Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 no3contains the Stories: The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe; The Brain by Max Meixner; The Witching Hour by Alexander Freih. von Bernus; The Harvest by A.M. Frey; Rebellion in Nirvana by K. Roellinghoff. These stories are in the English language and include the original artwork. Translations are by Joe E. Bandel; Technical editor is John Hirshhorn-Smith

Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 2

Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 2 is the second issue of the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine originally published in the German language in 1919. This English translation keeps the original art and contains the following stories: The Deadly Supper by Karl and Joseph Kapek; The Heart by Otto Zoff; The Hasty Corpse by Wilhelm Nhil; The World On Ash Wednesday by Edgar Steiger; The Phantom Coach by Amelia Edwards; Translations are by Joe E. Bandel

The second issue of Der Orchideengarten is now available! I am planning on doing one a month so this is the July issue! Remember Der Orchideengarten is only available through Lulu publishing!

Gaia Ascends


I’m actually happy to share that Gaia has ascended and all that is left is for humanity to catch up! She is glowing and radiating as she has never done before and the etheric bodies of all organic life have been permanently activated with an alternating current type of energy. For all practical purposes this means that any repressed energies, emotions and toxins will be released and if not brought into conscious awareness they will be acted out in psychotic episodes as we are currently seeing on our streets.

Violence is not and never will be the answer! It is only the open heart and the open hand that matter from now on. All negativity is being caught up in a negative accelerating and self-destructive spiral. This is going to end and it will by the end of the year before the winter solstice.

As we find our life circumstances crystallizing around us we can finally begin to look foward to the future. It is time to create our new world as we imagine it to be!

As Gaia begins to shine with her own light illuminating all life upon her she is exposing the vampires in our midst.

An increasingly united humanity is opening it’s collective heart in an outpouring of love and spiritual light. We want freedom and good will toward each other, not hatred and violence. People are waking up and coming to their senses… As the spiritual light increases the vampires become more frantic and their insanity becomes even more obvious. Between now and the winter solstice it will become obvious to all who are the vampires and who are the light workers. Gaia is in the process of ejecting the vampires and predators and their discomfort is becoming plain to see for every one. I’m talking about the energy vampires, those predators that live upon the fear and anger of the masses.

We have waited for this for a long time! Gaia’s activation of our etheric bodies signals a profound polarity switch within our world. For the first time our physical bodies are now drawing sustenance from the pure energies of light and love in a demonstrable way. I have seen this transformation in my dog Luci in her final physical days. Gaia is now radiating this powerful new life energy out in support of all ascending lifeforms…

All life forms with an organic connection to her are receiving this influx of life energy. Those living in their heads with no energetic connection to Gaia are not able to receive these supportive energies. They are not ascending…

As we enter the post pandemic world those ascending are filled with hope as an entirely new world opens up in all its splendor. Those not ascending are still living in fear…

I buried my dog Luci today and while sad, her ascension story is quite remarkable and may give insight and hope to those who read it. I function on the etheric planes and am quite comfortable there. My ascension posts reflect my own understandings of what is going on at the etheric level, a level that new age channelers simply can’t reach…

My wife and I got Luci about twelve years ago from Hart, the local animal shelter. But I would like to mention that about two weeks before we got her I dreamed about her and when we went to Hart to look for pets I recognized her. She was the last of litter that had been given to Hart and was all alone and shivering. We took her out to the kennel where she could run around a little. My wife was sitting in a chair that had been  provided when Luci came running and jumped up into her lap. It was obvious that we were her people.

We had Luci about one year when she got parvo. I was at work at the driving school when suddenly a very vivid image of Luci and me walking through the tall golden grass of the summer land came to me. I called home and Annie told me that Luci was very sick and needed to go to the vet. When we got her to the vet she was very grim and said that Luci had parvo and would die that evening if she didn’t do something. We didn’t even think about it and gave her the go ahead for a blood transfusion and intravenous food and water. It cost over $1,000 but she was family and the vet accepted payments.

For the next twelve years I was the one that fed Luci and took her for walks. She slept curled up beside me within my aura. When my wife and I separated Luci stayed with me although she loved visiting Annie.

I had a soul bond with Luci and she was often in my dreams where I was keeping her from getting into trouble. Sometimes I was holding her, other times she was on a long leash. Except for perhaps babies, it is very rare to dream about holding another life form. Especially for males…The leash in dreams was obviously an astral cord that connected us. I remember one dream where Luci and I were standing on the rooftop looking down at a UFO that had landed in our front yard and she was barking at it. I was holding her in my arms to keep her from getting in trouble.

About a month ago I had a dream that Luci was dead and I was shocked and quite upset. I have precognitive dreams and will dream about anything of significance before it happens. That is my proof that things happen in the astral before they happen in the physical. So I knew it was coming…but I dreaded it. She had gotten arthritis in her hips and was having trouble walking at times. Other times it was hard for her to jump up on her chair or on the bed.

Last Friday, Memorial Day Weekend, her hips suddenly gave out and she couldn’t walk on them any more. It was a long holiday weekend and the vet was closed. She couldn’t get up and didn’t want to eat anything or drink anything. For three days she didn’t even change position in her chair. She was subdued and slept a lot. Also loved it when I would sit with her.

I channel a lot of energy, etheric earth energy, and several times poured the healing energy into her and she soaked it up. But on the third day something strange happened…her etheric body became activated and I could sense it. It didn’t go any more good to send her energy because she had all she needed. She became very happy and excited. She tried to move around and was extremely alert even though her back legs wouldn’t work. I gave her small amounts of water but she still refused food. That’s when I noticed that she had a lot more energy and was feeling much better than those first days. Her etheric body was energizing her physical body and it was really noticeable! After four days without any food and very little water she had all kinds of energy and kept flopping into different positions and showing how happy and contented she was.

She had her fully activated etheric ascension body and wanted to be using it, but it was still attached to her physical body. I had been a wreck and my heart was being torn apart, but when I saw her etheric body I knew that she was alright and that she had ascended! And when I decided to take her to the vet to be put to sleep I knew that it was the right thing, it felt right. It was the same vet that had saved her life so many years ago.

I also remembered reading about the immortal physical body in one of Mantak Chia’s books. He said that the goal of the eastern spiritual practices was the birth of the immortal physical body or the permanent activation of the etheric body as we call it. The ancient masters said that once achieved one then needed to discard the physical body…That’s what I did for Luci today!

Then I buried her out on the farm where I grew up under an ancient tree where I want my ashes spread…

The next two weeks are very powerful as we are forced to grow up and deal with things in our lives like adults. This is according to the natural rythm and energy cycle of the year as know by the ancients.

I find it fascinating how true the old knowledge is and the old wisdom…yesterday was the new moon and for the next two weeks we are heading for the maturation phase or flowering period for all living things in the northern hemisphere.

So far this year we’ve gone through the gestation phase at the winter solstice; the birth phase at Imbolc;the childhood phase at Easter; the teenage phase during the last full moon at Beltaine or Wessak…now we become adults and enter into the adult world in preparation for this fall’s harvest.

What is going to manifest physically is already done in the astral planes and can no longer be altered. Events simply need to play themselves out.

Der Orchideengarten Vol 1, No. 1

I’ve just finished my latest project, the first issue of Der Orchideengarten Vol 1, no 1 which was published in 1919 in the German language. I’ve translated it and am republishing it through Lulu Press. It is the first in an entire series of old dark fantasy and science fiction.

Der Orchideengarten was the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine and has a definite place in history. This first issue contains stories by Rudolph Schneider, Paul Frank, Karl Hans Strobl, Max Rohrer, Victor Hugo and A.M. Frey. I have tried to keep it as authentic as possible keeping the original illustrations and art. I am hoping to translate and publish the entire series of forgotten stories and art.

This will only be available through Lulu publishing company at this link.


In this series exploring the energy dynamics of love relationships we distinguish between four types of energies and relationships:

The “Puppy Love” attraction in which we are caught up in who we think the other person is, not who they really are. This is very idealistic and impractical.

The second is the platonic relationship in which we are fascinated by the dreams of the other person and how they perceive the world so differently from ourselves.

In this video we begin the sharing of our deepest emotions and the beginning of the cycle is our desire to share our happiest emotions with someone else, that perfect someone. We create a space in our hearts for them and either wait for them to appear or actively try to seek them out.

The fourth, yet to be explored energy is the sensual/physical cycle where we try to manifest this relationship physically in the sensual world. That is yet to come…

It is becoming obvious that our society is becoming trancelike and highly suggestible to politically correct narrative. Mainly this is happening through modern technology which gently forces us to remain in slightly altered states of awareness where we are more vulnerable to suggestion.

Then we are subjected to the politically correct narrative over and over from every available media source…

Is this something that can be prevented or is there some way to protect ourselves from this insidious encroachment on our free will? The answers may well surprise you…