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As I settle into New Gaia I find myself becoming more radical in some ways. With Gaia’s ascension we all fall into three groups, one group of souls will be expelled with the death of the physical body, Social Enforcers (Galactic Federation) and end up in 5th density (mental energy). One group (Rational Atheists) will reincarnate as the New Humans allowed to live upon Gaia but expelled from the Garden of Eden. (Orion Group) And the third group (Organic Gnostics) will be living multi-dimensionally a full spectrum existence as the New Elves. (A Gaia oriented and magickal new race in deep contact with Gaia) This will happen as we drop our current physical bodies and function in our etheric bodies that potentially can exist in all levels of the energetic spectrum including the physical. The etheric levels are below the physical but include the physical.

Traditionally dropping our current physical bodies is called passing over or “crossing the river Styx”. We have all ascended as far as we are going to, all three groups. Gaia is now BOSS and in control of all things that happen 4th density and below. She will ensure the sacredness and survival of all life upon her surface. That requires a balance of the circle of life/eco system. Humanity no longer has a say in this. Things are happening upon the etheric levels, not the higher levels. The beginning of a new cycle always begins at the lowest levels. This is the level of the root chakra and pure vital life energies of survival itself. The things that happen in our world from this point on are going to be about survival! The survival of all life, and humanity is no longer special! There is a level playing field and every species needs to learn how to co-exist with all the other life forms in a cooperative UNITY! This has never happened before and is the nature of the “New Game” that has been created.

Previous to this all ascending species did so at the expense of their home planet. They ascended but all life on their planet died. That is why you can essentially call our space brothers and sisters “ghosts” who are irresistibly attracted to our planet which is teeming with life. Ghosts are attracted to the living!

This is the first time an entire planet with all of its life has ascended and it changes everything! This has never been done before and it required all life upon Gaia to each play their own part; and collectively we did! This was never just about the human race. It was about all life and the New Elves are the only ones who really get that! Everyone else is about “The Human Race, The Human Race”. We are no longer interested in that Hierarchial game. All of life is sacred. Every species is sacred.

So everything is now set in place and active. The gridlock within the human race is there for a reason. Those who currently pollute the human race are old and will soon be crossing the river Styx. The power structure of our current world is a geriatric power structure of old people trying to hold onto power as they slowly die. As they slowly become extinct. As one by one they all cross that great river, and it will all happen within a life time!

So, which group do you belong to? This blog is for those New Elves that are creating a new Garden of Eden upon Gaia. There will be no space brothers and sisters in it. They are forbidden. I am no longer going to waste time on them, and no longer going to waste time on the New Humans. We Organic Gnostics have already walked that soul path and graduated. We have integrated our Lower and Higher Selves and exist within the two way current that flows between SOURCE and Gaia.

My blog posts are going to focus on Organic Gnostics and how we can live in this new world as those who have polluted it grow old and cross the river Styx. I’m almost 64 (in April) but my etheric (and all other energy bodies) body is strong and permanently activated. All that is left is the dropping of this old physical body (or perhaps I will be one of the few who can rejuvenate it?) and crossing that great river. Talk about a great adventure!

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Things are really getting interesting and I would like to share what I sense happening so far. Gaia has ascended or rather the element Hydrogen has ascended within Gaia which has permanently created a full spectrum veil between the lower densities and 5th density or the realms of mental energy. What this means is that essentially there are two versions of Gaia now. One has full spectrum life and the other only consists of 5th density and higher. All of the other elements (118 of them total) while not locked in, have very little wiggle room because the full spectrum itself has been established. The Galactic Federation cannot cross this line and all contact with them, if you can contact them (I can’t) will be through channeling. ( Mental Energy) These channelings will support the transition of our Galactic Federation space brothers and sisters to their ascended home in 5th density. They are on their way out! They do not have the genetic DNA requirement to exist in New Gaia. These space brothers and sisters will ascend through the death of their physical bodies and they already have their ascension bodies so there is only a waiting game. They no longer partake of the lower levels. In past posts I’ve written about these people as Social Enforcers. These souls are not comfortable in physical bodies and want to go back home.

Based upon my limited attempts to contact the Orion Group, they possess the genetic DNA requirement to access Gaia’s lower levels, but the reptile brain cannot function in the higher vibrations. It has been genetically overwritten in Gaia’s DNA. The Order and Gaia’s Guardians are what maintain the phase locked positive vibrations that are essentially pushing them out. It is the Orion Group that is massively working with the manipulation of time travel by altering the past that is currently slowing the ascension process. But Gaia’s Guardians, members of the Order are also manipulating timelines to continue raising the vibrations within the present moment and within the past! The Akashic Records are ascending! Those space brothers and sisters of the Orion Group currently in physical bodies will probably reincarnate back in physical bodies which genetically have the reptile brain overwritten so that they can experience true full spectrum life for the first time. Previously they had trouble with emotions and the heart energies. I’ve written about these people as Rational Atheists. They are infected with technology and AI influences and are not open to the spiritual side of things which is why they have trouble with Gaia’s new high vibrations.

The Organic Gnostics are those of us who have been here from Gaia’s beginning, evolving with her. We are guardians of Gaia and of all life upon her. We are members of the Order. Our first wave has already ascended and the second wave is in preparation. We believe in the ascension of all living things upon Gaia and full spectrum ascension. None are left behind.

My daily portal meditations show that Gaia is doing pretty well right now at purging all negativity and toxins. New negativity and toxins are created every day, but there is no longer a back log that is too large to cope with. She is doing well and on track.

What people don’t realize is that Gaia IS BOSS 4th density and below. She directs the activity of the lower levels to ensure THE CONTINUATION OF LIFE UPON HER SURFACE! It no longer matters what happens 5th density and above, she calls the shots at the lower levels and she is working for all of life, not just the human race. Her Guardians and members of the Order serve her and are able to work on her behalf in the higher levels as well. We work on all levels to ensure the sanctity of all life!

Those Organic Gnostics working toward ascension can activate and strengthen the energy centers of the body through daily practice of portal meditations. This also works to integrate the different aspects of the soul and gives experience with energy work. Keeping the spine healthy and flexible helps with this as well.

Lastly, look at the image I used in this post. It is of an angel lifting the dark clouds to reveal the dawning of a bright new day. In portal meditations this is what we do to lift the negativity and toxins into the Spiritual Light to release them and turn them over to a Higher Power. This is true magick and you can do this! This is what you do!

I have just added links to some of the best portal meditations in the upper right sidebar. Feel free to use them!

I recently made a meditation designed to contact the Galactic Federation and in the context of a portal working no contact was possible. It seemed as if an impenetrable veil existed across the entire spectrum of energies preventing this contact. I was not that surprised since I knew these space brothers and sisters lacked the lower level DNA for full spectrum ascension and contact. They are 5th density beings existing as thought energy with no physical or etheric bodies.

I assumed that this was true for the Orion Group as well and was not eager to pursue it any further. I have had many astral clashes with reptilian entities over the years. But I enjoy creating new portal meditations and was about to do a remote viewing meditation when something prompted me to do this one instead. Now I have not sat down and listened to it as a meditation and while creating a portal meditation the experience is not the same as just listening to it because I need to multitask when recording it. But some interesting things happened. First, no contact was established, but a wormhole type structure appeared and there was no veil as what blocked me from contact with the Galactic Federation. If this wormhole persists in future meditations I look forward to going down it and exploring where it leads.

My first impression is that the Orion Group has been pushed out of Gaia by the increase in her vibrations, and while they might not be able to come to us, perhaps we can go to them! That is what I intend to find out. I listened to the other meditation over six times without any contact and will give this one that many as well. I will let everyone know what happens. But what I can say is that energetically there is no full spectrum veil separating us from the Orion Group.

I find this interesting because as defenders and guardians of Gaia our allegiance is to all living things upon Gaia and the entire balance and circle of life. It is not especially focused on humanity. Perhaps we have more in common with the Orion Group than I thought? After all, we do have a reptilian brain that is gradually evolving through this ascension process.

Der Orchideengarten is the world’s first illustrated fantasy magazine and was published in the German language in 1919. This is the first time it has been published in the English language with the original artwork. Stories and poems include: “No One and Everyone” by Oskar Maria Graf; “The Wake” by Apuleius; “The Suicide” by Klarbund; “The Gray Mill” by H. Steinitzer; “The Head of the Condemned” by Alexander Dumas; “The Balcony” by Max Rohrer; “A Dream” by Will Scheller. Translations by Joe E. Bandel and layout by John Hirschhorn-Smith.

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Look around you at your physical environment. What have you surrounded yourself with? What strengths and weaknesses have you acquired? The collective part of this ascension process is over! From this point on everyone is on their own! This is a new earth with new rules and to be successful we all have to learn the new rules.

Our environments have crystalized around us and to change anything will require much more effort and energy than it ever did in the old world. Things have not gotten any easier, but have gotten more difficult. This needs to be said and said plainly and clearly. The new game is more difficult than the old game, but it does not contain the extremes of the old game. That means more people and souls will be able to succeed at this new game, but the cost is that it requires more individual effort and personal energy than before. Your personal environment will not easily change! The game has been made easier to play, but more difficult to win. Many will become trapped within their current circumstances, unable to find their way out.

The old game used collective energy for personal empowerment. That no longer works. But there is a different form of collective energy that replaces the old collective energy and it is the secret to being successful in the new game. When you do a portal meditation you are merging into a collective UNITY energy field between Gaia and SOURCE. Not only that but your energy is merging with the collective energy of other souls that are in the circle doing the meditation with you. This all happens in the present moment. Let me say this another way. Portal Energy is the new collective energy in the new game that we are now playing. If you want to manipulate or create a new reality for yourself and alter the circumstances that have crystalized around you, then you need to develop the ability to use Portal Energy! Portal Energy is the only energy that is strong enough to magically alter that which we have crystalized around us.

I’ve been doing portal meditations twice a day now for a couple weeks ( as opposed to one portal meditation and one pathworking meditation) and I realized just how active and powerful my chakra centers really were, especially the heart center. As I lifted the energies up to Source to purge them of toxins and negativity I realized that I was extruding enormous amounts of astral substance/energy. That raising and lifting up of energy was in a way quite similar to astral projection except my awareness remained within my physical body, but my awareness was also reaching up to Source at the same time. It was the mind split in action. I realized that I have been doing a type of mental/astral projection at will for years! It was just so integrated into my core that it was seamless and happened so smoothly I took it for granted.

Why do a portal meditation twice a day? Once in the morning and once in the evening. The astral resists change and will absorb energy without making any alterations if it can. One can say that the astral ingests and digests the energy generated by our physical bodies. Only strong physical effort and exertion or tapping directly into Portal Energy provide a strong enough energy spike to work directly and creatively with the astral substance to change our environment on all levels of reality. Doing this once a day is very good and will lead to gradual results, but doing it twice a day is optimal in getting results and in the development of the soul. More than twice a day is a waste of time. This is what is behind the secret of morning and evening prayers in various spiritual traditions around the world.

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Think of this as a political statement! This describes the type of society that I see our world turning into and I don’t like it! This is a story that I have translated for Der Orchideengarten #8. It might give some of you an insight into our current world and whether we choose to live in such a world.

The Head of the Condemned

From the story by Alexander Dumas (1802-1870) and retold by E. Boyer von Berghof (with four drawings by Paul Humpoletz)

Mr. Ledru drew from his memories:

It was in May 1793. A wonderful spring day, followed by an equally beautiful spring night, and I had been on a trip. I returned home late. The full moon bathed the streets of Paris in a pale light, the shadows cast by the streetlights trembled eerily. In the distance, fading away, like the howl of a hungry jackal, came the sound of a plaintive dog. Revolutionary enthusiasm asserted itself in the back-and-forth exchange of a few gun shots.

Then, cutting through the silence of Taranna Square, which I was slowly passing through, came the cry for help of a frightened woman. And walking more quickly towards Rue Tournon I noticed a woman who was resisting arrest by a patrol of Sansculottens. She had scarcely seen me when she turned towards me with folded and uplifted hands:

“Ah, Mr. Albert! There is a man I know, and he will certainly confirm that I am Solange, the daughter of mother Ledieu. Right?”

And in the same moment she had seized my right hand and feverishly clutched me. Hot fear trembled all over her body, which I felt through the coarse calico that defaced her figure. But her fingers were refined and soft.

“The daughter of mother Ledieu, so you say. You don’t have a citizen card, so march to the main guard post, my dear!”

Again, that desperate pressure on my arm. I understood.

“It is you, my poor Solange,” I said quickly, “what happened to you?”

“Now, do you see, gentlemen?” Her figure calmed itself.

“It seems to us that you could do better by saying citizen!”

“Excuse me, citizen Sergeant,” replied the young girl, “it’s not my fault, but that of my mother’s profession which has given me the bad manners of the noble pack, which we had to give up, but are not yet used to. But I want to break the habit, be more diligent.”

The ironic tone of her last words escaped the leader of the Sansculottes, who smelled strongly of brandy.

“I was carrying laundry for my mother, Mr. Albert.” She spoke to me bravely. “And I was late, so without thinking, I forgot my ID card at home.”

“Will you vouch for me, citizen . . . Albert?”

“Certainly! Is that enough?”

“No. Because first: who will vouch for you? Do you have an ID card, Sir?”

“Danton! Is that enough?”

“If Danton vouches for you, then that is enough. How and where will you get his testimony?”

“In the Cordeliers Club. Follow me there.”

And we went to the Rue de l ’Observance, in which the Cordeliers Club held its nightly meetings in an old Franciscan monastery. I quickly tore out a piece of paper from my pocket, took pen in hand and wrote a few words on it.

Danton, agitated by the debates at the meeting, worried about me and rushed from the hall.

“Yes, friend Ledru, and here you are, under suspicion of being a conspirator or even a royalist? No, no, brave citizens, I vouch for my friend here. It that good enough for you, citizen Sergeant?”

“It is good that you vouch for him. But for her too?”

The henchman’s stubbornness sounded clearly in his question.

“For her? Which one?”

“Here, this one here!”

“For him, for her, for everyone, that is around him!”

“I thank you citizen Danton and am happy to have seen you. Just continue as before with your work for the welfare of the people. The people will bless you!”

“The people . . . well yes! So be it. Your hand, good sergeant!”

“Long live Danton,” cried the patrol enthusiastically, before leaving.

I wanted to thank Danton, but he was urgently needed in the club and went back inside.

“Madam,” I spoke to the one who called herself Solange. Where may I now take you?”

“Where else but to mother Ledieu, Rue Ferou 24.”

We hardly spoke a word the entire way. A drunk moaned through Rue des Fossés, formerly Monsieur le Prince, and we took another way via Rue du Petit Lion. She skipped along next to me, and I found leisure to observe her. She had to be around 22 years old. A brunette with a peach complexion, expressive large eyes, a fine straight nose and a somewhat mocking mouth. Her feet and hands were like those of a queen. I understood how she would attract suspicion dressed as she was. As we reached number 24, she stopped, to say goodbye.

“Miss Solange, may I see you again?”

“What for and why?”

“Are you an aristocrat?”

“Not a trace. I told you, who I was. Solange Ledieu.”

“You are no more Solange Ledieu, than I am named Albert. Felix Ledru is my name . . . If you insist on not telling me your name fine. But it is really for your own good, that I asked for your name. What happened to you today, can happen to you tomorrow or next week with a worse outcome. I am not a spy for the police, I want to help you.”

“What kind of guarantee do I have that I can trust you?”

“Your own heart must tell you that.”

She looked at me searchingly for a while. Then she said, much more gently, almost humbly:

“I could use a friend like you pretend to be or want to become. But not for myself, for my father.”

“When can I see you again?”

“Tomorrow at this time, here on the street. As soon as I see you from the window, I’ll hurry down.”

“So, tomorrow around 10 o’clock. Solange.” —

The door fell shut, the key locked, I went on alone.

The next day I brought Solange an ID. That calmed her initial mistrust and she confided in me that she had spoken with her father. I shared with her how I thought he could be saved. He must get out of Paris, out of France, and travel to England. And she should follow him shortly. But there was no time to lose, because General Marceau, the person I had gone to for this favor, was departing for the Kleber army the next evening. He would take good care of the notorious outlaw. Solange decided to take me to him that same evening. First, she had me wait on the corner of the former Hotel Mậtignon and spoke again with her father alone. Then she picked me up. Opposite the Hotel Mortemart rose an inconspicuous house, whose door she opened with her little key. Carefully she once more locked the door and led me up to the second floor.

Both of our shadows fell on the narrow balustrade that ran around the building, encircling the courtyard. Like the tight outline of two lovers embracing each other, I thought. A tomcat sang his horrible love song. A man of about fifty in workman’s clothes welcomed me. But his manner of speaking told me immediately that he was foolishly dressed.

I told him everything, including that Marceau intended to take him along as his secretary. Yet he did not want to travel without his daughter. It was only after I told him how impossible it was for them both to travel together, that it would endanger both of their lives, that he finally gave in. I promised him that I would send Solange as quickly as possible. — On the next evening the stranger was happily traveling with Marceaus’ entourage. — — By the day after that we knew the father was out of all danger. Solange’s joy was indescribable. That evening she confessed her love for me. But this love was her downfall. Because instead of leaving, she stayed with me in Paris.

I found her a job as a substitute teacher in a girl’s school, so she would be safe from the revolutionary police that were searching for her. She herself moved into Rue Taranne, and every Sunday and Thursday the poor attic, with its four crooked walls hid an indescribably rich life of love and happiness.

Four months passed. I had surrendered myself to a very peculiar study. A study of the death of the murdered. But not out of an unnatural pleasure and sickness of my emotional life, but out of a sense of being humane. I imagined that if a person were to be murdered, it would be much better to be beheaded than to hang. Many who wanted to hang, were sentenced to beheading and described the sensation which they envisioned. They described it as a sudden shocking blow. Like a deeper sleep, without any pain. First there was a tugging and tearing through all the limbs, but only for a second. Then a blue flame flickered before the eyes and one fell asleep.

We were in the time of common executions. No one had any rule over the other, even Danton had to finally accept it. They guillotined 30-40 people a day, and the blood on the scaffold began to create an eerie puddle. A pond of gruesome color and import.

They dug a trench around the scaffold three feet deep and covered it with boards. That was necessary because once an 8 or 10 year old boy was climbing around and fell into the hideous pit.

I was continuing my propaganda work, that the abolition of the death penalty was necessary through the proof of the existence of life after the execution. Yes, I advanced my experiments by means of galvanism and electricity.

The government put the Clamart cemetery at my disposal and made available to me all the bodies and heads of the executed. I established a laboratory in a small chapel, in a corner of the cemetery. An electrical generator and four so-called laborers helped me with my horrifying work. Around five o’clock in the afternoon a new batch of corpses always arrived. The corpses lay, covered with raw burlap, on the filthy, blood stained and dripping red cart. The heads were placed together in a common sack. I usually took out one or two heads and as many bodies. I gave back the rest. My brothers assisted me in my research.

My love for Solange, to whom I had told nothing of my vocation, grew from day to day. She often received letters from her father who kept warning her to come to him in England. But out of love for me she kept putting off her departure day after day. I often thought of simply marrying her. But to do this she would need to reveal her real name and nothing, not even my scientific prestige could protect her from the Huguier-Tinville. So, I pushed off this marriage plan.

Then came the trial of Queen Marie Antoinette. It started on October 4th and on the 16th her head fell under the guillotine. The streets pulsed with feverish life. Once more the excitement grew in the bloodthirsty crowd by the hour. — I went to Solange around four o’clock in the afternoon, where I found her lost in tears. Even in me a boyhood memory came alive of when the Queen had spoken to me and given me a Louis d’or on a golden chain.

As always, we spent the night together. We stood at the window for a long time and I teased Solange that in her long light hair she looked like Saint Genofeva keeping watch over a hunger and doubt shaken Paris. Then I carried her to her bed and covered her wonderful well cared for, pure white body with a thousand kisses. A wave of light poured in from the moon and surrounded the head of my blessed slumbering lover with a gentle golden halo. But I could not sleep. Until around three o’clock in the morning a dog kept howling in mournful tones. Days later I learned that he belonged to a tenant that had been summoned to the security committee and had not returned.

The nights were already getting cold, so we left the windows closed. Towards morning Solange woke me up and told me that her father had appeared in a dream to help her to escape. He had come in through a bedroom window. Indeed, there was one window open, and a fresh morning breeze swept over Solange’s hot face. With consolations, implorations and protests the morning passed quickly. Solange did not want to abandon me in any way, yet her school started at nine o’clock, and she had already stayed home the day before, on the day of Antoinette’s execution, and she could not stay away from the school for any reason. I hailed a carriage and accompanied her to the corner of Rue des Fossés-St. Bernard. During the entire trip we held each other tightly, as if we were about to be separated forever. As I climbed down from the carriage and Solange continued on, I stood there firmly rooted. And suddenly the carriage stopped again. Solange sprang out and embraced me furiously. Then the loud clang from Saint Etienne struck nine o’clock. She hurried quickly back to the carriage; whose horses now took off at a quicker pace.

A letter from Solange the next day notified me that she and the head of the school had had a violent quarrel because of her absence and then being late. Sunday we would see each other again. I was really looking forward to it. I was still worried about her because she had written that her father’s last letter had been unsealed.

It was Friday, and I had just taken up a new work about Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Pythagoras and had buried myself so deeply in his lectures, that I forgot about the appointment with my brothers. I read about the old wisdom that death does not cancel life. Death only destroys the memories, nothing more. If only the memory was not destroyed, and every soul could recall their past memories from the beginning of the world until now. A certain inexplicable atavistic memory had been experienced by several people, but only the three named above had discovered the great secret, that their bodies had died several times before. It was already three o’clock when I stopped reading and quickly hurried to meet my brothers, but they were no longer there.

So, I went to the cemetery alone. An ugly October rain drew long cold streaks in the mist filled landscape. The town crier passed by in a tattered coat howling out the names of those sentenced to death from the list. Close behind him, invisible, walked death. When I got to Clamart it was almost night. One cloudy light flickered in the grave digger’s shed, overturned and still standing tombstones rose out of the twilight.  The wind rushed through the defoliated trees, like skeleton’s rattling together.

Countless mounds of newly disturbed earth displayed empty or occupied open graves, still uncovered. The bottom of one of these open pits was almost filled to the brim with water. Poor, cold and naked corpses were thrown into this dirty rainwater! I unlocked my laboratory. I struck a flint and lit a fire; the tinder had gotten wet and did not catch fire until the fifth or sixth try. The flicker of the candle ran along the wall, searching. The altar was stripped of all ornaments, the paintings cut and removed from their frames. In the place where earlier the tabernacle had stood, representing God and all of life, now lay exposed a skull with skin and hair, grinning into nothingness.

I sat down in my armchair, which one of the workers had brought, and pondered. I thought of the queen, whom they had only a few hours ago laid in her grave, of the woman, who had been so beautiful, so rich, so happy and like a common criminal had been led to the scaffold by an angry mob. And I thought of the gray sack, that now hid her head, and the soft, splendid linen, on which the blonde girl’s head had once rested in the national castle of Schӧnbrunn, and in the gilded state beds in Versailles, St. Cloud and the Tuileries, upon which the royal mother herself would have liked to slumber.

Outside the thunderstorm became very violent. The storm roared around the old chapel in powerful gales and the branch of an ash drummed on the roof. The ground trembled softly beneath the weight of a nearby passing vehicle. Oh, the red cart with Master Simson’s afternoon meat.

Two men, dripping wet dragged a sack in through the door.

“Good evening, Sir. Those beasts are almost stiff from the cold. Well, these are warmer. You won’t catch cold from them.”

Then they left without closing the door, through which the wind came in and swirled around my hat and coat. The flame of my light flickered up, flickered restlessly back and forth and threatened to go out completely.

I quickly closed the door again and picked up the sack. Outside the bride of the wind raged, and I heard the creaking graveyard trees giving the gruesome sighs of their death song and the whistling and groans of the wild hunt was in the air. Was it the gruesome concert of nature, or that I was alone in the chapel where I usually worked with my brothers, or was it the peculiar restlessness that I felt which had held me spellbound all day? For the first time in a long time, I was seized with a faint horror. And suddenly it seemed to me, as if I heard a weak voice plaintively call out the name “Albert”. I was startled and felt my hair stand on end and made an attempt to smooth it back down. Only one person in the world had ever called me that. I hesitated to untie the sack; but then it repeated again, only weaker and more pitifully:


My right hand went quickly into the sack. And then it seemed to me as if lips that were still warm, pressed a kiss upon my hand. I was in that stage of horror, which overwhelms and kills us or gives the coward an unheard of feeling of courage and strength. I took the head and quickly put it on the table. But right away I frightened myself. Because I uttered a terrible scream, which shook the vault like a lament of the damned. — — — There was no doubt about it — it was Solange’s head.

I whimpered, I sobbed, I starred absent-mindedly in front of me for minutes without finding any pain-relieving tears. I raved and laughed, loud and shrill like a madman. Then I sat down, took the head, which was full of coagulating blood, kissed it on the mouth and repeated over and over again:

“Solange, Solange, Solange!”

And then I imagined, or did it really happen? That the eyes, which were half closed, opened a little and two tears fell before they closed again.

What happened to me after that, how the light suddenly went out, how I tried to flee, ran into the table, collapsed, fell and struck my head on the edge, and how I believed that the mouth of the guillotined head suddenly opened to my lips and I sensed a cold deathly kiss, as I lost all consciousness.

The next morning the grave diggers found me and slowly brought me back to life. —

Solange had indeed been arrested the same day that she had written to me and was sentenced and judged the next day. The head that had spoken to me, touched my hand and my lips, the eyes, which had looked at me and cried, were indeed Solange’s head, eyes and lips.

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This is a very surprising turn of events that I thought I would share since it does deal with Gaia’s ascension process. I recently created a portal meditation to help me connect with the Galactic Federation and I’ve listened to it for around six times now with very strange results. First I will share that this meditation is a portal meditation that creates a complete full spectrum link between Gaia and SOURCE energies. Secondly, I will share that this meditation will only allow entities supportive of this portal work, in other words compatible with the two way energy flow. The flow of energy from SOURCE to Gaia and from Gaia back to SOURCE.

To my amazement I could not connect in any way to the Galactic Federation! There seemed to be some type of veil that prevented this contact! That veil extended across the entire spectrum. I sense or rather assume that this is true for the Orion group as well and both groups are in quarantine. We cannot connect with them and they cannot connect with us.

In retrospect this should not be surprising since I always knew that full spectrum ascension could only happen to life forms native to Gaia from the very beginning. Our star seed sisters and brothers simply don’t have the genetics for full spectrum ascension and instead now occupy a 5th density alternative which is the planet B scenario. They simply don’t have a DNA core connection to Gaia which is what is needed to create all astral and physical bodies in New Gaia. So there is a definite split of two separate worlds.

We need to remember that Gaia’s ascension is an organic ascension and a full spectrum ascension. But what we also need to realize is that there now exists an energetic separation between starseeds, space brothers and sisters and Gaia’s aboriginal life. Full spectrum ascension is different than the ordinary old ascension process that has taken them to the alternate world. They are like oil and water which simply will not mix.

I think I intuitively sensed this when I made the switch to being concerned with the etheric levels where the real activity now is. So my message at this time is that following any channeled messages from our space brothers and sisters is probably a waste of time! Instead start focusing on establishing roots to Gaia’s core and begin working with the magickal etheric energies. That is just my two cents. I will share more when I understand more.

A happy surprise this morning as I checked my email! It seems as though someone thought highly enough of my interview that they made this 3 minute excerpt which finds the most important nugget of wisdom to take from it. Just made my day!

Der Orchideengarten was published in the German language in 1919 and this is the first time most of these stories and artwork have been published in the English language. Stories and Poems include: “The Hashish Dream” by Richard Euringer; “The Devil” by Guy de Maupaasant; “From the Ways of the Hanged” by Siegfried Aram; “The Blazing Flame” by Karl and Joseph Capek; all translations by Joe E. Bandel; Edit and layout by John Hirschhorn-Smith.

I’m back! Sorry it has taken so long! I almost forgot how to do this! I will be doing two magazines this month to kind of catch up and then go back to one a month. There should be no problem now that I am retired and have more time to work on these projects.

Establish solid communication with the Galactic Federation as one of Gaia’s guardians. Share information and understanding in both directions.

I couldn’t resist doing this meditation and was surprised at the results in that there was a definite energetic shift and empowerment as the Galactic Federation energies locked in sync with mine at the higher levels. I could also tell the conflict levels quite clearly and this meditation helped to push those conflict levels away. Walk the talk! Try it out and experience for yourself.