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Now that we talked about the Lunar cycle, the Solar cycle and the daily cycle we can talk about timelines and spheres of influence. In general the Spiritual Planes involve big picture events or mass events while the Magickal Planes involve more individual events. This means that things like wars, elections, pandemics and natural disasters; all things considered mass events sort themselves out in the Spiritual Planes before they can manifest as physical events. Our individual reactions and how those mass events affect us personally are sorted out in the Magickal Planes. This is just a general guideline but it shows how mass events project themselves ahead of time within the Spiritual Planes. In fact, the outcome of most mass events is determined one year ahead of time before they actually occur.

What I’m talking about can be considered global, national or even local and community timelines that gradually form around existing events as a probable blueprint of what will happen.

But individuals are the real wild cards and the sphere of influence of one single individual can wildly sway and alter the outcome of local, national and even global events! That is true magick!

So we need to look at the sphere of influence that an individual has. Let’s say the ordinary person has a sphere of influence of sixty miles. That means whatever this person does in their lives affects the lives of those around him or her for a radius of sixty miles. They affect friends, neighbors, coworkers and people they come in daily contact with and those people in turn come in contact with others.

Then there are those few people that have extremely large spheres of influence like celebrities, politicians and national leaders or the rich and powerful. But there is an even smaller group with an even larger sphere of influence and those are the masters and adepts that live behind the scenes and their sphere of influence is not in the number of people they influence but the quality of the few individuals that they influence! Through their sphere of influence these wild cards are able to create more wild cards until things truly become magickal and defy rational thought.

During the influx of Spiritual Light at the Winter Solstice these Wild Card individuals or masters and adepts draw incredible amounts of energy into them and into their timelines and when they compound that influx of energy by rupturing the astral fabric on a daily basis they become the kingpins that hold local reality stable around them.

So once more we see the importance of daily practice in living a magickal life. A true magickal practitioner creates timelines and not spells for one or two things of small consequence. They also put out immense amounts of energy on a daily basis and make every second of their life work for them!

Compare this to the ordinary person who goes with the flow in life only putting out as much effort as required to stay alive. These people are completely at the mercy of external events and are being constantly rattled as the foundations of their very world shakes beneath their feet. Which one are you?

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While most people think of Imbolc as the 2nd of February it is considered a lunar festival and not a solar festival. So we include the full moon that immediately precedes it because that is the point of maximum compression within the Spiritual Planes! Past that full moon the solar cycle will continue to compress the astral layers but the moon has already began to let up and the two activities work against each other. In any case Imbolc marks the midpoint of the solar cycle where the 118 layers of the Spiritual Planes begin to rupture from the highest to the lowest in preparation of the spring equinox where they will pass their energies on downward into the Magickal Planes in search of their counterparts.

It is during this time of year, from Imbolc to the Spring Equinox that you will gain insight into what needs to be done during the coming season. That which was merely a seed or an idea is gradually taking on form and struggling for manifestation. It is this struggle to survive that marks this time of year and it will be during the Spring Equinox that a determination will be made as to which seeds will continue to grow and which ones will die and become fertilizer for the others. So this time, the harshest time of the year, is marked by the struggle to exist against competing forces. The second full moon after Imbolc, the one just before the Spring Equinox, is one of the three most powerful full moons of the year.

If you consider the solar cycle to be a giant heart beat that circulates light and energy throughout Gaia’s energy systems, the winter solstice is when the energy leaves the heart and travels through major arteries. The summer solstice is when that same energy finally reaches the capillaries and is distributed at the cellular level prior to its return back to the heart and the lungs. So the Spring Equinox is when the energy enters the organs and this mid point time is when the energy travels through the main arteries of the body to the various organs.

Put another way the energy is choosing the main events and the most important individuals and directing that energy through them. How does the astral determine which events and individuals to empower? Through the rupturing of the astral planes! As the energy and stress builds it is the weak points that will rupture. So if your dream ruptures and collapses it is because it had too many weak spots or holes in it and wasn’t realistic! If it is well conceived and strong it will hold together and become empowered during this time of year.

I bring this up for those who think casting a magick circle and putting energy into it once is going to be enough to make a difference, it is at this point what they are trying to do will rupture and fail because it has too many holes in it.

Another point that I would like to make is that if an event is ripe for manifestation it might begin in the highest planes as an idea and during this period make it all the way down through all 118 layers to then give its energy to its counterpart in the Magickal Planes. Events and individuals can move swiftly up and down these astral layers or they might remain for years and even lifetimes stuck at a particular level depending on how much energy they are personally generating and adding to the mix.

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The Magickal Planes are in the southern hemisphere and extend outward to the hydrogen levels as well as reaching inwards to Gaia’s core. These of course have a manifesting or focusing quality and attempt to flush everything down the drain so to speak into physical manifestation. Remember both the Spiritual Planes and Magickal Planes are swirling around the Akashic Records at the equator which is the only thing that can manifest or has already manifested because it is balanced.

In practical terms this means that whatever is closest to physical reality and the most probable is what will likely happen. Or put another way, whatever is closest to what currently exists within the Akashic Record is what is most likely to happen. Ordinarily things don’t just magickally appear out of nowhere. Magick works with whatever has already manifested. That is why the old saying, “Possession is nine tenths of the law!”

So in the Magickal planes the idea is let’s get everything out of here! The heaviest stuff at the bottom goes first and anything that can find a match with the Spiritual Planes goes! It is kind of like throwing everything you have at the wall and seeing what sticks! You wanted a red corvette, it gives you a red Volkswagen! Well, at least it is red! So if you really want that red corvette you have to grab onto it in the higher or outer most levels and ride it on down not letting go of it. That means it might stay in the higher levels for awhile because there might not be any opportunities for a red corvette that are available right now. But if you hang in there you will be gradually drawn to one. It might be an older model or it might need repair or it might be just what you are looking for.

Remember that for something to physically manifest it needs its complement or opposite from the Spiritual Planes! So during the lunar cycle right before and after the full moon your dreaming astral self is working in the Magickal Planes trying to arrange that red corvette for you. Then during the other half of the lunar cycle your dreaming astral self is working in the Spiritual Planes trying to bring that red corvette to you as well.

The problem is that the astral resists change and will likely just absorb your energy and disperse it elsewhere. That is why the ability to rupture the astral fabric is so important! This is when “Possession is nine tenths of the law” is no longer valid because the astral fabric has ruptured and will put itself back together again in the most balanced way possible.

Many people that work magick believe in doing one spell and then letting things go. My own belief is that the Astral fabric resets itself twice a day so every single day you can be putting energy out there to bring that red corvette to you! This means rupturing the astral fabric in the Spiritual Planes and the Magickal Planes during the entire lunar cycle!

The greatest difficulty with magick is that most people don’t generate enough energy to make it work!

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The process of rupturing the astral planes for males is much more difficult and involved than it is for females but it is still possible. Remember there are many ways this can be done. The difficulty lies in finding a way that can be sustained over long periods of time to allow the alchemical process to purge and cleanse the soul and develop the various astral bodies. It also needs to be safe enough to prevent psychotic episodes as trapped packets of repressed and toxic energy are suddenly released.

The default seems to be the martial arts and sports which are the two things intense enough to ensure the rupturing of the astral planes on a daily basis for males. But we can find lots of other ways as well.

Something needs to be said at this point. Our jails are filled with troubled men, far more than troubled women. As a general rule females are more mentally and emotionally healthy and stable than males. This is probably due in part to how their monthly cycles allow repressed and toxic energies to naturally find their own way out through PMS and females are much more in touch with their emotional natures than men are. Again, biology itself gives the female an advantage in the ability to activate awareness points and the lower astral bodies.

In terms of using sexual orgasm energy to rupture the astral fabric the same way that women are able to do, sperm loss makes this almost impossible unless the male has mastered the tantric art of sperm retention. But this is possible and the way that I myself have traveled this path. I would refer those interested in this to read the book “Cultivating Male Sexual Energy” by Mantak Chia. Again, at this time I am not interested in writing about tantra and sexuality. I am writing this for a course on Organic Magick.

So if you are a male, find a way to rupture the astral fabric on a daily basis. Go to the gym twice a day and work out with kettlebells, long distance running, intense living or whatever. Energy is energy and the requirement is simply that you generate enough to ensure vivid and powerful dreams on a nightly basis so that awareness points and astral bodies can be activated.

The use of altered states and suggestion is even more important for males than for females because the risk of psychotic behaviors is even higher. Safety mechanisms need to be in place before one seriously begins working to rupture the astral fabric on a daily basis. Again, my free online course Organic Gnosticism does put these safety mechanisms into place so that the released negative and toxic energies can be safely released and brought up into awareness by using the OAK energy ball meditation to open and work with each chakra center in a balanced way.

Here is the list of possible astral bodies and their awareness points one more time. As you can see the list is finite. Development and activation is a purely mechanical process based upon the physical generation of energy on a daily basis over a long period of time. It is not based upon skill or technique.

Helium-Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Neon-Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Argon-Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Krypton-Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Xenon-Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Radon-Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Oganesson-Etheric Body=32 awareness points

In my next post I will share more about my personal journey and why I am convinced that this rupturing of the astral fabric on a daily basis is the same thing that has been taught as alchemy and hidden by the mystery schools for thousands of years.

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I have opened a can of worms with this subject and there is no graceful way to close it so here goes. This series of posts is intended for a new class I am creating called Organic Magick. I have no intention of being drawn into the equally interesting topic of tantra and sexuality. That can be for an even more advanced course later. Right now I am simply going to talk about rupturing the astral plane, how it happens and why it is needed. This is not theory and you can easily prove what I am about to share for yourself. I have.

But first let’s take another look at our list of possible astral bodies based upon the Periodic Table of Elements. You can see that each astral body or non-physical body is created out of a noble gas with a certain number of awareness points. In order to activate a certain astral body you first need to activate the appropriate awareness points and you do this ultimately by generating the needed energy with your physical body. I’m keeping things very simple here. If you generate the needed energy you will attract the opposite sex energy that you need as well. This will happen automatically and you don’t need to worry about it. The physical body will only generate the type of energy created by your own gender and physical body, male or female.

Helium-Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Neon-Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Argon-Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Krypton-Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Xenon-Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Radon-Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Oganesson-Etheric Body=32 awareness points

We need to rupture the astral fabric because the astral severely resists change and will absorb and diffuse most of the energies that we generate if it can. So most efforts at energy generation are simply not enough to make any difference. It simply gets siphoned away and diverted harmlessly.

The daily motions of the moon and sun function like a giant heart that alternately expands and compresses the astral planes causing it to reset itself twice a day. It is this heart beat effect that we take advantage of in the process of rupturing the astral planes.

It is this same heart beat effect that will absorb and diffuse the energy that you have generated unless you have generated so much that it can’t absorb it and diffuse it. When that happens the astral planes rupture and reset themselves in a new arrangement that is influenced by your input of energy. You have magickally altered things within the astral planes.

But the astral will always rupture at the weakest point and in the beginning that weakest point is always inside of us! It is a blockage or a wound or trapped energy that explosively bursts open like an open sore or boil. So in the beginning this process can be very unpleasant as we discover our individual weak points and personal demons. But by repeatedly rupturing the astral fabric over a long period of time we gradually plug the weak spots and make them stronger until the point is reached when the weak spot is no longer inside of us but outside of us!

This process happens with the development and activation of each astral body in turn as only one is developed at a time. This repeated rupturing and healing and purification is the real secret behind alchemy and the purification of the soul. So this practice of rupturing the fabric of the astral has been known for thousands of years.

To be safe the rupturing of the astral fabric needs to be in conjunction with some type of meditation that circulates the released toxins upward where they can be brought into awareness and released. Rupturing the astral fabric should not be attempted unless safety precautions have been put into place. My free online course Organic Gnosticism puts those safety precautions in place so that one can begin the alchemical work of rupturing the astral fabric and activating new awareness points.

The female is naturally created for this process of rupturing the astral fabric. She has a natural earth connection to Gaia and the Womb of Life. The female has the ability for multiple orgasms and for full body orgasm or the valley orgasm which sends the energy through the entire physical body as waves of sensation. It takes two long drawn out orgasms within the space of a few hours to rupture the astral fabric and this comes naturally to the female.

For the female what is missing is the need to use some form of meditation to circulate and lift the sexual energy up the spine to the crown chakra center. This is an easy addition and the female can easily create and activate new awareness points, especially the lower level ones so that developing and permanently activating the lower astral bodies and doing actual magick is quite easy and normal for her. Historically that is why witches were feared and burned.

To repeat, two long drawn out orgasms within a few hours of each other will rupture the astral fabric and produce vivid and often violent dreams as trapped toxic and negative energies are released and blockages cleared through dream activity. One orgasm is not enough! It is not the generation of this energy that ruptures the astral fabric, but the action of the sun and moon alternately squeezing and expanding the astral planes. The process of rupturing the astral fabric on a daily basis over long periods of time is what is described in the alchemical texts as the purification of the soul. In the beginning the weak point is inside us, but as we plug the holes and heal the wounds the weak spot will eventually be outside of us and that is when we can do true magick for the first time. That is when we develop the diamond body or the immortal physical body. We cannot be harmed.

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If we continue to reference the seven possible non-physical bodies and the awareness points required to permanently activate each some other things become apparent:

Helium-Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Neon-Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Argon-Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Krypton-Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Xenon-Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Radon-Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Oganesson-Etheric Body=32 awareness points

Noted occultist Dion Fortune tells how each astral world or astral body is controlled and ruled by the one directly above it. This is how it should work and how it does naturally work with ordinary consciousness and awareness.

But because many occultists have not fully developed the level immediately above the one they are working with they try to cheat the system by using sigils and magick circles that bypass the psychic censor! The need to bypass the psychic censor is proof that the level directly above the one you are trying to work is not fully functional and balanced and not under conscious control. It is not in control of the level directly beneath it!

We can have conscious awareness at each level. I do and working with the OAK energy ball meditation makes this possible. But it takes time and energy, lots of time and energy to develop full consciousness of all the levels!

It also shows why some occultists deal with so much unbalanced energies! Just saying. . .

It also shows how important it is to develop and activate each non-physical body and build lines of communication between each of them. It is not enough to simply work with heart center energy for example. Especially if true magick is worked on the etheric planes.

I will go so far as to say that I personally believe that putting energy into the lower levels without having first developed the upper ones is inviting psychotic breaks as trapped and toxic energies erupt and have no place to go except outward in physical behaviors.

And it is relatively easy to develop the upper levels because they require far fewer awareness points.

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What are awareness  points?

As we look at this list of the seven invisible but stable noble gases that create our non-physical astral  bodies we might ask ourselves, what are these awareness points and how do we develop them? We might also ask what is the difference between an awareness point in our Abstract Mental body and one that is in our Lower Emotional body?

Helium-Concrete Spiritual Body=2 awareness points

Neon-Abstract Mental Body=8 awareness points

Argon-Concrete Mental Body=8 awareness points

Krypton-Upper Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Xenon-Lower Emotional Body=18 awareness points

Radon-Immortal Physical Body=32 awareness points

Oganesson-Etheric Body=32 awareness points

If we take science as our guide we find that an awareness point is simply the addition of a proton and an electron and that there is no difference between an awareness point in our Abstract Mental body and one that is in our Lower Emotional body!

They are both the same and they are both generated and activated in the same way, by the addition of an electron and its opposite, a proton. Or put another way, by the addition of equal amounts of both male and female energy.

Depending upon our gender our physical body will only produce one type of energy, male or female, and we must get the needed opposite sex energy from someone else in an energy exchange with someone that needs our energy.

This will be someone that we are attracted to and they are attracted to us, although it is probably only a friendship and not romantic. And let’s say that one spark of awareness is generated by our interactions with Tom or Sally, and a different spark of awareness is generated by our interaction with Bill or Susan and so on. 

Gradually one by one we activate the needed awareness points to fill and activate an entire non-physical astral body. This will at first be filled with a composite energy we have received from several different people.

If this composite astral body is stable enough we will be attracted to someone and fall in love with them and they will replace that composite energy with their own soulmate energy, creating and activating permanent non-physical astral bodies for both of you.

This is a natural process and is happening all the time with people but happens very slowly because it takes immense amounts of energy that must be generated and most people do not physically generate enough energy to develop many points of awareness!

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Those that have followed my writings for a few years know that I am not a ritualist and don’t really subscribe to words of power. But as I begin working with the lower energies new insights and concepts come to me that I had not given serious consideration before. Some of them are quite simple and straight forward.

For example, enacting a physical ritual allows the physical body to participate and that brings deeper energies into play than if there was no physical ritual. In a way it is a no brainer. The ritual itself is not important but allowing the physical body to participate and add its own energies to the mix is important!

The same might be said for words of power. The Rosicrucians like so many other traditions have their vowel sounds or words which are encouraged to be intoned during ritual or meditation. Many magickal traditions have words of power and magickal phrases.

I am going to cut straight through the BS and get to the point. Intone the sound or word “Ohm” and extend it for as long as you can. What happens? You can feel your entire body vibrate! Think about that for a few moments. Your entire body is vibrating in harmony. Each cell is vibrating and adding its energy to the sound or song as the case may be.

Now add the energy of focused intention! Your focused intention is using the very energy of your vibrating cells to assist your magick! Just think how powerful that is!

But the sounds or words that you intone or sing should have personal meaning to you! That way they are more focused with intent! If they don’t mean anything to you they are useless! The words and the sounds and the movements have to come from you or they are not as effective.

Let’s take another example that makes OAK magickal practice different. Many magick workers use sigils as a means to bypass the psychic censor. Why would you want to bypass the psychic censor? Because part of your conscious awareness is in conflict with your magickal purpose and you want to get around it! That’s cheating! My next post in this new series will talk about how working with the energy ball meditation allows personal awareness to move smoothly from level to level so you don’t need to worry about the psychic censor!

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Free Organic Gnosticism Online Course

This course is now live and complete. I encourage everyone to check it out. It is completely free and offers those things I wish had been offered to me when I first started my journey. I wasn’t sure how I wanted things to go but everything seems to just fall into place. By going to the linked course page you can see the modules that I have completed and the lessons within them. I decided the best option was to create several smaller courses instead of one large one.

So this course links one to Source as a cosmic power source, opens energy channels down the spine by gradually opening the chakra centers, eliminating trapped and repressed toxins and negativity by turning them over to Source. The meditations culminate in the portal meditations that I’ve already given but we start out slow and every module has a different meditation. The main progress and work of this course is by doing the given meditations which in turn create permanent change within the astral bodies.

I include some early history of Organic Gnosticism up to Courtly Love and finish up with the Male/Female/Sexual Alchemy posts on duality and instructions on how to use them to balance your inner self by anchoring each of the stages to personal memories and experiences. The final four meditations will be about astral projection and a vist to the Akashic Records. Altogether a solid course and a good place to stop.

I’ve also included some beginning meditations on astral projection and the one on visiting the Akashic Records. So no more updates on this. Those interested will find their own way there.

The next course will be on Magick and the course after that will be on Tantra and soulmates. These will be in sequence with Magick coming next and Tantra and Soulmates as the last course. These advanced courses will not be open to the general public and will only be open to those who have finished the Organic Gnosticism Course! The course on Tantra and Soulmates will only be open to those who have completed both the Organic Gnosticism Course and the Magick course. This is in the interests of safety and security. Before I teach these things I need to know that you have done the needed groundwork! Most of the last two courses will consist of totally new material that I’ve not posted before. Some of it I’m only learning about now! And I’m not talking about ritual! Generally speaking I am not big on ritual. Real magick doesn’t require ritual because you are magickal!

So this is just a heads up! If you are interested in any of these courses I would suggest signing up for the Organic Gnosticism Course. It’s free! The coursework is actually quite light and most of the meditations are less than fifteen minutes apiece. The final meditations come in at around twenty or twenty-five minutes in length. My portal meditations have been running about that as well.

The strength of this course comes with the individual meditations for each module and the explanations that go along with them. There is the ability to ask questions and discuss as well.

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Organic Gnosticism Course Online Live!

Well folks, its here! At least the first four modules. I was torn between getting a few more modules done or allowing some people early access and my compromise is to let you, those who have followed me the longest, to begin early if you are interested in this amazing course. In a month just before the next full moon I will advertise this on my PaganSpace site.

It has been a life long dream of mine to have a mystery school and I was beginning to think that it would never happen. But I try to allow myself to be guided in these things and recently I was closing out some accounts that my wife had. As her spouse I was the only one with the authority to do it and I felt that she would approve of my spending that money on this Online Course which we both dreamed of. So I can offer this course free for a couple of years and then it needs to find a way to support itself.

That is why I could really use your help! For those interested in my work it would be very helpful if you would enroll in this course and give feedback and discussion on what works and what needs to be improved and perhaps what is missing. To be successful this course needs to hit the mark dead on! You all can help me to refine it to the highest quality possible.

I believe that I can complete this course in one year of weekly modules. Each module would have five or six lessons depending upon what seems most appropriate. This would be material that I wish I had known about years ago when I started upon this journey. That includes completely new material that I am just now in the process of discovering!

You have been following my posts for several years and know what a mess it is to try and find anything! Organizing this material into a course allows it to be easily found and referenced, but it also allows me to share more about why the material is important and a chance to answer questions if things are not completely understood.

The main tool that will be used in the course is a weekly meditation that will be given for a specific purpose. In the beginning this will be the OAK Energy Ball Meditation as I discovered it and used it myself, one chakra at a time. After we have moved on to portal work I will be adding pathworking meditations based upon the Tarot designations I just discovered through the Aurum Solis.

The use of these meditations is a very powerful tool that makes you familiar and comfortable with the altered states of consciousness and working with energies. It also helps to activate the chakra centers and harmonize them so that awareness can easily shift from one level to another. This is hands on experiential knowledge.

The difference between group portal meditations and individual meditations is profound! In group portal meditations each member of the circle helps every other member and the advancement is rapid. Individual meditation work is the final proof of competency though! Ultimately you need to be able to do things on your own and that is why both forms of meditations will be offered.

Each module will also have a historical section that will track the Organic Gnosticism movement up through the ages so that we can understand it better and be proud of it. There is nothing really new under the sun and we are simply taking what has always been know to a higher level of understanding.

Each module will have a scientific/psychological section that will attempt to place ancient concepts within a modern framework that is effective and empowering. A perfect example of this is placing the Hermetic Kabbalah upon the Periodic Table of Elements, something that has never been done before.

Lastly each module will have a section on self empowerment, beginning with Assertiveness Training and Anger Management. These are techniques and concepts that can be put into immediate practical use!

By now you all know me. Most of what I have to say is written in as few words as possible. But it would be really helpful if you would step up and help me find the best words! This Organic Gnosticism Course can be the most powerful and effective tool for personal empowerment out there! To do that people need to be impressed by it enough to recommend it to their friends. With your feedback and suggestions I can make it that impressive!

Hope to see you there!


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