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It was two or three days after the winter solstice that the ancients saw visible proof of the light once more returning to the earth and that is when they celebrated Christmas or the return of the Christ Spirit within the heart of all living things.

In our modern world it is important to remember that this day is one in which multitudes of people celebrate and the shear numbers of celebrants bring joy, light and love into our world so we celebrate as well even though our celebration has begun several days before this. This is a sacred and holy day.

I am going to continue with some of the benefits of the Healing and Prosperity Circle Meditation. We not only use this meditation to connect to Source energies but also to others and we link in both vertical and horizontal ways. In linking at each chakra level we assist in the development of each astral body/noble gas body. We are all a part of each other and a part of all that exists. This meditation attracts us toward others of like mind and soul and attracts them to us and links us together with permanent bonds of love and joy. It is not what we do or believe that makes us soulmates, but our being on the same frequency or wave length. In the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation we give each other our complete support and receive the complete support of them in return. This is Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

There is no ritual or specific guidance in Organic Gnosticism because it is based upon Chaos theory and not upon ritual or actions. We send out energy to all others in love and peace. We send this energy out until it returns to us. We connect with unlimited Source energies at the highest levels and at the lowest levels to do this. In the action of radiating out love and light the return path is formed and created through its own intelligence and wisdom. This is the second stage of Organic Gnosticism and the Healing and Prosperity Circle meditation celebrates this.

The next stage is the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini energy, life force energy or sexual energy and allowing it to rise up the spine and connect with the Source energy through the crown chakra. There is a tremendous attraction between this life force energy and the Spiritual light energy of Source. In fact, these are the two polarities that are responsible for the creation of all things. Source energy is the Spiritual light energy of the photon itself as is the fundamental divine spark of awareness. But the photon is only one half of the circuit. The photon radiates outward in all directions as a wave form, but it returns back to Source as a particle, a particle of electricity. Male and Female. The photon also has an expanding north pole magnetic polarity and the return current has an embracing south pole magnetic polarity. When these two opposite forces combine they form the first point of awareness or Unity in the physical universe. They create the hydrogen atom! One electron and one proton. One awareness point, the first awareness point.

When we look at the periodic table of the elements we are struck with the understanding that the only difference between each element is the number of protons, neutron and electrons that it has. When we look at the different astral bodies/noble gas bodies this fact is the same. The only difference between one non-physical body and another is how many points of awareness (electrons) it consists of.

The noble gas body of Helium contains 2 electrons in its single outer ring of concrete spiritual energies or archetypal energies. This is also known as the Ba or soul body.

The noble gas body of Neon contains 8 electrons in its outer ring of abstract mental energies or philosophical energies.

The noble gas body of Argon contains 8 electrons in its outer ring of concrete mental energies or the eight physical senses.

The noble gas body of Krypton contains 18 electrons in its outer ring of upper emotional energies which bring richness and enjoyment to our lives.

The noble gas body of Xenon contains 18 electrons in its outer ring of lower emotional energies which bring persistence and endurance through the development of the will and the instinct of survival.

The noble gas body of Radon contains 32 electrons in its outer ring of so called astral energies or magical energies which are largely instinctive and below conscious awareness.

The noble gas body of the mysterious unknown element #118 also contains 32 electrons in its outer ring and is associated with psychic phenomenon such as ghosts, apparitions, vital life force, Kundalini energy, the Ka body and the etheric double.

The point I’m getting at here is that you don’t need to generate “emotional” energy to develop the “emotional” body. What you need to do is generate another “point of awareness” or electron…which can be generated by the physical body in many ways, including prayer, meditation, study, creative art, song, dance, love, hatred, physical exertion, sexual energies and so on…

Another point is that a particular noble gas body is not able to be permanently activated until all points of awareness or sensory points have been established. To create an awareness point you need to radiate personal energy outward to all others and the return energy will at first cause a temporary activation and if strong enough will attract a soulmate who will permanently activate that particular noble gas body.

In my own life I had successfully connected with Source on a permanent basis and was living entirely in my head trying to cope with the breakdown of my marriage and my children moving away to a different state. I has also recently experienced the spontaneous activation of the kundalini energy and was in a very vulnerable and fluid state. I was seeing a counselor and going to weekly support group meetings.

In the sharing of my story during one of those support group sessions it was extremely powerful and those listening were brought to tears as well as myself. Like so many times in such groups I was simply telling their own story back to them and sharing my emotional pain with theirs. I was sharing my truth and they responded to it. At the end of the session people lined up to hug me, thanking me for such powerful sharing and how much it touched them and helped them as well. As one woman reached out her hand to mine a spark jumped two inches between us and I felt her energy enter me and my energy enter her. My entire body felt like it was filled with electricity and that night I had a vivid dream of a child being born, that child was me and that was my first permanently activated noble gas body or astral body. It was complete with an umbilical cord and blood from the after birth, an extremely vivid vision. I had been born again.

My first merging with Source had given me one point of awareness as the element hydrogen and this emotional sharing in the support group had caused the generation and creation of a second point of awareness which was enough to temporarily activate my Ba or soul body, of the noble gas Helium and this woman made it permanent by giving birth to my new noble gas body created of two awareness points. This was my archetypal “body of light”.

Other similar cycles followed with the continued sharing of my soul with others and the continued rebirth of various noble gas bodies. I will share more later….Merry Christmas!


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I’ve been reading a lot about magic, astral projection, the Ka or etheric double and lots of other magical things lately. As the new light enters our hearts this Christmas eve (since the solstice) I’d like to share some magical things.

The most direct evidence that I’ve read so far informs me that magic is real, but is a function of the etheric double or Ka body. I’ve also called this the astral body created from the mysterious noble gas element #118. There is so much literature surrounding this non-physical body including ghost stories, that as far as I’m concerned it is certain that some people have gained the ability to function at this level, at least temporarily. I’ve also had lots of dream encounters at this level so my own personal experience also validates it.

The other thing that research has showed is that the ability to function at this level demands lots and lots of energy to the point where energy vampirism becomes a very real problem. I’ve already mentioned how these lower astral/noble gas bodies can be sustained on a temporary or ongoing basis through being a celebrity and having lots of followers that give you their own energy to feed upon. I’ve also mentioned the more Satanic aspects where greedy individuals literally become predators and forcibly steal the life force and vitality from others.

But there is lots more evidence of this energy requirement in Wicca and shamanism for example. In these spiritual paths individuals or groups of people generate and raise the needed energy through dancing, drumming, chanting, sexual activity, eating certain foods, casting magic circles and tapping into nature…just to name a few.

All of these work to temporarily manifest or empower the Ka body, the etheric double so that it can send a pulse of energy that will do magic and bring the desired results. Then the Ka body, the etheric double body is gone. It no longer has enough energy to sustain itself so it fades away.

All of the above is beside the point and has nothing to do with Organic Gnosticism which is about the permanent activation of all possible astral bodies/ noble gas bodies through love relationships. There are energetic relationships that involve both soulmate and divine counterparts. These are about tapping into unlimited energy resources to permanently activate and integrate the complete soul.

Let me speak plainly. The Divine Counterpart relationship is more powerful than any other energetic link that can be created. This energetic connection is essentially that of matter/anti-matter which when combined explodes back to pure light energy…leaving nothing of itself left over. It totally consumes both souls in the merging process.

Soulmates are similar but unify at the individual chakra levels and not the entire soul. The energy spark within soulmate relationships is incredibly intense with a strong attraction/repulsion based upon the stages of the cycle.

There are some who maintain that if true Divine Counterparts were to truly join and merge on all levels it would be the end of the physical universe because everything would become pure Unity/Spiritual Light. Instead, these Divine Counterparts stay at opposite ends of reality and act to hold it together between them. What they do is deliberately use their energies to create all realities between them. They experience and share a common world, a common reality; but not together.

That is high level stuff and leaves us with the more manageable soulmate relationships where the energetic link is at the chakra level while working toward the divine counterpart level. The spark is also very intense within these relationships and they allow the growth and empowerment of both souls as they travel together through life.

In conclusion, when you find someone that you share a spark with, someone totally on the same frequency as you; you can work magic together and you can permanently activate your astral/ noble gas bodies one at a time. These activations are permanent and draw from Source itself. They do not run out of energy or fade. They are the real thing. This is the path of Organic Gnosticism!


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There is so much that is clicking into place right now and so much new ground to cover over the coming year! My last post suggested some new thoughts that I was exploring and this post builds upon those. Blessed Solstice everyone!

It is becoming increasingly clear that there are two different ascension groups working toward two very different goals and I’d like to spend a little time discussing these two groups. The first group, which I belong to, is the one bringing about Gaia’s “full spectrum” ascension. This group is working toward the ascension of all life upon Gaia through the entire spectrum of life experience. This is the ascension that has never been done before and which no one really understands. It is also the ascension that will totally redefine life within our universe.

This “full spectrum” ascension is possible through the return of the fallen ones back to Source. As these fallen angels reconnect with Source they bring the lower levels of Gaia with them in a literal miracle of all sacred life. None are left behind. The Garden of Eden is once more returning to Gaia’s surface…

The second ascending group is repeating the old, previously known ascension cycle in which only those of so called 5th density and higher can participate. These are the chosen ones, the elite, that will leave the passions and emotions behind to exist within noble gas bodies of Argon, Neon and Helium. Basically the known mental and spiritual energies. They will continue to exist as thought forms. Essentially these are the souls of our space brothers and sisters that are unable to integrate the lower aspects of life and remain living in their heads creating rich worlds of the imagination with no grounding of physical reality. This is the group of spiritual angels, Social Justice Warriors, who refuse to participate in Gaia’s rebirth. These are the new fallen angels who believe that human life is more sacred than any other life…

The new Gaia has been created and we can find it’s likeness in the beloved Chronicles of Amber, a series of fantasy novels written by the late Roger Zelazny. New Gaia is represented in these stories as Amber, the real world of which all others are merely shadows. The realm of the newly fallen ones is represented in these stories by the Courts of Chaos. These two realms are the extreme polar opposites between which an entire new multi-universe exists as shadow worlds or possible realities. We might say that one is Gaia and the other is the moon.

Leaving the subject of ascension for a moment let’s turn to the concept of astral bodies or noble gas bodies and the elemental associations with personal awareness. In my recent studies of the Ka body or the body created from the mysterious element #118 and tantric practices some glaring discrepancies have become obvious that I must try to clarify.

It is the male who has the ultimate connection to unlimited Spiritual Source energies. This is the expansive power of the photon and spiritual light which is also represented by the physical body continuously producing sperm. The ultimate source of life force is the male who in turn gives this energy to the female as all the types of possible energies with a north pole expansive polarity.

It is the female who has the ultimate connection to unlimited Ka resources or those of the mysterious earth element #118 from which contains all possible physical life and physical matter. This is represented by her physical body which contains all the eggs or ovum that she will ever produce. The womb of the female draws power from this ocean of life force to combine with the energy of the male to create life. This is also why the void is often described as a goddess.

A missing ingredient in this tantric literature is the concept of magical celibacy. Actually there are several missing ingredients and I will mention a few of them even though I can’t discuss all of them in one post to any length.

First is the concept of soulmates or divine counterparts. Second is the permanent activation of a particular astral body or noble gas body as opposed to the temporary activation of such bodies. Lastly is the concept of electrons as points of personal awareness or sensory inputs.

I’m not sure the best way to begin so I will simply plunge into the entire mess. Among tantric literature is the common assumption or belief that exchanging sexual energies with a group of people is the quickest path of soul development. This is false and such indiscriminate mingling of sexual energies is dangerous and counter productive. This doesn’t produce permanently activated astral bodies/noble gas bodies, but  produces temporary bodies that can only exist through some type of vampirism.

This has become the great tragedy of our current society. We live in a society of vampires! People want to work with the lower energies and the lower bodies because that is where the magic is, that is where the occult is. But low level bodies require enormous amounts of energy to sustain themselves and once developed they will feed off the vital life force of others to maintain themselves unless they are “born again” bodies created from the sacred union of soulmates and divine counterparts.

“Born again” bodies created from the sacred union of soulmates and divine counterparts are fueled by the male’s spiritual connection to unlimited Source energies. Since these energies are soulmate or divine counterpart energies they are perfectly resonant between the male and the female and she actually immortalizes her own astral/noble gas body and gives birth to one for him. These bodies are immortal and can’t be destroyed like the ones generated through toxic unions of non-soulmates and non-divine counterparts. These immortal bodies are the only ones that are self sustaining and retain a permanent link between the two individuals. These are the types of astral bodies/noble gas bodies that I have developed and I can speak for the truth of them and their power.

There are two methods of vampirism by which lower astral/noble gas bodies are kept active and alive. The first is through celebrity status where the individual feeds off the vital life force of an adoring  public. This is why the control and manipulation of the masses has become so important to these people in the public light. These celebrities and politicians can’t exist in their lower bodies without feeding off an adoring public.

When that fails they will be led to drug use or becoming sexual predators to forcibly take the vital life force of their victims in various ways including violence and occult sacrifice. This is where the Satanism of such individuals comes into play along with human trafficking…This is the true nature of the evil hidden behind current events within our society. This is the swamp that must be drained and exposed for all to see. This is the evil of the new fallen angels as they seek to retain their power over Gaia and her life forms.

Blessed Solstice

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I’ve had some real break-through’s these past few days and need to take some time to regroup if I can. I’m hoping that this winter solstice message will really be intense and meaningful to everyone. When we consider that the mysterious element #118 is a noble gas and it is the last possible element some things become apparent that we normally don’t think of or consider. Namely, all of physical reality can ultimately be reduced to a noble gas and appear as empty space. So at the bottom of physical reality nothing is solid!  Quite likely outer space is an ocean of this element and all other things are simply floating in it like I’ve mentioned in my last posts.

But it seems equally clear that the lowest astral body or the Ka is also created out of this noble gas and if true we might totally reconsider the entire astral landscape… there are seven noble gases, helium, neon, argon, krypton, Xenon, radon and our mysterious #118. One of the properties of a noble gas is that it resists combining with other elements. At the same time each noble gas is a complete electron shell and thus contains the other elements of the electron ring within itself as sensory points. It is quite likely that each astral body is simply created out of a noble gas! And when activated we can travel with normal awareness within that astral body created out of that noble gas!

When we think of element #118 or the Ka we think of the etheric double and ghosts as well as other apparitions. Radon as an astral body is 2nd density. Xenon as an astral body would be 3rd density. Krypton would be a 4th density astral body.

Now here is where things get interesting! That means 5th density astral bodies or so called ascension bodies are created out of Argon and would have the eight sensory inputs of the third electron shell. This is certainly not full spectrum ascension which includes all possible astral bodies! Yet many new age types are believing that they will ascend to dwell in this astral body created of the physical element Argon and leave the lower astral levels behind. 6th density astral bodies are created out of Neon with another eight sensory inputs and of course we have the ultimate spiritual astral body created out of helium! Then we have the spherical astral body of the photon/hydrogen as the true body of light.

What we consider astral or non-physical may well be truly physical noble gases which don’t mingle with other elements. The entire concept of the astral planes might be an illusion!

Now Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Systems Theory posits three dimensions of space/time and three dimensions of time/space. Perhaps the three dimensions of space/time house the actual physical body and the three dimensions of time/space house the actual awareness or points of consciousness! They need each other and work together as a true physical universe…We have physical bodies created out of compound elements and pure noble gas bodies as well.

From personal experience I can tell you how these noble gas bodies or astral bodies are created; they are born! The female gives birth to them just as she gives birth to physical babies. This is the great mystery of sex and sexuality. The energies generated by the physical body of the male have a north magnetic polarity and are expansive in nature. The energies generated by the physical body of the female have a south magnetic polarity and are embracing in nature.

When enough north pole male magnetic energy is given to the female it combines with her own energy to form a rotating sphere of energy or point of awareness. After she accumulates enough of these awareness points within her own astral body she will give birth to an astral body for the male to use. This is the sacred meaning of being born again! This process happens for each astral body or noble gas body. First she develops hers and then she gives birth to his. This is what the tantric process is all about.

The female has the ability to use her south magnetic energy as a magical cone of manifestation. That is the true function of her womb and the true meaning of the Holy Grail. It is not about physical sex, but about astral sex or sex with bodies created out of these noble gases. Such astral bodies are permanently activated and truly magical in their ability to manipulate the elements within their respective electron rings.

I have written about these “soulmate” cycles and Crowley has written about his scarlet woman cycles. The difference is that mine have involved astral sex with astral relationships and his involved physical sex with physical relationships. Most of the women in his scarlet woman cycles had nervous breakdowns and none of the women in my “soulmate” cycles had such issues. They were entirely empowering and healthy for both of us as both of our souls became completed as one type of noble gas or astral body. The big difference between these cycles was that I always worked from the top down using my link to Source as Spiritual Light energy and Crowley worked from the bottom up using physical sex energies which activated all possible repressed and trapped energies in a way that brought about nervous breakdowns. Working from the top down allowed the trapped and repressed energies to be safely expelled without danger.

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The Sefirot in Jewish Kabbalah

I have tried to explain how the energy flows in this new age and what we can expect but it is a bit difficult to understand so I am going to try one last time with images! The old eon was governed by the Holy Kaballah pictured directly above. The energy of the new eon has essentially duplicated itself by cell division and created two unique but opposite Kaballahs that are joined together in balance and Unity as seen below in the other image.

First let’s take a look at the old eon energy pattern. In looking at the Kaballah you will see three pillars. The one on the left is feminine, the one on the right is masculine and the one in the middle is a balance of both.

Now this is very important to understanding the differences between the old and new energy patterns. Visualize a female standing with her back/spine as the middle column and looking outward toward the left. We see her in a side view. Also visualize a male on the right with his back/spine as the middle pillar and facing toward the right also in a side view.

Energetically what we have is the male and female joined at the middle pillar and both looking outward in opposite directions, never to see the same world in the same way. They need each other in a co-dependent way, but their life experience is so opposite that they can’t really relate to each other except at the spine or middle pillar which represents the human collective or mass consciousness. This is what has led to the battle between the sexes and the great misunderstanding between them that we have experienced in the old eon.

The powers that were have perfected the use of this old pattern and are using it for social engineering or mass brainwashing. Or at least they have in the past and are still trying to use it, but keep failing as we shall see…Aleister Crowley was the last great master of the Holy Kaballah.

The Sefirot in Jewish KabbalahThe Sefirot in Jewish Kabbalah

Now lets take a look at how the energy flows through two individual kaballahs in this new eon. Superimpose the figure of a female over the kaballah on the left and she is facing directly towards us. Then visualize the figure of a male superimposed over the kaballah on the right also facing toward us. There are horizontal bonds that connect the male and female together at all levels of sharing as chakra soulmates. They are both looking in the same direction and thus able to perceive the same world for the first time! For the first time males and females are truly able to relate to each other and share common understandings and experiences as soulmates or chakra soulmates.

This is the energetic change that Gaia’s ascension has made possible. Notice that there is no longer a pillar representing the collective or mass consciousness of humanity. It no longer exists and that is why social engineering is failing. The fake news is failing. Mob thought is no longer able to be manipulated although the powers that were keep trying because that is all they know how to do! Manipulation of the masses is no longer a viable way of self empowerment…

So what has happened? To begin with all those intent on ascending with Gaia have been doing a lot of work on the soul level. They have been working through old negativity and old wounds creating new energetic pathways for a brand new alternating current that connects at the highest levels of spiritual light and the lowest levels at mysterious element #118, the Ka or the etheric double as it is also called. The new energy is alternating current and the old energy was simple one way direct current.

Actually the new pattern is much more complex than the Kaballah, and consists of the periodic table of elements, such as described by physicist Dewey Larson in his reciprocal systems theory. But you get the basic idea…The energetic shift is away from manipulating the masses and towards chakra soul mate love relationships between two individuals.

This is why tantra and the balance of male and female is so important going forward. What we see in these two equal side by side images is full spectrum ascension.

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In my last post I suggested that each element will go through the decay process and eventually end up as the mysterious noble gas known as element #118. This means the final possible element is a noble gas that we can’t see, feel or have awareness of in the normal sense. As I struggled with this concept I recalled some of the Rosicrucian teachings about spirit and how the manifest universe is made up of spirit particles. A stroke of insight led to the break through concept that our entire universe is an ocean of this mysterious element #118! Outer space is not empty, is not a vacuum, but instead is an ocean of this noble gas element in which all other elements and particles float.

If true, the empty void of outer space is not a void, but completely filled with this element! And not only that, but each atom of this noble gas contains within it all other possible elements in potential! This is an entirely new way of looking at the concept of “zero point” energy! It means that there is unlimited energy available in every part of the universe at the atomic and sub atomic levels. There is no emptiness or void! Every thing is full to capacity and constantly growing more complex. It only seems empty to us because it is a noble gas and because it is so pervasive.

In recognizing the existence of this mysterious element I also realized that the so called etheric double is created out of this noble gas and astral substance. There is too much evidence of ghostly apparitions, magical workings and other psychic phenomenon at the lowest astral levels. I have encountered such individuals on the lower astral planes…

Many books have been written about astral projection where a person has an out of body experience and perhaps stands at the foot of the bed and looks back at his or her physical body. Or they have traveled on astral journeys in which they floated about the existing physical world or something very much like it. I’ve spoken with people who have experienced many such journeys and listened with great interest as they described their experiences. I know it is real and possible…but I’ve never really been able to do it in a convincing manner. I do remember one incident in my teens when I had an out of body experience and found myself floating near the ceiling and looking down at my body, but that was the closest I’ve come.

I routinely mental project, emotionally project and even remote view. I can explore the energetics of anything that I desire and travel the unseen worlds at will. But to project my astral self out into this physical world and look back at my physical body lying there has until now proven to be all but impossible.

The closest I’ve come to really encountering these levels is in my dealings with bringing earthbound souls back to the light. These encounters have pulled me into their worlds and those worlds have been very ghostly and physical or real…

As far as I’m concerned there is only one possible explanation. I have not yet fully activated my etheric double…I’m getting closer and closer with each day, month and year that goes by; but it’s something not yet achieved. It is achievable because others have achieved it! It is this non-physical body that is truly what magic and the occult is really about. I guess that’s why I am reading and studying the material that I have recently been drawn to…

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I haven’t really posted any speculative posts for a long time and the new material that I’m currently studying is causing me to challenge some of my base assumptions. Granted I haven’t sorted things out yet, but I will share some interesting thoughts.

In physics we are told that the elements age; that they have a half life. But in looking at this “aging” process we find that individual atoms going through the “decay” process are actually adding one electron and one proton. For example the Hydrogen in our sun is gradually transforming into Helium as it ages and decays. As each element decays it is actually adding physical mass and not falling apart. So the term decay might not truly represent what is actually happening and the term transform might be considered more appropriate.

I’ve already given the example of Hydrogen transforming into Helium, but let’s go with a different example: Let’s begin with element#79 Gold and as it decays with the addition of one new electron and proton it gradually becomes element #80 Mercury! Gold and mercury are important alchemical symbols from antiquity. But let’s continue this process and follow the natural progress of atomic decay. The element Mercury transforms into Thalium which in turn transforms into Lead. The element Lead in turn gradually transforms into Bismuth and then into Polonium and in turn into Astatine. Astatine is the #85 element and it  transforms into the noble gas Radon!

Now this is where things get interesting and I’m stepping outside the box a bit. An atom of Radon was once an atom of gold, mercury and even of lead, but through the decay process it gradually transformed into a noble gas! The properties of noble gases are such that they resist recombining with other elements and are extremely stable. Yet Radon is also extremely heavy, being heavier than gold or lead, yet invisible and intangible.

When we consider that astral bodies are extrusions of energy created by the physical body we might also consider that they might also have physical characteristics. Since there are seven possible electron rings around the atom we have potentially seven astral bodies that can be permanently activated. These seven electron rings when completed form the seven possible noble gases; Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon and the yet undiscovered final noble gas, element #118.

Is it possible that each astral body is created out of a noble gas? When we astral travel is our vehicle actually a human shaped bubble of gas that is extruded from the physical body?

When I wrote about an astral visitor sitting on my chest and I could feel the weight of it; was that because it was an astral body created out of Radon? or possibly the mysterious element #118? Would that explain why the human body loses weight at the death of the physical body? Does it lose weight because the heavy noble gases have gone away?

When we consider this mysterious element #118 we can include the other elements within the 7th electron ring as indicators of some of the qualities it might have. For example let’s take the elements #87 Radium and #89 Actinium who both glow in the dark like ghostly apparitions…it becomes pretty clear that the dead and dying are connected with this mysterious noble gas that contains the vital life force and which is the end of the chain of elemental decay.

Let’s face it, if every atom of every element goes through the decay process it will eventually end up as our mysterious noble gas Element #118! So there exists in nature large quantities of this mysterious noble gas which is extremely heavy, invisible and plastic or formless. Where is it? Are there people who make use of it? Can astral bodies be permanently created out of this noble gas? It seems that this mysterious noble gas is singularly responsible for most occult and metaphysical phenomenon…

The last and final question is about Gaia’s ascension and humanity’s ascension. When we ascend are we really going to live in energy bodies or noble gas bodies? Or both?

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