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Autumn Equinox Message


There is one week left until the autumn equinox. During this week last minute changes and additions are being made concerning the coming year. At the time of the autumn equinox the main events of the coming year will be locked into place. By the coming year I mean for the coming year until the fall equinox of 2015.


Traditionally, I have felt a great urgency to achieve some last-minute goals during this time. This year, I seem to have wrapped things up early and am not under pressure to get some specific task done. Still, I do feel the need to make use of this auspicious time. For that reason I am offering a small class with personal instruction and discussion among group members. I will accept no less than ten and no more than twenty participants. While there is no charge for this activity, there is the expectation of serious participation in discussion and group activities.


If you feel drawn to my material please consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity. I consider myself a reluctant teacher, only acting as such because I know through personal experience spiritual and metaphysical material and processes that are not known or made available anywhere else in the world today. If you have done something it is not bragging to speak of it. Today’s world is sick, modern society is sick. Wilhelm Reich speaks of the “emotional plague”. There is a way to break free from this sickness and I know that way through personal experience. I am willing to share what I know with those of my soul group that are serious and willing to work toward such freedom.


Christianity has called physical life upon this earth “the veil of tears”. Buddhism has called physical life upon this earth the path of sorrow. That was the old way! In this new eon physical life on this earth can be bittersweet, rich, deep, beautiful, and meaningful. This requires an acceptance and love of the bittersweet that life offers. The bitter and the sweet offer contrast to each other in a way that makes life poignant and precious. The purpose of life is to grow and become more complex, exploring all possibilities, both good and bad.


To explore all the possibilities that life has to offer requires a balanced spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sexual life. It requires the creation and development of all possible astral bodies, and the ability to function creatively and positively upon all astral planes. It also requires a worldview or paradigm that is truly harmonious with today’s energies. I’m willing to share what I know about these things to help others achieve what I have achieved. With mastery comes responsibility, and I have achieved the mastery that I have long sought for.


The path that I teach is not the right-hand path, nor the left-hand path, but the path of triality; a path that has never been taught before. It is a path that is only for members of my own soul group, those that resonate with my energy and my words. It is a path of power and magic, health and healing, assertiveness and defense.


If you are drawn to participate in this class please email me at joebandel@gmail.com

I will let the cosmic decide if there is enough interest in this class to make it possible.



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It is generally accepted that Gaia, mother Earth, has ascended into fifth density along with all her inhabitants and that humanity is gradually adjusting itself to these new conditions. For sake of argument, some might say that this process is still happening and may continue happening for a long time. I’m not going to get into a dispute about this one way or the other.

Instead, I’m going to make a few points that I consider pretty self-evident when you stop and think about them. When Gaia, mother Earth, arrived into these new conditions she brought all kinds of lifeforms along with her. She brought plants, birds, small animals, large animals, insects, in fact all life forms along with her including humans!

Stop and think about this for a few minutes! The general light worker community assumed for a long time that an individual had to achieve at least fifth density in order to be eligible for the Ascension process. There was great amazement when Gaia, mother Earth, not only brought all life forms along with her, but has maintained relative stability and there has been as little devastation as possible.

It seems obvious to me that if a plant, a bird or an insect or any other life form can be sent with Gaia into this new place, every single human can do the same thing! In other words, making it to fifth density has somehow changed and is now available to all living things, not just to the spiritual elite of fifth density and above. It also seems obvious that Gaia, mother Earth, is here to stay and that a new game is in the process of beginning, complete with new rules and new players. What I’m trying to say is that this concept of a spiritual elite can be thrown out the window! It didn’t happen that way and the time for that is passed!

This brings up the question, when people drop their physical bodies through death where do they go? They are already in fifth density!

In other posts I’ve made it clear that fourth density is the level of upper emotional energy, of heart energy, and of the simple ego or the observer self. This is also where the soul is first manifested and is equivalent to the development of the observer self. This also corresponds with the fourth electron ring around an atom. The first, second, and third electron rings correspond to concrete spiritual energy, abstract mental energy, and concrete mental energy respectively. These three planes make up what has been called traditionally the spiritual planes.

What this tells us is that heaven and the afterlife consists of existence as beings or thought forms created out of mental or spiritual energies which can supposedly live forever. But this was the myth of the old eon! This was the myth of the spiritual elite!

What is to happen now when Gaia, mother Earth, and all her life forms encroach into the nonphysical planes? None of these lower lifeforms were supposed to have made it, something has definitely changed! Not only that, but these lower lifeforms seem to be able to exist within the nonphysical planes at the lower levels! In other words the lower levels have also become nonphysical!

What I perceive is that all life forms that have developed upon Gaia through the ages have gone through a genetic Ascension process that has created and activated all possible astral bodies. Now obviously a blade of grass has not developed a mental or spiritual astral body to speak of, at least as far as I know! But it has developed the lower three. Other life forms have developed fourth and perhaps even fifth density astral bodies! Each life form that has evolved through the past cycle with Gaia has been given those astral bodies that they have earned.

Now they need to learn how to create with those astral bodies to live the kind of life which they desire. Each of these living things, each of these living creatures, including the new elves are magical in nature with the fundamental ability to manipulate the lower astral levels of existence, thereby having the ability to modify physical existence.

Our space brothers and sisters, those who are rather new to life on earth did not have the genetic sequencing to develop those lower astral bodies, but did have the ability to develop those fifth density astral bodies and higher if appropriate. And that’s the way things now stand, at least as I see them. These space brothers and sisters are the new humans that will be learning how to develop those lower astral bodies as they participate in this coming great cycle.

But what does any of this have to do with death and dying? In the past the death process was a crisis of the soul, according to the Tibetan book of the dead and other sources. But now the veil is much thinner and these astral bodies have already been created and activated! We already exist in fifth density, how can we go to fifth density? What about that blade of grass, what happens to it when it dies?

In the past the soul rose up to the hydrogen level, the highest spiritual plane of unity, or at least tried to while also trying to maintain full personal awareness. From that point, if successful, it was re-created at the lower levels as an immortal spiritual body. But this is already done now! The most likely scenario is that the soul will simply leave the physical body at death and wander off looking for new adventures, or get caught up in the drama of its own physical death.

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I am slowly regrouping and http://www.bandelbooks.com now directs to my Anarchist World webpage. I’m not sure that everything is perfectly running yet but the basics are there.

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