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During part of my life I worked as an in-home crisis counselor. I would visit families in crisis and try helping them sort the chaos out and find solutions the crisis. Anyone working in this area knows that to be effective it works best if you have gone through similar situations successfully.

This means you can offer insights and suggestions from personal experience and not theory from some book. Fortunately or unfortunately I have struggled through a lot of dysfunction in my life and learned a lot the hard way.

Listening to family members tell their own side of the story made no sense at all. Every family member could justify their own position and say why other family members were at fault.

Time after time the situation would boil down to family members taking unfair advantage and manipulating other family members. People resent being manipulated, especially when it is unfairly done. Educating the family on unfair manipulations and teaching them healthy alternatives was an important part of resolving crisis.

The other factor was when family members would say one thing and their physical actions said another. Sometimes things were so bad that I couldn’t tell who was lying and who was telling the truth. Everyone was very convincing.

That’s when I told people to shut up. I was not interested in hearing reasons why things went wrong. I was only interested in physical actions and physical results. Who did what to who? I didn’t need to know why. Child abuse or Parent abuse both happen. There are ways to get what you want without being abusive. There are ways to fight fairly and maintain self-respect and self-esteem. There are ways to create win-win situations. Abuse is abuse and needs to be confronted. It can never be justified.

In my own life I confronted the same weakness. I talk a good show and my actions are not always backing up what I say. In retrospect I will talk a lot about what I am going to do, perhaps more than I should until people think I’m a windbag. But I reach a point where I will actually do it.

Writing is a perfect example. Since high school I said I was a writer and wanted to write books. I got into arguments and debates with other friends that wanted to be writers too. When I experienced my first heartbreak I did write some teenage angst poetry but that was it. I wanted to be a writer but I was not writing anything.

The desire to write would come and go in spurts. At the age of thirty I took some writing courses and completed the assignments graduating from the courses with honors but still not writing on my own. At the age of forty I seriously tried writing my first two books, OAK:Foundations and OAK:Magister Templi.

I finished them as rough drafts and called it good enough. Several years later I realized my wife was right. They were not readable. I still was not writing other stuff. I remained a writer that would not write. Consider Stephen King. He began writing as a teenager and continued all through his life. Many people think you need to begin when you are young or it won’t work. They forget Edgar Rice Burroughs was forty when he began writing the Tarzan books.

I was getting old and still hadn’t produced much of anything. Was I lying to myself? In a way yes and in a way no. I thought I knew what writing was about but I really didn’t. In this respect I was lying to myself.

It was only when I turned forty eight and took three months off to write Anarchist Knight:Apprentice that I finally understood. Almost two years later I was holding the first copy in my hands. I never dreamed how much work it was to write a book and I never knew how rewarding it was.

There is a big difference between saying you are a writer and actually being a writer. For forty some years I was kidding myself about being a writer. It is only now that I understand the easy competence of writing something every day. Today for the first time I can say with honesty that I am a writer.

It was the same in families I was working with. Many family members were kidding themselves as well. They were saying one thing and not following through on their promises or agreements. It is better not to make a promise or agreement then to break it. It sounds so simple but these families simply needed to be reminded to keep their promises and agreements. They also needed to learn about being fair and allow win-win situations without trying to manipulate each other to get their own way.

Sometimes it helps to have someone tell us that we are not doing the things we say we are doing. This means confronting us and making us confront ourselves.

What are you doing to make your life better and richer? What are you doing to make your relationships with loved ones better? What are you doing that makes life meaningful and worthwhile? Are you taking the physical actions needed or are you lying to yourself?

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As I begin to post about the OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance I realize that I need to share some things so that people can understand what these cards really represent and how they were developed. That will require this post and the next one called “SOTO and the OTO”. So bear with me, this information is a little sensitive.

But first I would like to say that Organic Gnosticism has evolved out of the OAK magical system over the years and my understanding of things has simplified down to the point that I now believe the development of the soul and its powers is achieved simply through intense human and physical effort. The physical body generates energy and sends it out into the universe where it first connects with collective opposite sex energy and comes back to form a composite spark of awareness. Simply put you give and give until your energy starts coming back to you.

At some point this collective opposite sex energy is replaced by soul mate or divine counterpart energy which permanently seals and activates that individual spark of awareness and integrates it into your developing soul. This needs to be achieved for all 118 sparks of elemental awareness plus another spark of awareness for rotating magnetic field energies and another spark of awareness for the photon state itself. There is nothing to distinguish one spark of awareness from another and the process is entirely mechanical in nature.

To put my current understanding in one sentence, “All effort is cumulative!”

These 120 (118+2) sparks of awareness and energies also create Gaia’s new energy grid. In other words Gaia’s new energy grid consists of these same energies and these are the original blueprint that has always existed. So the old original blueprint is being restored in the new great cycle. This is a massive project that many light workers have been busy with.

Having said all that I can now return to my story of the development of the OAK magical system. The first part of my life was spent in a spiritual searching for mystical experiences and a merging of my soul with God. I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC at eighteen and remained a member for over twenty five years studying weekly monographs. While I lived in Phoenix I was able to attend lodge meetings and participate in initiations and demonstrations. At that time I had completed all 12 degrees and had restudied all of them at least three times, some as many as six times. I was thoroughly grounded in the material compared to other members that may have read them once. So that was twenty five years of mystical study, prayer and meditation. But I was doing much more than that during those twenty five years!

I devoured all the New Age material available at the time. I collected and read all the books of the Theosophical Society including the secret fourth book of the Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky. I became interested in astrology and studied that as well as any variant forms of Rosicrucianism that I could find. Other fantastic resources came out in the 80’s and I was heavily influenced by Jane Roberts and her Seth materials. I devoured her two volume “The Unknown Reality” as if it was candy. Dick Sutphen was exploring the outer edges of self empowerment and I spent hundreds of dollars on his materials. He in turn introduced me to NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. I still have over six books on my reference shelf that I will never give away. Channeling by Cosmic Awareness Communications further expanded my horizons and led me to the discovery of the Ra Material and through that to the Reciprocal field theory of Dewey Larson.

The Reciprocal field theory of Dewey Larson laid out the creation of the entire universe through the development of the photon, magnetic field energies and all 118 elements much as I have described them. It was his work that offered a physical space/time universe and a reciprocal non-physical or astral time/space universe that were connected together through the speed of light.

I instinctively knew that he was right and the illuminations and insights formed the bulk of the posts that you are now reading. These came from my first two books “Modern Survivalism” and “Magister Templi”.

The spiritual effort that I was putting out was immense and in 1990 my awareness plunged across the great abyss for the first time and my soul merged with the godhead in a feeling of bliss and rapture. This was the end of my spiritual journey because no matter how hard I tried to go further into the spiritual light and extinguish myself, I was always gently pushed back. With horror I found that my polarity had flipped and my insights and illuminations were returning back across the abyss and down into the mental levels. It’s not that I was being forced out of the spiritual levels, but that there was no more activity at those levels. The activity was working itself back down toward the earth.

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On the one hand I don’t have much to write about concerning Gaia’s ascension movement and on the other there is so much to write about! It’s really kind of strange. Most of it comes down to the ability or inability to integrate duality instead of insist upon a conflict of opposites. People refuse to see the shades of gray that exist and it’s causing them problems!

My first example is Trump’s formal recognition of Jerusalem and the capital of Israel. This is arguably the most powerful thing he has done as president. So many people are upset because they don’t see that nothing prevents Palestine from also having Jerusalem as it’s own capital! For the first time a true win-win possibility opens up if people could only see it.

Now let’s take a look at the Democrat’s idiotic anti-Trump reactive flailing around and hurting themselves. We are now in a new age with new energy dynamics and things don’t work the way they used to. Duality doesn’t work the way it used to. Anyone that gets caught up in conflict goes down. It’s that simple! Now Trump may be accused of bear baiting, but he’s not in a fight with anyone. He simply focuses on the goal and reaches it! Over and over again! The Democrats are so caught up in opposition that they can’t see what it happening.

Lastly the Divine Feminine is in full rise and once more the issue lies with the integration of duality and sexuality and not the conflict of opposites. Some people never learn. There are balanced win-win situations and shades of gray. The Democrats are eating their own by so viciously casting out Frankin and Conyers’ in the hopes that this will create a movement that will sweep Trump out of office. No, it won’t even come close. Why? Because there are fifty shades of gray! The true predators on both sides will be exposed. But this will happen in a fair and balanced way without the over reaction that the Democrats are trying to stir up!

This entire past year has shown that the general population of sane people refuses to get stirred up and carried away by the hysteria on the far left. When will people begin to learn that you can’t manipulate people any more the way that they used to be manipulated? The new energies support individualism, not collectivism.

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We are completely unaware of most of our self-defeating behaviors. If we knew what they were it would be easier to build defenses against them. Some of these come out or our blind spots. Several years ago I learned I had disabilities that were affecting my life. I went to Vocational Rehab and took some tests and evaluations to find out why I was over forty years old and still having trouble making my life work.

These evaluations showed that I had an auditory learning disability. I had trouble processing too much verbal material at one time. Once the material was learned I was fine but learning through listening did not work well for me.

Another issue was short-term memory loss due to a head injury as a teenager. It was not bad but where the normal person can hold five items in short term memory I struggle to hold four. As I get older I need to write things down even more than ever. My fine motor skills are also lower than average. I scored an 80%.

Why was I always attracted to jobs that needed nimble fingers? I was sinking my own ship. Now let’s combine this with a personality that has trouble with authority figures and a slight tendency toward passive aggressive behavior and see what we get.

Memories flash of an employer getting angry at me because I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do and I would forget things that I was told. I couldn’t remember them all. It also seemed like I was working too slowly even though I couldn’t work any faster. I wouldn’t ask for help or clarification because I didn’t want to appear stupid.

I am not stupid but I was appearing stupid and couldn’t understand why I kept having problems. Getting these evaluations were a lifesaver for me. They helped me understand why I was having troubles and also what my strengths were as well.

I have a genius IQ and a near photographic memory for visual things. I take tests well. I have very good communication skills and high mechanical aptitude. I am very good at outside the box thinking and administrative tasks. I have a good understanding of human nature and people trust me. Let’s take physical health as another example. Do you know just how healthy or unhealthy you are? Last year I discovered I have high blood pressure and sleep apnea. Both were fairly severe. I will need to be on blood pressure medication and a CPAP machine for sleeping the rest of my life.

I was not really aware of any of these things. I assumed other people had many of the same problems and issues. I thought it was just as hard for them as it was for me. I didn’t want to believe there was something wrong with me. I wanted to be just a good as the next person. I did not recognize my own limitations.

The trouble was that my life was not working and I was into middle age. What about your life? If it is working great! If it is not working it might be wise to take a few minutes and think about why. Take a few examinations, talk to some friends and experts. Get second opinions. Discover what your blind spots are. We all have them.

If you are running into a brick wall perhaps you are going in the wrong direction even if you feel it is the right direction. The biggest thing anyone can recognize is when they are putting out tremendous effort and it is not working. One of the great secrets in life is to take what works and turn it into the things you want. The things that don’t work will never turn into anything except more failures.

Let go of the things that don’t work and focus on the things that do work. When you are refreshed and full of successful energy tackle those old issues and interests from positions of strength and not weakness. In the area of relationships realize that no matter how much one person might want things to work out, both people need to want it. Both people need to work at it. If only one person is trying the relationship is already lost.

If you are not getting some type of reward or gain from the effort you put out something is wrong. This is a red flag that you need to recognize. When you continue doing what you are doing you will continue to get the results that you are getting. Evaluate the results you are getting and determine if they are enough.

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As this new eon progresses both secondary personalities, the HGA and the Shadow will become increasingly active. A great increase in auditory and visual hallucinations can be expected. For the Holy Guardian Angel this means visions from God or Jesus or other religious figures.

If you can’t integrate the HGA expect to hear and see it more and more along with religious and spiritual experiences. This will act to polarize the world population even more along religious vs materialist lines. There is no way to forecast how one might experience contact with the HGA in their lives.

My own experience integrating my HGA started at age fourteen and continued gradually to the age of forty. Things will happen much more quickly in today’s world. At age fourteen I my conscience awoke. This was a religious experience for me since I reached a point where I could no longer stand myself and who I was becoming. What did it matter if God forgave me when I couldn’t forgive myself?

Aligning my life to be in harmony with my conscience was the first major step in submission to the HGA. “Not my will but Thy will be done”. We might say this is the first step in submission to the HGA.

This alignment was not complete because I still attempted to stay within the confines of my religious upbringing. I began Rosicrucian studies at age eighteen and was introduced to advanced philosophical concepts like reincarnation and the symbolic, not literal meaning of the bible. Truth came from the Christ Spirit within my heart. I needed to follow an inner path and not a “Christian” one.

The external church held no answers. We might say the second step in submission to the HGA is to forsake tradition and external guidance to listen only to the still small voice of the Master Within that speaks through our hearts.

Then followed twenty years of intense study and the formulation of a paradigm or complete belief system. My belief system was created out of “illuminations” or flashes of insight. These communications from the HGA gradually formed a comprehensible and complete paradigm or personal belief system. We might say the third step in submission to the HGA is “Illumination” and personal insight into the reality of nature and life. This is termed the knowledge and conversation with the HGA.

Then followed a period of forsaking the physical world and neglecting the realities of life. As the discrepancy between normal life and the inner vision became more pronounced there was a fear that I might be going insane. This mental turmoil has been termed the death of the ego. My mind was torn between a longing to surrender myself to the HGA and desperately trying to keep rational and deal with daily living. We might say the fourth step in submission to the HGA is going insane and believing in it and ignoring physical reality.

Total submission is a form of suicide. Things get so bad you don’t care anymore and simply want to dissolve yourself into the light until there is nothing left. There is a tremendous pull toward the light and it becomes everything as you try to extinguish self into nothingness.

There is a feeling of intense relief and love as the light embraces you and you merge for the first time. This has been called “Crossing the Great Abyss”. We might say the fifth step in submission to the HGA is dissolving yourself momentarily into the light and becoming one with the universe.

With practice it gets easier and easier to dissolve our awareness into nothingness and the light. We cross the Great Abyss with greater frequency and ease until one day there is a permanent change and our normal awareness merges with the light in a permanent manner. This is the point where we have integrated our HGA. We exist inside of our HGA and sense it surrounding us as an extension of who we are. We might say the sixth step in submission to the HGA is being absorbed fully by the HGA and a radical shift of awareness termed Cosmic Consciousness.

This is not enough for us and we continue striving for more light. We miss the feeling of being dissolved. It’s not happening anymore. As hard as we try it is not possible to stay dissolved. As soon as Will lets up we find ourselves outside of the Light once more. Our soul can not go any further in that direction.

We can experience momentary union when we strive for it but it is gone as soon as we let up. There is a polarity switch taking place and we can feel our thought processes dropping back down into the mental levels. We are experiencing the “Luciferian Fall” and plunging back toward the earth. One might say the seventh final step in submission to the HGA is this reversal of polarity and plunge back toward the earth.

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The traditional tarot deck has several divisions within it. Perhaps the most well known are the trump cards. There are twenty two trumps in the traditional deck. Each one represents a path or life experience that must be encountered on the mystical path back to “Source” or “God/dess”. They represent forces of destiny that are cosmic in nature and beyond human influence.

In the OAK:Tarot of Love and Romance deck the trump cards represent much more than this. They represent how we discover and integrate the masculine and feminine aspects we each have within us. They are symbolic images of the attainment of spiritual, psychological, emotional and mental health.

Said in another way these trumps symbolize how we gradually learn to love ourselves. This is vitally important because how can we love someone else if we can not love ourselves? First we love others because we find in them things we would like to find in ourselves but can’t. We feel those we love complete us. As we grow and mature we come to recognize those same characteristics in ourselves. This process of self discovery is what the Trumps are about.

The rest of the deck is divided into four suits. Traditionally these are Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles. These four suits represent spirit, intellect, emotion, and physical life. They also represent mundane life experiences easily recognized and within our power to change.

In the OAK:Tarot of Love and Romance I’ve chosen to use Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles respectively for the same purpose. In this deck we use each suit to explore Spiritual love, Platonic love, Emotional love and Physical love between the male and the female.

These four suits are known as the “Minor Arcana” and the trumps are known as the “Major Arcana”. The Minor Arcana are the tarot cards we most identify with and we will begin with the suit of Wands or Spiritual Love.

The four suits are further divided into Court Cards and number cards. The Court Cards represent personality types we might recognize. In tarot readings a Court card is usually chosen to represent the individual asking for a reading. You might recognize yourself in one of these Court cards or you might recognize parts of yourself in all of them!

Lastly the descriptions given in this book describe how a male might experience the card and how a female might experience the card. I’ve done this for stylistic purposes. For example, if I say a card represents a male placing a female upon a pedestal I am describing how one person in a relationship might place the other on a pedestal. I don’t mean only males place females upon pedestals. I’m simply trying to describe an energy dynamic that is taking place between two people involved in a love relationship and how each might respond.
OAK is Today’s Leader in Modern Survivalism

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Today we are going to talk about the Albigensian Crusade or the crusade of the Church against the Cathars. The Cathars possessed valid spiritual and magical techniques and the “perfected ones”, the ones that really had traveled the path and done the work, performed many impressive miracles in front of the population.

The sect grew rapidly. Smaller sects were formed which mangled and destroyed the Christian faith, all under the name of the Cathars or Albigensian’s. They were all lumped together under the same name. Some believed one thing, some believed another and it was a real tangled mess.

But here are a few examples of what they did with Orthodox Christian theology.

If God knew that Adam and Eve would die from eating of the tree of knowledge, why did he let them eat it in the first place? And you know they didn’t die from eating from the tree of knowledge, but they became mortal and died later on in life after living long lives. They died because they were mortal.

Why were both good people and evil people allowed to perish at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah or in the great flood? These questions went on and on. The entire world couldn’t have been filled with only only evil people.

Christians said that God suffered death upon the cross, that he died upon the cross. How can a God suffer, and how can a god die? How can a God come down to earth at all, and how was the earth created from his own body?

How can a God eat and drink like Jesus did. What’s this thing about communion and eating the body of Christ. It should’ve long been eaten up by now after all these centuries!

Then there was the subject of sexuality and sin. Why is sex sinful? How can we sin, by procreating? We are meant to continue the human species!

These were just a few of the questions the Cathars discussed.

Rome was a den of murderers. This was the epic war written of in the book of revelations.

Things became violent. They mocked and killed priests wherever they could find them and they used the holy implements for obscene purposes. A large part of their ritual became a mockery or parity of the Catholic mass and became what has been called the black mass which they performed upon entry into their cult.

At induction every novice had to denounce all Catholic belief, spit upon the cross, renounce baptism and unction. After this he would be kissed by the entire congregation and hands would be laid in blessing upon his or her head.

You can see just how reactive the Cathars were against Christianity but you have to remember that the Catholic Church at that time was mostly filled with rational atheists.

The Church elders didn’t really believe in the spiritual side of the Church at all. The Church was political. They believed in the temporal power of the Church itself, and tried to dominate the population. This movement of the people was a big threat to their authority.

A crusade against the heretics was preached. St. Dominic, the creator of the holy Inquisition, was charged with conducting the campaign and he became one of the most gruesome executioners that world history has ever known.

Simon de Montfort led the crusade against his own countrymen, most of whom were Cathars. It was a horrible massacre.

During the conquest of Bériers 60,000 people were killed, whether they were Christian or Cathar.

“For God knows who are his!” cried the abbot of Citeaux.

He also confessed to Pope Innocent that he was only able to kill 20,000. The surviving population fled to the forests and the mountains. Only Carcassonne remained as a fortification and no one dared defend it.

Hundreds there were hanged, and 500 burned. The people tried running to the nobles for protection, but the nobles fell one by one as the kindness of the Savior shone in its full brilliance.

At the fortress of Minerva it was promised that those who repented would be allowed to live. They were burned anyway!

“If he lies, he will get what he deserves. If he converts to the true faith the fire will extinguish his sin.”

That was the standard procedure which they used during the entire Inquisition. These Knights of the Holy Spirit, murdered, hanged, burned and broke on the wheel, not just individuals, but hundreds and thousands of people.

The church needs to own this. It’s part of their history. A few hundred were killed at Lavour with love and with extreme joy. 12,000 were murdered at Maurillac and Toulouse with unspeakable joy.

The entire South of France was destroyed and not a single stone remained standing. All the fortresses were destroyed. The nobles were hanged or burned, and the noble ladies were stoned out of gallantry so they didn’t have to suffer the indignity of being hanged or burned at the stake.

The church thought it had won and on the outside it seemed that way. The land was decimated. There was no trace of the heresy or the deeply hidden beliefs. But that was only on the outside. Never before had such a hatred penetrated so deeply into the hearts of the general population as after the massacre at Toulouse. Scarcely had the last Cathar finished spitting out his dying venomous curse against Jesus as he burned at the stake before the new priestess of Satan proudly and powerfully raised her terrible head, the witch!

But that is a totally different story for another time. Right now we are talking about the Albigensian crusade of the church against its own population in southern France.

I mentioned earlier, that southern France was actually the high point of civilization at that time in the whole Western world with its mingling of cultures. It consisted of the cultures of the Christians, of the Arabs, of the the Jewish people and of the Bogomils.

PS: I have started a new Facebook discussion group called Organic Gnosticism. Feel free to join if interested.

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