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Fear nothing! Infinite possibilities lie before you in this present moment. Grasp them as a warrior!

Do not let anything stand in your way! There will be astral battles when you are magically attacked because you are simply trying to exist within the astral planes and someone gets angry at you… Be damned to them! Attack and hold nothing back! You are only trying to exist as you were meant to exist. As a god or goddess!

Understand that as you become a god or goddess you are interfering in the magical work of other gods and goddesses. Put them in their place so they respect you as a peer. You cannot hurt them. They will not have mercy on you if you give in to them.

In magical duels you must win or receive your own energy back three fold in a negative manner. This is what happens when you seek to reverse the sensual and sexual energies within your physical body. In reality there are no shortcuts, only the illusion of shortcuts.

The generation and accumulation of sensual and sexual energies is a mechanical process that delivers results simply when enough has been accumulated. The amount of practice or what you practice does not matter. It is the generation of these energies and their accumulation that is all that is needed without any magic spells or rituals of any kind whatsoever.

Follow this path and you will become strong in war.

Each new god or goddess creates a new pattern. Although the old gods and goddesses must submit to the new ones, they remain gods and goddesses and retain their power.

This is only half of what is known. What my true mate knows of this path is hidden from me.

This way of the warrior and the battles that must be fought are within the magical and astral planes. While these battles are taking place there will not be much happening in the physical world. The physical world will seem stagnant

Welcome everyone into your energy. Those not compatible with it will be destroyed or leave. Your energy will act as a catalyst and as a toxin to others. They will learn to transmute the energy and work with it or they will suffer. The true warrior is able to transmute all toxins so that they become harmless. You will learn to do this and will teach others to do this. It is part of the ordeal

In these cycles both partners are empowered and fulfilled with the birth of permanently activated astral bodies created out of the energies of a specific chakra.

There is no turning back… Go on, go on. This message of the warrior is done. It is time to fight!

That which denies the generation of sensual and sexual energies is blasphemy against life, against God and against goddess! Curse all those that deny this path to godhood!

Christians have it wrong! Muslims have it wrong! All religions not of this path are wrong!

Spit upon logic and reason. They will not lead to godhood.

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As we learn to recognize the importance of our soul and the still small voice of conscience within our hearts we seek to live in harmony with it. But it’s not easy! Our false human ego is still identifying with our physical body while at the same time holding up rigid idealistic standards for ourselves and for others to live by. We have expectations for finding the perfect wife, the perfect husband, the perfect home, and the perfect job. We set our standards so high that no one can fill them. Then we hate ourselves because of our failure.

These standards are mental concepts that are not integrated into physical reality. They are unworkable. What we’ve done is leapt above our hearts into the mental realm of logic and reason. We’re living in our heads! Now it’s the ideal, represented by logic and reason, that has become supreme. Although logic and reason rule our lives they are unable to get at truth. The answers we get bring more questions. This turns into a vicious circle that rapidly gets out of control until we finally learn to stop asking questions. Logic and reason distort things. We are no longer sure of what is good and evil, sin and salvation, or illusion and reality. Our head begins to spin and our overworked intellect feels inadequate.

In desperation we finally turn to our intuition and to the still small voice of our conscience instead. The intellect can sense its approaching death just as the emotions did earlier. It feels threatened as it desperately tries to grapple with things and mentally understand them.

We find ourselves in an intellectual fog where the only voice of sanity and reason lies with unquestioning faith. We identify more and more with our intuitions, with the Christ spirit within our hearts and with faith in the inner voice of our conscience. As we do this our intellect is screaming at us to stop. It is trying to tell us that what we are doing is insane and makes no sense at all. It is trying to tell us that we are not being logical.

Trusting our intuition and the inner voice of our conscience brings the birth of a higher level of consciousness. We no longer think with words but with the symbols given in our dreams and meditations. Our thought processes become more abstract and visual. There are no longer words for what we are thinking and what we have become aware of.

The first stage is an uncomfortable struggle with logic and reason. The second stage brings the decline of the intellect and the true birth of the intuitive. We develop a great spiritual pride that our inner self has won over the intellect and physical self. This is a very dangerous time for us! We have a true feeling of accomplishment and little desire to try further but remain content to stay right where we are. This is a great spiritual plateau and we must beware the poison of spiritual pride. This level marks the boundary between consciousness and higher spiritual consciousness.

Our new consciousness with absolute faith in our intuitive self is still untamed, still a beast. It is still joined to the lower personality and to the physical body. Our spiritual vision is distorted and our intuitive self is hindered in its attempts to communicate with us. The intuitive self rules but it is an uneasy rule indeed.

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A healthy sense of self means a healthy ego with healthy self-esteem. This is also what is meant by the soul! The soul is the Observer self or watcher that stands back and watches in our dreams. It is the evolutionary byproduct of the invention of reading and writing 4000 years ago. The ego, self-esteem, the Observer self or the soul are spiritual in nature and not physical. Human awareness is not physical, but it is spiritual. To deny things of the spirit is to deny human awareness as self.

Self-esteem and a healthy ego are the same as a fully developed soul. The fully developed soul is the result of personal effort in life. Our soul grows through life experience as does our self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves. We develop our souls by living deeply and richly.

Good self-esteem, a healthy ego and a highly developed soul are the end products of the ability to live independently, happily and competently. These are all the result of putting forth productive and creative personal effort in all areas of life. These are all the result of producing values in life, values that are recognized by both ourselves and by others.

The bottom line is that self-esteem, a healthy ego and the soul itself are developed through hard personal effort and not intrinsic in nature. We earn them. We develop them through a lifetime of productive effort. They are not given to us! They are not handed out freely! No one else can do our work for us!

You won’t have them unless you work for them!

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The government protects us and protects our property from others. It does this by separating what’s mine and what’s yours. Now if you are satisfied with who you are and what you have it works pretty good. But the person who is not satisfied with their lot in life and wants to better themselves has a problem. Everybody is equal and everybody has the same protections, the same rights. Yet some people have things and others don’t. It’s not equal for everyone. One person is rich and one person is poor.

What happened to that dream and vision of equality? What went wrong? And more importantly how can we right this wrong? How can we share the wealth of personal possessions equally among all the people? Well of course, take away all personal wealth and possessions and give them to the state to redistribute. Wealth and property are no longer personal, they belong to society.

You see what’s happening here? The first equality was where the government treats everybody equally as citizens. The rights of all citizens are the same. But wealth and possessions are not equally distributed. Because we are all judged according to our wealth and our possessions we are not really equal to each other! So everything must be turned over to the state or government.

This is the second robbery of individual rights in the interest of the collective. First they made everybody citizens and subject to an external authority called the law and now is the great redistribution of wealth and property where everything is given to society and society in return gives it back equally and fairly, or at least that’s the idea.

The oppressed and disadvantaged majority are at the bottom of society and they are at a disadvantage compared to those at the top who are a minority. Those at the top enjoy prosperity while those at the bottom are in need. Does this sound familiar? So how do you make it equal? How do you make it so that everyone enjoys prosperity?

First each individual was either raised to the social class of a citizen or degraded to the social class of a citizen depending upon their lot in life. The common man was raised to a new level and the aristocrat was degraded to a common citizen.

Now here is how it goes. Our equality is based upon our labor. We each offer something to society that is of value through the work that we do. So we labor for each other, sharing the fruits of our labors equally as we receive the fruits of their labors from them. So now it becomes our own personal labor that makes us equal.

The problem with today’s younger generation is that nobody wants to work!

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The reward of becoming a god or goddess is magical. Understand this! This manuscript is not perfect! This path is not perfect! No one path can be perfect for all people. There is always half of it that is not known and that half belongs to your true mate! This is merely a guide. Each must follow their own true path.

Understand that I am a warrior and this is the path of a warrior! If you seek the path of the slave you will not find it here! You must have a safe place for your awareness to go when it is in danger and attacked magically. You will find safety within the spiritual light. Develop and strengthen your soul and its powers through the generation of sensual and sexual energy. As you begin the process of reversing the sensual and sexual energies within the body you will attract negative energy to you. The dark is attracted to the light. This is not easy. This is war!

The generation of sensual and sexual energy is a weapon more powerful than any other weapon in the astral planes. Nothing can stand in the way of this energy as it accumulates within you. As it meets other energy it will strengthen through the contact or both energies will be destroyed. If both energies are destroyed yours can be renewed the next time you generate this energy. In this manner you can wear down all opposing energy, first by destroying it and then by generating it faster than the opposition has the ability to do.

There will be astral battles. The proof is that you shall win them! You will become stronger! This is the work of the Magus, to fight the wrong minded masses to a standstill until they allow you to exist in peace. You do not need to attack. They will attack you because you represent a danger to their way of living as slaves. You do need to win! Even to the last breath of your life.

Nothing matters except this battle. You will lose everything but your true self. Do not hold onto material possessions or material relationships if they compromise you in any way at all.

This is the battle of the Magus. This will not happen at first. You will be led to that hour as you develop the seven sheaths or astral bodies created through your soul connection and sacred marriages with your seven soulmate brides.

This ordeal is very severe and will tear your soul but do not despair! Don’t be too eager because what you win is not what you think it is. At the same time don’t fear this ordeal because it will allow you to find and love yourself.

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As he gets to know her she becomes the ideal partner to him. Mentally he tries to understand her. That is very difficult because she is beyond logic and reason. She doesn’t make sense to him. Every time he thinks that he understands her he just gets more confused. She is a great mystery. She is good, she is evil, she is life, she is death, she is sin, she is salvation, she is illusion, she is reality.

His intellect is inadequate and he tries to understand her intuitively instead. He is in a complete intellectual fog and totally at her mercy. Words can’t express his feelings toward her.

Her body rejoices with eagerness. Everything is perfect. She is a physical goddess. Her body obeys her mind and every command. She feels stability and peace in herself and in the relationship. She has no expectations of him at all. Everything is fresh and new. Fulfillment is everywhere.

She feels his energy influence her sensually. Her emotions are becoming aroused. She experiences great joy and freedom in exploring these new sensations. She identifies more and more with her body as she sees its effect on him. Her body cannot be wrong. It can deal with anything that comes along. He is wrapped around her little finger. She uses her body deliberately to get reactions from him. She uses body language.

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The highest possible goal in life is the totally integrated soul and totally integrated individual! This integrated awareness encompasses all things physical, all things sensual, all things emotional, all things perceivable through the senses, all things mental and all things spiritual. The highest possible goal is for individual awareness to be truly multi dimensional!

Only the concept of individual rights is meaningful and if individual rights were truly enforced they would be enforced for everyone! In fact identity politics and the concept of minority rights are meaningless and destructive. They are scams used by con artists to empower themselves by taking away personal power and choice from their own followers.

The independent and free individual that follows their own inner authority, the still small voice of conscience within their heart, is by nature good and lives an honestly productive life. This person remains free from all external authorities.

Both individuals and society function best when the rights of individuals are recognized and enforced. This happens when the individual is free from group control, government force or any other external authority.

To force any individual to do something against their will and against their own nature can never be justified. It is understood that each individual must face and accept the consequences of their own individual actions.

Self-sacrifice and altruism are the most common ways for people to lose any personal empowerment which they possess. They do this by not going after their own goals, dreams and desires but by being sacrificed to some higher purpose that they are conned into believing in and supporting with their own time, effort and money..

Competency and skill develop self-esteem. A good self-esteem is needed for mental and emotional health. We achieve our dreams by proactively reaching out for them, not waiting for them to come to us.

Within societies and nations there is a big difference between collective agreement that is chosen by individuals and moral laws forcefully imposed upon individuals for the good of humanity.

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We are born free, yet everywhere we look we have become servants! Will we ever have our turn to become free again? Heaven forbid! We don’t want anybody to be free! We want everybody to be like us! Take personal power away from everybody so that we are all equal!

When we say all what do we really mean? Society? But is society real? Does it have a physical body? We are its body! But wait, that’s not right. I have a physical body and you have a physical body and we all have physical bodies but that doesn’t make us one physical body! Society may make use of our many individual physical bodies but it will never have a physical body of its own. It is nothing more than a concept, something that exists in the mind. The physical body of society is only an illusion.

The freedom society gives is the freedom of one person from the dominion of another person. One person cannot control or command another person. Only society and the law can do that!

But even if people have become equal their possessions and wealth have not become equal. The poor man needs the rich man’s money so he works for the rich man. The rich man needs someone to do the work so he pays the poor man’s wages. Each one gives the other something that they need. Each one possesses something that the other desires. So what a person possesses makes him valuable to the other. No matter how you say it the things that one person possesses are not equal to what the other person possesses. So they are not equal even though society says they are both free.

But we want people to be equal! The only solution to this inequality is for the state or society to take away from both what they possess so that they are both left with nothing. In this way society possesses the wealth and the labor and determines how much each individual shall have.

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There are many ways to develop the soul and its powers. It can be done through breathing techniques, meditation, physical activities as well as Tantric practices. But the fastest and most powerful way of developing the soul and its powers is through the exchange of sensual and sexual energies within love relationships. The dynamic energy exchanges of being in love cause parts of our souls to become more complete and this happens naturally and easily. When the spark is gone the transfer of energies is complete.

The more you open your heart and mind to love relationships the stronger your soul becomes! Therefore live richly and don’t fear the death of the physical body. Develop the powers of your soul and experience all that life has to offer without end.

Don’t be afraid of love! Don’t be afraid to live life to its fullest! All things are possible so grasp the infinite possibilities of love within the present moment! Open your heart to others and share your energy. That is the first step. Through personal sharing with many others you will attract special relationships. It sounds crazy, but that’s the way it seems to work. You share from your heart with a wide group of people and after you have shared enough that sharing of energy will eventually draw the the right person to you.

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We all have a masculine and feminine side. We all struggle with our opposing natures inside of us. This post is written from the theoretical perspective of a female. In other words I think that most females can relate to what I’m about to share. But I believe that males can relate just as well. So I’m not trying to be sexist, I’m trying to describe an orientation and perspective on life that depicts one side of things and in another post I will be trying to depict an opposite and equally valid orientation and perspective. So the idea is to explore the duality that exists within each one of us, the masculine and the feminine that exists within each of us. Each post that belongs to this series will include the word duality or tantra in the title.

She discovers that by appealing to others she can get her way easily. Everyone wants to please her. All nature appears bountiful and cooperative. There is enough for everyone. Everything she does is good and she loves every minute of it. She feels light and happy, special.

She is naïve and innocent as she enters the adult world. She is in her early teens, and her childhood goddess awareness is retreating. She reacts rapidly and easily to physical and emotional stimulus. She is turning away from inward spiritual things and facing an exciting and unknown world with a keen mind and sharp awareness.

She notices that others are fascinated by her body. She can wrap them around her finger by teasing them and flirting. She admires her body and seeks to become more beautiful. She spends her days in joy, experimentation, and curiosity loving herself. She is becoming more of a goddess.

Nature and the entire world surround her with life, vitality, and sensuality. She identifies with all of it. She rejects her spiritual nature and turns toward physical life and emotional life. She wants to live. Life is a joy and a reward. She can do anything. All things are possible. She identifies with her physical sensual body and her sharp inquisitive mind.

Her mind and body are highly integrated together. Her spiritual connection has become mental. There is a sense of belonging and companionship in social activities. Her intellect is brilliant. As she continues to turn away from her connection with goddess she loses her source of spiritual energy. Spiritual growth can no longer be done alone. It requires a relationship.

She doesn’t always get her own way with things and gets into trouble. As more of her spiritual energy leaves, she becomes increasingly involved in wild emotional currents. Her mental clarity suffers and her intellect and reasoning ability gradually drop as they are overwhelmed by the emotional currents that rage and surge within her. She seeks company, laughs with good companions, and enjoys the delights of the world. As she begins to deliberately use people she has less compassion, becomes coldhearted and lonelier.

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