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To consider the soul and consciousness we need to grasp the cutting edge of science and not the simplistic 3D view of most materialists. We need to consider modern chaos theory, quantum physics and multi-dimensional reality. The soul, consciousness and the physical body go hand in hand as they continuously evolve to higher and higher forms of complexity and awareness.

We can consider our universe as a closed energy system that is constantly introducing new photons and displacing the older ones. As the older ones age they are forced into a chaotic phase and then to take quantum leaps as they evolve into higher energy systems that are once more stable. This cycle of birth, death and rebirth is constant at every level of existence including human life and the human soul. The energy gestalt remains in place as it take on new and more glorious forms as the soul evolves.

Each element slowly ages and becomes a different element. The atoms of the silver coin will one day take on seven more electrons and protons and become Xenon, a noble gas that we can’t see, feel or sense. What was once fully material will become as if it were nothing. But then as it continues to age it makes a quantum leap to a new electron ring and with the addition of twenty five new electrons and protons over time it once more becomes solid, it becomes perhaps a coin of pure gold that we can touch and hold in our hands. As it continues to age it gains seven more electrons and protons and once more becomes an intangible noble gas that we cannot see, sense or touch.

This aging process called atomic decay is driven and takes place ultimately because of the new photons entering our universe which continue to displace the older ones and force them into new states of existence. Physical reality is not what we think it is. It is too easy to think of our physical world as solid and real, but the last, final and heaviest element #118 called Oganesson is a noble gas that we can’t see, smell or touch. But what really happens when the last element is reached?

My personal belief which is echoed by the mystery schools of the ancient past, is that this final element forms an ocean that contains all other elements and compound elements, that this vast ocean of outer space is an ocean of this final element, the Womb of Creation, and out of it all life eventually emerges. The void of outer space is not a void of emptiness, but a vast ocean of completeness from which life emerges in quantum leaps as new photons continue to enter our universe. Everything, literally everything is part of a vast energy system that is constantly evolving and making quantum leaps from one form to the next and human life and the soul are included in this massive cycle of being.

This is just a reflection on chaos theory, but what about the new age notion that Gaia’s vibrations are rising in frequency and our entire solar system is rising in vibration? Science tells us that there is a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy and that it is gradually pulling us in. But what happens when a spinning object is gradually pulled in? I remember as a child tying a metal object on a string and swinging it around my head. The object moved slowly when it was far away from my body but as I shortened the string it went faster and faster. It was quite fun!

Our Milky Way Galaxy is no different. There is a large concentration of stars within the Milky Way Galaxy that form the image of a narrow path or road and that is how it gets its name. But when that path or road perfectly lines up with earth and our solar system the long way, so that the gravitation of all those stars are added to the gravitational pull of the black hole at the center we move inward toward the center of the galaxy more swiftly than at any other time. Is it coincidence that the Mayan calendar was based upon this celestial lineup? That it heralded the end of one era and the beginning of another?

Because this inward motion is so large and all encompassing we have no markers or standards to measure against because everything else is moving inward with us.

So why do materialists not recognize this scientifically provable example of rising frequency and vibration? Why do they insist that the cosmic void is emptiness and not completeness, the Womb of Creation? The Goddess? Why do they not recognize that the heaviest possible element with 118 electrons and protons and seven complete electron rings is a noble gas that we can’t see, sense or touch? Why do they not recognize the evidence of quantum leaps in the evolution of both life, the soul and consciousness?

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This will take several posts and I am working at getting more research done as we speak, but I felt there at least needed to be a beginning! The mind games that are going on with those materialists that deny the soul and its powers needs to be challenged and I am hopeful that I can provide some understanding and defense against this unholy onslaught that twists the minds of even our brightest and most intelligent.

So I will try to give simple examples of things that are conveniently ignored by these materialists. Things that challenge the very foundations of what they claim to be true. At the same time I will not be drawn into making these posts head trips if I can help it.

First I will mention that we think we are our physical bodies, but closer examination shows that it is difficult to determine this “physical body”. Each day we take in food and excrete waste, but portions of that food become our “physical body” and our cells are replaced by new cells and discarded as waste. It is more accurate to say that we are the “energy field” that shapes and holds our physical body together even as new cells are created and old cells are destroyed. But even that is not quite right. Our essence or soul might be considered a “verb” and not a “noun”.

Consider the computer. What makes a computer interactive? Is it the physical components? The program it runs? The electricity that is turned on or off? Or is it the interaction of the user with that program? We humans are bio-computers and the same situation may be said to apply to us as well. It is pretty well known that awareness flows from association to association in a manner similar to computer programs and we are just as trapped within our own beliefs or programming as any computer is trapped within its programming. That doesn’t mean that we have no souls.

Consider the evolutionary science of Darwin and Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins is infamous for his defense of evolution and his atheism. But I am in the process of reading his book “The Greatest Show on Earth” and find it fascinating and true. In no way does it deny the truth or evidence of the soul and its evolution, but rather it enhances and helps to prove it! The missing piece of the puzzle is the multi-dimensional aspect. The soul evolves along with the physical body! The soul and the physical body are so interrelated and entwined that it is impossible to separate them.

The thing is that multi-dimensional reality is difficult if not impossible to express in our 3 dimensional understanding of reality. It can only be symbolically represented. The information on the horn torus shape that I’ve posted earlier is an example of this multi-dimensional aspect of reality. Science has also attempted this by explaining how a photon at times acts like a wave and at other times acts like a particle. This is also how human awareness sometimes expands outward to include our entire world and at other times seems encased within our physical bodies. Where is awareness located? Where ever we focus it! Sometimes if we are lost within a book or watching a movie we are not even aware of our physical bodies or the passage of time!

Speaking of time, Einstein and others have scientifically proven that time is not strictly linear. Dewey Larson’s “Reciprocal Systems Theory” suggests that there are three dimensions of time just as there are three dimensions of space and each creates a separate universe of Space/time and time/space which are reciprocals of each other and locked together like a resonant circuit with an infinite “tank current” flowing between them. I could use other theories about time, but this is the one I am most familiar with. The 3 dimensional universe of time/space is suspiciously like what occultists call the astral planes. Within it events gravitate towards each other much like physical objects gravitate towards each other in the space/time universe.

The “Reciprocal Systems Theory” suggests that the entire six dimensional universe (of both space/time and time/space) is created of nothing but vibratory motion which then manifests as the photon/electricity as it moves outward or inward in its scalar motion. This photon gradually evolves into physical atoms creating 118 possible physical elements. Ancient tradition considers that each soul began as a Divine Spark which gradually evolved through all forms of life before ours became human. The idea of evolution does not contradict the existence of the soul or its constant evolution. On the contrary it supports it!

But what drives this multi-dimensional evolution? It is modern chaos theory that give us the answer to that. Our universe is a closed system in which new photons are constantly appearing and new matter is constantly being created. Each new photon that enters our universe displaces one of the older ones and forces it to become something else through a quantum leap. What was once a photon is forced to become an atom of hydrogen. That hydrogen atom as it ages is at some point forced to become an atom of helium and so on through all the physical elements. Our universe is an energy system that is driven by the constant input of new photons and this system will eventually reach a point where it becomes chaotic, breaks down, and reemerges like the phoenix as a completely new and orderly energetic system through a quantum leap. Birth, death and rebirth is the cycle. The soul follows this same cycle. The soul was once a photon with the simple awareness of a photon.

Matter and energy are interchangeable, but the soul is never lost and continues to evolve through cycle after cycle, one quantum leap after another. One lifetime after another! We will always require some type of physical bodies upon our evolutionary journey and that is why life is so sacred!

But what about psychology and the soul? The late Julian Jaynes gives us the key in his stunning work, “The Evolution of consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”. It was only after the invention of reading and writing that the “soul” was discovered some 4,000 years ago. The act of reading and writing forced one to create replicas of the world and ourselves within our minds. It is this inner “observer self” of psychology that historically has been called the “soul”. And this “soul” is intimately tied together with our ego and concept of self.

It is a strong sense of self and a strong ego that holds our “soul” together in mental and emotional health. Why does society seek to destroy the sense of self and ego altogether? What can be gained? If individual awareness and the soul is what we “identify our self as” shouldn’t we identify ourselves as conscious energy beings, rather than physical bodies that die and decay? If awareness after the death of the physical body is possible as many believe, it can only come about through the identification of our “immortal” awareness. It cannot come about through identifying with that which perishes.

In summary, the multi-dimensional and evolutionary aspects of life and the soul are supported by several branches of valid scientific inquiry. In part 2 we will look at how this is being twisted by the paradoxical manipulations of “logic and reason” to brainwash human society.

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Here is a fun and fascinating look at a quick and effective way to determine ballot fraud according to scientific method without lots of computer code. Basically everyone is so confused by the technical jargon that they are not asking for the simple solutions that are available.

I learned a lot from this short video and recommend it to anyone that might be interested in this subject. So much information is now coming out that it is only a matter of days until there is a breakthrough moment, if it hasn’t happened already…

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The Supreme Court threw out the Texas case like it was a hot potato! Chuckle. So what happens next? I am starting to believe the Supreme Court is very reluctant to deal with anything about the election but we shall see as there are still a few cases moving forward including one by Lin Wood.

In this world of smoke and mirrors and who knows what to believe any more I have arrived at my personal threshold. It involves the old Rosicrucian teaching about the difference between realities and actualities. Realities are what we believe to be true and actualities are the way things really are… The rub is that we always act upon what we believe is reality and not upon what actually exists. Of course the results we get in return are based upon what actually exists!

If this turns violent, if the insurrection act is implemented and martial law is imposed I will continue to believe that the election was stolen because people are not willing to die for something that is a make believe fairy tale. If people are willing to die then there must be truth behind it… and that truth will come out eventually!

If it gradually goes away with quiet rumbles I will consider that it is all politics. I have better things to do. But I will continue to be suspicious of motives that deliberately appear to go against our God given right of free will and our individual freedoms. In the meantime there are mass meditations for Gaia’s ascension and humanities ascension and the incoming energies of the New Year that will peak on the winter solstice! Pray for peace and the Christmas Miracle!

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Seventeen States are now supporting Texas in its lawsuit about unconstitutional elections in the four swing States. When you think about it, it makes sense. For elections to be fair each state must follow its own laws and not have individuals bend those laws on a whim. States depend upon each other to have honest and believable elections. This is evidence that these were not believable elections.

Now for the first time in my life I get to see if our constitution will be upheld or torn up by the Supreme Court. It is either the guiding document of our Republic or it is not. Things are starting to get interesting.

There is a metaphysical principle at work here believe it or not. I learned about it the hard way in my own life. An individual can fight a governmental institution to a stand still but can never win! The best to be hoped for is a stalemate. Only governmental institutions can successfully fight against other governmental institutions. That is why it is perfect for a State to battle another State in the legal arena!

It is at times the work of a Master to stand up to institutions and fight them to a standstill, but the average person is better standing up against other individuals instead. Ultimately the standstill needs to be broken anyway. That is when an institution takes up the fight for the Master and wins. We see this happening now as the Christmas miracle begins to unfold.

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Gateway Pundit broke the big story today about the massive election fraud at the State Farm Center in Georgia Fulton county. Registration Chief Ralph Jones Sr.; Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Ross have been identified as the individuals who pulled suitcases out from under a table and ran them through the vote counter after everyone else was told to go home. We can expect to hear much more about this in coming days!

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Can you feel the difference? Immediately after the presidential election many Trump supporters felt sick and defeated. They felt like they had been kicked in the belly and there was no fight left in them. Sure, they could accept a defeat, but only if it was fair.

It was literally impossible to wrap one’s mind around the magnitude of election fraud that some loyalists were claiming. It was simply too much to believe. But day by day as the law suits of Sidney Powell and Lin Wood inevitably move closer and closer to their final destination in the Supreme Court more and more evidence and personal stories come out about fraud on such a massive scale that it continues to be almost impossible to believe.

But as people continue to be exposed to more and more evidence and gradually begin to wrap their minds around the unimaginable scale and magnitude of the fraud they are starting to get mad! Not just mad, but a cold fury that burns inside. A cold fury that is turning into conviction.

We have all seen the evidence of Trump rallys and how many people attended those rallys. Are we to believe the evidence of our own eyes and ears or the words of those that spin narrative and think we are all fools? Have we lost the right to free speech? Does our voice and vote no longer matter? Can these sacred things be taken from us this easily? No! Common sense and organic reality must always prevail and Hollywood fantasy must remain make believe no matter how convincing the illusion. Its time to discern between what is real and what is illusion and our own hearts and the still small voice of the Christ Spirit within our hearts does not lie!

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Don’t be naive folks! The new secretary of defense, Chris Miller is there for a reason and when he made the announcement that all special ops forces now report directly to him it means something!

How many of you believe that special ops forces are sitting in their bunks waiting for orders and how many of you believe that every single one of them is on task and on a mission?

Just saying . . .

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With William Barr just coming out and saying the DOJ didn’t find any election fraud it just kicked things into a military operation! What a fool! A frightened fool that is…

Why is he frightened? Because people are being arrested, disappearing. He thinks that turning on Trump will stop this. Remember he is the one who burried the truth about the twin towers. Its too late now. Nothing can stop what he just unleashed. As I write this I am convinced that spec ops units are currently making numerous arrests and taking them to Gitmo to face military tribunals!


This is why the panic. Two things are happening, the arrests by spec ops and the movement of the law suits to the Supreme Court. Take a deep breath, relax and let it happen. The recent troubles of some major banks has to to with assets being seized. Remember all those declarations of emergency? Today much of this is still hidden but expect it to come out into the open by this weekend. You can’t keep something this big quiet!

I would like to share something obvious. We might never know how many people really voted for Biden, but we do know that an incredible number of people voted for Trump! And the compelling reason rightly or wrongly is because we felt and still fee that the constitution of the United States is at risk and that it is being taken from us through an illegal election steal! I’m just pointing that out.

Because we feel that way and feel it so strongly we will not budge! We will stand our ground.

Now that all the players have shown their true colors the conclusion of this end game can play out and is currently playing out. We need to allow Sidney Powell and Lin Wood get their cases to the Supreme Court. That is our last hope for a peaceful ending to this. We need to support them and support each other through this dark and troubled time.

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In the past few weeks I have come to realize just how important reaching out to a handful of people can be because so many don’t have a clue on where to find good information because of internet suppression. How can you get to a good website if you can’t search for it? If you can’t find a link for it?

The reality has become such that any site with over a thousand followers will be targeted and censored in many ways. That means it now falls to the small sites to pick up the baton and carry on the best they can.

In these past few weeks I’ve also come to the conclusion that the division within our society is reaching a point where things are becoming dangerous and we are running out of time. The main issues in order of importance for those that would enslave the human population are:

Depopulation of the current 7+ billion people through Covid vaccines that work on the RNA genetics by making people sterile.

Making China the dominant currency controller through the global reset.

Installing Joe Biden as a fraudulently elected president and puppet to assist in bringing about the above through a continuation of Obama’s policies.

I tend to believe that back door deals are already being made that will allow Trump to retain the presidency because they have no choice.

Here is a link to a must see video that shows the determination and lengths that the American people will go to in order to keep our nation free!


As a New Ager who believes in Gaia’s ascension and humanity’s ascension I sense that Gaia has already gone ahead and we are left to sort things out. That is why this election is so important. But in the long run this has already happened in the astral planes as well. There is a new egregore or master algorithm in place that determines energy dynamics within the astral planes. The old egregore or master algorithm (Kabbalah) was based upon duality as direct current energy dynamics and the new egregore or master algorithm is based upon alternating current energy dynamics. That is why those stuck in the old energy dynamics experience continued failures and will continue to experience continued failures.

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