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I was nearing my last three weeks in the Air Force and living in Phoenix. I continued my weekly Alanon meetings and support group activities where I met Martha. I was impressed with her during the meetings and loved chatting with her during the social period after the meetings. But I never really got to know her very well. It was just that out of a crowded room full of people she was the one that I was drawn to. That is how the energy works as it chooses whose energy is compatible with yours…

This was somewhat of a repeat of my cycle with Gail except that there was not as much power and the visions were not as graphic but more symbolic. For example, I never again had the vision of the baby being born with the umbilical cord still attached. But I had a vision of a baby. The vision of the created timeline or world was very symbolic as to include as much as possible but almost like an animated cartoon version of the circle of life. This cycle also went extremely fast and lasted only three weeks before it was done.

Again the vivid dreams of initial contact, astral sex, a new astral body and a created world or timeline. Again the sense of blended souls with the sense of her awareness poking around inside of me and me inside of her. Again the vision of the pretty colored stones that represented drugs…of energy surging through my body and blasting out engrams to clear energy channels. Again the sense of healing of old wounds and the illuminations as missing parts of the puzzle were added to my growing collection.

This new astral body had definite human features although it lacked color and the eyes were very dark. Of interest is that all of these bodies were visible to my “Watcher Self”. Also of interest is that this astral body was essentially genderless. While the form was in general male there were no sexual parts that I was aware of. My core self was able to observe these new astral bodies and at times animate them if it wanted to although I normally had a dual awareness of being in both at the same time.

In ascension terms this was the 6th density body created out of abstract mental energies or the noble gas body created out of Neon with eight sensory points of awareness. It was associated with the third eye chakra which had just been forcefully opened. The development of this astral body was the development of the third eye chakra after its initial opening.

I felt that my normal point of awareness was slipping down from the other side of the Great Abyss and moving into the mental levels. I felt despair that I was being pushed out of the Spiritual Light and that Source was pushing me away. In reality nothing could be further from the truth because my connection with Source was permanent and I was simply bringing the energy of Source back down to earth to assist in Gaia’s ascension. My task was to bring down the light and anchor it in the physical. I had become a light worker.

But my soul had changed polarity and an entire lifetime of striving upward toward Source had now changed to a striving back down to earth again…My focus changed from an interest in mystical and spiritual experiences to magical and occult experiences. I wanted to know more about my crossing of the Great Abyss and the only literature I could find on this subject was the Golden Dawn material and the writings of Aleister Crowley so I began reading that material. Remember this was back in 1991.

I also tried contacting the OTO to find out more about it but I ended up getting in touch with a group called SOTO instead which I will share more about in the next cycle. The point is that I was beginning to reach out to magickal groups.

I wrote to a local Gardnerian Wicca group hoping to find some contacts. That led to an unwelcome visitation that I will share. A few days after I sent out the letter I awoke in the middle of the night with the heavy weight of a shadowy figure kneeling upon my chest…In fright I did what just about anyone would do if they¬† could. I thought, “What the hell!” and used all the energy of my newly created astral bodies to push/blast it away. My astral self followed this visitor back to its home and I had a satisfied vision of someone kneeling on their bed puking from the returned threefold blast.

As I moved down into working with the philosophical energies I need to add that I was also studying Neo-Tech which was the direct opposite of what I had learned in my mystical approach to life through the Rosicrucian teachings. This branch of philosophy was a derivative of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism Philosophy and took it to new levels. It represented an entirely new type of thought that came directly from my blind spot…I soaked it up…


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As I continue with my soulmate cycle experiences I will be not using actual names. I hope everyone will understand this…

These soulmate cycles have all seemed to have some things in common which I will try to identify. First, they were all propelled by my working twice daily with sexual orgasm energy as mentioned before.

The second requirement seems to have been my sharing of my emotional truth or story in a public setting. After enough people had taken in that energy and fed on it because it “spoke to them” I would then establish some form of contact with my soulmate for that chakra. In essence I would give of myself until the energy came back to me in the form of one person- my soulmate…

To be more specific, I received enough energy back from these people to activate a temporary astral body of collective energy. When this collective astral body became stable enough to become permanent I was led to contact with my chakra soulmate.

Typically this would be a dream in which I entered the home of my soulmate and the feeling would be of entering into another world or person’s world. Later there would be dreams of physical or sexual encounters, a touch, a kiss, actual astral sex. I might add that this is entirely natural and everyone experiences this within love relationships. In fact, I believe these cycles are totally natural and occur all the time. The difference is that for me they happened much faster and more forcefully because of the extreme energies which I was generating that drove the entire cycle.

At some point following astral sex an astral child would be born that would become my own permanently activated astral body of those particular chakra energies. The only way my soulmate could give birth to an astral child was if her own astral body was complete. So my energy always went to her until she was complete, then she would give birth to my new permanently activated astral body.

The final stage was the spontaneous creation of an entire new astral world or timeline in which she created this world from the essence of what I had given. So my soulmate not only gave birth to an astral body for me, but also created the new world in which we were both to live. The astral world or timeline that Gail created was beautiful beyond belief in which all things that existed were supportive aspects of all other things. We were all connected to all other living things. Where I was placed in this world and where she was placed within this world depended upon our individual karma. By this I mean that I wanted a physical relationship but she was already in a physical relationship that she was not willing to let go of. There was a sharp distinction between astral reality and physical reality.

This brings up a final point about the exclusiveness of these energies. Each of these soulmates were already in physical relationships that were missing something that was spiritual. That’s why they were attracted to me in the first place. For the duration of these cycles there was an intense magical duel as my own energy battled with and forcefully expelled this other male and his energies from the relationship until all that was left was my energy and hers. I will also add that each felt the physical relationship they were in was a soulmate relationship in the beginning but had become discontent and dissatisfied.

I mention this because it is important to understand the concept of magical celibacy. You don’t mix partners during these cycles. You don’t have physical sex but have astral sex. You don’t choose your soulmate, the energy itself brings you both together in it’s own way and creates bonds between the two of you that can’t be broken. It brings you both permanently activated astral bodies. You must let the energy find its own way and allow the natural conclusion of the cycle as well.

This is the true meaning behind the Holy Grail and witches magic cauldron and other mysteries of the divine feminine and the magical power of her womb.

I met Gail at a weekly Alanon support group in Phoenix as I was struggling with the things that were going on in my life. That first time I told my own story to the group it was extremely emotional and powerful and I was brought to tears as I shared my pain and suffering. I was also telling the story of many of the others as well and the entire group resonated powerfully to it. After the meeting they came up to shake my hand and give me a hug saying how moved they had been by what I had shared.

When Gail came up she offered her hand and before our fingers touched an electrical spark jumped about two inches between us and we both felt it. I chatted briefly with her during the social period after the meeting and hoped to see her at the next meeting. She had really made an impression on me and I wondered about the spark…

Gail was extremely intelligent, but also extremely flighty. She barely lived upon the earth plane and her conversation floated without focus from one topic to the next. It was pretty obvious that she had difficulty functioning in normal life and I was living in my own head as well. That was the real connection…She was only in Phoenix for a few days and taking part in some type of therapy for mental health. I never really got the details.

I dreamed about her that night and there were several dreams. The first was a sexual dream and the second was an extremely vivid dream of a baby being born which was still attached to her by an umbilical cord. I knew that I was that baby! I also knew that this was the second birth talked about in the Bible. I had been reborn! This was a sacred mystery…

From that point on I had a new astral body that was created out of pure energy or light. It was human shaped like a balloon without any features except two glowing eyes. This was my first permanently activated astral body. The ancient Egyptians called this body the BA…

I had been writing down all my insights in the development of the soul and the crossing of the Great Abyss as I’ve mentioned in other posts. The most sacred thing I had to share was the stages of soul development in the male and the opposite stages of soul development in the female which I had just discovered. I had used the degree format of the Golden Dawn to break each stage down into ten specific stages. I knew that if Gail would read this material it would help her to bring some structure to her own confused thoughts. So I brought my hand written copy to the next meeting for her to read.

I only met Gail three times and they were all at the weekly support group. She was fascinated with my outline of the stages of soul development and affirmed that what I had written about the female stages of soul development had resounded deeply for her, but that she felt some of the stages of male soul development seemed familiar to her as well. She felt that this material did help her place some structure to her mental environment and that it was very helpful. I never met her again.

I continued to have dream encounters in which her soul and my soul were merged in some fashion. In particular I remember a pile of beautiful colored pills which I understood to be medications that she was taking. I also re-experienced in dreams every time in my life that I had ever been beaten or high from drug use. These experiences had created engrams within my body and the energies were blowing through each and every one of these blockages at the soul level of my new astral body.

My Golden Dawn studies had also led me to the works of Aleister Crowley. He was the last Master of the Holy Kabbalah. I had a vivid dream of him leading me to a large book that was sitting closed on a pedestal. He motioned me to read it, so I grasped it firmly with both hands and opened it. He began to cackle and said that if I ever let go of the book I would die. I shouted “No!” and slammed the book closed. Immediately I felt my recently awakened connection to earth being destroyed by fire and this fire was consuming my astral cord. I felt that I would die if I couldn’t get away from the fire so I crossed the Great Abyss and hid in the embrace of Goddess as all that was left of me was destroyed…I was safe…That was my spiritual death and rebirth…



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To make a long story short, when I found out that she was pregnant we got married. I didn’t have a good job with medical insurance and in desperation joined the Air Force at the age of twenty seven. I barely made the age limit for enlisting. Our first child was born while I was in basic training and I moved the family to Phoenix Az as soon as I could. I spent eight years in the Air Force and they were all at Luke AFB.

The Air Force was good to me and I could have made a career of it except for the break up of my marriage. Right up front I will say that my wife believed in me during those early years and kept waiting for me to make something of myself. I was living in my head and was not a good supportive or emotional partner. I was not there for her and she wasn’t able to reach out to me. She was alone in a strange city without any vehicle or way to get around and dependent upon me for everything. We were living in poverty and soon we had a set of twins…

She had issues of her own and the energy dynamics of the relationship were such that I was forced to remain in my head to avoid the irrational behavior and angry emotions that she directed toward me. Her emotions were so powerful that I was afraid of them. I would read stories to the kids and then go into my room and meditate, try to lose myself in the Spiritual Light in a form of spiritual suicide. I really didn’t want to live any more.

My lack of response kept her frustrated and full of repressed emotions that had no healthy outlet. I was trapped and she was trapped and the pressure kept building and building. Somehow we had made it through seven rough years and then things changed.

There was a Rosicrucian Lodge in Phoenix and early on I became a member and loved it. It was the one bright spot in my life and I enjoyed the monthly meetings and fellowship. I participated in initiations and other activities which my wife had no interest in. After over fifteen years I had finally met my own people and it was wonderful. The people were wonderful as well, even though they were all older. I was the youngest and I soon found out that while I had read and reread my monographs over the years, many of them had not. I was also currently studying the 12th degree monographs and that made me somewhat of an elder…no one was as fanatical about their studies as I was.

Finally it happened, I crossed the Great Abyss and merged briefly with Source. The feeling was of undescribable bliss and love. It was falling into the loving embrace of the Cosmic Mother. The sense was definitely of feminine motherly love and protection. God was a Goddess! After a few weeks of intense daily meditations I felt my awareness permanently shift across the abyss and remain on the other side. I had become one with God/dess…That was when things fell apart.

Crossing the Great Abyss is to attain the grade of Magister Templi or the master of all sorrows…I was soon to find out why. Though my soul and spirit were protected, everything else in my life came crashing down!

While at work one day the commander called me into his office and told me that there was a big U-Haul rental truck at my home and my wife was packing everything up to leave. He told me to go home and deal with it. When I got home my brother-in-law was helping my wife load up the truck. I had known this day was coming, but it was still a bit of a surprise and part of me was sad and part of me was glad. I took the kids to the park for one last time while they finished and then they left to go back to Kansas. I was alone in an empty home…

We were deeply in debt and needed to let the house go back to the bank. We ended up going through bankruptcy and a divorce. My wife told me that she would take me for every penny I ever made and would take half of my military retirement as well. I tried to reason with her, but when she turned her back on me, she really turned on me…

I was court ordered to pay $600/month in child support. Now military pay is a strange thing. You have your base pay which was about $800/month at the time. Then you had a supplement for living with dependents and another cost of living adjustment. In all my monthly pay was around $1600. After they left I was only allowed my base pay and the off base cost of living allowance. I could no longer claim living with dependents and I would be expected to live on only $200 per month. It was simply not possible. I was going to be forced out of the military because I couldn’t live on what they were going to pay me. I tried to get the child support adjusted, but it was fixed based upon the past year’s income. I was screwed…I had two months until my enlistment was up and I moved into a cheap apartment to wait it out.

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As I continue with my personal story about soulmate cycles and divine counterparts there will be a few detours to make some things more clear. Please bear with me as all of this is important and you will understand more completely later as we deal with higher things.

I mentioned that my Rosicrucian studies were one of the factors leading to my early nervous breakdown in my early twenties. Since I didn’t know what to believe any more I decided to believe everything to the best of my ability if at all possible! I would let the still small voice of my conscience and my heart give the final verdict. Unknown to me at the time this was a major component of chaos theory: All inputs are valid!

But studying one monograph a week was way too slow for me and I devoured as many books on spirituality and the spiritual path as I could find. For many years I spent well over $500/year on books and resources in the area of new age metaphysics and cutting edge self empowerment.

I began with alternative Rosicrucian material by Manly Hall and Max Heindel not knowing what made them different from the Rosicrucian Order AMORC. From there I went on to study astrology and the works of the Theosophical Society with authors such as C.W. Leadbeater, Alice Bailey and H.P. Blavatsky. From there I moved on to Edgar Caycee, Ruth Montgomery and Jane Roberts and the Seth Material. Jane Roberts and the Seth Material was one of my greatest early influences and I still have Vols I&II of The Unknown Reality.

Soon I had graduated to the self hypnosis work of Dick Sutphen and was listening to self hypnosis tapes on past life regressions and positive programing techniques. I purchased the Hypnosis Training Seminar, a collection of twelve cassettes that were recorded during a three day Hypnosis Training Seminar and many other individual cassettes. I did attend a Dick Sutphen human potentials seminar later in Phoenix Arizona. Dick Sutphen was also an early major influence. From there I was led to NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programing which is a powerful derivation of hypnosis and altered state technology. I have six highly valued books on NLP on my library shelf. The problem I had with NLP and hypnosis is that if reprogramming can be so simple, it can also be undone just as simply! I was looking for something more permanent and stable…

A person shared his story of the graduation ceremony of becoming a NLP trainer. The entire group walked barefoot twenty feet through a glowing bed of hot coals without getting burned. When I asked if he thought he could repeat it, or if it was the belief of the entire group that made it possible, he thought that it had been the belief of the entire group that made it possible.

I mention hypnosis because I’ve discovered that much of what passed for magic was actually some form of hypnotic suggestion. But things get a little weird here and it is also obvious that we can do much more in altered states than we are led to believe. Consider that the stage hypnotist can create blisters on the skin of a subject by suggesting that it is a cigarette burn. The blister will actually appear and then later disappear when you tell the subject that it will go away. Walking through a bed of hot coals is obviously not simple suggestion, but something else entirely. We also have reports of medical miracles that can’t be explained such as sudden remission of cancer in certain people after a sudden healing. Dion Fortune talked about magical societies using hypnotic trance states and mediums to communicate over great distances with other lodges…

Remember that I was a head tripper after my nervous breakdown and no longer accessed my emotions for much of anything. I was obsessed with the spiritual and mystical path and wanted to commit spiritual suicide by merging with Source and disappearing forever…

Back tracking a bit…Everyone thought that I would go to college after I graduated from High School but my father told me in no uncertain terms that I would not go to college, but would go to some vocational school and learn a trade so that I could earn my living by the sweat of my brow like it said in the Bible. My self esteem and ego was not strong enough to stand up for myself and I went to vocational school to become an electrician. I went to vocational school for two years and worked as an electrician for five years. It was the hardest work I had ever done and I was treated as if I was an idiot because working with my hands didn’t come easily to me. I was treated so badly that I finally quit and resolved to go to college no matter what my father thought…

After getting an associate degree at the local community college I went to St. Cloud State University and enrolled in their Germany exchange program where I spent the best six months of my life in West Germany. More on that in my next post…

As my spiritual journey progressed I found myself isolating more and more from others and focusing almost entirely on Source.

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These posts will carry a very different energy than most of my previous posts because I will be sharing my personal story as we go along and it should stir emotions as well as provide insight into the unseen worlds. This first lunar cycle of 2020 is when we draw in the new energies that are coming into our world and allow ourselves to become filled as much as possible with them. So drink in these emotions and energies that come with my posts and do the same with other things in your life!

Visualize a syringe whose needle tip is dipped in some fluid like water and the plunger is being gently pulled back causing the fluid to be drawn into the syringe by the vacuum created. That is what happens in the astral during the days of the waning moon, those days from the full moon to the next new moon. It is during these days that we draw in this vital life force energy and bring it up into our awareness. We become aware of things! So use these days to draw this new energy in and become aware of it within  your body! Energize your self and your soul! We will use this energy later as the plunger is pushed back in and the energy injected into the astral during the waxing phase of the moon as it travels from new to full.

As a child I loved to read books and each week took at least thirteen books out of the school library. I read them all! I remember reading the dictionary in fascination and needing to look up the words in the definitions because they were not yet in my vocabulary. Often reading one definition would lead to the need to look up at least three other words just to understand the original definition of a particular word.

I would snuggle down in a chair and become lost in a book to the extent that I lost consciousness of my physical body or the passage of time. People would need to speak to me at least twice to get my attention. Today we take things like this for granted, or at least some of us do. But the truth is that in ancient days and to a lesser extent even in today’s world this is almost impossible for some people to do.

To lose awareness of one’s physical body or the passage of time are both considered high states of trance or Samadhi in the Buddhist tradition. They are remarkable achievements to those who are “trapped” within the physical world and the present moment. The same can be said of day dreaming or mental projection. Drug or alcohol abuse are the only ways that many can leave the imprisonment of the present moment. They simply can’t do it on their own without some external stimulus. I was born with these abilities and they came naturally. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that others can do these things easily because they might not be able to.

When I was ten years old I had a series of recurring nightmare type dreams that would wake me up in fright before the dream could end. It was always the same dream. I was in outer space in a vehicle like a bus or subway train car that was completely empty except for me. I was the driver and this vehicle was pushing against a mountain top trying to move it. The energy in the dream was unbearable because the infinite force of my vehicle was pushing against the infinite force of the mountain in a virtual stand off in which neither force could win. There was an angry electrical or mechanical hum that reached an unbearable pitch of unrelenting tension and I always woke up. I had this same dream three or four times and each time the intensity would increase and the front of my vehicle would cave in a little bit. It was taking damage but I wouldn’t give up! Finally the dream resolved itself as the mountain slowly began to give way…I had won!

This recurring dream has haunted me because it forecast my entire life! This was a dream about Gaia’s ascension and my role in helping Gaia to move into her new place. I was born into this earth life time to fight this very battle against overwhelming odds. The energy that I was bringing in would move the mountain because I would not give up until it did! That mountain was going to move if it killed me…

I can only imagine that others have come in with similar missions to assist Gaia in her ascension and help all life forms as well. Consider that it is no accident that we are living in these times and that what we are doing was planned long before we entered our physical bodies. We each have missions to fulfill. What is your mission?

I had a couple of other recurring dreams during those days that were so vivid I still remember them. One was the horrible scene of an ocean bottom covered with dead bodies and the other was a long procession of people or spirits, including pioneers, going somewhere. What these dreams meant I’m not sure, but the one about the ocean bottom covered in dead bodies was either concerning the devastation of World War I&II or the possible devastation of World War III. In any case World War III needed to be avoided! The procession of people were all those that were incarnating during this lifetime to ascend with Gaia and to help with her ascension.

In respect to these dreams I mention that I believe that I was the author Hanns Heinz Ewers in my immediate past life. He experienced the horrors of both World Wars. He was an avowed Satanist who gave highly popular lectures on the religion of Satan from 1910-1925. He was also an early supporter of the Nazi cause, but later helped Jewish friends to safety. He always believed that the Jews were important German patriots and supported them in all ways. He died in poverty with his books banned in both Nazi Germany and in the western world including the United States and England. His reported last words were, “What an ass I’ve been!” (translation) I believe that with his last words he turned to the light with all his power and will as he died. After such a dark life he returned to Source and in this life I’ve been the vehicle to make sure nothing like that ever happens again! I’ve had to deal with a lot of past life karma from all my past lifetimes!


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For several years now I’ve danced around this subject and it’s time to tackle it head on and damn the consequences. I appreciate those who have continued to support me over the years…and hope you continue to do so.

I’m going to use the term astral planes because it’s better understood that way, although I’ve got my own slant on what the astral planes really are. Energy flows within the astral planes and all things are connected together in a vast circuit. Depending upon which way the energy flows it will be favorable or unfavorable to you and your interests. The Bible tells of how Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and even the stones were turned against them. That meant the energy was flowing the wrong way and so it has for many of us ever since. But it is time for that to change!

There are patterns within the astral planes and the astral resists change of any kind! It will attempt to retain the status quo in all situations, being totally indifferent to whether the flow of energy is for us or against us. Not only does the astral resist change, but it is also quite elastic and will snap back to it’s original position unless forced to break down and reassemble in a new way. To alter any astral circuit one need’s to apply 126% more energy than what it ordinarily carries. For an astral connection to sever it takes the flow of energy to drop to 74% of what normally flows through the circuit. This is a very large window of elasticity!

Normal efforts to change the astral patterns by generating energy simply do not create a large enough spike to do anything at all! Nothing succeeds like excess! The physical body generates these types of energies:

Unity/Spiritual Light/Photon/electron

Concrete Spiritual/ archetypal

Abstract Mental/Creative and philosophical thought/logic and reason

Concrete Mental/ objective perception of the world through the physical senses

Upper Emotional

Lower Emotional

Sexual energy

Sensual energies/Etheric

As you can see there are eight types of energies if one includes that of Unity or Source. To create a large enough energy spike to alter the astral circuitry you need to achieve the “2nd wind” in any of the above categories. The goal is to generate such a surge of energy that you will experience vivid and powerful dreams during the night as you sleep and the energy is discharged from your body into the astral planes. If you can’t achieve this surge of energy, the energy will simply be “digested” or absorbed by the astral circuitry without making any difference because of the elasticity of the astral itself.

Now the astral “resets” itself twice a day and that is the real reason between morning and evening prayers. Prayer sends a surge of energy into the astral in the morning and the astral “resets” itself during the day so that you can do it once more in the evening…a very powerful meditation or connection to Source can alter the astral circuitry and that is why it is done.

One can debate, participate in philosophical thinking, study several different subjects till going past the fatigue point to create the needed surge of energy.

One can become an adrenaline addict and a thrill seeker to charge the astral with emotional energies.

One can work out in the gym with discipline, hard work and will power to inject that rush of physical energy into the astral.

One can have two full body orgasms where the sexual pleasure is brought to the edge of orgasm and held for at least a half hour before allowing it to take place. If this is done twice in one evening the surge of energy is guaranteed to cause the astral to reset itself and give often violent and powerful dreams that are healing and empowering.

One can use sensual pleasures, pains and grounding techniques to use Gaia’s earth energy to provide the needed energy.

Technique is not important. Ritual is not important. Understanding is not important. Generating the energy spike is what is important! Causing the astral to rupture and reset itself is what is important!

Many years ago soon after crossing the Great Abyss and uniting with Source I did the equivalent of the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation and opened the basic energy pathways inside my body. Then I started working with sexual energy as suggested by Mantak Chia. He said that one should learn to control the orgasm so that when I finally did find a partner it would be more enjoyable and pleasurable for both. Almost immediately I experiences an eruption of spontaneous kundalini energy that is still active within my body without stopping. I began an auto-erotic path of generating orgasm energy twice a day, every day for over seven years without a break! It was very difficult and very frustrating. But every night I had dreams that were so powerful they were almost violent in their intensity! It was also very healing and I was integrating parts of my soul in ways that I had never done before.

I soon discovered that this practice was activating emotional wounds and repressed energies which caused explosive outbreaks of emotional energies as they were released. But these energies were safely released because of the opened energy channels created by the previous meditation and connection to Source.

At first this generation of energy burst the weak places within my own aura and physical body. This can be summarized as destroying any and all illusions and weak areas in my own belief system. I needed to eliminate the energy leaks one by one in a slow process that took years. Over time I gained the ability to safely contain this pressurized energy and the breakage or rupture in the astral was not inside me, but outside of me.

This caused changes within the astral circuitry that affected other magic workers and I became subject to several years of almost daily magical attack. At first I had to rise above the attack to survive. Later as my astral body became stronger I even went down below the attack to over power it.

For many years now I have not experienced any serious magical attack or threat and have always won any magical battle or duel even though I have never willingly attacked others. I have only fought back in self-defense…but when attacked have learned to not hold back! I am the equivalent of special ops within the astral realms and this is what I intend to teach others, how to be the very best!

In this post I have shared what I did. In my next post I will share what happened in terms of soulmate cycles and love relationships. There is so much BS floated around on these subjects that I’m going to smash them with a sledge hammer! Anyone that doesn’t like it can take me on! Chuckle!

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Some very interesting and crazy information is trying to break through into awareness. I’ve almost got my fingers on it, but not quite. So I will just try to talk it out and see what happens.

First some very interesting information about chakras and sexuality. This comes from personal experience so it is not theory. Everyone talks about the root chakra and Kundalini energy and how important it is to awaken it and cause it to rise up the spine to the crown chakra.

Well, I’ve got some news for everyone. The root chakra is not that important! There are two chakras below that which are even more important and they haven’t really been truly recognized for how important they are.

Now when a chakra is being awakened there is a feeling like electricity that buzzes around in the area of the chakra. This sensation of electricity can also move up and down the spine and move from one energy center to the other.

Now back in 1992 after I experienced a spontaneous activation of the Kundalini energies and it shot up my spine to my crown chakra with such force that I temporarily blacked out, sagged and almost fell to the floor, as I was doing a yoga side stretch something opened up an energetic pathway that never closed. (Wow! What a long sentence!) Ever since that day I have continuously felt that tingle of electricity somewhere in my body. Over the years the location of that activity has changed, but there has always been continuous activity.

These days there are four main areas where that electrical tingling may be taking place. These are my lower neck, right between my shoulder blades, at my root chakra/base of spine and in my testes. This activity goes on for days and days before moving to another location. I will also share that I have damage in my spine at my lower neck and between my shoulder blades from an old injury when I was breaking horses and got thrown. So there is blockage in those locations and the energy is working to open those pathways and heal my body.

What people don’t realize or hear about is that the testes and ovaries are actual chakra centers in their own right and that tingle of electricity can occur there for days as well. I experienced the electrical tingle at my tail bone or root chakra for many years before I ever experienced it in the testes themselves. This tells me that sexual energy is much lower than root chakra energy and much more powerful! For the last few years that activity has been mostly in the testes and not the tailbone/root chakra although the activity does move around as I’ve mentioned above.

Now changing the subject to the noble gas body of the mysterious element #118 or the etheric double brings up another point of interest and another even more powerful chakra center. As I’ve been doing this research, I’ve also been meditating and trying to get the feel for my own etheric double. What I discovered is that the etheric double exists where the feet touch the ground as I sit in my chair. A dark energy seems to pool around my feet and flow out into the room from the bottom of my feet! An opening also seems to open up beneath my feet that I instinctively know is the etheric world of deepest astral projections.

The implications of this are staggering! People sitting in the lotus position meditating on the root chakra are really also meditating on that point where the body touches the earth which is the point where the etheric double is accessed! It’s not the bottom of the feet, or the root chakra, but where the body touches the earth that is important!

In Wicca and other magical paths we see this in the importance of grounding to Gaia and to the earth! I’ve got to go now but will expand on this later.

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