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This is a quote from Neo Tech III by deceased author Frank Wallace. [He was killed by a hit and run vehicle]

“1. First man is made to feel guilty. He is condemned for having lost his “innocence” by inventing consciousness. He is condemned for exchanging his automatic, bicameral life for a volitional, conscious life… condemned for exchanging his nature-given bicameral mind for a superior, man-invented conscious mind.

2. Then man is offered automatic solutions to problems and guidance through life into an “effortless” Garden Of Eden or a utopian hereafter if he exchanges his own invented consciousness for faith in external “authority” – bicameral faith in some leader, doctrine, or god. He is offered the “reward” of escaping the self-responsibility to make one’s own decisions and to guide one’s own life. But for that “reward”, he must renounce his own mind to follow someone else’s mind or wishes disguised as the “truth” promulgated by some external “authority” or higher power.

But in reality, no valid external “authority” or higher power can exist or ever has existed. Valid authority evolves only from one’s own independent, conscious mode of thinking. When that fact is fully realized, man will emerge completely from his bicameral past and move into a future that accepts individual consciousness as the only authority. …Man will then fully evolve into a prosperous, happy individual who has assumed full responsibility for his own thinking and life.

Still, the resistance to self-responsibility is formidable. The bicameral mentality grips those seeking mysticism or other “authorities” for guidance. Those who accept external “authority” allow government officials, religious leaders, faith, homilies, clichés, one-liners, slogans, the familiar, habits, and feelings to guide their actions. Neo-Tech II demonstrates how throughout history billions of people unnecessarily submit through their bicameral tendencies to the illusionary, external “authorities” of government and religion. And that submission is always done at a net loss to everyone’s well being and happiness.”

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I’m gradually getting my head around some of these things that are now playing out in our world and how we are continuously being asked to look in the wrong direction! So here is my take on the ascension energies and what we can expect in the coming months leading up to the mid term elections.

The first thing is to recognize that the large goal is globalism run by the elite and powerful. But there is a problem with globalism. It’s dead! There is a growing recognition that the United States is becoming more nationalistic under President Trump and that trend will continue as conditions for most Americans continue to increase and become better. The Democratic party has some serious problems with the Russian Collusion narrative and they are broke. We are already seeing the narrative change.

So what is the new plan? Have the radical left continue to distract Americans from the most important goal, the globalization of a one world currency, the establishment of Bit Coin as the global currency! Problem is that Bit Coin has some serious problems. The international bankers are becoming insolvent and if they don’t act now they will lose their chance even though there are risks. Expect this to happen sometime between now and mid summer to set things up for the coming midterm elections.

We’ve been hearing about a new monetary system for years now in the ascension community, but this global crypto currency has been heralded as a good thing and not the master work of the powers that were! News flash for those that might have been sleeping. The energies of the new earth and the new age support individualism and not globalism!

So here is the scenario as I understand it. The Powers That Were are going to trigger a global collapse of the world’s banking system in the hopes of implementing Bit Coin as a global currency. This financial collapse will wipe out individual pensions and personal savings because under law banks will pay off other banks they borrowed from before they pay off individuals and they will run out of money! This is designed as the first step in crippling individuals by wiping out their savings and putting the power back in the hands of the elite. A recent article I read stated that Deutsche Bank is insolvent right now. It’s only a matter of time. This collapse will cause the money to remain in the hands of the elite so that Bit Coin can be implemented as a global currency.

Problem is that is not going to work! When the global economy collapses President Trump will do his America first thing and repudiate the national debt, something that should have happened years ago. With the America First strategies now in place the United States economy will be able to readjust to self sustaining since it won’t have to make heavy interest payments to the international bankers. It means the United States will isolate, but we are strong enough and independent enough to isolate and recover.

Without a national debt the United States will be free to create its own new currency, possibly a crypto currency of its own creation and eliminate taxes through simple charges on money transfers. Remember, the cost of things will be much, much less because of repudiating the national debt. This America first strategy will force other world countries to do the same thing to survive. This is the opposite of a global currency where each country will create its own and begin from scratch. This will be the beginning of prosperous nation states.

What we are talking about is the total collapse of the international bankers and elite and their power over global economies! This is the final drama to be enacted in Gaia’s ascension scenario. I’m pretty sure that President Trump is already making plans for all of this.

In the meantime we get to see just how criminal and corrupt the Swamp really is! These things have already happened in the astral and are only now beginning to manifest in the physical. Good times ahead! Keep centered in the heart and believe in humanity!

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Suit of Pentacles

In the Tarot the suit of Pentacles represents both physical energy and sexual energy. This presents some difficulty because strictly speaking sexual energy is not physical energy unless it is exchanged through the act of physical sex. This is because physical energy is energy created through physical activity and is normally considered to consist of hard physical labor. Sexual energy is perhaps the sublimation or highest form of physical energy.

In any case physical energy will achieve physical results within our environments while sexual energy will not normally achieve physical results except through pregnancy and the birth of a child. What the suit of Pentacles deals with is how sexual energy is linked to physical activity and the creation or achievement of those things in life that we want.

The male was given a larger supply of sexual energy at birth than the female was. He naturally finds an outlet for this energy in physical activity, but his supply is limited. To generate more he must go through the long process of transmuting spiritual energy into mental energy, then into emotional energy and finally into sexual energy and physical energy.

The female receives a lesser amount at birth but is able to get this type of energy easily by drawing energy directly from the earth and storing it within her body as sexual energy. This is a fairly natural thing for her to do and occurs naturally in the process of having her monthly periods.

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Gaia’s ascension movement has reached the physical realms and is currently affecting global physical events. Remember that Gaia’s ascension is based upon a common collective agreement of humanity. God help us!

I don’t even care if people believe me anymore. I’m just trying to report what I sense and feel is going on within the astral planes as Gaia’s ascension continues to unfold. I’m not politically correct and never have been! What ever I share, take it or leave it.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the internet these days trying to keep up with things and then investigating them in the astral to get a feel for the energies behind the scenes so to speak. My conclusion is that the Bit Coin Deception is the final battle between the forces of good and evil.

The forces of NWO Globalism and the big international bankers have been thwarted in their plans of bringing down the government of the United States of America. But they are desperately hanging on and trying to slow things down until they can enact their ultimate scenario, Bit Coin as the global digital currency controlled by the same international bankers!

This Bit Coin deception has been largely unrecognized and you see many patriotic and truth websites calling for investment in Bit Coin! The Bit Coin deception has infiltrated the truther movement as well as the globalist movement! This is the secret ace in the hole that The Powers That Were are now trying to play to save some portion of their former power and glory.

They don’t realize it yet but their plans are doomed to fail, largely because of their own doing. I don’t need to be psychic to say this. I’m just being objective, an art that seems to be lost in these days of mass insanity. You can’t establish a digital global currency that runs on computers which can be hacked by the CIA, NSA, FBI or simple hackers that have stolen the hacking tools of these agencies! It just doesn’t work! All the new Intel chips have been compromised and hard wired with back doors so these intel agencies can have unauthorized access.

To have a digital currency you need computers that can’t be hacked! They don’t exist yet, but someday maybe they will. In the meantime the Powers That Were are desperately trying to float this idea of Bit Coin and this my friends is the final battle. I expect Bit Coin to go down for good by the spring equinox next month.

It is so sad to say this but Gaia’s ascension has come down to the battle over money! We are so much more than this! Follow your heart and dream big because we need dreamers these days!

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I was hoping to do a video but I just don’t have the energy for it. Still there are important happenings that I feel should be addressed and recognized this past few weeks. This pertains directly to Gaia’s ascension and how we experience it as we make our global shift from 3D to 4D or the world of fairy and of magic.

Again I need to share that Gaia has already ascended well into the highest levels along with those able to ascend with her and she did this back in December of 2012. But she has chosen to return back down to 4th density to assure that all life forms upon her will have the ability to ascend with her if that is their choice. Many of us have also ascended and come back to ensure that no one gets left behind.

The entire scenario of Gaia ascending from 3D, skipping 4D and going straight to 5D was the ploy of The Powers That Were, those that hoped to enslave the human race once more and keep it enslaved through another great cycle. 5D is of the mind and 4D is of the heart. Gaia’s ascension is of the heart! It is by listening to the still small voice of the Christ spirit within our hearts and the voice of our conscience that we ascend. It is not through the wisdom of science and technology pursued by the Archons. Our global ascension is an ascension of love for all living things! Let us never forget!

Our global ascension is about collectively embracing prosperity, and reaching out to each other. It is not and can never be about control. It is about freedom!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the polarized conflict will continue within our society until the spring equinox in March, but it is obvious which side is winning! The side of prosperity and love is winning! The side of hope and humanity is winning!

During the State Of The Union speech the Democrats couldn’t even applaud in recognition that the unemployment rate for Blacks and Latino’s is the lowest it has ever been! They couldn’t recognize the importance of standing for the national anthem! It became painfully obvious that they wanted the United States to fail so that it could be replaced with a global high tech government run by elites! It became obvious that what they wanted was not prosperity, but control of the American people.

My body has felt this conflict for the past three weeks. It has felt this stress in a way that presented as cold or flu like symptoms, ascension symptoms! My sinuses were so painful that I struggled with blood clots and I’m on blood thinners. But I remain convinced that it was the stress of the conflicting energies and not true illness. I lost two days of work a week apart from each other, Friday’s where I was so sick I couldn’t work. I couldn’t even post on the internet.

That all went away when the House Intel Memo went public! At the same time a major conflict at work erupted and caused a major restructuring of my work space, much for the better! What I’m saying is that in my personal life things are beginning to get better and better! Last week someone actually showed up at my local ascension meetup group and we had a good conversation!

Prosperity is 4D and it is magical! For those ascending the physical is finally beginning to respond to our creative desires! It is happening slowly, but it is happening and there is nothing that can stop it because the change is already reflected in the higher levels of the astral planes.

Our magic is in the process of unfolding so use it! Embrace the prosperity as it shows up, even if it might not be as much as you hoped for. Things will continue to get better as our physical world (4D) becomes more responsive to us and to our intentions.

Understand that the ascension energy is going to be working locally now and not as globally. The new born energies of spring are now entering into our bones and into our new 4D earth. These energies are bringing us life and vitality, especially those of us that have chosen to live here in these physical bodies for a few more years before dropping them as so many others are now beginning to do.

Those that are not in harmony with these new energies of love and of the heart will be brought down and taken out of this world! We have chosen this world to be a Garden of Eden and not a hell! Watch in wonder as the high and mighty are brought down by the weight of their own evil deeds! Recognize how much we have been lied to!

Give thanks that we have been spared what could have so easily have happened! Recognize what we have so narrowly escaped and rejoice in our freedom!

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Nine of Cups

Symbol-He must tell her that he loves her. She must become lovable

Female nun

Meaning- He gives her the key

There is a struggle of wills between him and her. They have both become powerful personalities and they both generate an abundance of emotional energy at will. This means that they both are able to create and alter astrally their potential future.

He is struggling to maintain the simplicity and bliss that he had enjoyed earlier. He tries to accept her new life style and her new self image. He tries to compromise with her about the things that they both want. He is generating sorrow and anguish energies for the first time and not enjoying it at all. It is not pleasant to experience or generate this type of energy.

He tells her that he loves her and that they can salvage the relationship if she will compromise too. Between the two of them they can create any type of life that they wish.

She is not interested in compromising with him because she knows that she can create the type of life that she wants without him. She also realizes even more strongly that he is not really her type of person.

They do not share the same interests or even have that romantic spark between them. She likes him and doesn’t want to hurt him. Still she doesn’t really want to spend the rest of her life with him either.

She wants someone that she can really do things with and have fun with. She wants passion and a romantic spark to come back into her life. She wants more than what she has now and she is determined to get it.

Male experience:

He loves her and decides that he will compromise and support her in what she is trying to do in life. If she is happy and achieves her goals maybe she will be more content in their relationship and things will get better. He is generating emotional pain and sorrow energy.

He swallows his pride and allows her to become even more successful in life than he is. He even tries to be proud of her accomplishments and not threatened by them.

Female experience:

As she is more and more successful in achieving her goals she feels better and better about herself. She is able to get the things she wants and she can do it herself without him. It’s great. She finally begins to feel as if she deserves to have the nice things in life.

She begins to question the value of her relationship with him. It is not really fulfilling her needs. There is no excitement or romantic spark and he is not really the type of person that she thought he was when she got involved with him. She could do a lot better and be a lot happier with someone else.

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Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/18/18 (Thu) 22:51:03 No.35

Senate vote count [RR]? This was a 94-6 vote in the Senate! Why did so many Dems vote for him? Hmmm.
Senate vote count [Sessions]? This was a 52-47 vote in the Senate! Obviously Sessions was considered dangerous to the swamp creatures!
Reconcile. It was known ahead of time that Rosenstein was “dirty” and the white hats set him up to entrap the others… because the black hats are so stupid, stupid, stupid!
Why was RR chosen to be asst AG? To blow the covers of his superiors.
Why did RR draft a letter supporting JC termination? To make the white hats think he could be trusted.
Why did RR use full weight of his office to attempt to block release of doc to Congress today? Because he is really, really scared!
News unlocks past. What is no happening was deliberately set in motion by the white hats to catch the black hats red handed.
D’s cannot survive. If the Dems have any hope of surviving this they need to quit covering up the crimes of the black hats and kick them out.
DWS FAILED to FLEE. Oh, is Debbie Wasserman Schultz still around? Too bad!

Why are we here?
Why are we providing crumbs?
Think MEMO.
Not convinced this is spreading?
You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.
You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.
APART you are weak.
This is more important than you can imagine.

I think the above is self explanatory. We need to win the twitter wars. I posted how in my last post.

Many of the puzzle pieces have now fallen into place. I understand the occult angle from my own sources. The kabbalistic egregore is broken and their magic is gone. They will attempt some type of sacrifice of human lives to save themselves but it won’t work. They have been cut off from their magic, cut off from their alien masters and cut off from their funds. It is clear that the House Intel memo is going to be made public and that will be the end.

But there is still one more angle that needs to be exposed. What are they trying to do with Bitcoin? They have invested almost all of their money in Bitcoin [and ours as well]. Bitcoin is doomed to fall and fall big as their final defeat.

Why can’t the US create its own digital currency? I don’t know. I’m just asking!

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