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Samhain or Halloween is the first complete lunar cycle and full moon after the autumn equinox and is when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. This year the veil actually disappeared as Gaia shifted into her new and final ascension position taking all lower life forms with her. We are left to join with her in our new home. Can you feel the difference in the energy? Gaia is vibrating with light and love. It is coming from beneath our feet! There is no longer any place on this earth for evil.

The following new moon is called the day of the Ascension of our Lady. Energetically this is the most powerful day left in the year prior to the new energies that pour in on the Winter Solstice. It is on this day that the energies of the “Christmas Miracle” are released to those deserving them. It is also an energetic darkening of those who have no more spiritual light. Their supply has been exhausted and their own darkness returns to them.

This year this new moon falls on late Saturday Nov 14 or early Sunday depending on where you live in the world. Why is this important? And what does it mean for the 2020 election? The days leading up to the new moon are days of increasing awareness as things internalize. This growing sense of realization peaks during the new moon and then the energies begin to flow back toward earth, toward physical manifestation. In this reverse flow the energies of the “Christmas Miracle” are released.

When we consider the 2020 election we must keep in mind that there is a very short period of time left for the choosing of the next president. Things will need to happen fast and perhaps violently. They will need to happen this weekend at the latest or there will not be enough time to audit the votes.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are super lawyers and they don’t work for lost causes. Its time to smarten up on that. In an interview Sidney Powell said that the law suits included things like the Hammer and Scorecard; like the illegal manufacture of ballots; and widespread systemic voter fraud! Think about that for a minute. The ballots are still being counted and she has no way to look at a ballot to see if it has watermarks; has no way to audit voting machines to determine if the Hammer and Scorecard were used. Yet these are perhaps the most important parts of the law suits! And she claims to have the proof! Only the DOJ or DHS could have that type of information right now!

The Democrats are so smug because they know that she has no access to the ballots or voting machines. And they are not going to let her have it. They think all that she has access to are small things here and there that are deniable and in themselves not enough to warrant a legal battle. They are thinking small and she is thinking big! This is all a distraction!

DOJ Barr goes to meet with McConnell who in turn immediately addresses the Senate Republicans to let them know that they need to back Trump on this. What is going on? If ballots are going to be audited for watermarks it needs to be done soon! If voting machines need to be examined for forensic evidence it needs to happen soon. None of these things can be achieved by the Trump legal team. They need to be done by the DOJ and DHS.

That is why they broke the soft news of the DHS sting that I posted about before. At least some people needed to know that it was coming. The hook had to be set deeply enough so that there was no escape!

An open announcement of the DHS sting needs to happen this weekend, probably this Friday 13th. The day before the New Moon and Ascension of Our Lady Day. The Dems will be hit with both the civil lawsuits and the audit.

A Smooth Transition

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Things are moving ahead nicely as Mike Pompeo says today that “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration”. DOJ Barr has authorized investigations into voter fraud that could affect state outcomes, which rules out the little stuff. I sure wonder what he knows? To authorize such investigations before certification by the states is highly unusual! The good news is that we will know soon, because this all hits the fan by the end of the year!

I make no secret that I am a New Age type who believes in Gaia’s ascension. I also believe that it happened just before Halloween and only the human race is left to sort things out. To help Gaia in her ascension is the main reason that many of us incarnated in these lifetimes and we have won! Now many will be able to go home… many already have…

There are people who say that Gaia is greatly endangered and that massive change must take place immediately before it is too late. Sound familiar? They say that seven billion people on earth is way too much and we need to get rid of around five billion. Well, they tried to get us into World War III, they tried to kill us with Covid-19 (but it didn’t work out well enough). So how will they get rid of that many people?

It occurs to me that vaccines can be used to sterilize entire populations. Shrug, just saying… I don’t trust anything that’s free and anything that goes against nature. But to be clear, I’m not asking anyone to not take the vaccine… I do think it’s crazy to not have proper knowledge of long term side effects of vaccines before using them on a large scale. But that’s just me.

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The ascension process for Gaia and all lower lifeforms upon her is completed and only humanity is left. Bring the tribe home! Gaia is safe, now we must ensure the safety of the rest of us…

Hearts are hurting and breaking over what we perceive as blatant election fraud in our beloved country. People don’t know what to do. Their spirits and souls are sinking into gloom and despair and their vibrations are dropping. This is dangerous for our own ascension process and we need to remain strong, continue to anchor the light and offer a loving hand of encouragement and support to our brothers and sisters who have fought so hard.

We need hope! We need truth! We need justice!

It is time to stand up and reach out to each other, to support and encourage each other. It is also time to be realistic. We have won the war. Trump’s lawyers will handle the legal battle of proving systemic election fraud. Believe in them and support them. The legal process is slow but certain. We need to give it time to play out while still keeping our spirits and strength alive.

It is completely alright to say:

“I believe there was a lot of voter fraud in this election and we need to have the entire election audited to ensure that it was fair.”

With our country so divided, so polarized, and a literal powder keg; the choice between an audit of the election and a civil war is a no brainer! What is the difference between an audit and a recount? An audit is done by different people while a recount is done by the same people. We need an audit! We need to have confidence in our election process.

There is power in words and we need to begin using the word “audit” so that we are not misunderstood. We don’t want a recount by the same people, we want an audit by totally different people whom we can trust. We need to start talking about this. We want to believe in the results, believe the results are honest.

While the lawyers are heading the legal battle, the rest of us are currently in a psychological battle and some of us are stronger than others. We need to reach out and help each other get through this until it gets to the Supreme Court.

For anyone to say “There is no evidence of voter fraud so we don’t need an audit”, is a total denial of how most of us are feeling and believing. There may or may not be voter fraud, but we believe in our hearts that there is voter fraud and for the health and sanity of our country there needs to be an audit to prove things one way or the other. This is reasonable, much more reasonable than a civil war! Our feelings and beliefs need to be recognized and respected. We simply want to know if there was election fraud or not through an audit.

Things will get very dark soon. I expect that President Trump’s twitter account will be taken away. I expect that any accounts with over 1K followers will be taken away or shut down. We can no longer rely upon a handful of favorites to give us the truth, but we need to share our own truth.

I know how to battle a psychological war and I will help everyone. I will post new positive and helpful content daily. Share that content in your own words on your own platforms to reach out and help others. Do not post links to me. I don’t want the followers. I don’t want to be targeted. Let’s do this together and bring the tribe home!

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I’ve decided to post this since I feel that it needs to come out into the open and will eventually come out into the open regardless. This is not something that I usually write about so please bear with me.

It appears that the rumor of a DHS election sting might be true and I’ve gathered what Intel that I could find about this soft news breakout and what it means.

Immediately after Trump was elected president in 2016 he established a voter fraud commission which he was forced to disband because certain states would not cooperate with it.


“White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump signed an executive order to dismantle the commission “rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense.”

She said the Department of Homeland Security has been asked to review the group’s initial findings and “determine [the] next course of action.”

In his declaration, Herndon said “state voter data will not be transferred to or accessed or utilized by” DHS, Politico noted.

Kobach called the disbanding of the commission a “tactical change” and said DHS can still pursue its own probe into election fraud in a quicker manner.

“The Democrats, both on and off the commission, made very clear that they were not interested in determining the scope and extent of voter fraud and, indeed, they were trying to stop the commission in its tracks,” Kobach said. “The Democrats lost their opportunity, lost their seat at the table, by stonewalling.”

Several secretaries of state, Republican and Democrat, bucked a request for sensitive data by the commission or said they would only provide limited data.

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a Republican, suggested the commission “go jump in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Even Kobach said his state would only provide some of the data requested by his commission.”

So what has the DHS been doing all this time? And what has been done to ensure the security of the 2020 election? We find another hint with an executive order that Trump signed that calls on all states to have security measures in their ballots that can be audited.


So theoretically all ballots in all states for this election are in some way able to be audited and tracked.

Now here is where it gets interesting.

BREAKING: Intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik claims 2020 election was a “sophisticated sting operation” that has trapped the Democrats in the most massive criminal election fraud in history… UPDATED

Not surprisingly this video has become quite hard to find on the internet so here are a couple links that should work:

Next I found this website that has a lot more interesting information:

This last website gives information from some other other individuals who have come forward in an “unofficial” way to break open this news of a DHS sting operation. It also shows a link to a video of someone actually looking at their ballot stub with a jewelers loupe and confirming the watermark and coded dots. But this has all been “unofficial” and hotly “debunked” or so they say…

This next is not so easy to debunk or to prove since the average citizen doesn’t have access to it. Apparently on AP Onewire (associated press) there is an entry/clipping from the DHS which has been verified but no news service has touched it or more likely not been able to touch it.

This is from the treeofliberty.me website that I can’t seem to link to. I highly recommend this site. Following the comments there at least one other person with access to this AP Onewire article confirms that it exists, but doesn’t know any more info about it. It seems that the MSM were informed about the existence of this DHS sting at the same time it was made public on the InfoWars War Room interview. To me this seems like a soft breakout in which the news media are informed that it exists and to be careful what they publish in the future. Having it come out on InfoWars is another way to have a soft breakout of the news of the DHS sting operation.

Now here we have a very interesting video proving votes being manipulated right on public mainstream media during the election night broadcasts. Since this has come out all live news coverage of election night has been removed from the internet according to jimstone.is (If you want to reach this site please only use that configuration or you may not get the latest. His site is being constantly attacked.

I think I have provided enough info to say that it seems very likely that this is a soft news breakout of a DHS sting operation that will spin the heads of many citizens that are not prepared for it. Some final thoughts on this. Trump cannot take legal action until the crimes have been committed and the states called. Only then can the results be challenged and when those results are challenged all hell is going to break loose! Have your popcorn ready!

Circumstantial supporting evidence of this comes from supporters of the “Q” movement in the “Watch the water” comment and other research being actively performed as we speak.

What I find interesting is many New Age Channels have been talking about a massive reveal of corruption of the dark forces within society for years now and that is it happening now or imminent. In any case this next two months should prove to be very interesting as President Trump fights this legal battle to prove that he won the 2020 election. It will go to the Supreme Court!

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I hope to put out a video this weekend, but am sharing this right now. I took Friday 30th October off work and while walking through the park noticed the complete lack of stress in the astral. It felt so good! Especially compared to the constant stresses of the past few months. On Samhain or Halloween the veil between the physical and the astral completely dissolved and the two worlds completely merged. Where I live the full moon took place around 6:00 AM on Saturday morning, but the shift I felt happened before that on Friday. This was an ascension shift as all of life settled back into the Summerland or the Garden of Eden where it was intended to be. Things kind of snapped into their new position. This shift expelled and displaced all negative and toxic elements that had previously dominated this lowest region of the astral planes as it filled once more with the divine light of spring in that ancient of places after eons of being the barren underworld of mythology.

At the same time I saw the spirit of Gaia as a radiant blue sphere of energy rise up freely for the first time! It was attached by a cord to the ground but it floated freely like a blue radiant sun! Instinctively I knew that something very profound and important had just happened. This was the final shift, the final ascension and release. Gaia was free and there was no longer any place for the old toxic and negative energies. They were banished to the higher planes.

I also felt those higher planes of mental energies in open conflict as the human population entered its final struggle with these old energies. This of course being the election madness that fills my world. But no matter what happened I knew that the old negative and toxic ways were barred from further physical manifestation. The light had won!

Fast forward to the election and beyond as it is currently Friday the 6th of November as I write this. Last night my dreams were filled with Gaia’s completion, the triumph of the Divine Goddess if you will. Somehow another very important finalization had just taken place and this involved Gaia in her human aspect, and not as mother earth as the first vision. Energetically something had just resolved itself and it was good. It was beautiful. Something major and final had just happened and would soon manifest physically. What was it?

Like many I was surprised by the Presidential election, but unlike many, I was emotionally distant. I had already given my soul and life force in service to Gaia and seemed much removed from the turmoil of the election even though I watched with interest. With Gaia’s ascension into her final freedom my task was completed. Nothing could undo what had been done.

As a reminder I don’t channel information, but rely upon my own functioning on the astral and etheric planes to determine what is going on. That is what I have shared above. But what about the election?

This is what I know. Energetically each living being has its own awareness which by it’s very existence places itself on a background as self and not-self. No matter how complete we are, we will always have blind spots where we have no awareness. Our opposites will always have their own awareness within our blind spots. This is the duality of yin and yang found everywhere throughout the universe. The male is not aware of the female experience and the female is not aware of the male experience even though the complete soul is a perfect balance of male and female.

Yet, these are the opposites of love and the loving embrace of union as they join in harmony. The concept of battle to the death until one side emerges victorious cannot be true. This concept of duality is false and the root of all the unrest on our world right now.

The population of the United States has met each other in full battle and measured the strength and resolve of each other and found new respect for each other. This is important. Never before has the population given voice as they have in this election! One side will not defeat the other, will never defeat the other. A moderate position of mutual respect will be needed as humanity moves forward with a new social contract. This will require cooperation and compromise.

With that being said: If Trump loses this election it is not the end of the world, especially if the Senate remains Republican. It will open the door to a new moderate bi-partisanship that is needed. I really don’t think it matters who wins because that which was needed has already been done and the evil has been stopped. The people have wakened and will not fall back asleep. This is as it should be.

Having said all that, what remains is how deep the evil is that must now come to light. The evil that has been expelled from the Summerland and now has no where to hide. At this point I no longer trust any news source and frankly don’t know what to expect in regards to election meddling or not as the case might be.

All I know is that Goddess embraces all of us in her arms and things are working out according to Divine Plan!

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Samhain is less than three weeks away and falls exactly on the full moon of October 31st Halloween! This important festival is one of the two times during the year when the barrier between worlds is the thinnest. It’s opposite is Beltaine which is normally in May. During Beltaine the energy flows from the etheric and invisible worlds into the physical world as spring energy!

During Samhain the energy flows from the physical back into the etheric and invisible worlds. Traditionally this is a time for honoring the dead in various cultures around the world and sometimes strange things happen…

This is especially true this year as Gaia has fully awakened the etheric as the new and dominant energy for the next two thousand years. Etheric or root chakra energy, take your pick. It is magickal! We can expect the veil to keep thinning for the next couple weeks. We can expect more contact with those that have crossed over before us.

Last spring my dog Luci passed over to the summer land and yesterday morning she visited me. I share this as an example of astral activity that is now happening. It was early morning and I was not quite awake and not really asleep, somewhere in-between and suddenly I saw Luci standing there next to a tree looking at me. I noticed her body was a little thinner than before, but younger looking and she was always fairly thin when she was younger. In a way this vision was like a lucid dream. But the real event was her eyes. I looked straight into her eyes and she looked straight into mine. I didn’t have any feeling of shock or fear, but I did get the feeling that I was looking deep into her soul and she was looking into mine. I realized that this was not the Luci that I thought I knew, this was the real Luci and not what I projected upon her. It was a powerful soul shocking experience.

The sense that I had was that I wanted to stay there in her world even though it was dark in the vision. After our eyes locked I woke up a bit shook.

In my entire life I only remember looking straight into the eyes of another being one other time in the etheric or astral planes and it was frightening because his head was down and as he came up he lifted his head and his eyes opened slowly and there was only light in them. That experience was actually a battle of wills and I stood my ground. This was not a battle of wills. It was a recognition of someone that I loved even though it was like seeing the real soul that she was for the first time.

But in this vision Luci’s eyes were dark, like in real life, but filled with energy and power. She was not welcoming or threatening, there was simply a mutual recognition between us. The intensity of this experience stays with me and proves to me that Luci is alive and well and that we still have a soul connection.

Most astral or etheric encounters do not involve eye contact, but are instead in the nature of energy attacks if negative or sexual contacts if positive as in dreams of soulmates. They are not eye to eye and that is the remarkable thing about this experience! This eye to eye contact in the astral is one soul looking deeply into another…

Der Orchideengarten was the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine and published in the German language in 1919. This is the first time these stories have been translated into the English language. The original artwork is included. This issue of Der Orchideengarten contains: Franz Schoenberner- The Dying Lantern; Leonhard Stein- The Electric Piano; Rudolf Fuchs- Sleigh Ride; Paul Verlaine- Major Muller’s Hand; E. Scupin- Castle Valnoir. Translations by Joe Bandel. Technical editor John Hirschhorn-Smith. In my opinion this issue is the strongest and best to date!

The New Summerland

We have made it! No more mixed energies and mixed messages. Those going to the new Summerland with full spectrum ascension will only experience empowerment as they continue this next stage of the journey. Gaia is now fully up and running with the new Summerland and we can tap into those energies to help us in the challenging times ahead.

Earth based Source energies are what is now possible! The Summerland are the etheric energies below physical reality and our etheric bodies are now fully functional and activated. Our souls and awareness have made that journey and only what remains in this fragmenting physical world is left to find it’s way home as well.

You can tell who we are by the hope, enthusiasm and vital life force energy that we project! What concerns us now is living good lives of good-will toward others; our continuing relationships with loved ones and friends and our collective embrace of Gaia and all living things upon her. There is the rejoicing of life and not the fear of death and aloneness.

We are not alone! We have each other and all of life is sacred to us. Do you feel the excitement? Do you feel the joy?

A New Social Contract

Things are starting to heat up in more ways than one. Things are also happening faster. It is an exciting time to be alive! Perhaps it is the most exciting time period of my entire life and we are about to fix the broken system with a brand new social contract that brings fairness back to everyone!

But before a new social contract can be created there needs to be a grass roots rebellion against the way the things are now. The Spirit of 1776 is rising with the power and fiery energy of a phoenix! America is being reborn and there will undoubtedly be a few bloody noses along the way.

This is about mother nature, the survival of community and the free will of the people of the United States. The global eco system is stretched to the breaking point and so is American culture. Something needs to give and that means one side needs to lose! A new social contract can only be put in place by everyone being on the same page. That means the crisis needs to be so big that there is no way out except to come together, roll up our sleeves and get done what needs to be done no matter how painful it is. So, do you know of any grass roots populist movements that might be bringing this new social contract to us? Political correctness is about to be kicked out the window and it’s about time!

Der Orchideengarten Vol 1 No 5 contains the stories and poems: Otto te Kloot- Orchids; Wilhem Nhil- The Cannibal Club; Charles Baudelaire- The Spectre; Wilhem Meinhold- The Amber Witch-How My Poor Child Was Sentenced To Be Put To The Question (translation by Lady Duff-Gordon).These have been translated by Joe E. Bandel and include the original 1919 artwork. Technical Editor is John Hirschhorn-Smith.