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The Summer Solstice brings enthronement for those that have earned it. It means the beginning of a new and enhanced life. For me this means something very unexpected as I’ve discovered how to have fun! Most of my life has been a struggle and I’ve never really taken the time to stop and just have fun, particularly with other people. Now that seems to be the new direction as I explore the fascinating world of online gaming and make comparisons between these games and the astral worlds and the traditional mysteries. It’s my contention that games like the Elder Scrolls Online are teaching the new messages that a new humanity needs to hear!

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Massive energy changes now in effect are making us let go of things so that we can make new beginnings in our lives. This is a good thing and a powerful thing if we can go with the flow and embrace new opportunities as they arise.



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Gaia ascension update for June 2018. Heading toward the summer solstice and the word is to relax and have some fun in the present moment! This ascension thing has been way too intense and now that parts over. Time to find our new lives in the now, in the present moment! No more fighting! We just experienced a radical timeline shift that brings us to our final destination, the one that we have collectively created! Good work!

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I was fascinated by a timeline of events shown here: https://themarketswork.com/2018/06/01/a-partial-surveillance-timeline/

I extracted a few of these events and made some comments for my own clarification because they fascinated me so much. The portions of the following post in italics are from the above blog post. I encourage all to read the original in its entirety! The following is just my opinion.

If I understand things correctly the spying on the Trump campaign began in early March of 2016 by FBI contractor Fusion GPS who had access to the NSA data base. But the investigation was not official or legalized until  a month later in April/May? Let’s see how this could have happened:

The Obama administration in July of 2015 actively hid what was going on and prevented oversight by the OIG.This was about several scandals like Uranium One, making secret payments to Iran and Fast and Furious. Hiding criminal activities from the American public, including the sale of State secrets. Can’t allow the OIG to know about these things! All this happened well before the primaries and wasn’t about Trump at all.

  • November 2015FBI notified the DNC one of the DNC’s computers was now transmitting information to Russia.
  • November 2015-April 2016 – The FBI and NSD use private contractors to access raw FISA information using “To” and “From” FISA-702(16) & “About” FISA-702(17) queries.

Why would the FBI and NSD suddenly allow private contractors to access raw FISA intelligence unless they had been doing it all along? Presumably because the private contractors or the DNC wanted that intel? Was this the real beginning of the spying on the Trump campaign and others as well? I suspect the most likely reason for this need of intel was to make sure that their own illegal activities didn’t become publicly known, it was defensive in nature. Hillary was going to win anyway but you needed to keep an eye on things. One of their servers had been hacked. Maybe it was the Russians? Maybe it was Trump?

  • February/March 2016 – Trump’s securing of GOP nomination seen as probable.
  • Early March 2016 – Fusion approaches DNC law firm Perkins Coie about being hired to continue opposition research into the Trump Campaign.

Suddenly Trump becomes a real threat and the Democrats need to know more about him. Is there any dirt on him? How can they stop the Trump train? They need to know what Trump knows. He was once an insider. They use private contractors to scour the NSA data bases  for intel. Maybe the contractors are selling state secrets as well?

  • March 9 2016 – NSA Director Rogers becomes aware of improper access to raw FISA data.
  • March 9 2016 – Page sends text referencing “HUGE f-up”.

Too much spying and unauthorized activity in the NSA data bases. They got caught! Page knows about it the same day that Rogers does! Very interesting!

  • April 2016 – National Security Agency (NSA) Director Rogers orders NSA compliance officer to run full audit on 702 NSA compliance.
  • April 2016 – Fusion GPS hired by Perkins Coie on behalf of the DNC.

So Fusion GPS was one of the private contractors allowed access to raw FISA data? Looks that way! Too much unauthorized activity spills the beans and the private contractors including Fusion GPS are shut down. They have got to find a new way to get intel and fast! Hillary needs to win this election at all costs! There are things that can’t come out into the open!

  • April 18 2016 – Mike Rogers shuts down FBI/DOJ contractor access to the FISA Search System.
  • April 18 2016 – The FBI discontinues private contractor access to raw FISA information.
  • April 18 2016 – No Strzok/Page texts occur – or have been made public – on either April 17 or April 18 2016.

The DNC is thrown into a panic and explain it by saying that they were hacked. They also just lost their special access to NSA intel. Maybe they can get it back? If they really were hacked what information was taken? What needs to be protected? What is going on? Are their secret crimes known?

  • April 18 2016 – Date DNC says they were hacked.
  • April 19 2016 – Wife of Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) Mary Jacoby visits White House

DNC and Hillary need to know what is going on because there is too much at stake. If they can’t use NSA data they need some other type of surveillance. Either send in some informants or wire taps or both! Let’s buy some opposition research from Fusion GPS! We need to ensure the election at all costs! They have access to raw FISA data.

  • April 30 2016 – Strzok sends text “we’ve switched from the Patriot Act to a wire carrying current.”
  • Late April 2016 – Clinton Campaign begins paying Fusion GPS. Steele is probably working with Fusion – at least informally.

For the first time the DNC and Hillary are getting worried. Trump is doing much better than expected and they have not been very careful in covering their own tracks. Time to start covering the legal aspects of all this spying! Need more dirt! Need more intel! Need to be legit? Time for a FISA warrant? We’ve already been spying on him illegally for over a month!

  • April/May 2016 – Surveillance of Paul Manafort possibly begins. FISA warrant issued?
  • April/May 2016 – Fusion GPS hires Christopher Steele.
  • April/May 2016 – Fusion GPS hires Nellie Ohr, wife of DOJ Assoc. Deputy AG Bruce Ohr.
  • May 2016 – Trump becomes presumptive GOP Nominee.

Time for boots on the ground! Let’s set up Donald Trump once and for all! FBI starts  entrapment process by approaching Trump officials and luring them to meetings about the Russians and getting dirt on Hillary. Let’s say that Trump is actively part of this Russian interference. Right now the biggest need is to get people’s thoughts off the Clinton email thing and win the election! We need to stop Trump!

  • May 10 2016 – Papadopoulos meets with Australian Diplomat Alexander Downer. It is Downer who seeks out the meeting.
  • May/June 2016 – Halper invites Carter Page to July 2016 Cambridge symposium regarding the upcoming election.
  • May/June 2016 – Brennan creates a six-agency task force to investigate Russian Interference.
  • May 19 2016 – Paul Manafort promoted to campaign chairman and chief strategist for Trump Campaign.
  • May 23 2016 – Nellie Ohr applies for a HAM Radio license.

Things are now moving from a let’s hide our past criminal activity to we need to stop Trump! We need to use the FBI, CIA and other agencies as  weapons! Our intel has been cut off and we need to get it back by creating the need for an investigation on the Trump campaign! We need to do this or we will hang! But who is doing this? The Swamp?

  • June 2016 – Brennan passes his intelligence to the FBI. This intelligence “served as the basis for the FBI investigation”.
  • June 2016 – Possible FISA Application prepared by NSD lawyers.
  • June 2016 – FBI Agent Peter Strzok – and possibly DOJ’s Bruce Ohr – meet with Christopher Steel.

Let’s see if we can set them up! Guess it didn’t work!

  • June 9 2016 – Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) meets with Natalia Veselnitskaya before Trump Jr. meeting.
  • June 9 2016 – Meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Rinat Akhmetshin and Natalia Veselnitskaya.
  • June 9 2016 – Glenn Simpson meets again with Natalia Veselnitskaya after Trump Jr. meeting.

In conclusion what seems odd to me is that something made the FBI,CIA, NSA and other agencies break their own rules, and they broke those rules well before the 2016 primaries. and well before the Trump train. Something made them collude with the DNC and with the Hillary Clinton campaign and it most likely involved money, big money! These agencies were not only trying to cover for Hillary and the DNC, but trying to cover for themselves as well!
















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