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Crisis is an important aspect of development and natural competency. It is only through crisis that mastery can be developed in life situations. The more issues we confront and deal with successfully, the more competent we are in life.

Seen this way crisis is not something to be avoided but something to be confronted. Crisis is simply an inability to cope with an existing situation. In learning to cope with the existing situation we develop competency and develop personal power.

At this stage of working with mental energy we learn from past experiences and are able to mentally remain in the situation. Our awareness has enough power and flexibility to understand how our physical actions have brought us to where we are now. We understand our part in being responsible for what happened to us.

There is no longer the need to remove ourselves from the situation even if it is unpleasant for us. This is an important part of the law of cause and effect. Our every action brings some type of result and natural consequence. This is what most understand as mastery of life.

Our mental web of associated thoughts has become sophisticated enough that we adapt successfully to a wide variety of physical situations. We develop a lifestyle that appears to get us the things we want in life. Few people ever go beyond this stage. If it works, don’t fix it, seems to be the motto.

Increased contact with the master within and the voice of our conscience allows us to learn from our successes and our mistakes. In the beginning we can’t foresee or avoid mistakes but we can learn from the final outcome. Each failure brings greater knowledge and awareness of the issues involved and the realities behind them. Each attempt is the result of our dreams and desires as they confront physical reality. For things to manifest in life they must be in harmony with physical reality.

We understand the importance of risk-taking. If we do not take risks and try new things we remain where we are. Many people are afraid and only attempt things they have a proven ability to do. It is easy to play it safe except when nature or God decides to interfere in our placid, boring life and liven it up a bit. Both God and nature intend life to be an exploration and an adventure. This includes experiencing as many things as possible, both good and bad.

The struggle to adapt to new life conditions and the satisfaction of personal achievement is rewarded by both nature and physical life. The rewards go to those that take the risks and succeed.

The human condition will not accept unrelenting boredom and will create crisis just to make life interesting. Consider how important choosing an exciting and interesting life can be. Our days can be full of excitement, not crisis. To do this we must take the risks involved in making our dreams come true.

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The new moon was really intense and I felt like a bug smashed on a windshield!There was absolute blockage and stoppage of energies for a while! Now that things are in motion again I can sense the difference. This all feels very familiar at some deep, deep level of the soul!

The sense that I have is that time is circular and I’m talking about a long, long time here, the time it takes to go around the galactic center! Time is like a huge race track and we have just crossed the finish line and entered into the next lap of the race! Here we are back at the Garden of Eden energies and we haven’t destroyed the planet. Life doesn’t need to start over from scratch like it did the last time.

I feel like I have been dog paddling and now my feet are getting a firm footing on solid land for the first time in a long time. We have reached our ascended destination! There is a clicking into place as we claim our proper level and frequency!

But there is something else that is happening with the souls that we know. We are starting the next game and all of our old soul connections are being examined and reshuffled. There are no strangers in our lives! Any one that is significant in our life is an old friend of ours going way, way back!

Just as many are now leaving this physical life to be reborn into new ones, those that are sticking around a while longer are finding each other. And this time we are all wearing new hats and playing new roles! The beginning of the game isn’t like the end of the game!

What I’m saying sounds so much like what others are saying. I hate that because this sense of familiarity is old, very old. I don’t know how many would recognize it. How many would have this “I’ve been here before” feeling. But I do and it has just happened since the new moon.

Expect significant endings and beginnings from now until the full moon on 6 November. Don’t be afraid to reach out for what you want in life right now. The energies are supporting it.

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Listen to the words of the God and Goddess. Whenever you need anything, once a month and better when the moon is full, assemble in a secret place and call upon us, the guiding spirits of the human race, male and female. We shall answer your deepest questions and help with your magics.

You are meant to be free, to dance, sing, feast and make love with our blessings. For the blessings of physical life and the blessings of spiritual life are meant to be as one within the human heart. Keep your highest dreams and strive to make them real. Let nothing stop you or turn you aside

Accept our blessings and help because life is meant to be a joy of the heart.We believe in peace and freedom and reunion with those that have gone before us into the spirit worlds. We, male and female can be found within the dust of the earth and the light of the stars, and our awareness encircles the universe and binds it to our wills.

In our union is the beauty of the green earth, and the white moon among the stars, the mystery of the waters, and the desires of the heart of man. Call upon your soul to arise and join us in the creation of nature and the expansion of life into the universe.

From the union of male and female all things must come and all things must return. Rejoice therefore in the duality of life and let your worship be acts of love and pleasure, beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence.

Know also that we are within you, male and female, and if you cannot find our union within yourself you will never find it within another person. We were within you before you were formed and will be within you at your death. Rejoice!

– Joe Bandel

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The concept of trial by fire, alchemy, turning lead into gold, and choosing the harder path because of the reward it brings is an old one. Taking risks is a difficult path to understand and a difficult path to walk. Who wants to believe that “no pain, no gain” approach applies equally to spiritual life as it does to physical life?

When we express desire to have mastery over our own lives what do we really mean? The chances are that our vision of mastery includes the ability to accomplish physical goals that we were born to do. We feel spiritual strength should overcome any barriers that block us. For this reason we concentrate on spiritual things to the exclusion of physical realities and limitations.

We attempt to build reserves of spiritual strength to help us in our times of need. We have been taught and we believe this to the point we no longer question it. We are taught the superiority of spirit over physical and taught to deny the physical in favor of the spiritual. Perhaps you have heard the phrase “So heavenly bound they are no earthly good!”

Let’s take a closer look and see what is really happening. We will find the physical and spiritual are not to be so easily separated and each one has need of the other. Each of us has individual past memories and experiences we draw upon. Each of us has a system of beliefs tailored to us as individuals. They may not be appropriate for someone else.

We all walk individual paths. These memories, experiences, and beliefs create a web or network within our psyche that allows us to travel consciously from point A to point B. We solve problems that confront us by reasoning or traveling this web or network until we arrive at the desired destination and solution.

This web or network is our computer program that we cannot deviate from or ever leave. One thought is connected to the next, connected to the next and so forth. This is the nature of associated thought and mental reasoning. It is not possible to jump from point A to point B unless a mental connection of some type exists, an association of some type

We are imprisoned within this web or network of our personal memories, experiences and beliefs. That is why it is so hard for us to move forward when we are stuck in a rut of old thinking and behavior.

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This is the first point to understand about chaos theory. There is a place for everything. All viewpoints and all beliefs are valid and must be treated as such. Conflicting beliefs and data do not really conflict, they only seem to.

When any conflict occurs the viewpoint is not broad enough to see the entire picture. We must be able to affirm everything!

Here are a few examples:

“I agree with everything that you just said.”

“I agree that you know what you are talking about.”

“I’m sure that you believe what you are saying”

“I hear what you are saying to me.”

“Oh, were you talking to me?”

As you can see there are very many levels of credibility at which one can affirm something. This may seem like wordplay or stupidity but it is very important. If you can believe that all inputs are valid you will automatically be more tolerant of others and strive to understand their own unique perspective. You will begin the process of unification

You will begin to mentally order things according to levels of credibility and start to think for yourself. As you look around the self-evident truths will stand out screaming for your attention while superstitions and absurdities will take the lower levels where they belong.

With the discovery of each new self-evident truth, a strong feeling of freedom and excitement builds within us. Each shackle we loosen gives us new power and energy. Each concept we are exposed to stretches our minds and once stretched it can never go back to a smaller view.

This is particularly true in the area of parapsychology and metaphysics where everything is so subjective. How is it possible to know what is true and what is wishful thinking? Does magic work? Are miracles possible? Do ghosts really exist and if they do can they hurt me?

These and other questions make our head spin and lead us often to the very doors of chaos itself, not to mention possible hallucinations and psychotic breaks. Let’s be honest here. Many magical traditions make a point that such study is not for the emotionally or mentally troubled. In fact, they encourage counseling and therapy as a supplement to their own studies.

Relax! This trip is not going to be an acid trip. The whole purpose is to merge these subjective areas to hard science and hopefully gain a more realistic perspective that allows us to live the kind of life that we want to live.

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Organic Gnosticism is a revolutionary force and has often been persecuted by rational atheists and by social enforcers. Eternal vigilance is the price of organic freedom! We all have a right to a modest living, even though some may have more. Work and labor are the lawful ways to get what we want in life. Our efforts are cumulative! People that try should be rewarded for their efforts! This is what Organic Gnosticism is all about!

Logic and reason don’t capture the hearts of people. Organic slogans do! Keep it simple! Genius simplifies things so that everyone can understand! This is the way. Educate others, gain competency in life so that you can teach others. If you become competent you will be an example for others and they will become competent as well! Someone has to go first, why not you? Show others how to live in their hearts! Show others how to be Organic Gnostics!

It is not what you say that counts, but what you do! Actions count, not empty words! We need heroes and successful people so that we know success is possible. We have to have faith and believe in each other. One person can make a difference! As we learn we begin to free ourselves from life’s problems. As others see us become free they will want to become free as well! But this must be done in real life! In physical life! In Organic life!

This is a life-and-death struggle. Man is superior over institutions, not institutions over man! Free government, free thought, free speech, free men and women; these are the organic goals! Keep all laws and rules simple! Only the weak require complex laws and special circumstances. All public servants are accountable for their actions! Hold them accountable! The voice of the organic individual must be heard!

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