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Hi everyone!

It’s good to be typing again! Takes hours to make and publish videos…Still going to be doing a couple a week though. But I thought I would share some things and offer an invite that might be kind of fun. Let me take a moment to kind of get my head together.

First I will talk about the difference between a matrix and a paradigm or world view. I’ve kind of mentioned these things before but not clearly and not directly. A matrix is so dense and interconnected with mutually supporting and integrated parts that it will literally destroy any belief system that it encounters by overpowering it. A paradigm is a simple belief system. Many are not that well constructed and full of holes and downright errors. For most people it is the best that they have…A matrix doesn’t have any holes or weak spots that are vulnerable.

The first and only real matrix I ever was exposed to was the NeoTech material. It was smooth and once it got in you couldn’t dislodge it. I need to explain:

When we are exposed to something for the first time and really understand it, it goes inside of us permanently whether we believe in it or not.  Whether we agree with it or not. If we don’t believe it and don’t integrate it, then it will cause problems like a tumor in the body until we do find some place for it. That’s why we need to be careful what we take in…

Neotech was almost diametrically the opposite of my own original OAK material and seemed to come from out of my blind spot. It caught me totally off guard and turned my entire world upside down, my entire belief system upside down. I’m talking about what I believed over thirty years ago.

But I found a way to integrate it completely with very few alterations or challenges. The result is the material that all of you have become familiar with over the years. The OAK material is itself not a paradigm but a matrix of highly entwined and mutually supporting concepts that once a person is exposed to, with true understanding, will continue to grow and force out all non-compatible thoughts and beliefs. It is powerful knowledge.

Now Neotech was so smooth because it was rewritten and edited well over thirty times with inputs from lots of people and then simplified in extreme ways so that it’s concepts became even more dense and intertwined and mutually supporting. It shattered many or most of the weaker paradigms that it encountered by solidly confronting their weaknesses and inconsistencies.

For example, the extreme left has a paradigm that embraces the concepts of identity politics and turning personal power over to external authorities and lofty ideological goals. The weakness of identity politics is shown when compared with individual rights and empowerment. We don’t want to be liked or loved for which group we belong to, but for who we are as individuals. It is a powerful and healthy sense of self esteem and ego that brings true spiritual, mental and emotional health, not free services and entitlements.

Well, its time to rewrite the OAK material to make it smoother and and more integrated. This will also make it more accessible to others and the exposure to others will allow the concept to take hold in our new world and grow as a movement.

I’ve just joined a new block chain social media platform called Narrative in which I will be posting new iterations of my previous posts, totally reworking them and offering not more than one a day leaving it open for comments and discussion. It would be great if you all could be there with me giving your own feedback, concepts and support to help clarify them and work the kinks out. This particular blockchain platform also has the possibility of earning crypo currency over time. Here is an interesting link from it…


This post talks about an even newer blockchain platform called Voice that isn’t even out yet but promises to be a very good choice for the future as well. I’m thinking a first rewrite for Narrative and a second even smoother rewrite for Voice after it comes out.

I think the OAK material as a matrix and as a movement has reached a maturity point where group activity is called for…

This video talks about the Voice platform and what to expect from it. (more to the end of the video)



I am also going to try reworking and posting some of my translated material once a day because I believe that kind of healthy and pure material is needed in today’s world.

So, one or two short posts a day to read and comment on…. anyone interested?

Do we want to become a movement?



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I haven’t written out a post in quite awhile but that is changing a bit. There has been a huge energy shift for the good and I’m being led to spend some real time simply interacting with others on the internet. This is opposed to simply posting informative videos. While this website continues to be my main focus you will find me on some other platforms; notably my Steemit blog, Narrative, and Gab Social.

In addition I will be spending more time with my patreon account and offering special posts for my patrons. I actually had some patrons and told them to quit being patrons because I couldn’t devote enough time and space to justify their support. You might say that I was on a sabbatical. But now I’m back and the energy is good. If you would like to support my efforts by becoming a patron it would be nice. However, its not needed. My special patron only posts will focus on tantric practices, soulmates and divine counterparts.

My plan is to continue with two videos each week. One of them will be a group meditation that will gradually morph into a Healing and Prosperity circle which will actually work with portals and group energy. But first we need to open the energy channels within our bodies. The second video will be some type of informative video as always.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post the energy has changed dramatically! The Organic Humans (those that have evolved through the life process with Gaia) are being stressed mentally and spiritually to the point that they are developing their own mental and spiritual astral bodies. They are entering into the mental and spiritual domains that have for so long belonged exclusively to our space brothers and sisters who have taken on physical bodies. They now for the first time have their own ability to choose what to think and believe. They have become independent of their masters and controllers! The old ways of controlling the narrative no longer work!

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