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I thought I might do a quick blog sharing some information that might clarify some things I’ve written about lately. Currently I really seem to be exploring some deep astral stuff, and doing a lot of reading. But I’ve also had personal experiences to go by as well. I’d like to share a few astral snap shots just to give an idea of what I’m talking about.

What I’m really trying to do is get a better grasp on what is real and not real in the astral planes. Back when I was living in Phoenix over twenty years ago I tried to make contact with a local Gardnerian Wicca group. I wrote them since there wasn’t email in those days. A few nights later I woke up in fright because there was the heavy weight of a person on my chest! My Gardnerian contact had decided to check me out I suppose…

In any respect I took it as an unwanted personal attack and with my connection to Source I blasted him back to where he came from and had the vivid image of him on all fours on his bed puking at the recoil of energies. I know that these projections have weight because I have experienced them.

In reading “Through The Gates Of Death” by Dion Fortune and the fiction murder mysteries of M. R. Sellars I find the experiences of his character quite believable because I’ve had my own experiences with both the dead and dying. None of them very pleasant. M. R. Sellars describes his character getting sucked into the murder and reliving it so powerfully that he almost dies at times. I can vouch for those types of experiences as well.

With some small differences…his are fictional? Based on what??? I’m certain they are based on some real experiences of his own. When I was working as a family crisis councilor there was a case where a teenage boy was having some real troubles and I astrally tried to tap into what was going on. I discovered that he had an entity attached to him and when I tried to removed it by absorbing it I succeeded in removing it from the teenager but that night I had a horrible nightmare in which I relived the death of the entity just like it was described in M. R. Sellar’s books.

In this case a few years earlier this boy’s best friend had committed suicide at this boy’s house and he had been the one to find him. Because I had to relive the death myself I know exactly what happened and it was an accidental death. The dead boy had been playing “The Game” where he was choking himself by hanging in the bathtub while masturbating and he lost consciousness and died. His friend found his naked body hanging in the bathtub from the shower. The dead boy had attached himself to his friend and several years later was still attached until I severed that connection and helped send his spirit into the light.

As for experiences with the dying, my wife’s mother attempted to take possession of my wife’s body on her deathbed and I’ve previously shared that story. I’ve also shared how her father tried to take over my own body on his death bed. When my own mother died I projected to her and helped her remain calm until I could call in some angels and spirits to take care of her because she was very frightened.

One time I had been messing with a powerful electromagnet that I had devised to polarize my aura and astral bodies. Later I was lying down on the bed with my head to the east when I suddenly went out of body and swung to the north like the needle on a compass and wiggled back and forth until I stopped. It was a very strange experience!

I’ve written about some of my soulmate cycles. During these cycles there are powerful bonds between me and the other person. Once this bond was so strong that while lying down on my bed I felt each chakra “pop” like a light bulb and I was pulled out of body by a strong astral cord about two inches thick coming out of the top of my head and attached to her as she was driving away down the road in her car. I was being towed behind her car like a balloon or blimp. I later returned to my own body via the earth connection.

I can’t even begin to share some of the strange things that I’ve experienced in my life…but I read and do research because I want to understand these things better…these books make it clear that others have had similar experiences and that is important to me.

I hope everyone finds some of my stories of interest…these things are very real to me and I live permanently in two worlds…


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This will probably be a strange post, but I wanted to share it anyway. I try to be open to the ascension energies and allow myself to be directed by my higher self when possible. In the past two weeks I’ve purchased over $300 dollars of used books for some reason or another. Some of them deal with the subjects of magic, hypnotism and tantric sexuality. Just to give an example I’ve got books ordered on Freemasonry, the Order of the Eastern star, fiction books by Dion Fortune and M.R. Sellars (writer of wiccan fiction), Books about P. B. Randolph (Rosicrucianism and sex magic) books by Marie Naglowska, Russian occultist and sex magic practitioner; and some others I can’t think of right now. Oh, yes, noted occult fiction writere Marie Corelli for one.

Something is trying to make it’s way to the surface of my brain and it’s definitely going to be powerful and interesting. One of the other things I’ve been reading about is what happens at the moment of death. Lot’s of low level astral stuff that’s trying to get through right now for some reason.

I’ve been pretty conversant with hypnotism and NLP or Neuro Linguistics Programming, in fact, I studied NLP quite seriously at one time and have eight books on it. I also know someone that trained to be certified as an NLP instructor several years ago. He once told me about the graduation ceremony they participated in after finishing the certification class. Each member of the class walked barefoot about twenty feet through a path of glowing coals without being injured. He said it was like walking through cool moss. But he also said that one man freaked out and got badly burned. They needed to take him to the emergency room at a nearby hospital.

I was interested and asked him if he thought it was the belief of the entire group that made it possible or if he could still do it on his own by himself. He didn’t know but thought that it was the belief of the entire group that keep them all safe. He didn’t think that he could successfully repeat it on his own.

The fiction of Dion Fortune had some really interesting usages for hypnotism that she described. One use was to hypnotize a member of the secret order and use them as an occult telephone to contact other occult groups around the world. She made it seem quite common.

F.B. Dowd was the head of a Rosicrucian group that was originated by P.B. Randolf. He wrote a fiction story called “The Double Man” that talked about a doctor that used hypnotism to sexually take advantage of a young girl that was in his care. One of the interesting points in the story was that the doctor would never tell the girl his hypnotic suggestions, but she needed to read them from his mind…a very interesting and powerful concept.

The point being that the use of hypnosis apparently led to truly magical phenomenon that defied what we consider within the realm of possibility. These went well beyond what is considered possible with hypnotic suggestion.

Some of these occultists also worked with human sexuality and there were two approaches that differed widely. The first was a sacred use of sexuality that didn’t require physical intercourse, but required spiritual or astral mating instead for the creation of the soul and its powers. Dion Fortune speaks of this type of sexual magic as does wiccan occult writer M.R. Sellars. I will include P.B. Randolf and Marie Naglowska in this category as well which is why I’m drawn to their books on this subject. This type of magic is the basis of the Holy Grail legends. This is the stuff of which soulmates are made.

But the second path is not one that uplifts the soul. Instead it abuses the soul, degrades it and creates victims out of the sexual bonds. It also makes use of physical sexuality of the most depraved kind. Aleister Crowley is an example of this type of sex magician and the women that he worked with suffered mental and emotional breakdowns as the consequence of working with him and being involved with him. This path also made heavy use of hypnosis and suggestion to get results.

So that’s the subject matter, but I haven’t done much research yet. I’m still waiting for some more books to arrive. But I’ve started the process and like I mentioned, something is trying to rise into my awareness, something very important…I will share it when I can…




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Wow! Talk about intense energies!  As we near the end of the year our supply of spiritual light becomes limited and some even run out…We eagerly await the coming year’s influx of spiritual light and we prepare ourselves to receive as much as we can. At least that is what we should be doing…

Tradition  has this darkest time of the year as quite challenging. Are we experiencing the total collapse of our dreams or will we experience the Christmas miracle at the last moment? Will this be a time of despair or celebration? I can only speak for myself.

But first I would like to share that this year things are affecting me on the physical level, making changes to my physical life and not just my spiritual life. That might sound meaningless to others so I will try to explain.

Back in 1991 I experienced the most profound spiritual experience of my life, the crossing of the Great Abyss and my merging with God or Source. At the time I was totally living in my head and very dysfunctional in physical life. I had lost my connection to earth.

In fact, I had a magickal encounter with the Crowley energies that completely severed my silver cord causing it to erupt in flames and be destroyed. My awareness survived by retreating into the safety of Source where I not only survived but began the process of regeneration and coming back down to the earth planes.

There was an active and dynamic process at work that was sifting through all the levels of my soul, healing and rebuilding them from scratch from the top down. It started with the spiritual energies and gave me spiritual illuminations which helped me to understand archetypal reality. Then it moved down into my mental levels completing my philosophy of life or personal paradigm if you will.

Then the activity began to take place in my emotional levels and continued working downward as it permanently activated my various astral bodies one by one and granted me the ability to permanently live in both worlds, the physical and the unseen astral worlds.

1993-95 were years of almost constant magickal battle as I was almost continuously attacked. I fought back the only way I knew how, by channeling the Source energies in my defense. I studied the kabbalah, and freemasonry. I was initiated into both the York Rite of Freemasonry and Crowley’s OTO. There were life conflicts and I became an over the road truck driver, unable to actively participate in either of these schools. While I was attacked, my connection to Source was my shelter, my armor and my weapon. My world could collapse around me, but I was never in real danger.

I continued to work with the healing energies of Organic Gnosticism and gradually left all these influences behind me. I dropped my life long membership in the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and the Traditional Martinist Order. I also became active in the pagan community as I continued working with the energies of earth and human sexuality. I was interested in these things because they involved the lower astral energies and those were the energies that were active inside me at the time.

But through all these years it was only astral activity and even though it brought the development of my soul and its powers through the permanent activation of my various astral bodies, nothing really manifested in the physical plane. Physical life continued to be a hardship and struggle against unrelenting forces.

The point of all this is that a process that began inside myself over thirty years ago has finally reached the point where no further downward astral activity is possible and physical manifestations are beginning to occur in my life. I am becoming physically empowered and it is pretty nice! Good things are happening and I’m really grateful and looking forward to the coming changes. I’ve been waiting for over thirty years for these things to happen and they finally are…

These past threads of my life are now snapping back together in empowering ways as I’ve reported in past posts. I am being empowered through my past connections as they once more come into alignment with my soul and with Source. I seem to be experiencing the Christmas miracle and my heart is filled with love and good-will for all life. These past areas of conflict have become magically supportive instead.

There has been an ongoing war for this world and I have been caught up in it for many years now. This war has already been won on the astral planes and is only now beginning to manifest physically. I’ve shared over and over again, strive for the goal and don’t fall into the trap of conflict. Conflict is only mutually destructive.

Between now and the winter solstice we will see who is who within our society and around the world. We will see which dreams collapse and which dreams embrace the incoming energies of the new year. We are currently experiencing The Event!




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I’ve been spending a lot of time this past month reconnecting to my past, in particular retracing some of my personal spiritual journey and it continues to take up a lot of my time. As I go back over past material and things I’ve learned I’m looking at all of it with a more experienced eye so to speak. That means I’m more able to sort the wheat from the chaff and really get to the core or heart of things.

None of these spiritual traditions are Organic Gnosticism, yet Organic Gnosticism lies at the very foundation of all of them in the most basic form of all. Organic Gnosticism is the wisdom of life itself and requires no teachings, only the requirement of living a full and complete life in a balanced way! It’s spiritual path is a personal path unique to each individual as they follow the guidance of the Christ spirit within their own hearts. It is a path of accumulated life experience and good-will toward others which includes the full spectrum of what life has to offer.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing I see is how far we as a society and culture have distanced ourselves from the organic reality of physical life and continue to live in our heads. We also have forgotten how important community really is, how important family really is in an organic and physical way. We need to reintegrate our hearts, our emotions and most important our physical reality in the present moment.

So what I’m left with is the importance of good-will to others, the ability to see the divinity within all things and the importance of good actions and good thoughts in the uplifting of the soul. These are all very basic organic things in life and therefore an important part of Organic Gnosticism.

For the past three years I’ve paid for listing a local meetup group in the hopes of attracting local people in my community with the same values and interests that I have. People signed up as members but only two or three ever showed up to meet for coffee…then they too stopped coming…no interest…or not enough interest…

A similar thing happened with online communities like Narrative.org. Everyone is so busy doing their own thing that they have no time for community or collective activities. I’m not saying this is right or wrong…I’m just saying that’s the way things are in today’s world. I would also like to share the obvious, sharing within an online community is not as organic as sitting down across the table having coffee with someone and having a heartfelt conversation. If you have a choice, go with the coffee shop!

The new energies are now in place and its time to begin taking advantage of them! From now on there is only the present moment. What are you doing in the present moment? What opportunities are open to you right now in the present moment? What organic opportunities are open to you in the present moment? How can you share in meaningful ways with others?

I thought that having a Meetup group would provide the organic opportunities to meet other people and make new friends, but it didn’t. There was not enough interest. I even considered joining a local church to connect with others that had similar spiritual values. But that wasn’t really a good fit because my spirituality was of the heart and conscience and not of an external authority such as the Church or the Bible (which I consider to be symbolic and not literal).

I also thought that renewing my MENSA membership would allow me to connect in a satisfying way with others who shared some of my spiritual beliefs and values. To my dismay I found that MENSA groups on Face Book and other online communities were full of head trippers without any meaningful heart connections. They were also very politically correct and simple echo chambers of popular thought. Most were rational atheists that didn’t recognize the spirituality that was so important in my own life. For the most part these people were full of intellectual pride, considering themselves above the common folk. That is not what I was looking for.

So the closest thing to what I desired was the local masonic lodge. The Blue Lodge is the original foundation of Freemasonry with its roots going back to early Christianity around AD 935. It’s requirements are to believe in a Supreme Being, to follow one’s conscience in all things and the importance of community or fraternity and doing good deeds. Let me be specific here. I’m talking about the Blue Lodge of Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern Star which is for both men and women. I am not talking about higher levels of speculative Freemasonry such as the York Rite or Scottish Rite. I place important distinctions between them.

I’ve shared how the spiritual path is different for males and females, and I’ve also shared how important interaction and relationships between the opposite sexes are in the creation and development of the soul and its powers. In this respect the Blue Lodge and the Order of the Eastern Star are the closest thing that I can find for local and organic interaction that fulfills both of these requirements. They are also found within almost every community! This is why they are both now becoming very important to me in my continued spiritual journey. They provide an organic path of human interaction that is available to me in my local community and I look forward to meeting new friends and sharing a common journey.

I will continue to share my ongoing spiritual journey in future posts for those interested. Making the transition from a purely speculative path (spiritual and philosophical) to an organic (action and experience oriented) is a formidable task because the gap between them is so wide…the key to uniting them lies within our hearts…and within the still small voice of our conscience. It also requires the continued good-will between men and women as they share their respective spiritual journeys.

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I would like to begin this essay with an excerpt about the Kali Yuga from the book The Yoga of Power: Tantra, Shakti, and the Secret Way by Julius Evola. It will serve as an introduction to some of the concepts that I would like to address in this essay.

The intent was to convey the idea that Tantrism represents an extension or a further development of those traditional teachings originally found in the Vedas and later articulated in the Brahmanas, the Upanishads, and the Puranas. That is why the Tantras have claimed for themselves the dignity befitting a “fifth Veda,” that is, a further revelation beyond what is found in the traditional four Vedas. To this they added a reference to the doctrine of the four ages (Yugas) of the world. It is claimed that the teachings, rites, and disciplines that would have been viable in the first age (the Krita or Satya Yuga, the equivalent of Hesiod’s “Golden age”) are no longer fit for people living in the following ages, especially in the last age, the “dark age” (Kali Yuga, the “Iron Age,” the “Age of the Wolf” in the Edda). Mankind in these later ages may find knowledge, a worldview, rituals, and adequate practices for elevating humans over and beyond their condition and for overcoming death (mrityun javate), not in the Vedas and in other strictly traditional texts, but rather in the Tantras and in the Agamas. It is stated therefore that only Tantric practices based on Shakti (shakti-sadhana) are suitable and efficacious in our contemporary age: all the others are considered to be as powerless as a snake deprived of its poison.

Although Tantrism is far from rejecting ancient wisdom, it is characterized by a reaction against (1) a hollow and stereotypical ritualism, (2) mere speculation or contemplation, and (3) any asceticism of a unilateral, mortifying, and penitential nature. It opposes to contemplation a path of action, of practical realization, and of direct experience. It’s password is practice (sadhana, abhyasa). This runs on the lines of what may be designated the “dry way,” resembling the original Buddhist doctrine of the awakening, with its reaction against a degenerated brahmanism and its dislike of speculations and hollow ritualism. One among the many Tantric texts remarks rather significantly:

It is a womanly thing to establish superiority through convincing arguments; it is a manly thing to conquer the world through one’s power. Reasoning, argument, and inference may be the work of other schools [shastras]; but the work of the Tantra is to accomplish super human and divine events through the force of their own words of power [mantras].

And also:

The special virtue of the Tantras lies in its mode of Sadhana. It is neither mere worship [upasana] nor prayer. It is not limiting or contrition or repentance before the Deity. It is the Sadhana which is the union of Purusha and Prakrti; the Sadhana which joins the Male Principal and the Mother Element within the body, and strives to make the attributed attributeless… This Sadhana is to be performed through the awakening of the forces within the body… This is not mere “philosophy,” a mere attempt to ponder upon the husks of words, but something which is to be done in a thoroughly practical manner. The Tantras say: “begin practicing under the guidance of a good Guru; if you do not obtain favorable results immediately, you can freely give it up.”

Thus Tantras often employ an analogy taken from medicine: the efficacy of the doctrine, like a drug, is proved by the results it produces, and in this particular case, by the siddhis, or powers, that it grants. Another text says: “Yoga siddhis are not obtained by wearing yoga garments or by conversation about yoga, but only through tireless practice. This is the secret of success. There is no doubt about it.”

In the previous quotation referring to the body, another important point was alluded to. The analysis of the last age, the “dark age” or Kali Yuga, brings to light two essential features. The first is that mankind living in this age is strictly connected to the body and cannot prescind from it; therefore, the only way open is not that of pure detachment (as in early Buddhism and in the many varieties of yoga) but rather that of knowledge, awakening, and mastery over secret energies trapped in the body. The second characteristic is that of the dissolution typical of this age. During the Kali Yuga, the bull of Dharma stands on only one foot (it lost the other three during the previous three ages). This means that the traditional law (Dharma) is wavering, is reduced to a shadow of its former self, and seems to be almost succumbing. During Kali Yuga, however, the goddess Kali, who was asleep in the previous ages, is now fully awake. I will write at greater length about Kali, a prominent Tantric goddess, in the following pages; for now, let us say that this symbolism implies that during the last age elementary, infernal, and even abyssal forces are untrammeled. The immediate task consists in facing and absorbing these forces, in taking the risk of “riding the tiger,” to use a Chinese expression that may best describe this situation, or “to transform the poison into medicine,” according to a Tantric expression. Hence the rituals and special practices of what has been named Left-Hand Tantrism, or the Path of the Left Hand (Vama-marga), which despite some problematic aspects (orgies, use of sex, etc.) represents one of the most interesting forms within the trend analyzed in this study.

It is therefore stated – and this is significant – that considering the situation of the Kali Yuga, teachings that were previously kept secret may now be revealed in different degrees, though a word of caution is issued concerning the danger they may represent for those who are not initiated. Hence what we have so far mentioned: the emergence, in Tantrism, of esoteric and initiatory teaching.

A third point must be emphasized. In Tantrism the passage from the ideal of “liberation” to that of “freedom” marks an essential change in the ideals and ethics of Hinduism. It is true that even previously the ideal of the jivanmukta had been known. The word means “one who is freed,” that is, the one who has achieved the unconditioned, the sahaja, while alive, in his own body. Tantrism introduces a specification, however: to the existential condition of mankind living in the last age, it relates the overcoming of the anti-thesis between enjoyment of the world and the ascesis, or yoga, which is spiritual aimed at liberation. “In the other schools – thus claim the Tantras – one excludes the other, but in the path we follow these opposites meet.” In other words, a discipline is developed that allows one to be free and invulnerable even while enjoying the world, or anything the world may offer. In the meantime, the world ceases to be seen in terms of maya – that is, pure appearance, illusion, or mirage – as is the case in Vedantic philosophy. The world is not maya but power. This paradoxical coexistence of freedom, or of the dimension of transcendence in oneself, and enjoyment of the world, of freely experimenting with the world’s pleasures, carries the strictest relation with Tantrism’s formula and main goal: the union of the impassive Shiva with the ardent Shakti in one’s being and at all levels of reality.

This leads us to consider a further fundamental element of Tantrism, namely, Shaktism. In the complex movement called Tantrism, the central role was played by the emergence and predominance of the figure and of the symbol of a goddess or divine woman, Shakti, in its various epiphanies (especially under the forms of Kali and Durga). She may be either portrayed by herself, as the supreme principle of the universe, or reproduced under the species of multiple Shakti’s, that is, female divinities who accompany male Hindu gods (who had enjoyed a greater autonomy in the previous era), and even various Buddhas and bodhisattvas of late Buddhism. This marks the emergence in a thousand forms of the motif of divine couples, in which the feminine, Shaktic element enjoys a great role, to the point of becoming the predominant element in some of its currents.

Organic Gnosticism is the tantric teaching for the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is an age and according to ancient texts it is considered the last age of a great cycle. Tantrism is a specialized sacred practice of soul development and spirituality during this last age. In fact, it is believed that no other spiritual or religious doctrines and practices are effective during this time. In fact, “all the others are considered to be as powerless as a snake deprived of its poison”. This is a very strong statement to make and should be considered carefully. It is against superficial and empty religious practices, against speculation, meditation, and suffering or penitence of any kind.

This practice involves the joining of male and female energies within the body and is not theoretical, but eminently practical and giving immediate results. Again these are strong words to be considered carefully. Tantrism is clearly a path of action.

Another final point is made. Tantrism is so powerful and dangerous it is to be kept secret in all the other ages and only made available during the Kali Yuga.

This brings up the main question, is the current age which we are living in representative of the Kali Yuga? It also brings up a second question, if so, why are the secret teachings of Tantrism not widely known in today’s world?

It is accepted that approximately every two thousand years a new and higher vibrational energy is introduced into our world. We speak of this as happening with a change from one sign of the zodiac to another. We have just left the age of Pisces and entered the age of Aquarius. A great cycle is considered one complete trip around the zodiac.

What is not so widely known is that each age brings in a totally new energy and causes the activation of that energy center or chakra within the human body. The last two thousand years has been dominated by concrete spiritual energy, archetypal thinking, Christianity, Christ Consciousness and the development of the third eye. The cycle previous to the last was dominated by abstract mental energy, philosophy, logic and reason, reading and writing, development of the soul or observer self and the throat chakra.

With the advent of each new age the energies of the old age are always considered evil and corrupt. They are considered satanic. Followers of the old energies have always been persecuted. During the last age or Christian era “faith” was most important, not scientific or logical proof. Hairsplitting dialectic arguments were frowned upon as making a mockery of spiritual truths. Both the Jews and the Irish at various points in their history were highly literate and suffered greatly because of it. The power of the last age was not in mental creations but in spiritual creations.

The current age, the age of Aquarius, brings in a completely new energy that is higher and more powerful than that of the last age, the Christian age. This is the energy and vibration of unity, the level at which all things merge into spiritual light. It is also the nuclear threshold where mass and energy can be converted for peace or destruction. This is the level of the crown chakra and at this level all opposites are resolved and duality no longer exists. So the next two thousand years will be dominated by the powerful energies of unity and the crown chakra.

Unfortunately, these energies are not accessible to very many lifeforms. In fact these energies are not accessible to very many humans! So there seems to be a great discrepancy here. What do the energies of Christianity, the third eye and spiritual faith have to do with the Kali Yuga? The last age? More importantly, what do the energies of unity and the crown chakra have to do with the Kali Yuga? It seems that the energies of the Kali Yuga are the lowest possible energies and not the highest possible energies! It would seem that we are heading toward a golden age and not a dark age!

There is also the question of Gaia’s ascension. How is it that Gaia can ascend on the energies of unity and the crown chakra? The lower life forms on Gaia’s surface have no access to such high vibratory energies. How can this mystery be resolved?

The answer lies in the cosmic keyboard itself. There are two types of energies that dominate this new age! They are harmonics and octaves of each other and vibrate in unison as one single energy. They are the highest and the lowest energies possible! The other energy is the vital organic energy of life itself, sexual orgasm energy and it is utilized by all life forms. This energy is the Garden of Eden energy and the energy that fuels Gaia’s ascension. It manifests through the DNA and cellular life of all living things.

Those lifeforms that cannot access the unity and crown chakra energies have free access to this lower vital life force energy! It is abundantly available to all living things. This is sexual orgasm energy! This is Tantric energy! This is the energy of the male and female combined! This is the energy of Divine Counterparts!

Suddenly things have changed. For those accustomed to the spiritual energies of the third eye and Christianity, or even to the lower mental energies of the throat chakra, to logic and reason and philosophical speculations, these Tantric energies seem of no consequence and unimportant. They are not taken seriously. But they should be! These old eon high level energies are no longer effective in developing the soul or raising the human condition. They are no longer useful for true empowerment! For those unable to access the unity energies of the crown chakra the next two thousand years is the dark age, the Kali Yuga, the age of dissolution. The only path available for the development of the soul is Tantrism! For those that can do this earth will become the new Garden of Eden!

This is the age when gods and goddesses will once more walk upon the earth and mingle with ordinary mortals! These gods and goddesses will be Divine Counterparts whose individual awarenesses will include the full spectrum of existence, the highest and the lowest of energies and reveal the complete mysteries of love and sexuality!

It is the teachings of Organic Gnosticism and Tantra that will assist humanity as it deals with the coming dark age where no other mystery schools are effective in their work!


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As I reconnect with the old traditions and reintegrate the teachings I want to share some of the more important things I am becoming aware of, things that are important in this new cycle and important parts of Organic Gnosticism.

Perhaps one of the most important concepts is that the physical body is vitally important because it is the physical body that generates the energies that create the soul itself! In a way the soul is an extrusion of the physical body. Once the soul is fully formed and activated it can exist independently of the physical body, but until then a physical body is required for its maintenance and continued development.

Various religions in the past have alluded to this by saying that living in a physical body allows the soul to develop and grow much faster than without one. It is also mentioned that the difficulties and challenges of a mortal life cause more rapid development of the soul. These are all ways of saying much the same thing. It is the physical body that generates the energies that create and sustain the soul and the non-physical bodies.

A second concept is that the complete soul integrates seven fully activated astral bodies which are created from the following energies:

Unity or Abstract Spiritual: The energies of Unity are those of spiritual light and vital life energy which are available to all living things. This forms the 8th body or the Complete Soul.

Concrete Spiritual: These are the energies of the archetypal world. Here we find the basic blueprints of all creation which can be accessed through inspiration and direct illumination. These things are self evident and do not require logic or reason to understand them. We can access these spiritual things through prayer, meditation and study.

Abstract Mental or philosophical energies: These are the energies of creative thought directed in the formation of complex world views or paradigms that explain the world to us and in doing so, allow us to successfully navigate our integrated soul/body through physical life. This is where the power of logic and reason makes itself known as mental discipline.

Concrete Mental: It is these energies that grant us discernment of the physical senses and through them, an understanding of the physical world which we live in. In all things we should try to dispel the illusions!

Upper Emotional: While the mental energies may grant awareness and intelligence, it is the emotions that grant the richness of life and physical experience. Without the richness of the emotions life would not be worth living…these energies are often expressed through the arts such as music, painting, literature and other forms.

Lower Emotional: The lower emotional energies are even more important than most people think because anger, frustration and despair can be empowering when they cause change in our lives. When these energies are correctly used and developed they increase personal power through persistence and the development of the will and resolution. When you work at those things that are difficult mastery becomes possible and that is the only way to develop true mastery!

Etheric: These are the energies that sustain life itself within the physical body. In a very real sense these are the energies that create the physical body. They are the pattern or template within the DNA itself that unfolds energetically to create the physical bodies our souls reside in. This is where we tap into primal instincts and forces that fight to sustain life on this planet, within the human race and in our own physical bodies.

Elemental: At the deepest level these are the male/female polarities of the actual cells and molecules of our physical bodies which determine the gender of our physical body. This is the pure sex energy of the incomplete sperm or ovum that attracts or repels according to its nature.
So our physical bodies are capable of generating any and all of these energies on a daily basis. It is when we live in such a way that each of these energies is generated on a daily basis that we experience the greatest that life has to offer. It is through the act of living intensely that we develop our souls to the greatest ability possible. And it is when we generate these energies that we automatically attract the needed opposite sex energy to us to mingle with our own in love relationships.

Generating these energies will draw the necessary individuals and circumstances into our lives. It will allow us to be where we need to be at the exact time when doorways will open for us! That is why the body is the true temple of the soul!

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New and powerful energetics continue to snap into place daily. These new alignments energetically support new ways of being and our new world. The only way I know how to express these things is through my own personal experience which I believe reflects a global experience others are having as well.

I wrote about some of this in one of my last posts, but didn’t write from the perspective that I’m now writing from. At the age of eighteen I was irresistibly drawn to the Rosicrucian Order AMORC at a very difficult period in my life. I remained an active member with them for over 23 years essentially completing their course of degree study, thus becoming an elder of that tradition. Now being an elder in any given tradition is a position of power and influence…that should be obvious.

It should also be obvious that a spiritual tradition such as the Rosicrucians has a powerful egregore and magical force with which it protects its members. Every day people enter into the “spiritual protection” of different traditions around the world. This power has the ability to not only protect but change entire lives…

Then there came a point in my life when I made a split with this tradition because the development of my soul was going in a different direction and while there was no direct conflict, there was no support either. I was on my own, totally on my own and that was fine with me. I had left this spiritual tradition that had been a part of my soul development for many lifetimes and I experienced a lot of resistance, not from them, but from everywhere else because I no longer had that spiritual protection. I had placed myself outside the Order. I had given up my right to speak as an elder for that tradition.

This also happened with other traditional mystery schools that I was involved with such as Free Masonry and the Traditional Martinist Order. I stepped outside of them and outside of their protection in the pursuit of something I called Organic Gnosticism.

Now if you travel completely around the world in one direction you will eventually arrive at the same point from which you started. That is what my personal spiritual journey has been like and in this past week there has been a remarkable alignment as doors have been opened for me to rejoin these old mystery schools, and not only rejoin, but allowed my former place within them as an elder! And now for the first time both I and Organic Gnosticism are aligned with these traditions! When there was division is now Unity! I have once more come under the spiritual protection granted by membership in these schools!

But these spiritual schools have also benefited by the empowerment of Organic Gnosticism which I bring to them as well. So there is a powerful expansion and grand alignment of energetics taking place through the major channels of spiritual power as all these things harmonize together. I only share the part of what is happening in my life, but I’m certain that other’s could share similar stories of personal empowerment as well. The various spiritual traditions are making final adjustments in preparation for Gaia’s next ascension phase.

The spiritual forces that I channel have now been added once more to those of these traditional schools and we are as one in our intention and direction and that is a powerful place to be!This happens just in time for the final battle for our world! The spiritual forces of the Light have already won this battle! It just needs to work itself out.

In summary my own personal life has been directly affected in a very positive and powerful way and I take that as a reflection of what is happening around the world for other lightworkers….

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