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So you want to talk “CODE”. The Holy Kabbalah is the pattern upon which all of creation is based. We can find this in everything that exists down to the smallest atom. It begins with the 10 emanations from SOURCE beginning with KETHER. Most consider this symbolic as the WORD of GOD with the study and manipulation of sacred letters. Through mathematical manipulations they find connections or associations between things. To them the Holy Kabbalah is completely associative linking the way thoughts are linked in human awareness. But it is more than symbolic, it is real and progressive in nature.

KETHER is the first emanation from SOURCE as Spiritual Light and is the photon or building block of all nature. But light is vibratory and sometimes a photon acts like a wave and other times it acts like a particle. The expansive wave of light that extends throughout the universe is the male aspect of the photon but there is a point where it can go no further and collapses back in upon itself. This inward motion is the female aspect and we call it electricity. So KETHER is the vibratory energy of the photon/electron and exists at the center of everything that exists. This is also the visible light spectrum.

CHOKMAH is the second emanation from SOURCE as rotating magnetic field energy and exists as outward spirals of north magnetic flux lines and inward spirals of south magnetic flux lines. The greater the light or the electrical current the greater the magnetic power to attract or repel. CHOKMAH is known as the whirling winds of heaven and also in occultism as the cone of power that is raised during magickal workings. This is known as the electromagnetic spectrum.

BINAH is the transition from energy to matter and happens at the speed of light. It is the nuclear threshold and the rotating north and south magnetic fields unite to form the first atom of matter Hydrogen which has one proton, one electron and one neutron and is stable. But in a greater sense BINAH is the complete atom, the Great Mother or Womb of All Creation as the final element in the outermost seventh electron ring called Oganesson. In this TRINITY we see the veritable THRONE OF GOD upon which none can look. It exists at the heart of every atom and is also called zero point energy! We also call this the point of UNITY or Abstract Spiritual Energy where all is resolved.

As we cross over into matter we cross the nuclear threshold of the GREAT ABYSS. Below this point all is division into the three dimensional feminine physical space/time universe where matter gravitates together and the three dimensional masculine universe of the astral time/space universe where events in time gravitate together. So each element acts as a wave within the astral during part of its cycle and acts as a particle in the physical world during the other part of the cycle. And this applies to human consciousness as well.

The space/time universe of our physical world is capacitive in nature and will generate and store energy. The time/space universe of the astral planes is magnetic and inductive in nature and linked through magnetic flux lines or astral cords. Combined they form a giant resonant circuit through which an infinite tank current flows which both gravitates physical matter together as well as events in time creating critical time periods.

CHESED is the first world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the first complete electron ring of the atom. It contains two electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates what we have called the archetypal world of Concrete Spiritual Energy. This is the home of intuitive thought and spiritual illumination or the realization of self-evident reality. It is beyond logic and reason. Helium creates the first and highest Body of Light.

GEBURAH is the second world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the second complete electron ring of the atom. It contains eight electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Abstract Mental Energy or philosophical and creative thought. This is the home of logic and reason. Neon creates this second astral body out of these energies.

TIPHERETH is the third world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the third complete electron ring of the atom. It contains eight electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Concrete Mental Energy or our ordinary awareness of our world. Argon creates the third astral body out of these energies.

NETZACH is the fourth world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the fourth complete electron ring of the atom. It contains eighteen electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Upper Emotional Energies. Krypton creates the fourth astral body out of these energies.

HOD is the fifth world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the fifth complete electron ring of the atom. It contains eighteen electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Lower Emotional Energies. Xenon creates the fifth astral body out of these energies.

YESOD is the sixth world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the sixth complete electron ring of the atom. It contains thirty-two electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the world of Physical sensation energies. Radon creates the sixth astral body out of these energies.

MALKUTH is the seventh and final world or Sephiroth below the GREAT ABYSS and the seventh complete electron ring of the atom. It contains thirty-two electrons or points of awareness and in the astral creates the etheric world or underworld. Oganesson creates the seventh and final etheric body out of these energies.

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In concluding this essay I would like to share a few words concerning Voodoo before moving on to tantra, sexuality and sex magick. Again my purpose is to demonstrate that Organic Gnosticism has very strong roots in occult and metaphysical research as well as being derived from personal experience. If the concepts which I share are different than what is commonly accepted I have my own very personal reasons which are based upon personal experience and not simply head tripping book knowledge.

In the book “The Mark of Voodoo” Sharon Caulder Phd. describes her trip to the Republic of Benin to discover her spiritual roots. This is the story of her amazing experiences with sub-Saharan African Voodoo- the root of all Voodoo- including her initiation into the spiritual hierarchy as a full-fledged chief and her romance with the supreme chief.

A few notable points from this book, her teacher Daagbo was invited to Paris where spiritual leaders from eighty-five different countries were invited to show their power. Most were given an hour or two but he was given an entire morning. He had been invited by the Dalai Lama!

Another notable point was when she described a young boy walking across the compound where the tribe lived. The young boy suddenly stopped and began to crow. He had been possessed by the spirit of a dead rooster. . . The people lacked the personal shields to protect themselves from such possession.

At a critical point in my own journey I found my own spiritual father and mentor, Voodoo Bob. He claimed to be the only white Voodoo Highpriest or Priestess in Minnesota. He had married a Voodoo Queen in New Orleans and she had taught him. They had a son together. Voodoo Bob was one of the most interesting people I have ever met and had a double Phd in Psychology and Divinity. He taught briefly at a University in Wisconsin, but left to lead a totally different life of enriched poverty. He was the most spiritual person that I have ever known and really lived according to his beliefs in total trust that everything he needed would come to him.

He asked me to do a drawing of Marie Laveau for his High Altar and I did two, one light and one dark because she was both light and dark. She is the High Priestess and Empress in the tarot drawings. He worked with both the light and dark energies and his altar was so powerful and sacred that you could sense the power radiating from it ten feet away. Of course he talked to Marie Laveau and taught me to as well. I set up my own altar and even though I no longer have it, Marie Laveau is my guardian spirit and guide.

Voodoo Bob told me that I had filled my head up with worthless knowledge, that I had to learn how to empty my mind. All the answers to all the questions of the universe were there to access at any time. All you had to do was open the door, reach in and take what you wanted. You didn’t have to carry that information around with you all the time! I didn’t understand and didn’t know how to empty my mind. That is until I realized that when I was drawing and doing artwork I emptied my mind and was receptive to what came through. That was my real break through, an understanding of allowing things in and not trying to hold everything in my head all the time. He taught that things were so simple I was having trouble grasping them because I was making them too complicated. And so it was and so I was!

Ultimately things are so simple there is nothing to say or to teach; only to do and experience. While I will continue sharing some references on tantra, sexuality and sex magick it is with the understanding that none of what I share is really needed. It is offered as an antidote to the toxic concepts we are already contaminated with!

Sigmund Freud thought that psychosis was formed by inner conflicts and that it was sexual energy which held the psychosis together. Wilhem Reich thought the same thing and wrote about it in several books, among them “Selected Writings” and “The Function of the Orgasim”. Carl G. Jung broadened this with the concept of the anima and animus, or male and female aspects of the human psyche. I’ve read and studied all three over the years including Jung’s “Red Book”.

The OTO taught sex magick and I studied all the works of Aleister Crowley including the extremely rare “OTO Rituals and Sex Magick” published by Peter König which is worth $600 for a used copy if you can find it. I’ve also read the 3 volume “OTO Phanomon Reload” which gives the entire history of the OTO. I can say that the rituals and passwords contained in “OTO Rituals and Sex Magick” are the same ones that I received during my OTO initiations. I was initiated into the 3rd Degree OTO but chose to leave due to severe differences.

I’ve also read “Liebe im Orient” the three volume deluxe edition of the first German publications of Anangaranga; Kamasutram; Der Duftende Garten Des Scheik Nefzaui”. These ancient texts published by Dr. Ferdinand Leiter and Dr. Hans H. Thal contained forwards by Hanns Heinz Ewers and Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld.

Another extremely rare book is “Demons of the Flesh; the complete guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic” by Nikolas and Zeena Schreck. This book is also impossible to find and very valuable. Zeena Schreck is the daughter of Anton LaVey the founder of the Church of Satan.

Not as rare but just as valuable include:

“Taoist Soul Body”; “Alchemy of Sexual Energy”; “Secrets of Love”; “The Tao of Immortality” by Mantak Chia. These books share the secret teachings of sexuality and tantra in the eastern traditions and describe how sexual energy is used in the birth and creation of the immortal physical body. Here are some excerpts:

“The sixth formula is difficult to describe in words. It involves the incarnation of a male and a female entity within the body of the adept (this might correspond to the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara). These two entities have sexual intercourse within the body. It involves the mixing of the Yin and Yang powers on and about the crown of the head and being totally open to receive energy from above and regrowth of the pineal gland to its fullest use. When the pineal gland is at its fullest, it will serve as a compass to tell us in which directions our aspirations can be found. Taoist Esotericism is a method of mastering the spirit, as described in Taoist Yoga. Without the body, the Tao cannot be attained, but with the body, truth can never be realized. The practitioner of Taoism should preserve his physical body with the same care as he would a precious diamond because it can be used as a medium to achieve immortality. If, however, you do not abandon it when you reach your destination you will not realize the truth.”

This past spring I reached that final destination in the permanent activation of my etheric body after almost thirty years of work. More about that later.

Famed occultist Dion Fortune wrote about sexuality and the use of sexual magick in high magick in her novels and even clarified it in “The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage”; “The Circuit of Force”; and “Lost Secrets of the West”.

Julius Evola wrote about sexuality and sex magick in “The Hermetic Tradition”; “The Yoga of Power”; “Eros and the Mysteries of Love”; and “The Mystery of the Grail”.

I’ve already written elsewhere about how ancient alchemy teaches these same mysteries and the massive book by Mary Anne Atwood “Suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature”.

But it was the books of Mantak Chia that really got me started on the tantric path in learning the secrets of sperm retention. This cultivation of sexual energy led me upon a path I have written of elsewhere in Organic Gnosticism. I was propelled upon a journey that developed and permanently activated each astral body one at a time over twenty some years from the highest to the lowest. This culminated in the permanent creation and activation of my etheric body this past spring. This was a completely mechanical process driven only by the generation of these energies. No special technique, ritual or practice was required.

In this essay I’ve tried to prove that this knowledge has been known by the mystery schools of all ages and hidden beneath a symbolic overlay of traditions, rituals and absurdities. The only thing required is the generation of massive amounts of physical energies to propel personal experiences. As Voodoo Bob told me, there is no need to carry all that knowledge and garbage in your head! You just need to open the door and reach inside and it is there! Each person must travel a unique path and find their own way. I’ve tried to offer some catalyst as antidotes to the toxins we have already been infected with!

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In this post we are going to consider extraterrestrial life forms as “energy beings” that apparently no longer require “physical” bodies. Of course this can include other life forms that supposedly don’t have physical bodies like elementals, demons and fairies.

But the myth is about ascension to the point where physical bodies are no longer required so that is what we are going to explore. Channeled messages from these entities fall into two categories.

The first is that they are more advanced than humans and that humanity will one day “ascend” and no longer require a physical body. They are here to assist humanity in doing that.

The second is that humans are great souls that have “fallen” and forgotten their spiritual roots and connection to Source. Humanity is on a path of return to an advanced position that they once had.

Another common theme is that earth or Gaia is ascending and it is time for the human race to ascend or that Gaia is ascending with all life forms. These two views are quite different in consequence and effect.

Organic Gnosticism admits the existence of these “energy beings” but suggests that they do have physical bodies created out of the noble gases, each according to their own nature as spiritual energy, mental energy, emotional energy, immortal physical energy and etheric energy. This is because existence must occur in both the space/time universe and time/space universe. All exists in both worlds or universes at the same time.

It is further considered that these “energy bodies” must sustain themselves in some way. Higher energy bodies might sustain themselves by drawing energy from the photon as spiritual light; from the sun as solar energy or even from the stars as the Milky Way galaxy. Lower level energy bodies must draw energy from other sources including vital life force from other living things.

If you listen to the stories of these channeled entities who were once physical and have ascended the following story comes out. They have ascended as a species when their home planet ascended. What is not said is that their planets are now barren and without life and no other life forms ascended with their species. This same story is repeated on many planets according to each extraterrestrial species.

These channeled messages also say that what is happening on earth or Gaia has not ever happened before. Gaia is ascending WITH ALL LIFE FORMS! ALL LIFE IS ASCENDING!

So you will encounter two types of channeled messages from these “non-physical” beings. One is that the human race is ascending and another one that all of life upon Gaia is ascending. These reflect two separate types of understanding that are quite profound in their differences.

Organic Gnosticism aligns with the understanding that Gaia is ascending or has already ascended and is taking or has taken all life forms along with her! This brings up a startling realization that only Organic Gnosticism has uncovered. These “non-physical energy beings” REQUIRE PHYSICAL BODIES OR DIRECT INTERACTION WITH PHYSICAL BODIES TO EXIST! That is why they are so drawn to the human race and the many varieties of life upon this planet. LIFE IS SACRED! FAR MORE SACRED THAN EVER SUSPECTED!

For a soul to live in a human physical body is the next stage in soul evolution, not the end of human evolution! Full spectrum ascension is the experience of a complete soul living in a totally healthy and integrated physical human body.

These space brothers and sisters coveted the physical bodies of emerging humanity and sought to possess them, to be born into them and to experience the intensity of physical life for the advancement and development of their own souls. The manipulation of human DNA was for exactly this purpose, so that alien souls could experience physical life as humans! Not the other way around!

So today we have many humans that are “star seeds”, entities with alien souls living in physical human bodies. But all life forms have souls as every pet lover knows through personal experience with the loving hearts of their own pets. ALL OF LIFE IS SACRED!

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Up to this point I’ve focused on scientific and historic data about UFOs and alien civilizations. Such a complex and controversial subject needs to be broken down into a few distinct categories.

The first is the reality or actuality of physical alien races and technology both in the past and in the present. This includes the advanced technology that was responsible for building the Great pyramid of Egypt and other similar structures as well as reverse engineering of advanced alien technology in the modern world.

I don’t have much to say about this and I have not done much research in this area. All I can conclude is that such technology and structures do seem to exist both in our past history and in the present. But such contact does seem to be hidden and suppressed in modern society.

The second is the deliberate modification of human DNA to allow the “souls” of alien species to be born in human physical bodies. I will have quite a bit to share on this topic later as this appears to be the true objective of such alien contact.

The third is the subject of the existence of alien awareness within light bodies or energy bodies or non-physical bodies and what that really means. This includes channeled messages and other types of “contact” with our space brothers and sisters. This includes the historical development and deliberate genetic modification of the human race by “non-physical” entities.

The fourth is ascension and ascension bodies and what that means in terms of human evolution and extra terrestrial contact and evolution as well.

I’ve already mentioned I don’t know much about the first topic. What I do know is that alien races and alien technology seem to have existed in the past and in today’s present physical world. Granting that they exist, there also seems to be an agreement that prevents them from openly making their presence known to humanity in general. Who makes this agreement and why? This is a very good question worth considerable investigation.

There must be some hierarchy that has determined what is allowed and what is not allowed in such contacts with the human race. This also implies that such contact may have both good and bad consequences for the human race and that there are more than one extraterrestrial species who may be in conflict with each other in their relations with the human race. A “neutral” position is being enforced. By whom and why?

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What often happens is that as we construct our personal paradigm we create an artificial system which may or may not reflect actual life experience. We avoid or ignore any inputs that challenge our belief structure. This is the danger of a paradigm. A matrix is an open ended structure that does not avoid anything. ALL INPUTS ARE VALID! We just need to understand in which context they are valid.

I’ve found two books by George Makari extremely useful in understanding both sides of the issues of what is conscious awareness and what is the soul. These are “Revolution in Mind; the creation of Psychoanalysis” and “Soul Machine; the invention of the modern mind”. George Makari is director of Cornell’s Institute for the History of Psychiatry, associate professor of psychiatry at Weill Medical College, adjunct associate professor at Rockefeller University, and a faculty member of Columbia University’s Psychoanalytic Center.

The most important takeaways from these fascinating books are the realizations that no one really knows what causes conscious awareness and what the soul really is. No matter what the materialists may say or think, the debate on these things continues. There is no clear winner. Most of these arguments go back to the 16th century!

Julian Jaynes in his amazing book “The Origins of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind” may be one of the most influential books of the twentieth century in the understanding of the soul and the observer self and the role of reading and writing in the development of creative consciousness. He taught Psychology at Princeton University but is now dead.

Richard Dawkins in his book “The Greatest Show On Earth” proves the evolution of physical life on earth, but does not in any way disprove the evolution of the soul or human consciousness. He simply is looking at one side of a two-sided coin.

Melanie Phillips, former left wing award winning journalist, has written many books including “The World Turned Upside Down; the global battle over God, truth and power”. She confronts the question of if we are living in the age of reason why are we behaving increasingly irrationally.

Just a short excerpt from the back of this book:

“The loss of religious belief has meant the West has replaced reason and truth with ideology and prejudice, which it enforces in the manner of a secular inquisition. The result has been a kind of mass derangement, as truth and lies, right and wrong, victim and aggressor are all turned upside down.”

In this extremely brief overview I can share that what seems to be missing in modern society is the belief and awareness of the true nature of multi-dimensional reality and how human awareness can both at times act like a particle with a tight focus inside the body and at other times act like a wave that extends across the entire universe.

In my next post we will explore some of that science.

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In many ways human thought and awareness is like a computer program in which concepts are linked to one another in a meaningful way. In this respect a paradigm is unified but might not be connected to physical reality. A matrix is like machine language which is always directly connected to physical reality.

Perhaps the best way to describe a matrix is to share my encounter with Neo-Tech. Again I need to choose my words carefully because people will leap to the wrong conclusions. The Neo-Tech discovery was a collection of 114 “advantages” compiled by Frank Wallace and said to provide powerful advantages to those aware of them. Neo-Tech was a matrix.

Before getting into my experience I need to say that in my search for self-evident truths I would often read as many as 10 different books just to find one nugget of wisdom that I could use. It was extremely rare to find good information. Of these 114 “advantages” perhaps half of them were pure gold and the rest garbage! I will just mention a few of them that have greatly influenced me.

The idea of internal authority vs external authority.

The idea that coercive force against any individual can never be justified.

The idea that emotions are what makes life rich, but they must not rule our actions.

The idea that we cannot control our emotions but we can control our actions.

The idea that the pursuit of infinite regression questions only serves to destroy one’s vitality and resources.

The importance of a strong ego and sense of self esteem for mental, emotional and physical health.

Neo-Tech is considered an offshoot of Aynn Rand’s Objectivism philosophy. It was also something that came directly out of my deepest blind spot! I was into metaphysics, spirituality and the occult and Neo-Tech claimed that the disease of mysticism must be eradicated from this world! It was in direct conflict with the principles that I held most dear!

But I could not deny the self-evident truths that it forced me to confront. Neo-Tech literally turned my world upside down. I struggled to integrate it and retain my own paradigm. They were like the yin/yang symbol complete opposites of each other. But I finally achieved an integration and synthesis of both.

Neo-Tech even bragged that it was a matrix capable of ripping any lessor paradigms to shreds. It also claimed that if you were exposed to one of the concepts and truly understood it, you would ultimately be forced to integrate it and accept it. To repress something that you understood was dangerous and destructive to your entire being. In essence, the message was that once you were infected with Neo-Tech it would take over any competing paradigm by nature of its inherent mutually supporting internal consistency! Once you were exposed to it you could not get it out of your mind, but needed to somehow integrate it! You need to be very careful of what you put into your mind! Our society has infected us with many toxic concepts that most have no antidotes for.

That is what a matrix does. That is why a matrix is so powerful. Most people do not even have well developed paradigms and have absolutely no defense against a matrix. Organic Gnosticism is a matrix that has absorbed Neo-Tech. Organic Gnosticism offers antidotes to those toxic concepts that have infected society.

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I’m trying to choose my words very carefully here because this is important. We seek catalyst to expand our own understanding. We don’t read a book for the wisdom contained in it. We read a book to be stimulated by the concepts contained within it. Then we form our own concepts that belong only to us. We learn from others and apply what we have learned to our own lives, adapting it as needed. We are not clones of each other and never can be. Each one of us is unique and the same catalyst will affect each of us differently.

It is never enough to be able to repeat what someone else does or believes. We must integrate it and do or say it in our own words and in our own ways. This is the opposite of a computer program or a hive mentality in which each is a copy or reproduction of all the others. This is two totally different approaches in which one leads to stagnation and death and the other leads to creative adaptation and life. Choose wisely!

Let’s explore the difference between a paradigm and a matrix. A paradigm is a complete and fully functioning belief system. A matrix is an integrated collection of self evident truths! Can you discern the distinction? You arrive at your beliefs in various ways, including life experience, logic and reason and philosophical thought. But they remain beliefs that might not be accurate reflections of what really exists.

A matrix on the other hand is a collection of self evident truths that once you are confronted by them and exposed to them you cannot avoid them or deny them. There is no logic and reason about them. They simply are and most people run and hide from them in a desperate attempt to maintain the sanctity of their beliefs and paradigm structures. A matrix will always be a threat to a belief system or paradigm.

If we explore this further we discover that self evident truths are instantaneous perceptions that occur in mystical illuminations or direct personal experience while beliefs are most often contrived through logic and reason or a blind acceptance of social mores.

What happens is that someone will have a sudden illumination or glimpse of a self evident truth and keeping that seed of truth will seek to embellish it and expand it to fit other things. For example Freud glimpsed the self evident truth of how important sexuality is in our lives, in our mental and emotional health, and he sought to make sexuality the reason for everything. He began with a core of self evident truth and then lost it by trying to expand it. The same can be said for almost any paradigm. It begins with a core seed of self evident truth and is then expanded to absurdity.

In Organic Gnosticism I’ve sought to collect these seeds of self evident truth and leave them as simple seeds without expanding them. After I collected enough of them they began to crystallize and merge on their own into a mutually supportive matrix that is extremely potent and powerful in its effects. What I had was not a theoretical paradigm, but a collection of self evident truths that were often at odds with currently accepted and politically correct thought. I will continue this in my next post.

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To consider the soul and consciousness we need to grasp the cutting edge of science and not the simplistic 3D view of most materialists. We need to consider modern chaos theory, quantum physics and multi-dimensional reality. The soul, consciousness and the physical body go hand in hand as they continuously evolve to higher and higher forms of complexity and awareness.

We can consider our universe as a closed energy system that is constantly introducing new photons and displacing the older ones. As the older ones age they are forced into a chaotic phase and then to take quantum leaps as they evolve into higher energy systems that are once more stable. This cycle of birth, death and rebirth is constant at every level of existence including human life and the human soul. The energy gestalt remains in place as it take on new and more glorious forms as the soul evolves.

Each element slowly ages and becomes a different element. The atoms of the silver coin will one day take on seven more electrons and protons and become Xenon, a noble gas that we can’t see, feel or sense. What was once fully material will become as if it were nothing. But then as it continues to age it makes a quantum leap to a new electron ring and with the addition of twenty five new electrons and protons over time it once more becomes solid, it becomes perhaps a coin of pure gold that we can touch and hold in our hands. As it continues to age it gains seven more electrons and protons and once more becomes an intangible noble gas that we cannot see, sense or touch.

This aging process called atomic decay is driven and takes place ultimately because of the new photons entering our universe which continue to displace the older ones and force them into new states of existence. Physical reality is not what we think it is. It is too easy to think of our physical world as solid and real, but the last, final and heaviest element #118 called Oganesson is a noble gas that we can’t see, smell or touch. But what really happens when the last element is reached?

My personal belief which is echoed by the mystery schools of the ancient past, is that this final element forms an ocean that contains all other elements and compound elements, that this vast ocean of outer space is an ocean of this final element, the Womb of Creation, and out of it all life eventually emerges. The void of outer space is not a void of emptiness, but a vast ocean of completeness from which life emerges in quantum leaps as new photons continue to enter our universe. Everything, literally everything is part of a vast energy system that is constantly evolving and making quantum leaps from one form to the next and human life and the soul are included in this massive cycle of being.

This is just a reflection on chaos theory, but what about the new age notion that Gaia’s vibrations are rising in frequency and our entire solar system is rising in vibration? Science tells us that there is a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy and that it is gradually pulling us in. But what happens when a spinning object is gradually pulled in? I remember as a child tying a metal object on a string and swinging it around my head. The object moved slowly when it was far away from my body but as I shortened the string it went faster and faster. It was quite fun!

Our Milky Way Galaxy is no different. There is a large concentration of stars within the Milky Way Galaxy that form the image of a narrow path or road and that is how it gets its name. But when that path or road perfectly lines up with earth and our solar system the long way, so that the gravitation of all those stars are added to the gravitational pull of the black hole at the center we move inward toward the center of the galaxy more swiftly than at any other time. Is it coincidence that the Mayan calendar was based upon this celestial lineup? That it heralded the end of one era and the beginning of another?

Because this inward motion is so large and all encompassing we have no markers or standards to measure against because everything else is moving inward with us.

So why do materialists not recognize this scientifically provable example of rising frequency and vibration? Why do they insist that the cosmic void is emptiness and not completeness, the Womb of Creation? The Goddess? Why do they not recognize that the heaviest possible element with 118 electrons and protons and seven complete electron rings is a noble gas that we can’t see, sense or touch? Why do they not recognize the evidence of quantum leaps in the evolution of both life, the soul and consciousness?

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This will take several posts and I am working at getting more research done as we speak, but I felt there at least needed to be a beginning! The mind games that are going on with those materialists that deny the soul and its powers needs to be challenged and I am hopeful that I can provide some understanding and defense against this unholy onslaught that twists the minds of even our brightest and most intelligent.

So I will try to give simple examples of things that are conveniently ignored by these materialists. Things that challenge the very foundations of what they claim to be true. At the same time I will not be drawn into making these posts head trips if I can help it.

First I will mention that we think we are our physical bodies, but closer examination shows that it is difficult to determine this “physical body”. Each day we take in food and excrete waste, but portions of that food become our “physical body” and our cells are replaced by new cells and discarded as waste. It is more accurate to say that we are the “energy field” that shapes and holds our physical body together even as new cells are created and old cells are destroyed. But even that is not quite right. Our essence or soul might be considered a “verb” and not a “noun”.

Consider the computer. What makes a computer interactive? Is it the physical components? The program it runs? The electricity that is turned on or off? Or is it the interaction of the user with that program? We humans are bio-computers and the same situation may be said to apply to us as well. It is pretty well known that awareness flows from association to association in a manner similar to computer programs and we are just as trapped within our own beliefs or programming as any computer is trapped within its programming. That doesn’t mean that we have no souls.

Consider the evolutionary science of Darwin and Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins is infamous for his defense of evolution and his atheism. But I am in the process of reading his book “The Greatest Show on Earth” and find it fascinating and true. In no way does it deny the truth or evidence of the soul and its evolution, but rather it enhances and helps to prove it! The missing piece of the puzzle is the multi-dimensional aspect. The soul evolves along with the physical body! The soul and the physical body are so interrelated and entwined that it is impossible to separate them.

The thing is that multi-dimensional reality is difficult if not impossible to express in our 3 dimensional understanding of reality. It can only be symbolically represented. The information on the horn torus shape that I’ve posted earlier is an example of this multi-dimensional aspect of reality. Science has also attempted this by explaining how a photon at times acts like a wave and at other times acts like a particle. This is also how human awareness sometimes expands outward to include our entire world and at other times seems encased within our physical bodies. Where is awareness located? Where ever we focus it! Sometimes if we are lost within a book or watching a movie we are not even aware of our physical bodies or the passage of time!

Speaking of time, Einstein and others have scientifically proven that time is not strictly linear. Dewey Larson’s “Reciprocal Systems Theory” suggests that there are three dimensions of time just as there are three dimensions of space and each creates a separate universe of Space/time and time/space which are reciprocals of each other and locked together like a resonant circuit with an infinite “tank current” flowing between them. I could use other theories about time, but this is the one I am most familiar with. The 3 dimensional universe of time/space is suspiciously like what occultists call the astral planes. Within it events gravitate towards each other much like physical objects gravitate towards each other in the space/time universe.

The “Reciprocal Systems Theory” suggests that the entire six dimensional universe (of both space/time and time/space) is created of nothing but vibratory motion which then manifests as the photon/electricity as it moves outward or inward in its scalar motion. This photon gradually evolves into physical atoms creating 118 possible physical elements. Ancient tradition considers that each soul began as a Divine Spark which gradually evolved through all forms of life before ours became human. The idea of evolution does not contradict the existence of the soul or its constant evolution. On the contrary it supports it!

But what drives this multi-dimensional evolution? It is modern chaos theory that give us the answer to that. Our universe is a closed system in which new photons are constantly appearing and new matter is constantly being created. Each new photon that enters our universe displaces one of the older ones and forces it to become something else through a quantum leap. What was once a photon is forced to become an atom of hydrogen. That hydrogen atom as it ages is at some point forced to become an atom of helium and so on through all the physical elements. Our universe is an energy system that is driven by the constant input of new photons and this system will eventually reach a point where it becomes chaotic, breaks down, and reemerges like the phoenix as a completely new and orderly energetic system through a quantum leap. Birth, death and rebirth is the cycle. The soul follows this same cycle. The soul was once a photon with the simple awareness of a photon.

Matter and energy are interchangeable, but the soul is never lost and continues to evolve through cycle after cycle, one quantum leap after another. One lifetime after another! We will always require some type of physical bodies upon our evolutionary journey and that is why life is so sacred!

But what about psychology and the soul? The late Julian Jaynes gives us the key in his stunning work, “The Evolution of consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”. It was only after the invention of reading and writing that the “soul” was discovered some 4,000 years ago. The act of reading and writing forced one to create replicas of the world and ourselves within our minds. It is this inner “observer self” of psychology that historically has been called the “soul”. And this “soul” is intimately tied together with our ego and concept of self.

It is a strong sense of self and a strong ego that holds our “soul” together in mental and emotional health. Why does society seek to destroy the sense of self and ego altogether? What can be gained? If individual awareness and the soul is what we “identify our self as” shouldn’t we identify ourselves as conscious energy beings, rather than physical bodies that die and decay? If awareness after the death of the physical body is possible as many believe, it can only come about through the identification of our “immortal” awareness. It cannot come about through identifying with that which perishes.

In summary, the multi-dimensional and evolutionary aspects of life and the soul are supported by several branches of valid scientific inquiry. In part 2 we will look at how this is being twisted by the paradoxical manipulations of “logic and reason” to brainwash human society.

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Here is a fun and fascinating look at a quick and effective way to determine ballot fraud according to scientific method without lots of computer code. Basically everyone is so confused by the technical jargon that they are not asking for the simple solutions that are available.

I learned a lot from this short video and recommend it to anyone that might be interested in this subject. So much information is now coming out that it is only a matter of days until there is a breakthrough moment, if it hasn’t happened already…

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