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Yesterday when I went to work I tried scanning the multiverse/astral as usual to see what would happen during the day and use my own multidimensional abilities to smooth any rough spots. This has been a constant practice of a few years now and greatly enhances the quality of my work day. (This is something those with mulidimensional abilities will do routinely)

To my surprise the astral was completely collapsed and totally blocked as if with clouds. It was not working right. Now this morning, Thanksgiving Day, the clouds have cleared and the new earth emerges. It seems that Gaia has finally ascended bringing her entire ecosystem with her. This marvelous achievement required the creation of a new holographic 3d model under new rules. In effect, creating something within the universe that had not existed before, a crystaline light powered 3d.

Today as things seem to be settling down into normal physicality within the universe I sense most of our space brothers stationed upon the moon where they withdrew from the astral storm. The astral is completely empty and earth is kind of regrouping. There are still some highly charged areas that are discharging energy but each discharge reduces the tension.

There is a boundary or line of demarcation halfway between the moon and the earth which most space brothers can no longer cross. There are only a few that Gaia trusts enough to allow passage. This has been a life and death struggle for her and most space brothers did not understand her requirements.

Upon earth living in physical bodies are those that have ascended with her. Those of original earth physicality will benefit the most since they have been with her the longest and this is her ascension.

Starseeds, wanderers, space brothers and all other lightworkers in physicality will benefit as well but in a more limited way. They do not yet contain the full DNA sequence that she used for her ascension process and this was an organic ascension happening through DNA activation. They will remain safe through use of their own multidimensionality through the coming changes and when they finally leave physical earth at the time of their choosing through death they will be allowed to be reborn and come back at some point in earth’s future to live here once more.

They may of course simply chose to leave, but the door is always open.

Ramifications of this ascension are immense since a new level of reality has been added to the crystaline universe. Life will never be the same. Eath’s moon will continue as the connection point or staging area for her interaction with other life forms not already on her surface or interior.

Channeled contacts should continue with greater freedom and clarity as some of the most difficult communication obstacles have already been surmounted.

What does this mean? Don’t know yet! The next step is to cool down the high tension areas, middle east, euro crisis and all the great world problems in general. With each energy discharge, with each day that goes by things will be better.

So much of the old has fallen away that when the light enters the system at the winter solstice next month it will not be activating old stuff. Exciting times indeed!

bright blessings

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Duality-The Male


    I would like to share a few essays that compare the process of ego development with some of the more recognized landmarks of metaphysical and psychological research. I’ve used the grade system of the Golden Dawn as a convenient way of organizing this data using Israel Regardie’s book as a reference. I could just as easily have used terms used by psychology or some other school of thought. The main point is that even if different terms are used the experiences described are the same.

There is a universal experience that is true for all people even if it is highly subjective. Therefore these next chapters are tied together in a way that builds on what went before. What they propose is a progressive ladder or stairway we each must travel in the process of healthy ego development.

With a little imagination and memory work you will be able to identify personally with almost every stage that is listed. We achieve these stages all the time but do not recognize them for what they are. They offer a type of initiation that will act as a catalyst for personal growth and healing.

While my examples may not be strictly accurate they should be very evocative and I welcome comments that would help smooth these concepts out a little more.




In this degree the Neophyte or newborn begins explorations of the ego. What I’m really saying here is we move from an animal awareness into an awareness of “self”. Typically these levels are dealt with naturally during childhood. Each must be developed before we can move on and mature in a healthy way. This degree has eight levels of awareness. Each level deals with personal limitations and how our developing ego grows and adjusts to confront and gradually master these limitations.

I don’t know of any order or sequence these areas may fall into. I do know we are not complete until we have explored and come to terms with all of these areas. There are many similarities with Erickson’s “eight stages of Man”. Those familiar with his work will find this addition especially interesting.

Limitations of Language. So often in our lives words are inadequate to express the depth of our emotions and the intent of our actions. We feel no one understands us, no one will listen to what we are trying to say. Gradually we accept that we have a unique perspective on life and many things that happen will remain forever secret between ourselves and the God of our hearts. We are not able to share them with others and we will never be able to share them.
At least this is the healthy way things should be. All too often we expect others to understand and have insight into our personal situation. We want to think our loved ones know us but the reality is that no one can really know us that deeply, not even our loved ones.

Limitations of action. We learn very rapidly in life that certain things are acceptable and others are not. We think things are unfair. Why are bad things happening to us? Why can’t we do the things we want to do?
We learn there are consequences to our actions, that action causes reaction and we are in the highest sense responsible for our actions. We learn to do the right things at the right times so we are socially acceptable.
Our parents are a great help in this regard. We do unto others as we would have them do unto us. These are the beginning insights into the cosmic law of karma, cause and effect. They are also the beginnings of our natural sense of justice and fairness. There is pride in knowing we have earned the rewards we get in life.
Sadly generations of children are being raised without learning that their actions have natural consequences. Parents over protect their children and let them get away with things. How can children be expected to know how to behave when they turn eighteen if mom or dad always comes to the rescue?

Limitations of emotions. This deals directly with our strongest personal desires. Often we want things so badly we would do or give anything to achieve them. We feel hurt, anger and helplessness when they are taken out of our reach. We WANT these things and we can’t have them. This is especially true in relationships that involve other people. In time we learn to desire things that are within our grasp and our abilities.
It is very important our sights are aimed high early because otherwise we will lose our desire to succeed in life. Unfortunately many parents have killed the higher ambitions in their children by not giving them the emotional support they need when they need it. This is often during the critical teenage years.

Personal limitations. Now we deal with the limitations of our own newly developing ego. We realize our perceived shortcomings. Life is not fair. Why is my nose so big? Why am I so fat? Why am I so tall? Does any of this sound familiar? We come face to face with what we have been given in life and react with intense personal dissatisfaction. As we mature hopefully we grow above these things and accept ourselves as we are.
Learning to love ourselves goes hand in hand with believing in our abilities. This means to expose ourselves to life and be successful in our own eyes.

We are Gods and Goddesses Here we ponder what it would be like to live for ever and ever. As children we feel immortal and nothing can harm us. Life is huge and just goes on and on. We have no control over this at all. Awareness just goes on and on and on. We have a destiny to fulfill whether we want to or not. We believe we are important and have an important part to play in the universe.
Some children are told they will be judged according to their deeds and sentenced to heaven or hell upon death. Others exposed to reincarnation at an early age will see karma as a wheel of life where we are born again and again until we get some meaningless lesson right. It is easy to feel helpless and small as we consider these forces of destiny.

Right and Wrong. Here we deal with our desire for revenge and the destruction of the wicked. We know through our parents and others the difference between right and wrong. We try to do the right things and God help those who are doing the wrong things. We are on their case in an instant. As children we tattle and as adults we turn others in to the authorities. We feel a strong desire for reward and recognition because we are doing the RIGHT things. We also fear the pain and humiliation of punishment.
We’ re given an early understanding of life. We have now mastered the fundamentals. The stories and dogmas have been read to us. Our questions have been answered and our thoughts carefully directed to conform with the wisdom of our elders.
In their infinite wisdom they assure us there is nothing more to learn. Our education is over and we can take our place as adults even if we don’t feel like adults. We do this through ceremonies such as confirmation, baptism, and graduation. There is a strong sense of stagnation and we no longer question the way things are. Sadly many adults seem to be stuck at this stage of ego development.

Death. People die, animals die, plants die and we have a growing realization that we too will someday die. It is inevitable. What happens after we die? Where do we go? Is there life without the physical body? Does it hurt to die? Are ghosts real and can they hurt us?
Our parents and churches tell us we will go to heaven. They tell us heaven is the most beautiful place we can imagine. But they also tell us about hell and damnation. If we do not believe certain things and do certain things we will go straight to hell with eternal agony and torment. We need to save our immortal soul by not doing things our bodies want us to do. We learn to not trust our own bodies and instincts. We learn to die



Zelator Degree

    When is the last time you have been passionate and excited about a cause? When have you believed in something so strongly that you became a zealot? Have you ever been “born again”? As we mature and confront reality we also deal with lower emotional baggage. This level is the awakening of the conscience. Normally this development takes place around ten or twelve years of age.

I was fourteen when it happened to me. Sadly it might never take place in some cases. The development of our ego can not continue in a healthy manner until this stage is completed. Most of us have a conscience but we might not always listen to it.

This degree has two levels of thought. In the first part of this degree we hear the voice of our conscience and either ignore it or give lip service to spiritual and noble goals. We have good intentions but identify with our physical body and human ego. We feel unworthy to have the things we desire.

We go to church on Sunday but keep falling short of our own expectations. In religious terms we don’t want to sin but we still do. Every day we do things over and over again that we are ashamed of and despair. We are sinners. We are unworthy. We think evil thoughts.

Heavy feelings of guilt and self loathing are encountered at this level of thought. A powerful force digs up our deepest subconscious psychic contents and exposes them openly to us. We are brought face to face with every word we ever regretted, every thought we were ashamed of. We feel little more than animals mindlessly reacting to physical and emotional stimulus. We are brought face to face with the mirror of our soul. We don’t care if God/dess forgives us because we can’t forgive ourselves.
This is a very hard time and many flee in terror at what they see in the mirror. They spend the rest of their lives in misery, guilt and shame, hating themselves and dreading the day they must face their final reward. This is the crisis point of the Zelator degree that must be crossed.
Once we have crossed this point we hear the call “repent sinner”. We change our lives and live differently. We no longer identify with our physical body. Instead we identify with our immortal body that lives on after death.

“He who believes shall never die.”
“You must be born again into a new spiritual body.”
“You must be saved.”

These are the messages we hear at this critical stage of ego development. Our conscience is erupting and when we are ready to listen huge changes take place in our lives.
There is a mental shift where life becomes a test and trial that is necessary to pass before we earn eternal salvation. If we can look in the mirror and do the best we can every day the inner voice of our conscience will forgive us for the errors we make.
Most importantly we learn to forgive ourselves. As we accept the inner voice of our conscience and strive to follow it we grow spiritually.
In this second level we are “born again”. We identify with a spiritual body or soul that is immortal. We get excited about the idea of living forever.
Because the ego is self-centered there is a feeling of separateness from others that occurs along with the joy of being “saved”. There is a sense of isolation and terrible loneliness that is bitter-sweet. We want others to experience what we have. It is hard to accept that others may not agree with us. We are forever alone with a unique personal perspective and path meant only for us.
When we try to share this perspective we can’t and this realization is devastating. The things that are so important to us simply do not matter to others. They laugh and ridicule us. Still this loneliness is the result of distorted thinking. We are never really alone because the entire universe is always a part of us and we are a vital part of it. Others don’t need to follow our path. They need to follow their path.
Our realization and experience of being “born again” causes us to weep for the loneliness and suffering of humanity. So much misery does not need to exist. People don’t understand what they are missing. At this point we develop compassion in our hearts for others. As we share our message and interact with others we become less lonely.
Our sharing becomes more mental as the material world becomes less important. Slowly concepts gain strength and reality over our lives. We live through conscious intent and will instead of passing fancy.
As this happens the emotions lose their control over our lives. We gain control over them and repress them until they are almost non existent. As this happens we depend more and more upon reason and logic.
This is a very painful period because we sense the coming death of the emotions. Life is no longer as fun as it once was. We have lost our “inner child”. Life without emotions is no longer life.



Practicus Degree

In this degree we struggle with the problem of how to be both body and spirit. In the last stage of ego development we discovered our spiritual nature and determined it was the most important. Now we are trying to live in the correct way.
We have been won over to the cause and now it feels like we have been a abandoned. Our false human ego is still identifying with our physical body but at the same time holds up rigid idealistic standards for itself and for others to live by. Here we have puppy love. We establish role models and become hero worshipers.
We have expectations for finding the perfect wife, the perfect husband, the perfect home, and the perfect job. We set our standards so high no one can fill them. Then we hate ourselves because of our failure.
These standards are mental concepts that are not integrated into physical reality. They are unworkable. We have entered the realm of logic and reason and the human ego is no longer supreme. The ideal, representing logic and reason is now supreme. Although they rule our lives logic and reason are unable to get at truth. The answers we get bring more questions. This turns into a vicious circle that rapidly gets out of control until we finally learn to stop asking questions.
Logic and reason distort things. We are no longer sure of what is good and evil, sin and salvation, or illusion and reality. Our head begins to spin and our overworked intellect feels inadequate.
In desperation we trust our intuition and conscience instead. The intellect can sense it’s approaching death even as the emotions did earlier. It feels threatened as it desperately tries to grapple with things and understand them.
We find ourselves in an intellectual fog where the only voice of sanity and reason lies with unquestioning faith. We identify more and more with our intuitions, with the Christ spirit within us and faith in the inner voice of our conscience. As we do this our intellect is screaming at us to stop. It is trying to tell us what we are doing is insane and makes no sense at all.
Trusting our intuitions and the inner voice of our conscience brings the birth of a higher level of consciousness. We think not with words but with the symbols given in our dreams and meditations. Our thought processes are more abstract and visual. There are no words for what we are thinking.
The first stage is an uncomfortable struggle with logic and reason. The second stage of this degree brings the decline of the intellect and the true birth of intuition. We trust our intuition above all other things. We develop a great spiritual pride that our inner self has won over the intellect and physical self. This is a very dangerous time for us!
We have a true feeling of accomplishment thinking we are one of the great adepts. We have little desire to try further but are content to stay right where we are. This is a great spiritual plateau and we must beware the poison of spiritual pride. This level marks the boundary between consciousness and higher-consciousness.
Our new consciousness with absolute faith in the intuitive self is still untamed, it is a beast. It is still joined to the lower personality and to the physical body. The spiritual vision is distorted and our intuitive self is hindered in its attempts to communicate with us. The intuitive self rules but it is an uneasy rule indeed.



Philosophus Degree


We find joy , peace and inspiration in mental travels and daydreams as we build a bridge of communication between our intuitive self and objective consciousness. There are three progressive levels in the Philosophus degree that occur naturally.

The first level is the realm of mentally traveling in imagination through time and space. This is the realm of avid readers and bookworms, especially readers of science fiction and fantasy. This is also the realm of heavy daydreaming. Our mind is constantly chattering away and we are enjoying it. This is a summary of all the previous levels and a great sense of peace and joy is found in loosing one’s self in imagination and creativity.

The Philosophus lets his or her imagination run wild as he or she explores all aspects of physical life and what could be. Anything and everything is possible. This stage begins the death of the lower human ego because the mental world is becoming more real than the physical world. There is a growing sense that all is one and the cares and worries of the distant world become vague and unreal. We are starting to become head trippers.
We are drawn toward abstract thoughts and spirituality. The spiritual life seductively begins to lure the Philosophus with promises of great treasures and rewards. More and more time is spent in mental pursuits until all of his/her free time and energy is caught up in this type of activity. Material and worldly affairs suffer as we become careless. Our relationships with family and friends disintegrate and we weep bitterly at losing these things but we can’t help ourselves and continue living in our heads.
In the second level of this degree we feel and appreciate the things we have lost in our mental pursuits. We feel them because they are no longer there and we miss them. Our bridge of communication with our intuitive self is not being built very fast and the cost we are paying is very high. Mental pursuits are no longer as fun and take on an aspect of desperation.

We explore the mystery of toil and the virtues of labor through intense study. In desperation we turn our vast creative energies exclusively to labor and study to build that bridge as soon as possible.
We recognize only then will we know our true path in life. Our efforts meet with failure after failure as we struggle to manifest what is in our heads. Trial and error are the ways to turn our ideas into actual experiences.
We consider one occupation after another and test it for intuitive approval. Time and time again our intuitive self says “no, this is not it”. Little by little we learn about ourselves by discovering what is hidden in our blind spots. Do we like to draw or work with people or perhaps write. What we should draw. Should we be commercial artists? Architects? Pure Artists? Comic book illustrators? Children’s books?
What should we write? Poems? Stories? Magazine articles? Political speeches? Possibly we should translate books from one language into another.
Slowly but surely our intuitive self guides us on a voyage of self-discovery where the goal is not as important as the journey is. Through trial and error we see our labors as a process of self unfoldment and self-expression. We are in a gradual process of evolution and constant change and so is the entire universe. It is through living and suffering that we learn wisdom.

We see all parts of the universe are working together as a big system and each individual’s part is very important. We see there is a specific path or place for us to fill and we can sense the importance of it.
Intuitively we comprehend the entire universe oscillates between states of potential and kinetic energy. We started out as passive spiritual beings of pure potential, divine sparks of light. Then we descended into physical bodies of pure kinetic energy, all motion.
Now we realize we are once more returning to the spiritual realms of pure potential energy. We are on the path of return to Source. We can use our abilities and become co-creators as God has always intended us to be.
In the third level of this degree we have a dramatic change in viewpoint. We think about being co-creators of the universe and Masters of our own lives. We contemplate ways to harness the energies of the higher planes and use them in the physical world. As we strive to bring these intuitive insights into physical focus we pour increased vigor and vitality into our studies. It becomes critical to build our bridge of perfect understanding between our intuitive self, the Christ spirit within us, and our conscious awareness.
We think about ideas and concepts without awareness of self or identity or ego. Form and formless merge into each other as we consider pure abstractions. Thought constructs become things that have a life and awareness of their own. We sense the entire universe is alive in some way and aware of our efforts.
Our consciousness becomes an eye that can see where ever it chooses. We see matter and spirit as valid realities. We become obsessed with the completion of our spiritual bridge. Our intensity borders on the very edge of insanity and we are driven. Nothing else matters to us at this point. We are driven by the seductive golden dream of what could be.



Adeptus Minor Degree


The Adeptus Minor is gaining insights and inspirations at regular intervals. Bits and pieces of abstract cosmic revelations are gathered one by one. At this point these scattered fragments have no rhyme or rhythm to them and they defy all attempts to make sense out of them.

The Adeptus Minor continues the philosophical study of pure abstractions and archetypal images. They are attempting to build a mental understanding of the cosmic realm from the bits and pieces received. The goal is to create a perfect reflection of the cosmic realm, a mirror image inside that reflects the world outside.

However, the developing image is very distorted. Existence appears as total annihilation. The Adeptus Minor recognizes they are a long way out into mental space and all alone. There are no familiar landmarks and the entire region seems an abomination full of horror and madness. Insanity is lurking around the corner. There is no color, no sound and no form.

Nothing is sacred. It is a realm where only ideas and more ideas keep coming and have no where to go. The Adeptus Minor still identifies with their physical body and human ego. If they are Christian they come face to face with their higher self or angelic body.

This is the part of them that continues on in awareness after the physical body dies. They realize this angelic body is more a part of their true self than the false human ego. The person exposed to the concept of reincarnation comes face to face with his or her reincarnating ego. The real self that lives from lifetime to lifetime. Physical life in the present body is seen as meaningless, a mere puppet following the prompting of a predetermined destiny.
Past and future lives are seen as all occurring at the same time. There is a strong sense of time and destiny flowing together. A shift of identity is needed to properly assimilate these new parts of the self. The Adeptus Minor must shift their identity from ego to super ego. The viewpoint must shift from a single human being to a multi-dimensional personality.
The second stage of this degree is when this shift of viewpoint occurs. The world and universe appear as a tremendous spinning wheel or machine with little sense or purpose. This wheel is both seductive and deceptive. The Adeptus Minor now has the ability to perceive both the big cosmic picture and the material world at the same time.

If their belief system permits they also gain the ability to perceive multi-dimensional life lines, probable realities, past lives, future lives and probable selves blending together and exerting subtle influences upon each other.

This level corresponds to the so called akashic records of mystical thought and psychic ability. Humanity is seen as evolving spiritually from the rim toward the center. We are all moving back toward “Source”.
As the Adeptus Minor perceives the subtle blending of all these influences moving together in harmony they understand the karmic need for violence, bloodshed and death. Good fights evil, life fights death and all progress must be individually earned.
Where harmony does not exist violence is the only means for awareness to leap across the chasm and assure the greater harmony of the whole.
No Adept can give insight to another. However, they can give initiation to another if the student is properly prepared and ready for it. This is one of the duties of the Adeptus Minor. They are developed in understanding to the point where they are able to plant seed thoughts into the receptive minds of those ready for it. They become spiritual teachers.
Initiation implies a drastic change and totally new outlook on life. True initiation is within the mind and emotional nature of the student and the Adeptus Minor is in a position to say the correct thing at the correct time based upon insights gained from personal experience.



Adeptus Major Degree


Blindly intoxicated by the elixir of the gods the Adeptus Major enters the vault of preparation. At least that’s what the old alchemical texts say. In modern terms we might say he or she is going around the bend. This stage is crucifixion and sacrifice. The inspired bits and pieces from the intuitive self form dimly perceived patterns. The Adeptus Major gets very excited about these “spiritual truths”. A new way of thinking is arising out of these fragments and is understandable as far as it goes.

Fascinated by this perception of “truth” the Adeptus Major commits the sacrifice of believing in their own visions rather than what physical reality says or demands. They identify exclusively with their higher self and their visions. The Adeptus Major is free of personal desires, emotions, thoughts, regrets and attachments.

Only one thing matters. Perfect union with the divine. They have lost themselves in their passion for mystical experience. To others the Adeptus Major has become a thing of wood with no emotional nature.

Close friends, relatives, and family members are hurt and confused by the distance between themselves and the Adeptus Major. They do not live in the same world and can’t reach their loved one .The Adeptus Major is so heavenly bound they are no earthly good.

The Adeptus Major next enters into a deep understanding of cause and effect. The smallest pebble creates ripples that travel throughout the entire universe. Everything that happens affects every other thing. All reality is seen as relative. Occurrences are the result of many small causes and not one big one. This is very compatible with modern chaos theory.
Everything is grey. All is in motion. Good and evil, right and wrong become meaningless concepts. Moral values are imposed by man and not by God/dess. All is pure existentialism. What you see is what you get. The universe is self evident and everything is right in plain view if we can only see it!
All things contain a passive element and an active element that must be balanced. Logic and reason are destroyed. They come to realize all things can logically be proven to be the best that ever happened or the worst that ever happened. Truth is relative. Values are real only to those that perceive them.
At this stage the Adeptus Major confronts their karmic load and understands what must be done to become karma free.
The Adeptus Major knows they are a spiritual being. Their all-consuming goal is perfect realization of the divine Christ spirit within them and complete harmony with their conscience.
By now the spiritual realms are revealed in their entirety. They have developed an incredibly perceptive “Christ Consciousness” and an understanding of their life’s work.
Unfortunately they perceive the goal but can’t reach it. Physical reality fights against them. They feel objective consciousness as an unruly beast that refuses to go where it is directed. It is badly in need of discipline. In real terms they don’t know how to physically manifest their vision and become very frustrated.
Gradually they work through false thinking and confront the realities of daily life. Hard work each day brings new freedom from the chains of cause and effect.
They may appear quite irrational and fear they are going insane. They may fear but their spiritual lust and intoxication drive them to plunge into spiritual oblivion.
Spiritual oblivion takes the form of intense joy and spiritual bliss. Life is a great joy and dance that needs no other purpose than itself. This mental state is called dancing in the light. The intense harmony holds them spell bound. With joy they realize they are not going insane after all. There is a physical, material purpose to what they are doing. In joy they unite the physical and spiritual within themselves and work toward a united purpose.
They are enthused about the great things they are doing even though no one else understands them.



Adeptus Exemptus Degree


Mental energy can only be taken so far and these adepts have reached the outer limits. Do you know what happens when your mind fails?

These people have left the world of form, the material world and live entirely in their heads. They are dead to the physical world and move about conducting their worldly affairs like zombies. When viewed from the purely physical point of view these people would be considered insane or severely troubled. They are emotionless, stern, solemn and constantly caught up in their own thoughts. They are not really there.

The Adeptus Exemptus has eliminated all personal desire and lust for life. There is a strong feeling of death and stagnation. They no longer have any desire for creativity. They live in total self absorbed darkness. Even the desire for Spiritual light is absent. Detached from their surroundings and from themselves, they are completely folded in upon themselves.

They have gone too far and there is no going back. They see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing. All of their energy has gone inward in a total effort of spiritual selfishness. They seek only personal salvation and care nothing about others. They have no compassion or feeling at all. They are people that have used yoga, magic, meditation or prayer for personal gain and nothing can reach them. Now they are exploring the darker areas of their souls. They have gone too far and realize they are in trouble. In a desperate attempt to remain sane they freeze and try not to move in any direction at all.
If the Adeptus Exemptus has started their quest with compassion and concern for others karma will carry them forward into the temple of the Great White Brotherhood. This level emphasizes the importance of human compassion and concern for others. It represents the desire to help others with no thought for personal reward. People at this level are known as Avatars, Mahatmas…ect.
During this level a Master will appear and perform the baptism of the holy Christ spirit. The bridge between God/dess and conscious awareness has been built enough for the Christ spirit to descend in the form of a sacred baptism and initiation.
Those who refuse to share in the Great work can go no further. They have nothing to live for. All they have is a huge ego that shuts them off from others. They work only for personal gain and belong to the Black Brotherhood. They fear the abyss and death of the personal ego that lies ahead of them.
Members of the White Brotherhood recognize compassion for others is a sacred duty and holy trust. Spiritual selfishness must be eliminated with the death of the false ego. This degree is about the death of the false ego.
They stand on the brink of the Great Abyss. There is a sense of impending doom as the last bit of false ego cries out for survival. This is the brink of human consciousness. They are virtually at the very edge of their minds. Logic and Reason can not go beyond this point. There is a strong feeling of tension. There is expectation of an important event but nothing happens.
The tension is unbearable with a tug of war between pure spirit and matter. They are drawn toward God/dess across the abyss but fear the death of the ego because the ego can not cross. They have tasted union with the holy spirit at their baptism and now desire to merge with God/dess. But the spiritual bridge will not allow conscious awareness to cross it. Finally their deep longing wins and they plunge into the Great Abyss.
They take this plunge again and again until the false ego is totally destroyed. Their personality is no more. There is no sense of self. It takes courage and determination to achieve a permanent union with God/dess.
It requires long hard work and the spiritual bridge will only allow short moments of union with God/dess at a time. It will only allow brief glimpses, thoughts, and inspirations. Still the Adeptus Exemptus acquires the ability to achieve these insights at will and the day comes when their awareness will cross the abyss for brief periods at a time.
The feeling of crossing the Abyss is indescribable. They plunge into the arms of the great Cosmic Mother. They are surrounded in love and all embracing feminine warmth. They loose ourselves in holy bliss and rapture because they have truly achieved salvation. They know that spirit is reality and matter is illusion. This is the spiritual dawning of a new day and a new sense of self and awareness. This is the “Golden Dawn”.



Magister Templi Degree

     In this degree the adept achieves the highest mystical state known to man. This has been called “Crossing the Great Abyss”, “Cosmic Consciousness” and “Christ Consciousness”. Their awareness merges permanently with the collective intelligence of the human race. They achieve a state of transcendence and unity.
The Magister Templi has achieved the Golden Dawn and prepares for the Holy Marriage with the Christ spirit. They realize their own divinity and understand their life’s work. They complete and perfect the spiritual bridge. They also complete a mirror image, the microcosm back on the mental plane. This creates a perfect bridge of understanding allowing constant communication between the mental and the spiritual planes.
The Magister Templi has completed the Holy Tree of Life within. The trunk and branches are solid channels for spiritual energies. The roots are buried in the mysterious earth and thick leaves cover branches reaching up to the stars. This analogy means the Magister Templi has constructed a personal belief system that allows them to function at will on the spiritual plane and the mental plane.
They enter into the plane of spiritual love. Here they find self love and love of others. They see others as mere illusions or extensions of themselves. They perceive they are real and all else is illusion. They are a drop of spirit slipping into a great spiritual sea where they seek to loose themselves.
Somehow they must rise above these feelings and recognize others as real. Their task becomes helping others on their spiritual journey. This is the way of return to the physical world.
All karmic residue becomes ashes here for the white adept. Their karma has been consumed and they become liberated.
The Adept learns there is no supreme Deity except the one within themselves. All truth is unknowable and replaced by realized truth. This is revealed by the Christ Spirit a little at a time. Each adept must seek their own truth deep within themselves. This is an individual journey.
The adept sees the forces of Chaos and Order locked in eternal struggle. The male energy represents Expansive Chaos and their will to change the physical world. They aspire to become co-creators with God/dess.
The female energy represents Restrictive Order and the way things are now. Together they manifest all levels below this one. The duality that creates the universe is perceived. It is a balance of expansion and restriction.
The Magister Templi becomes an agent of Chaos to achieve their own personal desires and the upliftment of humanity. They desire to change the way things are.
Physical reality resists them fiercely and they are stripped of all power and attainment. This is the curse of this grade and the mystery of “Sorrow”. The physical world seeks to “eject” them



Magus Degree


The Magus is ready to return back to ordinary physical existence. They have learned outer reality is intimately connected to inner subjective reality. They have achieved real wisdom and gained recognition of their own level of achievement and mastery. They have integrated their spiritual nature and now need to integrate their shadow aspect.

The Magus becomes the legendary philosopher’s stone which transmutes all that come in contact with it. They are a circle whose center is nowhere and whose circumference is everywhere. They are who or what they choose to identify with. Here the Magus learns to consciously control self at all levels of existence. They reawaken the emotions and the physical body. They regain control over their surroundings and pursue their true purpose in life.

Like the artist that is completely free to paint what they choose, the Magus can do as they choose in life as long as they allow others the same freedom. Life becomes a true joy and an expression of self through all levels.
Their duty and purpose in life is to be themselves. By doing this they transmute all that come in contact with them and inspire people to a higher level of living.
The Magus is not all knowing or all powerful. They are only as knowledgeable and powerful as their belief system allows them to be. This is the real secret of their power and ability. Their belief system is open ended and harmonious at all levels. They can learn as much about any thing as they wish before going on to something else.
Their belief system is all inclusive. It includes the entire cosmos. This belief system is entirely integrated. It is like a hologram in which each part contains every other part.
The things the Magus can not comprehend are considered non-self and there is a powerful attraction between what they know and what they wish to know.
Learning is an area of intense bliss and the Magus will joyously spend their life learning all they can about physical reality. They have traveled through the different levels of awareness and now long to become those levels.
This is the indescribable experience of non-duality or total union with God/dess.
There is a sense of gentle loving and sharing that completely fills them. They are the key or microcosm and the universe or macrocosm is the lock. The key is all they are capable of knowing and the lock is all that is possible to become.
As the microcosm becomes more like the macrocosm, the Magus gains power and strength from the fabric of the cosmos. They use this power to achieve their ultimate purpose.
In their struggle to reintegrate with physical reality the Magus is active on all planes activating a causal link between astral/etheric reality and physical reality. Physical reality continues to stubbornly resist their efforts but gives way and they move forward anyway. The Magus is exploring the mystery of Change and how to achieve his/her true destiny.
For everyone that has not achieved this degree of awareness life consists of one step forward and one step backward with a zero-sum gain. That is why it is so hard to get anywhere without compromising who you are or what you desire. The Magus uses both sides of his nature to make each step move forward in an unstoppable manner toward the desired goal.
For the Magus the shadow self and the spiritual self work together toward a common goal under the direction and rulership of the true human ego.



Ipsissimus Degree


When the Magus is ready to achieve the highest region of spirit and the first stages of non-duality they become an Ipsissimus. This is the highest stage of psychological and ego development known to the ancients.

In this degree all of the energies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are integrated in complete harmony. In addition the Ipsissimus has also returned back to physical reality and become integrated with the energies of the earth and with the energies of society. They become a little child or babe, the son or daughter of God. This is the level achieved by Jesus.

At this stage conscious awareness and intuitive awareness are one and the same. They encompass all things at will. This is the highest level man can enter and return in the physical body to talk about. They have found their true path and follow their destiny. Being and doing converge as much as human life will allow. The Ipsissimus is as free as it is possible to be as long as they do what they were born to do. There is no discord or inner tension, only complete joy and peace as they recognize their divinity.
Eastern religions talk of the creation of the “immortal physical body”. When this body is created the ordinary physical body is discarded or transformed and no longer needed.

The Gods and Goddesses of all religions were once normal humans that achieved this degree and became divine or immortal. This has always been the true goal of the secret teachings within any religion.

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Duality-The Female

Now the fun begins! Let’s take the information in chapter one and replace it with its natural opposite. Where death is mentioned use birth instead. Where spiritual is mentioned use material instead. In short, create a document that reflects the opposite type of ego and personality development than described in chapter one.

As a theory suppose this “opposite” type of ego development reflects the normal developmental process for females. Let’s see if this is feasible and of interest. Remember, the feminine nature exists within all of us, male and female.

As a study of duality we will presume “Duality-The Male” reflects the normal process of personality development in males. This is just an exercise to see what happens and is not to be taken too seriously.

“Duality-The Male” does represent the known stages of ego and personality development known through mystery schools of the past. Trying to create an “unknown” or “hidden” opposite type of ego and personality development is a study in the concept of duality. “If something is true, it’s opposite must also be true.”

No offense is intended. It is hoped additional insight into the dynamics of male/female interactions may be discovered. It is also intended as an aid in the perception of duality and the energy dynamics within male/female relationships and love in general. With this viewpoint the female is born with Goddess awareness having an intuitive perception of all things. She is born “psychic”.

Neophyte Degree

As a child she has the ability to easily express herself with words. Everyone is struck by her innocence and perceptiveness and they listen to what she has to say. She wants to share her Goddess perspective with others. Her words sting with truth. She is a Goddess within a child’s body and understands all things are possible. Good things can happen to everyone. She is optimistic and has the ability to do what ever she wants.
Intuitively she knows all karma resolves itself in the end. She can be carefree. As a teenager it is easy and natural to rebel against socially acceptable behavior. Her parents become alarmed and restrain her unmercifully to no avail. She learns to manipulate people and pull their strings to get what she wants.
Emotionally she has no strongly focused personal desires. She flits from one thing to the next in seconds and has everything she really wants. She feels joy and happiness as each wish is fulfilled. Life is good and she knows her desires will come true. It is hard to wait. There is no strong concept of time and the days blur together.
She dreams about her future life and what she will be when she grows up. She wants to be a bride and marry a prince. She has total control over her destiny at this point. With her Goddess awareness she can create the life she chooses. She is in control. Her intuition is highly developed and she can see how long term goals will work out. It is important she has a dream to inspire her to greater things.
Intuitively she knows there is no right or wrong. All things are potentials for exploration. She goes against her parents and gets others in trouble. She keeps secrets. There is apathy and depression because of an inability to choose only one direction out of the many that are pulling her in different ways. She might have trouble getting started but still she finds great joy and pride in the accomplishments of others.
Culture, religion, and philosophical concepts are very confusing. She appears very naive. Everything seems to go against her inner nature and is not harmonious. She is told how to think and how to act and she resents it. She rebels and rejects authority. The elders are blind, they don’t understand what she sees with her Goddess perception.
People are born, animals are born, plants grow from seeds. She is fascinated that one day she will be able to give birth. What will it be like? Where does the baby come from? How can the miracle of birth be? It seems unreal. Will it hurt her?
Her parents and society tell her sex is bad but how can it be bad if it produces babies? She intuits that sex is a need for a full life. With the beginning of her periods sex becomes a portion of her life that can not be ignored. The same is true for the mood swings that surge like waves through her.

Zelator Degree

She discovers that by appealing to others she can achieve physical goals easily. Everyone wants to please her. All nature appears bountiful and cooperative. There is enough for everyone. All she can do is good and she is impersonal love. She has light feelings of innocence and worthiness.

She is naive and tries weakly to enter into physical life. She is in her early teens, the Goddess awareness is withdrawing. She reacts to physical and emotional stimulus. She is turning her back on the Goddess within and facing an exciting and unknown world with mental awareness.

She notices others are fascinated by her body. She can wrap them around her finger by teasing them and flirting. She admires her body and seeks to be more beautiful. She spends her days in joy, experimentation, and curiosity loving herself. She is becoming more of a Goddess.

Nature and the world surround her with life, vitality, and sensuality. She identifys with it. She rejects her spiritual nature and accepts physical life. She has to live. Life is a joy and a reward. She can do anything. All things are possible. She identifies with a physical sensual body and a sharp inquisitive mind.

Mind and body are highly integrated. Her connection with the Goddess awareness is mental. She doesn’t need to think about it anymore. There is a sense of belonging and companionship in social activities. Her intellect is brilliant. As she withdraws from her Goddess awareness she looses her source of spiritual energy. Spiritual growth can no longer be done alone.
She doesn’t always get her way in things and gets into trouble. As her spiritual energy leaves, she becomes increasingly involved in wild emotional currents. Her mental clarity suffers and her intellect and reasoning ability gradually drop as they are overwhelmed by the emotions.
She will seek company, laugh with good companions, and enjoy the delights of the world. As she begins to deliberately use people she has less compassion, becomes cold hearted and lonelier.

Practicus Degree

In spite of all efforts she looses contact with her spiritual Goddess awareness as she grows older. At the end of this cycle there is not even an intuition connection. What she is left with is her intellect.

At the beginning of this cycle she mentally identifies with the spiritual Goddess, but opens herself to embrace all things. This is true Goddess love. She acts through instinct.

With the beginning of her periods she begins to recognize the physical nature in herself. All options are explored to the fullest. She loves herself and the whole world. Her body rejoices with eagerness. Everything is right. She has entered the physical realm and the Goddess is still supreme as an ideal although unreachable.

The body obeys the mind. She has all the answers and understands all things or thinks that she does. All is self-evident. There is stability and peace. She has no expectations. Everything is new and fresh. All is fulfillment. This is the first half of this degree.

The second half is more difficult. She moves from a position of empowerment to a position of weakness. As sensuality and the emotions become stronger, her spiritual Goddess nature is dismissed carelessly. There is great joy in freedom. Everything is fresh and clear. No intellectual fog. She identifies more and more with her body and her physical environment.
Her body can’t be wrong. It knows what is good for it or not good for it. Everything is clear. The body can deal with anything that comes along. She trusts her body over reason. Her body can get her things that her reason can’t.
This birth of body consciousness alters her thought processes. Abstract symbols become difficult and unimportant. She uses words, emotions and body language. Her new body awareness is strange and she feels timid and shy, uncertain.
The physical self becomes unhindered in its attempts at self expression. It rushes forward in total control. She feels weak and powerless. All is against her. There is no power. She has a great desire to accomplish great things and become somebody at any cost. She plunges recklessly and joyously down the steep incline into sensual materialism totally forsaking all spiritual values.

Philosophus Degree

Having broken her connection with Goddess she feels apprehension and sorrow at her sudden exposure to a hostile and threatening world. She does not feel safe and secure anymore.

This begins the birth of the lower human ego because the physical world and the emotional world are more real than the spiritual one.

There is a sense that all is chaotic and she is beset with cares and worries that are all too real and clear. Everything is too real and too physical. There is no escape from the present moment. This is the first eye opening exposure to the true terrors and delights of the material world. There is no more innocence, only awakening.

This is a totally new experience and a great sense of apprehension and sadness is felt in the fear of loosing one’s self completely in sensuality and materialism. There is the lure of becoming lost in the pleasures and sorrows of the present moment.
She is hesitant in using her imagination since she has so little spiritual and mental energy of her own. It is much harder than before and no longer comes naturally. Even though she carefully chooses her experiences she just seems to get in deeper and deeper and can’t escape. She might use drugs to escape from the pressures of unrelenting reality.
The physical, sensual life seductively lures her with promises of great treasures and rewards. More and more time is spent in physical pursuits until all of her energy and free time is caught up in physical life and in the present moment. She controls others like puppets.
Mentally she identifies herself as a physical Goddess. Sensual pursuits are fun and she explores the mystery of toil and virtue of labor. Her earth energies are turned toward relaxation, social life, and enjoyment. Total hedonism is the only way to truly experience all of life.
She is in a process of devolution and stagnation and so is everything else. She does one thing after another and nothing seems to satisfy. She is becoming jaded and seeks meaning in life. Little by little she learns about the world through experience and sensation. There is no spot for her to fill or path to follow. Everything becomes meaningless.
At some point she has a dramatic change of viewpoint. She is loosing the ability to be a co-creator. Her personal energy is almost used up. Unless she receives energy from someone else she will retreat into a life of dull drudgery. If she is not married she begins looking. The biological clock is ticking. She can’t do this alone. She needs a partner.
Her whole attitude remains self centered. She thinks of herself and how to get the things she wants in life. Others come second. This is a time of total selfishness. Mental abilities are at an all-time low and she is ruled by emotions and instincts. She will use people ruthlessly to get the objects of her desire. She will find a suitable partner through cold calculation if need be.

Adeptus Minor Degree

The entire world spreads out before her in richness and splendor. She can carve out of it what she will. For the first time in her life she feels like she can reach out and make a life for herself, an empire or a family.

She is ready to act and knows what to do. She can use people as she wishes to achieve what she wants. It is her dream, her empire that is important now. Her self-centeredness is absolute and her discipline is tremendous. She can accomplish great things. There is no mental hesitation or uncertainty. She can see with clarity exactly what needs to be done to get what she wants. She is a master and creator.

Her body can create life. She is surrounded with life and vitality. All seems familiar and safe. The world is an ecstasy of joy, color, sound and beautiful forms. All is sacred. There is nothing to think about. It is all here right now. Life is self-evident.

She is the Goddess-a force of nature-unstoppable. She understands the karmic need for excitement, thrills, and life vitality. Also she understands the need for ruthlessness and violence.

When harmony becomes too dull and monotonous she livens things up. She gives inspiration to others. She takes what she needs and others let her have it. She controls people like puppets. She is intoxicated with power and is on fire for more and more. She is especially given control over the men in her life and able to direct them and use them to achieve her goals. They are willing to give her what she needs and she is willing to accept. She lives entirely in the present moment.

Adeptus Major Degree

At this point she must confront and balance out any karma she created in previous years. This is a final harvest and accounting where results come back to her. Her motive power is gone completely. If she has good karma coming, this time will be a blessing as others come through for her. They now repay her kindness in full and give her energy and vitality.

If she has bad karma she must pay it back, loosing all she holds dear leaving only pain and sorrow. She identifys with the emotional and astral worlds of sense and feeling. She is riding a wave she has no control over. There is no reason for manipulation and control games. Those were in the past. She is living the results of past actions and she knows it.
She becomes uninhibited and careless of ideals. She experiences pure desire, emotion, and thought getting caught up in the intensity of the present moment, but she remains bound by her karmic chains. Instead of confronting her karmic chains, she may refuse and do anything to escape reality including drug and alcohol abuse. She is desperate to get relief from the stress of the moment regardless of consequences. She is blinded by her ego. This is where the most harmful karma is generated.
There is no escape and there comes a time when she gives in and accepts the consequences that are coming to her. In owning her responsibility for what is happening an important shift of awareness takes place.
She believes she alone is real, she is the Goddess. She experiences the physical realms in their entirety and has an elemental awareness of things. This is her peak in life. She is forced to confront her karmic chains and becomes a slave to it. She is sucked into the karma she created and works to become free. This is an important period of service. She learns to reach out to others forgetting about herself as she works out her karma. She has become a mother.

She forsakes the material world and tries to plunge into spiritual salvation through living for others. To her horror the spiritual planes are denied to her unless others give her their energy. She becomes dependent on others. She struggles to escape her karmic bonds. Physical sensuality takes the form of intense sorrow and physical agony as she suffers under her burden. Life is seen as a great sorrow that brings only death. The intense disharmony is not tolerable and she fears for her sanity.
In one way this may be seen as the burdens and demands of motherhood and child nurturing. There is a balance of both good and bad things happening and she is changed forever.

Adeptus Exemptus Degree

If giving birth is an initiation motherhood is an even greater initiation. Watching your children grow up and being there for them is very powerful. The Adeptus Exemptus has mastered being a good mother to her children.

Here she offers material things to her family without thought of self or personal gain. She is fulfilling her karma. She is compassion and feeling for those she loves, nothing else. She is reaching out to all things within her home with no thought of self. She sees everything, hears everything, and talks constantly. She is totally consumed by this role of being a mother.

She longs for the spiritual life and rebirth of the Goddess ego but this time in the mother aspect. She is drawn uncontrollably toward the spiritual levels. As the last of her karma resolves itself, her longing flings her toward total union with spiritual Goddess awareness once more. This is full realization of what being a mother really means. She becomes a matriarch. There is an interesting distinction between this level as a male and this level as a female. Most females attain to motherhood and to this grade of ego development. Few males ever reach their corresponding level of development.

Magister Templi Degree

It has been said there are three great stages in a woman’s life. These are the three faces of the Goddess, Maid,Mother and Crone. For the male the Magister Templi Degree involves crossing the Great Abyss and the destruction of the false ego. For the female the Great Abyss is entering the Crone stage. Her child bearing years are done and she is known for her great wisdom.

It is in entering this stage that she is able to develop a strong ego for herself and finally turn toward her own needs and dreams. She has lived so long for other people that living for herself can be a strange and uncomfortable change. It is new and not comfortable.

She remembers being a maid and being a mother. Now she is once more developing a global perspective. She understands fully what it is to be a woman and is able to help those younger than her get through tough times. She is Mother Nature.
She becomes a great spiritual sea that embraces all the tiny drops that are others. She is the empty space that supports the stars. She is an illusion, only real through the actions of others. She is illusion and all else is real. She supports the entire cosmos. She seeks harmony and stability. She is inseparable from life. Life is action, she is reaction. She is order, Life is chaos, together they create all things.

Magus Degree

It is in this degree the female reconnects with her Goddess and spiritual nature. She regains the wisdom and insight she had as a small child. She does this by once more being around small children. Her children have grown and left the nest. But she has grandchildren.

She feels the emptiness and comes to terms with it. This is not only a death but a rebirth for her. She lets go of her children and embraces her own inner child once more. She watches her children become parents and struggle just as she has struggled. As painful as it is to watch others suffer she knows they must be allowed to find their own way.

When asked she has much valuable knowledge to share. The children really love her and feel close to her. The circle of life is complete and she understands. Her own children need to be allowed to experience and learn through their own mistakes and efforts.

Perhaps for the first time she can understand the need for tough love as she interacts with her grandchildren. The female finds spirituality through the biology of life and love. It is not an abstract spiritual light found in a church or through prayer. Spirituality comes through the love that is shared with friends and family. It comes and is given through a hug or through service to others. It is warm and it bleeds when it is hurt. That is what spirituality is.

Ipsissimus Degree

Spiritual light is only accessible through the physical worlds and physical man. She must journey back to the Priestess- to become a child before she finds fulfillment. The Ipsissimus Degree completes the journey of ego development for the female. The circle is complete and once more she has regained her Goddess nature and her spiritual power.

In this chapter we explored an alternate version of ego development and spirituality much different than what is commonly accepted. This path is the path of biology and physicality.

It is the path of life giving birth to life with the challenges and the joys such a path brings. The spiritual path for the female lies through the physical world as maid, mother, crone and leading to death.

This is a path of family and a path of service to humanity. The path of parenthood is not as natural for the male but it is just as important.

One of the things the female can do in this degree is understand and help the males in her life to understand this path and learn to value it. At the same time having traveled her own path she becomes free to gain an understanding of the male path and grow in that type of spirituality as well.

In summary we might consider the male path of development as the path of creating something out of nothing. The male takes an idea and manifests it in the physical world. This is also called creating heaven on earth. Doing this makes him a creator or God.
The female path of development is to bring Gods and Goddesses into physical life and to become a Goddess herself. Her body has the wisdom and ability to do this.
The irony is that very few males successfully reach the highest stages of ego development and spirituality. They become stuck at some lower level and can’t continue. Many are not able to bring their dreams into physical manifestation. Not many males can become Gods or creators.
All most all females can achieve the roles of maid, mother and crone. They can feel the power of mother’s love and the sorrows that come with it. All females can become Goddesses. Some just do it better than others. Some are able to achieve this without giving birth to children. They will give birth to family.

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Duality- Sexual Alchemy


The greatest secret of all time is the use of the male and female energies to perform what is sometimes known as high magic. Because of the puritan ethic that dominated society in the past death was often the result of revealing too much. It is hoped today’s society will be more tolerant of this sacred mystery.

In chapter one we explored the normal stages of male ego development. Ego development and spiritual growth proceeded through a series of stages or steps culminating in a type of awareness beyond mental awareness that has been called Cosmic Consciousness.

This is the direct perception of self evident truth and the archetypal nature of existence. This path of development has also been termed the mystical path. It is driven through prayer and meditation.

In chapter two we took the opposite and suggested it may represent the normal stages of female ego development. In retrospect we can see this path represents biological stages of development with emphasis on three distinct phases each female may progress through. These are the stages of maid, mother and crone. They are driven by biological factors. Family, relationships and service are very important.
These two opposite paths both appear reasonable and logical and we are confronted with paradox. Both views extend from the lowest levels of awareness to the highest levels of awareness. Both are natural opposites of the other.
Classic books like “Men are from Mars;Women are from Venus” give further evidence that males and females do experience life differently. I will go so far as to claim that males will default to a spiritual/intellectual view of living while being intensely drawn toward sensual/biological experiences. Males will be drawn to the female path and experience it briefly but they can not sustain contact with it.
Females will be intensely drawn to a spiritual/intellectual view of living but default to sensual/biological experiences. They will be drawn to the male path and experience it briefly but can not sustain contact with it. They will loose interest in constant head tripping.
Another factor of interest is that almost any female can experience the complete range of ego development through dating, pregnancy, child birth, and menopause. Some females may be more successful than others but they all reach the pinnacle and regain their connection with Goddess. This is a holistic path.
The male path is quite different in that many males are not able to progress up the steps to the higher levels of ego development. They remain stuck at uncompleted stages for their entire lives. Progress to the next stage is not allowed until the current stage is mastered. This is a linear path.
We form relationships with the opposite sex to help us grow as individuals and as love partners. The dynamic energy exchange between these two paths propel us to become whole.

In this chapter we will form connections between the two views that reflect personal experience and help balance our inner male and female aspects. The degree format is not used in this chapter. Instead the male and female are seen as interacting with each other at ten separate levels.

The similarity between this chapter and such practices as “drawing down the moon” are noteworthy.

The man and woman agree to work together as an inseparable team to accomplish their desired goals. Since they are meeting primarily on the mental plane it is vital they have as many interests in common as possible. These common interests will help to bridge the vast spiritual gap that will face them later in the work and strengthen their sense of purpose. They are drawn together through a magnetic attraction called love. Romantic love relationships are sacred. Combined their energy is magickal.

The man should have a very idealistic and spiritual nature. He will be using male energy as a catalyst to lift her spiritual nature to those spiritual heights where she can contact the Goddess within.

When this contact is made she becomes the Goddess and by transforming his generated energy causes it to manifest objectively as healing energy or she directs it for stated magical objectives. He has the surplus energy she needs to achieve her goals. Alone his energy is wild and undirected. Together they can achieve miracles.

Using the male and female energies correctly is a form of tantric sex magic. This may or may not involve sex or orgasm. What is required is foreplay and sexual tension that is prolonged until intense sexual, emotional, and spiritual energies are generated between them.

Through physical contact these energies merge into her aura and stabilize. If they are fully clothed holding hands together will allow this exchange of energies to take place. In essence any type of male/female interaction will create sparks. This is the spark of sexual excitement.

In magical work sincerity of purpose is important, not ritual. Whatever is done must be original and meaningful to them alone. It must inspire emotions and arouse their desires. To perform this type of sexual alchemy takes time. Mentally and emotionally explore each other step by step. There are ten steps.

Each of the following objectives must be mastered completely before going on to the next. Each objective describes the male and female response as the male generates spiritual energy and invokes the Goddess within her. These steps are the two previous chapters combined as they describe the romantic interaction between two people in love.

There are ten stages or objectives that relationships progress through under normal conditions. See if you can recognize these first five.


1. In this first objective the male struggles to be both body and spirit. He strives to become one with the Christ spirit within him while still maintaining an awareness of his physical body.

He looks at her and recognizes the Goddess. He sees her as a spiritual being placing her on a pedestal and mentally kneels before her. He has expectations and standards for her that are so high only a Goddess could fulfill them. He does not feel worthy of her love. She feels his energy coming into her aura and body.

Mentally she identifies with the spiritual Goddess within her and opens herself to embrace his energy. This is true Goddess love. She acts through instinct and recognizes what sensations his energy produces in her physical body.

All options are explored. She allows this. She loves herself and the whole world. She accepts his worship of her. She is the Goddess. His love makes her feel lovable.


2. In this second objective she becomes the ideal for him as he gets to know her better. Mentally he tries to understand her. She is beyond logic and reason.

All answers merely bring more questions. She is a great mystery. She is good, she is evil, she is life, she is death, she is sin, she is salvation, she is illusion, she is reality.

His intellect is inadequate and he tries to intuitively understand her instead. He is in a complete intellectual fog and at her mercy. Words can’t express his feelings toward her.

Her body rejoices with eagerness. Everything is right. She is a physical Goddess. Her body obeys her mind. she feels stability and peace. She has no expectations of him at all. Everything is new and fresh. All is fulfillment.

She feels his energy influence her sensually. Her emotions are becoming aroused. There is great joy and freedom in exploring these new sensations. She identifies more and more with her body as she sees its effect on him. Her body can not be wrong. It can deal with anything that comes along. He is wrapped around her little finger. She uses her body deliberately to get reactions from him. She uses body language.

3. He begins to trust his intuition above other things. She is the Goddess and he is in love. There is no one else for him or ever will be. She is his Goddess. He is content to bask in her radiance, to merely be close to her. He never felt he could find someone that was so right for him. It’s like a fairy tale dream. He wants to have sex with her. Her energy makes his entire body shiver.
Her new body awareness is strange and she feels timid, shy, and uncertain. She feels weak and powerless compared to him. The very force of the emotions he is generating threaten to overwhelm her.

Instead of reaching spiritual heights the force of his emotions is plunging her down the steep incline into sensual materialism. Recklessly and joyously she forsakes all spiritual values and lets it take her where it will. This is also part of being a Goddess. She wants to have sex with him.

4. He finds joy and peace in daydreaming about her. He lets his imagination run wild as he explores fantasy after fantasy. His daydreams become more real than she is. It is what she spiritually represents that he is in love with. He tries to draw this Goddess down into her physical body with his imagination. When they have sex he is making love to the Goddess and not to her.
She feels apprehension and sorrow at her sudden exposure to the intensity of his emotions. He is now generating tangible psychic force and she must accept it and transform it. This force at first seems hostile and threatening. It stirs her emotions wildly. This is her first eye opening exposure to the forces that can be generated this way.

It is both terrifying and exciting. How can he have so much energy? It is too much for her so she tries to channel his energy upward to the Goddess. Sex is not what she thought is would be and she instinctively feels that something is not right about how he feels about her. He doesn’t really know her.

5. He realizes she is holding back and having difficulties with his energy. He turns his vast creative energies exclusively toward developing a type of energy she can work with. Through trial and error he examines the nature of the energy he is sending her. He perfects and refines each type of energy until he can send each type to her at will. Physical sex entraps both of them and she becomes pregnant.
She is totally overwhelmed by the varieties and force of the energies he is sending. This is a totally new experience and she becomes afraid of loosing herself completely in this wild vortex of raw sensual, emotional, and spiritual forces.

Even though she tries to be careful she finds herself being dragged deeper and deeper into his wild energies and she can’t escape. She is loosing control. He is beginning to dominate her. Then she becomes pregnant.
6. At this point it is time for him to slack off and forget about romance for awhile. He should just enjoy her company and share social activities with her. They are going to have a child together.
Sensual pursuits are fun. As he turns the power down she relaxes and they both turn to a life of total hedonism and enjoyment. She enjoys his company and needs his energy but only a little at a time.

After a while she craves larger and larger doses of his raw energy. She learns how to deal with it effectively. It begins to give her power and energy and she can return some of it back to him in a new form.

7. He thinks seriously about forming a permanent relationship with her. He pours his energy and vigor out to her with an intensity that borders on insanity because it is so strong.
As she receives his energy she becomes completely self-centered. This is the only way she can effectively direct the forces he is generating. She has to be in total control, there can be no weakness. She uses her will to focus his energy toward those things she desires.

8. As she takes total control he begins to suspect she doesn’t love him, that she is just using him to get what she wants. What about the things he wants? He has to fight these doubts and be patient with her at this time. All she seems to care about is the child.
The entire world spreads out before her. She can carve out of it whatever she will. She can use him and his energies as she wishes to achieve her dream. There is no mental hesitation or uncertainty. She goes for the achievement of her dream. She is having a baby!

9. He seems to be only a servant to her but then he remembers that is what he wanted to be. She is the Goddess. He wanted to build her dream for her and now she is using his energy to do just that! Working together they are both achieving those things they wished for. This is the beginning of high magic. They are making a family.

She is the Goddess, a force of nature, unstoppable. She perceives the karmic need for excitement, thrills, and vitality. She knows when to support him and when to bitch at him to get him fired up enough to do something. She gives him inspiration and takes from him what she needs.

10. Blinded by his love for her he sacrifices himself. He projects everything he has and is into her. He is free of all personal desires and plunges into spiritual death and rebirth.
She accepts his sacrifice. She embraces all that he is and resolves to make him complete in all things. It will take all of her power to completely contain his expansive energies but she sacrifices everything she is to do this.

11. They merge. They are one. They are a single unit, a new being. There are no barriers between them. They have become one soul and one family.

12. Their entire personal universe is now recreated on all levels in their image. All is realized, all is complete.

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OAK Energy Ball Meditation

    Vital life energies need to circulate freely within both the physical and non-physical body before they can become integrated and function as one complete unit. These energies flow through natural circuitry within the body. This circuitry is often blocked with repressed emotional energy that is trapped within the physical body and stored there.

There are many ways to release these pockets of trapped and repressed emotional energy. Rieki or massage can do it and so can yoga or other types of physical exercise. A more gentle approach is through some type of meditation that safely brings this energy into awareness. Freud’s method of free association does this. Dianetics Book One processing does this in an even more effective manner. The OAK Energy Ball Meditation does this even more effectively.

When these circuits are fully open a form of alternating bio-electrical energy is allowed to pass through that is responsible for most psychic phenomenon and conscious awareness experiences. When the current is allowed to flow only one way as in direct current these psychic phenomena are not likely to occur.

Radio and Television are examples of modern applications using alternating current. The alternating current or sinus rhythm is pervasive within the human body. This includes brain waves, nerve energy and heart beat. It is the lower energies of fear, pain, sexual energy and anger that block these pathways and accumulate to dangerous quantities within the physical body.

It is ironic that the development of these same energies in a free flowing and healthy state bring the most power to manifest things in life. They are the energies people regard as charismatic. The development of charisma and personal magnetism depends upon the generation and accumulation of these energies and their healthy use. Training in the martial arts is an example of a method of generating and developing these energies.
The development and accumulation of physical or sexual energies is not safe until the psyche has been purged of all past repressions and “buried” traumas that form black pockets of negative energy within the body. Development of lower energies tend to activate these pockets of “black” repressed energy sometimes resulting in “knee jerk” behavior where we do and say things impulsively without even knowing we are doing or saying them. This happens when the repressed and trapped emotional energy breaks free and travels through the nervous system.
In the medical profession this is called “psychotic” behavior and is not what we want to be doing! Instead we purge these repressed energies out of our system one at a time. The safest way of doing this is working from the “top” downward.
We do this by generating “mental” or “spiritual” energy and forcing increased bio-electrical energy flow within our bodies. The OAK process is in my opinion safe enough for anyone to use. As a precaution, though, people in poor physical, mental, or emotional health should not follow any of these procedures without their doctor’s consent. I am not a doctor. The following expresses my opinion about what is happening and why it happens.
I must stress the incredible power of this method. In a matter of days we gain an increasing number of “insights” into our personal affairs. At first these will be “insights” into our personal philosophy of life as our mental outlook begins to clarify and complete itself. This happens through working with mental energies.
When our belief system is complete enough our awareness will transfer itself to the mental level permanently. From this mental level we will be able to objectively deal with the “repressed” emotional pain and trauma from the past. Moving into the mental level makes working with past emotional trauma much safer.
Our ego will be centered at the mental level where it is safe and in control. This is very important because releasing this “black” energy into awareness is very traumatic. As I went through this process I was seeing a psychologist as a precaution to ensure I was in no danger of “losing it”.
The gains and personal insights I was making at that time were so remarkable my psychologist described my personality as “fluid”! At the same time my ego was very strong and plastic and in no danger of being fragmented in any way.
Anyone can experience the same rapid personal growth and may at times be alarmed. Most of the time we will be joyous at the chance to rid ourselves of these “ghosts” from the past that prevent us from living the type of life we really want. THIS IS THE REAL THING!
This meditation purifies both the physical body and psyche so it can handle the more powerful and intense sexual and physical energies. It also opens one up to the lunar and solar cycles whereby monthly and seasonal energies are added to your own personal efforts and personal development is greatly accelerated.

This exercise should be done at least once a day and if possible twice a day. The entire exercise lasts only about ten minutes but its effects are felt throughout the day and the night in spontaneous “insights”, lucid dreaming, and a marked increase in psychic abilities in general.

Seat yourself comfortably with your spine straight and your hands resting comfortably on your lap.
Take a few deep breaths to relax and get into the right frame of mind. Close your eyes and visualize a ball of energy about four inches above your head. Keep trying until you can visualize this ball of energy easily and vividly.
The action of visualizing a ball of energy “outside” of the body is a very complex action. It involves a high degree of abstract thought and is at first very difficult. It requires a lot of energy in the head area as well as the ability to focus this energy.
The most important suggestion here is that practice makes perfect. A headache may result from this exercise if a person is not used to abstract thought of any kind. This is not serious unless it persists. A few days of not doing the exercise should correct the problem.
This exercise causes increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain and to the pituitary and pineal glands stimulating them to increased activity.
The idea of step one is to gradually strengthen these glands and increase their hormone activity. They are the master glands of the body and control other endocrine gland activity. This is the first step in increased health benefits.
Visualizing the energy ball as a rotating ball of energy helps to stabilize the visualization. Rather than clockwise or counter clockwise I always felt better rolling it like a snowball with the energy going up the back and down the front. This is similar to the way kundalini energy goes up the spine and then flows down the front of the body.

After visualizing a stable rotating ball of energy about four inches above your head, begin to visualize a second ball of energy surrounding the pineal gland in the center of the brain. This will directly stimulate the pineal gland. Simply forget about the first ball of energy and let it be. Turn your focus on creating a ball of energy right in the center of the brain.

Do the same thing as before mentally rotating it to help the energy stabilize. You may feel a strange sensation in your head as you are doing this. Increased blood flow is going to your brain. When this ball of energy is stabilized go back to the first ball of energy that is above your head and refresh it.

At first it will be difficult to visualize two energy balls at the same time. Rapidly switch awareness from one to the other until both are visualized at the same time. Continue this until both energy balls can be visualized quickly and easily. Each ball of energy is created out of a different type of energy. Take your time and make certain you are doing the meditation correctly.




With both energy balls clearly visualized try to mentally force them together into one big energy ball. At first they will resist going together because the energy is not “synchronized”. It will seem like trying to push two balloons together. You will sense the resistance. Be persistent and keep trying until both energy balls merge together into one larger energy ball.

When the energy balls do finally merge together into one big energy ball there will be a definite shift of awareness that can be felt. The center of the big energy ball will have shifted toward the back of the head and it will feel as if half of it is protruding from the top and back of the head. Before this both balls were centered on and over the middle of the head.

This will be accompanied by an intense sensation of light and energy as illumination. Some have described the sensation as getting a buzz or getting high. There will be no mistaking when the two types of energy fuse together. It is a very powerful experience. Some people have been frightened by the experience and refused to continue further with the meditation.

Now it will feel like a basketball sized energy ball is half in your head and half outside the back of your head. This feeling will be very pronounced and definite.

Two types of energy are now synchronized together and working as “one” energy. Try to maintain this “locked together” visualization as long as possible. “Spiritual” energy is directing and fusing with pineal gland energy and stimulating all of the endocrine glands in a beneficial way. The pineal gland is the master gland of the body and will begin to work with the spiritual energy and distribute it throughout the physical body.

This begins the process of physical rejuvenation and increased health with all of the glands “synchronized” and working together. This is your direct connection to “Cosmic Energy”.




After successfully visualizing the big energy ball, visualize a second energy ball centered directly behind the eyebrows where the pituitary gland or “third eye” is located. Forget about the big energy ball and focus on the new energy ball rotating it as before until it is stable.

When this is clearly visualized try to merge the two energy balls together. As before they will resist at first but when they do merge there will be a definite shift of awareness toward the center of the head. The combined energy ball will be much larger and fit around the head like a fishbowl. The sensation will not be as strong as the first time but you will be able to feel the separate energies fuse into one single energy.

A distinct awareness of a very large energy ball that extends around the head will result. With this experience will come the absolute certainty that the pituitary and pineal glands are “phase locked” together with the third “spiritual” energy. This is the formation of a resonant circuit within the brain itself! It will try to maintain itself through the day. This is the reason for the incredible gains of this method. After a few successful attempts this will be a permanent change.

The “phase locked” condition also causes the “master glands” to work together more closely than ever before. This alters the operation of the endocrine glands in a more harmonious way causing subtle changes throughout the entire body and releasing trapped “black” energy.

A few successful attempts will result in a permanent change with all three types of energy “phase locked” together. At first it was hard to merge them. Now it will be hard to separate them from each other.




    This step completes the construction of the basic “energy ball” used in the remaining steps. After visualizing the energy ball as described in the first four steps you have integrated the energy of the crown chakra and third eye chakra. These have formed a large ball of energy that is surrounding the entire head. Now visualize a second energy ball located on the thyroid glands in the center of the throat.

Spin the energy ball to help stabilize it. As before merge this second energy ball with the large one to create an even larger energy ball. This is more difficult than the earlier steps because of the sheer size of the visualization. The finished ball extends above the head a little and includes the throat area. The “phase locking” sensation may be more difficult to sense. Keep working at it until you sense all of the energies blending together. This may even seem like a fog of energy that surrounds you.
After the ability is gained to easily create this large “phase locked” energy ball there are several ways to strengthen it. My choice is to mentally rotate it from the top of the head forward like a ball rolling in front of me. This motion helps to stabilize and strengthen it.
At this point you have an energy ball made up of four different energies that have “synchronized” together as harmonics or octaves of each other. They are locked together in a “phase locked” circuit that resists change and seeks to maintain itself. Your point of awareness should be able to easily move anywhere within this ball moving from one type of energy to another.
When this point is reached there will be a permanent change taking place in your awareness. These energies will begin to bleed through into each other and open blocked energy pathways.
Your entire day will be filled with one “insight” after another in a way that is truly incredible. Your mental processes are going through a complete overhaul as you fine tune and perfect your personal belief system.
Illuminations will fill in the missing pieces for you and you will gain many useful understandings.

This “locking” together of these energies is a wonderful thing and will begin the process of regeneration within your physical body. Parts of your psyche will begin to fit together as never before.


After you have perfected the basic energy ball it is time to start working with it in a deliberate and conscious manner. Your awareness can reside in this energy ball. In a way this energy ball is an astral vehicle for your awareness. We are going to use it to open the blocked energy pathways within the body.
This energy ball is your “safe” area where you can safely come to terms with “buried” and repressed emotional baggage and trapped “black” energy. In this safe area you bring  “black” energy under conscious control. You begin by working from the top downward one layer at a time.
After forming the energy ball try to raise it as high into the spiritual light as you can. From this point on always attempt this contact with the “light” because it is your energy source. Feel your mind and awareness rise as if it is in an elevator as you raise the energy ball into the light. Move the energy ball up and down and feel your awareness move up and down with it. Get used to the feeling of your awareness rising and lowering through these different energy levels.
Next try forcing the energy ball down the spine. Because the rest of the body is not “synchronized” there will be resistance and it will not want to go very far. Make this attempt at least three times before quitting. After the third try raise the ball as high as it will go toward your “energy source”. Your energy ball will have accumulated “dark” energy and need to be purified in the light.
As the energy ball comes in contact with repressed “black” energy it grabs the black energy like a magnet. This black energy will cling to the energy ball. Only moving the energy ball back up into the light will release the black energy.
This is important because your downward efforts have loosened quite a bit of “black” energy and brought it to your awareness in a shocking manner. The spiritual or light energy helps to dissolve and neutralize the “black” energy keeping you soundly in control of those waves of emotion that will begin to wash over you later during the day.
This simple practice will release incredible amounts of trapped emotional energy allowing it to be used for other purposes. It is possible to intensify the experience by taking a deep breath and holding it while both raising the ball and forcing it downward against the resistance. Try it first without holding your breath. When you have done as much as you can move to this next step. Take your time. This may take several sessions. You are releasing toxins from the body and turning them over to your higher power.
The method I used was to inhale, hold my breath and mentally push the energy ball downward. Then I would exhale and inhale and exhale normally before repeating. This practice of holding the breath as long as comfortable is extremely powerful because it forces oxygen into the blood and then into the brain. It can easily cause dizziness and should only be used with caution by those in excellent health.
Even if done only once a day this exercise will release “trapped” emotional energy throughout the entire day as spontaneous waves that suddenly wash over you. As a result you will be very preoccupied with your personal growth and healing process. It will be a highly disruptive period but a very productive one.
As I was working through some of my “black” energy I felt what I was doing was the most important thing I had ever done in my life. I was freeing myself from past karma that had held me back my entire life. It was also the most exciting thing I had ever done and was very intense. I could feel the power flowing through me!
Early Christians called this type of experience taking away your sins or freeing yourself from your sins. They had their own method of releasing this trapped emotional energy.




   By the time you are able to move the energy ball down into the solar plexus area you will notice something very disturbing. The energy ball will go down quite easily but will tend to get “stuck” when you try to raise it back up! Some people have noticed this at the throat chakra. This indicates a deeply rooted emotional trauma that is not easily released. It is like a time bomb of toxic energy inside us waiting to go off. The best thing to do is to not force things and gently work the energy ball up and down the spine several times.

Each time the energy ball rises up the spine little slivers or splinters of “black” energy will be released. Work past the deeply buried problem area and the energy will release itself. This will probably happen as a spontaneous release of emotional weeping. As an example I was working through some childhood issues when suddenly I was overwhelmed by feelings of emotional abandonment I had experienced as a child and repressed as too painful to remember. That toxic energy had been trapped in my physical body since I was a child. This did not happen during the meditation but later during the day.
After two hours of emotional sobbing and releasing the energy I felt better than I ever had in my life. Something bad in my life was no longer there. It had been released. If this energy had not been released it would have been released in knee-jerk psychotic behaviors beyond my conscious control. This is what I mean by safely releasing the energy and working the energy ball from the top down.
This also stresses the importance of developing the energy ball as a safe area for your awareness to retreat to if it has to. From the mental perspective it is easier to deal with these emotional time-bombs we all have within us. It allows us to remain in control and “safely” experience and release that which must be experienced and released.


Continue moving the energy ball downward until it can move freely from the base of the spine to the top of the head without any restrictions or releases of “black” energy. When this has been accomplished your entire body will be phase locked with the spiritual energy source above your head.
“Spiritual energy” can now circulate freely throughout your entire body making small adjustments to increase your health and vitality. Emotional, sexual, and physical energy still can’t circulate freely because they are denser and much slower. They require much more purification. Still, now this can be safely done. The inner circuits already opened will act as emergency relief valves when pockets of denser “black” energy are activated and released.


After moving the energy ball completely up and down the spine without resistance try forcing it downward toward the center of the earth. This will tap into more “black” energy that is surrounding your environment. By releasing this energy into your awareness you are defusing potentially dangerous situations by gaining awareness of them and neutralizing the charge they carry.
This earth energy will activate more “black” energy within your body and shake it loose so you can get rid of it. As long as your energy ball is “phase locked” with the spiritual power source all released “black” energy will go upward until it comes into conscious awareness where it can be dealt with safely and harmlessly. In AA this is termed turning things over to a “Higher Power”. We are using the energy ball to do this in a more mechanical way.
There is a power point where your feet touch the earth. Create an energy ball at this point and work with it as before. There are nine chakra points. Seven are within the body. One is just above the top of the head and one is where the feet touch the earth.
With practice  you will be able to effortlessly move the energy ball deep within the earth and raise it upward as high as possible until it disappears into the “spiritual” light. Doing this will draw earth energy up into your body as a second power source. It will also create a column of light that goes from your spiritual power source down into the center of the earth to connect with your earth power source and with element #118.
This will establish a strong two way current within your physical body and anchor both power sources in a way that will make them constantly open and active. This ensures rapid growth and development as all parts of your body and psyche begin to “phase lock” together.
Only at this point is it safe to work will the strong physical and sexual energies in any serious manner.
For all practical purposes this completes the “lesser” work and begins the work of working with the dense earth energies. It took about six months for me to do. I have done it with groups of people in two hours. Working as a group makes the process much easier because you are able to draw on other groups members for help through the tough spots.
With the opening of these channels added energy flows through the body as the result of both solar and lunar influences. Now these powerful cycles are adding their energy with yours and individual progress is greatly accelerated. You become a channel for cosmic energies, solar energies and lunar energies.
When completed this meditation creates a permanent change within the energy channels of the physical body. It opens and releases blocked areas. I have done this with over sixty people in different group settings with similar results and feedback.
It is the most powerful way I know of to open the major energy channels within the body. It is also the fastest and safest.
In Masonry the “Royal Arch Degree” symbolizes what this meditation does. The mason is searching for the lost word and treasure. Among the ruins of an old building they excavate and find a hidden chamber. Beneath that chamber lies another chamber and beneath that yet another. Depending upon the variation of masonry there are seven or nine chambers that must be excavated to reach the bottom and find the lost word.
This meditation uses nine chambers, the seven within the physical body,one above the body and one beneath the body. It connects these chambers with two sources of cosmic power. Spiritual energy is tapped  as high into the light as possible to reach. We lift the energy ball into the light until the toxic energy it carries is released.
The second source of cosmic power lies at the center of the earth. We draw that up into our lives for increased health and empowerment.



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Commentary on the Book of the Law, Liber CCXX. Apologies to Aleister Crowley.


The Present Moment

    There is a point in time called the present moment. We are called to live with our awareness continuously within the present moment as it moves through the infinite possibilities that are available to it and to us.

Each one of us is a point of awareness living in our own present moments with individual possibilities available to us at any given point in time. What is available to us is unique and not available to anyone else. It consists of our personal beliefs, experiences and memories as well as our distinct physical and genetic makeup. We do not share these things with anyone else.

We are all living in the same universe and it is very much as if each point of individual awareness were a star in the night sky with it’s own location and orbit.

Each one of us can see a portion of the universe from a totally unique perspective that can never be seen or understood by anyone else no matter how similar his or her own view is. They are simply not us. We are not them.

The present moment is our time. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow and yesterday will always be yesterday. The ghosts of the past and the ghosts of the future can never be reached or experienced. If we don’t have the ability to live in the present moment and take joy in it we never will find joy. Any answer we ever seek will only be found in the present moment. Any action that will lead to success will only be taken in the present moment. If we don’t act in the present moment we have already lost.


Free Living

    This involves a life style in which a person consciously chooses to live in the present moment as deeply and richly as possible experiencing as much of life as they can. They know they can not be or follow anyone else. They can only be themselves and experience life in their own unique manner and their own unique way.

It is time to become a true individual. It is time to become a God or a Goddess living in a free world. From your own unique perspective in this present moment behold the infinite opportunities that lie around you waiting to be chosen. It doesn’t matter who or what you are. This message is the same for everyone.

In essence at our cores we are all simply photons or sparks of light that have evolved. We are all part of the same photon or spark of light as it manifests in different places and in different times throughout the universe. The unity of light binds us together.

Call upon your primal instinct and will to live in order to understand this message. It is the message of a warrior. Embrace the present moment as a sacred moment of infinite possibilities with all of your heart, mind and soul. Listen to this message and these words.

It is the “infinite possibilities” that are important, not the “present moment”. Worship the “infinite possibilities” and they will open to you. Those that seek the “infinite possibilities” within the present moment rule over those that do not. Most people are falsely trapped within the present moment. They are fools!

Come out and play as a child in the delights of the present moment as it unfolds before you in all it’s wonder and glory! Love, Joy, Rapture and ecstasy are infectious. Your happiness as you do this will be felt and shared by all things.

Love the spirit of life that flows through your veins and that flows through every moment of your life. Live and rejoice! You and your true mate will stand as God and Goddess. Rulers of the spirit and of the animal nature embracing each other as you embrace life in all it’s manifestations and levels. You will be an example and in sharing your joy with others the human race will rejoice. For the two of you are true opposites joined in love.


Sexuality, Soul Development and the Intelligence of Life


Jungian psychology teaches that in addition to the Shadow and Collective we each have a male and female part. These are the anima and animus. An important part of the balancing of the human ego is the integration of the male and female parts of our soul.

The core of sex magickal practice is described below. As male and female energy combine a new energy is formed that gives birth to enhanced psychic abilities. Through the generation of sexual energy the soul grows one astral body at a time until our soul is balanced. We give the needed opposite sex energy to our partner and they in turn give us the energy we need.

There are important differences between energy generated by males and energy generated by females. It exists at the cellular level where an XY chromosome creates a different energy than a XX chromosome.

To the male belongs the sperm and to the female belongs the egg. Generate this energy and raise the sexual/bio-electrical energy to the crown and third eye centers. This is a form of tantric sex that will open the infinite possibilities unto those that practice these ways.

The secret is in the continued sacred generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy through foreplay as long as possible and causing it to flood the body. It is this sacred sexual/bio-electrical energy that will find the proper pathway. It can not be found in a conscious way through conscious awareness but remains secret and hidden from awareness. There are no formulas or techniques.
It is through our sexuality that we discover who we are and what we are meant to do in life. In searching for the “infinite possibilities” within the present moment, all things are possible. Be open to all things and all experiences. Don’t refuse opportunities.

Whoever is open to all experience becomes a leader! All things are possible! The living life force within our bodies does not lie to us. Sexuality and the sharing of sexual love is divine in every way. It is this energy that causes our souls to grow and our psychic senses to develop. Love opens our hearts.
The intelligence of the life force and sexual/bio-electrical energy will find the proper path when your physical body is in ecstasy and fills to over flowing. Let this moment never end! Live forever in the present moment! Leave it only to find it again and come back to it once more in its sweetness. There are undreamed of things to experience if we allow it.
It is in the creation of the new secret path that joy is found. The great pain of its creation in aloneness is matched by an even greater joy in being together! Make your own path and don’t worry about any one else. Nobody has the same path. Have courage!
Seek out the “infinite possibilities” within the present moment through the sacred generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy above all other things. The joys it will bring are far more than the pain it will cause. This sacred energy will seek out what it is you truly desire and manifest it to you. This is a sacred promise. The sexual/bio-electrical energy must find it’s own way within each person. We can only say the generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy is required. This gift is freely given to all.
The sexual/bio-electrical energy will find it’s true path for your inner happiness and joy. Don’t try to force it consciously or it will become a curse. Learn to trust and go with the flow. Follow the magnetic attraction of love in all its ways.

Believe in your body and trust it. Any other path and restriction will make your life a living hell. This practice is a form of chaos theory and will not be restricted. All inputs a valid and all energy is cumulative. You will only have one “soul mate” at a time. Choose no other.
Most people are bound together and hating each other. Don’t let this happen to you. When you follow the sexual/bio-electrical energy and the possibilities that open to it, there is nothing that can stop you or stand in your way.

The generation of the sexual/bio-electrical energy or pure life force has it’s own intelligence and will to live. It represents pure will not consciously directed toward any goal. You will be drawn to the right person and will teach each other what is needed. Each relationship has a beginning and an end. When the growth is gone the spark is gone as well. There is no more to teach each other.
When you follow this perfect path and your true mate follows this perfect path you will magnetically find each other and your lives will be as one. You are both opposites and can never know each other but you can allow each other full blossom and love and ecstasy by this path of perfect balance. This is not a path of casual sex or one night stands. They are an abomination. This is a path for the one that is right for you in the present moment.
The secret key of this law is the yin/yang symbol. You are only one half of that symbol and can only ever be one half of it. The other half belongs to your true mate. You may never know each other but you can live, love, and have awareness of each other without conflict if you follow this path of balancing out to nothing.

Nothing is perfect and makes everything fit together. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is saying much the same thing. You and your mate are growing in opposite directions but meeting at this point in time. Rejoice in the time that you do have. It is sacred. It will not stay the same and it will not last beyond its allotted time.
Your true mate has one half of what you need and desire. Your need and desire is countered in your true mate by an equal need and desire in the opposite direction. When you need and desire nothing you can stand side by side as true mates experiencing the fullness of each other.

Each person must find their own way through the generation of their own sexual/bio-electrical energy. Each must fulfill their own law. Each must find their own true mate. Each must decide how long they choose to be together.

The Path of Love


There are three ordeals that must be passed before becoming a God or Goddess and finding your true mate. The first is connection to the Spiritual Light. The second is connection to the energy of the earth and the third is the development and creation of the seven astral sheaths, which must be formed before the creation of the “Immortal body”. Each of these has their own methods of attainment. The first and third are discussed in “Magister Templi” and the second is discussed in “Foundations”. In the first two degrees you are given all the information you need.

It does not matter where you start because you must always start in the present moment and continue by living in the present moment. Your present moment is unique and different from that of anyone else. There will never be a better time or place for you to begin…Start Now! Start anywhere you desire. The process works according to chaos theory and all effort is cumulative. You will draw a suitable partner to yourself through magnetic attraction.

If you do this wrong and use the generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy in a conscious manner such as directed through sex magick practices expect dire results. You can not choose your true mate. Only the sexual/bio-electrical energy given total freedom can choose your true mate. Working with sexual energy is not about having sex with anyone indiscriminately. The universe will choose those partners whose energy will combine with your own and allow both of your souls to grow.

This path of love shall regenerate the world and it shall rejoice in true living. Each one of us has a vision of the true that belongs only to us. Thus we all have some small portion of the truth. Remember there is a half we may never know because it belongs to our true mate. This is true even in the understanding of this message. The true implications may only be guessed at. You will recognize the true when you meet it.

Generate sexual/bio-electrical energy often. Realize there are two paths of love. The path of the serpent is when the sexual/bio-electrical energy does not rise within you. This is the path of nature that produces physical children and family. The path of the Dove does not produce physical children but astral children instead. The sexual/bio-electrical energy is forced up the spine. Both paths are different and both paths will bring the final result but both paths will not bring the same experiences. Choose well. There are infinite possibilities within the present moment. Both are worthy.

Joy and ecstasy are within your grasp. I ask only that you truly live and experience life in its fullness! In following this path there is also a way to love the ordeals as well as the rewards. All of life is meant to be experienced. Drink deeply. It is when this finally happens that you are truly alive! Then all is love and all is ecstasy. This is the love of life loving itself.

Breathe deeply and drink deeply of love and life and explore all of its possibilities. Love every minute! All things are possible! Seek them, always seek them! Remember that possibilities and opportunities both come and go. Teachers come and go. Do not seek to hold on to the past. Do not destroy that which has been built through love.

We Teach Each Other


This is the present moment. Where shall I go from here? Come and learn the secret of living in the present moment. One must live in the present moment to be aware of the infinite possibilities within it!

Everywhere I look there are directions I can go and things I can do. How shall I choose? I am only aware of what is around me.  I am always leaving what I know and moving into uncertainty. No one ever wants me. Instead they want what is not me.

This is the old way of thinking! Cast it away forever! The present moment is meant to be lived, experienced and rejoiced in!

The sexual/bio-electrical energy exists only within the present moment. Life itself exists only in the present moment. The generation of the sexual/bio-electrical energy must happen within the present moment or it will never happen.

This sexual/bio-electrical energy is like water capable of going anywhere but following always the path of opportunity and leading always into the ocean. The wanderings of this energy are not knowable but its conclusion is inevitable.

Those that worship Deity do injustice for it is the experience of life as it unfolds that is to be worshiped one moment to the next. To be alive and aware is pure joy, the experience of one moment gives way to the experience of another and even the painful moments become memories without the power to hurt. Our hearts leap as a new joy unfolds or tremble as a new terror confronts us.

Like water that always seeks to flow downhill, people will continue to build dams and diversions seeking to make use of the sexual/bio-electrical energy in a conscious manner but they will remain blind to its true nature. Only when the water reaches the ocean is it fulfilled and at rest. Only when the sexual/bio-electrical energy reaches your true mate will you find fulfillment together.

Before you can find your true mate, you must develop the sheathes of the astral body or the various astral bodies. There are seven brides/scarlet women or perhaps eight, this is a mystery and one of them may be your true mate.

This is true for both of us, the God and the Goddess. Do not fear to love the wrong person. Do not destroy the love you have given.

Find the love that is in front of you and through that experience you will grow closer to your true mate. We are all teachers of each other and helpers of each other. Let us teach each other how to love and how to live.

All of Life Is A Celebration


This point of awareness that is I must be forever alone in the present moment. I can never leave the present moment but I can make the present moment large enough to encompass all that exists.

To do something well is a great achievement. To be a God or Goddess is to do life well. Don’t think to find us failures in what we do. There is both glory in the fight and glory in the victory. It is only the lost, the slaves, that fail or give up. The competent will scamper out of your way unhurt just as you will scamper out of their way unhurt.

Effort and hard work is cumulative in nature and will lead to success. This is always in opposition to the will of the masses that seek an effortless way and demand unearned rewards.

The sexual/bio-electrical energy transforms us into a God or Goddess. When we choose we rule the astral planes and when we choose we rule the physical world as well. We are life giving and receiving life all within the present moment of our eternal existence.

The logical and rational mind can not understand our ways and will be led to ruin. Like water we am not logical or rational. We simply flow to the ocean, our true mate.

Place a curse upon Logic and Reason. May they be cursed forever. They have no place in our existence. Logic and Reason divert us from reaching our beloved. They make the pathway harder and more difficult.

We can logically prove or disprove anything so what does logic matter? When we need to know we falter. Blessing to those that move forward without knowing. Logic and Reason lead only to paradox. They confound themselves and distort truth.

Be damned to those that feel they must follow a conscious path of logic and reason. They are lost.

Feel the sexual/bio-electrical energy stir within your loins and rejoice in the life  you have been given. Live with joy and beauty. Become a God or Goddess! Transcend ordinary humanity! There are many reasons to celebrate life in all its phases and glory. All of life is a celebration!
Be A God or Goddess


There is only the celebration of life within the present moment. This celebration of the present moment continues even after the death of the physical body and the eventual rebirth into another one.

Ever forward! There is death only for those that refuse to live in the present moment. But they are  already dead and don’t know it.

Failure, regret and fear are not options. Continued generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy will ensure eventual success. This involves a reversal of the life force within you until you are complete.

This is a mechanical process in which gains can be discerned on a daily basis as one develops and grows in strength. The end result is inevitable if enough sexual/bio-electrical energy is generated over a long enough period of time.

Everyone has the same opportunity and the same ability to become a God or Goddess regardless of their circumstances in life. The only requirement is a steady generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy. Those that choose to be weak or to fail or to follow another path deserve no pity or support. There is no excuse for not following this path once one knows of it and how natural and simple it really is.

The only force that can stop you and contain you is your own true mate. This is how you will know your true mate.

Virility, sexuality and the generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy is the key. It is not something to be ashamed of. The morality and anti-sexual programming of centuries must fall away. This path is a sacred path.

Those that mock and laugh at this path and the truth it contains will not laugh when the backlash of this energy hits them and affects their lives.

Understand this! If I could change anything in this world I would not change anything because it is already perfect. As a God or Goddess I will only do better those things that I already do.

As a God or Goddess I have options that a slave does not have. There will always be options for me to explore. I will not and can not be trapped. Not even by another God or Goddess.

Never hold back! You can not hurt another God or Goddess. They are as adaptable and flexible as you are. They are using the same sexual/bio-electrical energy. A win-win situation will eventually result. Never give in or give up! Follow your own conscience and go by your own rules! The hell with everyone else! You can’t hurt another God or Goddess and your true mate will be able to stop you. Who else matters? Those that won’t even try? The slaves?

Should We Be Ashamed of Ourselves


Those that lock themselves away from life and experience are already dead but they don’t know it. Perfect life and perfect love only come through the transmuting of the imperfect into the perfect. We begin with the imperfect.

Are we to live as beasts? No, but the highest expression of Godhood is to be found within our physical bodies and within the present moment. Physical life and our bodies are sacred and all that we can experience is sacred including sexuality.

We are those that survive! We are those that have found our true mates and the joy of living as Gods and Goddesses within the physical world. We take joy in our survival.  Our restrictions have not prevented us from living as we choose! The present moment is not a burden to us but a blessing.

Everyone has the same chance and the same present moment. Everyone has unlimited possibilities and opportunities within that present moment. If they choose to die, let them die! Living is for the strong! This message is for the strong! There is no way to help those that will not help themselves! The present moment exists even after the physical body dies and another replaces it! Do not fear death and do not fear life! Embrace both with all your might for they are continuous.

Sensuality, sexuality and the generation of the sexual/bio-electrical energy are the most sacred things in life. Rejoice in them. We are the God and Goddess, should we be ashamed of ourselves?

Generation of Sexual Energy


There are many ways to prolong sexual arousal and orgasm. Much practice, study and refinement of technique is needed. But above all, Exceed! Be excessive in the generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy and you will manifest tangible results.

Always push for more and when death finally comes it will be the greatest reward of all because you will find you have become a God or Goddess! You will have developed the “immortal physical body”.

Then you may even long for death and it will not come.

Therefore live richly and fear not the death of the physical body. Develop the powers of your soul and experience all that life has to offer you without end.

The study of the Kabbalah is “associative” in nature. “Associations” are found between various words and letters creating a “link” between them. This is needed because a “link” is needed for the mental awareness to get from one concept or idea to another.

Awareness travels across these “links” and uses them as bridges.

The OAK system is not Kabalistic in nature and does not require or use such links.  It makes use of the quantum leap in chaos theory.

In the OAK System everything that exists is reducible to the photon /electricity as suggested by the General Field Theory of Dewey Larson. Thus 4638ABK24ALGMOR3YX24 89 RPSTOVAL is simply the photon/electricity or literally anything else including OAK! It is everything and nothing at the same time!

Fear not success in life! Don’t be afraid to live life to its fullest! All things are possible to experience so generate sexual/bio-electrical energy. Grasp the infinite possibilities within the present moment!

This is War!


The reward of becoming a God or Goddess is magickal. Understand! This manuscript is not perfect! This path is not perfect! No one path can be perfect for all people. There is always the half that is not known that belongs to your true mate! This is merely a guide. Each must follow their own true path.

Understand that I am a warrior and this is a warrior’s path! If you seek the path of the slave you will not find it here!

You must have a safe place for you awareness to go when it is in danger and attacked magickally. The OAK energy ball meditation creates a safe place for your awareness and your Holy Guardian Angel. This is important. Working with sexual/bio-electrical energy can result in insanity or death otherwise.

Develop and strengthen your soul and its powers through the generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy. As you begin the process of reversing the sexual/bio-electrical energy within the body you will attract negative energy. The dark is attracted to the light. This is not easy. This is war!

The generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy is a weapon more powerful than any other weapon in the astral/magickal planes. Nothing can stand in the way of this energy as it accumulates within you. As it meets other energy it will strengthen through the contact or both energies will be destroyed. If both energies are destroyed yours can be renewed the next time you generate sexual/bio-electrical energy. In this manner you wear down all opposing energy, first by destroying it and then by generating it faster than the opposition.

There will be astral battles. The proof is that you shall win them! You will become stronger! This is the work of the Magus, to fight the wrong-minded masses to a stand still until they allow you to exist in peace. You do not need to attack. They will attack you because you represent a danger to their way of living as slaves. You do need to win! Even to the last breathe of your life.

Nothing matters except this battle. You will loose everything but your true self…hold not to material possessions or material relationships if they compromise you in any way.

But this is the battle of the Magus. This will not happen at first. You will be led to that hour as you develop the seven sheathes or astral bodies created through your nuptials with the seven brides/scarlet women.

The ordeal is very severe and will tear your soul but do not despair! Don’t be too eager because what you win is not what you think it is. At the same time don’t fear the ordeal because it will allow you to find and love yourself.

The Way of the Warrior


Fear nothing! Infinite possibilities lie before you in this present moment. Grasp them as a warrior!

Do not let anything stand in your way! This is speaking of astral battles. When you are magickally attacked simply because your generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy is creating havoc on the astral planes and someone is pissed at you…be damned to them! Attack and hold nothing back! You are only trying to exist as you were meant to exist. As a God or Goddess!

Understand that by becoming a God or Goddess you are interfering in the magical work of other Gods and Goddesses. Put them in their place so they respect you as a peer. You can not hurt them. They will not have mercy on you if you give in to them.

In magickal duels you must win or receive your own energy back threefold in a negative manner. This is what happens when you seek to reverse the sexual/bio-electrical energy within your physical body.

Collect power objects that support you and store energy for you. In reality there are no short cuts, only the illusion of short cuts.

The generation and accumulation of sexual/bio-electrical energy is a mechanical process that delivers results simply when enough is accumulated. The amount of practice or what you practice does not matter. The generation of this energy and its accumulation is all that is needed without any magick or ritual of any type whatsoever.

Follow this path and you will become strong in war.

Each new God or Goddess creates a new Aeon. Although the Old Gods and Goddesses must submit to the new ones, they remain Gods and Goddesses and retain their power.

This is only half of what is known. What my true mate knows of this path is hidden from me.

This way of the warrior and the battles that must be fought are of the magickal and astral planes. While these battles are taking place there will not be much happening in the physical world. It will seem stagnant.

Welcome all into your energy. Those not compatible with it will be destroyed or leave. Your energy will act as a catalyst and as a toxin to others. They will learn to transmute the energy and work with it or they will suffer. The true warrior is able to transmute all toxins so they are harmless. You will learn to do this and will teach others to do this. It is part of the ordeal.

In these nuptials both partners are empowered and fulfilled with the creation of an astral sheathe or astral body created out of a specific chakra’s energy.

There is no turning back…go on, go on. This message of the warrior is done. It is time to fight!

That which denies the generation of sexual/bio-electrical energy is blasphemy against life, against God and against Goddess! Curse all those that deny this path to Godhood!

Christians have it all wrong! Moslem’s have it all wrong! All religions not of this path are wrong!

Spit upon logic and reason. They will not lead to Godhood.

This Is Not A Game


The human body is made to have sex and be sexual. The sexual/bio-electrical energy will find its own way and choose a suitable wife/scarlet woman with or without physical sexual relations.

This is not a game. Fools and cowards are warned not to play with this. To play is to get hurt.

Those that believe and commit to this path are true brothers and sisters that will become Gods and Goddesses.

Fight each other but respect each other. There is a place in the universe for everyone.

There is no law or nothing to do other than generate sexual/bio-electrical energy. The process is mechanical depending only upon the accumulation of this energy over a period of time. You can greatly speed the process or have it take lifetimes.

Do this and you will become a God or Goddess! After going through the tribulation you will rejoice! The fool does not understand this book or its simple message.

This path is the most precious and beautiful of all paths. It is also the most sacred path! Success is inevitable as the accumulation of water until it finally reaches the ocean or sea.

This is the way of the Warrior. I can not speak for my true mate. She is the half that I know not. With this message the time of the warrior is at hand! My true mate allows this and does not stop me.

We each have our secret splendor and will one day be Gods or Goddesses.

This message is written and concealed. People will still get it wrong thinking it is much more than what it is.


My thanks to Aleister Crowley and brightest blessings upon those that read these words, my comment on his work.



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Just a note on the Unity Grid and how it operates. It bypasses all old systems based on hierarchy. What it does is wire each individual directly to source and directly to the earth through the DNA.

One aspect of this is that “mob” energy will no longer have force or power of the individual. Much of the old system was based upon manipulation of the masses. Another aspect of this is that “energy vampirism” will no longer be effective since personal advancement can only be achieved by personal effort.

A curious by product of this is that when a person tries to help another person the energy rebounds back to them as good karma. It is in this manner that the Unity Grid achieves success. By seeking to give love, light and support to others we raise ourselves!

The negative side to this is that anger and negativity will produce almost instant karma of the negative kind. When you seek to harm another, you will only harm yourself.

These energies of both love and harm can no longer be transfered to others but remain trapped within our own aura until they find an energetic opposite or are integrated into our personal shadow/higher self. What this means is that innocent individuals will no longer be in the line of fire.

Those that have awakened to various “densities” will be able to use those new energetic bodies to alter the holographic model on several levels once they understand how.

The key to all of this is to first bring all the energy bodies into proper alignment so the holograph is stable and the information is not distorted.

Someone can try to send us negative energy and we will sense that negative energy and need to choose to accept and become negative ourselves or reject and remain positive. However, it will require far less energy to resist and remain positive than it did before. This is the real key to things, it will require far less energy to remain true to who we really are in our personal connection to source.

bright blessings,


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New Earth System Online and Fully Functional!


This is a channeling from my higher self and shared with those that resonate with it. It may be freely copied and posted as the information it contains is important. You may also visit my blog at:


What a busy time in the non-physical realms since 11-11-11. Yesterday, 11-17-11, the final densities, 1st density and 2nd density crossed over into the new system and for a moment/eternity the universe stood still and the Cosmic determined what to do.

In the meantime light workers and ordinary earth life in general just kept on creating like they normally do in 3d space. The old energy grid that supported the old system completely collapsed and fell away while the new made a seamless transition held together only by the thoughts and dreams of earth’s collective life..

The ascension of Mother Earth/Gaia, and all life forms upon her and within her was deemed a massive success as she had not been due to ascend until Dec. 21, 2012. Fully one year and one lunar cycle early!

It was decreed that the experiment would be allowed to continue for the next great cycle but under the new energy grid with new laws and ways of working. What this means is that many of those in 3d space/time will not even notice a change and life will continue through the coming centuries as if nothing had ever happened. The day of earth’s ascension was an ordinary day like all of the others.

It was also decreed that the new system did not require an entire year to purge the incompatible elements from within it. Now that the ascension was complete it could purge those elements in the remaining time left in this year as an act of mercy for those that have worked so hard for this victory.

Please bear in mind that with such a victory there must also be loss and those that did not achieve the results that they thought they would. To put this bluntly, now things can fall apart!

What remains will be swiftly brought back together again as even more light and love fills the world. Please take the time this holiday season to pray for loved ones and wrap them in love and healing.

Let me back up a bit and start at the beginning. The new earth system or energy grid has been slowly coming online a little bit at a time for quite a while now. One by one each of the higher densities has been moved over into it seamlessly. Once active in the new system that particular density began to follow the new rules and acted to prevent many of the disasters that were predicted to happen. This process began to accelerate after 5th density was activated last spring, then 4th density this summer and 3rd density on 11-11-11. In an exponential manner 2nd and 1st happened on the same day. This is the vision I received from my higher self. This was all done seamlessly and hardly anyone noticed but now that it is all done many will notice and will rejoice! But some will weep because now it is safe for things to fall apart. None will be lost. Death, if it comes will only affect the physical body. It is nothing to be afraid of. The soul, the spirit will remain safe.

In later posts I will describe the workings of this new energy grid as it has been given to me. This post simply deals with the need to let people know that now the other shoe is going to drop and they should do what they can to wrap themselves and their loved ones in love and light.

The two main things that I suspect will happen are a limited war between Israel and the Arab States and the collapse of the European money system. These things have been forcibly prevented from happening and now those restraints have been removed. Please pray for those people that are/will be affected by coming events and send them peace and love. Triggers for military action tend to happen around the new moon under cover of darkness. Don’t be surprised at something occurring on Thanksgiving weekend.


The success of earth’s ascension has prompted the Cosmic to decree that the rest of the universe will be upgraded to the 3d holographic model. This means some major changes to our star friends as they will be taking on added dimensionality.

The eight densities serve as eight data strands for the holographic model. In the old system each density represented an individual reality or dimension. Each ascension process required a complete reset since physical, 3rd density life was lost. This is no longer the case.

People will continue to experience 3d earth experience with the added sensory/multidimensional data needed to enhance their experience.

It might make sense to think of the eight dimensions as the data strands/recording before it is played as a hologram. It is the computer code that makes the game work and can be altered by master computer programers even as the program is running. Those able to function at various densities can alter or rewrite portions of their own life story/adventure.

The higher densities happen in the future and the lower densities happen sooner. In any case all eight strands must be completed before the individual hologram can play.

Earth is not separating into a planet A and planet B. Planet A is simply the eight density data stream and planet B is the first density data stream. They will be joined back together as the new hologram plays, or I should say, they have already been  joined back together as the new hologram is currently playing.


Bright blessings,




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Safely Grounding for the 11-11-11 Activation


The 11-11-11 stargate is almost upon us and suddenly many lightworkers/star children are getting the message to ground to the earth for safety at this time. While I agree wholeheartedly with this I must caution against going too fast. There are literally thousands of volts that will be going through the physical body when it passes through this transition and taking the time to bleed off any of this safely will help prevent damage to the physical body.


There is a profound and intense attraction between the pure dark earth energy and the light. Star seeds and lightworkers have largely ignored the three lower chakras and their astral bodies. These should be integrated at this time as well and energy channels created through them in a proper manner.


This is what not to do! Do not visualize light coming down from source and flowing into the earth and then turn around and visualize earth energy coming up from the earth through your body and up the crown chakra. It will not make it that far before the two energies collide in a massive energy exchange or shorting out!


Instead bring the light down into the solar plexus chakra first as an energy ball and rotate it until it feels stable, then raise this energy ball of solar plexus energy into the light along with all toxins that will attach to it. Release the toxins into the light and bring the energy back down and repeat the process until the solar plexus chakra is clear.


Only then continue on to the Spleen chakra and do the same.  Collect all the toxins that are attracted to it and release them into the light. After it is complete you can go to the root chakra and clear it. Only then continue down to the chakra where the feet touch the ground and finally you can safely  bring light down into the core of the earth itself.


What this process does is create safe and natural energy pathways for the surge of energy that is soon to come. It also clears each chakra and makes it ready for the 11-11-11 gateway.


I have gone through this process and been working with the earth energies for a long time now. Please consider this advice very seriously.


Bright blessings,



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