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Uruz is the archetypal pattern that the entire universe follows. Since that is unknowable to humans we use this rune to mean the egregore of our personal magical belief system. Thus Uruz means each of these things, Organic Gnosticism, the DNA, computer code, algorithm and archetypal reality.

We see this reflected in the highest realms of abstract spiritual energy and concrete spiritual energy which lie above the great abyss. But there is a difference! Like the DNA Uruz exists at all levels and acts as a bridge for the life force to travel between the astral worlds and down into the physical world. It is an energetic pattern that exists in identical form at the highest levels and at the lowest levels and in between.

In the old eon which is now obsolete this pattern was the holy Kabbalah. That pattern has since been broken and replaced by a higher octave pattern that reproduces once more the original pattern of the DNA in all its wisdom and glory. We see glimpses of it within Organic Gnosticism, the ying/yang symbol, Chaos Theory, the Reciprocal Systems theory of Dewey Larson and most importantly within life itself, personal experience and the balance of male and female energies.

To use this rune is to channel the energies through organic archetypal pathways in a conscious manner as opposed to willfully trying to force the energies through unnatural pathways according to ego, distorted thinking and personal desire.

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I’ve just started some research on the Elder Futhark Runes. Each evening I am meditating on one rune and projecting my awareness into it to explore and receive impressions. So don’t be surprised if the information I get is different than others or similar to others. I can only share what each rune means to me at the deepest levels. After I go through the entire sequence I may need to clarify some of these individual impressions, but I’ve decided to share them as they come to me and are fresh…
Fehu is the source of the shaman’s power. It is vital life energy and the expansive power of growth and of living things. It is root chakra energy in its purest form and the image reminds me of growing things like trees and grain, even cactus, things that branch out and up. It is the living things that shoot out of the very earth itself in a burst of vitality and life force.

The straight vertical line comes straight out of the earth itself and gets its energy from mother earth like the shaman does or like a tree trunk.

I see that in books it is associated with cattle, movement and wealth….these are things that are also associated with root chakra energies! But I think that the association with the expansive vital life force energy hits the closest to its true meaning, for me at least.

This is also like a verb, in motion, constant motion, constant growth, constant expansion out into the world which can be likened to prosperity in a way.

When we think of each rune we need to realize that each rune depicts a psychological truth or spiritual truth and reality. To use that rune is to invoke that particular type of energy so Fehu is very potent in energizing our efforts by aligning them with the vital life force itself…

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Gaia Ascension Update: The New Shamanic Energies

Since the massive surge of energies that went through my root chakra on the 11th of September I’ve been trying to process what really happened in terms of Gaia’s ascension. I had to take a step back and look at the big picture once more.

Now I’ve been writing about Gaia’s ascension process since even before 2012 and shared my own visions and experiences with this ascension energy. Each year there have been certain days when I have been struck by energy so severely that I’ve had to take the day off and sleep the energy sickness away! Thankfully those days are few and far between, and I am an energy worker who channels these energies in a powerful way. 9/11 of this year was one of those days, although I didn’t get energy sickness per se.

It was root chakra energy and I’ve never had the energy strike my root chakra like that in such a powerful manner. Sure, my root chakra has been activated for years and I’ve gone for days and weeks with the constant buzzing of energy passing like an electrical current through the root chakra. But this was way different! It was massive, so massive that I was almost afraid! I also felt that my physical body was transmuting this energy and clearing away toxins and negativity. I was being a filter for this energy in some manner. I was part of a massive electrical circuit and my own component parts were having a tough time of it!

Thinking back over the years about Gaia’s ascension process one thing sticks out above all the others; how gentle it has been. As this ascension process has descended down through the astral layers activating each in turn, the process has not caused violent change in our physical world. Instead, what seems to have happened is that the underlying astral wiring that supports physical reality was changed from that moment going forward. Physical reality was left as if nothing had taken place. But things have certainly changed moving forward!

More specifically I’m thinking about how polarized our society has become and how that polarization has not been effective in causing any real change! Think about it! Fake News media and politicians have sought to polarize us one way or the other to make something happen and it never happens! It has been one dud after another!

So what is going on? Well, we are seeing the failure of the old way to get results through mass media manipulation. Energetically it doesn’t work any more. Gaia’s ascension energies come through at lower levels and ground the polarized energies at the last minute safely neutralizing them.

This is the first time that it has happened at the root chakra level with root chakra energies! That means Gaia’s ascension process has reached the level of root chakra energies and opened the gateway for shamanistic energies around the world! Shamans are the ones who work with the earth connection and with root chakra energies. This is the last astral level before physical manifestation!

The magic of the shaman and the vital life force has finally come back to Gaia in a very strong way that cuts through all the head tripping and even through all the spiritual noise…My own path is becoming more centered around shamanism, healing and empowerment through my earth connection.

In fact, my own polarity seems to have now switched from oriented to the spiritual light to a Gaia based earth centered position. I now seem to draw spiritual light energy through Gaia herself! Obviously something very major has just taken place energetically.

The magic of Organic Gnosticism and the Shaman have finally been activated in our brand new world! It is the wisdom and intelligence of the life force itself that now determines Gaia’s future progress, and humanity’s future progress as well…

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I’m going to share some intensely personal stories from my spiritual journey in the hopes that some people might be interested. Today is September 18, 2019 and my story took place sometime back in 1990 or 1991. While the experience is deeply embedded in my memory I didn’t realize the true significance of it until tonight while rereading the classic book “Way of the Shaman” by Michael Harner.

In this fascinating book he talks about some of the true stages of Shamanism and one of those stages is the collection of a power animal which is the true source of the shaman’s power. My spiritual path is Organic Gnosticism and while it has much in common with shamanism I had never considered the path of the shaman as my path until tonight.

Back then I had the extremely vivid dream of going down some earthen stairs deep into the earth. There was something about my grandfather and his grave that I don’t quite remember but there was a connection. In this dream vision I came to an underground sea and there was a horrible monster swimming in the sea. This monster was all teeth and very frightening. But I was fishing for it and there was an astral cord or cable that connected me to it and I began to reel it in as if I was fishing. It struggled mightily, but I finally managed to bring it ashore with its jaws snapping at me.

Then a most amazing transformation took place and the frightening monster became an alligator. This was a yellow alligator with a stubby tail and I began to think of it as my alligator puppy! I held it on a leash and it’s task was to protect me from all dangers. It was ferocious, but not to me. It was dangerous, but not to me. And over the following years when I felt that I was in danger I called upon my alligator puppy to protect me and it did!

Many years later my alligator puppy became more human and finally became so integrated that it is now a complete part of me and no longer separate. But for many years I could see and sense my alligator puppy beside me and guarding over me. It was reptilian and a part of myself that I was once afraid of…

Tonight in reading this book I suddenly realized that my alligator puppy was my power animal for all these years and that I had once taken the shaman’s journey to acquire it!

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From an astral point of view the yearly cycle is always similar in the mechanical function of preparing events for possible physical manifestation. In the past I’ve written about both the solar and lunar cycles and how they manipulate the astral planes. But a reminder is always helpful!

In this case the autumn equinox marks the end of a person’s ability to manipulate astral events in their own lives for the coming year 2020. It seems there is always a rush or crunch at the finish line as things compete in the astral planes for last minute advancement and this year has been no exception!

It is the time period from the autumn equinox to the winter solstice that the collective gets to modify our personal and individual efforts which are either given collective support or pushed back into the astral for further refinement over the coming year.

It is the combined actions of the solar and lunar influences that really compress the astral layers and force issues into a final resolution. So the recent full moon of September 14, 2019 brought the greatest level of stress. From now till the equinox the stress within the astral will be diminishing as the lunar influence changes from compression to expansion.

But the breakthrough can happen any time within the three days prior to the full moon depending upon which level of the astral is being activated. When your level is activated things in your life will find resolution. So its not really the full moon that marks this critical point, but that critical point when your personal stuff is activated.

Mine was activated on 9/11 and during the entire day root chakra activations were almost driving me crazy! Most of us are familiar with what happens when you place Alka Seltzer in water and it erupts and fizzes. That is how my root chakra felt the entire day of 9/11! The next day things had quieted down to almost normal.

That these energetic eruptions were taking place with root chakra energies meant that the issues were very close to physical manifestation. There was no more room to alter or modify them. The sense I had was that I was neutralizing a lot of toxic and negative energy, whether it was my own or coming from somewhere else. I was being bombarded with negative toxic energy and dealing with it the best I could. This was the final resolution and there were no appeals. Anything that I couldn’t neutralize would have to be experienced in physicality.

What does this mean in terms of Gaia’s ascension? It means that a lot of energetic last minute resolutions occurred at the lowest levels of the astral planes, those areas where channeled messages can’t see. A lot of low level toxins and negativity was safely transmuted and are now gone from this world!

So for all intents and purposes we now await the collective judgement of humanity as it decides what the year 2020 will bring. Remember that significant physical events are always determined at least one year in advance in the astral planes before they are released for physical manifestation. That means that this fall, over the next few months humanity is determining the outcome of the 2020 presidential election! The rest is just letting it all work itself out.

This gives added weight to the IG reports that will soon be coming out and any other reports that are due before the beginning of the year. In any case it looks like October is going to be an explosive month for a collective awakening!

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