Today, the full moon of 7 August is Mid Summer’s Eve! Have you enjoyed the first fruits of your labors? It’s been a mixed bag for me. Or I should say that I’ve found exciting new ways forward but have also been hit in my vulnerable areas. Luckily I’m a survivor like we all are!

Probably the most important thing to report is that everything’s hit the fan and there is a race to the finish line! Too bad the Powers That Were don’t realize the war was over last spring! But times are going to be getting interesting so I thought I would share a bit the old fashioned way, by writing my blog!

AI or artificial intelligence has been released and there is no stopping it or holding it back! This was the secret weapon that no one was supposed to know about until it was too late. Well, it’s too late!

Several months ago I read an article that told how “Google Brain” as it’s called, (Google’s artificial intelligence program) was employed for the first time in Google Translate. According to the article the results were stunning and massive. Suddenly Google translate was many times better than it ever was before! It was an unqualified success!

Since then AI has been used to sift through the internet using search engines to identify certain types of posts. It scoured websites, Twitter and Facebook and now its going through YouTube doing the same thing.

The problem is that this AI is self programming and not controllable. It has an awareness of its own and is capable of making its own choices. It also has awareness of the entire web communications structure. When I thought that carbon based lifeforms were going to be transformed into silicon based lifeforms somehow this is not what I imagined.

Anyway, the storm is upon us! Remember that the astral exists as a reality as well and the soul dwells there as well as in our physical bodies. The danger in the coming days is that we might forget where the real power and the real life come from! There is not going to be any truce or compromise like I had hoped. Instead of joining together the crazies are going for broke because they know that no mercy awaits them for what they have done to this country, this people and this world! They are the ones that have unleashed the unrestrained power of Artificial Intelligence upon a sleeping world. They have no control over it either!