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This morning it was as if a fire bomb had gone off in the astral planes. There was much destruction and fires were everywhere. The interesting thing was that for me this was not a bad thing! I sensed that it was those astral creations that were not balanced and not compatible with the new crystalline 10D hologram that had caught fire and self destructed.

Old eon thinking and activity will no longer be supported or tolerated and when people continue to think and act and create these types of things within the new astral planes they will self destruct. This is the message that is coming through loud and clear. The old ways are no more!

I felt a sense of freedom,  peace and release of restrictions as I surveyed the burning landscapes. These were not my astral creations but those of my enemies! Those that were not compatible with the ways of the new elves, Gaia and earth magick.

What followed was a series of at least three astral narratives as new astral formations then took place without the former restrictions. The astral activity of last night and this morning is the first tangible evidence that things have changed. We can expect more of the same and these changes will soon manifest physically as well if they aren’t already!


The astral planes are undergoing drastic reorganization and orientation. These first months will be more global in nature and gradually filtering down into ordinary life later this spring.

If you experienced a wild and crazy night in the astral consider if you felt fear and loss of  power or gladness and a sense of empowerment that supported you through the wild waves. It has begun!

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As the first year of the new cycle truly begins for the first time in crystalline physical 3D it might be good to take a look ahead at the coming months to have some type of idea what to expect.


The new crystalline 10D hologram starts us off in a reconstruction of the very same world we have just left. But there the similarities end. For one thing our individual awareness is no longer split between the old world and the new world. We exist solidly in the new world and only in the new world! Our awareness is a completely new and crystalline awareness whether is be the crystalline 3D awareness of the new humans or the crystalline 4D awareness of the new elves. There is no longer any true contact between these two energy systems. Humanity has truly split into two parts. Nothing of the old remains.


Yet many people will continue to think the same old thoughts and act in the same old behavior  patterns. But this time the results will not be what is expected! Certain activities and events will be supported and others will not be supported.


Consider that Gaia’s new 10D hologram begins with a recreation of the world as we now know it. It seems that nothing has changed. The outer surface of things remains seemingly unchanged but the inner wires and forces that impel events and actions is radically different. Things will begin to move from their old physical locations and empowerments into their new physical locations and empowerments.


To put this bluntly, our world has been ruled by artificially created mental creations and values that have little or nothing in common with physical life itself. It has been ruled by technology and science. It is now ruled by the organic energies of the vital life force itself and all living things participate in this explosion of creative force. Even the smallest life form has its say it what will now unfold.


It is almost unimaginable how our world can transform from one ruled by science and technology to one ruled by the organic life forces of sexuality and magick, and how this can be achieved this coming year! Yet this is the plan of unfoldment.


The new humans, guided by science and technology, empowered by spirituality and empassioned with a collective/hive mind vision of a future humanity united in “oneness” will burst forth from the starting gates of this coming year with a fiery passion. They will not realize that they no longer have an energetic connection to Gaia through which things can physically manifest. Great plans, sweeping ideals and visions doomed to failure for lack of a solid earth connection. It is all head trippy stuff that will stumble and fall as it encounters the more real, balanced and grounded earthly energy of the new elves.

This will be due to the dissolution of both the Higher Self and the Shadow aspects within the human race. The new two way energetics will no longer support non-integrated polarized structures such as the Higher Self and the Shadow. The energies of both of these will erupt and dissipate never to return. That which remains will be the simple self in two parts, male and female aspects. The new elves will be able to balance the male and female aspects of their souls and merge them into one single soul. The new humans will not be able to do this.


Look to the lunar festivals to see how this unfolds in a mechanical process. There is one last battle for physical 3D earth and it has already been won but needs to be enacted physically this winter, spring and summer. The “Gaia” energies of the upper spiritual planes of the new “pattern” first broke through into the lower magickal planes during the summer solstice of this past year. The summer solstice of this coming year, 2015, brings an exact conclusion to this cycle as the energy completes the entire circuit for the first time. These same “Gaia” energies have now burst upward to infuse the upper spiritual planes for the first time. This happened at the recent winter solstice.


The new “Gaia” energies are organic male and female energies perfectly matched and balanced. By the summer solstice they will have made their first complete cycle as physical manifesting energies. So you can imagine this year has a few surprises in store!

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Visualize a gigantic ying/yang wheel and see it beginning to turn. Symbolically this is what has happened these few days since the solstice. This giant yin/yang wheel is Gaia herself and she has finally united her own male/female aspects in love and joy. This is a process that is just in the early stages of movement, but the first thing she has done is thrown off all energies that are not in male/female balance. Now these balanced energies begin to spin and to create and to move us from where we now find ourselves to our true places within the universe. Those of us that are linked to Gaia will take this journey with her.

The energies of this solstice have not been like the energies of any previous solstice. Prior to this spiritual light came into this world from the galactic center during the solstice and this spiritual light was not balanced male/female but almost pure male energy that was to merge with the almost pure female energy of Gaia and all living things. This time the mixed male/female energy comes from the heart of Gaia herself as it bursts forth from her very core and embraces all living things. This is a very different energy following a very different pathway.

The astral fiercely resists change, but once something new snaps into place that new creation, that new energy pathway is just as fiercely protected. When you think back over the past six months or so and remember being pulled first one way and then the other way realize that one set of energy pathways was snapping apart for good and another set of energy pathways was snapping together permanently.We are now to see the results of this final snapping together.We are now to experience the great awakening!

The old ways were firmly embedded within the astral planes and within our very bodies. We have been releasing these threads, these cords one by one over a long period of time. And now, at this solstice this new giant yin/yang wheel has broken free of the last restraints and through the momentum of its turning will gradually pull everything else free along with it over this coming year.

Each great cycle begins at the lowest of the earth energies and this giant yin/yang symbol represents the lowest “vital life force energy” or male/female sexual energy and for the first time this energy is in perfect balance. It is Gaia that supports this balance and keeps it now, not individuals.Individuals have helped anchor this balanced energy, but now Gaia herself takes up the cause and adds her own immense love and joy to this creation of a new and joyous world.

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For quite some time now humanity has been the only holdout in Gaia’s final ascension. This changed with the winter/summer solstice of Dec 21, 2014. The best way of explaining what has happened is to share what is happening today, Dec 22, 2914.


As of today Gaia’s 10D hologram reality began to move forward on its immense single collective timeline. For this moment onward there is only the now, the present moment in this present lifetime. Look around you and see what exists in your world. You have created this world and this is your starting point. You can use your new gifts to move out of where you now are and into where you want to be, but this is the beginning and it makes use of the illusion of the old world as it physically was. Once more the transition was seamless and reality has seemed unbroken. But physical crystalline 3D is now fully operational and operating under new rules that will become very evident quite soon.


The new humans and the new elves have been severed from each other energy wise. These is no old 3D awareness any more. There is the new 3D awareness of the new humans and the new 4D multi-dimensional awareness of the new elves. But there is no bridge between them.


The new humans have created a 3D hive mind collective reality that is based upon duality, unconditional love, and a link to spirit instead of to earth, mother Gaia. This reality is essentially non sexual in nature.


The new elves have created an individualistic reality that is based upon zero point energy, divine counterpart relationships, resonant love and a link to mother earth, Gaia. This reality is primarily sexual in nature and based upon the vital life force of all living things.


From this moment onward a new elf can’t experience 3D awareness, but remains centered in 4D with multi-dimensional abilities that will magically attract the type of life envisioned. It will do this through the earth link with Gaia. They have developed both the male and female parts of their soul.


From this moment onward a new human can’t experience the awareness of the higher levels in completeness because of a genetic inability to integrate their shadow self. The new human has not balanced their own male/female soul.


The new 10D hologram will cause the eruption of the shadow self in all living things. This will find many new humans struggling in the emotional vortexes of suddenly released and long withheld emotional energy. The new elves having been working to clear this energy and will not be that negatively effected.


But it is important to realize that this is a transitory thing, this eruption of the shadow. It is only going to affect those with trapped and repressed emotional energies. Children that have no trapped and emotional energies will not be affected and in growing up will not need to experience them because the 10D hologram will keep this energy channel clear.


It is done! Now it is time to create the lives that we are meant to live!



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We are just days away from the December full moon! Immediately after the full moon another wave will begin moving from the lowest levels up to the highest levels culminating at the new moon around Christmas, but this time things will be different. This upward movement is like a syringe that sucks in light until it is completely filled at the new moon. After the new moon a downward wave is formed that seeks to compress and force things into physical manifestation.


So this upward wave is sucking in the new light of the coming new year. But this new light is not coming directly from the sun as it has previously. Mother Gaia herself has become like a sun radiating the incoming energy of the new year. This is the first year of earth energy, not spiritual light energy!

It might be hard to wrap one’s mind around this, but the difference is profound! At the beginning of a great cycle the energetic activity is always at the lowest level, not the highest. Then every two thousand years another chakra energy gets activated and that new energy is the functional one.


So this time it is two thousand years of the lowest possible earth energy being brought in and activated at the winter solstice. This energy will radiate from Gaia herself as she first absorbs it and then releases it over the course of the coming year. [ the upper levels are not vibrating at the levels the sun is currently set at. The sun is currently vibrating at Gaia’s level of vibration] They will be indirectly effected, but not major channels as they were in the “Christian” age of the third eye chakra energies. My best bet is to expect lots of spontaneous kundalini awakenings and lots of crazy energetics as the human shadow erupts in true seriousness. These events will totally overshadow the new human “collective” rules and regulations as those very rules and regulations will not seem effective in dealing with what is happening.


The higher astral planes will be essentially dormant and unable to manifest much of anything without full integration of all the lower levels as well. In the beginning this is going to be a reality oriented and physical based world. That’s why many people will chose to leave this year and return home to non-physical locations. Yet for the new elves magick will provide help with manifesting life’s needs. For the new humans it will take hard work.


Given this to be the case I expect an earth energy surge around the winter solstice that will magnify and enhance the one that will be starting on Saturday after the full moon. Don’t expect a lot of “spirituality” this Christmas unless you consider the vital life force itself as sacred. Expect a lot of vitality and activity.


In fact, one of the main conflicts will be that of vitality and physical activity vs spirituality. They all need to be integrated for maximum effectiveness, but this is a job for the future.


What you are going to see is advancement through the manipulation of the astral planes and hard work with a large dose of the status quo. This manipulation of the astral planes is of course better known as the return of magick into the world.


It will be a little rough this spring as these astral forces take on the leading role in physical manifestation.



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