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New Moon May 20, 2012


As normal the energies seem to hit me a day or so before they hit most other people. This is the 19th and the waves hit last night/this morning. There were somewhere between 12 and 15 waves that hit in succession. They were very powerful and most of them seemed to be activating astral/density bodies that I had already activated earlier. It seemed like a second activation of those astral bodies and hit all levels/all densities from the highest to the lowest. All levels were being activated. There were also three or four other waves that were not familiar to me. I was experiencing them for the first time.


This was a very powerful experience and the sense that I have of it is that the Unity Grid encountered the photon belt. It was like using a laptop computer with the batteries and then plugging it into the wall charger and using it. None of the programming changed at all, but the display was brighter and it operated a bit more quickly. It was simply as if the new energy waves enhanced what the Unity Grid was trying to do with just a few minor additions.


I am struck by the thought that while we are all individually trying to ascend, Gaia is ascending at the same time. So relatively speaking there seems to be no apparent outward change in respect with us to our environment. This is especially of interest since these waves seem to be activating ALL LEVELS and DENSITIES. Our environment is being locked in place around us as each of our astral bodies are activated. I sense this as a crystallization of the status quo rather than major earth changes. So as Lauren Gorgo puts it, how do 5th density beings live in a 3rd dimensional world? How do we continue to pay the bills while the Unity Grid purges the incompatible elements from it?


In summary this new moon seems to activate all possible astral bodies while activating all possible earth environments around us as well giving an empowered feeling but leaving us in the same environment. The real change is that from this moment on things will never be the same as we create the world that we desire to live in. The catch is that we create it from our current physical circumstances.



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Beltane 2012 The New Birth


May 2, 2012. First I would like to say that I get my information through visions and then need to interpret those visions. Please use discernment when reading this message. I almost didn’t post this message and am still stunned by what has occurred.

Last evening I decided to tap into Gaia and see how she was doing. I was dismayed and alarmed to find her in intense distress. There was also the feeling that she was heavy into labor. In my vision I held out my hand to her and she grasped it strongly, grateful that I was there. Then I sent lots of love and healing energy and could sense when she was more restful.

Sometime early on the morning of the 2nd I woke up and decided tapping into her once more and see how she was doing. Again she was in the labor room yet this time she was calm and not in distress. Once more I held out my hand and she took it. Then I saw it, the baby earth floating at the foot of the bed. It was small and its surface was teeming with all kinds of energies. Then the view shifted and I was standing alongside Gaia as we both watched the new baby earth with joy and happiness. Then the scene shifted to some people that were studying what appeared to be a computer display of the new earth’s ley lines or energy grid, checking to see if everything was ok.

So that’s the vision, now for the interpretation! I did have visions this past year as the new earth manifested into 5th, 4th and crystalline 3rd density. But what made this vision different was that I was able to view Gaia, the mother as separate from the new baby earth! There were two separate scene changes where I was able to view both as separate from each other. When I check in now this remains the case. The new crystalline 3d earth baby has been born and separated from her mother, Gaia! The ascension is complete!

In retrospect this is not that surprising given the amounts of light energy that have been pouring into our planet. Samhain and Beltane are the two times of the year when the veils are the thinnest. Samhain is when the outer physical world tries to get into the spirit realms and Beltane is when the Spirit Realms are bursting into physicality. What an auspicious time to be born! The full moon of Beltane is not until this Saturday but the timing is certainly influenced by this full moon.

It is just that we have been lulled into complacency with our expectations of this not happening until December of this year. We have expected much more physical turmoil and global upheaval. It has not happened and now we can each choose whether it will happen to us or not.

So what does all this mean? We first need to clarify a few things about timelines. The buzz word and catch phrase has been each person has their own timeline for ascension. The reality is that this is both true and not true. At the time when the new earth is born there can be only one timeline. The beginning and the end of each great cycle are true closures and beginnings. They are narrow gateways or portals and movement between one great cycle and another is severely limited. Only one timeline is allowed through and all karma must be completed at that time.

So there has been a multi-dimensional battle going on to determine just what timeline was going to be the one that passed through into the new age or new cycle. This battle has been multi-dimensional with changes taking place in the past and in the future as well as in our present world experience. Everything hinged upon the physical reality at the moment of birth because that was the reality that would continue and only that reality. Once through that portal infinite timelines are created from that one time line. If a polar shift happened before the new earth was born all future timelines would use that polar shift as a starting point. If world war III had happened before the birth all future timelines would begin with the carnage of WWIII. If a global financial collapse had happened before the birth all future timelines would have begun with that starting point. If a mass landing of UFO’s occurred before the birth all future timelines would begin from that point as well.

Fortunately none of those things happened. The best possible thing happened in that earth was normal as possible when the birth occurred. This gives almost unlimited freedom for unlimited future timelines! If one wants to experience a polar shift they can create a timeline for that experience. The same goes for WWIII or global financial collapse. These can all be chosen, but more importantly other individual timelines can be chosen that do not have these experiences! All future timelines will grow out of today’s fairly normal reality, and of course all future timelines will operate under new rules for physical manifestation! This is the maximum best possible scenario that gives the most freedom to all life on earth except to those that wish to harm and destroy others.

We have gone through the eye of the needle, have found that one collective timeline, and what now lies before us is expansion and creation! The upcoming energy surges that were believed to be used to propel Gaia through the birth experience will now instead be used to give growth spurts to the newly born baby Gaia and to newly created future timelines! All the incoming energy for the rest of the year are going into creating our futures and not into Gaia’s ascension! This means that each of us will be able to continue to ascend even farther than before. We can use these energies for our own ascension as a free gift of grace from God and the Cosmic. We have ascended into crystalline 3d and can now continue to use these incoming energies to ascend as high as we desire!

Strictly speaking, the new baby is not a physical planet but a miniature universe of infinite timelines, dimensions and possibilities that appears as crystalline 3d to those that live in it. It exists in the ethereal space between old 1st and 2nd dimensional Gaia and her moon. All three of these things now exist as a unified continuum that extends from 1st density to 10th density. Everyone can find something of interest within those parameters! Those that ascend to higher levels will have the abilities to use these new multi-dimensional features to create the experience they desire. The new baby earth is a “continuum” in and of itself. It is capable of infinite expansion and nothing like this has ever happened in the universe before!

So what can we expect in our normal daily lives? For those that have prepared, we can expect to become bored with the ascension theme and feel the urge to get moving onto something that our hearts are calling us to do. For me personally, I have been feeling an increasing desire to get back to my translation work. I am having a growing sense that this ascension thing is all done for me at least. Now it is time to move on. So, there will be a growing need to “move on” because all future timelines extend from this moment. There is no longer a “waiting” for something to happen because it never will if we don’t do it ourselves.

Other than that what we experience will be determined by the future timelines that we choose. I suggest joining in groups with like minded people or soul groups for personal encouragement and support.


Bless you all,


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