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The recent week has been extremely powerful and I have been pretty quiet just trying to assimilate what is going on. The week of 18 December was marked by the collapse of old eon energies at the lowest astral level. I sensed and saw those dark energies retreat downward into the core of the earth. And now since the winter solstice the new and the bright energies of the coming year are flooding the astral planes with vitality and excitement. For those of us attuned to the new energies the coming year is about creative activity, not about defense against oppositional forces.


I still find it necessary to share that the active energy at the beginning of any great age is always at the lowest level, not at the higher fifth density and above levels. What I mean by this is that working with mental energies is not where the empowerment truly lies. There is a false belief that working with fifth dimensional or mental energies can create our new world. This is simply not the case and we can see the duality and conflict that lies ahead in what has been termed “false news”! It will become increasingly impossible to know what is truth and what is false. There is literally a war for our minds that is going on! This ideological war is a subversion of what is really going on. This is the beginning of the Kali Yuga and old methods of soul development are no longer appropriate. The active energies of the third eye chakra or the Christ energies are no longer dominant and have been superseded by the foundational energies of life itself and sexual orgasm energy. Those seeking to empower themselves through the energies of the third eye chakra, the spiritual energies, the mental energies or so-called fifth dimensional energies will find that those energies will no longer serve for that purpose.


At the same time helium energies have been activated through the Ascension process. Helium energies are third eye energies, spiritual energies, and mental energies. This means that there is a  conflicting activation of energies where the foundational energies will remain organic and associated with physical manifestation while the third eye energies will result in the aforesaid war for our minds! Because the third eye energies, the helium energies, have no real connection to physical manifestation at this point there is going to be a real mess with a lot of chaos and confusion! There will be conflicting paradigms and versions of reality over the next four years as the helium energies  ascend to their new permanent vibrational level.


Traditionally  Tantric practice brings results when all other methods fail. This is where we now find ourselves! The development of the soul and its powers will respond powerfully to Tantric practices but only minimally to all other spiritual and esoteric traditions. So we can expect a lot of head tripping, debate, and challenges to our preconceived ideas of what reality really is!


At the same time we will see and experience the incredible growth of integrated, pragmatic, and balanced projects as the new energies begin to flow through the Divine Counterpart energy pattern. It’s really very simple! Those that are able to make use of these new balanced energies will surge ahead in ways that will work to create this world a new Garden of Eden. Others unable to integrate these energies will be caught up in argumentative gridlock and philosophical speculations that are no longer grounded in physical reality.


Those who have fully integrated the unity energies of hydrogen and anchored those energies deeply into Gaia’s  core will be the ones able to magically create our new world! Those are the ones who have built the esoteric bridge that spans all levels of creation from the highest to the lowest. They are the ones that have brought divinity into physical form! During the next four years it will become evident who these people are by what they are able to accomplish! Pay attention to those who achieve results because they are doing something and achieving something that needs to be learned to be successful in these new energies! It is time to forget about words, empty promises, ideals, religious dogma and the other head trippy things no longer connected to the physical world. This is the true essence of Tantric practices, that it brings results  immediately!


Another interesting energy dynamic to look for is that of “instant karma”. The generation of positive energy will bring positive results to the individuals who generated that energy. This is the way it should be! The generation of negative and quarrelsome energy will bring conflict and negative results quickly to those who try to use negativity to empower themselves. For the first time we will be able to see in a transparent manner the true motives of individuals by the results which follow them! There will no longer be a need to mentally or ideologically understand various political positions. There will no longer be a need for head tripping! The physical results of behaviors and beliefs will answer for themselves by the results which they bring into physical manifestation.

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Before continuing with the subject of tantrism, sexual orgasm energy, Divine Counterparts, and the development of the soul I would like to put closure on the subject of Gaia’s ascension. It’s not really putting closure on it. But I will try to explain what the next four years will be like as the helium energies become increasingly activated at their new ascended vibratory rate. This post will be quite brief as there is not much to say about this incoming energy of Christ consciousness.


You will be able to tell what is true and real because common sense will come back into this world! There will be paradox resolution and self evident truth that will be so plain and simple that there can be no denying it or arguing with it. This energy will have a calming and unifying effect as win-win situations are created for the first time.


In contrast, the energies of the old eon will seem more violent and chaotic and desperate than ever! People that are unable to integrate the new energies will experience convoluted thinking, fear, and the physical results of their own self-destructive impulses. We are already seeing this mental and emotional instability in the bizarre reactions of certain people towards the results of the presidential election.


I would like to share just a few thoughts about the extreme right and the extreme left in closing.Both extremes are unable to integrate their shadow aspects and balance themselves completely with male and female energies. At this period of time those of the extreme left find themselves exposed and vulnerable. They will gradually adapt to the new energetics and learn to prosper within   these new energies. The extreme right remains hidden and has not yet needed to confront the balanced energies of this   new reality. The extreme right has not yet discovered its own incompatibility with the new energies. But they will. There is no room in this new world for hatred and bigotry of any kind!


The new energetic pattern of Divine Counterparts is balanced in all ways and remains a path of love and unity. It remains a true path of the heart.



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The recent new moon has certainly given us all something to think about! I would like to continue sharing insights that I have received this past couple of weeks concerning Gaia’s Ascension process. I now find it necessary to shift away from New Age channeled light worker jargon and use terms that might be more acceptable and intuitive. Basically Gaia’s ascension has reached the point where physical 3D reality is currently affected.


In my last post I talked about the element hydrogen and how the energy of hydrogen also exists as a corresponding energy within the astral planes at the highest and lowest levels or outermost levels surrounding the physical earth itself. I also spoke about how the element hydrogen was the first element possible with one electron, one proton and one neutron. Metaphysically hydrogen is the transitional bridge between physical matter and light or pure energy. I also spoke about the four year solar cycle that began on December 21, 2012. I spoke about how the ascension frequencies have now anchored the  vibrational rates of the element hydrogen as an atomic unit and as an astral plane throughout our entire universe.


I also spoke about hydrogen as the energy and level of unity, paradox resolution and I might also add the highest level of mystical and sexual experience. To work with sexual orgasm energy is to work with hydrogen energy at its lowest expression. We can see unity both as the mystical experience of becoming one with all of creation or with our Divine Counterpart as well as physical and sexual union between males and females. Unity is unity!


The atomic element of hydrogen,  in its physical manifestation is now in a completely ascended form. Every single and individual hydrogen atom in the universe now vibrates as an ascended element! The winter solstice of this year, December 21, 2016, marks the completion and sealing of this activity as well as the transference of the ascension energy to the next  energy, that of helium. I’ve spoken about most of these things in my last post and I don’t really want to repeat them. But there remains something that I did not talk about, something that I missed in my last post and I want to share it now.


The ascension of the energies of hydrogen and of unity are all-inclusive! What this means is that everything is perfect just as it is and there is no need for anything to change! We are all connected to everything else and everything else is connected to us.  Everything is perfect just as it is!There is no distinction! That is the true reason why nothing profound has happened in 3D physical at this point of the ascension journey. This  has not been sufficiently understood. The physical element hydrogen has physically ascended  and the world remains the same, at least that’s how it seems. But in reality, the energy of newly ascended hydrogen is quite different and no longer compatible with the energies of the old eon. This is a difficult concept to communicate but the physical essence of all elements begins with the physical essence of the hydrogen atom. In common terms the framework or energy grid for the entire universe has now been stabilized at a new foundational level within physical 3D. Now it is time for the other energies and the other elements to physically manifest! The first energy and atomic element to come next is that of helium as I shared in my previous post.


But this time the physical ascension of the helium energies and the astral plane corresponding with helium will propel severe physical events as they conform to a completely new physical reality based upon the new energetic pattern of Divine Counterparts! The past four years have seen an anchoring of a new reality. The coming four years will see the anchoring and coming forth of a completely new physical reality.   This will be an archetypal reality.During the last four years we have waited and waited for the ascension energies to physically manifest upon Gaia. During this  coming four years we will be astounded at the miraculous changes in our physical reality! Things will be happening so fast that it will be hard to keep up with all of them. The message for us is to trust in the love that resides in our hearts and in the true unity of all things. It is time to go with the flow and trust the process as our world changes radically before our eyes.


We will see the emergence of new leaders and new possibilities which we never dreamed were possible. We will see the emergence of fairness and justice among all people according to personal effort and ability. The stranglehold of  collective group consciousness and the human collective, the hive mind, has been broken and an evolutionary leap has taken place that now allows the individual soul to find its personal salvation and freedom!


At this point there is only one thing we need to keep in mind. Unity and paradox resolution lead to the truth that lies within our hearts and that is the true path of love, the path of love between Divine Counterparts. Conflict and hatred combined with the dualistic concepts of good and evil will lead us in the wrong direction! We no longer have the freedom to be the same; we  now have the freedom to be different! And now for the first time the entire universe supports our efforts!


It is exciting to know that America, the United States, has been chosen to lead the rest of the world’s population at this glorious time! The next four years are the helium years, archetypal years, the years of Christ consciousness and the returning of Christ consciousness to the physical planes! We are going to experience miracles both personally and globally. It is time to share the love that lies within our hearts with all living creatures! The miracle is beginning!

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