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This is one of those videos that I simply needed to do, but don’t know how people will take it. As a Rosicrucian I’ve become accustomed to sending out a mental tap or link to check on others I might want to talk with. For example I might cast a feeler out toward a friend and sense whether it is a good time to talk or not. They can sense my contact and often call back in response. In like manner I can sense when someone is strongly thinking about me. I can literally feel the pressure of their thoughts. This is common and this is everyday. I don’t need to do a meditation for that. It is my normal. And if I want to send a short message or communication I simply do it by mentally reaching out to them.

On the surface this meditation does the same thing, but I sense there is an important difference. I sense that true telepathy and the possibility of true communications becomes possible at this etheric level for those that truly want to take the time to master it. Individual members of the circle seemed to be pretty excited about this meditation as well. I think it is possible to get very good at etheric level communications as we grow more accustomed to our new permanently activated etheric bodies. This includes the possibility of comprehensive etheric communication and sharing with each other in a totally new and deeper way. It also involves the possibility of connecting and communicating with those who have passed on.

This is one of the ways that members of the Order can strengthen the bonds between other members and that is both important and significant. This is especially true as we face censorship in so many ways in the physical world. It is important to find alternative ways to communicate and share with others. Ways that we can trust.

I would also like to point out that while many people are channeling information from various sources I am actually offering ways you can experience and test your new abilities and gifts first hand as you develop and strengthen the powers of your soul through portal working.

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Journey to the Womb of Creation, The Akashic Records and bring back a gift or tool that you earned in a past life which will be valuable today! While you are at it grant a wish to your past self!

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Suddenly there is almost too much to share! I need to take a moment and regroup. First I will share that I am only posting this information here on my website and only sharing it with those who are seeking it out. This material and information will become increasingly protected and draw those who seek it and repel those not compatible with its energies. It is magically protected and magically enhanced. So pay attention to your own reaction to these posts as they will tell you things you need to know.

Secondly, doing any type of portal group working on a daily basis will ultimately lead to an initiation into the Order as your awareness connects with The Womb of Creation. When this happens your awareness has successfully crossed over to inhabit your permanently activated etheric body! You will know when this happens because your entire body and awareness will be totally immersed in these energies for well over four hours… it is a Cosmic Initiation that can only be brought about by your own efforts at unification with the Womb of Creation. This just happened for me a couple of days ago and I am still trying to process it!

So I am going to be offering several group portal working meditations that focus on different activities. You might be interested in developing some of your own as well. I have already offered the first one about exploring astral projection and out of body experience and another one about The Order and Strengthening our Bonds. More to follow.

The next group portal meditation will focus on The Womb of Creation and the Akashic Records which is also the focus of this post. The Womb of Creation and the Akashic Records both refer to that final element #118 which is a noble gas and contains within it all of the other elements and all other possibilities. It is the Cosmic Egg and Goddess as SOURCE of all living things. The elements may have evolved out of God as SOURCE but life evolved out of Goddess as SOURCE and there is a powerful attraction between the two of them. In doing the group portal meditations we tap into that polarity and the powerful energy exchange and it opens pathways inside ourselves.

As we begin this new Age and Master Cycle we are aligned with Gaia and with Goddess and SOURCE of all life. Because there is no such thing as time our eternal beginnings are still there and still active. These aspects of our past lives are what makes up the Akashic Records in which our entire evolutionary story of soul development is not only recorded but still active. But there is a distinction between our past and our future because our past has been written and our future is yet to be written. It is possible to rewrite our past by going backward in time and it is possible to pre-select our future by going forward in time but again there are differences. If we go back in time we need to choose things that might have happened and explore an alternate path than what currently has been recorded. If we go forward in time no path has been recorded and we need to select the timeline of our choice. To do this we need to rise to the highest levels of the astral planes so that we can influence events before they happen.

So going back in time takes place on the etheric planes where the Akashic Records exist which is at the Womb of Creation and going forward in time takes place on the highest spiritual planes where SOURCE exists as spiritual light at the level of the photon. But we exist in the eternal present moment and never truly can go back or go forward. What we can do is gather up the treasures, resources and weapons that we have earned over our countless past lifetimes and use them to assist us in the present moment while at the same time being sensitive to the infinite possibilities that open before us every day and take advantage of them. It is what we do in the present moment that determines where we find ourselves in the future and when we empower ourselves with the tools we have gained in past lives we can be far more effective in the present moment which in turn will lead us to our highest goals.

In any case it is what we choose to do in the present moment that determines our final destination! Choose well!

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Hi everyone! This is going to be short and sweet but from my heart. I was really excited when I realized that even when I did my portal meditations alone there were other entities in the circle with me and their crown chakras were brilliant white! My energies were blending with theirs and their energies were blending with mine as it should be.

These portal meditations are the most energetically powerful things that I’ve ever done and I’ve successfully done them with over a hundred different people with similar results. They are safe, effective and powerful and they don’t need me or anyone else to be there. This is not a Guru thing. You don’t need to listen to my meditation because you can create your own and that will work just as well. It is the tapping into SOURCE and the Cosmic Womb energies that make these so powerful. That plus the phase-locking and integration of each chakra energy makes them work so smoothly. These portal meditations are pure gifts that we are meant to make use of to get us through the coming times.

Because it is a group meditation and other entities are joining in that makes these meditations even more powerful as “service to others” and “service to Gaia”. And because they are service to others they don’t require so much energy, even though there is infinite SOURCE energy to tap into.

Literally any type of energy work including healing, astral projection, and magic are limited by the energy requirement. The portal meditations are not limited by this as there is always more than enough energy. These meditations activate the chakras in a balanced way and integrate them by phase-locking the energies together. This helps to develop and empower each individual astral body and increases the communication between the levels.

I have been led to do at least one of these meditations every day for the purposes of my own continued healing, soul development and mastery of the energies involved. As well as protection from the crazy things happening in our physical world today. This strengthens our souls for the time when we leave these physical bodies for the Summerland. It is nice to know that those entities we are sharing the circle with are our brothers and sisters and will be there waiting for us! Since these meditations activate the higher levels as well we automatically are working on creating the best timelines for us given our individual circumstances. These portal working meditations are truly magic in every way!

I encourage everyone to think about these things because I sense that we will be needing all the protection and support that we can get as Gaia purges this last round of toxins and negativity within the human race. Together we are strong! These portal meditations UNITE US!

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Doing these pathworkings has stirred up things for me and I guess that is their purpose. But what I would like to touch upon today is the symbolism vs the reality of inner experience. Because going through something symbolically is much different that going through it as a very real experience. So I will be doing some posts describing in my own life experiences some of these symbolic markers beginning with this ancient Guardian of the Threshold.

The Guardian of the Threshold appears fairly soon after we begin our spiritual journey and is almost like the event horizon that encircles a black hole. Once we pass that barrier there is no going back, never! And this is not one single experience because we may cross such thresholds in almost every area of our daily lives. These could be things like committing to a relationship, going to a new job, or any other significant turning point in our lives.

This is important because even though many will try some of the meditations and portal work and be successful, they will not seriously pursue them. They will not seriously pursue them because of this Guardian of the Threshold.

It is always a choice forced upon us and one that requires giving up our old way of doing and being in favor of something that is unknown. So in a way this is the terror of the threshold.

But in a larger sense this takes on a more significant role in terms of our spiritual journey. While we are all sparks of the Divine Light, our souls began to develop with cellular consciousness as living beings. In one way or another we have gone through the evolutionary process gradually becoming the humans that we are today.

And the Source of our souls, the Foundation of our souls, lies not in the Divine Spark but The Womb of Creation within the Akashic Records deep within Gaia’s core. So the Akashic Records is an ultimate power source for our souls to tap into. It is the Akashic Records which is the foundation and Source of our etheric body which in turn is the source of our physical body and so on as I’ve mentioned before.

As such the Akashic records hold the memories and experiences of our most primal and primitive lifetimes which contain the most raw and crude instincts of survival and the continuation of life. It contains our reptilian selves as well as our lifetimes as other species before we became human.

In our spiritual journey as we approach the Akashic records we sense these things and fear them because we don’t understand that they are our own past lives and experiences. The recent pathworking shows that we can’t attain to the Akashic Records until we have confronted the Guardian of the Threshold because the Guardian of the Threshold might also be termed the “aura” of the Akashic Records itself.

At the age of fourteen I had a spiritual crisis in which I began to hate myself because of my own behaviors like lying and not having a conscience or not listening to it. During confirmation classes at church I took money out of the offering jar and bought candy which I ate during the classes. But something inside of me knew what I was doing was wrong and it got harder and harder to live with myself. Finally I reached a point of absolute crisis in which I turned to God and swore that I would live according to my conscience, so that my conscience would be clean. I have kept that promise to this very day, but that was my first encounter with the Guardian of the Threshold.

My second encounter came when I was nineteen after I had been studying the Rosicrucian monographs for around a year and was exposed for the first time to the concepts of the Christ Spirit as the still small voice of conscience within each human heart and those of reincarnation. These were in direct conflict with the External authority of the religion in which I was raised and created a spiritual crisis in which my very soul was at stake! I could not choose! My heart knew that I had to choose but I still could not choose! This crisis coupled with other crisis in my life led me to lying motionless on the basement floor unable to move in a psychotic break. Finally I chose what I needed to choose, to follow the inner voice of my conscience and the Christ spirit within my heart. But in doing so I left my emotional self behind… That was how violent this threshold crossing was to me.

And when I listen to the pathworking about the Guardian of the Threshold I think of these things and my understanding grows greater because they are not just symbolic journeys.

I will mention one other instance of a dream in which my feet were frozen to the ground and would not move. My force of Will was so great that I threw my body onto the ground and by grabbing clumps of grass pulled myself along until my feet once more functioned properly. This too is symbolically referred to in the pathworkings. I hope I have shown that it is our recognition of what the symbolism means that is important and not the pathworking itself.

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As promised here is a special video designed to strengthen the bonds with other members within our group and portal workings. The focus is entirely on strengthening those bonds and creating a safe place within the etheric planes in which we can meet and share. Very powerful!

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Last night as I did my astral projection meditation I was surprised at how clearly I sensed shadowy figures sitting in the circle with me and they all had brilliant balls of energy floating over their heads. In even more amazement I realized that they in turn were also linked at that level to many others not directly in the circle with me. We were all actually forming a an energetic grid that encircled Gaia! Today this feeling of being a member of this Order became even stronger. This Order is awakening and calling out to all members for the work is at hand.

Strictly speaking this is an etheric Order and doesn’t exist on the physical plane, but many of it’s members do. Many do not. Yet the call has gone out and I’m in a position to assist in this work. Portal work creates the proper conditions for personal and group advancement. I will upgrade my Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation and create several others that will assist each person in becoming more at home both on the etheric planes and with magical work within the physical plane.

Here are some ideas that I have for new astral projection related meditations through portal working.

Exploring the Akashic Records for past life empowerments

Astral Projection Practice #2 Short Journeys and remembering them.

Astral Projection Practice #3 Visiting Someone and delivering a specific message.

Joining an Order Conclave at the Akashic Record Hall and strengthening bonds with each other.

Astral Projection Practice #4 Remote Viewing of a specific target in time and space.

The goal of these meditations is to develop skill and confidence in our new abilities. The next step is to have zoom meetings where we can do group projection activities and talk about them with each other afterwards. I plan to make these zoom meeting available this spring after the spring equinox. That means we can use this time to develop our skills so that we are ready for the next step. We are entering challenging times and need to be ready to meet those challenges. I look forward to getting to individually know each one of you once more, my brothers and sisters of the Order… after long lifetimes of being apart!

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I’ve learned quite a bit in the last couple weeks and here is my first update. There are two things of major importance about astral projection and OOBEs. Most failures or problems come from problem with the mind-split and/or lack of energy which is simple fatigue.

So potentially we have seven projectable astral bodies, one for each electron ring:

The outermost astral body is really the etheric body consisting of the final possible element #118 which is also a noble gas and the womb of all life because it is the final complete atom that contains all the others within it. This is the Cosmic Womb and Cosmic Goddess in all traditions. The Void is not empty, but an ocean of this final element/noble gas.

This Womb of Creation creates within Gaia’s central core what has been termed “The Akashic Records” and this collective formation is the true Source of our individual souls. Our etheric bodies are the first projections from this central Womb of Creation.

Our physical bodies are projections of our etheric bodies. They are contained within our etheric bodies and created from those 6th ring electrons and energies. Magic is the ability to manipulate and influence our physical bodies and worlds through manipulation of our etheric bodies and the etheric planes.

Our Lower Emotional bodies are the projection of our physical bodies and the power that appears to drive physical events. This is the 5th electron ring and 18 possible awareness points. We become emotional enough and physically act upon our emotions. This is the level of will and determination.

Our Upper Emotional bodies are projections of our lower Emotional bodies. As our souls evolve we are guided by these higher emotions instead of the lower emotions. This 4th electron ring also has 18 possible electrons or sensory points of awareness. This large number of sensory points is why the emotions are so rich and varied.

Our Concrete Mental bodies are what is considered normal human awareness of our environment with 8 electrons and is the 3rd electron ring. It also corresponds with the eight physical senses or what we call the eight physical senses. (includes weight and gravity among other things like sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) Our concrete mental bodies are projections of our Upper Emotional Bodies.

Our Abstract mental bodies are projections of our Concrete Mental bodies and also have 8 electrons as the 2nd electron ring and are the philosophical energies of creative thought.

The innermost electron ring has only two electrons and consists of the Concrete Spiritual Energies which are projections of the Abstract Mental energies. This black and white dual sensory level is that of the Divine Archetype and inspirational or self-evident truth.

Hydrogen as the first possible element also shares a special place and that of UNITY and is the Bridge between ENERGY/MATTER/TIME where one type of energy can be converted to the other.

Rotating Magnetic Field Energy are the cosmic forces of attraction and repulsion with the male energy as expansive/repelling and the female energy as attractive/embracing.

The Photon level is the ULTIMATE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS!

Now here is the thing. Conscious awareness can exist at all of these levels with those experiences at the etheric level responding to magical energies. Those of the Photon/Hydrogen and Concrete Spiritual energies belonging to so called spiritual/mystical experiences.

The Photon Level is the Cosmic Father and the Etheric Level is the Womb of Creation or Cosmic Mother. These are the two great powers behind all existence and they are strongly attracted to each other.

Gaia’s recent ascension has reconnected her energetically with the Cosmic Father and makes full spectrum living possible for the first time! There is a complete permanent two way energetic linkage between the Cosmic Father and Cosmic Mother and when we energetically connect to both of these power sources we tap into that unlimited power as well.

That is why those that have ascended now have permanently activated etheric bodies and are capable of magic in the creation of our new world. In the beginning of this new cycle it is the etheric level that is magical and fully functional now. As they learn to function in the etheric they can begin projecting their other astral bodies to magically function at even higher levels. This is pure power!

How does this apply to astral projection? This is what I discovered. Projection from a portal as I have been doing it perfectly energizes all possible astral bodies giving them both the energy they need and the communication between levels to ensure memory retention back down to the Akashic Records which is the true Source of the Soul. The Mind-Split means that we can consciously function with seven different awarenesses at the same time! This can more accurately be termed multi-dimensional awareness. If you want to magically create our new world this is what you need to develop within yourself and these projection experiments are a good way of doing just that!

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This is just a quick update on how things are going right now in terms of explorations with the etheric energies. This feels like a great homecoming for me because I feel that I have finally arrived at my real home after all these years! Like it or not I live and breathe these root chakra etheric vital life force energies and always have. So I am opening up my treasure chest and donning armor and garments that I never realized belonged to me. They feel so right!

I’ve done my astral projection meditation three times now and am wildly excited about how powerful it is! I can’t say enough about it. I lucked out because that simple meditation seems to draw upon and exercise everything that is important to experience while astral projecting! It is something that I intend to do on a daily basis until I am comfortable enough to take the next steps with further explorations. It gives results!

Speaking of astral projecting through a portal, the meditation is a group meditation and seems to be developing beautifully and I can sense others in the circle with me as I do it. This is another powerful drawing together of like minds and like souls. Something very powerful and important happens each time this group working is performed! Even if we think we are doing it alone…

Speaking of results, my pathworking series now includes the first 5 pathworking meditations. For the most part they continue to resonate strongly within me and continue to be fun and enjoyable. They also contain incredibly powerful lessons and hidden wisdom if you are looking for it. I’ve given notes on the first two pathworkings and will continue to offer notes as I more thoroughly explore the others. I continue to find the 1st pathworking so powerful that I have been doing it daily and intend to continue doing it daily for quite some time. The catalytic effect remains quite remarkable and seems to act as a magical tonic which is quite helpful. The repetition also helps my visualization of proper colors and greater ability to focus. It is the repeated working of this path that builds the sacred Moon Temple which acts as a focus for all my non-physical activities. As the pathworking itself suggests, the stone within this temple is the foundation stone of all magic that we do in the future. It remains to completion and focus point of all astral energies! I might also add that these pathworkings are those given by Melita Denning and Osbourne Phillips, heads of a venerable magickal order Aurum Solis. In other words they are legit! My soul seems to recognize them at a deep level.

The lower back and pelvic stretches are also incredible and I am filled with excitement and anticipation to find out how much they contribute to my etheric empowerment. I already know that their effect is considerable, I just haven’t yet gotten a grasp upon it.

In summary, there is lots of hands on stuff! Don’t take my word for it, go ahead and try for yourself! We learn through experience and not by taking someone else’s word for things. One of the things I hope to focus on in the future is that of developing the etheric hands and body to the point where we can work directly with it and function directly with it. I’ve got the resource material to study and now just need to set up some experiments for myself and others who might be interested.

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We made it to 2021! What a relief and how exciting to look forward to this next phase as it begins to unfold. Apparently my employer wants me to still work into the 3rd week of January so my retirement is still out there, but will be happening. In the meantime I am still in the process of activating some major shifts in my life and my awareness.

The most prominent and significant is the massive shift to a focus on etheric energy and the etheric levels and personal empowerment on those levels and their integration with our physical bodies. I’ve seen Gaia’s ascension move from crown chakra energies to heart chakra energies and now finally to root chakra energies. This is the true beginning of the new cycle and our new earth!

Now we need to deal with that no man’s land between the heart chakra energies and the root chakra energies and that is all about emotion folks! If nothing else expect 2021 to be emotional, very emotional! This is why I am working with astral projection and pathworking to help integrate my own psyche within all these levels in an understandable way. This means to specifically focus on the etheric/physical link and the process of physical rejuvenation and regeneration of the physical body through our own DNA modifications that will advance the healing process and lead to longer and more productive lives.

The information that is beginning to come through is very surprising and turns commonly recognized knowledge on it’s head. I will be sharing more of this as time goes on but for starters it seems that the seat or core of the soul resides in crystalline(noble gas) form at what we have come to call the Akashic Records. This is safely ensconced in Gaia’s core. That crystalline (noble gas) core generates our etheric body created from the outer electron ring of atomic elements. SOURCE of our life and awareness is linked to that final element 118 which is a noble gas and is also called the Womb of Creation because all other elements are contained within it.

There is a powerful attraction between the Womb of Creation and the photon state of Spiritual Light which is SOURCE in its masculine manifestation. At the etheric level this is seen as the attraction of the Milky Way galaxy and the stars as we embrace their life giving light.

Our etheric body has an entire realm in which it operates which includes the Akashic records, the realm of elemental life forms, reptilian life/vampiric life, ghosts and hauntings, Garden of the Moon, the realm of fairie and magic, and the Temple of the Moon to name just a few. I’m still sorting all of this out.

The etheric body in turn generates the physical body which generates the lower emotional body which generates the upper emotional body which generates the concrete mental body which generates the abstract mental body which generates the concrete spiritual body which generates the abstract spiritual body which has access to the monad or SOURCE in its masculine aspect as spiritual light.

The entire chain is like those Russian dolls that fit inside each other and each particular body has its own individual awareness and its own world or reality in which it exists. We may or may not be consciously aware of them. To us they may exist as our Higher Selves or our Shadow.

From our perspective physical life is the weak link in the chain because at the death of the physical body the chain is broken and a portion of our soul may return to the etheric realms as a ghost or lost soul? While the others begin to rise toward SOURCE as photon or spiritual light and stabalize somewhere upon the ladder, only to gradually rise and ultimately fade away as it returns to SOURCE or decides to be reborn into a physical body and seeks SOURCE as the Womb of Creation to establish the link of life once more.

Theoretically by strengthening and working with our etheric bodies we can heal and maintain our physical bodies through that connection with the Womb of Creation. Then there would be no need for illness or death. Remember the physical body is simply a projection of the etheric body. By opening blocked energetic circuits we can restore the energy dynamics we enjoyed as children. This is magic in its true form and the original blueprint of life as first intended!

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