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Disclosure-System Failure

This is not the disclosure that many are looking forward to but it is perhaps even more important. This is disclosure about the collapse of earth’s old operating system and what it means. I receive information through visions and need to interpret these visions the best I can. Please use discernment.

But first a few words are needed about the new unity grid which is new earth’s fully functioning operating system. The new system is an alternating current system that has no positive or negative current flow. It has an alternating current flow.

There is no “top down hierarchal structure in the new operating system and all living things are on a level playing field. The new system deals only with individual energy generated through intense personal effort. It does not deal with the manipulation of mass consciousness. Those that put out effort will gain and those that do not put out effort will not gain.

As this year’s energies pour into the new operating system those still plugged into the old system will experience dramatic system failure as their world no longer operates the same way. This will continue until the earth’s ascension process is complete. The harder they try to do the old things, the more urgent and desperate they will become. It is the sheer number of people affected that needs to be brought into the open. If possible these people need to be helped into their heart centers where they can find some stability.

Earth’s old operating system is the holy kabbalah.It started out as a structure that allowed spiritual light from source to pour down through ten stations or sephiroth until the energy manifested as physical events. The basic idea was the formation of a spiritual hierarchy and each hierarchy transmuted the energy down into a lower energy where is could be of use by living physical things. Light from source was too pure to be of use to ordinary mortals.

This light descended through ranks of beings like archangels, angels, dominions, cherubim and so forth before reaching humans. This system was a top down/trickle down system and it was male/patriarchal meaning that it was only one way. Light flowed from the top down and that was it. It was direct current with spirit as positive and earth as negative. The way back to source was long, arduous and difficult. It was called the path of the serpent.

This operating system was created for good intent but it was hacked like modern computers are hacked. Beings of evil intent used this same system in reverse. Instead of light they used the lowest common denominator energy of the human collective and moved it “upward” to single individuals for self-empowerment. They found a way to run this system in reverse and learned how to use it to control and manipulate humanity. That which began as good turned into evil.

One must realize that this is normal. In every age anew operating system is established and it works well for a while and then is compromised and turned to evil purposes by the end of an age. That is why each age requires a new operating system to return balance and justice to the world.

Those highly spiritual beings tried to fight the evil ones by pouring more spiritual energy through the operating system but that only increased the flow of evil energy as well since the evil energy was “locked”in place with the good energy. The operating system was created to keep these energies balanced. This is how the struggle of good against evil stands today with no side having the ability to win. They are locked in a stalemate.

That is until now. Now the new unity grid has broken the old system and it has completely collapsed. It is a dead system and no longer carries energy, no longer manifests things.

The entire Western world has been influenced by the Holy Kabbalah and its collapse will affect them all. The Jewish religion, the Islam religion and Christianity along with most of the western mystery traditions such as Free Masonry will be severely affected. Spiritual and well-intended believers will be affected as well as those evil doers intent on enslaving the entire world. The system has become obsolete.

Those that follow the teachings or any of these religions will find that the teachings no longer have the power to bring change that they once did. The universe no longer supports those doctrines and beliefs.

In particular, the Holy Kabbalah was a top down system meaning that those at the top, those with the highest mental and spiritual capacities would be given power over those that were not as smart. The energy came down from the higher energy centers and the power lay in those higher centers.

This is no longer the case. The power now lies in the earth itself. It streams out of the ground into our feet and upwards through our crown chakra back to the light as an alternating current. The point of power is in the moment, in the present, in acting at the physical level. Those that put forth effort are now empowered.

The point of awareness and peace is at the heart level and life is much more emotional. No salvation can come through logic and reasoning. Those higher centers must now serve the heart and not the heart serving the higher centers. IN fact the higher centers now have no power at all unless they are integrated into the physical reality.

Religious fanaticism or religious head tripping has now become a very dangerous thing to do and will not lead to success. It is not supported by the new operating system. Only by going through the heart will these things be successful. The danger is the rise in religious fanaticism by those increasingly desperate to manifest things in their lives.

The solution is simple but extremely difficult.Reach out to embrace each other in love, heart love, and keep one’s mouth shut!Talking of religion will only make things worse. IT is an intellectual exercise.

Please realize that many good and innocent believers will be affected but will also be able to find the solution to their distress by turning to their own heart centers. If possible we can reach out to them in love and show them how it is done.


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Spring Equinox Message 2012- Crossing The Rainbow Bridge and Cutting The Umbilical Cord.


So much is happening and there is so much love and joy and light in our world today! It has taken me awhile to wrap my own mind around some of these things as they are so all encompassing. I receive information in visions so I need to interpret those visions. This is much more different than channeling words from some entity. Yet, this is my way and this is my message for humanity spring 2012.

2011 was a great year and saw the final activation of the new Unity Grid section by section beginning a year ago last spring and starting from 8th density working its way downward. 4th Density earth ascended in August of last year and earth ascended as a 3D crystalline light powered new earth at Thanksgiving followed quickly by the ascension of 2nd and 1st density in December. This completed the actual “birth” of the “new” multi-dimensional earth and astounded all life in the universe! 1st and 2nd density remain attached to the “New Earth” as the placenta or after birth that still nourishes the new fetus until it can exist directly on the nourishment of light itself. At that point in December of this year the umbilical cord will finally be cut and the birth process complete.

This was the birth of the first ever multi-dimensional living and organic planet that extended from 1st density through 8th density. Earth and its organic life forms existed as complete and self-sustaining through the energy dynamics of the new Unity Grid. Not only did organic life exist as 3d crystalline light powered but also throughout time as 4d, in multiple timelines as 5d, as different dimensional realities as 6d, and as its own miniature universe as 7d. This new “Earth” was all created at 8d through the Unity Grid using neighboring universes as power sources.

Imagine the shock and surprise! An entire miniature universe of organic life! Not endless reaches of space filled with empty stars and lifeless space, but an entire universe of organic life! Infinite explorations of infinite complexity. This “New Earth” was the “New Game” and set the standard for the rest of the universe to follow.

It immediately came under the highest levels of protection at the universal level, not at the lower galactic level, and for the first time life was allowed to create its own way unhindered. Restrictions were removed. Single celled amoeba began to create the new earth, single blades of grass began to create the new earth, the birds and all other living things began to create this massive collective dream of a new crystalline powered 3d earth that operated under new rules with new ways of manifesting.

The common people began to create, create food, shelter, homes and jobs for their families and loved ones. Communities began to reach out with helping hands as hearts began to open at all levels of experience.

In the meantime many of those individuals 4th density and higher had other ideas and began to create schemes, to continue creating in the old fear based ways. These became and are still becoming increasingly in conflict with this “New Earth”. They had their own ideas of what ascension was and what it was not. It still hadn’t happened yet. The powers that be were still in control, the Galactic Federation still hadn’t saved us from the Orions and Armageddon still had not come which prevented Jesus to come and save us as well.

But in an increasingly volatile world life just plodded along doing the best it could, creating itself anew each day and walking this mine field of toxic thought. We owe today’s world to the dreaming of the lower life forms and we should be ashamed at our own refusal to create new life, be ashamed at our inability to break free from the mental and emotional conditioning that now only holds us through habit. We do not create because we have become too passive to create.

This brings us to 2012 and this coming year. At the beginning of 2012 new earth aligned for the first time with the galactic center and received an inpouring of light and vitality. These were augmented by solar flares and many flu like symptoms as life struggled to find its way in the creation process. Those space brothers and sisters of this and neighboring galaxies were told in no uncertain terms to “back off”. This new “sacred life” was no place for petty galactic politics and alien agendas. The Unity Grid began to purge itself of negative and “hostile” life forms. While Gaia allowed everyone to ascend, those bent on destruction of life will be eliminated. We saw this as nothing happening, but in reality much was happening, much was being prevented from happening.

Now at the spring equinox the new earth aligns for the first time with the Universal Center, that great center around which all galaxies within our universe spin. The energies of the Universal center are activating the “Rainbow Bridge” and will continue this process throughout the rest of the year level by level from the top downward.

“The Rainbow Bridge” is what allows life and awareness to “cross over” to being fully sustained by light. Crossing the “Rainbow Bridge” is what most think of as “Ascension”. All life forms have already ascended but don’t realize it yet. Many remain trapped in the creation of “old thought”. As these life forms cross the “Rainbow Bridge” they will become free of the placenta, of the after birth of 1st and 2nd density reality. Life will no longer be sustained through chemical digestive processes but nourished entirely through light. 1st and 2nd density will drop away leaving only the higher densities to live in and experience.

It is the action of the solar flares that are softening the DNA patterns and gradually releasing each awareness from its 1st and 2nd density prison. As the solar flares continue this process of disentangling from 1st and 2nd density will continue as well until it concludes in December of this year as foretold and prophesied.

The first to cross the “Rainbow Bridge” will be those 8th density light workers. This is already beginning to happen and “earth keeper” councils are forming to guide “New Earth” with the protection and support of the highest universal powers. “New Earth” is sacred and its continued advancement is of the utmost importance.

This spring will see 7th, 6th and 5th density life forms cross over the Rainbow Bridge with 4th density crossing in August and 3rd density in November. This should follow last year’s patterns of activations. But these will be final activations and the reality of what is happening will not be able to be hidden or over looked. Those that pass over through physical death will still remain visible and available to loved ones. There will be an increase in “psychic” phenomenon that will baffle science.

It is these phenomena that will be the trigger for the greatest social change. It will be seen and experienced that life and awareness do indeed exist independently of physical life. This will revolutionize our entire world and we finally get our priorities in line and join our “lower brother and sister” life forms in creating the earth experiences that we desire.

Bright blessings,




This message may be shared as long as it remains intact. Copyright Joe Bandel 2012.


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