience and personal understanding, saying things in my own way and not trying to copy or mimic some other path or tradition. The things that I want to share are for the most part much more simple and effective than anything other traditions offer in terms of the development of the soul and its powers.

The second point is to share that I have trained in various traditions and mystery schools and know my way around most of them. To this I will begin by sharing that I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC back in 1976 at the age of nineteen and studied their weekly monographs for over twenty two years, completing their degree studies and becoming an elder in that specific tradition. I remain a member in good standing of that Order as well as an off shoot of that called “The Traditional Martinist Order”. These two orders are however, mystical in nature, and oriented toward connection with the Cosmic Consciousness and not toward connection with Gaia and all living things. The first twenty five years of my life was devoted toward the spiritual pursuit of Cosmic Consciousness and mystical experiences. In 1991 I permanently crossed the Great Abyss in awareness and experienced the bliss of merging with the spiritual light of Source. This had a profound effect on me and the polarity of my soul shifted back downward to reconnect with Gaia and bring that light of Source back down to Gaia with me. So I completed the mystical path but the magickal path awaited me. Traditionally the soul needs to travel both paths before it can be complete.

This downward path was a twisting one that led through various occult and magical studies including being initiated into the 3rd degree of the OTO, The York Rite of Freemasonry including the Templars. But of everything above listed those were only paths which I had undergone physical initiations. My research and study went far beyond those to include:

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

The Rite of Memphis and Mizraim

The Golden Dawn

The Aurum Solis

Gardnerian Wicca and Wicca in general

Dianetics and Scientology (of which I have the complete library of books.)

Sir Francis Bacon Research Trust

Neuro Linguistic Programing or NLP

Neotech (an offshoot of Ayn Rand objectivism)

The Healing Tau (books by Mantak Chia)

Tantra and Sexual Alchemy

The Works of Julius Evola

And I could round these influences off with a BS in psychology and membership in MENSA.

All I’m trying to do is demonstrate that the things I wish to share are the results of serious study and personal experience. At the beginning of this year (2021) I experienced the corresponding Gaia connection or etheric magickal connection that marked the culmination and completion of the magickal path and permanent transfer of awareness to my etheric body. After a lifetime of study and effort I had finally traveled both paths to their completion and that is when I found Druidism!

It is like spending my entire life traveling every possible path but the one that I really belonged to. Like Parcival doomed to travel all roads before he could find salvation, I had to travel all roads before my true path opened to me. A path for my heart and of my heart. The path of my most ancient ancestors. But this time I can travel this path with a modern understanding gained through hard work and personal experience. And that is what I can offer to those interested in this modern path of Druidry. A type of Druidry that is an octave above the old druidry, offering the full spectrum of mystery school teachings and empowerments that have marked the evolution of the mysteries through the ages. I’m not offering something old, but something entirely new and appropriate for today’s world. Something that is needed in today’s world!

Some Bardic Thoughts

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As I travel this path I am struck by something quite interesting. I crossed the Great Abyss and merged with Source back in 1991 and my soul reversed polarity and began it’s path back to Gaia. But that is not the point. Over the years I’ve made contact with other elders or masters who had also crossed the Great Abyss. I experienced it with the Rosicrucian Order AMORC, the Traditional Martinist Order, the OTO, and even the York Rite of Freemasonry. These all called themselves part of the Great White Brotherhood and were of the LIGHT. These spiritual masters existed on a very high plane where I also existed. They were my brothers and sisters of the Light.

But the Druids are the only group that I know of that exist at that high level and at the low etheric level while being of the Light! When I do my Gaia connection or portal work they are right there and the others are not. As a group the others don’t have that Gaia connection. Now individuals in any tradition may develop active etheric or magickal bodies, but to develop this etheric connection is quite rare. It can only be done by an Organic Gnostic. So all traditions may have a few Organic Gnostics within it, but only the Druids were exclusive etheric Gaia connection adepts with a connection to the light. That is what made them so special. What makes them so special! They were/are both mystical and magickal.

Yet they couldn’t achieve full spectrum contact which is something I haven’t really talked about yet. They were a magickal etheric Order that functioned on the etheric planes and had their spiritual contact through Gaia herself and their spiritual energy through the energy of the stars, moon and sun. They couldn’t connect to SOURCE at the photon level, but they came close. Their true source of power came from the Womb of Creation and the Akashic Records.

Remember our space brothers and sisters could not and cannot (remember I said I wasn’t going to talk about them anymore) function at the etheric levels because they lack the DNA to do so. Only the early Druids had that DNA because they had gone through that long evolutionary path through all of Gaia’s life forms. Only they are now able to achieve full spectrum ascension and work magickally and creatively with portal energy.

The new Gaia energetics have created power sources at completely different frequencies than they were, but these frequencies are collective frequencies, not individual frequencies. What I mean by this is that you can overshoot the mark, reach far higher into the light than you need to and it won’t do you any good at all. It won’t do you any good because you can’t share that energy with anyone else! So you have to lower your vibrations down to a frequency where others can exist as well. But these new frequencies are both much higher and lower than the old ones! The new Druid or New Elf can tap into both of these new frequencies and work with full spectrum portal energies.

These new energies had to go much higher and much lower in frequency to break through the elasticity of the astral/etheric planes. Now they are moving into a more normal range that is more comfortable and permanent. At least more comfortable and permanent for us! As the spring energies rise look to Gaia and rest in her arms for security and protection. A powerful polarization is taking place where we are being forced to choose our connection with Gaia and life or living in our heads in idealistic fantasies that will never physically manifest. There was a time to work crown chakra energies, there was a time to work heart chakra energies. Those times are past. Now is the time for the etheric energies! Now is the time of full spectrum portal energies. Now is the time of the Druids!

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As we celebrate the 2nd complete lunar cycle of the year the message we receive should bring us direction. The new energy that came in at the winter solstice took a general form and direction during the last full moon of Imbolc. For many of us it might have even assisted in the activation of our etheric bodies. Make no mistake about this. Society has split with one half moving to Gaia for grounding and the other half going into their heads. We, of course, celebrate Gaia and the new life that is about to burst forth.

Today, at this full moon, we find our new direction for the year and it might be surprising. I know it was for me. I had been working with some Akashic Record meditations and going back to past lives for gifts and empowerments. I purchased a small book about my great great grandfather who came over from Germany during the Civil War. It was written by a distant relative who shared that same great great grandfather with me, but otherwise was unknown. Suddenly I was reminded that the Bandel’s were Irish who migrated to Germany as mercenaries. That reminded me of my DNA family history of belonging to haplogroup G-P15 who settled in the Ukraine area and among the Balkans. How did the Bandel’s get to Ireland? A little internet history search and I find out that some of the first people in England and Ireland came from the Ukraine before the bronze age! They were the peoples that raised the stone monoliths like stone henge! They were haplogroup G-P15!

So instantly I was back among the Druids. A little more internet research and I discovered the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. I did a bit more research and found that some very gifted teachers were associated with the Druid movement including Melita Denning of the Aurum Solis and Gerald Gardner of Gardnerian Wicca. Both very heavy hitters in the magickal department. The more I read, the more I liked what I saw. To make a long story short, I’m now a Bard with OBOD and doing the Bardic studies. I was totally unprepared for this as it came out of nowhere, but is a very beautiful fit at the same time. OBOD has recently made many changes to their structure including online studies complete with audio and video supplements. So far it seems very nice with a lot of nice people that share my own core values.

I still believe that the only thing required for soul development and empowerment is working with portal meditations on a daily basis and personal effort. But it is nice to find people that really resonate with my own inner core beliefs and values. So this full moon has brought clarification of my direction and life purpose. No more space brother and sister stuff as I’m not going that way.

My etheric studies and research are now integrating with OBOD like it or not. Organic Gnosticism and Druidry have much in common if not all. And for me, the Order is and always has been the Druids as my genetic history attests. So this is my home, my spiritual home after wandering for many lifetimes. Future posts will tend to integrate my own experience with those of other Druids and pagans who travel similar paths. As I mentioned in other posts, the focus is now upon the etheric planes because that is the new energy that we need to work with for the next 2000 years!

My recent DNA research got me so excited about my ancestral lineage that I not only created this portal meditation but also joined the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. I felt drawn to do this after an Akashic Record/ Womb of Creation portal meditation. I’ve slowed this meditation down a bit to allow for more perfect visualization of the chakra centers so it is not rushed. Then I envision the portal as within a Druid circle surrounded by a grove of trees. This is definitely reaching back into the ancient past.

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I guess it is time to talk more about the Tuatha Dé Danann and Druids, especially those in Ireland. But in reality we are talking about a group of people or souls that were magickal because they worked and lived with etheric energies just as we need to begin doing. So we are talking about anyone who can successfully work with a portal meditation and achieve full spectrum ascension with the ability to tap into SOURCE as Spiritual Light and SOURCE as the Womb of Creation. Anyone that can do that is a part of this soul group. It is a genetic ability, but whoever we are and where ever we are it is time for us to find each other and begin to work together in the creation of the New Gaia and New Garden of Eden in which we wish to live.

So let’s get rid of some BS that clutters and confuses things. Our soul and individual awareness are dual in nature in that awareness expands outward in all directions and at all levels of existence, even to the ends of the universe. At some level we are all a part of each other and a part of Gaia. This is Cosmic Consciousness or Cosmic Awareness. At some level we are a spark of Divine Light that expands outward to the ends of the universe. When we tap into this expansive aspect of who we are we have the ability to discern the true nature of things. The Druids were famous for this and it was termed divination. Tools and rituals are not what is important here, they are only crutches to be thrown away as one gains proficiency in this.

Our awareness also goes inward and defines the shape of our physical bodies and souls and who we think we are. Our awareness creates a focus point or a center and where our focus point is, that is where we are. We are normally focused within our physical bodies, but can also be focused in other things such as healing work, non-physical energy work in the etheric or astral or mental or spiritual planes. We can even temporarily possess or share the bodies of other living creatures and see from their eyes and sense what they sense. Where we focus is where we are. Tools and rituals are again just crutches to be discarded when no longer needed. It is the innate ability of soul development that is important and not the props or theater. The Druids were healers and they had permanently activated etheric bodies just as we now do! We need to learn how to use and strengthen these etheric bodies and use them as they did!

There are seven possible rings around an atom and each individual ring creates an individual energy body and energy world. These bodies and worlds overlap each other but are distinct with their own characteristics. These individual energy bodies are created from vital life force energy which originates from The Womb of Life and the Akashic Records. The first energy world and body to be created is the etheric body and the etheric world has been termed the Summerland where souls go after the death of their physical bodies to be reborn into another new physical body. The Summerland is beneath the physical world and creates the physical world just as the etheric body is beneath the physical body and creates it. It is created from the outermost electron ring and consists of 32 awareness points, one for each element in the outer most electron ring.

The Orion Group of space brothers and sisters has access to the etheric levels, but cannot exist in the higher vibrations of the Summerland which has been newly created. They are reptilian and in past ages have been considered demons and devils in that they were of lower vibration and vampiric in nature feeding on the life force of other souls as they didn’t have a connection to SOURCE of their own. So they have been pushed out of this area until their vibrations rise high enough to exist within it.

The Summerland is that mythical land of the elves, fairies, ghosts and magick. Forget the BS about 3rd density, 4th density, 5th density and so on. The Summerland is below the physical plane and the astral planes are above the physical planes. 4th Density is upper emotional energy or Heart chakra energy. It has 18 possible sensory awareness points and is much more limited than the etheric or physical bodies. The Summerland is just as real and even more real than the physical world. It is closer to the Womb of Creation. The Druids knew the Summerland and had the ability to walk in the Summerland. They could contact each other at distances from within the stone circles which they created as henges or focal points to enhance their own power.

I need to wrap up this post but will continue in the next. The main point here is that there are souls here on New Gaia that are being drawn to the etheric planes where they belong and there are other souls that are being drawn upward to the mental planes to exist as mental energies. My focus is on those brothers and sisters that are being drawn to the etheric planes. My focus is on the new Tuatha Dé Danann and Druids

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To really understand the New Elves and full spectrum ascension we need a history lesson. Full spectrum ascension has never been possible before except by rare individuals that became deities in world history. But going back even further we need to speak of the “fallen angels”. These were advanced souls who had previously gone through the ascension process on other home worlds which had been destroyed. These were the brightest and the most powerful and they took on the task of building life upon Gaia from scratch. They became lost in the material world, but retained their higher nature in potential. It was there but they had separated from it. Through the evolutionary process they developed and activated the lower chakra energies and the etheric body. They had magic and the ability to physically manifest here on Gaia. They were the Organic Gnostics.

Human life gradually evolved to the point of developing a primitive sense of self. It was at this point that our galactic brothers and sisters stepped in with genetic experiments and enhancements that would allow their souls to enter human bodies and ride them or possess them. They even incarnated in physical bodies, but lacked the genetic DNA to access the etheric levels and had difficulty physically manifesting things. But they were more advanced and intelligent and enslaved the Organic Gnostics. The two main centers of space brother and sister civilizations were Atlantis and Babylon. Atlantis was Pleiadien and Babylon was Orion. They were in conflict with each other. Atlantis was located at what is now called the “Eye of the Sahara” and was destroyed when a massive meteor nineteen miles across struck Iceland kicking off the younger Dreyus period some 14,000 years ago.

These alien influenced civilizations worked as catalysts for the Organic Gnostics to reconnect to their latent higher spiritual centers. They did not want to be enslaved and tried to escape. These were the first mass emigrations out of Africa. Organic Gnostic civilizations were Goddess oriented and nature based and peaceful. The Starseed civilizations were war like and male dominated.

This is a map of my own genetic past and my haplogroup. My ancestors were the first group of Organic Gnostics trying to escape the enslavements of Atlantis in northwestern Africa (Sahara desert area- Eye of Africa) and Babylon in north east Africa. These refugees went up the fertile crescent region into what is now the Balkans. They were peaceful Goddess oriented and kept being attacked by warlike male dominated peoples which kept pushing them further north and further west. Around 2000BC they fled from the Ukraine area to Ireland as the Tuatha Dé Danann, a mythic pre-Celtic race that were known for Druidism and magic and also known as Gods/Goddesses/fallen angels/fairies/elves. They were the Druids and first emigration wave out of Atlantis before its destruction. ( By the time the Tuatha Dé Danann arrived in Ireland Atlantis had long been destroyed 12,000 years before) They worked with the etheric nature based root chakra energies and are associated with the underworld and worlds of fairy.

The second wave of Organic Gnostics out of Africa escaped to what is now Southern India and taught the sacred mysteries of Tantra and the sacral center or physical energies associated with the energy center known as the tan tien midway between the root chakra and solar plexus. These teachings formed the basis of what later became the martial arts in eastern Asia and worked their way across the Bearing Straight into North America and the native American cultures. These peaceful Goddess oriented people were conquered by the more warlike Aryans from the northern regions. This was the legendary second escape from Atlantis.

The third wave of Organic Gnostics out of Africa escaped to Crete and founded the only Goddess oriented civilization in recorded history. It was the Minoan civilization and was destroyed by earthquake and the remnants conquered by alien male dominated warlike peoples of the near east. This civilization taught the mysteries of the Solar Plexus chakra energies and what remains of those sacred teaching are the myths of witchcraft and the Strega which come out of Italy and form some of the roots of today’s witchcraft.

The fourth wave of Organic Gnostics settled in Egypt with their heart centered mysteries. Ancient Egypt was still Matriarchal in nature although it seemed to coexist with a male dominated mystery school as well. From this point on the mystery schools became more male dominated and the hidden Organic Gnostic or feminine mysteries began to go underground.

The throat chakra energies were taught in the male dominated Greek mysteries. There was continued blending and merging of space brother and sister mysteries with the old mysteries. Organic Gnostics integrated these more modern teachings and higher level teachings while keeping as much of the old ways as possible. The mysteries were increasingly divided. Patriarchal dominance was a reality. Organic Gnostics went underground.

Christianity brought the mysteries of the third eye chakra teachings and the higher self. Once again the more advanced space brothers and sisters worked to enslave the common Organic Gnostic or pagan masses because they still lacked control of the lower level etheric energies and were dependent upon the Organic Gnostics to manifest things for them. They specifically tried to eradicate any Goddess based teachings or religions and deliberately tried to suppress human sexuality in any way it could.

So my own ancestors ended up in Ireland as the Tuatha Dé Danann and Druids around 2000 BC. It is not surprising that I am tall and when young was a red head. My more immediate ancestors went to Germany as Irish mercenaries and settled in Germany which is why I’ve always thought of myself as German. But my particular DNA group is quite rare in Germany. You can perhaps think of me as a blood witch? or Druid genetically. I find that quite interesting and I believe that all members of the Order, all Organic Gnostics, are these Tuatha Dé Danann returning once more to bring magick back into our world. We are the ones who work and live on the etheric planes. And right now for the next 2000 years we are the only ones that can access full spectrum ascension!

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There is so much that I want to share and I simply don’t know where to begin. But where ever we begin we need to secure the present moment! The most powerful way to secure the present moment is to do some type of portal meditation on a daily basis which takes only 30 minutes of your day. I cannot stress enough how important it is to physically secure our physical environment as much as possible and this requires both portal work which is magickal and physical effort which is dealing directly with physical circumstances through physical effort.

Spiritual and metaphysical knowledge take a second place to this. But this knowledge is important as well. So I will be bouncing back and forth between all these things in an effort to find some type of balance. My topic today is about Great Cycles and soul polarity. We as Organic Gnostics or New Elves have female souls. It doesn’t matter if our physical bodies are male or female. Our souls are female and before Gaia ascended, before this new Great Cycle began, our souls were male! So our souls have just made a profound gender shift.

To have the ability to create and work with portal energies means that we have female souls! Male souls cannot work full spectrum energies! The female soul is like an apple which is solidly integrated into one unity. The male soul is like an onion with layer upon layer. The female soul develops in a horizontal direction and the male soul develops in a vertical direction. At the end of every Great Cycle our soul polarity flips and our soul development proceeds in a totally different direction. This means that the soul polarity of our Divine Counterparts flips as well.

Who we are as souls cannot exist within a single physical human body. We have evolved through eons of time, experienced life as other species before incarnating in these physical bodies. Those lifetimes exist within the Akashic Records and also exist within our DNA, which might very well be one and the same. So it is more accurate to say that our soul consists of all the lifetimes we have ever lived and most of those life times have not been human.

There are seven possible rings around an atom and each ring represents one of our energetic bodies and a chakra center within our bodies. The root chakra represents our lowest energetic body which is the etheric body. The spleen center chakra, or also called the sex chakra or tan tien is midway between the solar plexus and root chakra. It represents our physical body. This second energy center is the one that is tapped into by the martial arts and other physical endurance spiritual paths including that of the Apache as example and even the special forces.

But we are not talking about the second energy center, we are talking about the first energy center, the root chakra and its energies and powers. We are talking about the etheric energies, the magickal energies. Every 2,000 year a new energy center awakens and a new energy floods into our world. These new cycles always begin with the lowest etheric energies and root chakra activation. We are in the time of etheric energy activation and it will be the dominant energy for the next 2,000 years! We don’t need to think about the Great Cycle any more. We don’t need to think about the big picture, about those with male souls even.

During the first half of a Great Cycle those with female souls, meaning us, work to stabilize the evolutionary gains that we and Gaia have achieved. Last half is dominated by those with male souls. End of Great Cycle includes potentially finding Divine Counterpart, merging with Divine Counterpart and then cell division into two separate worlds/universes. During last great cycle we called one the physical world/universe and the other the astral planes/heavenly worlds. This has take a quantum leap into a totally different type of reality of multi-universes which are also separated. Like the Yin/Yang symbol, as this new Great Cycle begins we each have our Divine Counterpart within our hearts and we exist as an individual life in world created by our Divine Counterpart. As this Great Cycle advances over thousands of years we explore those non-human aspects of our Divine Counterpart. Our Divine Counterpart aspects cannot be contained within one earthly body. We can only get to know it a little at a time. Our Divine Counterpart is God/dess!

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Organic Gnostics, New Elves, are you ready for an incredible journey? It starts right now so take a look around you at what you have surrounded yourself with. Full spectrum living is living in the physical world with a multi-dimensional overlay! We don’t escape physical reality, we embrace it to the fullest and enhance it on all levels!

So some of you are old farts like me and others much younger. I have to talk about both because the path for each is similar in some ways and quite different in others. So first the common stuff. We embrace the Spiritual light to find the highest and most favorable timeline to follow. Of the infinite possibilities that exist in the present moment it is our connection with Source and our Higher Self that knows the ultimate path to follow. On the other hand it is our connection with the Womb of Creation at the etheric levels that we acquire the power and fortitude to break through all resistances and self-defeating behaviors. Working with portal meditations on a daily basis taps into these power sources and syncs the various levels so our awareness can flow smoothly between them. This is very important! These meditations are less than 30 minutes each and you can design and work with your own or use some of mine.

The lesser work is working upon our souls. The greater work is when we can begin creatively altering our environment. So first the lesser work. To develop each astral body requires the activation of each chakra center within the body. As these energy centers awaken you can learn to use these centers and reach out with the energies in various ways. Again, the portal meditations work to awaken and develop these energy centers with the assistance and help of others within the circle, with other members of the Order.

You can forget everything others have said about the development of the chakra centers. The increased vibrations of New Gaia are supportive and even demand this full spectrum activation! It is not dangerous, especially for us. It is vital that these chakra center energies are phase linked with each other so that awareness can travel effortlessly between them. This full spectrum activation does release trapped emotional and toxic energies and can be unpleasant in the beginning, but is much more healthy than the alternative of having psychotic episodes like most of society!

The Higher Self and the Shadow Self are secondary personalities and must be integrated into a healthy human ego that resides in the heart center. We are not supposed to have a Higher Self and a Lower Self. We are supposed to have one complete integrated self or soul! Again, repeated working of the portal meditations works to enhance this integration process and helps to safely release toxic and negative energies.

So whether you are old or young or in between, the first stage is the lesser work of developing the soul and all astral bodies. This requires working at it at least 1/2 hour a day with some type of portal meditation, where all the chakras are activated and integrated. This practice is cumulative and is extremely powerful.

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As I settle into New Gaia I find myself becoming more radical in some ways. With Gaia’s ascension we all fall into three groups, one group of souls will be expelled with the death of the physical body, Social Enforcers (Galactic Federation) and end up in 5th density (mental energy). One group (Rational Atheists) will reincarnate as the New Humans allowed to live upon Gaia but expelled from the Garden of Eden. (Orion Group) And the third group (Organic Gnostics) will be living multi-dimensionally a full spectrum existence as the New Elves. (A Gaia oriented and magickal new race in deep contact with Gaia) This will happen as we drop our current physical bodies and function in our etheric bodies that potentially can exist in all levels of the energetic spectrum including the physical. The etheric levels are below the physical but include the physical.

Traditionally dropping our current physical bodies is called passing over or “crossing the river Styx”. We have all ascended as far as we are going to, all three groups. Gaia is now BOSS and in control of all things that happen 4th density and below. She will ensure the sacredness and survival of all life upon her surface. That requires a balance of the circle of life/eco system. Humanity no longer has a say in this. Things are happening upon the etheric levels, not the higher levels. The beginning of a new cycle always begins at the lowest levels. This is the level of the root chakra and pure vital life energies of survival itself. The things that happen in our world from this point on are going to be about survival! The survival of all life, and humanity is no longer special! There is a level playing field and every species needs to learn how to co-exist with all the other life forms in a cooperative UNITY! This has never happened before and is the nature of the “New Game” that has been created.

Previous to this all ascending species did so at the expense of their home planet. They ascended but all life on their planet died. That is why you can essentially call our space brothers and sisters “ghosts” who are irresistibly attracted to our planet which is teeming with life. Ghosts are attracted to the living!

This is the first time an entire planet with all of its life has ascended and it changes everything! This has never been done before and it required all life upon Gaia to each play their own part; and collectively we did! This was never just about the human race. It was about all life and the New Elves are the only ones who really get that! Everyone else is about “The Human Race, The Human Race”. We are no longer interested in that Hierarchial game. All of life is sacred. Every species is sacred.

So everything is now set in place and active. The gridlock within the human race is there for a reason. Those who currently pollute the human race are old and will soon be crossing the river Styx. The power structure of our current world is a geriatric power structure of old people trying to hold onto power as they slowly die. As they slowly become extinct. As one by one they all cross that great river, and it will all happen within a life time!

So, which group do you belong to? This blog is for those New Elves that are creating a new Garden of Eden upon Gaia. There will be no space brothers and sisters in it. They are forbidden. I am no longer going to waste time on them, and no longer going to waste time on the New Humans. We Organic Gnostics have already walked that soul path and graduated. We have integrated our Lower and Higher Selves and exist within the two way current that flows between SOURCE and Gaia.

My blog posts are going to focus on Organic Gnostics and how we can live in this new world as those who have polluted it grow old and cross the river Styx. I’m almost 64 (in April) but my etheric (and all other energy bodies) body is strong and permanently activated. All that is left is the dropping of this old physical body (or perhaps I will be one of the few who can rejuvenate it?) and crossing that great river. Talk about a great adventure!