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It’s been two weeks since the kick off of Anarchist World. The response has been fantastic in terms of those that have found the site seem to like it and every day new people begin following their favorite story. I love it!

I’m also quite happy that perhaps the favorites seem to be “Fire Lilly”, “Simplicissimus”, “Jugend” and “India and I”. These are also favorites of mine and I look forward to translating them. In fact, they are included because of my desire to translate them. Sadly, I have just begun translating these books and new installments will be slow in coming so please bear with me. Consider Anarchist World an ezine that comes out with new issues every so often, even though only individual stories update.

I will be using a round robin approach meaning that I have a list of books I need to translate and submit posts for. That way none will be missed! So bear with me! I need to repeat that this is a labor of love, but I still need to work two jobs to support myself. That means all translation work comes after a sixty hour work week. I would love having weekends free to work on more translating but that will not happen anytime soon.

If you are a regular visitor and believe in what I am doing, consider supporting Anarchist World with a monthly donation of $3 or $5. It is only the price of a cup of coffee and a doughnut! It will really help!

That said, Anarchist World is my dream and I will continue it as long as I can; adding new titles as old ones are finished. If our new world is ever going to manifest, it needs our hopes and dreams to make it real. This is my song and it fills me with joy when others enjoy it as well. There is an energy here that you won’t find anywhere else, a magickal energy that throbs with life and the love of living. It is a creative energy that we don’t find very often in our synthetic world, an organic energy that grabs physical life with both hands and creates beautiful and sometimes frightful things. It is our new world.


bright blessings,



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