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Contact Zero
Contact Zero is an international intelligence and peacemaking agency



The Summer Solstice brings enthronement for those that have earned it. It means the beginning of a new and enhanced life. For me this means something very unexpected as I’ve discovered how to have fun! Most of my life has been a struggle and I’ve never really taken the time to stop and just have fun, particularly with other people. Now that seems to be the new direction as I explore the fascinating world of online gaming and make comparisons between these games and the astral worlds and the traditional mysteries. It’s my contention that games like the Elder Scrolls Online are teaching the new messages that a new humanity needs to hear!

Massive energy changes now in effect are making us let go of things so that we can make new beginnings in our lives. This is a good thing and a powerful thing if we can go with the flow and embrace new opportunities as they arise.