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I’m pleased to announce that “Lemuria Book 1” is now available in English for the first time ever!

This is the first collection of short stories by Karl Hans Strobl to have ever been translated into the English language. Karl Hans Strobl was noted for his short fiction, particularly his dark fantasy fiction and “Lemuria” collects some of his finest stories.

You can sense his passion and zest for living in these pages.

These stories come at a time when “Steam Punk” is popular. His stories fit into this genre quite well and it is astonishing how modern and readable these fantastic stories are. As an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, I’ve become convinced that there is a power and force within these stories that is very hard to find in today’s world.

Stories include: The Mermaid; At a Cross Roads; The Witch Finder; The Head; The Repulsion of the Will; My Adventure with Jonas Barg; The Manuscript of Juan Serrano; Familiar Moves; The Tomb at Pere La Chaise; The Wicked Nun; The Bogumil Stone; Master Jericho


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April Full Moon Update

This is a short update on what is going on in my own life as well as an energy update. I’ve really been feeling the energy squeeze and it has not been comfortable. But what’s new with that? A lot of my energy has gone to simply surviving and keeping up with Gaia’s ascension energies. Let’s begin with that. After almost an entire life of astral battles and a life of difficulty/going against the grain, I’m having more and more lucid dreams/visions of friendly greetings with people, shaking hands and working together. Obviously something is collectively coming together that my dream self supports. The polarity of the energy has changed from oppositional to supportive. That has to be good in terms of manifesting things right?

So I missed my plane ride, my ascension plane left without me, as I have suspected for a long time and I’m here for one more great cycle. Maybe I care, but no one else does! Chuckle. Goodbye light workers, hello new elves! What’s up? Well for one thing the Unity thing is a done deal. Gaia and all living things upon her have united in giving us a brand new world with new laws and new ways of manifesting. It has been a collective effort of immense magnitude and now its done! It’s time for things to go the other way. Expect the opposite of the New World Order for a very long time. Expect grass roots self-sustaining and activism take on entirely new meanings as the only way to achieve meaningful results. Expect a resurgence of state’s rights, county programs and townships and cities getting into this.

Individual empowerment is on the rise. To bad we don’t know what that means. Our society is deathly afraid of internal authority, people acting on their own empowerment. The message we have received is listen to the experts, obey the authorities, they know what is best for us. Well, this is in the process of collapse.

The new paradigm is about the empowered individual living in a free world, in cooperation with all other living things. It is not about control, but about adaptation. It is not about having control over others, but about being allowed to be the most each one of us can be! The sad reality is that the majority of the population do not want empowerment or freedom, they want hand outs and they don’t want to experience the consequences of their own behaviors. Free rides, free rides! Well, there are no more free rides! It is a level playing field right now. Those in poverty have just as much chance of success as those in positions of power. The neighbors cat or the rabbit in the garden has just as much chance of success as we do! This single fact must be brought home to the attention of everyone. The new laws of physical manifestation involves a process that makes use of personal effort expended during each day. It is no longer possible to get ahead by usurping the efforts and energies of others. That is no longer supported. It is no longer possible to skate. That is no longer supported.

You can get ahead through personal effort or you can be left behind through your own lack of effort. Those that become slaves will become slaves because they refuse independent empowerment. Not because others seek power over them. They will simply miss the boat and keep missing it. But the opportunity will always be there for them.

In a confused battle the church destroyed one by one the veins through which the blood of the earth flowed in man. It destroyed the unconscious natural selection process of nature that expressed itself in external beauty, strength and nobility. It defended everything that nature wanted to eliminate, that which was so powerfully repulsive, filth, ugliness, disease, the crippled and the castrated. The church would have loved it if everyone was castrated, the light extinguished, and the entire earth allowed to be consumed with acid rain. Its only desire, its burning request, was the ardent wish that the recently promised Day of Judgment would finally come at last.” (excerpt from Synagogue of Satan)

This is a damning statement that has finally come to haunt us. There are too many people that simply don’t want to be here! They want to be in some heaven or spiritual plane so they poison this one. The worst harm has come from the separation of human sexuality and spirituality. Human sexuality is the most powerful of spiritual experiences and the most rapid way to develop the soul itself.

The martial artists speak of developing the “immortal physical body”, one that lives forever at the etheric level. But after it is developed one must drop the current physical body! What is going on here? Again the goal is to leave physical life, not to embrace it. But at least this time there is some honesty. You develop the “immortal physical body” or “soul” through intense physical effort and through cultivating sexual force or power. The “soul’ is an extrusion of the physical body released through stress.

But we are here in physical bodies and by developing our “soul” we can affect change in the non-physical planes to influence our lives. We can do “magick”. Make no mistake, the world of physical life and physical manifestation is and will always be “bitter-sweet”. But we can achieve the life experiences we desire through personal effort. Now, more than ever before. The “Soul” requires a physical body, and the physical body requires a “Soul”. Together they form an immense resonant circuit. A million years from now our souls will still require physical bodies.

We have been taught the great lie that our “soul” can exist in “heaven” forever if we have ascended or been saved. The reality is that our soul will gradually over the course of time slowly fade into nothingness unless it regenerates itself by physical incarnation. This fading into nothingness has been termed “returning to the light” and “returning to Source”. So the real question at hand is: Does God/dess want us to exist as co-creators or does He/She desire us to perish?

My answer: Let those that want to be co-creators become co-creators and let those that desire to perish extinguish themselves in the light of unity. But don’t let them poison our world of precious life! Call a spade a spade! Call Anti-life what it is and don’t call self-extinction spiritual!


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Captain America and the Event

I don’t know where to begin. This has been a busy month in the astral, both personally and globally. Dreams and visions, both personal and global signify that the endgame is not only here, but that it has already happened just a few days ago, in fact, the day the new Captain America movie came out! Now we need to see it fully enacted.

But there is more. Something has been struggling to the surface within my brain and I think perhaps I can now put it into words. Perhaps not. It is about love, the love between people, romantic love. This is the love that creates our world, that drives us and compels us into every widening horizons, even when we want to remain in safe harbors. There is a need for a quantum leap in our collective thinking about this love, about what it is in truth.

In the old eon, which is now gone, with only it’s ghosts remaining, the highest teachings were that love creates, but then it also destroys that which it had created. People fall in love, then love dies. The highest answer was that love is bitter/sweet and life itself is bitter/sweet. It always has and always will be. The challenge is learning how to value the bitter/sweet in life, how to value the poignant.

So the end result, the physical manifestation is bitter/sweet. But the emotions and the dream are what make life rich and worth living. Life without emotions is not worth living and life without a dream is not worth living. If you are not living your own dream, you are living someone else’s dream. And of all these dreams, the collective dream is the most powerful and the most beautiful. The physical manifestation will aways be bitter/sweet, but the dream remains beautiful. We live for the dream, not for the physical manifestation.

This is what the battle over earth’s ascension has been about, a battle over which collective dream will manifest our physical reality. Is it Captain America’s dream of personal liberty and freedom, Shield’s dream of perfect global defense, or Hydra’s dream of global domination through fear? In the movie Shield and Hydra are seen as two sides to the same coin and to destroy one you must destroy both. Shield and Hydra are the “New World Order”. It is frightening to think of the drone program that targets specific individuals exactly like the “Insight” program in the movie does. It can be used for good and it can be used for evil.

So millions of people saw the new Captain America movie this weekend. Millions of people witnessed the collapse and destruction of both Shield and Hydra. Millions of people were exposed to the dream of personal freedom and liberty. All this energy went into the astral and something happened! Gaia, personal freedom and liberty won!

Back to personal stuff. I had a dream/vision in which my wife and I were boarding a plane and leaving on a vacation. (This dream is startlingly similar to my dream of missing the ascension train) Suddenly I remembered I needed to get something to take with. I left the plane and ran to get whatever it was. When I got there a man confronted me. He said that I had missed my plane, it had already taken off. He was extremely angry because I was not supposed to be there. I was supposed to be gone, away where I would not interfere with his own plans. I ran to get back to the place where the plane had been, but the entire surface of the earth had changed. Tractors were plowing fields and organic life was sprouting all over the place. A farmer came up to me, welcomed me and shook hands. He asked if I was the one that had missed their plane. I said yes, surprised that word had gotten out so quickly. He was glad I had stayed behind and so was I.

So once more I missed my ride out of here. There was the sense of burning my bridges behind me and a bitter/sweet feeling of excitement/fear of what comes next. The next day in meditation I saw the new timeline for the new earth create and solidify to the end of this cycle. There was also massive confusion and upheaval in the astral surrounding those that had been opposed to this timeline. Shield and Hydra had lost. But Captain America, the Black Widow and others like them were still needed.

This is my final post on lightworkers.org. I will be continuing my posts on my own personal blog “Anarachistbanjo’s World”.


My sharing is now with those that have stayed behind, not those that are leaving. Best wishes on your journey and brightest of blessings. I am exchanging the spiritual light for the solar light, even though they can never truly be separated. All is one, all is unity.

This event that is scheduled for my birthday, April 24, is not going to bring about the changes that have been channeled. It is going to severe the souls of those ascending from their connection with Gaia. They will then leave at their own timing through natural death and move toward their own star, their own light. We all die. Some of us come back, others don’t. The human elves will retain their Gaia connection and earth magick/organic magick will become stronger. Crystalline 3D is the new reality. The collective dream is what is most powerful and this new Gaia is created from the collective dreams of all living creatures, not just humans. That is it’s power and it’s beauty!


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