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Outpouring of Love Opens Door for Disclosure




The outpouring of love and light across Gaia yesterday, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, was immense and allowed the final purging of non-compatible energies from Gaia’s new Unity Grid. In a vision I saw these old energies fall away as Gaia lifted up into the light. Bless us all for our new world.


Last night in a lucid dream I saw a single Pleadian mother ship land in front of television crews, an indicator that disclosure is now immanent.


This entire past year of 2012 has been under the rulership on Gaia’s new Unity Grid and its new rules for physical manifestation. This is why much has not happened that had been predicted. This entire year has been dedicated to the purging of incompatible elements from the Unity Grid and not to forward movement. What remains is the massive transformation of consciousness that disclosure would bring to the human race. This will indeed still happen before the winter solstice of 12/21/12/ as that purging of old thinking still needs to take place. We may expect this disclosure anytime between now and the new moon of December 13.


As I mentioned this past year has been under the rulership of the new Unity Grid and new laws of physical manifestation. Gaia has allowed the High Council of Orion to oversee the correction of karmic obligation and misuse of the global economy. Those that created the mess and the corruption are being forced to make reparation and corrections under these new rules of physical manifestation. This is why the global economy did not collapse one year ago as predicted. Those that wished to rule will now serve through this next great cycle.


Now Gaia has authorized the Pleadian High Council to publicly disclose themselves and begin this new period of humanity. What this means is public disclosure and acceptance of extra terrestrial life and its relationship with Gaia. Only the Pleadians long history of peaceful coexistence with humans have authorized them this place of honor. Many other galactic races still need to prove themselves. This integration of galactic and humans will not be smooth.


The human race was genetically created to be similar to O positive blood. Any soul from any galactic race has the ability to be born into a physical human body. In this way all galactic races and life forms could meet and get to know each other and learn to live together in harmony as humans before learning to live together in harmony elsewhere in the universe. Gaia and the human race has been a collective meeting place for the various galactic races for a long time. The old experiment is over and a new experiment with new rules has begun.


The vision I was given twenty years ago indicated that this is why the human race needed to be protected and somewhat isolated from our galactic brothers and sisters. The end of the new great cycle is to be the union and integration, actual merging of the human species genetically with other galactic species. This is to be the work of the next great cycle. Humanity is not yet ready for this drastic step. Many souls of many galactic races and civilizations have worked together in peace and harmony to create Gaia’s new Unity Grid. In doing this many have often had to act against their own native galactic brothers and sisters for the greater common interest of the protection of the human race.


Gaia’s ascension has always been under divine guidance and leadership. Let us give thanks for the blessing to be living through such incredible times.


Bright blessings



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