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For all practical purposes we are now living in a world in which the etheric energies are the dominant energies. What does that mean?

The etheric level is beneath the physical world and more foundational than the physical world. True magick happens in the etheric levels and we will begin to see A LOT OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

The world around us is collectively created, but those that are able to manipulate the etheric levels will be able to constantly pull the rug out from under those who can’t. . . That means you are steadily plodding along toward your goal, doing all the right things and suddenly without warning someone else gets there first! That is unless you are functioning on the etheric as well.

You will see the etheric shaman giving something that extra bump that will tip the scales in their favor. . . Get used to it. The game has changed and magick is back with a vengeance! Etheric magick that is. . .

And etheric magick requires energy, lots and lots of energy! Lots and lots of low level energy! Where is it going to come from? While the Organic Gnostic knows how to tap into the Spiritual Light and transform it downward into etheric energy, most magickal practitioners will be using other energy sources and some of them will be very nasty!

We will be seeing a surge in occultism, energy vampires, drugs and mind control like never before. For every well intended occultist there will be two or three predators. . . feeding off the vital life force of their victims. There will be an increase in occult related violence.

The sheeple or ignorant masses will collectively follow the rules while those able to function on the etheric planes, both good and bad, will not follow the rules. They are the ones that will be creating their own individual lives within that collective reality.

So the message for this post is: prepare to not follow the rules! Rules will be put into place, that a fear based populace will blindly follow. . . are you going to follow those rules? These rules will become more and more restrictive and draconian. . .

Whether you are good or bad or somewhere in between the message is the same. . . following the rules is not the way to win this game! The dice are loaded and the game is not a fair one! The game is the enslavement of humanity. . . are you going to submit?

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I do get tired of trying to say the same things in many different ways so I am going to finish up this topic without getting into the higher ascension bodies. . . It’s time to cut to the chase.

I’ve tried to show how three groups of souls populated 4D, the original human soul which evolved upon Gaia, the Reptilian Soul which evolved from the dinosaur age, and the Anunnaki soul which was connected to the higher levels but unable to integrate its shadow aspect. The Reptilian and the Anunnaki were extraterrestrial in origin and modified DNA to create what is now the human race. The DNA modifications allowed extraterrestrial souls to incarnate in physical human bodies and this happened at 4D.

It became possible for all kinds of souls to incarnate into physical human bodies and they were in high demand. There were not enough of them to go around. Why were physical human bodies so in demand?

Souls that existed only in non-physical astral bodies of noble gases were stuck. Soul growth and development in only a non-physical body was extremely slow and only took place over millions of years. A soul incarnate in a physical body could experience the soul growth and development of thousands of years in a single lifetime!

The Reptilian souls wanted to explore and gain control of the higher levels and the Anunnaki wanted to gain control of the lower etheric levels. While in physical bodies any soul could choose it’s line of development and personal growth. Any soul could choose to go toward the Spiritual Light or toward the Womb of Creation. Any soul could choose a mystical path or a magickal path. But only very few could choose both!

The end result was a confusion of original human souls, reptilian souls and Anunnaki souls which could be focused on good, evil or anywhere in between. The only thing that could be said for certain was that all paths led toward the individuation of the individual soul, no matter its origin. Any type of soul in any physical body could experience thousands of years of soul growth and development in a single lifetime or they could waste that lifetime. . .

The physical human body was used to create and empower the various astral and etheric bodies, but when those astral and etheric bodies were permanently activated the physical body was to be set aside as no longer needed. Various masters of all traditions were able to achieve this level of development and collectively formed The Great White Brotherhood of humanity. And this Great White Brotherhood of humanity existed, you guessed it, in 4D, the Upper Emotional Level of the Heart Chakra and of the conscience. In this Great White Brotherhood you can find souls of the original humans, souls of reptilians and souls of the Anunnaki and other extraterrestrial races. But they all incarnated in physical human bodies and used those bodies to become masters and guardians of the human race.

The Order of Melchizedek was only one of those orders, but perhaps the most ancient and most powerful. Every age and every chakra center had its own masters and mystery schools.

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I’m sharing a dream that I had last night and my best guess interpretation of what it means. This dream was so vivid and real that it happened in the etheric planes as most of my dreams do these days. This means they are close to physical manifestation. Typically such dreams seem to work themselves into physical manifestation between a window of a few weeks to three months. Since I’m very much in tune with the lunar and solar cycles I place this as happening around the coming spring equinox.

I only remember the main details of this dream. I was in a room and for some reason decided to jump or climb down some type of chute or air vent to the next lower level. The main point here is that it was not a normal way for people to change to a lower level but one that was only available to me. Going to a lower level of course means getting closer to physical manifestation.

Arriving at the lower level I found myself stepping out of some type of container. I was perfectly ok. Then I checked for my cell phone and it was missing. I looked back in the container and it was lying there on the floor. I climbed back in and picked it up, then climbed back out again. I examined my cell phone and it had broken. When I picked it up it looked ok but it felt like a handful of crushed broken glass. It was still in a box like it was brand new and I somehow knew that even if I got a replacement the replacement one would be broken as well. There was not a sense of panic or fear, but a sense of loss like “Oh, Sh**!”.

One of the things that makes this dream remarkable is that a cell phone is not and never has been one of my dream images. I think I have only had maybe three or four dreams in my entire life which included cell phones. I hardly ever use them or call from them and I don’t remember ever dreaming of having or using a computer. Electronic technology and electronic communications are simply not part of my dream world.

But the message of the dream was very clear. The cell phone was broken and wouldn’t work and none of the new replacement ones would work either!

My interpretation of this dream is that there is going to be a major total communications and electronics technology failure in the near future. I suspect this will come from the often predicted solar flash as a natural ascension event. But it could also be man made from some type of EMP or electromagnetic pulse.

The sense I have of this is that it is a “done deal”. These types of dreams are not “what if” types of dreams but actual visions of the future in a symbolic way. So I looked up some information on the internet and found this: An Assessment of Threat

The above link is a report given to a congressional committee on the vulnerability of the United States to an EMP or massive solar flash.

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In this post we are going to take a look at the life and organisms that exist purely upon the etheric level. This is both the molecular level and the cellular level. These two levels include nanoparticles and cellular organisms such as algae, bacteria and viruses. In the astral planes we sense these as astral larvae whose primary drive is to feed and reproduce. Gaia provides the guiding oversoul or guiding intelligence at the UNITY LEVEL for these chemical and biological life forms.

Simple enzymes, amino acids, algae and bacteria are the foundational basis of all life. Everything depends upon the stability and balancing of the vital life forces at these levels. This dynamic is reflected in the lowest etheric planes as well. The Black Flame needs to consume and to reproduce to stay alive. That life is a collective life and individual cells are guided by a higher group soul intelligence just like our own awareness is a type of collective awareness that guides and inhabits the individual cells of our own physical bodies.

The average person cannot modify or neutralize these things within their own body unless they have the ability to tap into the highest and lowest levels. Instead, they must rely upon intermediate measures like herbs, medication, environment, and behavior. This is now the age of the Shaman! It is the Vital Life Force itself that must be worked with and manipulated.

At the UNITY or Photon Level these all respond to light and to magnetic attraction or repulsion. Gaia establishes boundaries and behaviors that ensure the overall balance of the circle of life at this level. In addition those living beings or Masters that have merged with SOURCE at the highest level can work with these etheric levels in full consciousness for healing and the balancing of the circle of life.

The purpose of life is to explore all things, both good and bad, and to grow more complex. This means it needs to explore what is harmful and explore what assists life in all circumstances. There is a place for all, even predator and prey. There are good and bad bacteria and germs. Nature forms both predatory/prey relationships and symbiotic relationships. The question is often how does a predator/prey relationship become a mutually advantageous symbiotic one?

Obviously this is also the level of the DNA and genetic tampering. But strong solar and magnetic radiation can erase or modify both the DNA and scientific genetic tampering. A deadly virus or nanoparticle can be rendered inert by strong solar or magnetic radiation. A strong aura can render a deadly virus, bacteria or nanoparticle harmless. So can solar flares.

What is important is that members of the Order of Melchizedek or most simply THE ORDER can do the same thing. We see this happening in our current society where things of evil are made harmless and neutralized in their harmful effects despite the efforts of those who desire to enslave the human race. The members of the Order are Gaia’s champions and protectors.

Each and every one of us have inside our bodies right now both good and bad bacteria, germs and viruses. We also have genetic strengths and weaknesses. It is the strength of our astral bodies and auras that determine what we attract into manifestation and what we repel.

The astral larvae are always there at the deepest level. It is up to us if we attract them or repel them.

Anyone who doubts that all life forms now stand on an equal footing with humanity only needs to realize how a simple cellular organism called Covid 19 has brought humanity to its knees! This is just the beginning! All life forms now have equal access to Gaia’s vital life force at the etheric level of the root chakra and humanity is in direct competition to stay alive. We need a win-win situation in which all life is recognized as sacred.

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The etheric levels are the 7th and outer shell of the atom and contain 32 awareness points or levels. The final element Oganesson is the Womb of Creation from which all life arises. At the beginning of a great cycle this lowest of astral levels is what is activated and where the creative force is most active. It lies beneath our sensory impressions of the physical world and is purely instinctive. It is our Source of Vital Life Force Energy and our connection to Gaia or Mother Earth. It is the Source of the Akashic Records.

We think that conscious awareness is located in the physical body, but our physical body changes from day to day. Every day we take in nutrients to generate new cells and every day we eliminate what is no longer needed and no longer living. We are like a black flame that consumes energy and after transforming it eliminates it. We consume our physical body and when we can no longer sustain our physical body it dies and our soul finds a new one. That new one might require being reborn as a child or it might mean consolidating into one or more noble gas bodies as permanently activated astral bodies.

The thing is that even these astral bodies are like black flames that both consume and eliminate energy. Awareness requires that this flame be fed continuously. The black flame is our awareness.

Since the etheric levels are now the ones that are currently active as we begin this new great cycle, I think it is appropriate to introduce everyone to them so that they might be better understood. That is what this new series of posts is about.

This new incoming Vital Life Force Energy is available to all life forms upon Gaia on an equal basis. To understand what I mean realize that every two thousand years a new chakra or energy awakens and becomes dominant. We have just transitioned from Concrete Spiritual Energy being dominant to another octave where Abstract Spiritual Energy is dominant for those able to leap in awareness to the higher octave at the Crown Chakra or Unity level.

For everyone else and for those who have ascended as well, the activation of the root chakra or etheric level strikes the same note or harmonic as that of the Unity level. The highest and lowest are resonant harmonics of each other like two tuning forks that strike the same note but on different octaves.

This is the new energy activation that will be dominant for the next 2,000 years so we might as well get used to it. So for all practical purposes the dominant energy is now the energy of the root chakra, etheric energy! This is good news for those with a solid connection to Gaia and other living things and bad news for those who think humanity is dominant because of its higher mental functioning.

The old great cycle that has just ended consisted of an incoming energy that only humans with their higher mental functioning could partake of. So the energy of the last two thousand years was exclusively for humanity. That has now radically changed.

Unless the higher energies are tightly integrated with the etheric energies they will have little effect on physical manifestation for the next two thousand years. They will be fantasy, living in your head energies with no connection to physical reality. This is the challenge that now confronts the human race.

The ancient mystery school and the only mystery school that taught both the highest and lowest as a complete spectrum of energies was the Order of Melchizedek. That ancient Order is the one that is now dominant upon this earth. Those are the teachings that are now being reintroduced through Organic Gnosticism. It is the wisdom of life itself at both the highest and lowest levels. It is the secret of the black flame. It is the secret of the etheric and the etheric double.

In this series of posts we are going to explore some of these mysteries of the etheric level and of the etheric double. It begins with the Womb of Creation or the Cosmic Goddess.

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To unblock the energy channels within the body is of vital importance to the development of the soul and its powers. These blockages cause stress, illness and lack of vitality. The divide between people who are working to open those channels and those who are closing down even more tightly is becoming greater and greater. The fear based masses are shutting down and those working to channel and transmute and unblock these energies are pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. Which camp do you fall into?

There are many ways of opening these energy channels and releasing the trapped and toxic energies. Its not about how you do it, but if you do it! The difference between an open person and a closed person is profound.

The energy for this coming year came pouring in at the winter solstice and for those prepared for it, even a few weeks early. This incoming energy was so powerful that I had energy sickness for over a day and a half trying to ground all of it. A recent dream which I already shared showed a deep healing and regeneration taking place within my etheric body at the deepest levels. Last night I experienced over an hour of intense pain at the root chakra as the energy actively dissolved portions of the Akashic records and altering what was written there.

I need to explain some things about the root chakra, etheric energy and the energies of fear and pain. Etheric energy is the energy of the outermost and seventh electron ring which deals with the Akashic Records, paranormal phenomenon and the vital life force.

Over the past forty-two years as I’ve worked on healing and permanently activating each astral body from the top down there would be times when I experienced an unbearable and relentless pain at the root chakra that I was powerless to do anything about. At first I felt that it was the consequence of too much energy trying to go through too small of an opening. Now I would say it must be how a mother feels when giving birth to her baby! In other words it is a natural and unavoidable stage of soul growth and development that happens at the lowest level.

It is also worth noting that we have astral bodies which contain or are created from the energies of fear and pain. Fear and pain are simply energies like any other energy and we can learn to live with them and use them creatively and positively.

But this experience of intense pain at the root chakra was different somehow than my other experiences. It was like the energy hit an immovable object and was trying to blast through or give birth. It was trying to force an energetic passageway through where something else already existed!

That is how I came to realize that these experiences were actually rewriting the Akashic Records and changing the past, present and future in some way. And this was happening at the deepest levels possible. So I came to respect these rare occurrences for what they were, positive and magickal creative rewriting of the Akashic Records at the fabric of existence itself. The most powerful magick possible!

Imagine for example how painful shape shifting your physical body might be!

But the main point of this entire post is not about anything of the above. The main point is that the energy that came in and continues to pour in since the winter solstice IS NOT HEAD ENERGY! IT IS ENERGY THAT IS SHAKING UP THE VERY FOUNDATION OF THE AKASHIC RECORDS AND THE ETHERIC PLANE!

This energy is available to all life forms and all species as VITAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY! Let me say this another way. The root chakras of all living things have been plugged in to a massive and powerful life force energy that in infinite in its potential. The earth quickens with vital life force beneath our feet.


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When we talk of global ascension and the lifting of all life forms we are talking about the lifting of an entire spectrum of frequencies and not just one foundational frequency. Because the astral resists change it is very elastic and will only sever a connection when it gets below 75% energy flow and will only make a quantum leap to a new connection when the energy flow gets above 125%! Everything in the middle gets absorbed and diluted. That is what the real problem has been. All 118 levels of the astral needed to be brought to 125% to make the etheric level snap into place at the foundational level.

Now that the etheric level has snapped into place every single level can relax and go back to its new frequency at 100% energy flow. For those of us who have been working with the energies, integrating them and transmuting toxins and negative energies into beneficial energies of healing this relaxation of frequencies is a welcome rest and our lives can now begin to normalize for the first time. We have made it over the hump! The incredibly high frequency levels are no longer required. That which was able to snap into place has snapped into place. Now things need to play themselves out.

I invite everyone to take inventory of their lives and see where they are. For those who have made the shift into the new world this is now a time of coasting and gathering the blessings and reaping the benefits of past work. If you are not yet quite there, at least the path stands open before you. Others of the first wave are showing you the way and reaching out their hands in encouragement. You can make the second or third wave.

Those of you currently locked in stressful situations desperately trying to force life circumstances may consider down sizing your expectations. We all have been there. I’ve had to downsize my own life expectations a lot to reach a point where my life is manageable and comfortable. You might be trying to bite off more than you can chew!

There is a time to go against the tides of nature and a time to flow with them. It is wisdom to know which is which!

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This is a very personal post, but timely. It involves a dream of healing that I had last night. Most of my knowledge and awareness of Gaia’s ascension energies come from my dreams and visions as I function on the etheric planes and interact with these energies. Often my own experiences are reflections of what is going on more globally. In other words if it is happening to me, it is probably happening to others as well or at least accessible to others.

Now the first consideration is always for the soul, for the healing, development and empowering of the soul. The human body comes last, because to be born into a physical body means to be mortal and one day our physical body will die. As we develop our various astral bodies and permanently activate them we begin to experience life in both the physical world and life in the astral worlds as a type of dual awareness or multiple awareness that overlaps and can be integrated into one multidimensional awareness.

In 1990 I experienced crossing the Great Abyss in full consciousness and a permanent shift in my awareness as I merged and connected with SOURCE. Previous to this shift my entire being was caught up in upward spiritual movement to try connecting with SOURCE. I was on a mystical journey that took all of my available resources. There was a point of completion and a definite polarity shift of my soul in that my entire focus and effort was to get back down to earth! This was the beginning of my magickal journey, a journey that each individual soul must someday make when they are ready.

But it was a polarity shift and my inward transformations began to activate each of my astral bodies from the top down over a period of the next forty-two years. As I activated my etheric body and began working with etheric energies I often wondered how deep I was going to go into the earth or into Gaia before I experienced a similar polarity shift in the opposite direction. When would my downward reconnection to Gaia be complete? When would my etheric body be fully integrated with my Higher Self? That completion and polarity reversal is what has just happened with the incoming energies of this winter Solstice.

I’ve written a little about this, but my dreams continue to support these energetic changes. And recent dreams and visions support the regeneration process becoming active within my physical body. I will be 65 this coming April and I’ve had some struggles with my own health which included sleep apnea, high blood pressure, two pulmonary embolisms and skin cancer. The pulmonary embolisms damaged the blood vessels in my left calf and created circulation problems. In fact, this entire process of growing old had triggered various health issues that I’ve had to confront and deal with in various ways.

When my leg started to swell and retain water even though I was on blood thinners I knew that I was probably dealing with blockage of the blood vessels and successfully altered my diet to cleanse my blood vessels and improve my blood circulation. I successfully dealt with recurring charlie horse attacks by supplementing with magnesium citrate capsules.

Having strong astral bodies and a strong etheric body have undoubtedly been powerful influences in my continued good health. But some issues remained including a patch of skin cancer on my back left shoulder which created a hard dime sized scab or covering that simply would not go away. Since it was not painful I ignored it for several years. Then three years ago I asked my doctor about it and she pretty much said that as you get older it is common to get strange anomalies on your skin. Side effects from prescription drugs can also harm a person’s immune system and my years of taking warfarin (jantovin) and other medications certainly were having some negative side effects that I was not aware of.

The thing is that if I had something that was bothering me or even bothering someone else I could go into and deep meditation and do extremely powerful energetic healing in a shamanistic way. I was very aware of this energy working healing ability but it would not touch that patch on my back. I gradually came to realize that it was a karmic thing from very ancient past lives that was manifesting physically in my life and I came to accept it. I had thought about getting it looked at but then Covid hit and all the medical places made it difficult to see anyone and I didn’t go. I did begin daily treatments with an herbal ointment and it gradually began to break up into smaller parts. That encouraged me and allowed to to continue as I was.

Now to the point of this overly long post. Last night I dreamed that I was physically removing those patches from my skin. They were crumbling into dust as I touched them. This was obviously a regeneration effect that was finally kicking in at the etheric level and further evidence of a transformation or polarity shift that had taken place from the stabilization of the etheric body to the healing of the physical body. There is no doubt in my mind that my etheric body is now working to update and rejuvinate my physical body and that is exciting news!

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We live in a world where head tripping has become just as real as organic reality and that is a problem because at some point organic reality and life itself know the difference. This post is not really about the Mayan calendar but about the organic reality of rising vibrations and Gaia’s ascension. You can say that the belief in rising vibrations is New Age Bunkum but organic reality says otherwise and I’m going to try giving some common sense illustrations of rising vibrations in this post.

It’s commonly understood that we live in a universe that contains many different galaxies including the Milky Way galaxy which is the one we live in. It is also commonly understood that there is a massive black hole at the center of our universe and a smaller one in the center of the Milky Way galaxy and all other galaxies. These galaxies circle around the center of the universe and we in turn circle around the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy in a system of cycles within cycles which are propelled through gravity and rotational motion. In like manner earth rotates around the sun propelled by gravity and rotational motion.

While it’s also commonly understood that everything within our galaxy is slowly being drawn into the black hole at it’s center it is not understood that as this happens the vibrations will rise as things spin faster! It is also conveniently ignored that this inward movement and rise in vibrations is not uniform but takes place more suddenly at specific intervals or cycles. The Mayan calendar speaks of one of these cycles.

But first some common sense examples from real life. When I was a child I tied a weight on a string and swung it around my head and thought it was really cool how it would spin faster when I pulled the string shorter and would slow down when I made the string longer. In college physics we took turns sitting in a chair placed upon a freely rotating platform holding weights in both hands. At first we held the weights out extended and then moved the weights in closer to the center of our body. As we moved the weights in closer to the center of our body the platform spun much faster. We see ice skaters and ballet dancers doing the same thing as they spin faster by moving their arms and legs in closer to the bodies center. As the string or distance gets shorter the object spins faster and the vibrations or cycles increase!

Now the Milky Way galaxy is a long narrow grouping of stars like a road or path. That’s how it got it’s name! As our solar system circles the Milky Way galaxy there is a point where the galactic center lines up with the stars of the Milky Way galaxy like going down narrow road and the gravitational pull of the black hole at the center of the galaxy combines with that of all the stars which has a tractor beam effect and pulls our solar system most powerfully inward toward the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. This window of inward motion and activity lasts for about thirty years and the Mayan calendar considered the middle of that window to be the year 2012! So the window opened in 1997 and closes in 2027. We are currently well over the halfway mark and our solar system has definitely been pulled in much closer to the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy and things are moving faster.

This rise in rotational movement can be thought of as rising vibrations. Not only have we moved in closer to the center of our galaxy but we might have also been pulled in closer to our own sun. The orbits of the electrons that spin around the nucleus of atoms may have shrunk so that atoms vibrate faster! As atoms vibrate faster their properties may change and begin to act differently!

The irony is that because these changes are so global, it seems as if nothing is happening! The scope of this scalar motion is so great that we have no reference for it and therefore cannot measure it. If we and everything around us is shrinking at the same time and at the same rate we will not notice anything unusual until things begin to act differently than they used to.

The belief in Gaia’s ascension is that Gaia’s vibrations are rising and so are the vibrations of each individual atomic particle. We are going through a chaotic period in which each element is struggling to find its new vibratory rate which we call it’s 4th density vibratory rate but in truth affects all the elements and the entire spectrum of energies from the highest to the lowest.

What I have just sensed happening with this winter solstice is the permanent snapping into place of Gaia’s 4D Inclusive energies! The permanent snapping into place of the higher levels will happen soon! As this happens the laws that govern these elements and energies will modify in accordance with their new vibratory rate which will become stable.

Old 3D has become unstable and new 4D Inclusive is becoming more stable and is now permanent for the first time. Things are being forced to self destruct or make the shift to 4D Inclusive, the new vibratory rate. That is what Gaia’s ascension and humanities ascension is about.

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Obviously read with discretion. I only share what is true to me. . . energetically my life has permanently changed and I’m trying to harmonize with the new energies. I’m living in a different world than I was living in only a few weeks ago. . . Some have made the shift along with me, some will make the shift later and others . . . are going in a different direction. I can only speak for myself.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post something but it kept nagging at me so I’m going with the flow and here it is. A major shift has occurred and Gaia has permanently moved from 3D Inclusive to 4D inclusive. That means the outer layer of 32 etheric energies, the next inner layer of 32 physical energies, the next inner layer of 18 Lower Emotional energies and the 4th layer of 18 Upper Emotional energies have all snapped into place as a solid spectrum. They are all currently functioning in unison as a resonant 4D Inclusive world.

In consequence the higher levels will be snapping into place rapidly as well, probably by the first full moon of 2022! THIS IS IT FOLKS! NOW FOR THE CONSEQUENCES!

4D inclusive is the limit of Gaia’s influence on all living things. She has lifted all living things to the level of 4D inclusive, she has lifted many of them kicking and screaming. Now the SHTF as things implode! The changes are going to be drastic. Those above 4D Inclusive and non-inclusive are being individually treated. This includes high level collectives as well. The need is for individuation. . . something that collectives have a problem with. . .

To begin with all those capable of activating their etheric bodies have done so even if they are not able to consciously control them yet. The highest and lowest levels have become fixed even though some of the intermediate levels may not have yet settled into place.

4D Inclusive means the complete opening and integration of the Shadow Aspect which allows for the two way flow of an alternating current through the physical body and the soul. Original human souls or Organic Gnostics have access to this on a permanent basis right now. The level of their personal empowerment depends upon the level of their Inclusive awareness above that of 4D.

Our reptilian cousins have graduated to 5D Inclusive and are celebrating although Gaia is off limits because her new vibrations are in conflict with them. They have been quarantined until their own vibrations align with Gaia’s. Those reptilian souls currently incarnate in physical bodies will be able to live out their physical lives here before being quarantined with the others.

Those of the Galactic Federation, high level souls without the ability to integrate their own Shadow Aspect, lack the needed grounding to Gaia to incarnate in physical human bodies. They can however, incarnate into the 4D bodies of other species upon Gaia with her permission. In this way they can create the required genetic link for further advancement and learn the lessons of Global Unity and the Circle of Life. They will not be able to incarnate further into human physical bodies until they can integrate the lower instinctive animal levels of awareness.

The implications and consequences of all these changes are immense. For one thing humans are no longer the only vehicles for incarnation. Suddenly all other species of life are available because they now exist at 4D Inclusive. There will be a flood of advanced souls entering the physical bodies of other species and working to correct the damage done by humans to Gaia’s Cycle of Life. These other species guided by advanced souls will pitch in to heal Gaia and restore balance as quickly as possible.

Since humanity has been the main problem, there will be a severe reduction of the human population in some manner. World War III will be humanity vs Mother Nature! We have avoided nuclear war, but have not lived in harmony with other living things. There needs to be a balance and working out of karma. The vast majority of the human race will be unable to effect meaningful change in their personal lives. They will live out their lives the best they can and then die. They will not be replaced.

The human race is no longer calling the shots. It is at the mercy of the forces that have now been unleashed for the first and final time. For those who have been transmuting their own dark energies and integrating their own Shadow Aspects, the coming years will provide increasing health and empowerment in all areas of life. They will provide the needed stability within the social framework.

If this sounds gloomy, it is not. Those of pure heart will find the safety and security that they need in whatever life circumstances they find themselves as they confront and neutralize their own negative karma.

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